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So Far, So Good: Sara Rue Loses 7 Pounds In 5 Days On Jenny Craig

12/03/2009 at 05:20 PM ET


It’s only been five days since she started on the Jenny Craig weight management program and actress Sara Rue is already down seven pounds, she tells PEOPLE. “For me, it was key that I started on Saturday (after Thanksgiving) because I didn’t have any distractions, I didn’t have to be anywhere. I could just focus on planning my meals and getting a good start on the weekend,” says the Eastwick star, who was announced as Jenny Craig’s new celebrity spokesperson Wednesday. Rue confessed that the biggest challenge for her is being so open about her weight. “I’m a very private person so talking openly about this is hard. But when the news broke on, I twittered about it and people were so supportive twittering back,” Rue said, noting that her first five days of dieting were surprisingly easy. “I do not feel deprived at all. There is so much food. I was eating all the food and I was sure I was gaining weight,” she says, laughing. Rue credits her two dogs for helping her adhere to daily walks, and enjoys hiking with her fiancé, education consultant Kevin Price. “I kind of like the idea of getting to January 1 and I’m already doing my New Year’s resolution,” Rue says. “But there’s nothing you can’t have on this plan. You just have to remember that nothing tastes as good as the first bite.” –Monica Rizzo

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McWifey on

She’ll gain it all back. I did.

Shana on

It’s widely accepted that anything weight loss more than 2 lbs a week is unhealthy and unmaintainable. You’re likely losing mostly water and musle, not fat. It’s too bad because Sara Rue sounds like a pretty smart girl otherwise.

PastJennyMember on

I used Jenny Craig 2 years ago, lost 30 lbs and haven’t gained any back. It’s true losing over 2 lbs per week IS unhealthy, but the first week or two of a diet you’re more likely to see a large amount of poundage to come off though it is not really all fat. It is your body getting used to the now much lower calorie intake per day.
Jenny Craig is fantasti, can’t wait to see how Sara does!

Donna West on

Like a previous poster mentioned, celebrity spokes people get all the “food” for nothing. That said, Jenny Craig food is SO overpriced and unappetizing, why not just eat normal food sensibly and exercise.

lake on

the first week is always easy. it’s the fun exciting part. Gaining weight was fun and exciting too, she just doesn’t remember.

Yes, I think more than 5 pounds in the first week is too much unless you start at 350+ pounds.

most people DO gain the weight back; it’s not an attack, just a fact.

HANNY 70 on

The best way is weight watchers..because you can eat anything you want, no restrictions..its realistic, and you can use the program with any life styles….even eating out in restaurants……. With the jenny craig, or nutrysistem, you die of hunger and you gain everything back…

Cash on

In the first week, you lose weight from losing water (pee) and poop because you’re body is adjusting to your new diet. Jenny’s food is lower calorie and it tastes like low-cal food. It smells good, but the taste is very diet. I wish her luck. On her show she looks like she’s already lost weight from when she was on her show with Eric Roberts.

Sue on

Yes, the first week IS just water loss. It is common to lose more the first week or two and THEN you get to the 1-2 pounds per week. Instead of criticizing her we should encourage her to continue. Good work Sara. Perhaps I can lose my 20 pounds with you!! I can’t afford Jenny Craig though so it will be harder but with people like you to inspire me maybe this time it will work.

Rhonda on

I was on Jenny years back and lost 40 lbs. The food was expensive and didn’t taste good, but I was happy to be 40 lbs lighter. When I got off Jenny (too expensive) I ate smaller portions like Jenny’s food, but gained all my weight back. It took about 6 mos to lose it and about 5 mos to gain it back.

missy on

Ya why dont they pick real people that cant afford the food and give it to them free??????????????

TR on

Brittney grow up

Rachael on

I knew that name looked familar but I couldn’t remember from where. She was on this show called “Popular” on the WB like 10 years ago. I love that show!

Julie on

I wonder, do they teach you modification, calorie counting, measuring the food to determine what is an acurate portion size? If not, I would think all that is taught is dependency that someone else will do it for you & therefore Jenny Craig, like other companies have repeat business…Ah yes! Capitalism at its best.

Vicki on

It is actually a myth that losing more than 2 lbs a week is bad for you. It depends on what your starting weight is. Someone who only needs to lose 10 or 15 lbs – Yes it is unhealthy. Someone who needs to lose 50+ lbs can easily lose more than 2 lbs a week and it still be considered acceptable. The problem is that most weight “facts” are based on the so-called average of a 5’6 female weighing 125 lbs.

maria on

I would like to know when Jenny Craig weight management is coming to Portugal. I want so much to try it…

Nikki on

I lost 52 pounds with Jenny Craig. A year ago I reached my goal weight and I have kept it off without getting more food. It is more how determined you are and how motivated you stay to keep it off. Working out and eating healthy does not stop when you complete the program. In fact, it is only the beginning! To lose 7ibs in the 1st week is quite normal because of your water weight! She can do it! I know she can!!

Patty on

Leave her alone..she’s a beautiful woman with a struggle..You go girl!

kelli on

Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels!

ang on

Good for her!!! I am glad when people take control on their lives.. Eating healthy and being active makes you get happier and get focused on achiving goals..
about Mcwifey’s comments.. the fact that you gained back does not mean that others will.. stay focus and you can achieve anything.

Ashley on

I just hit my one year mark on Jenny Craig and I have lost a total of 41 pounds. It was the best thing I ever did. I think its a great way to learn how to eat properly and get your life on track. I think she’ll do great! Those first 7 pounds are just water weight and that’ll drop significantly to about 1-2 pounds per week. Its not easy, thats for sure, but it works. And I am living proof of that! The food is not gourmet, but its delicious and just as good as anything you could cook yourself. Keep it up Sara!!


I have been on Jenny Craig for 8 years. when i gain 5-10 lbs i return for 8 weeks. it learned me how to eat 6xaday. Food is over Priced and some of it is good. I would Recommend it to anyone.

Tracie on

I didn’t use a commercial diet plan and lost from 264lbs down to 142lbs. I changed my eating habits and decided to stop sitting on my butt. It took a couple of years. I cut out all the unnecessary fats(butter, cooking oil, mayo, unlimited amounts of cheese, cookies, candy, and etc) from my diet and started walking for cardio several times a week. I still ate the occassional burger and fries, cake, cookies and etc, but not daily. I started my new eating habits in Jan. 1996 and continued to slowly loose weight until April 1998. After getting to 142lbs. My weight has fluctuated 10-15lbs due the crazy things life can throw at you(husband deploying to Afghanistan and then to Iraq). When I show others my pictures they are usually in disbelief. I reassure them that the woman in the picture standing at the alter marrying MY husband is definitely ME. LOL! Woman’s World magazine actually interviewed me for my story back in the summer of 2000. It was never printed, although I will always have those bragging rights and know that I can do whatever I put my mind to.

Reagan on

How about a regular diet of healthy food and exercise? Why do we need to pay Jenny Craig to make us eat special food?

Randomred on

I have failed jenny craig, weight watchers, Atkins and Southbeach. I started eating a balanced diet, high in fiber and protein, cut out soda pop, sweets only once a week and am down 26#

losing.... bad habits on

pfft… its easy to lose weight… once you make a decision and stick to it, its all in your own hands.

weight is all about willpower and the person actually wanting to make a change. i’ve lost over 70 lbs, and i’ve not gained 1 ounce back.. because i’ve changed my life..

i’ve changed my eating habits, my physical activity has been increased and i couldn’t be happier… don’t blame a diet for you putting the pounds back on… blame your cravings for fast food and soda

James on

I think Sara looks wonderful just the way she is. Why do women always have to go on a diet to feel happier? Why can’t they just be happy with the way they look?

LeeLaa000 on


sherburn on

all you have to do is eat big meals of fresh veg and salads 4-5 times a day… mix in some tuna, some lean meat, and a little bit of carbs with every meal… plus walk at a good brisk pace at least one hour per day. Cheat once in a while and have a great meal out and don’t worry about it… as they say… it is changing your lifestyle and your thinking. No one can eat frozen food forever

tinkerbell on

why doesn’t jennt craig get a average american woman who can’t afford the progam a chance!!!!
it’s always celebrities

deana on

Be POSITIVE for her McWIFEY! Sheesh!

Julie on

Do the people complaining about how expensive it is do that with everything? Why do some people get to work out with personal trainers? Why do some people get to entertain themselves with cable tv? Why do some people get to afford new cars when I take the subway? I can’t afford any of these things, but I’m not going to get mad at people who can. That’s how the world works. Obviously there’s other ways to lose weight, but if this makes it easier for people who can afford it more power to ‘em. And now, instead of complaining about how much better some people have it, I’m off to my second job to try to become one of them.

three on

Yep, she will gain it all back. She hasn’t lost weight – she’s lost water, and you have to have water for your kidneys/liver to function properly flushing out fat from the system.

In a year she’ll be fatter after a huge campaign by JC with lots of photos making it look like their program works, of course.

Sara on

She is so incredibly gorgeous!

cheri on

Have u guys heard that he ever appeared on the hot hook-up club sugarloves. C OM for wealthy singles/celebs? That sounds amazing, I know. But there are a few hot photos of his there and quite a few hot girls are found in his circle there. I did try to send him a wink there. lol

To McWifey on

Eating better is a lifestyle, it’s not just a quick fix…

people leaning on Jenny craig on

It’s no wonder most of their clients gain it all back. They do all the work for you regarding portion size and having your meals already set for you.

You need to learn portion size while you learn to eat better and exercise.

water weight on

She’s only lost water weight right now and Jenny Craig or Sarah should at least acknowledge that.

Hmm on

Jenny Craig cracks me up, all the celebs in the commercials are wearing baggy clothes and then in a few weeks they show them in slimmer clothes to make it look like they lost a great amount of weight.

To Three on

She’s not dehydrated, he just lost water weight as her body gets used to the new eating and exercise habits. Everyone loses water weight the first week or so.

You are supposed to drink a nice amount of water each day to flush toxins and fat from the body. You make it sound like she is going into liver failure…

Trish on

You go girl! Don’t listen to all these negative people. You’ll do great. Look how awesome Valerie Bertenelli looks!

PAW on

While it’s nice to see that weight come, off it’s a proven fact that restrictive dieting does more harm than good. I change the channel everytime I see Jenny Craig commercials or nutri-system commercials, because it’s someone else telling you how much to eat and what to eat. The best thing is learning to listen to your fullness and honor that. You can eat whatever you want and make those changes for health reasons and that’s when you see the weight come off.

MaryA on

Sara lost weight on Less Than Perfect – she looked fabulous before it went off the air. I loved her on that show! Now she’s post baby and facing weight troubles most of us mothers have with families. Hooray for her that she’s doing any program. I wish her success even if celebrities are fortunate enough to do it free of charge. She still has to commit to doing what it takes to lose weight. I think she should have more visibility in Eastwick because she is fun.

mariel on

like sensible professionals say, diet fads doesn’t work long term. not only they’re expensive, they’re also time consuming.

exercise and sensible eating are always the only way.

mariel on


Lol i noticed that too.

also, when they show before and after pictures, the before one is grainy and small but the after is very clear and bigger.

eve on

When I need to diet, I just buy the Healthy Choice dinners at about 400 calories each. The taste really good and I never tire of them. They have changed them in the last few months and now they are even better. I have oatmeal or cereal for breakfast usually, and a piece of fruit and a boiled egg for lunch around noon. Since I am not very active, this is all I really need to not get hungry and if I do, I will have a snack around eight at night. Usually pretzels or a small piece or two of turkey with sweet pickle. I drink hot tea or coffee and that helps too. I exercise for thirty minutes and that is it. I lose all the weight I need too and if I gain it back, which I have done over the Holidays for the last two years, I just get back on the diet. Cheap and easy and just as effective.

Bree on

Anytime you set a weight loss goal, always aim for 10-15 pounds below that goal weight. Since you start gradually adding certain things back to your diet, you will ying yang a bit and gain a few back. Its not a bad thing, just your body keepin up. I always thought she was gorgeous no matter what size she looked. As long as she is healthy and happy. :)

raleigh girl on

If this stuff is so great then why doesn’t Jenny Craig lower their prices so real people can afford to try the program. Valerie Bertinelli looks great because she hired a personal trainer to whoop her butt into gear. In my opinion, it’s false advertising for her to attribute her transformation to Jenny Craig food. Your average person doesn’t have the limitless time and resources to work out all the time and pay for a professional to tell them what exercises to do.

Blancmange on

I hope that fabulous rack stays intact. Hands off, Jenny!

jenny craig lover on

I am a lifetime member of Jenny Craig. The reason why it works so well is the accountability. Every week you get on a scale with your consultant. If you are weighing in on thursday, are you gonna go eat mcdonald’s on tuesday? uh, no! It’s also easier to turn down other food, when you already pre-paid for your dinner.

You do pay for the convenience though. I love having a clean kitchen, and it has just been so easy. No dirty dishes to deal with! It’s worth it when you see the weight coming off though.

Yes, the food is low fat/low sodium/low calorie, but a lot of the dishes are surprisingly good! I even crave it when I am off of it.

If you gain weight after this program, then you haven’t learned anything. If you rely on the meals to make you lose weight, then you haven’t learned anything. The plan should teach you about portions, healthy options, hydrating, eating small and often, and exercise. When you go from eating 1500 calories a day, then back to your old habits of eating 3000 calories a day, of course you are going to gain it back!

I’m not perfect, I usually yo-yo 10 pounds between years, but that’s me losing the accountability of getting on the scale and saying yes more often to unhealthy foods and not exercising as much. I have made some permanent changes to my life that I have learned through jenny craig and I am thankful for that. It’s all about steps!

Good Luck, Sara!

Tracie on

Love Sara Rue!!! She is beautiful large as well as thin. She has never been morbidly obese. Just a little comfortable in her skin. Some women are lucky and have that gift.

Lisa on

Sarah did lose weight before and was actually very thin……must have gained it back because what she was doing was not a lifestyle change and just a “diet”. She is still smaller than she was before so it’s good that she is getting back on track. I do agree that Weight Watchers is more about the lifestyle change and more livable than Jenny or Nutrasystem.

Susan on

Go Sara! I’m cheering you on!

Tammy on

I’m a Weight Watcher. I’ve never really been “fat” but I always thought I was. I’ve tried every program there is, including Jenny Craig. Jenny Craig food is good, by the way. But the bottom line is, unless you’re truly willing to change your lifestyle by eating better and exercising regularly, no program is going to be successful for the long haul. Jenny Craig got Valerie Bertinelli started but it was her determination and dedication that kept the weight off. Hopefully, Sara will have the same results. She’s adorable.

Lisa on

Is she exercising? That is the key to long term weight loss. I am not knocking how she is doing it, but without exercise the weight will come back. I am in a constant weight struggle and am just now realizing that I HAVE to make time for the gym or nothing will change. Three days a week of cardio and weights is finally doing the trick. I wish her luck…it is a battle that is not easy to win!

Lu on

When can people just be happy for someone who is trying to improve themselves. If she chooses this program than good for her. Everyone needs to find what works for them. There is never a plan that is one size fits all. Modify it and move on.


katie on

Jenny Craig does not work!!!! She will gain it back just like my two friends who were on it!!!

kelli on

I am jealous! I have been trying to lose weight also, and I have been going to the gym 4x a week and watching what I eat for 3 months. Haven’t lost a pound! :(
Same thing happened when when I decided to only drink water(I occasionally drink milk & have a mixed drink). Some people lose tons of weight from drinking only water, when I lost none :(

Tina on

Any program where you lose a pound a day is not a good plan; anything over 1 1/2 per week is simply water weight (not fat or muscle; simply water). You cannot eat ‘anything’ you want and lose fat; you are only losing water weight and it will not stay off – Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, etc. are only so popular cause the Hollywood crowd promotes it – this way of eating is not healthy, nor will it keep the weight off as a life long goal.

L on

I wish you all the luck……..I’ve been on Jenny Craig on and off for years. Gaining then losing then gaining. I figured when I was on the Jenny Craig diet I lost about 12 lbs. at the most and it cost me $1,300.00+. Very expensive. I wish you all the best, one of your strengths is having Valerie their to help guide you, she is awesome and very positive.

nana on

Why do they always use a celebrity as a spokes person? THEY can afford to buy their own food. They need to use a middle class working person that can’t afford the meals and use them as a spokes person. They all do it – Jenny Craig, Nutra System.

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jerry Soto on

I tried Jenny Craig after having no success with all other diet=systems – to my surprise it was the only system that worked for me – (to this day I don’t know why) I lost 25 lbs. the first month and after 6 months I lost 40 lbs, which was my goal – VERY SATISFIED -

spyder on

Jenny Craig works like any other diet, you have to eat smaller portions. I lost 37 lbs last year and gained 16 back, because I ate like I did before I went to JC. I am a life time member and I have lost the 16. Yes JC is over priced but I don’t have to cook. Sara will do good as long as she follow the program. good luck

Shaun on

I really hope Sara Rue does not loose too much weight – she is very sexy the way she is – and she looks healthy, more to the point

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[...] to PEOPLE her goal of losing 30 lbs. with the program. After five days she had dropped 7 lbs., and now, just nine weeks after [...]

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