Kim Kardashian is 'Proud To Rock Mom Jeans'

05/11/2010 at 09:30 AM ET

Sara De Boer/Startraks

What better time than Mother’s Day weekend for Kim Kardashian to confront the haters who blasted the curve-enhancing denim pants she wore last week, dismissing them as “mom jeans”? The reality star posted a retort to the unkind online chatter on her official website last Friday, blogging, “For some reason, high-waisted jeans are always branded with this negative term and I think it’s kind of ridiculous,” she wrote, referring to the sailor-inspired pair that she had sported. The newly single 29-year-old, who’s no stranger to unfriendly comments from the peanut gallery, went on to defend the stylish mothers of the world, like her sister Kourtney, saying,  “I don’t think these are mom jeans at all. And even if they are, who’s to say any mom wouldn’t look fabulous in them!? Any woman who is proud of her curves should be able to flaunt them in high-waisted jeans!!! So you know what… I’m proud to rock the mom jeans!” We bet Jessica Simpson seconds that emotion. Tell us: What do you think of Kim’s so-called “mom jeans”? Would you wear them? –Marissa Patlingrao Cooley

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Bee on

This girl looks just like her mom. Their faces are pulled back so tight by all the plastic surgery. But she can actually pull off mom jeans. Jessica Simpson CANNOT.

yliani on

I actually like the mom jeans, I own a pair myself and they look fab… Kim u look FABOLOUS gurl….

Jana on

I think she looks awesome!!! Why are people always tearing one another down? Shes got curves in hollywood, and thats hard to do because of riduculous things like this. They effect people, it makes people feel not good enough yet she stands strong and promot a healthy body image and that you dont need to conform to a size 0 to be sexy.

Pamela on

Wish I looked that good in “Mom Jeans” ???

Betty Finn on

Hey NERDS… these are so NOT mom jeans! If your Mom is wearing jeans like these, be proud of her because not everyone can pull it off.

sls on

i cant wait till high waisted pants are in style again. i am 38 and wore them most of my life. they were much more comfortable and you werent goin around pulling up your pants constantly because the jeans they make these days feel like they are always falling down! and the high waisted ones held your stomache in. i am so sick of seeing everyones stomache buldging out over the top of their pants and their but cracks out the back of them. they only look good on thin girls and woman. i am plus size and even in plus sizes i cant even find high waisted jeans anymore. they are all low waisted. and dont even get me started in low waisted skinny jeans that you can barely get on and that make most people look huge and their feet look enormous!!! lol but i think kim looks amazing! she has the body for any kind of jeans!

Robert on

Latest news – (Emma The Amish Girl) –

Karen on

Hey I would must rather see “mom jeans” than someone wearing low cut and have a “muffin top” spilling over there pants! High waist pants were all the style back in the day, (70’s 80’s etc)and as we all know, everthing resurfaces in a new way. Kim you are gorgeous!!!

julie B on

Why are these MOM jeans?? They are cute and NOT everyone can wear them. She looks amazing in them. My MOM would never wear jeans like this. They are high waisted in fashion jeans!!

Palesa on

I love Kim………….she looks great in anything!!!

twig on

Those don’t look like mom jeans to me, but if they are, she can pull it off.

I cannot wear mom jeans because I’m petite and busty and wearing mom jeans makes me look like I have no waist and gained 10 pounds.

Jon on

I think her so-called “Mom Jeans” are fine! If I were a girl, I’d maybe wear them, if they had one in my size? Also, it’s great that Tyra Banks wrote a Novel, called Modelland, good for her, and I liked the cover of her new book!

kara on

THESE ARE NOT MOM JEANS. People need to stop saying that. They are cute, in style, and she looks great!

Jenn on

“Mom Jeans” are not just high waisted! They are also very boxy especially in the butt, roomy in the thighs and straight legged. – this description does not match what Kim is wearing!

You look Fabulous Kim!

Randi on

When I saw this I hit the ground praying this is the start of a fad I can FINALLY get behind! And ditto on the skinny keans…worst fashion trend inn the last decade other than midrift baring shirts…really ladies, ask yourself first…CAN I DO THIS without ending uo in a People of Walmart Pic???

angell on

i swear that here i see even young girls with
the “muffin top” the fat that hangs over the
top of the low rider jeans. and yes, the thongs
and butt crack sticking out in the back. not
a lovely sight for sure. maybe the “mom jeans”
wouldnt be such a bad idea for almost all of us
girls. only skinny women can wear the low riders
and look cute in them.

Eanne on

Kim looks great but whatever she did to her face does not. She was stunning before and now she looks unatural. A shame really. I think it’s a bit hipocritical to say she’s all natural, when quite clearly, she is not.

anonymous on

if you got a little skinnier
it would suit you better
hate you though

leah on


Andie on

I agree she looks just like her Mom-same plastic surgeon no doubt! I don’t like the jeans but she pulls it off-they look great on her.

susie on

Everyone should have to wear these. I hate seeing the rolls low cut jeans show- comeone now 60 of Americans are overweight.

rhonda on

DEATH TO ALL MUFFIN TOPS!! Just because low rise jeans are in style does not mean that everyone should wear them.

Morning Lank Slanging on

[…] Kimmy Kardashian fux with ‘mom’ jeans. O_o  [People] […]

Sheryl on

Do we call them mom jeans because her butt crack isn’t showing and rolls of fat aren’t hanging over the top?? I wish I looked that good in any

Princesssince82 on

Mom jeans?? What is wrong with you all! Lol…those are far from mom jeans! I’ve never seen my mom in a pair! They are hot and if I could rock them believe me I would!!! Luv your haters Kim they continue to help make you famous!!!

BlueStar on

I think she looks absolutely fantabulous with ANYTHING on! She makes everything work for her!

Andrea on

Like mom, like daughter… Did she get her jeans from the same store as her mom, just like she got her face from the same plastic surgeon as her mom?

ba on

Mom jeans have pleats at the waist! Kim always looks HOT! Done right these are so cute!

Holly on

I think that anyone who has a long waist like Kim can pull off wearing the high-waisted jeans. Me, on the other hand, being short-waisted, it would make other areas look bigger. I’m a plus size, but maybe I’ll give them a try when I get my lap-band surgery done and lose my weight. It MAY look good even on shortwaisted women. Thanks Kim for being proud of your figure. You have nothing to be ashamed for and never have. These people who put you down are just jealous and not comfortable in their own skin, that’s all.

Julie on

High waisted jeans do not hold in your stomach. They sit above the waist line & then if you have belly flab then it just looks like a bulge around the middle. Low rise jeans do not cause the muffin top look, wearing jeans that are too small does that.

Coffeebeanz on

I’d prefer to see more “mom” jeans. You’d think this country is bringing up a generation of plumbers!

Janice on

Stylish? They are not stylish-the Kardashian’s and much of Hollywood on daily basis look like dredredges form the early 1950’s and up to including the late 1980’s. They are very self-conscious, too aware of themselves and not other people. When they walk in, they want to see who looked. Kind of ridiculous way to live-like looking into a keyhole.

melissa on

These are not mom jeans! They are sexy and stylish. Love you Kim!

catca on

Clearly anyone who would call those jeans “Mom” jeans does not know what mom jeans are. The primary quality of a mom jean is that it is loose so that mom is comfortable lugging around the kids and all their stuff. These jeans are far from that! The only reason mom jeans are often high waisted is because you can’t have loose low rise jeans without it falling halfway down your butt. Duh!

stella24 on

Some women carry their weight in their waist – pear shaped girls do better with low-waisted jeans because they have in general a low amount of fat around their waists. Kim for example. Apple shaped women suffer more because I don’t care how big you go up in size you still get a muffin top and your pants do not stay up – muffin top and a belly are 2 different things. High waisted jeans help muffin top but accentuate a belly. Low waisted jeans give many many women MT (even the skinny ones) but camouflage a belly a bit better. Mid-rise is the way to go.

TeriLynne on

Why does the “Hollywood” crowd give girls like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson such a hard time for their curves?? If you look back to the old Hollywood women curves were the thing to have!
I love Kim and Jessica and I would love to have the curves they both are critisized for! (Well I do, but I’m considered chubby too!).
You go Kim, you look absolutely amazing and WOMANLY!

linda k wade on

Kim you look good in anything that you wear. I want to thank you and your family for making my mom happy, she is going to be 76 in june has had a stroke and is paralize on her left side, she loves you and your sisters, she watches keeping up with the kadash… all the time. thank you for giving her some entertainment in her everyday life. linda wade

Kim on

These are NOT mom jeans. They are sailor-inspired denim leggings. Like another post said, mom jeans are relaxed in the seat and thigh. They make your butt look huge… like you could show a movie on it. Low-rise jeans elongate the torso and make your butt look 1/2 the size. Actually, they would flatter most women. And like another post said, if you have a muffin top, it’s because you bought a size too small. Everything has the potential to look great if you have the right size and fit. Don’t go by the number on the tag!

Deborah on

I am more than tired of seeing women and girls with their stomachs hanging out and their butt cracks showing. Do these girls not look in the mirror? Unless you are a size 4 those low ride jeans make your rear end look really wide. We all should run as fast as we can to buy those mom jeans that tuck in the tummy and slim down our rear ends.

Susan Lewis on

They look fine on her, they looked fine on Jessica. They are not “Mom” jeans. They are properly fitted jeans. I am so tired of rumps hanging out, tramp stamps and visible thongs. Have a little decency. Thanks Kim, you might help make them cool again.

Your Mother on

Looks like she’s proud to “rock the Botox” to me…Kim looks great but she’s getting a serious case of Botox face. Needs to be careful.
Oh and the jeans look fine.

Betty on

I don’t even know where to begin…. You people that think these so called Mom Jeans don’t look good are probably the ones that where pants that your stomach is hanging over and look absolutley ridiculous!
It’s about figures and how differet we all are in shapes and sizes. Most young people where there clothes way to small and everything is hanging out and I mean everything. I think Kim looks awesome no matter what she wears and if you think differently get real!

xiomara on

i think kim kardashian looks fabolous.anybody that can pull them off and know how to wear them i give them the go ahead. i think who ever got something bad to say about somebody else i call them HATERS.

Deb on

Kim looks just fine in her jeans. If I had the body to wear them, I would too. Too much emphasis is placed on silly superficial things these days. I say, “rock what U got, that is what is hot–feeling good about “U.” As long as you are healthy physically and mentally and tasteful in what you wear, go for it! Having an individual style is knowing what looks good on U!

Lucien on

She’s hot. Period.

Adriana on

Size 0 sexy is NOT sexy,it’s scary…..LOL

Lacey on

She needs to lay off the plastic surgeries. She is starting to give Heidi Montag a run for her money.

Peyton on

Anyone calling these MOM jeans is a clueless and hardly anyone’s fashionista. THESE ARE NOT mom jeans!!!!! They’re called High Waisted jeans and they are FABULOUS. They are supposed to to hit in right under the breast and be worn EXACTLY as she’s wearing them. Mom jeans are regular jeans that cover the belly button and sag in the butt! Move on with a topic you know.

Kelly on

She looks great!
Actually most people would look better wearing higher waisted jeans rather than trying to squeeze into low waited ones creating an unflattering ‘muffin top’.

Amanda on

The jeans that Jessica Simpson wore were horrible, these are actually cute and they look good on her. Stop hating on girls that aren’t a size 0 and have curves! Kim is sexy and beautiful and she has a womanly body!

Sheryl on

I am just glad she has some clothes on!

Simbuu on

You should be comfortable wit what u rocks! She really does!! Xoxo

Heidi on

I do not think Kim has had plastic surgery. Really? Why do people have to be so negative.Get over it and if she bothers your sooo much, then why follow her and comment on her stuff.

Leali on

These are not Mom jeans. Get it together people. If you don’t have the style IQ, your opinion will be valid to yourself. I will say its better to have bad taste than no taste at all. I don’t know who said it, but we are not robots take a chance if it doesn’t work out, change your clothes. lol. BTW the term mom jeans is derogatory, I’m a mom and fabulous.

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Alexis on

Those jeans are stretched so tight they look like the seams are gonna burst! That’s a CAMEL TOE FASHION NO! NO!

lola on

I like how Kim always takes fashion risks, even though I don’t like most of them :) In response to a previous poster: Size 0 sexy is sexy! I am a 00 and I eat 2000- 3000 calories a day. I used to be chunky my whole life until I switched to an organic diet. Kim looks good, but her butt does not. You also have to think about how tall someone is. A 6′ waif will not look good as a size 0, but I am 5’1 and it looks great.

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Linda on

The mom jeans looks great on her. Stop hating!

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C on

I like them, but you have to have a great body to pull them off (which she does!).

Erin on

So what brand are these? I want to buy some but I cand figure out what brand they are. Do any of you know?


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