Gisele's First Post-Baby Ads Revealed!

04/07/2010 at 01:30 PM ET

Courtesy Colcci

Forget the post-baby weight! Just four months after giving birth to baby Benjamin with husband, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, Gisele Bündchen is back to her top-model shape as the new face of Brazilian brand Colcci. In the new ad campaign, the 29-year-old supermodel shows off her signature poses–along with her hair wildly blowing in the wind–while she flaunts her svelte physique in various looks including a layered blouse, a flirty frilly skirt, pastel pink short-shorts and a jean jacket. With Gisele back on the modeling scene, we cannot wait to see what this baby mama has next in store! See more on Gisele’s ad campaign at us: What do you think about Gisele’s post-baby photo shoot?

Courtesy Colcci

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Becky on

Would love the clothes if it were 1985.

Jon on

I have no comment about Gisele’s Post-Baby Photo Shoot!

Kristi on

LOVE HER!! And she looks AMAZING! We’re glad you’re back Gisele!

Dawn on

Wow…she looks great as usual…

Kassy on

To the two posts first your comment about not having a comment is a comment, why take the time to even post it?! And to the second comment the 80’s are very in right now. So instead of hating go to a mall and see that all she has on is in the stores right now.

I think she looks amazing. Flaunt it if you got it. If you dont I guess you just get Jealous posts. As if she gives a ________. Ahh annoying.

Lynn on

Becky’s comment made me laugh. She’s right, the clothes are very Pat Benatar.

anonymous on

She is not the “new face,” she’s been working with Colcci for many, many years. Colcci is the only company she still walks the runway for.
Also, this photoshoot was done in Boston 6 weeks after she gave birth to Benajmin.

In any case, she looks fantastic! I love her look and personality.

Lis on

Really? Is anyone surprised at how great she looks?

Julia on

You Tell em’ Kassy! lol (:

robin on

She looks great

Chris on

she looks good but Bridget Monaghan is a much prettier woman

emme on

Am I jealous? YES!!! Do I think Gisele is beautiful and wish her the very best? YES! Go Girl!!

Tina on

gorgeous. And “Chris” you must be related to Bridget. What does she have to do with Gisele’s great photo shoot??? Supermodel through and through.

Renee on

She is beautiful and looks great…I am just not a fan of the 80’s clothing. It maybe “in”, but it’s not my thing

Liz on

OMG!!! She totally had a nose job!!!!! Convenient, go into the delivery room, come out with a new baby and a new nose!

e on


Marie on

She has the ugliest nose (look at some candid photos). It’s all about makeup, lighting and angles.

ka335 on


Jenna on

Kassy~ It is called sarcasm……superciliousness (look it up)

Gina on

Wow, Kassy has no life ha. She has to chastise people for their comments, get over it!



Infamous on

Doesnt even look like she had a baby!

lita on


Heather on

Lisa Turtle called…she wants her outfit back!

andrea on

okay this was done 6 weeks after giving birth. how is it humanly possible to have a completely flat stomach that quick??? i suspect a little photo editing. then again, who knows! i’ve never known anyone to bounce back that quickly. you’re not even supposed to start exercising until 4-6 weeks after giving birth. i don’t get it… ?

California Surfer on

My grandma LOVES this outfit – she says it reminds her of her flirtin’ fifties which took place way back in the eighties!!!

Lisa Toms on

Please! This has been photoshopped to death just like every other photo. I don’t doubt she looks great after having a baby because she is blessed with great genes but photoshopping is unforgivable. Its one thing to take out some blemishes but they are reshaping women’s entire bodies. It perpetuates unrealistic body expectations and the disorders that come along with it. What makes me madder than anything is this new unrealistic attitude that we should all look like supermodels after having a baby when its all a lie. Just take a look at Kendra’s photos side by side. Fake Fake Fake. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS BRAIN WASHING LADIES!!!!!

Tasha on

I think she is perfect!

Audra on

Wish more people got back into shape like this.

Randa on

I hate her!! (note the jealousy) she is such a knockout!! I don’t look that good post baby and my baby is 10yrs old!!
If I had her bod..I would so show it off!!! LOL!!

You go Gisele!! you are stunning!

Lex on

she looks great!!!!

jamie on

I think it’s absurd to be asked to comment on an airbrushed, photoshopped picture of someone’s post-baby body. The woman is beautiful and has amazing genes, obviously, but please. I want to send Kendra a present for actually appearing on TV and showing what a real post-baby body looks like, even if you are genetically blessed.

Tixona on

She’s 14 feet tall….did we expect her to be fat after having a baby?

john on

I’d bang her in a heartbeat …all up in that brazilian vajeje

anne on

She looks good, but waaay to conceited and full of herself.

anonymous on

I’ve seen a backstage video of this photoshoot as well as an interview that was done on the set and yes, her stomach was that flat. She looked beautiful, pretty much the same as she did pre-pregnancy but bigger boobs.
Gisele was able to lose the weight quickly because she has a very healthy and athletic lifestyle. She did yoga and kung-fu throughout the pregnancy and although she said she didn’t have time to excerize after the birth, she lost the weight quickly because of breast-feeding and “muscle memory.” Oh, and she has great genes too!
So please quit with the jealousy and “this has been photoshopped to death”- there is photoshopping/airbrushing, yes, but none of it to give the illusion that she’s skinner than she actually was, trust me.

anonymous on

Chris- Bridget Moynahan? Move on already- its been 3 years! Nobody cares anymore, there’s no Gisele vs Bridget rivalry.

Jon on

It’s nice what Holly Madison has to say about Good Charlotte Guitarist, Benji Madden, and congrats to Grey’s Anatomy Actress, Jessica Capshaw, and her husband on expecting baby No.2!

beth on

shw looks like kelly lebrock in weird science. nice 80s look

anonymous on

Lisa Toms and Jamie- From what I remember, Kendra was sitting around on the couch in a snuggie eating junk food all day. That is not a healthy pregnancy and that is why she has a tougher time losing the weight. Well, that and the fact that she’s not 6 feet tall.
Instead of bashing Gisele, maybe you should praise her a little for promoting a healthy lifestyle and pregnancy. Gisele has never been the anorexic girl who has lettuce for lunch. She’s always eaten healthy and been very physically active (she does horseback riding, surfing, boxing, kung-fu, hiking, bicycling, extreme sports, yoga and has played volleyball since she was a teenager). When you take good care of yourself throughout your life and especially during pregnancy, your body is kind to you when it comes to losing the baby weight. Eventually (about 4-6 weeks), your uterus goes back to its normal size, and you lose plenty of weight due to breast-feeding. If someone if still *really* overweight after that, that means they packed on extra, unecessary pounds during pregnancy.
Just because more women relate to Kendra’s experience than Gisele’s, doesn’t means Kendra’s is the way it should be.
Enough with the “unrealistic standards” speech-if we should have any standards about pregnant women’s weight gain and weightloss it should be a healthy lifestyle like Gisele, not Kendra’s couch potato ways.
(and please don’t ever compare a d-list-playboy bunny-turned-reality-star to the world’s top supermodel, who happens to have some class and dignity)

oceanwalk on

Settle down Kassy. It’s only an internet article!

Pam on

She’s incredibly gorgeous and nice to boot!!! Go Gisele!

ae on

What is up with 80’s clothing?!?!? As a person who remembers the 80s and its horrible fashion, you will regret it. Only thing form the 80s I do not mind are the leggings. . .thats it.

Bree on

Did she get her nose done? It looks a lot smaller.

Rosemary on

She looks great, that is for sure! But it’s a pity she had to return to work after just four months…or was it six weeks? I got a year-long maternity leave! Oh well, I may not have her body, but at least I got to spend lots of fun time with my kid, with no pressure to return to work!

B's MoM on

I had my son 3 years ago, and it took me a year to lose all my baby weight. I’m not a super model and surely not 6 ft. tall. If you got it flaunt the blank out of it, I know I did When I was looking fantastic. You go mama!

Alexa on

She does look great!

Jennifer on

I am SO over her…not impressed!

anonymous on

Rosemary- She stayed home with Benjamin for 6 weeks and left him only for a few hours to do the photoshoot (it was done close to their home in Boston, instead of Brazil where its usually done). She’s never left Benjamin for more than a few hours, she takes him along everywhere- even to photoshoots she recently did in Brazil which take all day. So no, she is not spending any time away from her baby and she’s stated that she doesn’t intend to, that’s why she has no nanny.

Melissa on

Ughhh..was she fat before? Her body is her paycheck she has to keep it up.

Kadlyn on

I really don’t see what the big deal is, she lost her weight, just like every other model looking to get back in the biz, congratz?

And oh, the clothes. My seventeen year old sister dresses like that, cute skirt layered look with top and jacket. Congratz again!

Isn’t she like 30?

pucci on

wow phenomenal as always. so lucky to have the tall,thin,supermodel genes. sigh.

gina on

I looked like that too after my 1st baby, when I was 28, what do you expect !

chocolate on

nothing less to expect from gisele! haha she’s perfect in every way. those high cheekbones are to die for ugh, and her long legs ugh, some more…lol
but I didnt ever for one second think she would gain tons of weight or not be able to take it off. she loves yoga and excercise. she leads a healthy life from articles Ive read. I dont even think she drinks. well good for her! she is one hot mama!!!! lookin good gisele, keep bookin that work!

Carly on

um, of course she looks perfect. it’s called photoshop.

stephanie on

does her nose look different…I think she got a nose job

Deborah on

Of course we can all look this good when we have a chef, a nanny, a trainer and money to pay any worries/bills we have. ANYBODY can look this good…it just takes a REAL woman a little longer.
Celebs moms are a joke.

Elizabeth on

C’mon you guys….you have all been fooled. First of all, Gisele’s nose has been photo shopped to death! I agree she is a beautiful woman but those pictures do NOT represent her real nose. She is blessed with a beautiful body but her nose isn’t perfect like this magazine is displaying.

Kyle on

It doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that she would look this good after having her son. It’s her job to have a fantastic face and body, and she takes that responsibility very seriously which is why she is the number one model on the planet.

Regarding her nose, it’s camera angles and lighting. I saw the interview she gave as part of the making of Cocci video and some segments are not very flattering. It’s up on the website and YouTube as well.

Deborah on

Yeah sure she doesn’t have a nanny or a night nurse,etc…yeah right , sure. She can say that all she wants…maybe her mother is her nanny, doesn’t matter, she STILL HAS HELP were most women only have their husbands to help if they are lucky.

Buffy Darlington on

LOL Becky, so true!!

Subway Gal on

One word – Photoshop. Obviously. Come on, people!

Audrey on

The clothes are very 80s, too 80s…having already lived it! The clothing was and is atrocious!

Rachel on

her body looks great but her face has been seriously photoshopped! She looks really different than that…

Tanya on

She totally had a nose job!! Besides who cares for her anyways, get us some new faces!! She looks great but she is SO full of herself in all her interviews.

Chris on

I don’t think she is a pretty woman.This picture is nice but alot of air brushing. Her face isn’t so attractive when you see her in regular untouched photos.I can’t help comparing her to Bridget Monaghan because I always thought she was a natural beauty and never could see what Tom brady saw in Gisele.Sorry if you don’t like my comments.

Leanne on

Let;s not forget photo shop…..not saying she isn’t back to her thin self but I am sure there were plenty of “flaws” they touched up.

Brynn on

She barely looked pregnant even in her final weeks, so its no wonder she bounced back so quickly.

mili on

she looks nothing like giselle in the first picture!! was her nose retouched or sth? it looks like she had a nose job!

loubee on

i am jealous, i dont look as good after having my baby…damn celebrities

Lindsey on

we all knew she was going to look amazing. so she does. she’s beautiful. always will be.

wonnie on

she is hot, my lil sis looks hot too after birthing her daughter, so thats the body

Maria on

She looks amazing.

Jamme on

Itsa easy when you have a personal chef, trainer and nanny

wanda on

the only person interested in Gisele’s post body weight is Gisele. to her credit she is an expert salesman. notice that her modeling keeps going south to brazil. she did get the cover of vogue – how much of that was due to Benjamin and Tom Bady buzz. I don’t know her but I suspect the ego is very large in the Brady house. I still think she’s skinny as a stick. Now she’s Olive Oil with guns


C. on

Of course, I congratulate her and Tom on the baby and I am happy for them. But to be honest, she is hard to like! All this attitude about being able to pro-create and look like a million bucks 5 minutes after birth. Hey, G. maybe not everyone in this world was born with legs up to their neck, and some women’s bodies DO change after pregnancy. I’m not jealous, have 3 kids and am 5.8 and 115, so that’s not the point, I’m just tired of the “it was so easy for me” attitude, you;re just lucky, so enjoy, but don’t shove it in everyone’s face. Anyway, good luck and hope you have many more!

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Candy on

She looks great! I am fat, so you know, everyone looks great right now. But for having had a baby she is awesome. I didn’t have a baby, just ate too much without exercising while studying. Oh well.

fuesiaFeagrig on

generates a cannabis in left

Valerie on

How much airbrushing did they do?

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