'Mad Men' Star Christina Hendricks On Body Scrutiny: 'It Kind of Hurt My Feelings'

02/15/2010 at 03:49 PM ET

courtesy of New York Magazine

Judging from her lingerie-clad appearance on the cover New York magazine’s Spring Fashion issue, you might not guess that Mad Men star Christina Hendricks would be self-conscious about her voluptuous figure. But after her curves started attracting more attention than her acting, culminating in last month’s flap over her Golden Globes appearance, the 34-year-old actress says she couldn’t help but feel embarrassed by the scrutiny. “It kind of hurt my feelings at first,” she admits. “Anytime someone talks about your figure constantly, you get nervous, you get really self-conscious. I was working my butt off on the show, and then all anyone was talking about was my body!” And despite her old-Hollywood looks, the actress, who will reprise her role as Joan Holloway on next season’s Mad Men, says fans are always surprised when they spot her in real-life — without her retro-fitting garb. “The way we dress on Mad Men is so associated with old photographs, with people’s parents and grandparents,” she says. “In person, I wear jeans and flip-flops and people are so shocked. They tell me I look so much younger than they expected.” But as for her weight and other body-related questions, Hendricks says she’s so over talking about it. “It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth,” she says. For more on Christina Hendricks, visit nymag.com.–David Yi

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L.C. on

I think this women has a smoking body and reflects what REAL women look like and what REAL men LIKE to look at. Not emaciated, bones sticking out everywhere with fake boobs nailed to a picket fence which has somehow been morphed into what is considered attractive by the media.

Ellie on

I Americans are just crude and rude in their obsession about weight, coming from a country where everyone is seriously obese and yet they have the NERVE to criticize this woman’s lovely curves.

Kristina looks AHHH-MAZING compared to all the bones and anorexic women on the front pages of every American magazine. I think she’s truly beautiful and women need to STOP focusing on all the beauty BS being spewed by the fashion world and just be themselves. I’d rather be healthy, than skinny and a dope addict any time.

WHO wants a THIN, SICKLY woman? That’s like hugging a broom for god sake. Yuck!

Maureen on

I would kill to look like her! She looks amazing!

Jon on

Aww, sorry those Body Scruntiny issues hurt her feelings, don’t let it get to you, Christina, just ignore him and keep your head up high!

Aimee on

I think she is beautiful and shouldn’t get her feelings hurt from a group of bottom feeders. I think she is one of the hottest women on tv today.

Dorothy on

I completely agree with Ellie! I was going to say something about it, but she pretty much summed it up. I think Christina Hendriks is beautiful

Eli on

I think she’s GORGEOUS, but ugh, the way she was styled and photographed on the cover does not do her justice. Her body looks great, but that weird giant fake ratty ponytail is icky, her bangs cover most of her face, and her makeup doesn’t do her any favors. Bad job, New York mag, cuz she is stunning and you screwed the pooch on that one.

Zaphod on

I am so sick of the media, especially the fashion media, criticizing people for their weight. First of all, Christina looked amazing in her gown and she looks equally amazing on the magazine cover. She looks… gasp!… like a WOMAN and not a pre pubescent school boy. Kim Kardashian used to have an hourglass figure as well, but now she’s taking it too far with the dieting and starting to lose the curves. Here’s a clue Hollywood and shallow fashion critics… MEN LIKE CURVES!! If we liked emaciated waifs, we’d be gay and date boys.

Leave Christina alone and stop perpetuating an unrealistic, unhealthy, unattractive stereotype to women which causes them to feel insecure and inferior. Women are worried about sexism in the workplace, maybe they should start looking toward the fashion industry instead.

lisa on

Thank you for being REAL! You look GREAT!

lisa on

Do not feel bad about how you look. You are a real woman with a real body that is fantastic!!!! I watch every episode of mad men and you are so beautiful on the show and off. Keep rockin the fab outfits!!!!!

Patti on

Christina needs to know those few “critics” of her are not the majority. She is a stunning woman and someone all girl should aspire to look like. I would love to have her figure, I know my boyfriend would also love it.

Cass on

I love her! She is my idol and hero and I’m comfortable with my curves because of her. I hope she’s a part of Hollywood for years to come!

jwb on

Posing in lingerie while complaining about body scrutiny is a bit rich, Christina.

sh_min on

I think that true beautiful woman’s body is healthy one than skined or thin one.

KD on

This woman is smoking. I could only hope that my body looks that good. I am not thin by any means. My husband says “Real women have curves.” And I love him for it. I am so happy that some people do not care about weight and that some love us just for being women! You’re gorgeous, Girl. No one can put you down!

Christina Hendricks Reveals Breasts on New York Magazine Cover (PHOTOS) | Bitten and Bound on

[…] She said, “It kind of hurt my feelings at first.  Anytime someone talks about your figure constantly, you get nervous, you get really self-conscious.  I am working my butt off on the show, and then all anyone was talking about was my body!” […]

G.G. on

She’s definitely a gorgeous woman, that’s for sure. And it’s true that it’s about time that normal sized women were celebrated and appreciated. But let’s not assume also that all women look like that either. Some women are naturally thin, petite or willowy….it doesn’t make them any less “female” or attractive if they don’t have all of Christina Hendricks’ gorgeous curves! But it’s so refreshing to see women that don’t all look the same on magazine covers and represent the fact that women come in all shapes and sizes and are all gorgeous in their own way.

Marilyn on

You go, girl! Big ladies are people too!

Rebekah on

I would give anything to look like her. How can she be criticized. Some people are NUTS.

Andrea on

I agree with your sentiment, but there’s no reason to generalize to all Americans. Fashion magazines and Hollywood do not represent the 300+ million people that live here. I think this woman is gorgeous and more importantly, is a spectacular actress who just completely nails this role. Just because one moron in the fashion world criticized her red carpet dress doesn’t mean that an entire society doesn’t appreciate her beauty.

Morgan on

I thought she looked awesome in her Golden Globes gown, and she looks awesome on this cover! And what a sweet husband she has, very supportive.

Randi on

Christina Hendricks is totally my girl crush. I think she is amazing to look at. She gives ladies like me the confidence to embrace our full, natural breasts and curves. And Christina is not a “big” girl by any means. She’s a goddess.

Bella on

Women come in ALL shapes and sizes…I am a naturally thin (size 0/2), yet curvy women (Yes, you can be thin and still have curves). Being thin does not make a woman any less of a woman. Thin women are REAL women too. I find it disturbing that some people think it is ok to criticize thin women in order to make larger women feel better about themselves…it is possible to appreciate the beauty of many sizes without putting down one or the other…

Lily on

She’s a gorgeous, curvy woman and should be proud of her beautiful figure!

PS on

Holy smokes. I have no idea who she is but clicked over to see what all the fuss was about. She’s GORGEOUS.

neens on

I wish I could hold my weight that well, it usually doesn’t distribute like that on most women. As long as she is healthy, she looks awesome. I am concerned if maybe she is a little too heavy, with everyone obsessing over NOT obsessing over weight, some people are unrealistic about what really is HEALTHY. Anyway, there’s no denying that she does look fabulous.

ad on

She is Gorgeous!

CW on

I’m afraid y’all just don’t get it. More comment on the acting and less on the body! She’s really excellent in her role!

Whyintheheck on

Big thumbs up to New York magazine for putting this gorgeous, talented actress on their cover. I’ve gotta get me a copy!

johh on

Seriously, she’s not fat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shirley on

she is gorgeous, sexy, smart and a good actress. these other bimbos can’t hold a candle to her. she needs to close her ears to this BS and move on down the road….

Sofia on

Christina, honey:
You have an amazing body and one of the most pretty faces I’ve ever seen. I haven’t watch mad men yet, I don’t even now if the show airs in argentina but you shouldn’t feel nervous at all.You are beautiful period.
love, sofi

Jen DC on

Every time I see her, rational thought ceases – and I’m a straight woman. I mean, bam bam bam! If I were a man, I’d move to Hollywood or wherever she is and make a play for her. I’d stop short of being a stalker; no one likes a weirdo. But man… she’s just hot, old school, breast and hips hot. Don’t change a thing, honey! Ignore the “you’re too big” fools – they have a vested interest in keeping the waifs on the front cover and the diet industry in business.

Patti on

OMG-you people calling her a “big lady” and saying she “holds her weight well” DO NOT get the point. She is not over-weight by any means. She is curvy and beautiful. As for her “posing in lingerie while complaining about body scrutiny” being a bit rich. Hi, um, the point is she is saying, this is my body and it is hot, screw the scrutiny!!!!!!

Linda on

I’m a woman and think she’s gorgeous AND talented. However, if she has a problem with focus on her body, she shouldn’t appear on magazine covers in lingerie.

LisalovesAmelie on

Ellie, just because the American media, which many of them are foreign run, has an obsession with weight and appearance (and so do most foreign fashion mags for that matter), why lump all “us Americans” in together? I don’t have any friends who would call Ms. Hendricks anything other than beautiful exactly the way she is. Xenophobia — look it up… That being said, Christina Hendricks is stunning. She does not have a weight issue. She has a larger bust. You look at her waist, her arms, and anything else in regards to her figure and can see the obvious in that she is slender, healthy even. I think any woman who has as many people discussing her figure like she does would have insecurities. Hopefully, she has enough experience and self confidence to realize that this is just yet more fodder for selling papers and magazines. Don’t change a thing, Ms. Hendricks!

Cindy on

I think that she looks incredible……..I wish I could look like that! Why in the world would she be insecure about what people say when she looks great! Its because everyone thinks that if people arent a size 0, then they are fat!!!! Lets be realistic!

Christina Hendricks Covers NY Magazine in Corset (PHOTOS, VIDEO) on

[…] She said, “It kind of hurt my feelings at first.  Anytime someone talks about your figure constantly, you get nervous, you get really self-conscious.  I am working my butt off on the show, and then all anyone was talking about was my body!” […]

carla on

when i saw christina for the first time on mad men the first words that entered my mind were “va va va voooooom” she is stunning and only wish i had the full package like she does – christina you are beautiful and i will but this issue just because you’re on it and to pin up the photos of you to remind ME that I’m beautiful too regardless if i’m 10lbs the weight i should be!

can’t wait to see what they have in store for your character on mad men!

Nick on

her boobs are humongous

bill on

I think people missed her point. She said she was upset because she works hard and no one talks about her work, they talk about her body and people come on here saying she shouldn’t get upset. Well how would you feel if you worked your butt off and the only recognition you got was “Nice boobs”.

You people are shallow.

Cheong on

Don’t get me wrong, I think she’s great on Mad Men and a very beautiful woman, but duh, if you don’t want people to talk about your body don’t model on magazine covers in your underwear.

Leo on

If she’s so hurt about people commenting on her curves, why does she pose on the cover of a magazine in lingerie? Just asking.

Veriola on

I have a six 6 bod and people tell me my figure is fabulous. But you know what? I would KILL to look like that. She is fabulous and womanly. You go girl!

Christina Hendricks Covers NY Magazine in Corset (PHOTOS, VIDEO) | Celebrity Wildcard on

[…] She said, “It kind of hurt my feelings at first.  Anytime someone talks about your figure constantly, you get nervous, you get really self-conscious.  I am working my butt off on the show, and then all anyone was talking about was my body!” […]

Christina Hendricks posa per New York Magazine | only gossip on

[…] Via | Egotastic/People […]

Melissa on

You have nothing to feel bad about, at all! Judging by the response, the only one that should feel bad is the idiot who wrote that comment in the first place! Don’t change a thing! You are a good example of what a real beautiful woman should be. And, not just one the outside either. Every woman is beautiful in her own way and it doesn’t have to be a physical attritube either.

Missy on

Lordy, that woman keeps her man warm at night. Lucky guy.

Niki on

totally agree with Eli… She’s drop-dead gorg, but th styling/make-up here doesn’t do much for her.

Kris on

Christina Hendricks is THE most beautiful woman today in Hollywood. Her acting on Mad Men is infectious. There was a very good line by her boss on the show saying Marylin Monroe wishes she were Joan… that kind of sums it up. I would really like to see her do a homage to Marylin shoot.

Ann on

I have watched all three seasons of Mad Men and she is a fantastic actress. Her figure understandably draws a lot of attention because she is the only one who looks like a female instead of a pre-pubescent boy.

ALM on

Hey boys, that’s what REAL boobs look like. Take your silicone and stuff it…

Baby Cheetah on

Love her. It’s so great to see a women who looks likes the rest of us.HOllywood needs to get a grip and realize MEN & WOMEN want to see more relaistic looking images on screen. They don’t have a clue as to what is beautiful> Thank you Christina you are an inspiration.

6877SS on

Christina is so much more beautiful, talented and real than the sickly looking, plastic surgery-enhanced fakes that are so prevalent today. Doesn’t matter if she had B cups or DDD cups. Megan Fox, Heidi Montag, or any of those types have NOTHING on her.

Be proud of yourself Christina, you rock!

blogsexwebganzprivat › Private Sexcam Frauen on

[…] 'Mad Men' Star Christina Hendricks On Body Scrutiny: 'It Kind of <b>…</b&… […]

Frederika on

She is a true women! Curves and everything! STUNNING. Don’t change a thing, don’t even lose a pound, because you are perfect as is. Ignore all those jerks that say you are a ‘big girl’.

don't blame media on

i don’t blame the media for US women being insecure about their weight/looks. Ignore it. Stop buying all the fashion mags or be more vocal about what you are willing to PAY MONEY for and they will give it to you. For the record, the reason models look like clothes hangers is bc it is easier for designers to have one size (a sample size) to make their designs for instead of having to fit each one separately. and if the woman has no shape (the little boy body as some term it), then you don’t have to worry about how the dress will hang. you know already. I DO, however, blame hwood and the media for the pressure they put on actresses and models. but the general populace should be smart enough to realize the same rules don’t apply to them. they sit in an office all day on their arses and eat fast food for lunch. these people have the money and impetus to get personal trainers and specialized diets. Why would you compare yourselves to them?

Vivian on

I’m a new Mad Men fan…it’s one of the best shows on TV. I think Christina Hendricks is one of the most gorgeous women on the planet. She ranks right up there w/ Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe in the looks department. Her face and body are flawless. I wish she had her own show! (Kind of a Sex and the City in the 60s)

Anyway, she is a goddess!

(For the record, I’m a 35 year old married mom!)

PJ on

Christina is a beautiful woman. I’d much rather have her curves then be skinny as a rail.

Olivia on

This is what a woman is supposed to look like.
She is the perfect example of womanhood.
She is about as sexy as it gets. Please don’t let the negatives get to you. You are beautiful and perfectly built. Flaunt your beauty!!!!

Head Diva In Charge on

She is amazing! No one will ever be good enough as far as the media goes. If she looses weight then she has an “eating disorder”, if she doesn’t “then she if fat”. I think she is perfect…and trust me, those jerky guys who say she is fat or chubby – if they saw her working the counter at the local GAP store they would be ALL OVER HER. Thank you for bringing back glam Christina!

eileengeilimchat on

[…] 'Mad Men' Star Christina Hendricks On Body Scrutiny: 'It Kind of <b>…</b&… […]

Kristin on

Christina is GORGEOUS, but I totally agree with G.G. We need to start embracing all women’s body types and celebrating how healthy and happy women look naturally, realizing that everyone is different. Christina is a great role model for this. I think she has helped a lot of women become more comfortable with themselves – probably more than she realizes. I love watching her on Mad Men and I’m sure both women and men around America agree!

Em. on

Christina Hendricks is so beautiful. And so talented too, and that should be the most important part, shouldn’t it?

Hubba Bubba on

The majority of these critics are gay men and have no business criticizing women over anything. It is just insulting!

People CanFan on

I think that Christina is the embodiment of what a real women should look like- lush, curvy and healthy.

I would kill to wake up any morning with her beautiful figure, porcelain skin and that gorgeous red hair.

Christina never doubt that you are a beautiful women and that all those that criticize are just jealous.

kingbiscuitpants on

she is easily the most beautiful woman in hollywood right now. I’m just being honest. Any critiqe likely came from some silly miserable anorexic with relationship issues. I worked as a bouncer for years in a strip club (to support my family for the record) so it takes a ridiculously gorgeous woman to even make me look up from a blogpost because I’m so desensitized & she is just dead beautiful.

bree on

She seems desperate for attention.

Erin on

She’s gorgeous…but I’d like her a lot more if she didn’t pose like that on a cover and then complain about everyone looking at her body before her work.

Shadow Step on

She clearly has a delicious body – I’d like to see her in the Superwoman movie *g*

Top Posts — WordPress.com on

[…] ‘Mad Men’ Star Christina Hendricks On Body Scrutiny: ‘It Kind of Hurt My Feelings… courtesy of New York Magazine Judging from her lingerie-clad appearance on the cover New York magazine’s Spring […] […]

kmkgiel on

I think the pose is a take off on “The Eternal Question” by Charles Dana Gibson back in the early 1900’s. It is a very famous painting. That accounts for the hair in a kind of backwards question mark.

Anna S. on

I’m confused. Do people really believe that Christina’s breasts are real? Just google old pictures of her and you will see that she was rather flat before. Not that there is anything wrong with getting implants, but hers are so obviously fake – she looked nothing like this in her previous movies.

Justin Tyme on

Man, that girl is seriously hot. I don’t know why anyone would ever say anything bad about how she looks. I think she looks better than most models/actresses I’ve seen.

All American Male on

The only people that don’t think that she is hot are either jealous women or gay men.

Jlee on

Um, so, if we’re not supposed to focus on her tits, then why is she always showing them? I mean, she got the Mad Men job because of her body. If nothing else, the script on the show tells us that.

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Jack on

not bad for a fat girl

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One of the redeeming things about being an athlete is redefining what is humanly possible. -Lance Armstrong

Cole Coulston on

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RealCurveslover on

She is beyond gorgeous this woman.All men love cures and this woman has them.Her red hair geeneyes and fair skin can’t e matched.She is just SMOKING HOT!

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