Crystal Bowersox's Wedding Dress and Ring Details Revealed

10/13/2010 at 12:00 PM ET

Bob Berg

When Crystal Bowersox announced her engagement to fellow musician and longtime friend Brian Walker last month, she promised to be anything but the typical bridezilla — and from her unique earth-friendly dress to her diamond-free wedding ring, the season 9 American Idol runner-up seems to have stayed true to her word. The bride wore an organic, hemp and cotton wedding gown from Vermont designer Tara Lynn to exchange her vows on Sunday at the Chicago café where she first met Walker six years ago, saying ‘I do’ with a 1.1-carat princess cut ruby ring designed by Walker and crafted by Chicago’s Traci Coughlin and Steve Quick Jewelers. “There are no diamonds to be found as we don’t believe in the violence and injustice that occurs within the diamond trade industry,” Bowersox tells PEOPLE. “Both rings feature the masonry symbol, an infinity 8, and the Sanskrit symbol for the sound ‘om’ and a personal design that for us represents three: Brian, Crystal, and Tony.” As for her one of a kind wedding dress? “The gown is a simple princess line with an open back; a machine-knit hemp twine strap crisscrosses in back,” says designer, Tara Lynn. And new bride Bowersox couldn’t have been more pleased with the results. “I gave Tara Lynn the base ideas of what I wanted, and in three weeks, she created a beautiful gown made of hemp and cotton, with a handmade macramé and bead sunflower design on the front,” Crystal tells PEOPLE. “The train of the dress is a handmade design of hemp twine, sea shells, and beads, some of which came from pieces of sentimental jewelry.” Read more details on Crystal’s intimate Chicago wedding in the current issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday. –Gillian Koenig; reporting by Marisa Laudadio

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Debbbb on

Don’t you just love these “wanna-be-hippie”? Go find your OWN generation! Enough of the Janis Joplin look…be original not a carbon copy of someone else.

Details of Crystal Bowersoxs Hemp Wedding Gown Revealed on

[…] Details of Crystal Bowersox’s Hemp Wedding Gown Revealed […]

Fran on

I think she looks great she’s just being who she is. people can be so hateful its her style!

Hollywill on

Hater in the house!

rebecca on

love her dress. love her. congrats to the newly weds.

Saber on

This pretty cool picture, Wowow, the dress also is a big hit. :-)

Snoopy on

Debbb- way to spread the love and peace. I think you want attention- no one puts that on this website without waiting for a slap back! Go away!

Congrats to happy couple! You look fabulous!

Tolerence on

Wow Debbbb. What’s with the animosity? I hope no one looks at YOUR wedding picture and makes a mean comment like yours. What is so hard about saying nothing if you can’t say something nice?

LadyO on

@ Debbbb – boooo…live and let live, I appreciate their effort to be socially conscious about life….Kudos and congrats to them both! :o)

Tolerence on

By the way – Congratulations Crystal and Brian! Crystal, you look beautiful and very happy!

Cj on

what a downer Ms Debbb is !!! Living a sad
and angry existence … sorry for you.

Congrats ..great look…Best Wishes to Crystal, her man and her lovely lttel boy .

Betty Boob on

Debbbb – you are a hater! Crystal’s dress was an ORIGINAL creation. Learn to love!

Crystal has a beautiful singing voice. Congratulations! You deserve it.

Anon on

I am really excited for her – and “hippie” or “naturalist” or whatever you want to call it – wasn’t just a generation, it is a way of life and thought. She’s treating the earth with love and respect, and she’s obviously at peace, and really happy. Maybe you should find out what truly makes you happy – without fear of judgement or hate.

Booke on

Wow Deb, sorry to hear about your miserable life. Who has time for all the hate. Congrats to the couple.

Louise on

Hey, don’t be mean to Debbbb. Just look at the spelling of her name. She’s cleary the arbitor of all things current.

PJ on

I am very happy for her. Congrats Crystal!

Kylie on

Debbbbb, you’re a bad person, I hope you get stomach cramps today

Lynnette on

I’m from the “hippie” generation and would be proud to add another one to the fold….that’s what “real-hippies” do. ha! But I don’t think think Crystal can be put in any catagory as she’s her own woman and is expressing her own ideas. She looks beautiful and good for her for following her beliefs in how to care for the world even in her wedding and marriage.

Diane on

hippy style never went out ,so who is this debbbb person to say go get your own style,this is the style,get a life ,pick up a mag.youll see all kind wearing this same style boo-hoo to you

jenn on

best wishes to a long productive, healthy marriage

Rebecca on

I personally love the dress! I am a fan of Crystal’s voice! I love that she is socially and politically savvy and lives her life true to her convictions. Age doesn’t play a part in knowing who you are and what you stand for. Sadly, Debbbb doesn’t seem to be one of those people.

mardi Berry on

LOVE Crystal and anyway she wants to celebrate her special day is fine with me!!

She was by far the best of “Idol” this year, and I look forward to purchasing her music.

Congrats to you both and may your time together be the best life has to offer!!

Jen on

Who is Tony?

SammyD on

Wow Debbbb with 4 Bs, that’s original! Jealous much!

Kim on

Ugh..isn’t she a little big to be wearing the criss cross thing in the back..? You can see her back rolls..It all looks unsuprisingly tacky.

Elyse on

Gee Debbbbbbbbb … We will all never agree on everything in life – BUT, there ARE more diplomatic ways of expressing one’s view point. In the case of such a hated response … perhaps the most diplomatic way you could have chosen was just to say nothing at all!

Sara on

Unfortunately, Crystal failed to do her research and instead bought a gem plagued by MORE violence than diamonds.

Meghan on

@ Jen – Tony’s her kid from a previous relationship.

Meh, I think the look is quite tacky and messy. Also, the lack of a diamond because they don’t believe in the violence that occurs in the trade? There are diamonds that do not come from war-torn countries (Canada, for example) so there is no violence or injustice tied to those diamonds. I kind of just feel like she’s trying a bit too hard to be this earth-friendly, eco-conscious hippy type. Ok, feel free to hate on me now..

jurby on

wow, Kim, i don’t know what pic you’re looking at but Crystal is definitely not big nor are there any ‘rolls’. debbbb, let me guess, you’re a teeny-bopper who thinks neon leggings and rolling up one pant leg are oh-so fabulous fashion statements?

clare on

I love her style and respect that she can be herself. It shows that she is open minded and willing to embrace other cultures. Congrats to the happy couple! I wish I could see the ring!

Debbbb, I am curious… are you a kid or are you socially immature??? Just because she wore a hemp dress does not make her a “hippie wanna be”. People with your kind of attitude really hold culture and the world back. Unity and peace is better than your POV anyday. Besides, I consider her original… how many people her age “REALLY KNOW” what a hippie is. (…someone does not have a happy life). Hope you find your happiness Debb.

Marie on

Peace Debbbb Peace! :)

Kiki on

It’s her wedding and her style. She can wear what she wants. I’m not a hippie but most of the stuff you see on Say Yes to the Dress are gaudy and tacky. I wouldn’t wear her dress but I like that it’s different. As for stealing from Janis Joplin well wake up. Everyone steals from other decades. Just ask my niece and her leg warmers.

SHar on

I think she looks fabulous. She is staying true to who she is and no one should knock her for that.

babs on

Congrats to the BEAUTIFUL couple. Your gown is soo beautiful Crystal. Just like you. Keep spreading the love and positive vibe my dear. This old world sure needs it amongst all the hate.

American Idol – American Idol News » Crystal Bowersox Wedding Dress and Ring Details! on

[…] Finally…a look at Crystal Bowersox’s wedding dress! Via People Magazine […]

Vicki on

I think she looks beautiful, I enjoy her talents and her freshness… We need more people like her in the media……. Debbb, I sure hope your day improves

Summer on

Wow, they look gorgeous……and Debbbb……peace and love and being environmentally conscientious is EVERYONE’S generation. Wow….don’t be a hater, be an appreciater.

Beccamore on

Tony is her son from another relationship.

chap on

This is exactly the type of dress and wedding my future daughter in law and son will have, they too are very earthy, bohemian, hippie tpye people, and by the way they are great people. congrats to crystal and brian, hope you both will be very happy. always be yourself!!!!!!

Jane on

They are adorable!

FC on

Bridezillas try to stand out so everyone can see them. That’s exactly what she is doing. Just because she’s being non-standard doesn’t mean she’s not a bridezilla.

I wonder how much it cost her to have this kind of dress specially designed for her. A one carat ruby costs twice as much as a one carat diamond, if it’s a deep red color.

Debbbb on

LOL…it worked you guys all feel for it. Can’t believe how angry you ppl got? LOL..this is AMEICA, I can post anything I want just like you guys did. Have a great day, I am ;-)
BTW a lot of hippy are now conservative republicans, they grew up and realizied they need jobs, LOL.

Jane on

Why be haters? If you don’t like them, just go away.

Sooo Rich on

Such an adorable looking couple. I love her hippie-ish look and ideas. Loved the idea from back in the 60’s and 70’s and still love it now…and I’m sure it’s been around since the beginning of time. She looks great. She is still her own person with that style. Peace, man :)

Debbbb on

Megan, Kim, & FC…LOL that you guys are honest and feel free to post! unlike all the clecbs arse kissers gals who posted..I like the way some said “peace love, etc, then wish me pain or called me the “HATER” LOL….
Keep it coming girls!

teri on

We met her this summer during a Ford event and she is the most down to earth, at ease entertainer I have ever had the pleasure of meeting/talking with…wishing her and Brian and Tony the best…beautiful soul blessed with a fantastic voice and musical talent.

Debbbb on

Oh yeah and get on me for the spelling of DEBBBB and other type-o’s! bring it..

Amy on

@ Debbbb – Thanks for confirming that you are, in fact, a troll.

Ron54911 on

Crystal is just being Crystal, She hasn’t changed from day 1. It’s not an act so get used to it. Oh ya Debbbb Idon’t think she has to worry about getting a job. LOL

claudia on

Hey Debbb,

Bitter Much?

Marie on

I love her AND her style!!! :0)

Darlene Brown on

I watched her all the way through on AMERICAN IDOL. My favorite show of all time. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE HAPPY COUPLE. MAY GOD BLESS YOUR MARRIAGE LIKE HE HAS MINE. Crystal,
I think you are fantastic. Keep singing because EVERYONE I know loves your voice. YOU are a special person. It shows through your voice.

jack on

I was not going to say anything but the more i thought about it i feel i have to. Dedddd you are an idiot.

mardi Berry on

To Debbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb~

You must be a sad soul, that is the only way to explain your immaturity and hate! Have you ever met Crystal? Have you ever spoken to her? My guess is no. Judge what you don’t know, if you must. It gives the rest of us a good laugh…

Scott on

I knew the first time I saw Crystal that she was genuine. Debbbb Crystal is being who she is and not trying to be a phony pop star. You must be insecure or you wouldn’t be hating people you don’t know.

Lilly on

I can’t wait to see the rest of the dress. It sounds beautiful!!!

Kim on

Gee Debbbb from page 1; Bitter much?

Would like to see a photo of the front of the dress. The back is pretty.

Nachosmom on

I give it six months….at best.

respect on

you’re not five years old debbb or however you want o spell that.
if you’re going to say something then say it in maybe a less negative way phrase it differently and stop saying LOLOLOLOLOL you sound like an immature teenager. and this coming from a 14 year old, makes you look even worse.
please, grow up and act your age, and if you are going to be a little ***** and talk that way, then don’t come back and respond to the comments. you obviously don’t have enough things to keep you occupied in life so you start online fights. notice how I didn’t say “you have no life” but I phrased it differently to make it sound nicer? yeah, you could learn from that

jada on

Debbb you are a LOSER and sad individual !! The dress is gorgeous and she is beautiful. I think it is wonderful that anyone chooses to go organic and is earth and envirnomentally aware. I guess I am a hippie as I have to wear hemp and all our fabrics in our home are made from hemp due to allergies. Gees what a concept to be aware how precious are planet is.

SS on

her dress is very beautiful and unique, best of luck to all of them.

Anita on

Obviously Kim and Debbb have never heard the phrase “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say it at all”. Crystal looks great and congrats to her and her new hubby.

Kylie on

Hey Debbbbbb, even in “Ameica” you can’t really say what you want. If you incite violence or perpetuate hatred as per the policy on this site you will be removed or banned. Freedom of speech would only really apply if you created your own site controlled the moderation. But thanks for clearing up that you are a troll who is just out to rub people the wrong way…classy lady.

BobaFett on

She looks beautiful and happy. That’s all that matters

Jen on

Being a “hippy” is more than just a style deb. It’s a state of mind. Just because the 60’s came and went, doesn’t mean that the peaceful state of mind is gone too. Maybe she feels connected to this lifestyle and it is no one else’s place to judge. Live and let live all!

Kevin on

WOW!! Poor Debbb is sorry she got out of bed today!! HYSTERICAL!!! You all tell her how it is!! HAA!! Crystal is orginal…let it be I say!!

Jackie on

Debbb-ie Downer…. ** Cue SNL music ** *Whuuaaaa Whhaaaa*…

Deltamama on

I don’t know who she is b/c I don’t watch the show but I LOVE the dress!Beautiful and unique.

Gotta put in my 2 cents Debbbbb:
Hippie’s never left and will never go away! I’ve been labeled a flower child/hippie my whole life and I am proud to say I am very much my own person with my own style, seemingly like Mrs. Bowersox. She is making an attempt to make this world a better and more beautiful place. What have you done lately debbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

Jen on

Being a “hippy” is more than just a style Debbb. Just because the 60’s came and went doesn’t mean that the state of mind went with it. Maybe she feels connected to that era and that state of mind. Live and let live all!

noneofyourbusiness on

I guess freedom of speach does not apply here.

Maybe all of Crystal’s hippie pot smoking non leg shaving friends signed on to attack anyone that does not think she looks stunning in her hacked up garage sale looking wedding dress.

SusiQ on

So beautiful, so Crystal. Good luck, best wishes


Don’t care for the dreadlocks but she otherwise seems genuine and I hope the best for her, brian and her son…..

Sue on

Beautiful Dress, Beautiful Bride… Beautiful couple!!!! so happy for you & proud of you!!! <3

Deltamama on

Noone is telling ole debbbb she can’t have an opinion, we are just using our freedom of speech to let her know we think her opinion sucks and is hateful, kinda like yours -noneofyourbusiness
And as for you, u are EXACTLY why I don’t care to be labeled a hippie. You are under the deluted impression that everyone that dresses this way and cares more for the environment than money is a hairey, pot-smoking loser. I shave, I don’t smoke pot and I work my as* off everyday as a Medical Coding Specialist in order to support my two beautiful boys. I also love the Grateful Dead, Phish, Widespread Panic and all the other “hippie, pot-smoking music”. Now, how ya gonna fit me into your closed-minded stereotypes!!!

Callie on

Congrats to Crystal and Brian! Brian is a VERY lucky man. To the haters – It’s not the “Janis Joplin look;” it’s the Crystal Bowersox look. If all you’re going to do is criticize wonderful musicians, especially their wedding pictures, just leave. Nobody wants you here.

peacelove&happiness on

wow i’m not by any means a hippie but why do people feel it’s necessary to bash someone for being herself on her wedding day? why does it matter how much her ring costs? that wasnt the point of not buying a ring with diamonds if you actually read her reasoning behind it. and the rediculous comments about “hippies” is some lame prejudice gestures from people who are probably miserable with their own lives so they have to transfer their anger on someone who is celebrating their love and committment with someone special. seriously grow up and get over yourselves.

Jon on

That’s all nice to hear!

Happy 4 Them on

I’m so happy for them. Peace, love and unity all part of what we like to call, “The Modern Day Hippie Movement.” lol (Joke between my friends) She looks absolutely beautiful, i love her hair.

Abby on

The dress is original. It’s her day and I’m sure she’s feeling awesome about it. More power to her. Frankly I think some of you should refrain from responding to hate comments. Free speech or not, ignore them and they will go away. They enjoy the attention and it takes away from the fact that comments are meant to be about the article, not about the hate.

Beth on

Good luck to Crystal and Brian – starting out as friends is the best way to start a relationship and then a marriage! She should have won AI – the “tweeny” vote is what did her in – Lee got that! Anyhow, she and her new hubby have music in common – another good way to begin a marriage. Whether you agree with her lifestyle or not, she is a great singer! Love to both of them!

KJC on

I love the idea behind the dress, and I usually love her hippie style, but I’ve got to be honest – I don’t think this dress is that flattering.
that said …as long as she felt beautiful, that’s really all that matters.

Teig Cline on

I think that the dress is original and looks fun to dance in. Congradulations Crystal!

Robin on

All I can say is BEAUTIFUL! Such a sweet and loving couple. Along w/Little T, I wish them the best. :)

Meghan on

I’m unclear as to why ‘noneofyourbusiness’s comment is hateful..? and why does her opinion suck?! the whole point of opinions is that not everyone has to agree with the same one. I agree with her that the wedding dress is tacky. I also don’t think that Crystal has a nice singing voice, but I don’t like the whole Janis Joplin scratchy screamy cigarette smoke sound. Whatever. Congrats to her that she found someone to marry, that’s cool, all the best. But as I already stated, her reasoning behind not buying a diamond ring is misguided – there are plenty of countries that don’t have conflict diamonds. That said, if she didn’t want a diamond ring, that’s her perogative. I just really think that everyone who is bashing “Debbbb”, “Kim”, “noneofyourbusiness”, etc, is doing the exact same thing that you are accusing these women of! Name calling and all that, so childish and judgemental. Silly.

Debbbb on

Well said Meghan.

Kade on

none of your business. So many generalizations in your post. I am a friend of Crystal’s. I don’t smoke pot, I shave my legs everyday and don’t consider myself a hippie. I am a CEO and have a post-graduate degree. I admire Crystal for her musical talent and more importantly; for her ability to remain true to herself. Additionally, she is someone who preaches love and tolerance of all people inspite of the years of bullying she experienced throughout her childhood. I think the world would be a better place if more people followed her example, that we need to love and care about humankind.
Crystal, Brian and Tony, I wish you all a lifetime of happiness and love.

EM on

What’s wrong with being hippie Debbbb? she’s just being who she is. Go away if you don’t have something nice to say. And btw, why don’t you post a pic of yourself so we can all see how you look like?

m on

Deb, I TOTALLY agree with you. I have disliked this unoriginal poser since she first appeared on Idol. Sorry Crystal, we already have a Janice. Go away.

Elyse on

Their was a young troll named Debbbbbbbbbbbbbb
Who put a rather vitriolic comment on this web
When she got bad reviews
A few more names she decided to use
But Noneofyourbusiness and Meghan
Were also better left unsaid !!!!!

JLD on

Bitter much Debbbb? I’ve got news for you, at some point it is GUARANTEED that YOU also were a “carbon copy” of someone or some style. It happens with every, single generation so get over it.

WalkerSoxFan on

Every party has a downer that’s why we invited you Debbbie Downer, Debbie Downer…anyway

Crystal and Brian look fantastic. Good for them for being conscious of the environment and appreciating all of the natural elements in life. One thing I have always loved about Crystal – how natural she is and how she supports causes in which she believes, even in her own life.

Best wishes for much happiness to their new family.

K on

Crystal has changed quite a bit since AI. I knew her before that experience. She is talented and I wish her the best, but she is not as genuine as you all think. And definately not very grateful to those who have helped her along the way. Also, I wonder why this guy, that she was “friends” with before, decided to marry her now that she has the potential for earning big money… Interesting wouldn’t you say? I hope she knows what she is doing with this relationship.

Iknow on

I know some things about Crystal that would shock you. But she is a fairly decent girl so I won’t tell. How do I know? Remember early in Idol when the net was “a buzz” with the fact she had a BDSM aunt in Ohio? Well I dated aunt Cynthia.

Louise Gibson on

Congratulations Crystal and Brian. The picture above tells a very beautiful story, Love……
All your fans including me are wishing you both all the Happiness possible. Crystal you look absolutely beautiful. You are a beautiful couple and will make a wonderful home for that little boy. I love your sense of knowing what you want and who you are. It is so refreshing. We are so ready for your music. I hope you have a special TV show coming soon. We need to see and hear you. God Bless.

Michael Teach on

Without a doubt the most beautiful and natural wedding dress I have ever seen. It was an honor to officiate their wedding.

“The Right Reverend” Michael Teach
Chicago Acoustic Underground

Dior Girl » Good enough for a Nobel Prize, but not for the Fed? on

[…] Read more on People Magazine […]

Margie on

Why are you paying so much attention to Debbbbbb it is just her opinion have lost what is important ..well wishes to the happy couple…

Tab on

Okay she isn’t a wanna be hippie she has been her whole life. God people are so cruel.

gailo on

WOW! Crystal/Brian you make such a beautiful couple! Crystal you’re beautiful, and Brian..what a handsome man you are! So happy for you both, T is very lucky!!

KIA on

I love this dress.. it is wonderful.. nice to see someone staying true to their word about being crulty free.. it is great that someone is showing that Hemp can be used for so many different things.. GO Crystal!

Pam on

I am from the hippie era that is just a name they gave anyone that dared to be different..same today as back then people want to judge you and tell you how you should act, what to wear etc…..shame on Debb for being one of those kind….live, love and mind your own business….and congrats to the couple I think she looks wonderful

Crystal Bowersox Chose Conflict-Free, Ethical Ring For Wedding on

[…] “There are no diamonds to be found as we don’t believe in the violence and injustice that occurs within the diamond trade industry,” Bowersox told People. […]

Jo-Ann on

Congrats to Crystal and Brian! I wish them all the happiness in the world! I love the fact that Crystal is true to her beliefs, and I think she looked beautiful on her wedding day! Best of luck to the WalkerSox family!

judy hooten on

I think she out done herself.. the whole thinbg was a crystal herself she knew what she wanted and it all came to her in the way we all knew it would AWSOME….. YOUR FANS LOVE YOU CRYSTAL…

justjude on

My faith in humanity is restored as I read these
great posts that refuse to tolerate the mean
minded haters.
Crystle lives by her values and walks the walk of
someone who really cares about her impact on this
Who knew her fashion of earth friendly materials
would be so lovely….like a breath of fresh air.
Millions more like her could just save this
planet from certain destruction.
My best wishes to her and to brian and I know
tony and any other children she may have will
inherit a better safer world!!

Juliet on

Dear Crystal & Brian,

What a Beautiful Wedding the two of you had! And how absolutely stunning are you in that one-of-a-kind Wedding Dress! WOW! I suppose that is fitting, because YOU, dearest Crystal, ARE a one-of-a-kind of lady!

You, Brian, and little Tony will always remain within my heart and within my Prayers… and your Dad, too! May God Bless you with more precious gifts on your lifelong journey together as a Family. The WalkerSox Family! HEY! Not a bad sounding TV Show, or Movie??!!! hee hee!

I Love You Crystal Bowersox! I Love EVERYTHING about you! Rock It On in your future music endeavors and may this World Rock with you! I know that I will be! :D

With Love & Admiration,

~ Juliet ~
RockinSox Fan #1
Papa Van Fan #16
MamaSox Fan #261
Crystal Bowersox Fan-For-LIFE!

kenny j on

Congrat’ to Crystal & Brian.
Crystal You look GREAT!!!

Deets On Crystal Bowersox’ Wedding | Tom Ford's Adopted Daughter on

[…] married her longtime friend Brian Walker in an organic, hemp and cotton wedding gown designed by Tara […]

katie sue on

mamasox good jobe u married a handsome guy and ur dress is soooo pretty go live ur life PLEASE MOVE INTO ELLISTON AGIAN

Deets On Crystal Bowersox’ Wedding | Viva la Vices on

[…] married her longtime friend Brian Walker in an organic, hemp and cotton wedding gown designed by Tara […]

Dior Girl » Photos: Air Sex World Championships 2010 at the Middle East Upstairs on

[…] Read more on People Magazine […]

Doug on

Debbbb Got ta say reading your hate towards this new Family is sad. Crystal nore Brian I’m sure are being no more then whom they are. Crystal Copy someone else, ha ha your funny. There has Never been a Crystal Bowersox, Shes one of a kind. Peace be with you and Congrats to the Walkersox Family

katie sue on

MAMA SOX rocks you have a great family now and a lovley son and a handsomw husband so u live ur life and love ur fans including me ur #1 fan i live in elliston right by ur dad (bill) so i luve ya im the #1 walkersox fanoh and i love the last name

Ryan Lesniewicz on

Hey Crystal I am so happy for you and your family. I know you don’t allow these foolish comments hurt you. You’re much smarter and stronger than some. You Go Girl!

katie sue on

Mama sox u rock i love you the music is great andi love your last name my favorite song is farmers daughter and no one needs to know. i love your music alot and tony (ur son) is sooooo cute and it was not to soon u picked the right time to get married and u live ur life how it is

~katie sue~

katie sue on

i cant wait untll 12-14-2010 because of her album i strongly STRONGLY dislike lee dewyze he cannot sing good i oly liked it when crystal and him sang the duet best wishes mama sox we love ellistons idol espiccally bc i live right by ur dad

katie sue on

if u like lee dewyze i strongly dislike both of u bc crystal should have on and acctualy she did someone gace ryan seacrest the wrong card the caed the person gave ryan seacrest was the loser card so he acctualy lost and crystal won so hahahah lee dewyze and i live right next to crystals dad so yah me

katie sue on

congrats mama sox for ur album that came out today

Laura on

Go mama socks!!!! I have loved you since the start and I am one to want to say congrats on your marriage and for being you! Those people who have negative comments……..well let us just see what you look like in the dress and ring and lets hear them sing!

katie sue on

laura u rock ur awsome we should make a fan club

David on

You are the best, I wish you the best in marriage and your future. One person at a time can make a difference and I love your folksy music, I am checking on any CD’s you may have recorded.

Barbara Persinger on

Love and congratulations to two beautiful people! Crystal, I’m a 64 mom and grandma who loves your music, style and the way you have stayed true to who you really are. Wish I could have seen you at Lakes Park in Ft. Myers this weekend. I’m a forever fan.

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