Victoria Beckham Wants to Celebrate a Woman's Curves

09/21/2010 at 02:45 PM ET


Has Victoria Beckham finally arrived as a designer? Certainly sounds like it! The star visited The View on Friday, just in time to relive the glory of her Fashion Week. “It’s been a real whirlwind. I’m in my fifth season and just showed my fifth collection during Fashion Week and it was a huge success, I mean the reviews were great,” she said. “To be on the cover of WWD is such a big deal.” And it’s not all glitz and glamour, as Posh explained her working process. “It was me in my studio, with a meter and a half of parachute silk, draping it on myself and tying it in a knot and saying ‘Ok what do I think?’…It really is a dream come true.” In addition to her models, who Victoria insists be healthy and not too young, stars such as Demi Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow and Drew Barrymore support Victoria’s sophisticated, sexy designs. But, Michelle Obama has yet to join the fan club. “I actually dressed Sarah Jessica Parker for an event at the White House so I’m getting there, I’m in the door!” she joked. And the reason that so many women are responding to her designs? “I want to celebrate a woman’s curves, though you’re right, I don’t have that many myself,” she says. “I love a woman’s body and I want to make women look and feel fantastic.” For more, visit –Jessie Goldberg

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drgnldy14 on

Victoria Beckham and curves in the same sentance?? OXYMORON!!!! She wouldn’t know curves if they hit her in the face! Please stick to something you know…..oh wait…that would be NOTHING!

TJ on

Celebrate a woman’s curves? And yet she starves herself to a size 0? Gimme a break…what a fake comment. She’s only saying it to try and win brownie points from REAL women in hopes they’ll buy her “designs.” And BTW – fake boobs on a skeleton frame don’t count as real curves.

Liz on

I really like her but she looks a little unhealthy. I can see the bones in her chest and that’s a little sickly. Agree that she should not be talking about curves.

Victoria Beckham Wants to Celebrate a Womans Curves on

[…] Victoria Beckham Wants to Celebrate a Woman’s Curves […]

denise on

NO more stick figures PLEASE!

Jae on

Out of the celebs mentioned in the entire article, only one has curves. The rest are sharp angles.
I have seem some of VB’s clothes and they’re gorgeous, but they’re made for one size.

Ally16 on

I think Curves are wonderful and although Victoria doesnt have many, she is a woman and she knows what its like to feel self concious even if she is skinny…

Lee on

I saw this show and Ms. Beckham really is living in a dream world. Curves? I will bet you there are NO clothese created by her for anyone larger than an 8. Good luck trying!

Graham on

All you people who are cutting her down at the knees are likely just jealous because she is so beautiful and has an amazing life. Great career, gorgeous husband, and nice children. Yes, she is thin, but so what? The people that tend to hate thin people are usuall obese and miserable with their own lives. Fix yourselves up before cutting others down.

arj27 on

Victoria has embraced the body god gave her and now its time for you all to stop hating on hers and focus on embracing yours!!!

arj27 on

Im with ya Graham!!

iluvnah2o on

Forget the curves, she needs to be worried about her feet and how she’s going to walk in her later years. I’ve heard she says she ‘can’t walk’ in any heel under 3 inches. Good luck in your later years when your feet are so damaged that walking is as much a dream as your apparent life is right now. Somehow I don’t think being constantly hungry and having bunions the size of your fake breasts is much of a dream life.

Diba on

If you remember her from her Spice Girls days, you will remember that she was much heavier than she is now. She’s a small girl, so I really think that it’s natural for her to have felt heavy at one point. On a small frame, 10 extra pound looks like 20. I think she looks great. Just because she personally doesn’t like the extra weight, doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to celebrate a woman’s curves.

Alliyah on

Obviously you want her “dream Life” if came on here to comment, meaning you chose to read about her

layla on

I like victoria. Yes she is thin, but that is her personl choice. I like the fact that she doesn’t just make clothes that look good on a size 0. Before her weightloss J. Hudson wore one of VB dresses and looked fantastic. Posh does not snub the fuller figured women in her designs, that means more to me than what she weighs.

Trinspin on

Curves??? on HER?? Seriously? She is a stick – a mere skeleton with skin. I find NOTHING attractive about this person at all. Her head is bigger than her body and she looks like she is going to topple over at any moment. She needs to eat – real food. Not a piece of lettuce and a glass of water. When she has actual CURVES she can speak about them. otherwise, please shut the F up.

Ike Clanton on

I dont care what she says…shes hot

dana on

I think if you read the entire piece, you’d see, she did say she didn’t have many curves. Just because she may be pencil thin, doesn’t mean she doesn’t know what is flattering to a woman’s body. If that were the case, then the male fashion designers creations wouldn’t work because they aren’t designing for men. I love her clothes and even though I am a US size 12, there are many lovely pieces in her collection that would flatter my shape and look good on my body..go VB!

Rachel on

People in this world are so judgemental geez. RELAX. Take all that anger and focus it on something else. Curvy celebs who have worn her dresses: Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Hudson, Serena Williams, Majry J Blige. Maybe not the heaviest women in the world but still curvy they are.

DB on

I can’t stop laughing! I’m sure she is a very nice person….I don’t care what designers name is on the label….none of them celebrate a woman’s curves…LOL…its all BS….LMAO…get real!

Anne on

Is she having a laugh? She does not know what curves are. Size 10s are not curves. Ridiculous.

Tess on

I saw this episode of the view and I thought that it was rude of Barbara to ask her what her size is. I think that if Victoria wants to be super thin, that is her business. You can’t please anyone. If you look like Jessica Simpson you’re too fat and if you look like Victoria you’re too thin. I think that people should stop being scrutinized for their weight.

ohhhh on

Jessica started the only using natural normal models etc so now Posh does too. Wether you like it or not Jessica is the trend setter here not POSH. It is sad that Ken & Jess had a falling out because we have POSH, EVA & KIM that are all buddy buddy with Ken so lets hope Ken is not vendictive & releases secrets to these women.

Darlene on

Are you kidding me? This woman makes it a point to look as rail skinny as possible. Can she even spell curve?

ko on

Vicky does have curves, they’re just made of silicone. Not exactly natural ones.

Murphnurse on

HEHE, I agree Lee. The only problem is that Im sure Mrs Beckham would consider that 8 to be plus size

Dawn on

LOLOLOLOL…best laugh in a long time. This skeleton actually used the word curves? That must have been painful for her, but the quest for money will make some people say anything.

Ya Ya on

Of course a man would say “fix yourselves before cutting some one down..Get a friggin life…A woman with no curves can not be the spokesperson for those that do…Victoria Beckham has money to decide what career path she wants to follow.. singing, nah… acting…nah.. now a designer…again I say..Nah…People with money have choices…Victoria has money to suck out and implant all the curves she wants and does not want…What are her credentials…MONEY…

Alice on

Good thing she only has sons, or she would be starving her children as well as herself!

Jon on

I liked The VIDEO, good luck to Victoria Beckham with everything, and good for her!

FLsunGAL on

Hopefully Victoria will find some role models who have some curves.

Amodis on

To me, saying a skinny woman can’t appreciate the beauty of curvy woman is like saying a blonde woman must only find other blondes attractive. It’s ridiculous!
Clearly, Victoria Beckham likes keeping herself very thin (fyi, to me, a little too thin). My only issue with her statement on wanting to make clothes to “celebrate curves” is that she herself is thin and she said: “It was me in my studio, with a meter and a half of parachute silk, draping it on myself and tying it in a knot and saying ‘Ok what do I think?’. If she’s draping stuff on herself as the mannequin, than she’s designing clothes for thinner builds NOT curvy people. Make sense?

cece on

@graham: She shouldn’t be talking about curves if she has no idea what they look like. Sorry, I’m not jealous, just honest. I don’t “hate” thin people, that’s ridiculous for you to even write something very childish. She obviously starves herself to look anorexic, it’s not natural. That being said, if she likes the anorexic look she shouldn’t be a hypocrite and celebrate curves! DUH!

Barbara on

Just because Posh looks best thin doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to celebrate other women’s curves.All you haters are just jealous because she is successfull, fun and gorgeous! How do you bash men who design women’s clothes and what is the difference there. You think they are secretly women?Puhleeze!

EssJay on

@ Graham and arj27 – no one is hating on her and we agree that she should embrace her ‘body’, and has an amazing life, but she has nary a curve. THAT is what we are trying to stress, and curves don’t only apply to size 8-10 either, curves are women that are in the 18+ sizes…she wouldn’t have a clue as to how to dress women of that caliber and they make up a large percentage of this population. Can those ladies find selections in her new line?

Carrie on

Curves? What does she know about curves? She is as straight as a 2×4!!

spanish fly on

She is so full of it. She knows NOTHING about curves. Fake fake fake. She looks horrible by the way. A stick figure boney skeletor. She so skinny she look unhealthy. near death

natie on


L on

Her dresses looked gorgeous. Jennifer Hudson wore one of her dresses and it looked amazing on her. It could have been before Jennifer was doing Weight Watchers too. Im not sure.

Kim on

Amusing to hear a walking stick talk about a womans curves…

Lu on

I think she is a great fashion designer. Her dresses look amazing.

Nikki on

Victoria now has the backing of most of the fashion world behind her, so NOW is the time to embrace a womans curves and do dresses that a normal woman can wear, and wear well, she will get alot more respect for challenging the fashion industry and actually getting results………after all it is us the customers that make these fashion designers what they are today!!!

Chichi on

How are all these ignorant comments about Victoria Beckham’s small size any different from those who make rude comment about overweight women? They’re not. Stop judging a book by it’s cover.

size 0 on

I myself am a size 0, I eat healthy and exercise do treat myself to McDonalds with my 3 children. It’s very unfair to judge her unless you’ve been in her shoes. I’ve given up the gym because of the stares & whispers about my size and the rumors of an eating disorder. OH PLEASE!!! I could probably out eat any one of you and then run circles around the bunch. Tiny doesn’t mean unhealthy or an eating disorder. Quit hating, it makes you sound so petty!

me on

Wasn’t it not that long ago that Victoria was critisizing the industry fpor using ‘curvier’ models?

Graham on

Ok, so by “curves” do you mean she should have big implants, or just be obese and round like most North Americans. Being THIN is something one should strive for, not being “fat and happy with their body”. She is probably very healthy, at least more so than all the size 18’s who are ranting and raving about her being ‘anorexic’.

Dana on

I think the people are a little to critical of Victoria. She looks healthy and I am sure that she works hard keep her body in shape and not become a fat blob like so many other people in this world. She has said it herself that she is insecure with her body and wishes she had more curves, but everyone is built differently so lets not be jealous haters people!!! :)

carmen on

It sounds like too many women commenting are insecure about being overweight and bashing VB about her thin figure. I’m sure all the hate will translate into buzz as it usually does in the celeb arena!

Denise on

I think she is gorgeous. What a rocking hubby she has and her three yound men are going to be lady killers as well.

Way to go Victoria. Keep up the great work. You are very blessed.

izzz on

VB is what? i still like her. Love her dress it’s so gorgeous!!

Leslie on

Hi, When the word curves I think of my body and curves too (I got a lot now). Now when Victoria Beckham is saying it I’m like why you saying that you skinny and pretty too and don’t have a curve in your body at all (the other people in this article don’t have a curve at all expect Drew Barrymore she got some curves). Plus these famous people got to think not ever body can afford or able to wear your designer clothes at all. Plus the average lady in American is a size 12 so why make clothes for the average lady and plus size ladies too. I wear a size 18 and very proud of that. If I was a famous person I would make clothes that ever body can wear and afford too and also make it for petite ladies too (I’m short lady too).

EzE on

What would this beanpole know about curves?? For the record, I AM NOT overweight in the slightest, but I do know the difference between thin, and unhealthy, and lets face it, this woman looks ILL. Once upon a time she had a beautiful face, until the bones beneath it began to show! Please someone feed her a sandwich!

Nettie on

“I want to celebrate a woman’s curves, though you’re right, I don’t have that many myself,” she says.
Some of you are in such a hurry to criticize her, you missed what she said.

Laura on

I get really tired of every women wanting to be thin & emulate what they see & then the 1st opportunity you get you cut each other up.

Did you ever think that just as some women can’t lose wait, others can’t gain weight.

I truly don’t understand why it is not ok to call someone out when they are fat – but each of you cut up the ‘skinny’ girl!

Get over it ladies its’ called jealously!!!

Link Time!!! | The Parsons Dropout on

[…] Victoria Beckham wants to celebrate a woman’s curves – People […]

Alicia on

The woman is too thin & all you have to do is look at her Spice Girl days to see her natural weight so anyone offended by mine & other opinions that she’s one to talk, let us air ours as you air yours.
I actually think her desings are amazing so nope not hating either.

TooCoolJuul on

I agree with drgnldy14…Victoria Beckham and curves in the same sentence?? OXYMORON!!!! She wouldn’t know curves if they hit her in the face! Please stick to something you know…..oh wait…that would be NOTHING!

For the rest, then there’s her huge alien-shaped head on her stick figure…enough of her already…have another baby for cry’n out loud and fade into the woodwork!

Sarah on

SERIOUSLY??? She must have a whole bunch of “curvy” ladies like me working for her to attempt to show her what curves are…..then she can get all the $$$ when unsuspecting women buy her stuff. I cannot believe Whoopi did not laugh her off the set!

Link Time!!! | You're fashion on

[…] Victoria Beckham wants to celebrate a woman’s curves – People […]

woah. on

HA! hahahahahaha is this a joke?! Skelator wants to celebrate curves. AHHh hahahahahhahahahha

Why its women against women in the world of fashion. « fashionmommy's Blog on

[…] Victoria Beckham Wants to Celebrate a Woman’s Curves ( […]

Victoria Beckham Wants to Celebrate a Woman’s Curves | Top Hollywood Celebrities-News and Gossip!! on

[…] Victoria Beckham Wants to Celebrate a Woman’s Curves Posted By: Victoria Beckham W&#1072&#1495t&#1109 t&#959 Celebrate a Woman’s Curves ABC H&#1072&#1109 Victoria Beckham finally arrived &#1072&#1109 a designer? C&#1077rt&#1072&#1110&#1495&#406&#1091 sounds &#406&#1110k&#1077 &#1110t! T&#1211&#1077 star visited T&#1211&#1077 View &#959&#1495 Friday, &#1112&#965&#1109t &#1110&#1495 time t&#959 relive t&#1211&#1077 glory &#959f &#1211&#1077r Fashion Week. “It’s b&#1077&#1077&#1495 a real whirlwind. I’m &#1110&#1495 m&#1091 fifth season &#1072&#1495&#1281 &#1112&#965&#1109t &#1109&#1211&#959w&#1077&#1281 m&#1091 fifth collection during Fashion Week &#1072&#1495&#1281 &#1110t w&#1072&#1109 a &#1211&#965&#609&#1077 […] Read more &#959&#1495 People Magazine […]

rychecat on

victoria should gain some weight. we curvey women can dress ourselves

beccyloo on

Please – the woman has fake boobs, fake nails, fake hair and a fake personality and she feels she has the presence to sit and talk about women with curves – please go find a meal girl and stop starving yourself in front of those kids then tell us you want to celebrate women and their curves – you need to get a life instead of a mirror.

Victoria Beckham on Designing: ‘This Isn’t Just About a Celebrity Line’ « Boys T Shirt « Celebrity News on

[…] fashion her “passion,” Beckham says she strives to make women “feel empowered, feel beautiful and feel confident” in her clothes. […]

Victoria Beckham on Designing: ‘This Isn’t Just About a Celebrity Line’ « Heptanews * Entertainment * Politics * Opinions * U.S. * Technology * Health * Leisure * World * Sports on

[…] fashion her “passion,” Beckham says she strives to make women “feel empowered, feel beautiful and feel confident” in her clothes. “I’ve […]

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