Amy Adams Turns to Carolina Herrera for a Custom Maternity Wardrobe

01/07/2010 at 02:11 PM ET

Debra L. Rothenberg/Startraks; Girlie/Fame

While she may not be able to buy Heidi Klum’s maternity designs yet, that isn’t stopping Amy Adams from looking fabulous during her pregnancy, thanks to designer Carolina Herrera! reports that the designer is reworking pieces from her current collections to create a custom-made wardrobe for the lucky mom-to-be. The Leap Year star tells that “They made my clothes for the entire press tour. They’re amazing. They did such a great job.” And the actress is wasting no time debuting her new sophisticated maternity pieces. On Jan. 4, Amy wore an aqua wool crepe dress for an appearance on Good Morning America. One day later, she stylishly stepped out in a gray mélange belted coat with red satin trim paired with a silk mulberry dress for a taping of The Late Show with David Letterman. Last night, the Leap Year star looked ravishing in a ‘lava red’ silk georgette dress at the movie’s premiere. What a fashionable baby bump! Tell us: What do you think of Amy’s red carpet maternity style?

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VickieC on

How about turning to Target or Kohls for your maternity wear, or do the rest of us just get to look like average pregnant women. Give me a break. These people have WAY too much money.

Sarah on

VickieC – let me guess… you’re a liberal? Those who EARN their money should be able to spend it however they want. They earned it. Do you want someone judging you and telling you how to spend your money?

paris on

I agree! why do they say they are regular people? regular people go to wal mart and target for maternity clothes.. its a 9 month pregnancy, why spend hundreds of dollars for something uu’ll only wear what..once?

Aimee on

Because she’s a MOVIE START going to a MOVIE PREMIER! why should they look like “regular” people when they’re not? You don’t dress in Target to GMA or Lenno sweety!

Jaime on

I have to agree with VickieC. While I say she does look nice, they have way too much time and money on their hands. (must be nice) as for the rest of us working class folks, we’ll make do with the target’s and departments stores etc…

S on

I’m sorry, but this irritates me. Look at the economy we’re in and this person can’t buy maternity clothes off the rack? She’s not putting money into the economy and I think that goes to show how out of touch celebrities get. Why can’t you buy them at a store? Let the people working at the store keep their jobs as the stores stay open, the people who make the clothes keep their jobs, etc…

wtf? on

sarah – what does being a liberal have to do with it? your comment was as ignorant as the one you were writing about.

EMH on

Do you really think she’s paying for these clothes????

GLW on

Why shouldn’t she spend as much as she can afford on maternity clothes? She earned it, what should she do with her money?? Give it away? Get a grip.

S on

She would be spending tons of money on her wardrobe anyway. She is just calling in a favor and getting a wonderful designer to make her maternity clothes. Do you really think a movie star would show up to interviews and red carpet premieres wearing the latest Target pregnancy dress? I think not. You wouldn’t expect a non pregnant woman to do so either, so why should she decide not to dress beautifully just because she is pregnant. If I had the money, I would pay for a custom designed wardrobe during my pregnancy too.

Heather on

I think she looks great!

Penny on

I think Amy Adams looks great in her maternity clothes, regardless of where she gets them or how much they cost. Yes, she isn’t going to be wearing them forever, but why can’t she have great style while pregnant?! At least it isn’t like the Victorian times when women were put into seclusion as soon as they started to show!
Give her a break, people. She looks great!

EB on

Seriously, you people are going to gripe at her for doing what celebtrities do? She got herself some nice clothes. Get over it. She’s earned her money. And if you are mad at how much she makes, then stop going to the movies and watching tv because it’s society’s love of celebrities and entertainment that is giving her a pay check.

She looks great!

Pregnancy is hard enough without people critisizing everything you do. Including how you spend your money.

Caitlin on

Amy, you look so cute! Go you!

Stephanie on

Here’s how it works ladies: Carolina Herrera made these designs for Amy Adams to wear in exchange for this very press coverage. Amy Adams certainly didn’t pay for them. But of course she’s going to wear them, they look fabulous. Wouldn’t you?
The only star I’ve heard of that actually pays for her own clothes is Cameron Diaz. And as for being jealous of actresses getting perks – the amount they have to give up for their jobs (even though I’m sure they feel lucky, and they are) is tremendous. Just what they sacrifice in eating, and time spent working out and away from home for shooting, and all the time it took in training, and risking and auditioning etc etc etc. Then to have people criticize them for not shopping at Target. What a funny world we live in.

Marilyn on

My bet is that Carolina Herrera is going to launch a maternity line. Btw people, learn to spell!

Liz on

Amy’s job requires her to be on TV, in movies, in photographs, and while promoting this movie it IS HER JOB to create press to help the movie. Her JOB is to look good so, yeah, she’s allowed to have designers make clothes for her. Most of us don’t have a job where we HAVE to look good all the time and be on national TV – that’s why we shop the racks. She’s just doing her job and looking DARN GOOD while doing it!!

kenny t on

i took it as she was getting those custom made for the press she has to do for her movie…not just everyday life.


Okay seriously people. Amy Adams has worked for her money. Famous people are “real people”–their profession is just different, and what is expected of them is different. If she wore something “off of the rack” you knowww that there will be tons of people calling her out on it. Do not hold celebrities at double standards. If she has the money and wants to spend it, then she should be able to. Don’t criticize them for not changing the planet when all you are doing is reading

Charley on

If I had the money well actually fame as I am sure she is not paying for these clothes, I would have my clothes custom made too! She is a lovely woman, she is always dressed beautifully, why that wouldn’t extend to her pregnancy I don’t understand. Moreover, as other people have noted why would she wear an outfit from Target to a red carpet event? Makes little sense too me. Maybe she should wear her hubby’s tee shirts and sweatpants like I did my entire last month of being pregnant! It was a super sexy and ultra trendy look! I am surprised you all missed me in the magazines!

t. on

she looks fabulous! if I had her budget, id have done the same. Women should look as beautiful as they can prego.

Zee on

Gee, Sarah. Judge much? I am a liberal (thank you), and I think Amy looks lovely.

kay on

She looks amazing who cares how much she spent on her maternity clothes.. i think pregnant women should dress better anyway, most women use pregnancy as an excuse to not look their best. I give her props for looking so great and proving pregnant women can have style.

marky on

Why in the world do any of you care how another person spends their money? Were they supposed to give it to you? Did it somehow change your life for the worse that she has on a nice ensemble when she appears on a press tour? Wow! How petty can you get? And most people wear their maternity clothes more than once unless they only have one child. They may pass them on to friends; in any case, why is it a problem to you? She didn’t buy it; it was loaned or given to her, and even if she did buy it, it’s her money! Sheesh! Live your own life to the best of your ability and don’t judge someone else, please.

Jennifer on

Who says the rest of us pregnant women shop at Wal-mart and Target??? There is no reason you can’t look nice while pregnant.

Erin on

I think she looks FAB!! If she wants to spend her money on custom maternity clothes she has every right to… it is her money.

jojo on

why don’t you all just shut the f&&& up, if you have the money spend it who cares its not our biz.

jak on

Maybe Target will ‘knock off’ some of these designs! She looks great.

1hppymama on

I think she looks great, and who cares how she spends her own money! She earned it, she’s entitled to spend it anyway she wants. She not responsible for the state of the economy, so why should she suffer to make all the haters feel better?

Lori on

OMG !!!! Women – why are you so jealous of other women looking beautiful and having nice things… I was just recently pregnant and enjoyed shopping for my maternity wardrobe that DID NOT include anything from Target… Why should she shop at Target?? I see little green-eyed monsters here !!! Grow-Up!

Intelligent on

Dear Sarah: next time please refrain from being so ignorant. One should only use terms they understand. You’ve managed to make yourself seem very simple which takes away from your initial point.

Diva on

I think she looks beautiful no matter what she wears!

Azure on

In a recession, we WANT rich people and studios to spend a lot of money. That’s what allows companies to hire more people. It really annoys me when people say that rich people should spend *less* in a recession.

mjwaggoner on

Number 2 son buys my Herrera cologne and perfume for Chritmas and birthday, but “cannot find the one with the black polka dots”. Sent me a VERY small bottle in a gold wrappeer and it smells ‘watered down”. I’ve gone through HALF of it already.
What’s going on there?

heather on

people, calm down! it says that they made her clothes for the press tour. i highly doubt she wears this stuff every day. And if she is, that’s her choice. No need to be jealous.

as for the Target comment, i tried to buy some maternity clothes at target. they had a few tank tops and a turtleneck. it’s not like they’re busting out with a huge selection.

mjwaggoner on

My #2 son always buys my Carolina for Christmas and birthdays. But he ‘cannot find the one with the black polka dots.” He sent a very small bottle this Christmas but I’ve gone through half of it already and – frankly, I think it ‘s been watered down.
Without my Carolina I don’t know who I am and neither does anyone else!
What’s going on there?

TBT on


Successful Woman on

I am really wondering what everyone is upset about. I see both points here and honestly celebrities are not, I repeat, NOT going to change. They receive the majority of their clothes for free as they are a walking advertisement for the designer. And along with everyone else, designers need to work and earn a living. Instead of all the complaining going on about Amy Adams, why not focus on how you can earn extra money and not have to shop at Walmart or Target?? I’m not trying to be rude, but it’s all about choices people. If you chose to live a certain way, have goals to achieve success, you too will be able to wear the clothes you want. Drive the car you want, and even live in a house you want. Do half of you have kids that are leaving these messages on here? Hmm, highly doubt it. If you are pregnant with your first child, you want to still look good and you will spend the money for it. Same with when your baby is born. You will spend the extra money on the crib, the clothes etc. Let’s be real, why continue to post comments out of jealously. If you weren’t jealous you would say “Wow, you go AMY. You look stunning”. But instead you want to put her down to make yourself feel better. Let’s stop pigeon holeing other women and start lifting eachother up. Haters get no where in life.

marlie on

re: VickieC and Sarah

These red carpet events are supposed to be opportunities for the stars to dress to the nines to promote their films. We see it all the time – the celebs are always in their best, most current designer duds for these events. So why shouldn’t a pregnant celebrity ALSO be able to wear the same beautiful designer duds when she’s expecting? I’ve heard it from countless friends who have had babies that they wish that they could wear the same clothes when they were preggers (with the extra room, of course), instead of traditional “maternity wear.” So yay for Amy.

(And this has nothing to do with being a liberal; I’m _very_ liberal, but I definitely can appreciate beautiful clothes!)

Leslie Guy on

I love this girl, but she is gaining a lot of
weight pretty early on. Seen her twice on TV
in 24 hours. Hopefully the new designer duds
will be more flattering than what I have seen
Some people gain 80 pounds, but I got away with
just 30. Even that takes awhite to lose.

Amanda on

I love Amy Adams. She’s one of my favorite actresses.

And how thoughtful of Carolina to provide her with a wardrobe for her press tour. She looks great!

Penny on

I find that people who don’t have money are very jealous of people who do and always put them down. If you had the money she does, you would be doing the same thing. Looking fashionable is part of her job. I am a regular person who would not shop in Target or Walmart. Their clothing is garbage and it is all made in China,

Annette on

People – if you’re personal economy only allows you to buy in Walmart or Target – so be it – hey that’s my personal economy too!!!! But Stop being HATERS!!! If Amy Adams has the money to have designer clothes – more power to her….

lisa on

what do you mean they aren’t regular people??? do they have wings or something??? of course they are regular people! they just get paid way to much money for what they do. we all work hard at our jobs and chosen professions and deserve to be paid like a “star”.

M on

She looks Fantastic! Good her her. I agree Sarah. She earned it…she can rock what she wants!

Jenn on

She looks absolutely gorgeous! Congrats to her on her pregnancy!!!

Shannon on

If you people relly knew much about celebrities and the fashion world, you’d know that Caroline Hererra is most likely not charging Amy Adams for the clothing. It’s a marketing thing. People see Amy in them and they want them, they buy them. And honestly, who cares what brand she’s wearing. If you can’t handle knowing someone MIGHT have paid more money than at WalMart or Target on their attire, then maybe you shouldn’t be following gossip sites and magazines. Just a thought.

Toni on

She looks fabulous. Congrats Amy! You will love being a mom…it’s the BEST.

GM on

I love her, she looks great. Stop hating

annoyed on

really you guys dont have anything better to do than insult celebrities

Brandi on

Gorgeous. Come on maternity stores, sell clothes that look fabulous!

ponymom on

Nothing wrong with JC Penney or how about Pea in a Pod & Motherhood Maternity.
Must be nice to have designer maternity wear!!!

Jenn on

I guarante that she didn’t pay for the clothes. They are probably loaned to her as WONDERFUL press for her line. She is being outfitted for her job, but lucky her she gets to wear beautiful gowns. I’m SURE she’s not wearing these beautiful designs every minute of the day. Ladies, we’re supposed to support eachother, not tear eachother down. You look GREAT Amy!!

Stefanie on

Haha – She is putting back into the economy.. its called marketing. people see what shes wearing, and they BUY it, from another person who owns a company and has employees who pay taxes.. its all relative, whether you spend at target or on designers! And that has nothing to do with your party preference!

Tabitha on

Leslie-who cares what you gained while you were pregnant, and who cares what Amy Adams gains while she is pregnant.

Amy looks seems like a beautiful person inside and out, if she chooses to wear designer clothes for her premire or all day every day who cares.

As a pregnant woman I can tell you that Target clothes fit poorly and are made so cheaply that I never buy them. Buy things that will hold up and make you feel good. A lot of us have to work while we are pregnant and look good (or as good as we can) every day. Give her a break she is just a working mom trying to do the best she can!

ideas on

Wow! What is with all the mean, negative comments??? Ladies, jealous much??? Amy Adams is awesome and she deserves to look great. Meow!!! Put your claws away!

CP on

Amy Adams is not a public servant (or wannabe, like She Who Will Not Be Named–starts with a “P”); she is not using taxpayer or partisan dollars to fund her wardrobe. She is under no obligation to wear Target or Walmart just to suit your ideas of sartorial democracy.

If you must know, I bet Adams sometimes shops at Target. I bet Herrera does, too. Target is a great store.

That said, All Things Aspire To Beauty (Keats? I may be dead wrong), and high expertise in design and dressmaking is relevant, for the result makes a woman (here, granted, already beautiful)yet more beautiful. Elegance is never out of reach for any of us, but we do need ideals. We do need examples (very rare today), and to this end, the collaboration between Herrera and Adams I find current, elegant, refreshing and instructive.

Amy is Glowing on

Sara – let me guess, you’re an angry preachy Conservative? How is that for stereotyping? And how on Earth did you manage to make her comment political?

LOVE Amy’s wardrobe – that’s most Mommy to Be’s dream come true.

VickieC – let me guess… you’re a liberal? Those who EARN their money should be able to spend it however they want. They earned it. Do you want someone judging you and telling you how to spend your money?

– Sarah on January 7th, 2010

marky on

AAGGHH! What does anyone’s politics have to do with anything? And what business is it of anyone besides Amy and her physician how much weight she gains? I had 2 bio children and gained 20 pounds with each pregnancy and wore my pre-pregnancy clothes home from the hospital; in fact a nurse tried to kick me off the floor because visiting hours were over and she thought I was a visitor, I was so slender. What does that have to do with Amy Adams and her clothes? Her clothes look great, she looks adorable, I got free maternity clothes from friends and bought the rest wherever I could afford to, and I think most other people do the same. Why be so critical?

Kristin on

I agree with Sarah and GLW, they work for their money just like you do, they can spend it any way they want. It isn’t her “job” to stimulate the economy. Just because she has more money doesn’t mean she should feel guilty for it, or buy of the rack when she can afford otherwise. Doesn’t it make you feel good when you splurge on something that looks especially nice? S- “let the people working at the store keep their jobs, the people who make clothes keep their jobs.” Well, they aren’t her problem. She has no obligation to anyone to “let them keep their jobs” just because she has money.

Jill on

Haha! Doesn’t anyone realize she doesn’t spend her money on these clothes? The producers for the movie pay for everyone’s press clothes when doing press for a movie. It’s all about presentation!

Tiffani on

Wow. Do I sense a little jealousy or WHAT? Common, people. This is America, where when you make it BIG you get PAID for it. If you don’t like that people who actually make it in this country get paid to boot, (whether they deserve their pay or not is apparent because you are obviously curious enough about them to read this story, hence their ‘money maker’ status, right?) you can always move to another country where everyone is on a level playing field. I hear if you move to Kazakhstan everyone gets two barrels of wheat and a goat. Let it go ladies, and start working on what will make you stand out in line at Target.

Lori on

Lovely lady in lovely clothes…just what we all want to be. Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life… let her enjoy it and build sweet memories. Wish I could have done the same thing. In pregnancy we women are all on equal ground.. 9 months.. many pounds…and a woman who wants to be beautiful for her husband.

Rachel on

Doubtful she paid for any off these things.
They made her attire for her press tour; in other words, this is publicity/marketing for Carolina Herrera.

Jen on

Its called press for the designers. They get it for free!! So lucky them. You know if you got designer clothes for free you would be all over it! So dont be a hater:)

Jessie on

She is getting a wonderful designer but not a front row huge name and she should wear beautiful clothes as she works for her money and is a great actress walking along the red carpet. She deserves to get herself maternity clothes not from her regular high street store- like topshop.

katie on

She wears nice clothes because people look at her. We are all taking time out of our average days to pay attention to what she is wearing. I’m willing to bet all the non-designer items in my closet that Amy Adams can’t leave the house without people wondering what shes wearing. I think she looks amazing and is extremely lucky. Also, mind your own bank account.

Guadalupe De Lara Torres on

Amy Adams works hard for her money and NO ONE should tell her what to do with it. If she wants to buy designers cloths let her. She is using her money and at the same time giving someone a chance to have a job. Stop hating how this people use their money. If anyone of us had that kind of money we would be right along with her in the up-scale shops too.

Fleurdamour on

I don’t begrudge Ms. Adams her nice clothes – she grew up poor, so poor she said once that she yearned after pretty clothes and could never afford them. She worked as a waitress at Hooter’s because she needed the money. That’s not someome I need to resent for having some pretty dresses, and I think she looks great.

Kaylynn on

Sarah- I totally agree with you! She works for her money just like the rest of us, so why shouldn’t she be able to spend it on whatever she wants? Just because she makes more money than us doesn’t mean she’s not a REGULAR person, it just means she can pay for those expensive maternity clothes. If you were in her position, with millions of dollars at your disposal, you probably wouldn’t mind spending a few thousand dollars on some designer clothes.

vhs on

Amy Adams is out promoting a movie on TV and at special events. Of course, she’s not going to be wearing Target, but she’s not being overly lavish, either. Amy Adams promoting a movie she is in is putting money into the economy. Let’s not be naive. It all ties into growing the economy. Yes, even promoting Carolina Herrera clothes does that. Carolina Herrera is getting exposure every time she appears in their clothes. Times are tough for a lot of people but that doesn’t mean that all spending must stop. That would kill the economy and insure that laid-off people remain laid-off. That’s NOT a good thing. For the record, I am a liberal.

IMO on

So totally everything else aside… I think these designs would be a lot more flattering if they came in under the bump in some way. I’m not that wild about the tent effect she’s getting. I LOVE Amy Adams, but I’m a soon to be mum, and I wouldn’t want to wear these.

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