FIRST LOOK: Katie Holmes Channels Jackie Kennedy in New Role

06/29/2010 at 02:00 PM ET

Todd G/Splash News Online

The baby bump Katie Holmes showed off on Monday was not in fact a sibling for Suri, but part of a costume for her role as Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy in the History Channel’s upcoming miniseries, The Kennedys. Coiffed in the famously chic first lady’s signature Camelot-era bouffant, the star was spotted on the Ontario, Canada set in a robin’s egg-blue shift, paired with pearls, a rhinestone circle pin–and a prosthetic belly–evoking Jackie’s classic polished look, even while in maternity clothes. Holmes, a trendsetter in her own right as well as a burgeoning designer, will no doubt feel right at home playing dress up as one of America’s seminal fashion plates. Tell us: Are you excited to see Katie as Jackie O? –Marissa Patlingrao Cooley

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Chelsea on

I shiver to think what her Jackie accent will sound like.

Jon on

That’s a nice sneak peek of Katie Holmes as Jackie Kennedy, and I am so excited to see Katie as Jackie O!

Krystal on

She looks great! I know she will be awesome, can’t wait to see it.

S. on

Ugh! What next? Getting Justin Bieber to play Jack????

JE on

An absolute talentless hack. No interest in watching this mess of a movie.

karen on

Katie is horrible in everything, including her life. She should go away and hide in all her houses with Cruise. What a mistake to put her in this role, she looks silly – like a girl playing dress-up badly. She has no class.


Does anyone REALLY care ??

NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Becky on

I just don’t see it. She is not a good actress and she didn’t get the role on her looks, how did she get it? I still think Anne Hathaway would be perfect.

Leelee on

Wow, some of you people are just outright catty you know whats! Jealous much? Im sure she really cares how you feel about her. Keep being spiteful, while she laughs all the way to the bank. Im sure she will do fine, she looks great!

STFU Karen on

Karen you’re comment was less than classy as well. Grow up kiddo. Man I hate when school lets out, all the punks get bored and get online to instigate.

“Katie is horrible in everything, including her life. She should go away and hide in all her houses with Cruise. What a mistake to put her in this role, she looks silly – like a girl playing dress-up badly. She has no class.

– karen on June 29th, 2010”

Tee on

Disappointed they picked Katie for the role…

Belinda on

I don’t know about this. I’ll probably watch at least the first episode and decide from there.

Jamie on

I am amazed by some of the heartless comments here. Really, are you that judgemental or are you all just so jealous that you have to resort to name calling. Sad really if you think about! I think Katie looks ALOT like Jackie-O I just hope she gives a performance worthy of Jackie-O. Good Luck Katie, You look GREAT!!!

Choyce2020 on

Katie Holmes is a sweet gal but she just doesn’t have enough “acting ability or training” to play the role for our former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy. I wonder how she obtained this part? Did Tom Cruise buy it for her? I wouldn’t be surprised; he likes to keep her “under his close watch.” Katie is definitely the WRONG CHOICE for this role!!!

Oh Man on

I don’t see it either. The baby bump looks completely fake in this picture (could just be a really bad angle), but I just don’t see Katie Holmes in this role. Nothing against her, I just can’t see it

Beth on

Not to be catty, but, Jackie Kennedy was a classicly beautiful woman… Katie is not. She’ll never get the accent right either.

Heather on

Very disappointed that she is playing Jackie. Not a big fan.

megan on

doesnt look anything like her, at all!!!!

Anne on

….Come on! There are so many talented actresses that might be able to pull this off. Going off Katie’s past performances, I doubt she’s one of them. She’ll always be the chick from Dawson’s Creek. Just like Jen Aniston plays Rachel in 90% of her films. Blah!

Sharon on

Hmmm. I wonder how this choice was made. Katie doesn’t seem like an obvious fit for this part. Perhaps she’ll make it work, but the gravitas of the person she’s playing is out of scale with everything/anything else she’s ever done.

But, hmmm. We shall see.

Leelee on

I love how so many of you people feel you know not only Katie, but Jackie-O enough to make all these conclusions about their lives. Get over yourselves!

Ally on

Why Katie Holmes?!?!?.. she doesn’t have any qualities that Jackie O possessed it is a HUGE disappointment?? From all the choices of amazing actresses who has what it takes to play such a beautiful lady, they chose someone that can’t even act.. Maybe Tom made it happen…
I hope she transforms herself for this role…

Jenn on

I can’t wait to see this! Katie is beautiful and I think this is a wonderful op for her to be able to spread her wings and show us what she can do!

Monica on

I am with Becky I think Anne Hathaway would have been amazing at this role, as far as Katie I personally could care less don’t have anything bad to say however I just don’t see her as Jackie!

Marie on

wow, what a bunch of negative people. Have some class. Katie can’t of harmed you in any way to hate her.

First Lady on

Katie is very pretty, but she does not look like Mrs. Kennedy at all. I agree this was bad casting. I thought Jeanne Tripplehorn made a much better Jackie in Gray Gardens.

Ally on

I am not being negative, catty or do I hate Katie Holmes this is just my humble opinion.. Jackie Kennedy was so unique in so many ways, her memory and the remake of her life needs to justify the life she lived and what she stood for, I just don’t think Katie has what it takes – look at her eyes… her eyes have no life, no sparkle, no fire…. and agree that Anne Hathaway would have been perfect – she has that quality!!!

Jane on

I just don’t think she is right for this role.

Chels on

All of the people slamming her….Seriously give her a little credit. Its just a picture. She could be really good. I think she looks similar to jackie o.

Jane on

It’s comical how some of you define classy. Those of you claiming Katie has no class are acting pretty classless yourselves. Instead of picking her apart maybe you should take a long hard look in the mirror. I think she’ll do fine. Then all of you “classy” ladies can eat your words.

phil on


Elda on

OH MY Gosh!! she’s perfect for the part!

Hilary on

I think she will make a fantastic Jackie O, you go Katie, can’t wait to see the movie.

Judy on

Katie Holmes a trend setter??? I think NOT. Every picture I see of her she looks like a bag lady.

Lucifer on

She looks like her, but thats about it. Katie Holmes can’t act. She’ll ultimately ruin the movie when she opens her mouth and starts ‘acting’.

Kay MacAllister on

I think Katie is a class act. If you took the time to see, really see her work and not judge her…she’s a beautiful lady with a happy full life..let’s all look for the good in others.

Noneya on

Why don’t you haters get a life instead of picking on everyone else! Katie isn’t “seasoned” enough for you to make snap judgements about her acting skills – she could do just fine! If not – hey – at least she gave it a try! Let’s see you try it!!

diane on

Since when did Katie become a trendsetter? I also do not think she is a good choice for playing Jackie. Very few people followed Katie’s career after Dawson’s Creek until she married Tom.

Toren on

UMMMM… re of pic…she has A CELL PHONE 2 HER EAR…in 1960 SUMTHIN! WHATEVA….anyone feelin me here? DANG.

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Toren on

is there nobody else in this world concerned with the ACTUAL FACTS when it comes to our history? WTF!!!

rachel on

I think that she looks more like Angelina Jolie than Jackie-0 I think that they should have used a no-name for the part. I’m not jealous or mean just saying.

Sarah on

@ Toren… get a clue sweety. The picture wasn’t taken while she was FILMING. It was taken while she was on the set. It was probably during a break and she took a phone call. Use your brain… if you have one.

Karly on

She may look the part, but I am afraid I’m nervous to see how her portrayal of Jackie comes across in her acting skills.

gmama on

This girl can not act, sing, or dance. She would have been back in Toledo a long time ago if she wasn’t married to Tom Cruise!

Jenn on

I find it hard to see her playing Jackie. I have seen Katie’s movies before and she comes off a immature on screen.

Debra Evans on

Oh.. the History Channel…She can’t act and has no film presence. Spare me and save some money. Why do we care?

Tee on

She is cute and lives a nice scandal-free life, but not exactly a great actress. But it’s really not a big deal, it’s the history channel. Hopefully she has a good time with it!

C on

It’s obvious that she was cast for the part just because it would generate a lot of publicity. She’s just a very mediocre actress, but I still want to see the mini-series.

Ana on

Shocked that Katie Holmes has been cast in this role….she doesn’t look like Jackie O, she has a completely different body type, and does not carry herself as Jackie did. This would be difficult to watch.

Joanne on

I was disappointed that Katie got the part. Jackie was one class act and I can’t see Katie filling her shoes. And Jackie was beautiful and classy and Katie is not. And Katie can’t act. I sure wonder what the qualifications for getting the part were.

Lesley on

She’s actually in Toronto ( not sure why People can’t put a more direct location) and I think she’s stunning.

Diane on

I am a huge Jackie fan..however, I don’t think I will be watching this movie.

Courtney on

this was bad casting there’s so many other actresses that could’ve played this better than Katie is going to she’ll never get Jackie’s thick New york tinged with french accent correct granted Jackie also studied in france for two years so she actually spoke french fluently something Ms Holmes never did nor will in that picture though Katie looks like she’s Chaneling Jackie while she was pregnant with her and president Kennedy’s youngest son Patrick who was born prematurely and died of a lung infection a day and a half later in August 1963 so out of five pregnancies she and JFK only had two children right her first tow pregnancies had ended in a miscarriage and a Still-born daughter Arribella then came Caroline in November 1957 and John Jr Premature in November of 1960 who passed away in 1999

KK on

She looks great! Let’s be honest, she is much prettier than the actual Jackie was. And Katie has a cuter voice. I’m
sure she will make Jackie O and her family proud. Good luck Kate as her hubby calls her.

Andi on

Ugh I wish she’d stand up straight!

Grace on

Definitely not excited. She could maybe pull off a look, but in no way a wholly transformative look a la Nicole Kidman as Virginia Wolf or Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan… I always assume some actors are unable to transform fully because they take themselves a little too serious and are unable to let go completely of who they are as people. She doesn’t look that bad, but OH I have zero faith she will have neither the voice or accent down. They could have found someone better, for sure, it’s such an iconic role after all…

Sharon on

She had more role since she marry tom..And Tom ??his latest movie suck..haven’t make a good movie for years..he is a hot shot actor

LuAnn on

Blair Brown played Jackie best!!

Angela on

She is like an Amazon compared to Jackie O! How in the world did she get the part?

KK on

Wow, give the actress a fair chance!
First of all, to those commenting about posture, cell phone etc. SHE IS ON A RELAXED BREAK in this photo and not shooting!!! lol. Katie is very thin and not curvy, which was the body type. And I’m confident she can pull off Jackie’s somewhat affected sounding accent. Katie was successful in her own right and respected as an actress before she married Tom Cruise. I admire her for going back to work part time and doing what she loves even though she clearly doesn’t need to.

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vicchy on

Personally, I think Katie Holmes will suit the part of Jackie Kennedy well. She has a similar frame, a soft spoken voice and probably won’t have to do a lot of acting. Why bad mouth someone who has the opportunity to play such an interesting person. And who cares how she got the role. It’s funny how many people would criticize her if she were to do nothing with her career since her marriage to Tom Cruise. That she is exericising her options to maintain an acting career is rather admirable I think! I don’t personally care for her husband, so I’m rooting for her to make her own way without his overbearing personality stopping her.

Jackie O Fan on

Seriously, Katie Holmes is not a great actress. Why she got this part – hmmm let me guess — being Mrs. Tom Cruise. She is a character actress with very limited acting abilities.
Her performance in So You Think You Cab Dance was an insult to Judy Garland. So this too will be an insult.
Katie Holmes is better off doing a TV series than trying to expand her career. If she was not married to Tom Cruise would she have been considered – I think not!

Jane Soulee on

Absolutely the wrong choice! Hasn’t anyone noticed the amazing similarity of Mariska Hargitay to Jackie Kennedy? I was in college during the Kennedy years and totally revered Jackie and her quiet elegance. Every time I watch Mariska on Law and Order, I am reminded of the remarkable resemblance…looks and demeanor. Katie Holmes playing Jackie is an insult to a true icon!!!

Bippy on

I think she will do a greta job..She’s a beautiful lady, so give her a chance..

Debbie on

I have nothing against Katie but she looks nothing like Jackie!

Susie on

the funny thing here is if people say she should go away, or who cares, then why are you even reading or writing a comment. Obviously if you’re on this site then you’re interested. any why would anyone hate this girl? she’s quiet, she’s not a homewrecker, what has she possibly done to have people hate her? I find this all really bizarre.

Jan on

I really don’t have much faith in Katie as Jackie. Katie doesn’t look like her, is not built like her, she can’t act to save her life, and I feel it is a HUGE casting mistake. I will say that I will watch a little part (the beginning) out of a morbid curiosity, but I predict a train wreck. Ann Hathaway would have been a MUCH better choice. She has spark and is expressive, and is built more like Jackie. Oh…and Ann can actually ACT.

Kate Ford on

Katie immediately makes Jakie appear unkempt. The posture abyssal.

A horrid choice to play a Bouvier.

The crew isn’t helping.

The hair is a mess. The make-up wrong.
The dress badly cut and too long.

Jill on

Horrible choice. There are so many other actors that would be able to capture the grace and poise of Jackie.

Leelee on

@Kate Ford
How can you even tell where the dress ends to gripe about the length?!?! Oh please, go call the director stat! Im sure they wil be GREATFUL for your VAST knowledge of costume design and period clothing! You should have been in charge of the set! I wonder why you werent picked, hmmm.

PattyeMc on

I always have the feeling she gets these acting gigs more for being Cruise’s wife than for any particular talent she has. See that dance spot she did, the recreation of a Judy Garland set? Really, please stop shoving this gal down our throats. If she had the talent we’d be demanding more of her, not putting up with her.

Cole on

I think she looks beautiful! Whoever made the comment about school letting out is so right. I feel like I’ve been reading a bunch of letters from angry highschoolers…maybe middle school. So sad, what has she ever done to deserve such pure hatred. I’m sure she will do Jackie O justice.

pditty on

Duh, haven’t you ever seen the girl in her Jackie O glasses. Look at her hair the way she’s been wearing it. I think she truely thinks she’s Jackie O and some kind of royality. Look at the nut case she’s married too.

What a waste of good looks on both their parts!!

Chris on

Why is it that when people say no, they are not excited and don’t think Holmes will do a good job–that was the question that People posed–that others call them haters and accuse them of being jealous?

There are many talented actresses of whom I could be jealous. Katie Holmes–not so much.

I agree with the poster who said Anne Hathaway would have been a good choice.

Katherine on

She definitely does not pull it off! She does not have that sophisticated WOW factor that Jackie had.

Diane on

Those of us who say Katie is all wrong for the role of Jackie O are talking about her ACTING. She seems to be very sweet and appears to adore her daughter-but Jackie O she ain’t. Katie doesn’t have the ability to be anything except herself or Joey. I mean did you SEE her in Batman?

Jan on

Yes, Diane I saw her in Batman, thank God I was home where it was free on TV and I could change the channel.

Lisa on

I’m hoping that this role will actually require Katie to act. Then we’ll see if she can. As for her being described as a trendsetter? How do you figure that? She always looks like she got dressed in the dark, didn’t brush her hair, and wears some of the most ridiculous outfits people have ever seen.

PLand on

She is a horrible actress. I will not be seeing this movie.

Debra B. on

I won’t bash katie and I don’t have anything bad to say about her, but I do agree with some others here thinking that she may not be the perfect actress to play Jackie. I think whoever made her up as Jackie did a pretty good job though.

H on

She may be a nice person, but she’s a horrible actress and looks nothing like Jackie O. If people are so offended by the fact that some of us don’t agree, don’t read the comments.

Maritza on

She’ll be great as Jackie Kennedy, she is a good actress, can’t wait to see this movie. Go Katie!

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Heidi on

Not really!!!

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saraeliorah on

I believe Greg Kinnear plays John F. Kennedy with Katie Holmes playing Jacqueline Kennedy in this latest miniseries based on the Kennedys’ lives which we all know so much already that it will not be anything new. Katie and Greg played together as a doomed couple in “The Gift”, a 2000 murder mystery movie made with Cate Blanchett and Keanu Reeves that was very good. Maybe the producers got the idea of casting them together as the Kennedys from that movie. Anyway, I hope Mrs. Cruise got this job based on her own abilities and not that she is Tom’s wife. Tom Cruise is SO OVER in my house. It is going to have to be some earth shattering, unbelieveable role for this family to ever go back to the movies for Mr. Cruise.

peebomar on

I won’t comment on Katie’s personal life because logically, I don’t know her (none of us do). But as an actress, she certainly does not have the professional chops to pull this off. She is deadpan and has no charisma, and she mumbles, and there is never any annimation to her face one way or another. The beauty of Jackie, whether you like her or not, is that she carried herself regally, and had a lot of sparkle and was very demure. Katie can not do this. It isn’t in her.

Shar on

I think this choice was made because of her resemblemce to Jackie Kennedy. I cant comment on her acting ability cause I have really never seen her in anything – but it seems she all but gave up that career after she married Tom. I hope she can pull it off for her sake cause her husband’s news movie just tanked and I would hate to xsee her go through that too. I wish her luck.

jessica on

@beckie. oo I agree I think ann hathaway would be better in this role. I lost respect for katie when she married that weirdo(in a cult) husband of hers.I think a better,more classy actress could have been chosen.

D on

So much negativity here! I’m sure all those who posted these comments, could do SO much better than KH could. NOT!!!

Joyce on

I can’t believe some of the dumb comments I’m reading. Katie has more class and talent than all of you whiners put together. She’ll be great in the role of Jackie. I don’t normally watch the history channel but I’ll watch for this one.

Kim on

I can’t say whether Katie will be good or bad at her role, until I watch it for myself. Good luck to Katie in her role as Jackie.

Liane on

Katie doesn’t have enough life experience to play the sophisticated Jackie Bouvier Kennedy. And too all-american. Marion Cotillard would play her well. Jackie loved her French background.

Cynthia on


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Jenn Black on

I liked when Jacqueline Smith played Jackie O. It’s hard to imagine anybody topping that.

bellagatta on

Katie is definitely a poor CHOICE for this role! Katie is too tall to play Jackie and not a great actress.

I like her as a person but never was a fan. Her personal life I could care less… but her daughter is very cute.

Mims on

Katie Holmes wouldn’t make a good pimple on Jackie’s butt. How dare she even think for a second that she is in the same class as Jackie.

Carla on

I’ve been a Katie fan since she was on Dawson’s Creek, and to be honest, I never would have pegged her for this role either. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie.

Tammy on

I think the Actress who fits the Role as Jackie O is Either Anne Hathaway or Keira Knightley.

bellagatta on

Look at her arms..and she is too tall. Jackie lived life to the fullest, I cannot for the life of me see Katie as Jackie.

Now a days people mistake class with money…it’s culture, mannerism and an upbringing that you are born with. Along with an education,

Sorry but Katie does not have it and money cannot buy it! I am sure Katie is a good person but not for the role of the most famous first LADY!

lori on

Katie does not have the lurking power, charisma and poise that Jackie had. Nor does she have that “fey” quality JFK said she had. And if you weren’t raised high-class it’s pretty hard to fake it. Katie can’t come close. I’d say too, that Jackie looked like a grown woman but Katie looks like a teenager. Katie can “pose” all she wants because there is a slight resemblance. But they ALL should have known it would be useless, because there was and always will be only ONE Jackie.

lori on

I’m laughing.!!! some people think ANNE HATHAWAY or that vinegar-face Keira Knightly should play Jackie !!!? Oh, too funny. Anne looks like a rodent {a mouse in fact}, and Keira is a stick and neither one of them could pull of the WOMAN that Jackie was.

spiderweb on

Really think she is not appropriate for role.

twg on

Yuck…she is not Jackie!!!!

She had her run on Dawson’s Creek and is not capable of much more.

Barbara Leger on

Yes, I can’t wait! I love anything Jackie and am somewhat of a collector of her memorabilia. I’ll be interested in seeing Katie’s spin on her. A great opportunity for her. When will it be shown?

Bob Jerkoffia on

You’re all a bunch of losers for even commenting on this bull s h i t web site! If you’re a guy and commenting on this, its even worse! If you haven’t come out of the closet yet, get with it buster because you’re GAY!

Sue on

No one could portray jackie O. These movies are usually a bunch of BS and very shallow.




Madeline on

I don’t think she’ll pull it off. I really don’t think she can act as good as everyone thinks. Just because she is connected to Tom Cruise doesn’t mean she can act.
We’ll see.
I’d really rather see ssomeone else playing Jackie O.

lgreen on

WHY does anyone think Jackie O was so great! Her biggest accomplishment was putting up with a cheating husband. If this makes one great then half the married women in America should be honored.

Deborah on

I like Katie but the Kennedys are so over done~~

Kristi on

I agree with Becky, Anne Hathaway all the way! She is so much more gifted than Katie could ever hope to be!

Kele on

She’s actually incredibly talented. If anyone has ever seen Pieces of April or Abandon, they’ll know that she’s up to the challenge.

amam on

Sorry to say but Katie Holms is a B class actress. Tom Cruise thought he was getting another piece of clay to mold like his Nicole. Katie is not of the same class of acting talent AT ALL. Stick with stage. I prefer to remember Jackie as the class act she was, not a cheap impression.

Jackie O on


Martin on

I can’t imagine Katie Holmes trying to play Jackie Kennedy. She can’t possibly pull this off.

jk byrd on

Hasn’t enough JFK/Jackie O movies been done? Waste of film.

Caroline on

I think Katie Holmes is fitted for the role. I just wish people would stop putting her down just because she’s married to Tom Cruise. Give the lady a break. After all, unlike most movie stars, she’s so down-to-earth and a wonderful hands-on mother.

Bib on

Katie Holmes just can’t act. To do this is an insult to the memory of Jackie Kennedy.Katie looks sad all the time or is she a very cold person! Just wondering?

Tammy on

Are you kidding? She looks nothing like her. Has none of her grace. Elaine had more grace.

lulu on

She looks NOTHING like Jackie O in the face, she just looks like a sulky Katie Holmes. What a mistake to portray a classy, wonderful, chic woman with a boring chick who is famous for nothing more than marrying Tom Cruise.

ohgeez on

I had to click on the link to see it for myself. I find it hilarious that Ms. Holmes is seen as a “stylish” person. She always comes across as silly and rude. Now, Gwenyth Paltrow – there’s a stylish and classy lady.

Mary on

I’m really excited for this miniseries. Sounds very interesting. I haven’t actually seen Katie Holmes in anything since Dawson’s Creek, so I’m interested to see how she will do. I hope for the best for this miniseries.

daxx on

Why is this news? I don’t get it.

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daxx on

Is she even considered a good actress… or just coattail popular because of cult-zombie err… I mean Tom what-his-face husband?

daxx on

I can’t wait to see this disaster movie.

Michele Stevens on

I like Katie Holmes but I have a hard time seeing her as Jackie O. I think that she is too baby-faced to be believable.

Katie on

i”m sorry…

Katie on

i am so sorry… you should not be in the magazines nor acting on screen… can’t stand seeing you! You are such a fake!

Billy on

I got two words for you Jeanne Tripplehorn.
nuff said.

Katie on

YOU ARE A FAKE…. You are NOT Yourself and Faking everything !!!!

One day, you will realize who your real friends are, someday.

Sorry, I don’t believe you…

a friend

Kim on


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elizabeth champley on

Katie Holmes as Jackie Kennedy? Limited talent, limited class NO WAY!!!!

John Simpson on

If you watch the short clips of Jacki O I don’t know where everyone thinks this lady was so classy. Katie fits right in to this role because both are a little air headed. I like Katie…I never admired Jackie the way some do but respected what she had to go through with her cheating husband. Katie will do fine and I’m cheering for her. Some people just don’t have enough to do on the internet. Good luck Katie!

Annie K on

Wow – some of the comments are so intense!

I wouldn’t say she’s a Meryl Streep but to say she’s a talentless hack? go hide in your house? That is just so…..mean!

The History Channel is one of my favorite cable networks. Their documentary on China’s First Emperor was amazing.

I wonder, with such an iconic American family like the Kennedys, wouldn’t the History Channel offer the same production value as their other shows? I will definitely watch the the first episode.

Rinna on

not interested at all. sorry kate.

Katie Fan on



I mean, c’mon people; Katie can pull this off better than most actresses can… This is jealousy at it’s greatest… GO FOR IT KATIE HOLMES, you’re the best

Danielle on

Katie is not a good actress, I don’t really know how she get to be in the movies….portraying Jackie should be easy, but she has no confidence and that will ruin her acting in this picture…JACKIE WAS AN INTERESTING PERSON…. and Katie won’t be able to play her…Angeline Jolie would it be a better choice…!



oswald on

you have got to be kidding

Ari O on

I would rather see Tom Cruise as Jackie than Katie Holmes.

hamilton clark on

She needs to retire! Please Katie you just don’t have class! Please
go back to your husband. But every thinks you r using him to become famous….We r tired of seeing this bimbo in the media!
Go away!

stormie on

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but you can’t tell in this one. I’m going to watch the movie because Mrs. Cruise might shock us and get an award.

Teresa on

YOU GO Katie !! I know she’ll be great. You “Haters” out there obviously don’t know
what you’re talking about. I’ve worked with her and she’s an awesome actor…She’s going to blow you’re mind… watch it!!

Jeanne on

You have got to be kidding. Katie will never measure up as Jackie. Jackie had class. What a shame to use her as Jackie. Are there not enough actresses out there to do Jackie. I say put it on the back burner for now until someone else can be picked for that role.

Rick on

With all the good actresses out there why Katie? I know the whole Kennedy family is just rolling in the grave over this miscasting

wb on

why don’t you post my comments.

Peggy on

I am so happy to see her in this role – it’s perfect! When I see her in real life I think of Jackie O or Audrey Hepburn. She has that classic style and demeanor. She strikes me as classy, vibrant, strong willed and fun-loving just like they were.

Nikkie on

What a useless waste of money. The only reason why she got this part is because of what she is married to. And the part of “Holmes, a trendsetter in her own right as well as a burgeoning designer, will no doubt feel right at home playing dress up as one of America’s seminal fashion plates”…God forbid there is a line of clothes that has her name on it or associated with it. And don’t get me started about the spawn of her & the kook she is married to…

Janet on

I’ve always been an avid Jackie watcher and have read three different biographies on her. I’ll admit that Holmes ‘looks’ the part much more than I thought she would. However, I just don’t see her mastering Jacqueline’s essence or charm. Based on everything that I’ve seen her in, I just haven’t seen her display that level of acting talent. I’ll be delighted if I’m wrong, but I just don’t think so.

Celebrity Hair Talk : Katie Holmes as Jackie Kennedy on

[…] height=”479″ width=”550″ border=”0″ />… Posted in Hair […]

p on

Whoever passed up Rachel Weisz on this role really missed out on a great performance.Katie is not Jackie.

Carole L. on

I think Katie will do well in this role. Leave her alone, concentrate on that nutball she is married to. He has complete control of her. She is a very unhappy looking woman. I would grab the daughter and split. He is spooky!!

p on

Whoever passed up Rachel Weisz missed a great performance.Katie is no Jackie.

Kim on

What is this world coming too??? Katie Holmes should pursue singing and dancing on Broadway at which she isn’t too bad! Tom Cruise must have bought this part for her. I can only think of one actress who to date did the worst Jackie, Joanne Whaley-Kilmer!

p on

Dawsons Creek will never be East Hampton.

april on

She looks nothing like her.

Nan on

For those of you who are too young to know, she looks amazingly like Jackie Kennedy. Ahh, I remember it well, Camelot…Jack and Jackie, yeah, I’m old… with it.

Ruth on

I just don’t see Katie play Jackie O. I don’t think she has the talent of the sarfication to pull it off. She doesn’t look like her at all and don’t think she can pull of the way Jackie spoke. Jackie spoke very softly and had a wonderful charisma, which Katie doesn’t have either. I think you should look for someone with more experience and reserved and high class. Jackie had more class than anyone I’ve ever seen.

Annie on

UGH! I am a HUGE Jackie O fan! Katie Holmes’ only claim to fame is marrying Cruise (who knows why) – she is not talented and I cringe at the thought of her playing this stunning icon! There are several others actresses who have played Jackie in the past that they could’ve called on instead of Holmes! Too bad!

Apple on

I am really confused by this choice bc Katie Holms is huge in size for such woman as Jackie Kennedy

Rhonda on

I cannot think of anyone more perfect for the role! I cannot wait to watch it!!

Rhonda on

Btw, most of the people who are putting Katie down for being chosen to play Jackie O., probably do not even remember (or were even alive) when Jackie was alive!

Shame on all of you for your heartless, senseless, classless comments!! There is no better actress to play her… period.

Linda on

This sounds like the perfect Made For TV Movie…

Jane LaPierre on

I think Katie will do an amazing job portraying Jackie, I can’t wait to see it . You go girlfriend you will be great!!!

Sunny on

Both ladies share one gift….That is the ability to dazzle the public by their splendid display of beauty! I’m so happy for Katie!

Les News, 062910 « Quinnf25's Blog on

[…] First Look: Katie Holmes as Jackie Kennedy […]

Ben O. on

She’s a beautiful and talented actress and I’m sure she’ll do justice to Jackie-O.

I see a lot of bitter people posting mean spirited comments. Their lives must be very troubled and sad.

Do well Katie! I look forward to watching your performance.

elizabeth on

I heard Katy on the entertainment shows last night and she came on as very humble and honored to play JBKO in this mini series. As a fan of Jackie, I believe she will be a fantastic portrayer of this great and fascinating Lady…e

Pamela Farmer on

Not in her wildest dreams could she or anyone else in the current entertainment market begin to capture the essence that was Jackie Kennedy. I don’t know if anyone today has the grace and style she possessed. I was around during the White House years and all the years after and she was always a lady, something most people have forgotten all about these days.

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Celebrity Hair Talk : Katie Holmes as Jackie Kennedy on

[…] Uncanny… Related Ways to Take Action:   SOCIAL SECURITY CHANGES!!!  […]

Rich T on

She’ll do better than fine. She has a great supporting cast with two of the best character actors in Hollywood, Greg Kinnear and Barry Pepper. Both are exceptional with non-fictional characterizations, particularly Pepper . . . from Roger Maris in “61” to the legendary war photo-journalist Joe Galloway in “We Were Soldiers”.

Gretta on

I believe actress Kristin Davis (Charlotte York from Sex in City) would have made a polished Jackie, however Katie has those wide eyes.

weezielady on

I don’t know how many of you people were around when Jackie O was first lady. She most certainly was not a hard act to follow. She had a horrible voice which, I don’t think would be hard to copy. I’m sure Katie will be just fine. And I can’t see Greg Kinnear as Jack. BUT… since when has the movie industry ever starred anyone who actually looked like the person they were portraying. BTW
I love Greg Kinnear.

Patricia on

I think that Katie Holmes is perfect for the role of Jackie Kennedy with her beautiful dark hair and porceline skin. I’ve never seen her acting but since she has been on Broadway I’m thinking she must be good.

Jo Anne Keogh on

The thing I remember most about Jackie Kennedy was her voice. It was extraordinary. If she does not sound like Jackie Kennedy. she will be a flop. She should get voice lessons to imitate Jackie’s voice. She should be ecstatic to play the greatest first lady in America. I hope she gives it her best try.

Katie Holmes plays Jackie O! « Sunny 104.3 – Today's Hits and Yesterdays Favorites on

[…] People Magazine has the pic and the story, just click here […]

Katie Holmes trades up as Jackie O « Smooth Jazz WSJT 98.7 on

[…] The Kennedy’s: Remasteredview gallery Source […]

dub on

Ann Hathaway is way overrated

FIRST LOOK: Katie Holmes Channels Jackie Kennedy | GreatMovieClip on

[…] more on People Magazine :Channels, First, holmes, Jackie, katie, Kennedy, […]

Style News Now’s Hottest Headlines of the Week | - Indexare gratuita feed-uri RSS on

[…] -So what does Katie Holmes look like in her new role as Jackie Kennedy?READ IT […]

Sara on

please help! Stop trying to make the views kill themselves. Katie Holmes as Jackie give me a break. I’d rather go commit a violent crime then watch her on television.

Blog Lovin’ « Red Carpet Fashion Awards on

[…] Collection for Alexander McQueen @ Style.comInside Whitney Port’s Closet @ Fashion Foie GrasFIRST LOOK: Katie Holmes Channels Jackie Kennedy in New Role @ Off The RackJulia Restoin Roitfeld’s Daily Outfits @ Glam ChicMiley Cyrus Spends $24,000 on […]

mIKE on

Its style watch ,so the style is a yes ,provided they have a costume designer who can pull of the look ,Yes to that ! But the look of her is a little Puffy,which works in the prego scenes ,But she dosent have the intensity in her face or arms ,so ??? ISTHIS A MADE FOR HALLMARK channel TV Movie ?

Anita on

You have got to be kidding me-now I’ve seen everyting.

Sham on

Notice they crop the picture of Katie Holmes at the hem. Why? Uh, Jackie Kennedy was very slim and graceful. How are they going to film around Katie Holmes’s clunky legs and crooked smirked?? This is mind boggling.

Les News, 062910Play with us | Play with us on

[…] First Look: Katie Holmes as Jackie Kennedy […]

Jessica on

I saw a picture of Katie Holmes singing the national anthem at a soccer game a couple of years ago. Ever since that picture, I’ve noticed her resemblance to Jackie Kennedy – her slim build, great arms, broad shoulders, strong jawline, etc. I think she’ll do great!

Lewis on

I saw her recently in The Extra Man, and she was the weakest link in an otherwise flawless film. She is great for TV though. Wish her luck! After all, she is married to a NUT!!!!

rHinestone transfers on

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Sergio on

I can’t speak for anyone else here but I am not a fan of TC or Katie eitehr for that matter. My main issue with most of the negative comments posted here are when they are regarding an innocent baby. I AM a fan of photography and I enjoy looking at beautiful pictures no matter what or whom they are of.

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