Bye-Bye Blonde! Kellie Pickler Goes Redhead: Love It or Hate It?

11/11/2009 at 09:20 PM ET

Frederick Breedon/Getty

Kellie Pickler may be one of country’s most iconic blondes — she’s even impersonated Dolly Parton — but for now, she’s joining a less represented segment of the music community: redheads! The bombshell debuted her newly auburn locks on the red carpet of the CMA Awards tonight, having carefully tucked them under a hat for Parton’s Live from London DVD premiere party on Tuesday night. Pickler joked of the attention her new do is getting on the red carpet, saying, “It seems to be the thing to talk about.” She also gave a shout-out to legendary country redhead Reba McEntire, suggesting that she was joining her ranks since “we’ve got enough blondes in country.” But, she did admit to PEOPLE that she is still adjusting to her new do. “The hair doesn’t make the person, but it has been a shocker. I wake up in the morning and walk by the mirror and I’m like, ‘Who’s that!’ I thought someone broke into my house!” Pickler did manage to find the upside, explaining that, “It’s been interesting with red hair cause you can’t wear the same things. It’s an excuse to go shopping.” What do you think of Kellie’s new hair color? Vote in our poll below, and see all news, photos and more from the CMAs!


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Lyoness on

LOVE IT!!! She looks so much more sophisticated!!!

Emily on

The red makes her look older – I definitely prefer the blonde.

Jodi on

She looks much more sophisticated. I like it!

Claudia on

Like it, however she looks older

Sonya on

I like it. Makes her look more mature

Laurie on

Not that I don’t like red hair, and Kellie you are beautiful no matter what, but it makes you look years older. On you, blonde is better!

Eve on

Im sorry but she just looks so unattractive these days. It’s not even the hair, something about her face. She looks plastic!

Brenda on

Love it. Love Kellie

MD on

You can never really evaluate these things from one picture. I prefer the blonde based on this pic, but if I saw her looking more casual and with a regular ‘do, I might dig it. Plus, blonde is so overdone in the hair-coloring community.

Also, it might help if she gave her color more depth with some lighter and darker highlights. All-over hair color can look flat after someone has had a variety of blonde highlights.

Sabrina on

LOVE IT!!!!!!! She looks amazing, but then she almost always does. I think it also makes her look alot more credible and serious (in a good way!!)

Autumn on

She looks better as a blond . . . she’s almost unrecognizable as a redhead. But not bad. I just think she looks better as a blond :)

Tabatha on

Very attractive! Much better! Keep it like it is now..-t rocks!

Sarah on

surprisingly…i actually like it! she looks cute. but it’s more of an auburn/burnettish color than red.

L on

I love it! Of course, she looks adorable with blonde as well!

Lori on

Since She was On IDOL Her looks has went down hill…She was sooooo pretty before whoever got ahold of her got ahold of her.

Leo on

Kellie what have you done. You’re hair was georgeous. Whomever talked you into the color change was not your friend nor was the person who selected your dress for the presentation. Plz give us back the real Kellie from the Am. Idol days. Sweet, innocent & funny. The envigorating package that we savoured.

Kate on

She looks beautiful with red hair but she is definitely meant to be a blonde! It makes her stand out more and look more fun.

Brycee on

I think she looks cute either way

aaaaa on

I’ve played shows with Kellie and she’s sooooo adorable and beautiful in real life. Not plastic AT ALL.

Bailey on

I like it I think it goes great with her eyes

Kim BH on

She’s so pretty – she can’t really be messed up. But, I definately prefer her blonde. Good for her for mixin’ it up a bit!!

carol on

you’d be beautiful if you had no hair at all. you are such a sweet person

Leah on

Can’t even recognize her! I saw it and said, “Who is this again?”

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JR Jake on

Kellie, love the look. You ladies and gentleman clean up very nicely, and the women looked absolutely STUNNING. It is a good thing I didn’t show today, I would have been the only one in blue jeans and Timberland boots and shirt (I’m more mountain than I am country.

Anyway, congratulations on a great evening to all of you, well deserved awards for people who had a great year, and more yet to come. Have fun at the after parties and be well all of you.

My friends TIVO’d so I will watch tomorrow what I missed tonight. Special callout to Wynona who sang an incredible ‘Amazing Grace’ yesterday on GMA, that left me clapping because it was great.

Brittany smith on


Kat on

I love her as a red head shes like me we both can pull off the Red head look since we R both Fair skinned I loved it when I saw her on the CMAs tonight

Andrea on

At first, I couldn’t even tell it was Kellie Pickler, but I actually prefer the red hair – looks nice.

Diane on

NO, No, NO, Kelly what have you done? You don’t even look like the same person, dye it back, pronto please.

Anex on

Maybe it is the picture, but her hair doesn’t look red at all to me, it looks brown.

mightymuis on

She looks really great. Blond is overpopulated these days. Go Kellie

Samollie on

I love it! Her hair color compliments her complexion. She’s got a mature look to her now. I say keep it up Kellie

Jessica on

Like the hair…..hate her

Still Life in South America on

I love it, but as others have said, it makes her look older. Better to take advantage of this color when she is young.

Stacey on

Don’t like it – makes her look older. Blonde suits her Complexion better.

Joy from Texas on

Kellie is very talented and has a great sense of humor. The new red-head look is amazing! I love it and I love Kellie!

Angie on

Change is good for some people. Take a look at all the Female Blonde Singer’s we have out there.
Life is too short, Go out and do something different!!

Just Me on

I love it! She looks so adorable and very beautiful! :)

Just a Comment on

It doesn’t look bad but it makes her look about 10 years older than what she actually is! I prefer the blonde!

Lynne on

I think it looks great! I did the very same thing and went from blonde to red. It’s fun to change things up!!


ABSOLUTELY hate it. She is so much cuter as a blonde!

Nicole on

It looks awesome! So much more classy and mature! I hope she keeps it, it looks natural on her!

Tiffany on

I love it, it brings out the face more…Keep groving girl…lol :-)

jess on

she looks cold but the color is nice

Abi on

I prefer the blonde hair but this looks great too. It’s made her look completely different.

Tony on

It looks fake. Go back to being a blonde.

bernadette on

Like everybody saying , red on her its okay…But yes she looks a little bit to older…aloha

megan on

She is not a cute red head!
I don’t think this was a good move for her. I loved her blonde hair and don’t see why she ruined it!

EWWW i can’t even stand to look at her anymore. it’s horrible absolutely horrible

Shena on

I love it! Looks Great!

leslie on

It makes her look really pale & washed out

anna on

makes her look wayyyy too pale!!



beth on

It ages her…go back to blond!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blue on

With her bubbly personality and crazy self, the blonde definitely suited her better! It would be like Dolly Parton changing her hair color, it just wouldn’t be the same !

jess on

blond looks beter

milieus on

I love the colour. In fact, I’m considering the same colour. However, I’m not sure it’s great on her.

milieus on

I love the colour! In fact, I’m considering it for myself. However, I’m not sure it’s great on her.

Top Posts « on

[…] Bye-Bye Blonde! Kellie Pickler Goes Redhead: Love It or Hate It? Frederick Breedon/Getty Kellie Pickler may be one of country’s most iconic blondes — she’s even […] […]

Mack on

I like the way she looked last night. No huge preference on blonde vs. auburn.

“The hair doesn’t make the person.”

Lather, rinse, repeat, People. :)

magic on

she looks better blonde. reds just too much.

Jess on

Looks good but prefer the blonde. Blonde fits her bubbly perky personality!

Eric on

Her voice is so perfect that her hair color isn’t important.

scott on

waited how many years for you to come to Indianapolis when I could see you and when you finally do, red head? Bummer. I miss the platinum Kelly P!

Talent is on the inside and hair is just an accessory… but I was looking forward to the Kelly I’m used to.

carolyn calderon on

Kellie looks 10yrs. older now. I can’t believe how it changed her looks. I didn’t recognize her! She used to be so pretty, now she looks ordinary and matronly; I hope she goes back to blond .

Molly on

It definitely doesn’t look bad (it makes her looks very pretty and sophisticated), but it also makes her look a lot older and more mature. It depends on the look she was going for; if she was going for an older, more mature look (which looks great!), then she definitely achieved it. However, if she still wants to maintain a young, “innocent” look, then she should switch back to blonde.

Kelly on

I love the red, but blonde is her signature color!

Shelia on

The more I see you in the picture the more I like. It does make you look older but for me with the other looks you were kind of looking on the wild side I think. I hope I don’t get a lot of criticism for saying this.

Love you Kellie what ever you choice.

Juanita on

I like it blonde better. Wonder how Kid Rock likes it? Is she still seeing him? I hope not.

Joyce on

Oh no, Kellie. We loved you as a blonde. Now you just look older, not cuter, and you’ll get older soon enough.

Sonya Jones on

Excuse me, people? Kelli “looks older” with darker hair? What, like 50? Kelli is beautiful with or without blonde hair. She is a young woman. Period. Sure, she looks older…like about 27. Haha, I am 40. Trust me, 27 ain’t nowhere being old. You go, Kelli. You are gorgeous.

bibsuv on

LOVEE IT! I agree with the posts on here that have said “more mature.” Redheads are classy!

webmistress27 on


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Tiffany on

It’s hard to say if you like it better blond or red b/c everyone is so used to seeing it blond. U have to take time to get used to it, then see what you think. She is adorable no matter what.

Ab on

Wow- Really bad… I didnt even recognize her… Shes gone from Not bad to OMG horrible!

08girl on

The red looks okay but the blonde is just more her….because she is a total blonde…if you get my drift. :D

timathyfoster on

kellie is beautiful no matter what color her hair is. She and Tailor need to spend more time writing and producing more hits together and touring

steph on

definately needs highlights/lowlights..but i like her blonde better

Melinda Baker on

When she walked out to present at the CMA awards I didn’t know who she was….it really does make her look older. Younger is better than sophisticated any day. She can do older later. I vote for BLONDE.

kristin on

wow. dont get me wrong girls with red hair are beautiful..

but kelly’s blonde hair is sorta what made her kelly pickler.
i dont like the red at all :/

mooda2010 on


Doug on

She looks any any she likes it. Will allways like kellie.

Emma on

i luv kellie im like her biggest fan,but she has such a light skin tone, dark hair just dont look good on her. she looks lyk herself when shes blonde. now she looks lyk a pre madonna. i luv u kell i really do but im not lovin da red

alyssa on

it looks nice, but you look a lot older, more like a mom or something. you should try dark brown with a lot of red in it. your still beautiful though.

jb on

You are much more beautiful as a blonde! Whether or not you’re a true blonde, stay blonde!

Tess on

She looks really washed out and she kinda looks like Renee Zelwiger in this picture. Plus she looks like 10 yrs older so i guess i prefer her blonde hair!

Anne on

Red hair is ok – but Kellie looks much better as a blonde. I agree with everyone else, the red hair does make her look older. Please go back to being a blonde.

Joe on

She doesn’t look like the Kellie we all know and love!

sam on


john smith on

eww.. sick

Patty on

I really love Kellie,but the red hair makes her look so much older an washed out.Come back Blondie!

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Tonya LeeAnne on

I really really like it. Kellie looked just as good as blonde, but the red is really sophisticated!

Bernadette on

I love Kelly Pickler but with her new hair color she reminds of actress, Annie Potts. You look better in blonde whether short or long.

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