Kim Kardashian: 'Botox Just Wasn't Necessary'

09/22/2010 at 05:20 PM ET

Juan Rico/Fame

Kim Kardashian had a painful start to the new season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, enduring a bruised face as a result of a televised Botox procedure. After emails and comments flooded her blog, the 29-year-old reality star decided to come clean about the incident. “On the show you saw I had some bruising around my eyes after the procedure, which is totally natural, but because I hadn’t looked into the side effects, I freaked out,” she writes on her website. “In no way was Dr. Kassabian a bad doctor… it wasn’t a botched job at all!!” That doesn’t, however, mean that she’ll be trying it again anytime soon. “I am not against botox, and I would never judge anyone else for getting any kind of surgical or non surgical procedure, but I think when you’re young there are other ways you can look after your skin….Botox just wasn’t necessary for me at this age.” The star points to FusionBeauty’s Illumifill, a product that she represents as a spokesperson, as her go-to instead. Tell us: What do you think about Kim trying Botox while still in her 20s? –Katherine Kluznik Rentmeester

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Cyn on

Glad she realized that she never needed it. She’s gorgeous.

Christine on

What about her lips? In all of the interviews her lips look a lot fuller.

johanna on

This has got to be, by far, the best and PRETTIEST picture I’ve ever seen of Kim K. She looks GORGEOUS! so natural without all the makeup and shiny face she’s used to showing off! Kim K, you should do your make-up like this every day! you look BEAUTIFUL!

Kim Kardashian: Botox Just Wasn’t Necessary – People Magazine » Kim Kardashian Superstar on

[…] Kim Kardashian: Botox Just Wasn't NecessaryPeople MagazineKim Kardashian had a painful start to the new season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, enduring a bruised face as a result of a televised Botox procedure. …Kim Kardashian quits BotoxCANOE […]

Nik on

She should have stopped while she was ahead. She was already naturally beautiful and didn’t need any surgery. Now she looks like her mother’s twin.

it's true on

She looks weird in this picture. Like Guilana Rancic. And why should KK stop w/ Botox? She’s already done extensive plastic surgery on her face and body.

julianne rose on

i think it obviously sends a bad message being so young. i also think that kim kardashian is being obsessed with being “kim kardashian” and she should try to not be perfect and be a real person thats beauty. all these fake things don’t make you pretty they make you fake

Jon on

Interesting to hear, and I think Kim trying Botox in her 20s was a learning experience, but she never needed it, she looked great, glad she realized it wasn’t necessary!

triscuit on


LSG on

So she says she doesn’t need all of this stuff, but then she turns around and does a plug for something that she is a spokesperson for….that kind of stuff is just silly. I love the show and i think she is flawless, but that kind of stuff (the plug) just really rubs me the wrong way.

Macy on

I didn’t realize she was that old. Wow, she sure acts like a teenager. All those “women” act so immature.

JJ on

So are the dark circles under her eyes from make-up, hard life, pee stains or botox?

Louise on

Of course she looks good in this picture. It’s so photoshopped it’s practically a painting.

Paul on

Watched Dancing with the Stars Monday night. Saw Brandy’s brother, wasn’t that the guy who rammed her from behind and pisssed on her face in her sex tape?

Tia on

There is no way this is needed in your 20’s! Glad she realized that. Women blessed with such natural beauty need to have as much confidence as that beauty and quit striving for more.

Dan on

If she likes guys to pee on her face, I could help her out.

sharon on

She don’t need Botox..she need a break and load of rest..

Fran on

Pulllease, Kim K has gotten so much done, this was just another publicity ploy to make her look good. even if she doen’t us Botox, she obviously is doing something–you can tell!

Dan on

I think her skin looks that good because she has a nightly regimen of squirting it with pee. The acid from the pee does a remarkable job in exfoliating her skin. I think she likes to sip it also.

sara on

I think it is funny how so many people are getting Botox it hasnt been around long enough to know what the long term effects will be, these people may be doing more damage than good and wont know for years after the injections. It also goes againt the whole love yourself for you- how much do these people love themselfs when there filling there bodies with posin. Well when they start looking like MJ (rip) i bet they will regreat the Botox injections.

D-BabbaRas on

KK You’re probably THE most beautiful lady on this planet, and the creators of beauty spent some extra time on your design, making you the stunning being you are, and don’t get caught up in the hype. It will be VERY hard to improve on such a design anyway so for the sake of us who’ve seen the px of you w/o ANY makeup on your face, you can try but failure is more likely to come. Please just continue your radience and don’t end up like Hollywood gone wild and lose the natural ting y’have now in so much abundance, my friend.



carol on

maybe her MOTHER should instill values in her that REALLY MATTER.Not just what you look like.

MM on

How is Kim Kardashian a spoiled rich kid? She works hard for her money – she’s a designer, producer, spokesperson..the list goes on and on! I think she’s a smart, beautiful businesswoman (who definitely doesn’t need botox), and people should respect that. She got her “in” by being friends with Paris Hilton, but unlike Paris, she isn’t an heiress. Clearly many people are jealous…

Debbie on

I truly think the whole show on the botox was a setup for her to plug her product!! Botox is awesome and when she gets older she will be running to it! Very selfish to plug her own product by downing someone else’s….

Kim Kardashian: Botox Just Wasn’t Necessary | F.A.E.M.M. Community on

[…] young there are other ways you can look after your skin,” says the reality star Read more on People Magazine Update: Should I Move my Blog to Tumblr? Apparently not. The results are in, and as befits any […]

Meems on

Botox is not what inflates your lips, that is collagen, totally different thing for different reasons. And she is gorgeous just the way she is…

Oh, and I crack up when people say “spoiled rich kids”…She’s 29 and she works her booty off.

tamara on


Tee on

Now she should come clean about wearing booty pads and then getting silicone injections in her butt. C’mon Doll we all know your booty is not that big…..

Ava Leone on

She was seriously starting to look like a mannequin face ala Heidi Montag.

Kim Kardashian: Doc Didn’t Botch My Botox – E! Online (blog) » Kim Kardashian Superstar on

[…] her doctor. She just realized a few shots to the face too late that she didn't need it. …Kim Kardashian: Botox Just Wasn't NecessaryPeople […]

lisa on

KIM K IS THE BIGGEST LIAR EVER!!! Botox is the least of your worries. What about the eyelid lift multiple injections to cheeks and lips, breast and butt implants etc. Botox does not make you look like the cat lady. Her face is identical to Heidi Montag. At least Heidi is not a liar!

buck on

this is ine beefy chick she needs more than botox !!!!

Tammy on

I can’t imagine why any 29-year-old thinks they need botox, even a 29-year-old in Hollywood. In my opinion, Kim is one of the most beautiful women on earth and she’ll be beautiful 20 years from now, even without surgery or other procedures.

pixie on

All of the Kardasian girls are GORGEOUS the way they are, and Kim seems like a total sweetie. No botox needed at all! But if she, or anyone for that matter, wants to try it, kudos to them for wanting to feel and look beautiful :) <3

Alli on

I think Kim is a beautiful, well-established business woman. Though she did initially go through with the procedure, it did help her realize that not everything/everyone in Hollywood needs enhancing. She is a beautiful woman all on her own and doesn’t need any beauty enhancers.

guess who on

Right ….. She’s not going to do botox. hahahaha! she just wont do it on TV again.

Kim Kardashian: My Botox Job Wasnt “Botched” – Us Magazine » Kim Kardashian Superstar on

[…] her for getting Botox injections on Sunday's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. …Kim Kardashian: Botox Just Wasn't NecessaryPeople […]

K on

who cares? she only did it and is STLL talking about it to stay in the news because she’s pathetic.

Eric on

Botox was necessary–for the show’s producers to fulfill their episode order. This plotline was obviously cooked up in a “story meeting”…just like the “lost” engangement ring!

Kim Kardashian: ‘Botox Just Wasn’t Necessary’ | Botox on

[…] Read this article: Kim Kardashian: ‘Botox Just Wasn’t Necessary’ […]

Kim Kardashian: Botox Just Wasn’t Necessary For Me – » Kim Kardashian Superstar on

[…] was caught on reality TV cameras, Kim Kardashian is speaking her mind about the procedure. …Kim Kardashian: Botox Just Wasn't NecessaryPeople […]

Elsie on

Give her about four to five years and she won’t be able to live without botox. Seriously. Because the lines will begin to form around her eyes when she smiles, and her forehead will begin to show signs of aging. Which isn’t allowed in hollywood or in everyday life anymore it seems.

Rachel /mcCormick on

I just had 16 shots of Botox again today, and I am only 24. You gotta start young to look good old!

YMH on

OMG Please! People don’t feed into this! KK has been using fillers and botox for years!!! She is such a liar- she has alter her facial features and body over the last several years! Yes- Kim, keep trying to fool the public. Such a liar! The show is scripted! Your makeup artist- did a great job of making you looked brusied!

Yeah . . .I Said It on

Please. She has had so much “work” done (face and body included). If you were to compile pictures of her from before she became a “celebrity” to now, you can see just how much her face has morphed. The only reason why she got botox on t.v. is because it is all too evident that her face has undergone numerous changes, and people have been talking. She just wanted it to appear as if it was her first time to deflect from the truth. She used to favor her sister Kourtney, now she more closely favors her 50+ mother. Kim is pretty, but in an overdone and unatural sense. Kourtney is more of a natural beauty. Just my two cents.

Jackie on

Glad Ms Kardasian realizes she is much to young for Botox. I think she now bears a striking resemblance to Danielle Staub. What a pity.

Kim Kardashian: Botox Just Wasn’t Necessary – People Magazine | Dr. Simon Ourian on

[…] here to see the original: Kim Kardashian: Botox Just Wasn’t Necessary – People Magazine bruised-face, kardashian, kardashians, keeping, magazine, news-articles, painful-start, […]

Kim Kardashian Botox Just Wasnt Necessary on

[…] Kim Kardashian: Botox Just Wasn’t Necessary […]

hillary on

i love seeing her on the show with no make up on because she is still soooo naturally beautiful. so rare in hollywood. thank you kim for never being self conscious about the world seeing the natural you. you become more and more beautiful to me as i see you showing your true colors. : )

suzy diamond on

If it was necessary then why did she do it? These CELEBS are nuts! Pure and simple! These people INFLUENCE US…scary, VERY scary!

Kim Kardashian `pulled the plug` on relationship with Miles Austin – Monsters and » Kim Kardashian Superstar on

[…] Kardashian: My Botox Job Wasn't "Botched"Us MagazineKim Kardashian: Botox Just Wasn't NecessaryPeople MagazineOneindia -HipHopRX -Los Angeles Times (blog)all 267 news […]

Doreen on

If Kim’s mother had not rudely pointed out that Kim had a grey hair and wrikles she probably would not have felt insecure. Her mom should STOP competing with her daughters!!

LV on

Kim is so beautiful! When I saw the episode, I couldn’t believe she wanted to have it done. Botox isn’t for 20 somethings. Heck, what’s wrong with growing old as we were meant to do??

Barbie on

She’s supposedly a role model to young impressional girls, so I’m glad to see she had those side affects. Who needs to damage their appearance in order to look better ????

Kim Kardashian admits she doesn’t need botox, but she’s just shilling something | Sexoligy on

[…] [From Kim Kardshian's blog via People] […]

Emma on

If you look at the before and after pictures of her. She has had nosejob, liposuction and who knows what else. I wish these Kardashians would just go away. What role models. . .

Denise on

Kim You are a gorgeous woman. Don’t mess with what our great God has given you.

Kim Kardashian admits ‘Botox just wasn’t necessary for me’ – USA Today » Kim Kardashian Superstar on

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Raffaele Zuccaro on

That 20lbs. of botox must have settled in her BUTT!!!

Kim Kardashian: ‘Botox Just Wasn’t Necessary’ – !: The Leading Online Daily News on

[…] Kim Kardashian: ‘Botox Just Wasn’t Necessary’ Kim Kardashian had a painful start to the new season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, enduring a bruised face as a result of a televised Botox procedure. After emails and comments flooded her blog, the 29-year-old reality star decided to come clean about the incident. “On the show you saw I had some […] Read more on People Magazine […]

mamainorlando on

Kim needs to stop lying that this was the first time she tried botox. It is very clear that she had botox prior to this episode. I’ve had botox as well, and can tell from her facial expressions that she’s had it around her eyes and forehead since at least last year.

Kim Kardashian: Botox Just Wasn’t Necessary – People Magazine | Botox on

[…] Visit link: Kim Kardashian: Botox Just Wasn’t Necessary – People Magazine […]

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[…] star decided to come clean about the incident. “On the show you saw I had some […] Read more on People Magazine google_ad_client = "pub-1354386426139272"; google_alternate_color = "FFFFFF"; google_ad_width = […]

khaki on

Kim K is American Royalty!!! She rocks and she RULES. Nobody in American can live up to what her mother has parlayed this family into!!! They have it all…..bucks, beauty, brawn, brains and BUTT!!! That doesn’t in anyway diminish what they’ve accomplished in their short lives…..they are indeed the only Royal family that exists in the United States….everyone should be proud of them! They deserve whatever comes their way….they’ve worked extra hard to be who and what they are….and they ARE true American Royals.

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