Expect a 'Beautiful' Wedding Dress for Bella in 'Breaking Dawn'

10/26/2010 at 04:30 PM ET


There’s a lot of pressure to find the perfect dress for any bride — and when that bride is Twilight heroine Bella Swan, the stakes are even higher! “I haven’t put the one on yet,” Kristen Stewart told MTV News on Monday night. The Swan-Cullen nuptials will be one of the most anticipated scenes of Breaking Dawn, the next movie adaptation of the hugely popular series by Stephenie Meyer, which is set to hit theaters in November 2011. “To be honest, it’s such a big deal,” said Kristen. “It’s such a big decision. I have a little hand in having a decision–or having an opinion more–but I think it’s pretty much up to Stephenie.” So what would be appropriate for a vampire-themed wedding? According to the book, something traditional with modern touches. InStyle even gathered designers last year to venture what Bella’s dress would look like– but it seems right now, it’s anybody’s guess! “I’m not quite sure exactly what it’s going to look like,” Kristen admitted, “but it will be beautiful, I’m sure.” Tell us: What do you think Bella’s wedding dress will look like? – Hana Choi

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Mary on

I ADORE this article! What a lovely bio of this magnificent young actress who can do no wrong. She is someone everyone should idolize. She is an angel! Unlike the demonic-channeling Taylor Swift, bleh, but anyways, Kristen Stewart, I hope you are reading this. Visit CT anytime, I would love to show you my wedding dress designs. Im obsessed with Twilight, I’m a TwiMom myself, and I KNOW my dresses are exact replicas of Stephanie Meyer’s vision!

Deanna on

Ummmm, Mary, you do realize that you sound slightly insane?
Just cool it! Twilight is just fiction! Sheesh!
And whatever has poor Taylor Swift done to you?
At least she doesn’t appear constantly stoned, unlike Kristen Stewart…
FYI, I’m a fan of neither of the ladies.

Mary on


Mary on

You don’t even respond to the article, If your not a fan, why are you reading it? And why are you defending someone you arent a fan of? Now whos insane? ;)

Nicole on

Uhhh, Mary … did you forget your meds this morning?

Allison on

How did Taylor Swift even get involved in Bella’s wedding dress? Anyhow, I’ll bet it is fun to try on any and all of the dresses being considered since they must be really fantastic. I can’t help but think of something that looks like a “Morticia” dress, but in white.

Megan on

Yo, Mary. Put down the Kool-Aid there, girl.

Paige on

Ok so ladies…I don’t think the name calling is necessary but I would have to agree with DeAnna more. Mary, I don’t know if you are aware of this but Kristen Stewart was at a recent event and she said something along the lines of hating the dress she was wearing and wanting to kill herself. Now, I don’t have any daughters but that does not scream role model to me. And at least Taylor Swift can give an interview without being all fidgeting awkward.I do love Twilight but was really disappointed with the casting of K-Stew as Bella.

amberli on

Dear ladies,
I would simpley like to say this subject is not worth fighting over! Mary simpley stated her opinion! That is fine that you disagree! We all have our own opinions for example my whole family are twi-hard fans! I on the other hand don’t hate the books/movies but I dont love them either! I personaly love to hear other peoples opinions and see their outlooks…so what is the point arguing with what they think?

Alli on

I love Kstew! I really do! That’s it. That’s why I like the article. Go Mary!

Sara on

Amberli, could you possibly have used more exclamation marks in your post?

Dawn on

I like Kristen because she’s one of a kind. And I appreciate that she “owns” the character of Bella. Expect the dress to be old-fashioned… like Edward. :) PS: This interview is old news as it was already posted on other sites last week. Get up to speed PEOPLE!

kristina on

I am def. looking forward to the next installment of Twilight.. I hope the writers stay true to the story and focus on edwards time period for the wedding!! I agree with whoever stated they were disappointed with kstew as bella. i think she looks like bella as described in the book, but im not a fan of her in the movie..

April on

I really hope they do stay with the vision that was in the book. It would be disappointing to see Bella in anything but. And I agree, I am not the biggest fan of her acting abilities, but I guess it would not be Twilight without her.

Dani on

At the end of Eclipse, when Alice shows her the dress, she thinks “It was my Anne of Green Gables vision all over again.” She even says to Alice, “Nineteen-eighteen?” So, if it IS ultimately up to Stephenie Meyer (who is a producer this time around) then it will be vintage looking and beautiful. I can’t wait to see it.

Twi between on

Mary is insane (like it even needs mentioning again) I seriously doubt Kristen will read this and if she does than I’m pretty sure she will not contact you for your designs

Jon on

Bella’s Wedding Dress could look like anything, who knows? I also liked The VIDEO where Andy Samberg was Paul “The Pyschic” Octopus.

joyce on

well i thought they had the dress all figured out????? it has to match thr ring he gave her. need to make it like in the 1800’s, wasnt that his time???? so a nice victorian dress would be beautiful.

Quito on

I too am a fan of the Twilight books but I am still cringe when Kristen Stewart comes on the screen. I don’t see any chemistry at all with her as Bella and…well, anyone else in the Twilight movies. I don’t know how anyone could enjoy the movies without having read the books. Kristen is so cardboard-like. I’ve seen her other recent movies and the only time she rings true is when she is playing an immature, snotty bi*ch.

SS on

acting is her job and I would be thrilled to, to be the one to choose my wedding dress in a movie.

Maria on

hahahahaha this thread is more entertaining than the article.

A round of kool-aide on me!

Heather on

A friend of mine was an actress on a soap opera and I think they married her off 3 times in 2 years, and she never got a say in the dress! It’s nice their keeping Kristen in the loop.

Kristy on

Haha, you all are a bunch of crazy @$$ b!tches! On here fighting over OPINIONS on Twilight. LOL

Jan on

I am hoping the designer reads the book and follows what they say about the dress in the book. Without looking it up I believe it was tight fitting except at the bottom and it looked like an inverted Cala Lily….and a train…Let’s see how close they come…She will be beautiful no matter what it is…

Sarah on

I would just like to see better spelling on these boards… especially from the Moms.

Shar on

Go Mary!! I am a hugggge Twilight fan!!! At, first when I heard they casted K-Stew for Bella I wasnt thrilled.. But, after I saw Twilight, they made a great choice. She is exactly what I had imagined after I read the books… And, after all this Twilight memorbilia the wedding should be the icing on the cake! I am super estatic to see Breaking Dawn!

Mary on

woot woot!

Ginny on

“Demomic channeling Taylor Swift”? Heck, I don’t like the girl either, but this person sounds like a kook!

Zoe on

Yeah. Paige. You’re lying about what Kristen said. But it’s cool. Hate on hater.

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[…] Expect a ‘Beautiful’ Wedding Dress for Bella in ‘Breaking Dawn’ INF There’s a lot of pressure to find the perfect dress for any bride — and when that bride is Twilight heroine Bella Swan, the stakes are even higher! “I haven’t put the one on yet,” Kristen Stewart told MTV News on Monday night. The Swan-Cullen nuptials will be one of the most anticipated scenes […] Read more on People Magazine […]

catca on

The dress Kristin is wearing in the picture looks great on her. Maybe something like that, in white and longer…
As far as the comments about what a wonderful bio of Kristin and how she is some kind of wonder woman with her diversity of talents – Kristin is not finding the dress. The costume designer and Stephanie Meyer are. Kristin just has to try dresses on for them. She said she is allowed to give input, but that’s a pretty minor role in the process.

olivia on


Andrea on

I really hope they stick to the story and choose something with a vintage look!

LittleMo on

I’m 54 years old – hardly a teenager – and I love Kristin Stewart. She’s a little awkward but I find that refreshing, especially with all the young Hollywood types who are the exact opposite, i.e., so full of themselves. It’s a nice change to see someone who still finds fame and fortune, and the attention they bring, something out of the ordinary. As for Taylor Swift, she has a nice voice, but hearing about one old boyfriend after the other is very old news. There is no substance to one-dimensional people so if she has talen she needs to show it and find something else to talk/sing about. And, even though 20 is far from old, it is way too old to still be so tightly tied to her mother’s apron strings. They need to be cut, too.

A on

I still haven’t made it through a complete Twilight movie…real vampires don’t sparkle!!!

Nani on

In my opinion, this book/movie is the most important of the entire saga, so I really hope they stick to the book and she wear a dress that is more vintage…Im just excited to see how it all comes together because the expectations are extremely high. I wasnt really impressed with the ring the chose but hey….

Trina on

Oh come on ladies…leave poor Mary alone! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I’m not crazy about Kristen Stewart, but she is Bella Swan in the movies, just have to accept that fact. I can picture Bella’s dress being traditional with a few modern touches. I just hope it looks like how it’s described in the book
. Maybe Stephenie should check out Mary’s dresses :)

Stephenie Meyer on

HAHAHAHA Mary you crack me up! You have sure got a sense of humor. LOL

Beth on

Very excited to see Breaking Dawn. Kind of upset as I just saw Peter Facinelli’s interview about Breaking Dawn – he said there are a lot of surprises, and things that aren’t in the book. The book is pretty amazing, so I hope not too much is changed!

Anna on

I agree, I don’t like Kristen Steward as Bella, but can’t change it now. As for the people defending Mary, no one said she isn’t entitled to her opinion, but there was no reason to bring Taylor Swift into the comments, and to call her a demon channeling person? That is odd. Mary is nuts! Can’t wait for Breaking Dawn!

Kat on

lol seriously Mary made me laugh. Anyhow the dress was described as being from the same era as Edward was from. Plus not knowing any of the two females being fought over, Kristen has said many times she is a tomboy and feels very uncomfortable in dresses etc. No idea what the Taylor Swift comment was about.

Mon on

Just love KStew. She’s awesome as an actress and as a person!~ Haters are so annoying. What’s wrong with Mary for just expressing her love to Kristen here? I can nver understand the haters. Why hate on such a wonderful girl?!~

Lily on

This shouldn’t even BE an “article”. There’s nothing poigniant about it. The girl will wear what she’s told to wear for the film, period.

Mary on

I apologize for bringing up Taylor Swift. It was very rude of me, no reason to say something that could hurt other’s feelings, I am truly sorry if I upset anyone!

Bella on

All this for two over priced oddball teenagers. I love em both but good Lord…..the crazy comments. Just enjoy the story for crying out loud.

Rachel on

Who really cares. It’s a movie…

mandy on

Seriously?? It’s a MOVIE! Bella is a character! This craze will pass and something else will come along. I too like the movie but it’s crazy to idolize (yes you Mary) the characters and actors.

RT on

Considering the effort and care it took to create Bella’s ring then I would expect the same level of detail to create the wedding dress which was described in such detail in the book. I’m sure they are going over sketches and having a costume designer create the perfect dress.

wendy on

Can’t we all just get along?! What happened to the days when we could simply pay someone or something a compliment without feeling it necessary to compare and tear down another in the process? These folks, although celebrities, are human beings with feelings at the end of the day. Cyber-bullying can be as subtle as the off-hand comment…….just saying.

Mary on

And I apologized, it was unnecessary what I said about Taylor. What more do you want from me? I do not idolize the characters or the actors, forgive me for sticking up for an actress who always gets teased in gossip columns. Wedding dress designing is one of my passions and if I believe I have captured this wedding dress from Twilight to a “t” I don’t see anything wrong with expressing my joy, hoping that someone will take notice

You on

Jesus LOVES you! <3

tapon39 on

I’m sure the Bella’s wedding dress will be beautiful, and she will look stunning. Rob will be “HOT” and gorgeous in his tuxedo. I can’t hardley wait for the film to come out.

‘HOT and gorgeous

Lena on

Since Bella is very no frills, I predict that she will wear a simple Vera Wang.

Bree Gibbs on


ME on

I LOVE YOU MARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah on

I know it will look absultly georgous on kristen. i can’t wait for the movie to come out in cinemas..

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cullen on

I can’t wait for Breaking Dawn!!:D(ps.Taylor sucks)

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Lexi on

Ok what they forgot and NEED to remember is that bella’s a shy tomboy she only decided to wear a dress for edward cus he persuaded her soo i vote something simple cuz it fits her personality like the prom dress something close to that.

emily mendoza licona on

i love kristen stewart! i love the twilight saga! i love kristen in the twilight saga! that is all..

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