VIDEO: Madonna Dishes on Blogger Daughter Lourdes' Material Girl Style

06/30/2010 at 12:40 PM ET

Ask Madonna for fashion advice, and she just might refer you to her 13-year-old, Lourdes Leon (aka “Lola”), who, according to her mother, is “much more fashion-forward and savvy than I am at this point.” Now the teenager and fashion-lover is sharing her natural style acumen as a blogger, posting her first musings yesterday on, the site for the juniors clothing line that the mother-daughter duo are designing together. “I am totally obsessivo about 80’s shorts,” writes Lola. “You know the kind that makes your butt look kinda big, with a grunge-looking shirt tucked in.” And the tweenager has certainly put her stamp on Material Girl’s debut collection, which includes ’80s-inspired pieces like a sleeveless biker vest, plaid shirts, floral miniskirts, and high-waist shorts–all meant to be layered and mixed together. To read Lola’s blog and for more on the Material Girl Collection–which launches August 3 exclusively at Macy’s–visit Tell us: What do you think of Lourdes Leon’s new blog? –Marissa Patlingrao Cooley

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Jade Brown on

i ♥ her blog! im 14 and shes 13 and we are just like the sammmeeee person! shes so funny and so fashion orianted. its great to see a girl my age living out her dream already! JEALOUSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

CV on

I really wished Madonna would keep her kids out of the spotlight and let them achieve success on their own.

Jan on

GET OVER URSELF! What’s wrong with Madonna designing clothes with her daughter? R U 4REAL?

nina on

my 13-yr old could do the same thing. But she didn’t grow up with the wealth and opportunity afforded to “Lola”.

M on


Jealous much? Spiteful?

Grow up. Quit whining about your circumstances and make the best of what you have instead of griping about celebrity privilege.

Lori on

My thoughts exactly Nina!! A lot of girls her age are fashion orientated, but they don’t have the oppurtunities this girl has had. Seriously, there is nothing special about this Lola girl.

Pam on

Thank goodness Madonna was not speaking in her fake British accent during the interview.



Esme on

Lori, there must be something ‘special’ about you to use the word ‘orientated’ as an adult (not to mention that you think it’s fine to speak so negatively about a thirteen-year-old girl). Yeah, the word you were looking for is ‘oriented’ — what you used ISN’T A WORD, FOOL!

diane on

Just another celeb trying to make more money off an idea that is not their own.

Elena on

Every child is special in his/her own unique way. Lola is probably a very special girl. She is definitely special to her mama, big star or not! As a parent your work is to uphold your own kid’s spirit. Can you blame Madonna for doing just that? Saying spiteful things about someone else’s fortune only degrades your own children and you… it separates you and your kids from success instantly. Do you really care to do that? My guess and my hope is that you love your kids. While Lola may have an amazing style, you may want to focus on your own kid and celebrate his/her own style, talents, their unique being. Throw your TV out of the window while you are at it! No kid should be stripped of love and appreciation. It doesn’t matter whether your mama is a celebrity or not! :-)

Carrie on

Esme – Orientated is in the Webster’s dictionary, an alternate of oriented. So not nice to call someone a fool!

nacho on

I agree with several comments, there is nothing extra special about Lola other than her mother is Madonna and she has been afforded the luxury and opportunity to move forward with her fashion. I think most 13 year olds love to draw and come up with their own fashion styles and fashion sense, however, not all 13 year old have millions behind them in their mother’s name… no jealousy or hating involved.. just the truth, it’s as simple as that, she was born with a golden spoon in her mouth and will become rich from that and that alone.

Italian girl on

Now we have to endure that little brat, obviosely her mother will push her career as much as she can.

Lisa on

Esme,you are the fool. Before you criticize, you should check to see if orientated is in the dictionary…which it is. Orientated is the preferred word in general British parlance (uh…that means speech). Oriented is prevalent in technical use, and in the US. What a dweeb!

Jessica on

you go girl!!!! there is nothing wrong with a 13 yr old having a blog about fashion…as madonna said herself her daughter is more fashion oriented than her….so all you adults handing out negativity, GET OVER YOURSELVES….all girls need to make their own clothes is a sewing machine and material….and trust me those don’t cost a lot

Lori on

Jessica, it is not about the cost of material or a sewing machine (which I assure you some people still can’t afford) but the fact that her little blog is being pushed by people magazine and she has been afforded the oppurtunity to go to many prestigious events and meet many prestigious people.
Also, in the sense that she is not special, she is no child prodigy in the fashion world, she is an ordainary girl dressing however she wants to dress. Which most 13 year olds do. I’m sure a lit of them have blogs too. So yes, in my eyes, she is not special.

ellen on

Give the kid a break. You can’t pick your parents but having one who is loaded doesn’t hurt if you want to design clothes or anything else. remember Madonna didn’t have anything before she started working hard so she’s done what anyone who has a dream and determination,she went out there and EARNED it. So a little slack here people.

Esme on

Nope. Lori’s use of ‘orientated’ is WRONG. It’s not a verb or an adverb and to use it that way is incorrect. Go back to your dictionary, Lisa, and read the WHOLE ENTRY. You and Lori can incorrectly use ‘orientated’ to your heart’s content. Enjoy.

Angelia Baker on

Madonna’s support of Lola’s creative talent is amazing!Lola’s passion for fashion is great..She is an inspiration for all teenage girls who share her flair for style and fashion. I wish her much success and happiness doing what she loves..

Mark on

Not particularly a Madonna fan here. But, the jealousy that spews forth from many of these comments is unbelievable. Some of us pursue our education and/or our careers and are successful. Others do not. Those who are successful as the result of their efforts are able to provide more for their children than those who are not. If you are jealous of those who have more (and, are, as a result, able to do more for their children) focus on improving yourself rather than spewing your jealous venom on others. I assure you that those who have achieved success are not affected by your jealousy and self-loathing. =)

kathy on

I realize she may have been able to do more than the average kid her age because of who her mom is BUT come on!! Are you honestly saying she should never be allowed to achieve anything without all the negative comments surrounding it?? Good for her and if her mom’s name helped her, so be it. I always hope the best for my daughter and regardless if I have the money or not to assist her in doing this, it doesn’t matter as long as she’s happy and achieved her goals with my MORAL support!

Lizzie on

Hey LuLu, anyone could “design” this piece of whatever it’s called IF they had all the $$$$$$$$$ that you have at your disposal!! LuLu you ARE waaaaay to full of yourself, as IS your
OLE HAG mama!!!!!!!!11

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paul on

Madonna is teaching her daughter (at a young age) that hard work and displine will pay off (much like Madonna’s father taugh her. Lola clearly has an advantage because who her mother is. But I think Lola is far more well rounded (and smarter)that Paris Hilton or Snooki. My niece began drawing and sketching outfits about the same age, but Lola can watch her dreams and sketches come to life. Good for her.

Madonna Talks About Reining In Daughter Lourdes’ Style on

[…] is, ‘She’s dressed completely inappropriately for school,’ ” Madonna told People in a video interview. “I usually tell her to take off her 3-inch or 6-inch platforms and pull […]

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[…] is, ‘She’s dressed completely inappropriately for school,’ ” Madonna told People in a video interview. “I usually tell her to take off her 3-inch or 6-inch platforms and pull […]


[…] mom — who worked with her on the juniors clothing line — told that the tween is “much more fashion-forward and savvy than I am at this […]

Luanne on

I LOVE that Madonna is supporting her daughter and encouraging her to follow her dreams. Madonna has said that she will support whatever goals Lola wants to accomplish as long as she works hard and takes it seriously. Lola, besides designing, is a gymnast, ballerina, pianist, and speaks three languages. Her mom, like any mom, is proud of her and is encouraging her to have a great work ethic. I find it disappointing so many ADULTS would act like immature children. If your child is talented, support him/her, encourage him/her rather than putting down other children who are doing great things. Madonna came from nothing and achieved what seemed the unachievable. If she’s encouraging her own children to work hard and pursue their dreams like she did, I see no fault in that.

If you see more of the items featured, Lola came up with some really nice pieces. I wish her the best of luck. I would much rather see other young girls seeing other girls like Lola who are in school and working hard, rather than those with wealth and status who are doing nothing but partying and spending their parents money.

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[…] mom — who worked with her on the juniors clothing line — told that the tween is “much more fashion-forward and savvy than I am at this […]

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