It's Official! Heidi Klum to Host Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

11/04/2009 at 08:16 PM ET

Kristian Dowling/Getty

It’s official: Heidi Klum is returning to the runway just 6 weeks after giving birth to baby Lou Samuel — as host of the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show on Nov. 19. “Heidi is superwoman. She had a baby a few weeks ago and she is hosting the most high profile fashion show in the world,” Ed Razek, President and Chief Marketing Officer of VS tells PEOPLE exclusively. “Victoria’s Secret is thrilled to have her back. There is no one like her.” Klum played coy about preparing for the show, which airs Dec. 1 at 10pm on CBS, saying she planned “to take it easy and see what happens,” after delivering Lou, her daughter with Seal — and her fourth child — last month. Still, her fellow Angels aren’t surprised to see Heidi back to work. “She can do it all,” says fellow Angel (and new mom) Alessandra Ambrosio. “She’s a great mom and she’s got so much going on. She’s an inspiration.” We can’t wait to see Heidi and all of the Angels, including Marisa Miller in this year’s diamond bra, work the runway. –Charlotte Triggs

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erin on

i love heidi but seriously that makes me want to puke…

Lauren on

How very very sad that she is focusing on being on a runway rather than enjoying her new baby. Sounds like she has her priorities mixed up. And why did they have to pick one of the most unattractive people on earth to do this?!?

ally on

HOW SAD. She is like 40 or something, and just had a kid, this lady is seriously sad and so is VS for even thinking this whole thing. MARISA MILLER is way more famous in AMERICA. Or at least ALE Who cares about H.KLUM…. Duuuuggghhh

Dumb things happen everyday I guess.

Gina on

Agreed. She should focus on her family, not her career. Enough said.

Melissa on

Good for her!! She’s so beautiful and talented!! I sense some jealousy!

— TV Tattle on

[…] That is very, very fascinating," film director Roland Emmerich says of the proposed TV series. Heidi Klum to host Victoria's Secret Fashion show The special will air Dec. 1 on […]

Heather on

How can anyone say something bad about this. Are you just ridiculous or jealous?? She is a Mom that still has a life and her own goals in life too. She is a great mother and she should get to do whatever she wants that makes her feel good & happy!!! I am a mother of 4. I am thin, fashionable and take care of myself & my kids to the hilt. GO HEIDI!!!!

Rosellen on

she’s like super mom

treich on

Granted, she doesn’t need the money, but there are a ton of new moms that go back to work when their children are 6 weeks (or younger). I had to go back when my 2nd child was only 6 weeks. Those who oppose are merely jelous of the fact that she looks so amazing after just 6 weeks!

heather on

Jealous much ladies? lol Putting another woman down only makes yourself look worse. Kudos to Heidi for being a beautiful woman that does it all and has it all!

Kris on

ummm you all say what you want about Heidi but i think thats pretty amazing that she can be back to the runway just six weeks after having her baby. I bet any of you who have kids couldnt do that. Its amazing. Plus most of us dont know who thast marisa girl anyway. Heidi is way more famous! SO you all should just SHUT UP and leave her alone. She is an amazing mom and i think its inspiring to be able to be back just six weeks after hacing a baby!

Victoria on

Heidi is a wonderful lady, I am happy for her that she love being a Mother as the same time she enjoy her-self! Kudo to you Heidi and congratulation

lola on

yall fat hoes need to stop being jealous of heidi because shes a great mom and has a banging body

bonnie on

you ladies are jealous of heidi lol shes the prettiest 40 yr old mom of 4 ive ever seen!

Sandra on

I think she truly looks amazing for only giving birth 6 weeks prior! She is the ultimate Mom balancing motherhood and work. Go Heidi!!

lulu on

People are so silly. This photo was taken before she had the baby & she is 34, not 40. Heidi has a very strong work ethic & I wish her & her beautiful family only the very best.

m on

i love heidi and i love seal, with a voice like his and a body like his, how can you call him one of the most unattractive!?? do you even know his history?? ignorant!! out of all the couples in the entertainment business theirs is the one i love…the love between them seem so real and she looks at him with eyes of love! in case some of you didnt know “true love is inside”

Meghan on

I love Heidi- you go girl!!!!

susan on

I love Heidi too … but enough already…. is this just a repeat of either last year or the previous year? I am getting sick of having the same person hosts the show, year after year… she is getting older and we ned a younger girl doing the hosting…besides she is all over the place like “over-exposed” gets boring after awhile..

Kat on

Ally, in case you haven’t noticed there are MANY beautiful women over 40 and Heidi has the body to do the show, so why shouldn’t she? Like anyone you want in the modeling world, but Heidi is an inspiration to women that you can look good at any age! Also being a mom doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy looking good and things outside of the home at the same time. She can be a mom, walk the catwalk and have the body that some twenty somethings don’t have, nothing there to hate, just lots to celebrate!

sandy on

she does look great, and while I sure wouldnt go back to work if I didnt have to, her lifestyle is different than us average 9-5 ers. And I think her type of work is also very different….hosting a show if a far cry from waiting tables 5 nights a week with kids and a husband at home….Id do it to if I were her!!

Porsche on

Beautiful woman, great family and a great career. I think she has it all. Come on people, you don’t have to put others down in order to feel good about yourself! Go Heidi!

GoHeidi on

Kudos to Heidi… I think it is inspiring to hear a fellow mom who is able to juggle both her family and her career. I think in general, women should be supportive of other women who are doing things right and not being so critical.

Brittanney on

Just because she’s hosting the show doesn’t in anyway mean she’s a bad mother. She’s still working and looking fabulous after four kids, why not?! Haters are jealous.

antony on

She should tell us how she does that.
Supernatural! She should share her secrets!
I am a mother, can’t imagine how is that possible!

julia on

this is very typical for Heidi. In Germany the people loved her very much, but in the last years she showed of her real face. a moneymaschine. I don´t think its something to be proud. Every women can work 6 weeks after giving birth. Why not? When your parents stay at your house, you have nanny and someone who make the laundry… for sure heidi don´t stay at the ironing board. but most important is,that many women prefer to enjoy the new baby. Heidi don´t need this money, but she can´t get engough.


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Karen on

She’s living her dream!All the models are fabulous.Looking forward to see the next “Million Dollar Diamond” in this annual event.

Shocked on

You have got to be kidding me, all you jealous cows…..moooo!!!! I’ve always loved Heidi and I don’t see anything wrong with her going back to work. I went back to work when my baby was 3 WEEKS OLD so call me a bad mother…not in the least. My daughter is an amazing child. I’m sure it is not about the money for Heidi, it’s about her, about being a women and a mother and a business women too. Why are people always trying to box you in……and by gawddd who said that a women has to stand behind an ironing board…..I certainly dont!!! Well done Heidi and Congrats on your new bundle of joy!! As women of the 20th century we can do it all and still stride down the catwalk looking good. Eat your hearts out ladies!

Marnie on

Good for her that she can balance both motherhood and doing her job. She is a true inspiration for mothers out there. I can see how much she loves her kids..the rule is happy and healthy mum=happy and healthy kids!

Yay for Heidi!

drgnldy14 on

I love Heidi and wish her all the best with her family & career. Not all of us can look like her , be happily married and have a gorgeous family! Way to Go Heidi!!!

mary ann on

How can anyone seriously call Heidi “one of the most unattractive people on earth”????
Dude, you need glasses or Lasik.
Enough said.

sharon on

OMG saying heidi is unattractive is pathetic! she’s a beautiful woman and i give her credit for all the things she does….
she has a wonderful and successful marriage, is a great mom and business woman….
just cause she’s going back to work doesn’t mean she’s a bad mom
you women r just jealous about her beauty, success and she does it all with grace…

Deb on

Heidi is a beautiful woman. She is always so cheerful and sweet. She is a wonderful mother. Her children always come first. This is a show – it is not a lifetime. Like many in this world today she has a job and one that she enjoys. Her husband and her love their children and share in parenting them. The are fortunate to have money which makes it easier. VS feels she is ready and that is all that matters. Heidi feels she is ready. I adore her, every time I watch her on TV it cheers me up.

Yvette on

I’m quite sure Heidi & Seal have their household under control. As long as they are in agreement as husband and wife, that’s all that’s important.

MC on

Way to go Heidi!!! This is a one day show so for all you haters out there that says she should concentrate on her family well she is and she’s working. You’re all jealous!! Looking forward to seeing you on the runway Heidi.

sally on

Seriously, what is with this women?
What kind of point is she trying to make?
Obviously WORK is more important than focusing on her family- especially that new baby. So this means she is working out and trying to get her body back in tip top shape- again time away from her kids.
Doctors tell most new moms NOT to even think of working out until you reach the six week point.
I think she is sending the wrong message to new mom’s. Most can’t walk a runway six weeks after having a baby.

Charna on

My jaw dropped when I saw those negative comments! WOW, people surprise me everyday! This is about empowerment of women..sophisticated, sexy and FOREVER young! Who doesn’t want that! I am overjoyed that I will get to meet Heidi! She is a mogul to be reckoned with! HI HATERS HI HATERS


I like Heidi. BUT trying to get back in shape in 6 weeks by ANY means possible just to walk a runway – is it really worth it? Wouldn’t you rather stay home with your newborn and your 3 children and spend quality time???

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Cherry on

Well, she’s HOSTING not modeling. I’m happy she’s not modeling. At 36 with 4 kids, she really needs to retire from lingerie modeling.

I think VS is being uber nice to her by not [OFFICIALLY] letting her go, yet.

brigit on

i love heidi.. i just find it hard to believe she could get her prebaby body back on her own..but thats great. I personally dont think i would care as much about it after just having a baby but to each is own!

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[…] Razek, President and Chief Marketing Officer of VS, told People magazine, “Heidi is superwoman. She had a baby a few weeks ago and she is hosting the most high […]

Sh on

Yes, absolutely. Heidi is horrendous. How dare she aspire to have a life and a career after having a child? Doesn’t she know that mothers are not allowed to have goals after giving birth? Doesn’t she know that her life is now over? The AUDACITY of her not wanting to be a housewife! Shame on her, what a bad person!

(by the way the above comment was sarcastic because I know there will be people who will take it seriously)

But seriously though, some of your guys’ comments was so ridiculous. The fashion show is one day. She’s going to do the show, party afterward and come home to her kids. Just because she wants to get in shape afterward and show the world that she’s still got it doesn’t make her a bad mother and doesn’t mean she doesn’t love her baby. She gave them the most precious thing…life. What more can she give? The women that are making the “How can she do that??” comments sound to me like they’re the mothers that gave up their lives. But just because you guys did, doesn’t mean you were supposed to or had to, and it doesn’t mean that Heidi has to. It was just your lack of effort, and a baby was just your excuse.

Alexandria on

i love heidi klum and i think she is so beautiful. shes a model and models model. this wouldnt be the second time she had a baby and got back on the runway!!! from reading these comments it seems like ya’ll are just jealous of her because she can have a baby and snap back into shape to walk a runway for Victorias Secret. dont hate on Heidi because you cant do it. CONGRATS TO HEIDI KLUM!!!!

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ali on


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r4 dsi on

Fashion is the best way to show out our personality and also glamour..
so i will take this article in my life…
Thanks for sharing valuable info..

webmistress27 on

I want to be on project runway! simply love the show and Heidi Klume

H on

people who are saying she should stay home with raising kids must be living in the 1950’s….why cant she be a mum and still enjoy life as she likes it? not everything is centered around kids and family…n no, it isnt being selfish….it’s about balancing family life and personal passion…ppl should learn to judge ur own life b4 judging others.

richard on

She is beautuful You saying NO other mother goes back to work. Yes she is 40, she is also beautiful. Models only have a certian window. I applaude her for going back to work. Her baby isn’t going to suffer. What I read about her her kids will be just fine.
Thanks for sharing Heidi’s husband.

charlene on

I think many of us are just too opinionated for our own good. Why is there only one way to do things? To each their own, everyone!!

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Isabella on

If this is what she wants to do then why do you people care

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burchsales on

For those who have.}

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