VOTE! Jennifer Aniston's Thigh-High Slit: So, So Sexy or Too, Too Much?

01/18/2010 at 05:29 PM ET

Jim Smeal/BEImages

All eyes were on Jennifer Aniston when she took the stage at last night’s Golden Globe Awards. The normally conservative star stuck to her classic black, but stunned audiences with her slit-to-there Valentino gown. Though Jennifer usually shows off her toned–and tanned!–legs in minidresses, we loved seeing her in something so sexy and different. And with hunky costar Gerard Butler by her side, this sexy Valentino number was the perfect way to end her flirty and fabulous Golden Globes weekend. Tell us: What do you think of Jennifer Aniston’s slit? Was it just right or a little too much? Vote now!–Andrea DeSimone

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amanda on

I don’t care about what anyone says, Jennifer looks hot. I’m still surprised she doesn’t have a guy following her every step! She looks beautiful. :)

Cindy on


jennifer on

who wouldn’t show those legs??? She looks absolutely amazing….AND she is over 40!! It isn’t any worse (actually better in my opinion) than showing extreme cleavage like so many did last night. You go jenn!

patsy on

she is so beautiful. she looks really good for being in her 40s. i hope i look like that when im that age

ugh on

err, I think the whole Rachel from friends coverage is TOO MUCH. She presented an Award … she didn’t win one. She is not a Movie star. Sophia Loren, Sandra Bullock, Halle Berry, Meryl , Helen Mirren and so many other ladies deserve the attention and coverage sooo much more than Rachel from friends. Reese Witherspoon looked lovely.

dee on

she does look good for her age….

….but she’s on my list of over-rated stars, after awhile you get sick of hearing about them

Jennifer on


Kathy on

As usual she looked great. What was Brad Pitt thinking?

hotmomma on

She looks fantastic! She has a hot body, why not show it off!

alice on

Who is writing all this articles about Jennifer Aniston on Her publicist? Of all the deserving actors and actresses that were yesterday at Golden Globes, why are we bombarded with all this write-ups about her?

Mike on

My only complaint: That the dress only showed off 1 of her amazing legs lol! Shes got such a great body! Should show it all off :)

Cat on

Jennifer looked fabulous!!

tina on

she looks stunning!

k on

Wow, another example of just how desperate this woman is.

Jessica on

Are you kidding me? Jennifer Aniston looked fabulous. There are worse things for us to worry about, like Mariah Carey’s bosoms hanging out for all of the world to see!

Grace on

Don’t be jealous.
Jen has a pair of healthy, sexy, and beautiful legs. Other actresses can show their so so legs. Why not Jen? I am very pleased that Jennifer did it beautifully and gracefully.

ChiefSlapaho on

Jennifer Aniston is absolutely beautiful and she IS a movie star as well as a tv star…
It sounds like some of you are either jealous or your really that doormat uggalina jolie incognito and doing some whining because she (jolie) is the ugliest of the two…

janie on

You go Jennifer,Idon’t care when some comments are negative about you; they are just jealous. I
think you have class also. Janie

Jennifer on

If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

nadja on

How, for the love of God, is she expressing despair?? She glows heavenly!
I think she’s amazing, and personally, I wouldn’t complain at all if I’d look like that in my 20’s right now ;)

Elizabeth Deal on

Way too much. She is imitating Angelina. Jen does not want children and she can not keep a man. She needs to be her own person. Is being thin being happy to her, I wonder.

Penny on

Not a Jennifer Anniston fan at all. But she worked that dress. I just wish her hair didn’t look so messy.

Beth on

Sexy, yet classy. Better than Mariah’s leave-nothing-to-the-imagination cleavage.

Jennie McElyea on

Jennifer is one of my favorite celebrities, and her dress was made for her. Love you Jenn
Hope you find someone soon for a soul mate.

Nafeesah on

Jennifer looks great for 40 I’ve seen women older than her who are a hot mess. At least she stays in shape and takes care of herself. I think she looks great in that dress I am jealous of her legs they suit the dress very well.

Terrie on


mariem on

Always a pleasure to view one of the world’s natural beauties.

Jolie on

flaunt it while u got it Jen! i’m your age and dont look half as good. I used to be hot in my 20’s…. and she has kept it up! good for her! you go girl!

cjay on

pretty dress. great hair. we’d all have hair like that tho’ if A) we had her money & B) had her sylist…whom if you google her, spends hours transforming her hair.and travels with her. must be nice! she probably thought if AJ (jolie) was there, she’d try & trump her outfit. by the way jenn aniston’s initials are JA…and angelina’ are opposite at AJ…funny. also, let’s not forget she got a million an episode on Friends, so it’s nice to see an actress use her money!

Quincy on

I like her slits.

Chicago Chick on

Anyone who thinks it is too much probably doesn’t have great legs like Jen!!! You go girl! You are making all of us 40 somethings look good.

Joelyn on

Jennifer Aniston is an Angelina Jolie “wanna-be”. Angelina wore a high-cut slit at one of 2009’s awards. It was in peach. Angelina was elegantly, classy, and beautiful while Jennifer looks more like a generic celebrity.

Becky on

She is simply beautiful

JenFan on

Jennifer looks perfect! Tan, toned, beautiful! Better than 99% of women in their twenties. She’s ageless! Brad’s an idiot.

torrie on

Why are people always bragging on her legs? She has thick thighs, big knees, and man-calves. Don’t get me started on her feet! Just because her legs are tan, it doesn’t make them beautiful. It’s all about proportion. Charlize Theron and Naomi Campbell have gorgeous legs. Jen’s are okay for a soccer mom. Also, the panty flash was so tacky. Leave that “uncool” move to Lindsay Lohan, oh-so-desperate-one. on

HOW OLD IS SHE? imean she defenatly looks great for her age but damn girl!!
ur old at the same time .. verY much DESPERATE!FOR ATTENTION

april on


susan on

It would be nice to see her in an actual color. All she ever wears is black or beige. She’s boring.

Caitlin on

Jennifer Aniston is a lovely and refreshingly down-to-earth celebrity. I love reading about her.

Judy on

She looks a little thick in the waist. But her legs are lovely!

kris on

She looks AMAZING…I would show off my hot bod if I looked like her too!!!!!!

Kay on

Her legs look a bit chubby with the slit so high…if it was a little lower it would have been perfect. Seems like a little desperado to em…

marie on

Angelina wore it better in MAY 2009 Cannes…

ho hum on

If it was any other 40 year old, everyone would be saying that it’s inappropriate but Aniston always gets a pass. It comes across as desperate which is something she has excelled at in the last few years.

Jordyn on

As much as I root for her, this dress is too much – it looks desperate. I wish she’d show more originality and self esteem.

San on

Looks can be very deceiving. Yeah she is beautiful outside, but what about inside? Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

lucia on

she looks ridiculous. jennifer has a great body but the dress is too much. know when to temper a style with good taste. you don ‘t have to have a slit up to your crotch to look gorgeous.

jeannae on

I think the slit is too high, but I think Jennifer is amazing. She looks fantastic and seems so genuine.

Sylvia on

She is a very beautiful women but there is something to say about leaving a little something to the imagination, and all the incredible guys that she has had relations with in the past have you ever wondered why she can’t hold on to any of them!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lyn on

Why so many articles on this person? Not special as an actress, pretty forgetable as an actress . Jennifer Aniston … Yawn…. The writers need to get off her , they would be surprised how little anyone would miss her.

mari on

I would look like that if I made millions, no kids & no husband, all you have time for is yourself.

CJ on

Dress was great but her hair was a mess..she would look so much better with bangs and her hair in a ponytail.

Elizabeth on

She’s trying too hard to be like Angelina. She should just relax, have confidence and be herself. She can win him back that way.

Kate on

Jen is classy . . . always has been even through the days when Brad committed adultery with AJ (yes, he did). Jen is a natural beauty outside, however, it is her inside beauty, and sense of humor that makes her radiant. AJ will never be radiant or beautiful from the inside no matter how many kids she delivers or adopts.

mL on

she looks amazing!!!!

Danny on

Love her man I wish I could go out with her

Isabella on

It has been done many times, particularly by ANGELINA!She has nice legs, but there is something about the whole outfit that makes me squirm. Maybe because she is 40 and we see her cuddling up to the likes of John Mayer or Vince Vaughn. Now, it’s Butler?! I mean, her man was taken by Angelina who goes off to have adorable babies with Brad, pen an editorial, become an active UN Ambassador and a known humanitarian, and BE RELEVANT. I want her to flip Angelina over! Can she at least find a true love, preferably a great-looking tycoon? Now that would start to be even!

jamie on

Of course Jen looks hot! I’m not really a fan of her, but if I had a nutritionist/trainer who tells me what to eat and when to eat, how to exercise, which body parts to work on, etc…, etc.., then I’d look great in 40’s too. And I’d show it off just like she would! LOL! :D

Danny on

Yaa will be the to make her happy

celeste on

i can’t hate – she does look good. it just seems like she’s trying hard to get some attention her way (instead of her ex-other half and his other half). she sure isn’t getting it by being the greatest actress or being in great movies. she’s starting to get annoying…

Donna West on

Too bad she’ll never really rate as a movie star. But keep pluggin’ away at TV; thats where she excels.

Dawn on

She looked great.

Celia on

I think it looks like she’s trying too hard. She doesn’t have to try so hard to be sexy. You can be sexy and not dress like a stripper.

Shar on

If you’ve got legs like that, you absolutely should show them.

Ria on

She is just everything! Definitely she is the most beautiful woman. And that dress… Oh my God! I have no more words for her… I love you, Jen! ♥

lac on

Lots of over 40 women living through Jen desperate need to look sexy. Seeing her underwear on the red carpet is not classy.

momo on

Jennifer looks so amazing!!
she has a beautiful body, and this dress looks really sexy. Honestly, she had the most beautiful dress, she always looks the best! :) :)

Misdemeanor on

She has nice gams but she’s tryin too hard…she looks better when dressed more conservatively…others look better in dresses like these. Why is she big news again??? Oh yeah…she had that show back in the day. Yawn

lac on

BTW People Mag when has Aniston ever been conservative. She posed nude lots of times and magazines and the year before wore a low cut dress.

Debi on

Jennifer looks Hot! If I had her legs & body I’d do my best the flaunt them as well. Way to go Jen!

Becky on

She looks pathetic! For God’s sake why can’t she just act her age? Dressing like Angie will NEVER get her to look sexy, she just looks like a 40 year old that looks like a tomboy trying to dress and act like a sexy 30 year old – she just can’t carry it!

min on

I think she always looks great, she’s very classy in all ways.

Holly Holmaas on

Does anyone not remember Angelina Jolie’s dress with the high slit? there was not a stir of comments about her dress. What’s so different about Jennifer Aniston? She may be older, but still looks just as good.

sara on

Jennifer Aniston is trying WAAAAY too hard. Last year she was forcing John Mayer to pretend to be hot for her because Brad and Angelina were at the Golden Globes, and now this. She needs to tone down the desperation a tad.

Paticorn A. on

Jennifer is a beautiful woman, but obviously something keeps the fellas away. Looks aren’t everything, so it’s my guess there is more to Jennifer than what we see in those beautiful clothes. I like her, think she’s funny but she is always Rachel….

S.Hamm on

She is stunning AND classy…absolutely beautiful.

Ken on

Baby girl, you never looked soooo good, keep driving the crazies wild.

Ken on

Im available to walk down the carpet with you anytime

nat on

she doesn’t have guys following her, because she is toooooo needy.

John on

She has always been a beautiful lady. Nothing has changed.

Mike on

For all the LADIES out there, take a good look at Jens legs because 99% of us guys consider them perfect! Any thinner or bigger and they will loose their sexiness!! So if u want “sexy” legs, Jens is definitely what u should aim for.

Laurel on

A great example of sexy yet classy. Far better than say, Jennifer Lopez’s recent over the top catsuit…

Loren on

Although she does look good. dont u think it seems like she’s copying angie. Angie wore a peach colored split thigh high dress recently. I think it was to a premiere or something.

pinkcashmere on

The flashed her lady bits… Ofcourse U made sure NOT to show those pic though. Still trying to sell Rachel from Friends as the sexy movie star. ROTFLMAO!

U can write a gazillion fluff articles about her on your tabloid site, But the whole world heard the diss from the host and saw her flashing the audience and there are pics of it online.

Gise on

She’s gorgeous and classy, a Lady!

Stacie on

She is so beautiful!

Red User on

On the J-Lo 10 point scale of scandalous dresses, that one is barely a 3. Completely unremarkable.

vale on

She is beautiful, If I have legs like that i would show them too.

Kim on

Bottom line, she looks AMAZING. If I looked like that, especially at age 40, I would show it off too! Give the girl a break. You’re all ridiculously jealous. In my opinion, she’s way more gorgeous than Angelina anyway. You messed up big time, Brad.

Connie on

I think she gets too much attention also. It is too high especially when she sits. She is showing more skin and movies etc, she want attention and it can become from the wrong men if she keeps it up. I never liked her much, she brags about how great her life is all the time.

Dawn on


Debbie G on

Jennifer is a beautiful and classy lady. If I had her figure the slit would have gone all the way up to my arm pit!!!!!

joel on

seeing some snatch would have been better

john on

No matter what any of you say, if you look at the photo’s from the red carpet, which showed a lot of legs, this woman has legs that truly accent a slit up that far. You go Jen.

Corey on

Who wore it best?

This dress is really similar to the nude colour dress Jolie wore at Caines(?)

Marilyn on

She is so desperate for attention that she showed her crotch. What is wrong with her? We know she works and and has a good body but at her age she should know that less is more. She looked ridiculous and never, ever does her hair. Get a new hairstyle Jennifer. Her split was the equivalent of Mariah Carey’s boobs showing. Very bad taste. Why do you think she still has no man in her life. She’s a nut.

kris on

Yes, she is a pretty girl (not beautiful by any means), but I don’t get the obsession with her. She hasn’t done ANYTHING to deserve all the attention she gets. Besides Friends, she hasn’t had any sort of career. No critically acclaimed movies, no awards…when are people (and going to get over her and move on to a more deserving actress?

Marsha on

She looks great to me. She didn’t even walk
the red carpet so I don’t think she was trying
to hard to get attention. The dress is sexy
and she has a good figure so what’s wrong with

Stephanie on

loove her dress <33 Jennifer you r wayy prettier then Angelina !

Steven on

Wow! Jen really needs to get naked in a movie already lol Her body is amazing, and shes been teasing us men with it for over 15 years!!! Cant take it anymore!!!!

Bunzi on

I think that she’s trying to hard to channel Angelina from a few years ago. Like “UGH” said, too much Aniston already. Go away.

Ashley on

Wow really???? Why are people really making a big deal about her dress???? Jennifer is so hot she deserves to show it off. She looks amazing. Brad Pitt must really want her now. Amazing for her age and amazing for any woman.

Gary In Pismo on

As one who loves Jennifer and Angelina, Jennifer was the finest FEmale in the house. Too Much? Not with her. The more the merrier.

cordelia on

Whereas Jennifer shows beautiful tanned legs and looks wonderful, Angelina shows poor discolored bones, and looks older for her age.

Sugs on

Jennifer looks gorgeous!!! You’re killing ’em, girl — Keep doing your thang!!!

Tamie on

Jen is one of my favorite actresses…I love everything she does she is a gorgeous non fake woman………and she should show it all…but the way the slit is it looks a little a style…but the leg is perfect…….just my opinion…….

georgie on

give it a rest we have more pressing issues,
Such as supporting our president 100% rather than a slit in a dress is too risky.
America wake up worry about comes out the those Damm Republicans mouths and truely worry that republicans don’t want you to have health care like they have not to mention how they have no plan or care about your job or lack employment.

pollypurebred on

She does look good, but didn’t Angelina where a similarly slit dress not long ago? Is she trying to one up her rival?

And please, can we stop with her dating life? She seems to “date” every leading man she has. For someone 40 years young, I think she needs to grow up. Stop looking so desperate.

Sarah on

She looks amazing, and I don’t care what anyone else thinks. I can only wish I look like her when I am that age.

mar on

she looks just georgeus!! as always.

Andrea on

She looks awesome, fresh, and well, wholesome. Even in a “slit to there” dress! She also appears to be a well rounded, mature, human being.

For the millionth time, what was Brad thinking? MY theory: he caught a skeevy disease from Angelina and Jen wouldn’t take him back, nor would any other woman. EEEEeeewww!!!!

Scherry on

I think she looks very classy.. I hope her and Gerry (Gerard Butler) have hooked up.. He is HOT.. If I was about 25 years younger I would persue him myself, lol!! Shemar Moore, said on the Ellen show that he would like to take you out… He is a hottie too… Something to think about..

Barbara on

Jenn has been one lucky girl. Sorry, that dress is desperate looking. I was my own trainer–40 is not old. What is the big deal about her and most of these phony people. Trainers, cooks, real talent. I think they can all thank their publicits. Calling mediocre “stars” beauties and fashionable is such a joke. If you can’t see through that, try watching real acting and real beauties with real talent. I don’t see it in Jenn and most. Like I said, she’s been lucky in her career,like most of them, just playing themselves,it’s not acting,and getting so old.

Nikole on

Last night @ the GG was the 1st time I thought she looked hot, not just pretty. Eat it, Brad!

amie on

I think she looks like her classy self, and even better. Mariah Carey could definitely take a lesson from Jen on how to be tastefully sexy and not look vampy

bunnee on

she just flat out looks fantastic and young. while angelina looks good too its a kind of old good. its not fresh looking like jennifer. dont get me wrong angelina is beautiful but its a bit heavy or something. jen looks 20!

Alycia on

Those legs are stunning! No slit is too high for her!!

Abster on

If it were Angelina we wouldn’t even second-guess her dresses slit!! SHE LOOKS HOOOOOTTT at 40!!! I say go girl!!!

cyndi on

People magazine get it together.
Your writers and editors need to climb out of Jennifer Aniston’s a*ss.
She was there to present an award. Nothing more. She wasn’t a nominee and didn’t host the show.
Why are there constant updates about her night and her dress.
There must be 5 articles in one day.
One is enough.
Her dress looked fine but you would think she was the first person in all of Hollywood to wear a black dress with a slit.
Scale back your Jen at the Globes coverage it’s obnoxious and excessive.

sofia on

Jen, you look so amazing. I love it. And you’re over 40?!? How is that even possible? So happy that you’re looking heavenly and that you’re glowing from within. We here at Harvard love and support you. What was Brad thinking? No worries, honey, you’re so much better off without a cheating bastard. Just remember, once a cheater, always a cheater. Love you dear. And you’re rocking that dress!!!!!!

anna on

Has anyone noticed how Angelina looks like she’s 50? Probably because she’s the village bicycle, everyone has gotten a ride on that beast. Meanwhile, Jen looks AMAZING for her age. And radiant. And shining from within. All things you cannot say about Angelina, who rarely smiles.

Angela on

I think Jennifer looks amazing!!! She is a class act and always has been. She look great for her age and I admire her. Brad was crazy for letting her go!

Ani on

GORGEOUS! She’s always gorgeous.

Lou on


lola on

Wow, she look so amazing!

Nadia on

Jennifer looks absolutely stunning in that Valentino gown and looks like she is in her 30’s no way does she look like a woman in her 40’s.
You gotta love her.. she looks very striking

Christine Scott on

She looked great. Gerard as her date…nice!

Tracy on

She looks amazing! I am jealous. If I had a body like that, of course I would show it off.
People just need to leave this woman alone.

biggest team aniston fan on

Brad should be kicking himself for letting her go she and getting saddled to that home-wrecker! she is fantastic at 40 and she a very classy/respectable chic and very sexy and a independant woman thats why people are so jealous of her……everyman would do her and women want to be her!

Angi on

If there is an article about Jenn, people can not help but talk about Angelina! WHO CARES? Seems Jenn has moved on. How about everyone else try to.

nb on

Ugh … get over it girl – Angelina, you’ll never be no matter how much leg you show. Is it just me, or is anyone else sick of the pop-up ad on People’s web with her photo. People, pick someone new, there’s plenty to choose from.

foxy roxy on

Jennifer is a moron who needs to realize that no matter how hard she tries, Brad will never want her! It’s pathetic because she obviously tries really hard! He’s with Angelina, who is by far, the most beautiful.

biggest team aniston fan on

People might be sick of hearing about her but how do you think she feels? she probally would like to just go the grocery store without it being posted on the cover of some magazine.that is part of being a star but give them some privacy, jen looks great unlike the home-wrecker-she may enjoy being a mom and good for her but she looks worn down and doesnt look like she takes care of herself or brad, atleast when brad and jen were together he took care of himself and looked hot now he looks old and worn down!!!

Tracy on

Oh, and by the way, I would love to see the women who are criticizing Jennifer Aniston’s appearance. I would bet that these vicious women do not look even half as good as Jennifer Aniston. Jealous, jealous.

sharon on

I think it would have looked better if she had more coverage on her shoulders. The whole one strap thing makes it look like her dress is going to fall off.

Sophia Walcott on

What a beautiful, confident woman Jennifer Aniston is. She just glows- and it’s not just the tan!!! :)

Starbaby on

There must be some deal between organizers of these events and her public relations ppl because her only claim to fame is her connection with Angelina Jolie. While Jolie is a “Star” who made a niche for herself, Aniston has used Jolie, Pitt, Mayer, now Butler to draw attention to herself. She tries so hard and it comes off as desperate. She is constantly trying to make it look like there is something between her and the-latest-guy infront of her. That is just a lie. There is nothing between her and any guy because she is too focused on her obsession with Jolie. I wouldn’t be surprised if she worked Pitt or Jolie’s name into a conversation at every opportunity with anyone who takes time to date her or just talk to her. Maybe ten years from now when she starts to look abnormal from all the cosmetic procedures we will still be reading her latest efforts to draw praise and validation for her over Jolie.

c.c on

I think she absolutely looks amazing, she is one of those people who just keeps getting better with age. I say show more, she works hard to keep that body. YOU GO GIRL!

julie on

Jennifer aniston es una actriz excelente y además hermosa. Simplemente adoro ese vestido!

L on

There were so many award winning people there. What did she win? She stunned audiences? You make it sound like no other person ever wore a dress with a slit in it. How immature and boring. Since you mentioned Gerard Butler you should have at least included him in the picture.

nb on

Tracy …just a bit judgemental aren’t you? People can have opinions without being vicious. After all, you’re the one that said “I’m jealous” in you’re comment. Peace everyone!

Aud on

I think that Jennifer looks great. If I could give one critical comment, it would be that I think she’d look better in a updated hair style.

Marissa on

If I had a body and legs like her… I’d rock it for sure. Good for her!

Mary on

Jen is in excellent shape, obviously….
I did not follow her career in the past, but for a while now, she comes across like she’s trying too hard.

kay york on

Considering the catsuit J-Lo wore awhile back, and some of the slit down to here and up to there? This is so modest for the occasion and somewhat classy in this day and age….. Congrats Jen..

Johnny on

She’s over-rated, and certainly not in the same league as Angelina Jolie when it comes to sex appeal. Angie is hot, Jennifer just tries too hard. THAT’S what Brad Pitt was thinking, Kathy.

Belinda on

Yes she does look stunning, but Jennifer could wear a ratty old paper bag and look stunning. She is beautiful from the inside out so she doesn’t have to flaunt her body.

tina on


Nahum on

I would like to say MILF, but she would need the kids. That said, she is smoking hot. I can’t remember a bad picture I had seen of her.

Desiree on

Jennifer looks beautiful! If I where her age and had a body like that, I would wear the dress.

JustinCase on


Joanne on

Why are people still bringing up Brangelina? GET OVER IT! Jennifer has been through countless boyfriends and Brad has a mini-van of children. They have moved on and I wish Jennifer’s fans would do the same.

Another on

Have always loved her, she is beautiful, sexy and funny, I always tune in to see her appearances, but I feel that the dress was a little much. Being 40 and at such an event, it should be about being classy above all other. And when I say classy, I don’t mean conservative.

bridgette on

You all are still feeling sorry for Jen…to bad she can’t keep a guy even with legs like those! Somethings wrong with her

Mel on

I could never get into this woman, Jennifer Aniston. I could never get into the show,”Friends”. I’m sure she’s a nice lady, but she really doesn’t do it for me. Jaw bone always seemed kind of manly to me. Not that I’m a prize as a guy, but just my honest opinion about this, I’m sure, nice lady.

Tisha on

Jennifer is so BEAUTIFUL she makes girls half her age green with envy!!

Keila on

I can’t stand Jennifer Aniston anymore. She is still obsessing about Angelina Jolie even though Angelina Jolie has 6 children with Brad Pitt. Jen, MOVE ON!!!!

max on

The slit is definitely TOO high considering you can see her black panties in some photos i.e., when she is standing on a red carpet with Gerry looking down and also when she walks.

Funny how this picture was chosen when there were numerous photos out there that showed her black panties due to the too high slit.

Kim on

Good Evening,
You know Rosie has something here, regarding Hollywood giving to the Haiti Relief Fund/Charity that George Clooney is putting on. However I don’t thing it should be a cover charge but perhaps a donation proportionate to what they earn. Yes indeed put there money where their mouth is….after all they can certainly afford more than the rest of us ordinary folk.

binangski on

Aniston`s attire is just fine & looks her more gorgeous. There`s a lot of sexy dress wore in special occassions but she just chose right..don`t hate her for being sexy because that is what she is. She got the “K” to show her sexiness at least..don`t compare her to ANGIE whose fluppy in any dress due to her skinny body.

jon on

Jennifer has a very nice slit

Jason on

Great look on her!

steph on

She looks stunning! How could anybody possibly hate it?!

liza on

its not too high, its really sexy.

Jane on

Jennifer is as natural as her Golden Globe attire
which is plain and uncomplicated but exclusive. Chins up to her and I always wish her the best in life.

Leslie Guy on

I am so sick of Aniston. The dress was OK-
obviously a little over the top. I don’t
find her very attractive. It is sad that Pitt
dumped her-but women (and men) get dumped
all the time. She has a great career and plenty
of money-I am just so tired of hearing about her.

jennifer rocks on

omg she is so hot cant beliebe she’s 40 already
i love jennifer aniston, dont care what you haters said, jennifer’s beautiful talented and everything good :))
brad pitt must be soooo bummed now to have left her for angelina jolie she sucks

Marie on

She’s a desperate HAG. She wore that dress to be talked about like this for days. So lame. Undoubtedly People is in bed with her team of agents and PR reps. Why else would they promote her so diligently so often! If she wasn’t trying to sell something we wouldn’t be seeing all this skin ALL the time. I mean, is she an actress or a stripper? I forget. She knows she has little else to keep her film career alive – and I use the word “career” as a stretch – except to keep revealing parts of her body. Last night it was leg and underwear; soon it will be her boobs again and who knows what else in W. What a sad, desperate figure.

She’s ready for her close-up, Mr. DeMille!

Rob on

She looks great. This is Hollywood where’s its always turned up a few knoches!

doug sinnott on

Who really cares?
Just another chain-smoking,coke-sniffing, bag of bones,who goes on about a “healthy lifestyle”,when,in private,the opposites the case.
She’s just trying to prove she’s still glamourus,although she’s now almost middle aged,and, in competition with other “celebs”,needs to wear the least clothes,without getting arrested,to get the publicity they crave.

Dee on

Why invent controversy when there is none? Consider some of the “shove the boobs in our face” fashions we saw. She looked beautiful, classy and elegant.

Jim on

she looks fantastic, why would she hide those legs?

mongoose on

Jennifer Aniston looks delicious!! Nuff said!

Anastasia on

too much?i don’t think so!she looks absolutely stunning in this dress,i loved it from the moment i saw it!she is very beautiful,i really like her!

Lulu on

If you got it, show it!

zen on

she still looks good but she should do something about her hair. she is much better than angelina jolie but i guess brad deserves her.

Golda on

What’s with Jen? She gets classier and more beautiful with each year.

Katie on

She looked beautiful but Im sick of hearing about this so called feud between her and Angelina. Both are gorgeous so can we move on now?

joel on

gives me one heck of a boner

jen fan on

just wondering…….People mag did you run this poll after jolie wore a slit dress???your sweet on jolie and it shows…….why????????

eve on

I think there is just one or two people writing all these “you go girl” or classy tan gorgeous” comments, it all sounds the same

Josh on

YOWZA!!! Too much??? Not enough!!!!

Nena on

She should be looking that good most the time considering NO kids, no husband, and MILLIONS in the bank.!

whatever on

The first thing I thought when I saw this was why didn’t they have the same “poll” for Angelina Jolie. I am not really a fan of either girl but if your going to imply something negative about one you’d better be doing it about the other as well. Hypocrites!

Nic on

Just Right Just Great and Just Sexy
she is stunning………
Gerard is so handsome and funny
Love them Both

kristina on

Why, when Angelina Jolie wears a half-transparent dress with a slit all the way to her throat, with her breasts hanging out, everyone raves, and when Jeniffer Aniston wears a beautiful, classic, elegant dress, everyone questions?
Miss Aniston has real class.

susan on

you’ve got to be kidding…mariah carey’s boobs were practically hanging out and everyone is concerned that maybe Jennifer Aniston was showing a bit too much leg????

Nikki on

Hope I look as good as her and in that shape at her age!!.
I like her that much that I told my husband if he could sleep with any women I would be ok if it was Jennifer rofl.

Nancy on

Jen was hot, hot, hot!!! Are you kidding me??

RJG on

Guaranteed – the “a little too high” 22% would give their lives to have a pair of legs like Aniston’s to fill that slit.

Karen on

Love her shoes!

Kimberly on

Jennifer Aniston looked and IS hot.She has and will always be my favorite actress.I think those who speak wrong of her are just J E A L O U S.She gets another thumbs up from me not trying to BED actors who are married(Jokelina).You will find the right man,I just thihk maybe you should look outside Hollywood and go find that DOWN TO EARTH FELLA.He’s out there waiting on you and you are waiting on him.

Ree on

Look familiar? Seems like Jennifer is trying a little too hard to mimic Angelina’s style. Ultra high slit: Golden Globes 2009 / Cannes 2009. Black sweetheart neckline: Oscars 2009. Such a shame…I used to love her individuality.

mowineplz on

Jenn, you look great, awesome dress! Don’t worry about the haters I love your movies! You are a MOVIE STAR!!!!

e on

No different than all the leg that Angelina has shown over the years – why shouldn’t Jennifer show off what she has!

Ellie on

Didnt Angelina Jolie wear something like that last year? … Funny she would choose to show off her great legs the same way Angelia did a while ago!

susan on

We should all be this lucky!!

Tiffany on

BORING!!! She looks the same way all the time. So cookie cutter!!

Diva on

She looks amazing!

crystal on

shes a beautiful woman and that dress is very nice. there are alot of women in the spotlight that wear them dresses and they dont say to much about them so why her is it because there jealous or just hatin on her either way shes still beautiful….

jo on

I totally thought she looked GREAT. if u have great legs like that y not. she is a beauty and this is coming from a 65 married grandma. u go jen!

JES on

She rocks.

pam on


snookie on

Could she do something with that messy hair? She always looks the same. Boring!

VOTE: Jennifer Aniston’s Thigh-High Slit – So Sexy or Too Much? | Star Talk on

[…] Read more on People Magazine […]

elsa on


beice on

wow jennifer is to sexy and hot…i hope gerard really notice it…and i can see jens eyes sparkling in love…go, go, go, go jen!!!

Robyn on

THIS is how you show off a 40 and fabulous body. Not with a sparkly cat suit (ahem, JLO). Kudos, Jen!

Stacey on

How come people think that when Angelina wore a similar outfit, it was fine. But when Jennifer wears it, she’s desperate? Because she is a 40 and doesn’t have a child? Please, give me a break.

Joel on

Damnnnnnn She looks fantastic!!

Tammy on

I’m not a Jennifer Aniston fan but the woman does have a killer body. Why not show it off? She works hard for that body.

Bill on

she looked awesome….totally hot.

On my free list on

I think Jen is wonderful girl. She is a great actress. Who cares what she wears. She looks great for her age!!

Nikole on

*Yawn* she is OLD news….when she does something that benefits someone other than herself…then she is worthy of a headline!!

carolyn on

I saw another photo of her from last nite’s event where the slit definately looked too high (not so much in the above pic) but in the other pic I saw, one could practically see her undies. How does she sit down in it?

madjanssen on

Even if Jennifer Aniston is over-rated, it’s only the fault of Brangelina (who themselves are over-rated). Maybe there IS too much fuss about her dress but that’s only because unlike Brangelina who have consistently stolen the limelight with their 6 children and various charitable work, JA is pretty low-key so when something like this comes up, it causes more of a sensation that it really should, only because we’ve been rooting for her so any little thing that comes up in her life causes a stir. She looks great but so does Jennifer Garner but you don’t hear anything about the latter coz she’s happily married and the story ends there. Us fans are still waiting for JA’s happy ending.

Sarah on

I think she looks beautiful!!!! Jennifer is my favorite actress.

Hailey on


Francie Martin on

Jenifer Aniston is totally boring and what was she doing there in the first place. She looks great but she is not an actress

Karen on

Does People magazine have some kind of deal with J.A.’s publicist? there is something about her in EVERY issue & she’s on the website all the time, it’s complete overkill & I’m so sick of seeing her face & hearing about her pathetic “love-life” that I can’t even watch movies with her in them anymore…
Enough, already!!!

olga on

I think Jennifer looked GREAT !! I love reading about her, but who I think is overexposed for no reason is Jessica Simpson Ashlee Simpson & her husband, (yawn)Speidi, (please no more, they suck!!)All of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends, (LOSERS!)and Paris Hilton. These parasites are just famous for being famous,and losers,please edit them out in the future!

Susan on

I believe that Jennifer has a beutiful body. But I also think that there is too much skin showing. I believe that the high thigh slit would have looked better if her chest and arms were covered. Tip – Focus on 1 asset at a time

ara on

she’s over-rated. she may be a beauty TO A FEW SOME but how come she’s been linked to sooooo many men yet she can’t make any one of them stay? and has anyone seen HALLE? she was wearing black, body to die for, award-winning, mother of a cute baby girl,pretty face AND yes, she’s fortyish!

narciso on


Liz on

Angelina Jolie is a scarecrow.

honey on

she is too short and chunky to pull this off. also, I’ve never seen her when she doesn’t have hair in her face. for some odd reason she likes this look. i think she probably feels that she can’t expose her face too much.

Valerie Holm on

Jennifer Aniston is the most beautiful woman in Hollywood! I admire her. She has class. She is a movie star. She just hasn’t won an award for a movie. She will. She needs to play to her sexy self on TV and drop the girl next door roles. Brad Pitt…eat your heart out. You made the biggest mistake of your life by leaving Jen for that manufactured woman Angelina. Mayber Brad and Jen should do a movie together since Angie won’t let him talk to Jen for fear of losing him.

JeffinMass on

I think that she did that strickly for ATTENTION and
for the press. It worked because look what we are
doing now. Voting on it.

Valerie on

Jennifer is the best there is. She is the whole package. Angelina poses while Jen just graces the floor. Angelina uses Brad like a model’s prop and embarassed him by pulling her dress up to her pelvis for a picture whereas Jen really loved him and showed him respect. AJ has no class. She even uses her children as props. Jen is the real deal.
Jen should play to her sexy side in her next major movie with someone who is truly sexy like Hugh Jackman or Jake G. or Jude Law or Leo DiCaprio. Forget those fat bellied men wearing plaid.

jody on

It’s nice to see she looks sexy & confidant with who she is and doesn’t need to hang on to a man to definer her (Angelina anyone???)

bernice on

you people make me laugh Jennifer is a star or she would not have been at the golden globes.And yes she looks great with or with out the slit in her dress Angie never looked that good and never will she is to thin her legs are not at all nice in any way.Eat your heart out Brad.

Danny on

See she is really hot man who wouldn’t want to be her or do it with her she is just amazing I love her and guys should give her respect man I
Love Herr soooo much!!!! Best legs ever
I wish I could meet her man wow

Val on

Copy of Angelina

Bessie on

Jennifer is a breath of fresh air. She looked absolutely beautiful. Jen and I have mutual friends and know that she is just as beautiful on the inside. Jen, turn a cheek to any negative comments. People are blind not to see that you are truly a Greek Princess.

Danny on

Bessie wat u mean she a mutual friend

LeeAnn on

She looks beautiful. I wish people would stop referring to Brad & Angelina every time they talk about Jennifer. It’s been five years….the girl has moved on and so should the tabloids.

Sky on

She is very classy. Her legs look heathly and beautiful. Love her happy smiling face too.

Nellie on

Jenn is absolutely georgeous. She DOES have beautiful legs and I’m glad to see her strut her stuff so elegantly and proudly. Does not look desparate at all. You go girl!!!

Diane on

Jen needs to quit making headlines as Brad’s ex.
Enough already. Try acting in a good movie or just try acting. It is now obvious she does not know how to move on.

jenn on

I think the reason she does not ever have a guy, either she is crazy and drives them away or she just loves being single cause its easier no drama!!!

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