Bye-Bye Brown Hair! Lindsay Lohan Goes Back to Blonde

05/26/2010 at 01:45 PM ET

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The old saying goes that blondes have more fun. Perhaps that’s what Lindsay Lohan was counting on when she said goodbye to her raven-colored hair and reverted back to golden tresses this week. The newly towheaded starlet-cum-designer–who was recently ordered to wear an alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet after failing to appear in court on Thursday–sported similar buttery waves three years ago, around the same time she voluntarily wore another SCRAM ankle bracelet. Coincidence? We can’t be sure, but if the 23-year-old’s gone blonde for a little pick-me-up amid troubled times, she does seem to be enjoying her new do. Tell us: Do you like Lindsay Lohan’s new blonde locks? David Yi

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madzackmom on

I hate her as a blonde! It looks so aweful with her skin!!!

skye sparrow on

nothing could make that old woman look good!!!!She looks 70 years old

Mindi on

Is this seriously an article? I’m so sick of hearing about Lindsay Lohan. I don’t understand why the media feels the need to report everything about her existence. I wish she would just go away.

Mel on

I don’t know any other 23 year old who looks as rough and used up as she does, regardless of her hair color.


I love her new hair! And she seems happy with it! She needs something to brighten her up with all the drama going on! Stay Strong Lindsay and get you career back in gear!!!

Jill A on

she could have any kind of hair and still be an annoying, used up sad excuse for an “actress”



If you are SO sick of hearing about her then why would click on the article to begin with? The world doesn’t revolve around you. Some people do like to hear about her so if you don’t then don’t read it! Nobody is making you!

Jessie on

I’m so glad she finally cut her hair! I’m pretty sure those split ends had been with her for DUI’s 1 and 2.

cs on

Instead of spending time and money dying her hair she should do something constructive. Go back to school, do charity work, get a real job

melissa on

I am so glad the judge isnt being lenient. Mostly I am glad that SOMEONE is looking out for her well being!! She’s just a kid for crying out loud!

Hanna on

Lindsay Lohan.. seriously… just another attempt for her to get more media attention. Honestly, who cares! lol

Valerie on

She looks younger as a blonde but I’m really shocked that she’s only 23. I was thinking she was close to 30. Her lifestyle is definately showing up on her face.

Jolee Welkington on

I like her so much better with red hair. Poor girl needs to realize who she is and stop trying to be something she isn’t.

Heather on

Hmmmmmm I thought she was tight on cash? It would’ve cost a bundle to get all that hair dyed. Not so broke I guess. She is one sad case.

rt on

I wish she would go back to red. That was her original hair color, right?

debbie on

PIG! Her time is over.

ruf on

As long as she washes it….
But most dope heads lack hygiene.

Beth on

She just a hot mess and needs to grow up! It makes me sad EVERY TIME SHE SCREWS UP which is way too often! I’ve given up.

skye on

I wish she would go back to red, and get back to a healthy weight like she was in Mean Girls. She looked amazing with red hair.

Patty on

Who the F==K cares? This girl is such a is only a matter of time before she ends up dead from an overdose or killing herself drunk driving…she is so 3 years ago…

Taylor on

Why do people always fight who they are and what they are meant to be??!! You are a redhead, Lindsay…stop fighting it and go back to it. Wear it proudly! You were so beautiful when you rocked the dark red.

Debbs on

she looks much much better blonde

soozett on

I agree with Mel, for being in her twenties….she looks really used and abused.
I used to really like watching LiLo’s movies and listening to her music but now I feel like I’m contributing to her demise.

Joanne on

Someone remind me again what Lindsay is famous for? Seems she is only out there because of the trouble she gets in.

Mel on

Why doesn’t she use her star power to do something about the type of bullying called mobbing and gangstalking?

Ted T. on

She should move to NYC — no need to drive. Drunk taxi cab riding is not a crime.

Not sure what Lohan has done to engender all the hatred in many of the comments here. I guess that when an actor publicly screws up, it is open season on envy and bile.

GayleC on

I don’t care. Quit giving her press.

Jon on

No, I don’t like Lindsay’s new blonde locks!

Leslie on

I hate this girl. Wish they would lock her up. Any normal person would already be behind bars.

Mimi on

OMG! She’s only 23 years old??? She looks so much older and it doesn’t matter what her HAIR COLOR is … she’s looks DIRTY all the time … take a gander at her hands!!!

TEXAS13 on

And this is news why & who really cares? The media needs to leave this loser alone & maybe one day she will grow up…NOT! She should be very happy that she got by with an ankle bracelet…could & should have been worse.


A blonde man, or woman?

nancy on

I think she looks best with her natural auburn color..don’t like her as a blonde or brunette..however that said she looks like she’s 40 instead of 23!!

andrea on

if she is going to have any hair color, it looks best blonde i think.

mama on

@Ted T, this is about envy…envy that this Young Woman has been given preferential treatment within our justice system and has repeatedly publicly thumbed her nose at all of us as well as the courts. She didn’t get in trouble for drunk driving, it was high driving (cocaine). Her probation was extended in 08, and again in 09 to give her “more time” to complete community service and alcohol classes, which she still hasn’t finished three years later (started in 07 and “only needs a few weeks come on”). She is consistantly publicly wasted, has constant issues with bringing her drama out in public with friends and relationships, always complains about the media hounding her, and the minute they stop, she screws up again whether it’s stealing peoples stuff, or throwing drinks at Sam Ronson, picking fights with on Twitter which then shows up again in every rag mag etc…, driving high, falling down drunk outside of clubs on the street etc. If she really wanted the paps to stop following her, she’d straighten out and shape up. Brit isn’t hounded anymore because she’s boring, paps don’t hound the quiet stars who respect themselves while aknowledging that they are public figures by trade and therefore have a responsibility to behave in public. To top off all of this obnoxious behavior for which the rest of us “normal people” would be in jail for, she has yet to accept responsibility for her actions and has repeatedly blamed everyone else for every “bad” thing that has happened to her, rather than being a grownup or even a respectable public figure and accepting that she is responsible for herself and everything that she has done and everything that people believe. If this isn’t who she is, then she should stop portraying this idiotic persona to the media. Unfortunately, who you are is based on what others see of you, and this young lady once a rising star has turned into a train wreck and it’s hard to ignore when she is crashing daily upon my Google homepage Daily People Highlights.

Tom Holt on

Does anyone in their right mind care??? Continued insignificant stories about people like this only add to their over-inflated egos and feeling of invinceability.

stu on

she’s doing so much damage to her hair with all the coloring. too bad she couldn’t be proud of her natural red :(

Michael on

Does anyone know for sure? but I once heard that if you perm or dye your hair it can be a way to help you alter a drug test? Is that correct?

Jenny on

I like Lindsay’s hair. I can understand her feeling like she needs a pick me up. So what if it’s changing her hair color. She does need to get it together, but really…I can’t imagine what kind of life I might have led if I had her fame and money. Give her another chance.

Lisa on

red is her color – don’t know why all the hollywood gals want to be blonde……

Edwin on

Bet she still has a firecrotch!

catalina barquero on

There is no way that she can look ok!. She loose everything for god. Her face, her skin, her eyes, her teeth, everything shows what she really is in our present day. Pale and dry. So…blond or burnett she’s gone…The life in her is gone!!!

suzy diamond on

She should worry what goes IN her body instead of what goes on OUTSIDE her body! She’s 23 going on 3.
No priorities not even any brains!

Ashly on

I think she looks a lot better as a redhead, then a blonde!!!!

M on

She looks like a 60-something-year-old hippie here. I’m 12 years older and look very young compared to her. She’ll look even worse as time goes on (if she even lives long enough).

CLH on


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linda on

seriously who cares. Her hair color, don’t you people have something better to write about. these people are so desperate to write a story they choose hair color.why not write about what she has done for people, oh that’s is because she does nothing. so lets write a real story about strong women who care about themselves and let the ones that want to ruin their lives proceed with caution as they are on their way out.

Madison on

I miss her natural red hair a la Mean Girls. She is a beautiful girl who was once upon a time a talented young actress. If only she could pull her sh*t together.

Karen on

She needs to quit coloring her hair and go back to her natural red/auburn. That is when she has always looked her best. And she needs to quit partying or she’s going to look haggard in her young years. Life is too short to party hard and die young. Think about it Lindsay!

jc on

again!!! if she only put as much effort into being sober as she does changing her hair color she wouldn’t be such a mess.

Lychee Martini on

I like your hair David! It’s like a satiny rocket that’s about to launch into the sky!!!

mel on

She needs to go away please!!!!

Ignaciia on

Oshe look so bad, I hate she as a blond girl…

Lindsay Lohan Goes Back To Blonde « Gossip @ R Web on

[…] the Andy Lecompte Salon in West Hollywood, CA as a blonde … again. Here are a few photos of Lindsay showing off her new lighter locks as she exited the salon and then later on last night as she supped with friends at the Chateau […]

eva lili on

she always looks better blonde but red is best for Lindsay

Storm on

I think she’s always looked best as a redhead~

John Halle on

what if i have an erection lasting more than 24hrs.?

daniela on

Now instead of looking 30 she looks 40. Rough!

Sonny Vasquez on

She is a dumb ass!

erin casey on

can everyone just shut up about and ignore lindsay lohan? i am so sick of hearing about her. she does nothing to warrant attention nowadays, and maybe if she stops getting so much of it she’ll stop acting out to get it. this girl is pathetic. she looks about 20 years older than she actually is, has to get drinking/drug charges for people to acknowledge her since her “career” certainly doesn’t merit any acknowledgement, and sounds/looks like she’s on crack.

Kim on

Isn’t she going bald? Sure looks like it…..just like Paris!

Brittany on

i don’t understand why she is still in magazines! who cares what she did now? i dont get why people get to be famous for getting in trouble now… when did getting arrested guarantee a household name??

unsinkable on

Who cares…

heather on

who cares

Baxter on

She looked the best in Mean Girls…since then, she’s gone down hill. I’d stick with the light brunette look If I were her!

Ty on

Why can’t she just stay a red-head? Her natural hair color is beautiful. Hoenstly, She should just forget about her hair and focus on getting her life under control. How can someone who has so much talent and the chance to do things that others can only dream of take it and just throw it away for drugs, alcohol, and other useless things? It’s honestly very sad… but she’s only got herself to blame for ruining her career, now no one wants to work with her.

sugarchild on

What we have here is a TRUE “Star”. Someone who is obviously very talented, very beautiful, very scattered right now who is going through real life drama. She is young, and her life is put out for all to see – confusing. She lives life. She’s social, she feels, she’s fun, she’s ridiculous. But it’s her. Let her be her, she is full of energy, changing her hair. Searching for her best self. Lindsay looks best to me when she seems more at peace and grounded. You can see it on her face when she feels strong. I hope you Lindsay) will get around some people who truly care for you and that will be honest. That will be true to your best interests and not try to hurt you or frustrate you without reason but lift you up whenever they can because they genuinely care and want you to do very well and be respected and even become greater at your crafts. Find those people, then be at your best and give them your best – your very best, smartest, most talented, imaginative, beautiful self. Lindsay Lohnn is a very talented actress, and I am sure will have even better roles, and characters to show us. I hope she uses this time to do something very creative, something that will stand the test of time. And continue to do so putting focus on her talents and being healthy. Follow your heart, the journey is hard and will only get tougher so use your best as your strength, your most intelligent and genuine self. Make sure when you are public you act your very best, most regal, most thankful, most honest, like a gracious princess that you are and are to be. This is your time to turn this game all around, surround yourself with the best and even be better. Be an example of talent and love. Good luck, don’t give up hope, don’t think about what people say, just concentrate on being your best self. It’s time to let it out not only for yourself but to show your light. Use this time to love you and life. Again surround yourself with good people who can help you even become a better person. People who make you happy and bring out the best in you and helps you bring out the best in others. Be true friends. Be honest. This is your time to a whole new moment. I hope this post so you can see someone sees the potential in you and I see it’s enormous. Oscar, Grammy – it can be yours, more than just once; focus, and dazzle us. I’m wishing you the best. Blonde looks nice. Sending you the power of greatness and success.

rokpool on

go lindsay

Smvwille on

Who cares – I think that Lindsay needs help should be put in jail/rehab for real and not let her out until she’s better.

TheSonnyBoy on

She is very delicious any way she wants to wear it! I say YES! YES! YES1

Deb on

Does this mean she is going back to boys as well?!

Entertainment Guru » Lindsay Lohan Goes Back To Blonde on

[…] the Andy Lecompte Salon in West Hollywood, CA as a blonde … again. Here are a few photos of Lindsay showing off her new lighter locks as she exited the salon and then later on last night as she supped with friends at the Chateau […]


Lindsay Lohan wants Chanel help…

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Jazzy on

I really dont like her as a blonde it makes her look like a hooker. She looks so much better with her original hair color as a red head or a dark brunette,if she dyed her hair red or brown she would look more like her age!!!!

Dimension A Salon on

In our opinion, and we got the inside skinny; it is still too brassy yellow looking. Look us up next time girl.

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[…] Lindsay Lohan is back to blonde. Looks like that alcohol-monitoring-bracelet-induced boredom sent her straight to the salon. [People] […]

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