Lady Gaga's Baseball Fashion: Home Run or Strikeout?

06/21/2010 at 02:15 PM ET

Jack Shea/Meet The Famous

From wearing a latex gown to meet the Queen of England to making pants permanently optional, Lady Gaga has always brought her own unique style sensibility to every occasion — so why would a baseball game be any different? The New York native turned up to cheer on her hometown Yankees on Friday in a classic Gaga get up featuring a team uniform shirt over a bra, panties and fishnets. While we applaud the singer getting into the spirit of the Bronx Bombers with her top, we can see how the lack of other clothing might strike some baseball fans as a bit over the top. We want to know what you think! Vote in our poll below.

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Betsy on

You know, she makes a statement everyday, but really, can’t she clean it up just once? Totally inapropriate.

Jennifer on

Way too much. Could everyone else show up at the ball park like this and it not be a problem? No. That is not the place for an outfit like that.

Katherine on

Parents can control what their children see on TV or the internet, but no such luck at a ballgame. Have enough decency to wear pants/shorts/skirt and do up your top when out in public and not performing.

LSG on

You know if any other “normal” person would wear this to a game, we would never be allowed in. We would get cited for indecent exposure. It is too much (or too little…depending on how you look at it.)

Roni on

Typical GaGa style – no class!

NYC Girl on

This is extremely inappropriate for a ballgame. What kind of message is she sending to all young girls? Parents must’ve been horrified.

danny m on

Who cares, it’s Lady GaGa. She is performing, she is in public and playing it up for attention, No worse then half the bikini’s at a beach, Get over yourself! It hurt nobody. Just laugh and ignore it. Whatever.

Laura on

She actually arrived in just the black bra and panties. Someone gave her the jersey to cover up!

Sarah on

Does she not think about the audience here??!! There are kids all over the stadium! They don’t need to see that. Wearing that was totally inappropriate.

dooozie on

Way over the top..

Hula on

I get tired of hearing that she didn’t belong and that she wants to be an inspiration to young people that don’t belong. If you continue to exclude yourself on purpose, what other outcome is going to happen? I can’t stand her image at all. Good thing is that she won’t be around long enough for it to bother. Make the bank while you can…tick-tock.

Jen on

I am so over Lady Gaga. It was interesting when she first came out- but now it is so played out. She would make a bigger story if she dressed normal at this point.

Erinn on

Isn’t that considered indecent exposure when someone doesn’t have pants on??

k on

There are KIDS AT BASEBALL GAMES!!!! enough said!

Mimi on

Lady GagGag would be a more fitting name.

Candace on

I don’t see why a big deal is being made of what she wore to a ball game. What she wore is no different than a woman wearing a bikini in public, but people have nothing better to do with their time that biotch about what Gaga wore to a ball game. Geez people get a friggen life and stop being so judgmental! It’s the jealous who are!

Amy on

If that was a regular person not only would they not even be allowed into the stadium, they would probably be arrested for exposure or something. That is crazy!!

Penny on

Someone wrote it was no worse than the beach. Well it ISNT the beach it is a ball field. I recall a lady wearing a sexy santa suit to a Giants game not too long ago and gettign escorted out. she had WAY more of her body covered than lady G.

Sharon on

If she was dressed like that at one of her concerts it would be acceptable, because that is what her fans can expect. But, at a baseball game where young kids and their families are; this attire is not appropriate, she went way too far and I am not understanding why. What is she trying to prove?? If she was not famous they would not have allowed her into the game dressed that way.

nester on

I’d be arrested or kicked out of the stadium…..why is it any different for her especially if she arrived in only a bra and panties. Double standards? I think so.

cm on

everyone won’t shut up about her today…so, mission accomplished right?

joanne on

Put on some clothes

kgw on

I liked Lady Gaga better in the 80s and 90s. Oh wait…..That was Madonna.

justi manor on

screw the kids…keep it up lady gaga!!!

chark on

lov it – leave her alone – she is who she is –
alot of people NEED to conform to the “norm” which is absolutely no fun at all!

Erin on

Who needs a scrambled PlayBoy channel when teenagers can ooodle over Gaga at a baseball game?

What Fashion Sense? on

Her Outfit is totally ridiculous! Her sense of style sure is getting old! Lady Gaga is turning into Lady Gag me!!


Its really too bad they can’t rely on their so called “talent” without having to make a spectacle of themselves to get noticed.

ly on

a child acting like a child
children always want attention

DixieGirl on

Very uncool. Ga Ga is flushing her career down the potty.

Judi on

i thought it was Madonna at first glance. get your own ‘look’ (and put on shorts at lest)

brenda p on

If this were Madonna, Grace Jones, David Bowie, Boy George, or Sir Elton John, would everyone be jumping up-n-down….Marilyn Manson and GaGa are over the line of some of the greatest…everyone should be there selves without judgement, come on are starving, BP is destroying our sea life, get on the right page, let it be…

Really on

She looks as she normally does, a mess.

Sue on

There are children there. Put your clothes on! Why was she even allowed in dressed like that???

PG on

I used to like Lady Gaga, but her act is getting old really fast. A baseball game is not the place for her to make a very inappropriate fashion statement. If anyone else has dressed like that, they would have been removed from the stadium. I’m so sick of double standards for celebrities. Put on some pants/shorts and button that top!

jon on

What else would you expect from a drag queen, just over the top.

6453 on

ne of these days (I hope) she will look at herself in the mirror and realize what she is doing to her image. I will not buy anything that has to do with her. There is NO reason to act like she does…

amber on

If a non celebrity dressed like that they would be forced to leave!

Beth on

I’m a Red Sox fan, but obviously she has no respect for her home team nor the other fans. She shouldn’t have been allowed in!

jack on

decorum people.

Stephen Leonard on

There is a time and a place for every thing and at the ball park was not the time or the place. Hundreds of kids go to baseball games cover up have respect for others around you.

Danielle on

Looks like she woke up from a one night stand, stole a jersey from a Yankee, and headed to the Bronx to cheer him on.Hmm which Yankee had to wear an away jersey that game.

Amanda W on

I am not a fan of Lady GaGa whatsoever. This outfit was over the top but not surprising one bit. Being controversial for the sake of being controversial is tacky and I am going to teach my daughter who real women of good influence are, and trust me this woman will not be one of them.

macy on

really!!!cant she be normal!!there are kids there!!

peace out for now!!

LeslieD on

love lady gaga but this time she struck out.

Tim on

Shame on her, she should be embarrassed!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa on

Early comment stated it best. Anyone else would have not have been allowed in. Her outfits are plain ridiculous. She can’t sing either. We’ve already had one Madonna…Really, do we need another one?

Karla on

First of all, I don’t imagine Lady Gaga is in the general admission area of the stadium. So I don’t think there’s that big of an issue with kids being there. Second, she’s not naked people!!! She is wearing clothes, minimal, but she is wearing. And the top could very well be covering some very short shorts, and even if it was just underwear, it would look the same under that big jersey. Leave her alone

Get Real on

Madonna Wanna Be

Jon on

I like Lady Gaga, but what she’s wearing at The Yankee’s Game this past Friday was wierd!

Stephanie on

I get that she likes to cause a stir but that is wayyyy too much. That outfit would be fine is she were performing, but put some clothes on when you are going to a baseball game.

Lillie B on

Alot of people care danny m. And yes, it is no worse than half the bikini at a beach. But guess what….the game was not played at the beach!

lisa on

she looks like an idiot. she obviously is in need of lots of attention because she always dresses so over the top. being an individual is one thing – wearing panties and a bra with an open jersey at a family oriented sports event is absurd. she needs to get over herself.

KelM on

I agree with LSG. Anyone else who wore this in the stadium would have been booed! When does the line between being creative and being way too much come in? I think that she has jumped passed the creative and is almost past the completely ridiculous. What is next?

Courtney on

It’s not necessarily that’s it’s too *much,* but rather that it’s far too *little* to be wearing out in public! Panties + bra + baseball jersey only halfway on does NOT equal an appropriate outfit. Unless you’re watching the baseball game from the comfort of your own living room…

Laura on

It’s great that Lady Gaga has her own unique style, but this just looks like she was running late to get to the game and forgot her clothes. She looks like a moron.

lisamae on

She needs to be the center of attention always – it was a ball game, not her show. So tacky……

bschoon on

Lady Gaga is all about attention, but she should really keep her “performance art” to her shows where parents and others can make a decision if they want to see her performance. A ball game is the all american past time and Lady Gaga went too far.

sugardaisy on

Oh give me a break. This woman is into overkill now. Not to mention over-exposure (in more ways than one) People are going to get sick of her. Her “act” while singing/entertaining is one thing, but get over it and be yourself once in a while. I liked her at first, but it’s getting old real quick now.
If she has talent then why does she have to surround herself with this BS all the time.

Karen on

She’s an idiot…no class!

packer on

She needs rehab.

Erica on

Really?!?! How in the world does she get away with that? Its not a concert…its a baseball game. If any normal person wore that to a game, they would most likely be asked to leave or change. How is she exempt from normal rules?

Jenn on

She looks like she could have been bought… for a cheap price!

LoveLadyGaGa123 on

That is 2 much! But i still love her! see u in concert GAGA!!!

Jenny on

Lame…no imagination. This was all about gaining headlines and not style. But then…that’s Gaga for ya.

Alison on

She brings her own style to the stadium…I love it!

cheese on


Tina on

The lady has absolutely no class!!! I don’t know why she even goes by the name Lady. Totally unappropiate for a ball game that is a place for a family outing but of course she probably thinks she can just do as she pleases because no one ever says anything to her.

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Valerie on

It’s one thing to make a fashion statement.. but really a baseball game? No.

Meg on

Could she try any harder to be Madonna?! I’m annoyed that I’m feeding into what she wants, and talking about her! I hate to see a blatant publicity stunt work…..

A on

Disgraceful. And, quite boring. She tries so hard to be over-the-top, but that can only be done so many times before it’s a yawn. If she really wants to shock, she should wear normal clothing one day.

stephanie on

some of you people act like children have never seen someone in a bathing suit – which is the equivalent of what she’s wearing. BIG DEAL. I’d rather have my kid see this rather than some chick’s butt crack hanging out of her jeans, or giant boobs spilling out of a low-cut top. What GaGa is wearing is no more revealing than a short skirt or painted on jeans. Her music blows, though!! peace

maggie on

i thought it was okay… until i realized there were no pants

Hope on

After her antics at her sister’s high school graduation, I think it’s pretty well established that she is a fame wh*re who does anything for attention. She has become ridiculous in a few short months.

Anna on

It’s a baseball game. You’re supposed to go there to watch baseball. Wear comfortable clothes. Jeans, shorts, or sweats, and a jersey or something. People don’t go to games to show off their fashions. This really pisses me off. Gaga is getting to be really annoying.

Cindy on

And amazingly enough, this is the most normal thing she has worn.

LisaM on

really – if you want to wear your underwear watch the game at home….totally classless and inappropriate!

Kiki on

…Please tell me that’s just some drunk guy’s blow-up doll and not a real woman …. Ouch!

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Cindy on

you didn’t post my comment

Cindy on

L. GaGa you’re wearing your underwear out in public. It doesn’t look good, or cool. I am a fan. I liked your style, and music. But, this is too much. And, stop flipping people off. Madonna does that to her audiences. If I were you, I wouldn’t want to emulate her at all. She’d love it if you messed up. She’d put her leg out there to trip you up. I am a fan, and if you flipped me off, I’d never listen to you, your music ever again.

Cindy on

Remember the story of the Emperor’s Clothes. I like you. You can make mistakes, but drumming up publicity like this is not a good thing for you.

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Kerri on

anyone else doing that would get arrested for indecent exposure

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Franny on

This ‘he/she’ should be locked up…permanently!
How pathetic.

Julie on

Her parents must be so proud – NOT! She looks like a fool, bordering on mentally ill.

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Tanya on

I applaud Gaga. I mean really these same people who are complaining about her get up are the same ones letting their children and them themselves watch the Gaga videos on MTV and Youtube. Would you really expect anything less of her? At least she is keeping with her own style and not letting the people change her. She is an original.

Kat on

I think that is totally inapproriate. Baseball games are family oriented. Would it hurt her to actually put some clothes on for a change. I really feel she’s out for the shock factor. Keeping her in the news to sell more!!!

Come on GaGa…come back to earth and stop dressing BadBad…

jo on

Chill people!!! its LADY GAGA… we love her for all the crazy things she do..thats wad makes her!

Mine on

Time does pass by qkuicly and often I forget how blessed I am. Your comments are so right. Thanks. May the sun be on your face and the wind at your back as the Lord blesses you throughout the day. Carpe diem!

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