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mythoughts on

Perhaps they should auction off ALL of those rings from the failed relationships for charities or relief efforts, i.e. the Gulf coast, Haiti, Nashville floods, etc. There are a lot of people out there suffering. Help someone in need.

mckenzie on

this break up is kinda sad, but who really cares

Jon on

That was a nice Engagement Ring, but it never really did belong on Vienna’s Fingure!

j on

Good idea,” My Thoughts” suggesting auctioning off all those rings for charity in the U.S.

Selling the rings for charity will do something positive with a failed , moronic, exploitative, phony- concept : Match-making on “reality TV”.

kathy on

the ring is BEAUTIFUL…..should not have been on her hand. it’s all for show anyway…

Carol on

Shouldn’t have been on her hand?…hahahaha, it was now wasn’t it? Should auction them off for recovery relief…definitely!

Andie on

Why should she have to give it back anyways??

Sue on

Actually, etiquette says the ring is Vienna’s to do with as she pleases. She could have kept the ring. (Unless of course ABC had her sign an agreement to return it if the relationship didn’t work out- which would have been VERY TACKY on ABC’s part) I know Jen Schefft kept the ring from Andrew Firestone. And if I recall correctly, Jen may have done exactly as has been suggested here, auctioned off her ring and used the money for charity? I’m not sure but even if she didn’t according to the rule book the ring is hers to do with as she pleases. Myself, I wish Vienna had kept the ring. The Dancing Schmuck and ABC don’t deserve it.

GaiasChild on

I am sure ABC has some kind of legal understanding about these expensive rings. It should go back to Neil Lane and we should get to know that.

Becky on

Beautiful ring..Love your suggestion mythoughts..That would be a great thing to do..

@Andie..She has to give it back, because it was given as a promise of marriage, when that promise was broken, the ring is no longer hers..

FLH on

Andie, when an engagement is broken, you are supposed to give the ring back. Its different if a marriage is broken, obviously the deal was sealed…but with an engagement, the ring is a symbol of a marriage commitment, if that commitment is broken and the marriage not sealed, you return the ring.

FLH on

Sue, actually etiquette doesn’t dictate that the ring is hers to do with as she pleases. If they were married and got divorced? Yes. But in an engagement, especially one this short… the ring should be returned.

colby on

If the girl breaks off the engagement, she returns the ring. If the guy breaks it off, the ring (according to Emily Post) is a gift, and she can choose to keep it or return it. Why any girl would want to keep a ring from a broken engagement anyway is beyond me. But, since Jake didn’t buy this ring, and it technically is the property of the show, it should go back. Vienna has no right to keep it. I can’t stand the girl, but I give her props for returning the ring.

Judd on

Jake selected the most controversial woman because he knew he was playing a game and didn’t want to hurt a good woman. Vienna latched onto Jake like a parasite, depending on sex instead of independent responsibility to take care of herself. They both got what they deserved. Enough of Jake & Vienna; no need to see or hear of them ever again. GOOD RIDDANCE!!

kbcoltfan on

auctioning off for charity is a great idea, however, when it comes to her…I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t end up in some ratty pawn shop!

IzzyDizzy on

I think ultimately the ring belongs to the girl. However, returning the ring is the classy thing to do ESPECIALLY such a high profile “break-up.” ABC should definitely auction off all these rings and donate them. Make something good out of all of these.

SusiQ on

to all the quoters of “etiquette”, better check the law. In most states the engagement ring is considered a”gift in contemplation of marriage” and is not a flat out “gift” so if there’s no marriage, it goes back. “Etiquette” is what’s nice to do, “the law” is what you have to do. . .if he asks for it back, you gotta return it.

Common sense on

Becky is correct. If it is given as promise for marriage and they dont marry it is to be returned. It is the propestive groom’s decision if he wants her to keep it. If he gave it to her for her birthday, Christmas etc. Then it is hers to keep. But in a scenerio when the network pays for it.. it is probably up to them when the marriage doesnt “ring” true.

Bob on

Maybe he they should send it to me do I can give it to my wife of 17 Years. Because it is the symbol of an endless relationship and I wish I could give it to her because she has always lived that out.

Asking someone to marry you must be and is a life time commitment. In lays the problem with out thought process. We are too quick to try on marriage/engagement due to low moral standards.

Old saying I once heard quoted from C.S. Lewis
Men of low morals need not apply! Maybe it should be changed to.

Men and woman of low morals should not get engaged!

For commitment is a choice not a test drive. It causes broken hearts and damaged feelings, but more so it does not honor how God wants us to relate to each other as a reflection of HIM, the soul reason to come together is to be better together than apart for HIS glory. Love feels great then it time for the living it out part.

MAM on

Ten bucks says Jake goes after Ali..and ABC has some kind of big show for them. It looks like ALI is not in love this time on her Bachelorette go around.

CJ on

If he breaks the engagement, she should get to keep it (and the production company should hold him liable .. he should have picked a better chick). If she breaks the engagement, then it should be given back. Everyone saw this break up coming though .. not a surprise. And searching for a true love on a reality show where other people have hand picked a limited number of people (based only, i’m sure, on their attractiveness, personality, etc.) is UNrealistic. Should be called an Unreality TV Show.

CJ on

these people on these tv shows are so naive. and it seems like Jake just used her adn the other contestants and the opportunity as air time so he could ‘promote’ his ‘acting career’. whatever. seems his ‘acting career’ is all he’s really focused on right now. give your head a shake Jake.

missy on

If Jen kept her ring, I think it was because Andrew bought it, NOT the tv show.

Samantha on

How is this news? Big surprise a reality show engagement didn’t work out. I do like the idea of auctioning off the ring for charities.

keli12 on

Ali and Jake should hook up because they both are full of it…..looking for love in all the wrong places such on a tv show with total strangers kissing and falling instantly in LOVE…Jake loved three women and Ali loves them all so these single people that go on the Bachelor have to be desperate….enough of these people who are BORING……Jake is weird!!

rln on

Beautiful ring. So glad it is not on her finger anymore. She did not belong with Jake. He picked the wrong girl but at least now he is rid of her, hopefully for good.

Konni Jo on

Can I have it?!! ;-)

rln on

An engagement ring is given in contemplation of marriage. No matter who breaks the engagement, the ring should be given back. Evidently, in the contract with the Bachelor, if there is no wedding, the ring has to be returned to the production company. It makes a lot of sense.

Erin on

Etiquette says that if they guy breaks off the engagement, the girl keeps the ring. She should have just kept her mouth shut and said, yep, he broke it off like he said, instead of arguing with him. Really though, giving it back was the right thing to do:)

Tim on

To the person who said that etiquette says the Woman gets to keep the ring. A simple search of the laws about that revealed: The majority of courts find that the gift of an engagement ring contains an implied condition of marriage; acceptance of the proposal is not the underlying “deal.”
This means that unless you marry the guy you need to give the ring back.

TJ on

one word…Tenley

Penbrat on

It’s probably already for sale on EBAY.

Mary on

Actually, etiquette says the ring is returned because it is a promise to be fulfilled with marriage. If they would have gotten married the ring would have been hers but since it is not it should be returned to the show who purchased the ring unless either of them wanted to buy it from the show. Such a sad ending to a relationship. I feel bad for the both of them.

Kathy on

As far as I know, etiquette dicatates that if it is the woman that breaks off the engagement, the ring is returned to the man. If its the man that breaks off the engagement, the ring is the woman’s to keep, or do whatever she wishes with it, unless of course there is a contract in place prior to the engagement as to what happens with the ring.

Carla on

If an engagement is broken, regardless of who does the “breaking”, the ring should be returned. An engagement ring is a token of the promise of a marriage. No ring. Period. In the case of this show I would imagine there’s something in the contract that says the ring goes back to the production company. Personally, I find it pretty tacky that the prospective groom isn’t required to purchase a ring on his own. Who wants to wear a ring that was paid for by some big production company? But then seriously..who would want to marry someone they met on a reality TV show?? NOT ME!

lisa on

The reason why Jen was able to keep her ring is because Andrew paid for it, unlike some of the other bachelors who did not.

Shar on

I never really thought I woudl feel this way – an I have to confess I dont know a whole lot of the situation and have never watched The Bachelor – but with the way he broke this off (on the phone) and the things he said to her I feel that ring belongs to her. It appears that most people dont like Venna but like her or not Jake has been a jerk and he should go back to flying airplanes and dating flight attendants. This has all gone to his head and I think his 15 minutes of fame should be over.

Angelo on

Well, if they had met and dated like real people do instead of in an orgy of competition and publicity, they might have had a chance. Come on people, what do you expect to happen in a farce like this???

Nina on

What kind of life together begins with a ring paid for by Warner Brothers? A fake life. Any one who becomes part of these reality shows deserves what they get.

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DixieGirl on

I agree w/ the very first poster. Well said!

Jennifer on

Actually etiquitte is if she calls off the engagement then she gives the ring back. If the bridegroom calls off the engagment the ring is hers to do as she pleases with since it was not her decision. In that case i would go with mythoughts and sell it for charity purposes.

Mel on

Auction it off to help with the oil spill!!

Sophie Ann on

Good idea, mythoughts. However – let’s keep the money in THIS country!! We helped every other country enough already. It’s time we take care of our own. I’d like to see the celebrities raise $67 million for those good people on the Gulf Coast instead of giving to some foreign nation. KEEP THE MONEY HERE!!! OUR OWN PEOPLE NEED HELP NOW!!!

LittleMo on

There is a big difference regarding Jen Schefft’s ring. ABC/Bachelor/Warner Bros. usually buys the rings and they did so in vienna’s case. But Andrew Firestone is independenty wealthy so he bought Jen’s ring himself.

Amy on

Maybe if he’d given the ring to Tenley, he’d be happily married now. Idiot.

Susan on

The ring was not technically Vienna’s. By legal contract, they would have had to have been married for a certain about of years before the ring was techincally “hers”. The reason why Jen Schefft got to keep her ring was because Andrew bought the ring himself. The Bachelors have the option to buy the ring themselves, OR have ABC buy the ring. Jake was too cheap, so the ring belonged to ABC. There is NO way Vienna had any right to keep the ring!

FAKE Jake on

Boy eh just couldn’t wait could he? Bastard! I hope his “acting career” falls apart!

Carmen on

Have a giveaway to some needy couples? A contest.

Judge Judy Fan on

@Sue& @Becky–Judge Judge would say that if Vienna Sausage broke off the engagement, she should give back the ring. If Jake the Snake broke it off, then she doesn’t have to return it to him/ABC/etc.

Pokesfan on

I am sure they just recycle them….. Wouldn’t surprise me if it was a choice for the next Bachelor to give to that poor girl, I mean lucky girl!

Suzanne on

That ring was not made just for the likings of Vienna. If you recall he had picked two (2) rings perhaps which reflected the girls taste but it wasn’t made especially for her. It didn’t even look pretty on her hand… so perhaps it wasn’t meant to be.

Valerie on

I thought when an engagement was broken, irregardless of circumstances, the woman kept the ring! But then Vienna never was the right one for Jake anyway! Maybe Jake WILL end up with Alli in the end!! (one can only hope?)

Suzanne on

This message is in response to Sue…
Perhaps in the real world of etiquette the ring could stay with the so called bridezilla but in the reality of the Bachelor… Rules and Regulations that are part of their contract and is public information… The ring can be worn by the engaged for 2 years and then either it is returned or bought by the groom. The ring was supposedly $27,000. UGH… very cheap looking… looks better on the magazine page.

Samantha on

Actually, Sue, you are wrong about engagement ring etiquette. An engagement ring is given with the promise that a marriage will take place, hence the term, “engaged to be married.” No marriage is taking place, therefore the ring must be returned, unless both people agree that the woman may keep the ring. In this case, Jake was right to ask for the ring back and if Vienna refused, he could have taken her to court to get it back.

Cindy on

I agree with Sue; she should have kept the ring! It was a gift to her! All that aside the fact that there have been NO successful bachelor couples seems to be lost on the public. I have never watched an episode of these shows, they go against what I believe in for a partner … but I guess its for ratings and nothing else. I’m sure all of the “bachelors” and thier intended “brides” are laughing all the way to the bank!

sharon on

Just how long does people magazine plan to beat this dead horse? It is just not news.

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Liz on

There’s been a lot of discussion on returning or not returning the ring. Traditionally, this etiquette began when women were not as independent as they are now. Back in the days when there were more arranged marriages and courting, or at least the family was a lot more involved, the engagement ring was not just a symbol of a promise of marriage but that a man could provide for the woman (hence it’s supposed to cost at least 3 months salary). If the man broke off the engagement, the woman was to keep the ring because the sale of it was a way of SUPPORTING herself until she had a way to court again and actually marry. If the woman ended the engagement it was returned no matter what.

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Sweetie Pie on

I agree with MAM – maybe there’s a Jake and Ali twist coming to upset her season (timing seems a little suggestive don’t ya think?!) Good luck finding REAL love Jake and Vienna!

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Carla on

I think “The Bachelor” Franchise should let Vienna keep the ring for the turmoil she went thru with Jake’s emotional and psychological abuse. The Bachelor Franchise led the women and the public to believe that Jake was a commercial airline pilot looking to fly home with a wife. Vienna got caught up in the fantasy and she fell hard for Jake. The Bachelor Franchise neglected to tell us (the public) that Jake caught the acting bug around the age of 20 and that there was a possibility that he just wanted to be on TV again…Jake said the word “pilot” a hundred times and never bothered to mention his TV role and his taste of acting and his interest in acting…We were misled as was Vienna…She deserves that ring for her broken heart…I believe she truly wanted a life with Jake…

Tonya on

from what I recall the lamas girl kept her engagement ring–the girl already had money–and I don’t buy for one minute that she kept it for sentifmental reasons—if you break up with someone, why would you want to remember something that ended unhappy? The only time I could possibly see a woman keeping her engagment ring after her engagement was called off, is because she dead broke, and doesn’t have a clue how she will feed herself and pay her rent, or maybe has children and it’s difficult financially for her. But even then, she still ethically, and morally, should return it.

Tonya on

Actually, I agree with Jennifer—who breaks off the engagment determines if she keeps it or not.

Natasha on

I always looked at my ring as a gift that was given for life. It wasn’t attached with all sorts of conditions and promises. On a side note, i got my ring online from this site that lets you try it before you buy it at, so the diamond ring came with a replica that we tried on. Would I have to give back the replica, too?

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Erboristeria on

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