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Jon Gosselin: New Girlfriend, New Design Gig

07/13/2009 at 10:10 AM ET


Just weeks after splitting from his wife of 10 years, Jon Gosselin is back in the spotlight with a new career and a new girlfriend. Gosselin, 32, turned up in St. Tropez hand-in-hand with Hailey Glassman, the daughter of the plastic surgeon who performed Kate’s tummy tuck in 2006. The lovebirds spent the weekend along the French Riviera so Gosselin could finalize a deal to design his own line of children’s clothing with Ed Hardy designer Christian Audigier. Glassman will also have a hand in creating the kid-friendly fashions. “She’ll have a lot of input with Christian,” Gosselin told PEOPLE of Hailey’s involvement. “And I will, too.” And don’t forget the plus eight — Gosselin tells PEOPLE that his eight kids, who spent the weekend with Kate at the family’s Pennsylvania home, will model his designs in ads for the line. Audigier tells PEOPLE that he approached Gosselin with the idea after noticing that the reality show dad often wore his tattoo-inspired T-shirts on Jon and Kate Plus Eight. “He’s huge,” says the French designer, who may also collaborate with Gosselin on a specialty motorcycle collection. “Everyone knows this family. And everyone will know our clothes. They’ll be fun, easy clothes for kids.” But it wasn’t all work for Jon and Hailey. During the extended weekend aboard Audigier’s yacht, Gosselin and Glassman lunched at the Tahiti Club before cruising around the bay in a cigarette boat. The pair also went shopping at some of the high-end boutiques around St. Tropez, including Hermes and Prada. “They couldn’t take their eyes off each other,” a friend of Audigier’s tells PEOPLE. “They looked so happy to just be together.” “I feel very relaxed,” Gosselin told PEOPLE during his weekend escape. But, “every ten minutes I keep thinking about the kids and missing them.” A reunion will come soon enough: Gosselin is due back home on Tuesday where he will start filming new episodes of the family’s TLC series, which returns from hiatus on Aug. 3. – Michelle Tan; reporting by Jen Garcia and Dana Kennedy

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Chris on

He disgusts me.

Emilee on

So, he and his mistress are creating a children’s line. WTH?? A children’s line??? My kids won’t be wearing them. I don’t care what he thinks he deserves because he is 32 years old or because he didn’t have a backbone years ago. What he is doing is wrong. I can’t support someone opening having an affair that will hurt their children one day. I honestly wish that their concern was for their children and not the almighty dollar.

April on

whoa. I thought the Glassman’s daughter was…. really young

Stina on

Once a cheater always a cheater that is all I have to say. Shame on both of you.

Tiffany on

This family just fell apart and fell apart quick. He’s already got a new girlfriend. I feel extremely sorry for the kids.

kari on

OMG…is he serious? Who would ever put Ed Hardy shirts on thier kids? He is making a bigger fool of himself than his controlling ex-wife. I realize he doesn’t care what anyone thinks anymore, but going off with a girl who’s just out of ….strippers R us…isn’t exactly the brightest thing to do..It’s only a matter of time until his kids figure out what a tool he was…(not to mention thier mother being a wacko bittch.) Poor kids..I can’t imagine having the life they had, and now all this drama!

Leigh on

I used to love Jon, but give us a break. He lets the world think that Kate wants the show to continue and to exploit the kids. Now he announces that they will model clothes that he and his girlfriend are designing?! What is the difference??I hope the kids don’t see the hurtful photos of hime parading around with his new girlfriend and smoking. Real mature move!! If Kate has someone else at least she is sparing the kids all the PDA!

Donna on

He is scum. Going out publicly this quickly after his divorce?? he should be ashamed of himself.

Kim on

He is a loser, I am glad Kate dumped him. I hope she hangs him to dry.

Jenn on

He’s ‘The Biggest Loser!!!’

enquirer on

Absolutely pitiful!!! I will not be buying any of the clothes. Why make these people richer, exploiting children, and now making money to support his adulterous lifestyle. I say adulterous because the bible only list 2 reasons for remarrying, death of spouse or if the spouse cheated and even then the innocent party is only allowed to remarried, not the one who cheated. Although many people still get married by the the law of the land, it is not right in GOD eyes.

Rach on

He disgusts me as well and my children will never wear something him and his girlfriend design. I have no respect for him at all, and I am sorry i don’t even believe him when he says he is thinking about his kids

Nicole on

Wow…what a great guy

sherrie on

He is scum. I hope no-one buys the clothes.

J. on

HA HA HA Guess those dinner dates John had with daughter and the wife of the plastic surgeon were really “DATES” after all… WHO CARES!

Aimee on

Jon Gosselin is a jerk, he couldn’t wait for the ink to dry before taking off with his 22 year old girlfriend? I feel so badly for Kate.

Kelli on

He’s a snake and doesn’t deserve Kate.

Callie on

Well, isn’t that nice….man, I wish the media would just leave them alone…don’t they get it…we don’t care!

Jeanine on

Life must move on!

P on

WOW… that is just in bad taste..
How long did he wait before he stepped out with another women.. 2 weeks.. that is crazy.. That is so disrespectful to his wife and family. He is just showing that he does not care at all.

charity on


Sara on

Seriously, Jon? I love this family and used to believe that they had a fairy tale wedding. Him stepping out with a new girlfriend weeks after he filed for divorce is in poor taste. And, he’s dating the daughter of Kate’s plastic surgeon?!?!? Jon should be focusing on his children and attempting to lay low in order for his reputation to recover fully, not galavanting around with a younger model in France. I have lost a lot of respect for Jon, and I hope Kate is coping well.

Melissa on

Good for him!

Stacy on

This is just soooo sad!! I thought he was the one how did not want the celebrity status.. Those poor kids!

apt on

does this guy have no shame?

Margret on

He makes me sick..I can’t stand him! Not a care in the world, I will NEVER buy a Ed Hardy t-shirt now. This guy is a loser!

Aimes on

Can you say, “Mid-life crisis?”

mindy on

I always felt sorry for John on the show but now I just think that he is the lowest of the low for showing off his new ‘GIRLFRIEND’ so soon after the split. Show some class!!

Melissa on

Good for him. She always put her traveling and career first.

Kaii on

Mr. Audigier should rethink this deal. Nobody is going to wear anything this idiot is pushing…..Love the kids, it’s to bad they have to have him.

beth on

Talk about a mid life crisis!!!! What a CREEP!

Dani on

All of you have to remember that Kate is no innocent party here. Leave both Jon and Kate alone. Only they know whats going on and none of us are in a position to judge any one. This is the land of the divorce!!! Go judge your neighbor or your dad, or you own ex-husband or ex-wife. Jeez!!

enquirer on

Also, who in th eworld would want someone with 8 kids? I dont see longevity.

me on

Anyone notice how Hailey resembles Kate?

Patty on

The last I knew, the Gosselins were getting a divorce. We really don’t know how long Jon & Kate have been seperated. The kids will be better off without fighting parents!

Former Fan on

Wow…Jon has gone soooooo downhill… DEFINATE downgrade…

Felecia on

He is making the biggest ass of himself. Hardy is making a big mistake. I think the majority of America has now turned on these dispicable parents who are selling their children out. My kids will never wear any clothes he, his 22 year old gf or his soon to be ex design. I hope that show is cancelled soon before those kids are too damaged!

Jen on

What a complete a–. Maybe he didn’t technically cheat on Kate, but he cheated emotionally.

mac on

No more Ed Hardy for my family….Jon Gosselin has the morals of an Alley Cat.

HLB on

You couldn’t pay me to buy those clothes. He is a loser. Get home and quit using your kids to pay your bills. Imagine he is going to have his children model these clothes. These kids work to much. Something is not right here. Am I the only one that sees this?

T.W. on

I used to love the show Jon and Kate plus 8 and I always felt sorry for Jon alot of the time but now I dont know what to think anymore. I feel like fame has completely taken over Jon and I feel like he is exploiting the children. So sad!

Pía on

what! enyoy your 15 minutes of fame…hurting your childrens… omh this is an example of the power of fame and money

Nancy on

Both of them make me sick. Not a very good role model for your children, Jon. I won’t be buying his designs.

Sarah on

Good for him! If the show portrayed even a hint of what his elationship with Kate was like, then I am very glad he got out and at least he can still share custody of the kids. Why have them witness a horrible marriage for the rest of their lives.

Jen on

Watching the last few episodes of the show, Jon was so nonchalant and Kate was so weepy. Kate got a bad rap fo trying to get sympathy with the crying. Guess we now know how hurt she really was since obviously the rumors of Jon’s affairs are true. He makes me want to barf!!

steph on

he’s a jerk with no back bone seriously that’s it that’s all. He couldn’t cope with the responsibility of a family because he needs someone to make up his mind for him, leaving Kate to carry the majority or the responsibilities and the decision making. Having a man child is worse than being a single parent. Go Kate she’s going to rock it. Hailey Glassman??…come on now…weren’t the families “close” that’s pretty low.

mommy to two on

if I was Kate I would make sure that the kids DONT model the sleezy clothing…tell him if he wants to use his kids as models to go make some new ones with the nut he is with now

roseygurl on

I did feel sorry for him b/c he was hen pecked, but he is such a loserrrr. Really, he should have at least traded up!!

Dee on

What a loser!! My kids won’t be wearing his clothes…I wish this family would just go away!!

Catherine on

He totally makes me want to puke ! Poor Kate I know she isn’t perfect but her and the kids don’t deserve this . She will come out on top in the long run ! I bet it will be a long time before you ever see her running around town with a new guy because she puts her kids first and he will continue to be a jack ass but that’s okay time heals all. Kate continue to know that God is with you and knows what’s best for you .

Over it on

I am so sick of seeing every tool wear this clothing. These are the same people who turned their nose up at tattoo culture before every retard was wearing this stuff. How does jon know anything about fashion and design?? Shame of the designer for enlisting him b/c of a famous show. SELLOUT

Jen on

I hope he rots! It’s nice he has his newer, younger girlfriend now that he got tired of his responsibilities at home and his wife. So he gets to run off and play and go back home when it suits him? Yea, he cares about his kids!! Can you say immaturity?

Pam on

What a waste case. I feel sorry for Kate and those kids. I hope that loser ends up with nothing.

Shawna on

His mistress will be able to really help with the kids line, considering she’s practically still a kid herself…..way to make yourself look like a tool, Jon.

Seinna on

SO let me see, the guy lives under his wife’s tyranny for 10 years, gets b*tched at constantly, leaves (and we don’t know how long they have been seperated or what exactly transpired between Jon and Kate)and he is the bad guy. Kate is no fool, she is playing all of you for one. She knows how to manipulate the press and the public, she did it to Jon for years. Jon looks happy (can you name a show in the last 3 years where he has been?) How long would all of you pious people wait if you had a shot at being with someone who didn’t belittle you constantly?…Glass Houses people

Lorna Snow on

Ick! Can you say major not even mid life crisis? As new as his separation from his wife is, he should be trying just a little to fly under the radar. . .mayeb? Sorry to see Glassman’s daughter involved with the situation, too. Oh yeah, and lets continue to use our kids for a really good source of income!

peggy sue giggles on

Jon gosselin is a big fat cheat. I hope kate him to the cleaners.

Lucy on

I know that Kate has been somewhat overbearing and mean to Jon but this is too much. Kate doesn’t deserve this. I don’t know what he thinks he’s going to be able to do, he’s got 8 kids for cryin’ out loud. He made his bed and he’s got to sleep in it. Kate has stepped up and taken responsibility, Jon needs to do the same instead of frolicking with barely legal girls. It’s like he doesn’t care what he’s doing to his children and how they may feel about it. He could’ve given it more time before moving on to someone else.

Alicia on

I used to love J&K + 8, & towards the end I felt sorry for both of them. They’ve both made mistakes, & I think their marriage could have been saved with counseling. But now… Jon has gone way too far. I don’t feel sorry for him anymore. I agree with Chris… Jon disgusts me now.

Andrew on

It is now safe to say… he is the a-hole of the century!

V on

I am so sick of seeing every tool wear this clothing. These are the same people who turned their nose up at tattoo culture before every retard was wearing this stuff. How does jon know anything about fashion and design?? Shame of the designer for enlisting him b/c of a famous show. SELLOUT

Holly Blankenbaker on

He’s feeling relaxed??? Of course he is! His WIFE is at home with 8 kids and he is in the French Riviera with his girlfriend! What a jerk!

Jennifer on

I just lost my last few ounces of respect I had for Jon. He wants to do whats best for his children? Why is he going to exploit these kids by using them as models? Are they not going through enough as it is right now?
On a different note, Jon, you didn’t cheat on Kate? All I can say to that is WHATEVER!

Kim on

What is really sad is he will be a disneyland dad.Why would you use your kids for fame The just beautiful kids that have know idea whats going on. He should be with the kids instead of trying to find a new mommy for them. The have a mother but it lookslikethe father just is in it for the money.I agree with the other comment once a cheater always a cheater He better believe in karma. He has it coming to him. The lord will teach him a lesson or two

S on

He looks so desperate wearing clothes that shouldn’t be worn by anyone over the age of 20! It’s like he has to dress young to cover the fact that he’s dating a 22 year old. And, isn’t she the same girl he was photographed with on Memorial Day? Supposedly they were “just friends” then because he was still married. I think that he is having an early mid-life crisis and the kids are the ones who are going to get hurt. Whether you like Kate or not, this is a bad move on his part.

Catalina on

He’s a piece of garbage !

debbie on

jon….WAKE UP !!!! these girls are NOT interested in you because you are such a great “catch” !!! IT’S YOUR MONEY AND FAME !!!!!!!!!!

LIZ on

What a JERK!!! Kate you’re better off without him. Let’s see how many vacations he can afford when he is paying child support for eight kids.

Trish on

So, all of those denials by Jon about cheating on Kate??? And, now I think we know what Kate was referring to right before she filed for the divorce, “In light of what Jon did this weekend…” She must have found out about the TLC Jon was giving to the daughter of her plastic surgeon.

JEnn on

she looks like a younger version of Kate

Tricia on

Setting aside who is at fault for this divorce, one thing is certain – John’s actions are & will be very hurtful for the children he professes to love so much. John clearly does not have much brain power.

Donna on

Amazing how this so called great guy has moved on
so quickly from his wife of 10 years for a younger women. Plus he is going to cash in on his kids with a kid clothing line.
What a sick man! One day his kids will google him and be shocked how their father really was!!!

lila on

This ugliness looks like mariah carey.

snookums on

I think Jon is headed for a major ‘breakdown’. His behavior is goofy – and the girlfriend??? She’s just the flavor of the week. I used to really like Jon….but now not so much!!! Another example of how MONEY messes up people.

Julie on

I think it’s a little too soon for Jon Gosselin to start dating after spilting with his wife of 10 years. He should give himself some time before getting himself into another relationship.

Sarah on

Pretty much shocking and sad from every angle.

Gina on

I am shocked that he is dating already. I just got dumped this weekend and I have no plans to start dating already and we weren’t even married. He should be thinking how this is going to effect his kids. The cold heartless SOB.

RCB on

How sickening is this? I cannot believe he’s broadcasting his new relationship while still married. Does marriage stand for anything any more? I won’t buy anything that he or she ever touches! It’s just too much, way too soon! Shame on the designer working with a married man and his little play toy! UGH! What is wrong with people that this is ok?? I have to pray for this country because our values stink!!!
I hope we see Kate hold her head high knowing she is going to be ok, let him spend now because child support on 8 kids is not going to be leaving him much, so little girlfriend better enjoy it now! Take him to the cleaners KATE!

Rob on

A little bit a fame brings out the worst in folk! I always felt so sorry for him, now I feel sorry for Kate, she is so better off without him, I hope she gets 100% custody of the children, with that slime bag getting every other weekend visitation, since when is it ok to flaunt your Bit on the Side prior to the divorce?
Take him to the cleaners Kate!oh and don’t forget, the children must be so proud of their Daddy!

Lauren on

He is so the worst!!!!!!!!!!!!

anna on

he is really representing dads well , lol , he allready looks washed up, i dont see what he could have to offer someone of her age , i hope kate meets some hot millionaire and gets married , screw jon :P

sickj&K&TLC on

exploiting the kids- again. I guess he is incapable to making money without their little faces.
No hope for these kids. The parents will wring every last cent they can get out of them.

I don’t care about the girlfriend- except she seems to be riding on their backs now too.

Heavy load for such little kids- having to support all those adults in the lifestyle they desire and lust after.

Barbara on

Get a clue. There is nothing that I would buy that ia associated with this jerk. He breaks up his family so he can run around. Then the fool wants to use his kids to model stuff he “designed” with his girlfriend and he really thinks other moms are going to buy it–get real!

Pat on

This is sick. I hope Kate gets all the money since at least she will spend it on the children. Jon will spend it with his new honey and he’ll still be this spineless little boy. Interesting that they were just showing the tummy tuck episode and now it makes me think that he might been having an affair with this girl from that time.

Sarah on

His kids are really going to hate him one day.

Shannon on

Jon disgusts me. They went through all that trouble to have those kids and they just threw their family away!

Barbara on

They both (Jon and Kate) bore me. I can’t believe these people are headline-worthy. Just another dysfuntional family; the world is full of them !

Butta007 on

I still have love for Jon. Like, everybody is hating on him but you don’t know the back story, you don’t know what goes on when the cameras shut off, so i think everyone needs to just shut up and let the man live his life. You’re passing judgement so easily on him, but what areas of YOUR LIFE can judgement be forced upon? No one on this EARTH is PERFECT so please get over yourselves. Lets see what kind of bones and scandal surround you if your life was on camera and in the spotlight all the time…Jon, I wish all the best for you and your kids. PEACE!

Amanda on

I thought that he might have had a little hunny on the Side… He Disgusts Me. I lost all respect that I ever had for Him. My Respect goes to Kate and the Girls.

Pamela on

I’m just speechless. Who in the world would believe that a man who leaves his family and immediately takes up with some little “hottie” would be a good businessman? He can’t even run his own personal life.
Remember, Jon, karma is a mother f*****!

catherine on

WOW a kids line … well his girlfriend is a young child … maybe she is the muse for the line

Danielle on

What marketing hack thought this would be a good idea? An adulterous father of eight and his mistress pitching a children’s clothing line inspired by tattoos? Excuse me, is this a joke?

Ashton Anderson on

he is a horrible person! does he even stop to think how the kids feel1 I dont think so!!!

pinky on

Good for JOn..he looks happy!! and his a great father!! leave him alone!! geez kate such a meanie!! =)

shannon on

Unbelievable…..not too surprised though. On the divorce episode he stated that he was “excited” to start a new “chapter” in his life. How can you be excited that your marriage is ending? He looking to get out to live the youth he never had because he married too young. What a jerk. The divorce announcement was only a few weeks ago!!! This proves what kind of person he is–and anyone who thinks Kate is the fame seeking, money hungry one needs to just read this article. I think the fame went to his head–not hers. I think she was trying to figure out ways to feed her 8 kids. She wrote books after all. He is hangin’ in the French Riviera with some college coed and trying to put clothes on little children that obviously are meant to be for adults!!! Shame on you, Jon. I hope you don’t realize what you lost when it is too late!!!

Tosha on

Does she have a bump? I thought he wanted to be out of the public eye…guess not with the new “design gig”. Such a looser. He has EIGHT kids and acts EIGHTEEN! He needs to grow up and act like a 32 year old father of eight!

Aurora on

Seriously? This is ridiculous. I cannot believe that just a couple of weeks after he announces a divorce that he is out with some college aged girl. AND he’s starting a children’s clothing line with her? He’s just creepy. No wonder Kate worked so hard to keep him in line. He’s obviously pretty low on character.

Kat on

I’ve never had any respect for Jon OR Kate, but wow, Jon could have covered this up at least a little bit for the sake of tact.

He thinks of his children every ten minutes? Oh, that’s lovely. Maybe he should actually be parenting them where he’d be forced to think about them all the time.

Debby on

They have been apart for a long time. He has moved on. Get over it. She probably has too.


anyone else notice that if you crop HER picture that she looks like Kate ~ back in the day….

Sarah on

It sounds like the people on this board think they just split up recently when in fact they seperated a long time ago. And is also sounds like you either expected him to date someone older or wait a long time. You have no clue how horrible Kate was to him even though it was hard for them to mask it even in the editing room for the show. Her plan of looking like the innocent victim is working bigtime for the people who comment on this page, obviously. I guess you believe everything you read and never care to know the real truth…so sad.

holly on

Oh my! Who on this Earth would want to date a man who is in the middle of a very recent divorce and who has 8 children with another woman??? And to design clothes for children with your new girlfriend, sick! I am glad Kate is rid of him..Seems to me like he just wanted the money and his hands clean from daddy duty. Most pathetic thing Ive heard all week. I am ashamed that I once thought these people were down to Earth and wholesome.

Yvonne Bozone on

I think he should get on with his life. His ex-wife was always hateful to him on the show and you don’t think she hasn’t moved on sexually with the body guard. Come on people! Get real!

Erica on

New hair, new earring, & some stylish clothes = new girlfriend ha ha WOW… and the girl is Kates tummy tuck doctors daughter… They must be proud.

Hmmmmm no wonder he was “excited” about moving forward. SELFISH LOSERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Diane on

Jon has a lot of growing up to do. I don’t know what Kate every saw in him….

RT on

UUmm is the divorce final yet? I mean he makes himself look like a total ass and I was on his side.

Debbie on

They both have used their children to aid them in living the good life. They have both lost tough with reality. The show needs to end!!!!

alison on

Shame on you, jon!


JG on

People shame on you!!! no one knows the real story behind the fall of thier marriage. How dare all of judge Jon. None of you lived in his life, as a divorced mother myself no one knows what happens behind closed doors. Good for Jon!! Hope he he does well, and finds complete happiness.

Sue H on

I’d like to know where both J&K get all the money for expensive vacations – I guess it’s all from the show – STOP WATCHING THE SHOW EVERYONE -I used to watch it but will not in the future. Thats where they are getting all their money from and TLC should be ashamed of themselves for continuing the show – give the kids a break – I never liked Kate she was too bossey for me but now Jon is a waste also – its too early to be seen on the dating scene holding hands!

K on

I hate Jon now and CANNOT believe him! All this time I thought Jon was such a great guy, great father, wow, was I wrong. Fine, you are getting divorced but don’t go on vacations with floosies 2 months later! What an inconsiderate jerk to all EIGHT of his kids. I can’t believe TLC is letting them continue with the show after his actions this past week

Kelly on

I understand that John and Kate are going to be divorced, but how tacky that he is already stepping out in public with someone new. How little regard he has for his children. And now his new career is going to be USING his kids yet again financially? He makes me sick.
Makes you wonder all along that he must have already been cheating on her so that is why Kate filed for divorce. I hope she scalps him financially if he was stepping out on her. You don’t want to be married, thats fine, you get the divorce first, you dont cheat on your spouse because you can’t handle the pressure.

Alicia on

Wow. What a way to exploit those kids. Take away the cameras and the press and focus on your family Jon. Your supposed to be a father, not a celebrity. Get a grip of reality, not reality TV.

Mary on

I can’t believe this. Have some respect for your family you tool! You might have had your reasons to end your marriage, that’s sad but it happens, but going out in the open with another woman right away… WTH…

Marie on

What goes around…comes around. Jon: You’re children are more mature than you are!

Lisa on

He makes me want to vomit – everyone made Kate out to be the bad guy and that’s not the case at all, he’s such a loser!

K on

That’s Jon, but that’s not Kaaate

Nicole on

All I have to say is “what goes around comes around”. What a jerk.

Dee on

When he first met Kate, he had a girlfriend. He cheated on her with Kate. What goes around, comes around.

Jess on

Talk about exploitation of your children. He seriously wants them to model the clothes in ads, yet he was whining before about exploiting the children through the show and wanting to quit that? He should be at home with his children instead of in France with a 23 year old girl. I’m so sure he was thinking about and missing his kids every 10 minutes. What an idiot…

Sue H on

OH AND I FORGOT THE EARRINGS – I just noticed a wk or so ago that now JON has earrings! Come’on – grow up!

daniela on

the man just couldn’t wait get a new woman, huh??? so typical. what a loser.

Dana on

Wow, guess he thought the world felt sorry enough for him, that parading the Gf around would not matter…..Sorry Jon dont feel that sorry for you.
Personally I think you let Kate take the blame for alot of stuff…….she is trying to raise 8 kids while you are on the French Rivera with a Gf.
What a hard life you have!!!

Owen's Mommy on

Please boycott any clothing this man designs! My heart goes out to his children. They do not deserve to be paraded around so he and his girlfriend can make money!! His behavior is selfish and out right rude. They only thing he is concerned about is himself and money!


I used to tjink Jon was a model husband. Thoughtful,caring, honest. He is THE slimeball of the century. Shame on you, Jon…..Kate, please stay strong!

holly on

Eww..Kate is much prettier than that girl. SHe looks like a beat down, run over, wanna be Mariah Carey…SICK

Gina on

Oh, so he never cheated on Kate but weaks after they filed for divorce he’s out and about with this woman. He is not a father his kids can look up too so please stop saying how much you love them. You love yourself first Jon, PERIOD!!!! She’s an idiot for dating you and I’m sure she’s the wh*re that helped you make the horrible decision to leave your family so she deserves all the HATE outlast that I’m sure she’s going to get.

Kathy on

Gee, we’ve found another way to exploit those children, eh? WAy to take that free tummy tuck and make the mo$t of it for your own pocket.

Becky on

This is unbelievable. They went from receiving diapers and formula from their church and community to shopping at Prada just because they have let cameras into the home and private business – which in turn, I believe broke up their marriage – or at least made it this horrific.

Kate and Jon have both created a new “reality” and in the end, it will hurt the emotional state and security of the children.

I hope I have to eat my words when I say when this all comes down – where will they get help? Have they been contributing back to those that helped them at the beginning…?

Have they shown their children after all this exposure and “success” – let’s utilize it for the good of other children in need?

And I have never even watched the show – but it doesn’t take much to understand the ramifications of their actions just by watching the news.

J on

His children are going to model clothes he co-designed with his girlfriend? That is TOTALLY inappropriate. Kate, now is one of those times when you need to intervene and put the kabosh on it. You have a say, don’t you?

Laura on

Give the guy a break! He’s spent the last 10 years in Kate’s prison, screamed at, degraded, demasculated. He deserves some happiness after all this abuse from her. I hope he is happy and his clothing line does well.

carrie on

I think both Jon and Kate are at fault. Kate does talk to Jon like he is a child. On the other hand, maybe she has reason to be angry. John always looks miserable on the show. I don’t think he enjoys it at all. I just read that he is starting a clothing line and that his children will be models for the clothing line. He can no longer complain about Kate exploiting the children because he’s doing it too. My husband is on Jon’s side simply because of the way kate treats him. Maybe if she was a little nicer to Jon, he would have been happier.

Katey on

Wow ladies, calm it down. Is this really any of your business? Ok, so you don’t want your kids to wear his shirts, fair enough, but leave his love life out of it. You think what you see on TLC and CNN is the exact truth? Maybe they had ended things before 2 weeks ago, you don’t know. Who cares if she is 22, maybe she’s a great woman and you’re bashing her for no reason. They aren’t having an affair, Kate and Jon are done. Move on, grow up, and go start concentrating on your own marriages.

mcthom on

It really says something when my five year old sees the picture and tells me she feel “ashamed of him” me too!

Nicole on

What a jerk…he’s off with no cares in the world and Kate is left behind to care for all the kids…errrrr!

Sandra on

Okay, isn’t she like 22 or 23? Can’t wait to see that playdate! Jon, the kids and Hailey!

Leah on

I knew it. No wonder the a**h@%e was “kind of excited about his new beginning” according to him on that last taped show where they announced their separation. Kate was so distraught. Jerk!

Kathy on

Instead of putting the effort into exploiting his children by designing clothes, why didn’t he put the same amount or more effort into seeking counseling and trying to save his marriage. I’m sure the kid would have appreciated that more in the long run.

tabitha on

He makes me sick!!!

LBW on

What a pig!

Sarah on

Why are people saying he shouldn’t be away from the kids when Kate travels away from them all the time? Why is it okay for Kate to always be on trips away from the kids? What a double standard!

Jenn on

Is everyone forgetting that they have been separated for 2 years and TLC just kept it under wraps??!! Is he not supposed to move on with his life?

Can’t stand Kate I think she’s a controlling, domineering, condescending wench but for the kids sake, I hope they both can find partners who are supportive and bring out the best in them because they obviously didn’t find that with each other.

And for the record (Kari) I would put Ed Hardy shorts on my kids . . . it’s a children’s line so my guess is it will be tailored towards children.

Judgemental & hypocritical people . . . that’s what is wrong with this world.

Julie on

Jon-you should be ashamed of yourself- and Hailey, you’re a homewrecker!!

Kelly on

I used to watch the show, but have recently decided to stop as I find it to be true that Jon and Kate are marketing their children. Both should be ashamed of their behaviors and I just hope those 8 kids are affected least as possible.

Morgan on

What happened to Deanna Hummel???

Gina on

Will NOT buy these clothes and I hope he’s a failure as a business man as he was a husband and father.

Don’t tell me this girl (pig) didn’t have anything to do with him getting earrings and deciding to leave his family.

I feel so sorry for his kids. If Kate starts to date, I really hope she keeps in VERY private.

Karen on

ahhhhh…… I’m sure Kate will be stepping out with the bodyguard before we know it! She is just playing her cards right….. The spouse that can prove infidelity will get more, Jon is simply making it easier on her! Needless to say, WHO CARES!! They both deserve what is being handed down to them, had they kept their family and their personal lives out of the spotlight instead of pimping the children out on national TV none of this would be happening! Maybe in the future they will realize money is the root of all evil..

Anje on

Anyone else thinks she sort of looks like Kate in the face?

jENN on

He disgust me. I used to be all for him but now it seems he’s the money hungry one now. Its sad because the kids are the ones who will suffer. People really are selfish.

Mandy on

He’s a scumbag. He has zero family values, no respect for his wife or kids. He is poison. I hope one day his children see him for what he really is.

Angie on

How low can he go??? Seriously …to be dating the daughter of the surgeon that did Kate’s tummy tuck!! What a LOSER!!! He maid it out to be that Kate was so demanding! Well maybe that’s because he’s dating the “friend of the families” daughter. The daughter is just as bad as Jon.

Kris on

And all this time we thought it was Kate we loved to hate…. The only one that will wear his line of clothes are his kids!

Arch on

Way to go John, time to have your cake and eat it to……. Your soon to be ex-wife was a major pain in the butt. I bet your hot, young, and new girlfriend makes it feel so much better…..

Galyn on

So the scumbag really was cheating – they just photographed the wrong woman. What a loser!!!

Stephanie on

Chris – agreed, he makes my stomach turn. what a dog.

Tre' on

Jon has no respect for his family. His new girlfriend is the daughter who performed a tummy-tuck for his wife for free? I hope Kate doesn’t let him use the kids as models. How do explain to young children, “Daddy wants you to model the clothing line that his new girlfriend designed?” Is this the real life Days of Our Lives?

Sarah on

I used to LOVE, I mean LOVE this family. They were adorable. Now I am so disgusted with them, I would never buy any of Jon & his mistress’ home-wrecking apparel.

Gen on

Go Jon!! Maybe this much younger woman will treat you right and not like a piece of “fecal matter” the way your soon to be ex-wife treated you. She looks like she is a lot of fun. And you deserve it!

Kate on

If I were Jon, I would have left a long time ago, what a controlling beee ach! You people are crazy if you expected him to put up with that for the rest of his life! Who are you to judge? Take a look at your own marriages, or are you all just like Kate and it is hard to see that there is something wrong with pushing your husband around day after day? She didn’t even hide it for filming, it was right out there for us to all see? She is a very self centered woman and now that I read this, I am going to buy my three sons these clothes as soon as they hit the racks!!!! Go Jon! Team Jon!!!!

Susan from Texas on

Pray that Kate & kids find a GOOD man. Good riddance to Jon.

Jessj1234 on

WTF?? This didn’t just happen over night. She must have been seeing her for awhile. I really don’t care for kate. But this young tramp is a home wrecker! Does she have any morals?

R. on

Guess he didn’t consider having a girlfriend “cheating” on Kate before the papers were filed since they were basically separated. Why does the media keep reporting on these fools?

Amie on

I’m totally disgusted by Jon!! Seems he is totally using his children for personal financial gain…again! And why does his girlfriend have a role in this?!? How long could they have been dating?

Marcy on

He really turned out to be a scumbag. And, to think, at first I thought that Kate was the annoying one. She should be happy she’s gotten rid of him, and she should move on with her life. Much luck, Kate!!

Elaine on

Man..she looks like Kate.

Jennifer on

Hey Ed Hardy!!! Real genius plan you have here. Most children’s clothes are bought by their mother’s. What mother in her right mind would purchase clothes designed by a cheating husband and his mistress and then modeled by his exploited kids?
I hope Kate takes him to the cleaners and takes more than half of his new “designer” money.
What an ass.

kim on

Jon and Kate arent even divorced yet. And he’s off with his new girl toy. If Katie did this Jon would be screaming unfit mother.

Stacey on

what? so now he is just gonna use his children as dolls,say he spent time with them and then go out with a hoe???wtf???

Leah on

What’s worse is he wasn’t speaking to her at all she said and then was trying to make like it was her fault for because she had called all the shots or something to that effect. She was a strong woman trying to hold her family together, she has 8 kids how could she just sit around all meek with no opinions, with 8 children you have to be on top of everything, making decisions and strong all of the time. There is nothing wrong with her taking charge to lead and care for her family. He had just heard other talk about her strong or bossy personality and tried to use that as an out. How evil!

Ashley on

What a PIG! We’ll see how long that lasts!

theLovelylisa on

what a scumbag!!! just divorced from his wife and already prancing around a new TRAMP!! and he tried to deny the previous affair that led to the divorce…yea the publics gonna believe you. Oh and I’m sure he’s thinking of the kids every 10 minutes..what a f…ing liar!! i cant stand that waste of human space!

steph on

He makes me sick.. here he says he just dn’t like being in the spotlight and that was the downfall of his marriage and the show.. and now look @ him.. I guess he will have to do something b/c childsupport for 8 is alot! He makes me sick!

ira on

It is so sad to see a father act like this. His poor children having to see how he goes off to the French riviera after only 2 weeks of being divorced from their mother. If he would would realize the emotional effect his decisions can take on his children and how these can affect them in the long run he would probably think twice before being so shameless.

Kris on

What is Christian Audigier thinking. Most people in America are now thinking about what a dirt bag Jon Gosselin is. Unbelievable. He is glorifing an adulterer. What a standup guy. I will definetly not be buying this pigs clothing line.

Gabrielle on

Way to turn the public’s opinion in Kate’s favor, John!

Thought you didn’t want the show? Thought you didn’t want the kids in the public eye? When you have 8 young kids at home, the last place you should be is living it up in France with your new girlfriend. Don’t think your kids will ever see what you’ve been up to? Only a matter of time.

Kim on

What did you all want him to do…sit at home? If I had just broke free from someone as horrible as Kate, I would be on a yacht in France too. Although, I find it a little weird that they made an episode 3 years ago about Kate staying at this girl’s house while she healed. She sort of looks like Kate with longer hair. I say good for them, and if Kate can tour the world writing books and doing speaking engagements airing their dirty laundry, he can put his kids in awesome clothes. Looking forward to how they spin this on TLC.

Stephanie on

Personally, I think that Jon and Kate had problems all along and did the show for money for their kids futures as well as themselves. Should he be ut in public with any other women right nw? No, but he he was just the average Joe getting a divorce, no one would really care. Kate is all over the place putting her books, etc..

Jon Petersen on

They are going to call the line “Bimbo’s best”.

Tessa on

I haven’t been watching this story all that closely but what I have seen makes me sad. This new “partnership” is only going to hurt the kids. How will they feel if they see these pictures or find out that Daddy is working with his new girlfriend. I hope these kids will be homeschooled because kids can be cruel and the parents are giving them tons of ammunition.

maurien on

I just can not believe how someone can be he don´t think in his children first


The clothes are really cool, much better than the boring clothes that are out there for kids now, all Gap look alike stuff. This will finally bring variety for my six kids, can’t wait to buy ‘em!!!

Annabelle on

the grass is always greener on the other side, hmm jon? you should have thought about your children before this mariah carey wannabe! i know you will be reading these it’s in your nature to see what everyone is saying, so you can make your next move!

poor kids, i’ll take them home with me!

April on

What a JERK! I didn’t think he cheated before, but now I do. You should be ashamed of yourself Jon.

Jane on

Is he crazy? I won’t be supporting anything he does!

Ava on

So now we know why Kate had to keep this guy in check..when loose he is dumber than a box of nails.
I hope Kate finds a nice, stable and mature guy to take care of her, give her some emotional stabiltiy and be a role model father for the kids.

Lisa on

What a pig! Kate’s plastic surgeon’s daughter…hmm..I wonder how long this has been going on!! He is a true piece of work. Kate may be a b*%&h but at least she is at home.

Kathy Anderson on

You all make me sick you complained about Kate being a B**ch, and always putting him down, now that the are not together and he has moved on, you complain, so what is it. I think he should move on, He has the right to have a life. the kids will be taken care of by both parents. So it is time to let this all rest and the adults to get on with their lives. The kids will always know they are loved and that is what counts.

Another Former Fan on

How distasteful! Another loser dad in this world.

ari on

i hate him

Debbie on

I’ll never wonder about Kate and which one failed in this relationship again! Look at what a putz she’s had to try to raise 8 kids with! Jon lied to all of us when he was caught with his gf ..and brought up Kate’s tummy tuck to divert us from the truth. He isn’t “just friends” with the Glassman family (as he said after pics surfaced of him with them Memorial weekend), he’s a future son-in-law of them. No one likes being lied to ….TEAM KATE!!

Tee on

I have watched this show since it was a 2 hr special on Discovery channel. I had a piece of sympathy for Jon being a young parent with an outspoken wife. I am so dissapointed in seeing him holding hands with a girl that was 14 when he married the mother of his children. I’m floored the more this evloves the less I want to know. Rediculous!!!

T on

TMZ shows them puffing away on cigarettes. Daughter of surgeon smoking like a chimney. He’s not even divorced yet. GREAT role models.

Emilee on

I am really disturbed at how many people are supporting Jon and bashing Kate because she bashed him for years and treated him like a child. From what I have seen he does not know how to be a man. He was comfortable in a relationship in which he was being led and ruled because he didn’t think for himself and did not tell her that he didn’t like the control. Kate is raising EIGHT children. Obviously, that requires A LOT of control to make it flow right. Her husband had NO backbone and just floated through everything now, everyone is treating him like a child and coddling him because he “took so much” from Kate. He chose to be there. He chose to F around on his family. He sucks, he is not a good father, he is not a good man right now and he should be ashamed.

LC on

you have got to be kidding! I hope no one in their right mind will buy these clothes. He leaves his children to jetset off around the world and he’s worried about starting a clothing line for children — Give me a fricken break… Kathy Griffin said it best! He’s a no good….. bleep, bleeppppp beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppp

lexie on

is it me or does she look like Kate? in any case this is kind of sick

Kate cheated on

She cheated first I believe, so what do you think of that, those who are judging Jon? Also, she is extremely superficial and that strange hair that sticks up in the back…what the H%$^&?

Tami on

This guy truly disgusts me. Say what you will about Kate, but whenever she opens her mouth, the first thing that comes out is how much she cares about her kids. I really believe that. Jon, on the other hand, always seems to think of them as an after-thought. He’ll chime in with a “Me too” or “Yeah, I love my kids too”, but he NEVER refers to them first … it’s always about HIM first. He’s a selfish, self-centered person who will never be truly happy. I kinda pity him. Kate’s better off without him. She needs a strong man who won’t be a doormat and will stand up to her.

Jessica on

What is he thinking? Parading around with his girlfriend..throwing it in his wifes face. My how fast he replaced Kate…typical guy. He should be with his family, what will his kids think of him? I feel sorry for Kate being home a lot with eight kids,while he’s on vacation..the children need BOTH parents not one full time & the other very part time. Last time I read Jon & Kate are NOT yet divorced..still married is still married!!!

Robert on

This guy is as annoying as that Pratt kid. Get rid of him!

Jo D in Wisconsin on

she looks prego!

Cheryl on

I really don’t care what Jon and Kate do. I do however care about their children. I’ve been in education for 36 years and watched too many children come to school broken and hurt and then you expect the schools to fix them. The irresponsibility of parents never ceases to amaze me. Children carry their parents’ craziness with them their whole lives. Don’t tell me how resilient they are, because that is a lie. I just wish you could hear one fourth of the stories children have told me through the years and this includes SENIORS in high school who still are suffering from a divorce that took place when they were in elementary school. Parents must ALWAYS put their children FIRST!

deanne on

As disgusted as I am by this whole thing, for the children’s sake, I really think the joke is on Jon… it just me or is his new gf similar in appearance to Kate, with long hair?! lol

Meg on

Shame on Jon. Couldn’t he at least wait until the divorce was final? What a pig.

Moira on

Congratulations Jon, at last you look happy. There is only so much humiliation you can stand.

joyce johnson on

What a loser. Just making money off his kids, not getting a real job. I feel so sorry for Kate, I hope she comes out of this mess smelling like a rose.


Man, what a loser. He thinks he’s awesome because he has money and a young girlfriend, but he also has 8 kids who will someday “google him”, I believe those were his words, and when they do, they will be sad and dissapointed. Not to mention embarassed. He disgusts me.

Adrian on

OMG!!!! She’s the daughter of the Surgeon that did Kate’s belly?!?!?!? What a slap in the face!! Like WHOA how did this “relationship” blossom?? Divorce is hard enough, but to prance around in the French Riviera with a “little girl” when he’s not even divorced, makes me ill, probably cause he feels empowered because he’s the older one and he’s using his newly developed SPINE/BACKBONE!! If Kate was/is having an affair with her body guard, at least it was done privately and not splashed all over the web and magazine covers. I can’t even think about watching this show again, it won’t be the same.

susie on

I guess he just wants to make sure Kate looks like the good one in marriage and as a mother!
Poor Kids!!!

Diana on

She is a total rebound..This wont last and neither will their buisness. Can’t believe he’s out so soon with another women. Hmmmm Karma will get him.

lany on

He is a joke I never liked him. I feel sorry for his children and his wife he is not even divorced yet. What a scum.

Jax on

I cannot believe this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is a lying, cheating little you-know-what. I KNEW he was lying when he said he didn’t cheat on Kate, because his eyes looked down when he said it!!!! — I hope his children resent him!!! He wanted the easy way out and well he got it!!!– and now he’s tramping around with this hoe bag???—C’mon JON!!!!!!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?!?!?!??!?!?

Cristal on

Maybe Kate was so hard on Jon because he was a big cheater the whole time. If he could so easily move on, maybe he was doing this for a while…what a creep!

Sarah on

Would never buy those clothes…. those children should not be working to model those clothes…. cheater, cheater

Kendra on

What screams midlife crisis like motorcycle, divorce, girlfriend ten years younger and SMOKING? has a picture of both of them smoking. Jon should be ashamed of doing that and I get when his kids Google him and see that picture, they will be very pround. Kate is too good for him.

Rose on

I can’t stand him, I feel bad for Kate because I’m a mother and I know how she feels..You have to be bossy when you have so many people/children in your house..I’m the same way soooo he just makes me sick

RachelB on

What??? He has balls of steel. For the kids sake couldn’t he hold off at least until the divorce is final??? And I think Kate has a better figure then this girl, even if she did have a tummy tuck. Does that mean they have been together since 2006? Using the kids to model clothes, isn’t this the same explotation that he claims that Kate was doing?

Nat on

He’s a pig!!!

Lauren on

Now they will be fighting over who has the kids when so they can BOTH exploit them for their own incomes and fame. Everyone will have to schedule visitation by filming, photo, publicity obligations. Kids are not commodities.

Ellen on

He absolutely disgusts me. On the show he would always talk about his faith and how important family was, and look at him now. The minute he gets $$ and attention, he’s off with a younger woman. Nevermind that he willingly had eight children with Kate. Loser. Hypocrite. Adolescent 32 year old.

Susie on

I agree with everyone on here. Jon is guilty of exploiting the kids. So is Kate. It makes you wonder what was going on behind the scenes of their beig marriage vow renewal in Hawaii less than a year ago. And, if the marriage was in trouble, they should have put the show on hold and gone to marriage counseling.

As far as Jon, he is jumping out of one relationship and into another. It’s doomed too. Anyone who’s been through a break-up knows you HAVE to take some time to heal the wounds and get your head back on straight.

I don’t have small children anymore, but I wouldn’t buy their clothing line. I bet they call it something cute like “X-ploits.”

Kathleen Ramstrom on

Well it happens all the time – men leave their wives for younger models way before they are separated or divorced – trust me happened to me – it’s our culture and will never change – sad for wives, children and everyone involved – selfish society we live in…….

Jane on

I feel sorry for the kids… Their mother’s life revolves around media attention and money, their father’s life revolves around wanting to be a playah. The “start filming new episodes” of what? What’s it going to be called now? “Jon and Kate get divorced, screw the 8″ I’ve lost all respect for TLC for not dropping the whole contract. Enough with the exploitation, let the kids adjust to a money hungry mom divorcing their whorish partying dad. I used to love this show, now I can’t stomach the bullsh*t they’re going to call reality.

Vaness on

I can’t stand Jon! I thought he was going to keep it low key after the divorce announcement?!? He is such scum!

Jane on

I can’t believe this is the example he is setting for his children. What is it, a month after he tells them their parents are getting divorced he already brings home a new girlfriend. And it is someone they have probably met before?? This guy is absolute scum and should be ashamed of his behavior. He is no kind of father those eight beautiful kids need and we all know Kate is doing better without him!!!! They all deserve much much better than Jon…and that girl deserves him!!!

Ginny on

Words cannot describe how disgusted I am right now. This is wrong on so many levels.

j on

He is making himself look worse than Kate!! Once again he is using his kids to promote himself!! How pathetic!!

Marcy on

I thought Kate was supposed to have a children’s line of clothing coming out, but it was put on hold, along with a new book, because of the divorce?! If so, what a slap in the face. I am starting to like Jon less and less and can see why Kate treated him as she did. He probably acted like an overgrown, lazy child. I also see why he did not want to work on his marriage as Kate did. He says he doesn’t like the publicity, but he doesn’t do anything to avoid it!!!

kim on

Selling out his kids to give his girlfriend a job…nice. You gota wonder how long they’ve been dating since they met the doc in 2006.

Hows that mid-life crisis working out for you Jon. I’d say he just pushed away most of the public support he had. Those poor kids though!!

Tammy on

Can you say, “Backlash”? I won’t be watching the show. Jon and Kate disgust me. They are so selfish and money-hungry. Those poor kids.

Shan on


ivy on

that’s why he wants a divorce,jon ur so sick,miss.glassman ur a loser,both of u, so who’s going to buy ur designer clothingtht u and ur girlfried is designing nobody loser with a big L LOSER.

Jeni on

So back when he actually MAY have been having an affair, everyone blamed Kate. Now that they have ANNOUNCED a separation and pending divorce, he is a pig??
There is nothing wrong with him moving on with his life, and good for him for not forgetting about his kids and responsibilities. One day Kate will find someone new and that will hurt the kids as well. No matter what the kids will hurt…it is a divorce. They will also survive, as the love they have for them is not going anywhere. In addition, no knows exactly how long there have problems, and they have actually not been together.

I don’t think anyone has the right to pass judgement based on what you see in the news/TV.

Payia on

Wow. Does Jon Gosselin want a BIG pat on the back??? If so, I just gave him a big pat on his back and a standing ovation–for being the dirtiest Father and Biggest Loser ever!

He's lazy on

Look at his personality. He blamed his wife for nagging him. He thought raising 8 kids was hard work, so he got out. He finds a girl with no responsibilities to tell him how wonderful he is. He gets excited to start “over” and a new chapter. What MAN LEAVES a woman to raise 8 kids? Now, he negotiates a freelance kind of job that will be short lived. YOU are the father of 8 kids, Jon Gosselin. Get out of the Riviera and get a real job. Step up and support them.

Sarah on

I am so glad he has moved on. Kate was sooooooo mean to him. :)

Diane on

I never post comments but I will here. Please stop posting stories about this jackass. They all just make me sad for eight children who will never have the daddy they deserve. Please stop.

Candace on

OMG. Imagine someone moving on with their life after a divorce. Him and Kate have been separate for a long time anyway. Give him a break and get over yourselves.

Debbie McDonough on

Get over it people. So he’s moving on with his life, big deal. And he’s not sitting around playing victim like his soon to be former spouse. And why do any of us give a flying rat about his anyway????

Maureen on

Well said Emilee. This guy is a piece of work. Wait til the young hottie gets tired of him and his free hair plugs..he has the maturity level of a 16 year old boy. Kate is not perfect, but nobody is and he will find that out soon enough.

cjl on

Can we say midlife crisis

Vera on

OMG! He is such a loser! No class what so ever!!!

Sandy on

why do the press continue to comment on this man? He cheated on his wife, he’s basically an idiot and I think his 15 minutes of fame is long overdue to be DONE.

Reneeb on

He is a SCUMBAG!!! He should be ashamed of himself and she is little homewreckeing HO!!!

Rhiannon Rigg on

What a Pig, a what a way to pimp out your kid’s once again by using them in ads. I use to really love watching Jon and Kate plus 8, but lately there has been too much explotation of the kid’s. Poor kid’s, hopefully for their sake Kate will be a better example for them.

RH on

Did these people HAVE jobs before the show? Are we really THAT infatuated with celebrities? I just don’t get it.

And Kate’s a controlling harpy. Rawr!

Jennifer on

Can anyone say “premature mid-life crisis”? Diamond studs, hair plugs, and a twenty something on his arm. Kate is so much better off without this loser.

Mom to Boys on

I tried to play the devil’s advocate for both Jon & Kate regarding their situation……However, Jon, you show absolutely no class having a “romantic” getaway with this woman so soon. Shame on you for having your mid-life crisis in front of the public and in front of your children. You need to do a lot of growing up. Marriages don’t work out all of the time, but your behavior is both rude and disrespectful to Kate and your entire family. Hailey, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Linda on

His divorce papers have been filed, he’s no longer with his wife, unfortunately for those who have never been through something like this…he’s a free man now. He can do what he wants, with who he wants. Is it wrong to put himself back in the public eye this way, yes. Is hecheating right now, no. Should he lay low for the sake of his kids, probably. But, regardless of what we think, it’s not our life and we have no say is what he should do. Believe it or not, those kids are going to be ok. People go through stuff like this every minute of every day, we just never see it since most are not on TV. A majority of the children come out just fine on the other side…they have safety in numbers and each other to support them.

Sarah on

Why do you feel sorry for Kate when Kate was the one that Jon cheated on his girlfriend with? Kate was the one who broke up his previous relationship? So, why are you feeling sorry for her? She deserved this and they should have never had those kids!!! End of story. this is true reality tv because this stuff happens every day!!! Also, it take two to tango, Jon is not at fault for everything, Kate cheated on him with her MARRIED bodyguard!

Normita on

Somewhere, in all this emotional circus, are the children. Those loving, adorable 8 children who once had responsible parents. He’s just ridiculous with his juvenile approach to things. He is not caring for Kate or his children – only himself. Greed begets greed. Please don’t post any more photos of him in this way – let the children keep the picture in their minds of a happy, loving family with a father who understands true love and commitment to family.

Dee on

This is very sad, My daughter who is 5 just saw this article online and said, who’s that lady? It’s suppose to be Jon and Kate!

Lisa on

I can’t believe this man is flaunting his new girlfriend so soon!!! NO CLASS. Does he care about his kids at all? Maybe this is why Kate had to treat him the way she did – he’s like a child…only thinks of himself.

Sarah on

He is such a jerk!! I love the show and I still watch it, I hate that he is out having fun and kate is watching the kids!

Britta on

He makes me sick! I will never buy anything he promotes. Those poor kids, what a jerk!

AnneM on

I have 4 children, 2 hyperactive, and I know how hard it is. Twice that is mind boggleing. Kate needs help, not only with the kids but her own self-esteem. Jon, you loser. He needs help too. Not from someone younger (another kid to be with?) What about the children? Wow, I cant believe the selfishness from both parents. Someone please help them.

LK on

Everybody might know Jon Gosselin, but nobody will want to buy his clothes for their kids with him acting like such a selfish, insensitive, self-centered loser. Had he given himself a few months for the papers to cool after announcing his divorce then people might not react so harshly, but the ink isn’t even dry yet and he’s flaunting a new relationship like this? FOOL!

Trina on

I mean really.. We dont even know how long they have been seperated and what really happened.. Leave the man alone.. So what he has someone new.. Heck Kate was a mean and controlling chick who had issues. People need to stop passing judgement on others. At least he waited to the paperwork was filed. They have supposedly not been happy in like 2 years. Should he stay for the kids? Why so people can watch him be berated in front of the camera some more. People please get a life.

Teri on

He makes me sick! No respect for his children. He is a free loader.

maddie on

wtf? what a dirtball. You’d think he’d at least wait until the diorce was final. At least, he got a job.

Kellie on

I hate this guy now. He’s such an a-hole. I feel so bad for Kate… I know we don’t know the whole story, but this just makes me mad. His kids are going to see him with another woman and not understand. And he says that he’s thinking about his kids every 10 minutes – that is BS. If he were thinking of his kids then he wouldn’t be seen out in public with another woman.

Sarah on

He looks like a complete and total fool…anyone that had any sympathy for him should be ashamed of themselves! Hopefully his kids can still go to college after his shopping sprees at Hermes and Prada. Kate is much better off with him and if I were in business I would think twice before going inot any sort of business with him. Maybe he should go back to IT…

courtney on

what a POS….i hate him so much…i cant believe how hes acting and handling everything. he doesnt deserve anything. I WANT to watch the show for kate and the kids but i dont want to give HIM anything else. he just HAD to throw in there that although hes relaxed he “misses his children” PLEASE! all he cares about now is that homewrecker new girlfriend of his. i know my little boy will NOT wear his clothes!

kat on

I never watched the show, never paid any attention really until all the recent hoopla, but I can say this, when Jon and Kate were living together (maybe not happily, but still together) until 2 weeks ago and then he’s in the french riviera holding hands with a little nymphette…there’s no way that relationship developed enough in 2 weeks to take that kind of a trip together. He’s been cheating for years I’m sure….and my opinion is, you want out get out and then get a girlfriend not the other way around! What a slime!

Cheryl on

Bad marriage or not … this is just wrong!

joyce johnson on

John, is a loser Using his children to make money. Yeah he loves his kids. Found a new show on we,raising sextuplets, they r, real down to earth people. Nothing like Johnn&Kate. Wont be watching John and Kate anymore

Barbara on

Can everyone just please stop referring to this man as a ‘star’?

Kimmie on

Honestly ppl….get over yourselves….Jon was obviously unhappy in his situation and EVERYONE deserves happiness…

Quit being bitter women…”once a cheater” and “shame on you”….get a friggen grip!!!!

I am happy for Jon and his new g/f…if only all ppl had the courage to take the next step to happiness! The children are still loved!

Aimee on

Why in the world is TLC keeping this show on the air??? These children are being hurt and they keep the camera’s rolling, wth??? It makes me sick and the parent’s are money hungry S.O.B.’s… crazy

Tracy on

Jon is such a dirtbag! I felt this all along….but now we can see why he wouldn’t talk and open up to Kate…because he didn’t want to work things out. He wanted her out of his life and only wants the kids when he thinks they will benefit him financially. I thought he wanted out of the spotlight? He just wanted out from under Kate. He is just trying to get a clothing line out before Kate does! She put hers on hold because of what happened and I guess he feels he will take advantage of this and do something before she does. I don’t like to wish any ill feelings towards anyone, but I don’t want this to work out for him. He is lower than a snake and I hope Kate can find “true” love with someone that adores children. Jon will never be true to anyone. He will get out of Hailey what he wants and move on to another one! I wonder what the Glassman’s think of this situation?



Lisa on

How does this man look at himself in the mirror?

I guess it’s all about him, THe happiness of his children is obviously a second thought…or of no thought at all.

Margie on

Ick- he really seems to be putting his family first. What a poor role model for a father! He wanted out and never thought about the fact that his family should come first!!

cindy on

I wish he would go away. For a man who hated being know as JON AND KATE PLUS EIGHT, he sure loves being JON THE JERK WITH IN GIRLFRIEND IN PARIS.

Jen on

I will not spend a dime on his “clothing line.” He is a pig, and I wish Kate and the kids all the best…

Norma on

With a soon to be Ex wife like Kate…who would’nt want to leave! Good for you Jon.

Sandy on

Now, you kinda wonder why Kate acted and yelled at Jon like she did! Wonder how good ole’ Jon was when the camera were off! He was probably a jerk and we didn’t see it! You can say what you want about Kate, but she has always put her children first! I don’t think Jon ever has or would put them first! Look he is in Paris with another girl……did he ever go to Paris with Kate….NOT! They only did things for the kids! JON IS A PIG AND ALWAYS WILL BE! ONCE A CHEATER ALWAYS A CHEATER AND A PIG!


Okay, everything Jon & Kate are now doing is suppose to be for the kids. I have a question for you Jon – what kind of message are you sending to your adorable kids who really deserve a “REAL” Father. Kate may be as they say a “NAG” but she is holding on for the kids and I haven’t seen any of her dirty laundry as yet. Hang in there Kate and don’t give up. I was left with 7 and it was all up hill but I survived.

Barbara on

Both of these parents exploit their children. Enjoy it now, because your 15 minutes of fame is going to come to a grinding halt. He’s such a hypocrit. He HATED the cameras and the constant exposure, and yet he engages in activities that do nothing but paste his mugg all over the cover of tabloid magazines. He disgusts me.

quest44 on

Well it would seem we have a bunch of judgemental people posting here !

Take a good look at that woman she looks like Kate with long hair .Maybe they are together and she is wearing a wig ? Ya think ? She is even wearing hoop earings like Kate does .Maybe the whole divorce story is a TLC gimmic ,we will never know until the show ends.

Even if this is not Kate I think that Jon has all the same rights as anyone else for a little happiness in his life and since he can’t find happiness in his marriage to Kate because of her obvious cruel controlling ways he chose divorce .The children are better off if both parents are happier apart than they are with miserable parents living together!
In that case the marriage is done so why should he have to put up some front for you that he is alone and brooding its not like Kate died ? Kate obviously chose to not change her controlling man castrating ways and what happened as a result is entirely he own fault .Jon shouldn’t feel shame just because you want him to !

Sara on

WOW! What an A**. Katie should get ever darn dime he earns!

AJ on

Jon is an A$$hat. If he thinks a 22 year old girl is not going to present him with problems then he is mistaken. I wouldnt buy anything he made for kids. He has no class and no morals. And I wouldnt have thought he would be hanging with a jet set crowd, heck, he is not even cook enough for Sponge Bob!

Cheryl on

I can’t believe he would think it’s ok to date his friend’s daughter…what a slap in the face for Kate to have her friend do this to her! I always thought Jon should stick up for himself, but maybe Kate did a a good reason to be so controlling…he is a child himself. I was shocked I am no longer on his side. He is selfish and lied about his affair! My children will not wear the clothes he is designing with his mistress!

cg piq on

Now is the time for there to be a court apponted attorney to monitor in the BEST interest of the children separate from these two parents. Seeing Jon with what looks like huge diamonds in both ears, motorcycles, Trump apartments in NYC, trips to France, making clothing deals for the the children to sell off their backs is now beyond stepping over boudries. Kate change your mind on sharing that home. Kids need some resembelance of stability. Not them seeing his girlfriend(s) in their Mom’s bed. Leaving laundry she designed for your return back to the house for you to do. Not going to work. His hand holding is so a lack of respect to you, your years of marriage and of course to your kids till he’s legaly divorced. Very tacky Jon.

Fer on

Both Jonh and Kate are BIZARRE!!!
I’m sick of magazines following and bothering about them. WHO CARES WHAT THE DO????? They are just a bunch of idiots.

Mildred on

Who cares what her age is? People, please. Are we all supposed to only date people our own age? This is 2009, not the stone ages! Let him be happy! Kate is with her bodyguard!

exgf on

this is so sad and pitiful. pit-if-ful.
you think the guy could show some respect for his kids and the dissolve of a marriage (no matter how tyrannical the wife) and wait a while.
sad. sad. sad.
pitiful. pitiful. pitiful.

Carolyn on

Hey Linda – Just because the divorce papers have been filed, it hasn’t been finalized YET!! He is still married until it is final. I used to think alot about him but now I am just plain disgusted with him. I wonder if he is even thinking about how this will affect his kids some day. Big case of mid-life crisis in my eyes!!

K on

I will never by Ed Hardy again…

keekee on

hes an arse…he looks like a damn fool….im sure he couldnt wait to divorce…

Julie on

This guy needs to grow up.

chris on

This guy is a joke! These people are making fools of themselves and using their children to do it! Someone please pass a law that requires a psych evaluation before having children. Morons.

Jennifer on

Are you serious!!!!! This guy isn’t even legally divorced, has he lost his ever-loving mind??? I went through a divorce last year that ate up an entire year of my life. I was so consumed with making sure my children were okay that dating wasn’t even on my mind!!! I hope that the judge in their divorce case sees this mess and helps those children

Kristin on

Introducing America’s new most hated man. I am in disbelief. I hope Kate finally finds a real man.

Kimberly on

omg that really cool! I can’t wait to see the line and for the show to come back!

Stacie on

I used to feel bad for Jon and thought that he sacrificed a lot of himself for what Kate wanted. Now I think he is total scum for already dating a much younger woman and living in NYC when not in PA with his kids. If your kids are important to you, you don’t move that far away when you divorce.

Diamond on

Jon knows he is worng at what he is doing. so he needs to stop acting like he is and be there for his kids and not this young girl

Mel on

Jon is also in need of a tummy tuck.

TR on

Can he please go back under a rock?

Cindy on

I know that Kate will survive and do great. Jon just let go her wife and kids for just some young piece of ass! Hope Kate will find a nice mature man and accept her kids and stay by her side and ask if He can do something and help her when she need it! God bless those lovely kids and Kate! love you guy’s!

Tina Raymond on

I wonder if he was thinking about his kids in Prada and Hermes … Yeah Right … Was he planning on bringing them back a purse !!!

New girfriend … new life … new priorities !!!

What a loser !!!

Leesa on

Way to go Jon!!! Kate deserves every bit of this. I can’t wait to buy these clothes and I am so glad you made it out of that mess of a marriage. Can’t wait to see the new episodes of the show too!!! This woman looks a lot better, maybe Kate should take a hint and grow out that crewcut!

patrice on

I wish people would get off Kate and the show damaging them babies… Kate has 2 be controlling 2 take care of those kids you can’t just sit back and do what they want especially when you eight of them… And plus Kate is not working so they need the show so they can make money to pay for the children’s needs… Since Jon wants 2 act like he’s 16 again and he really should be ashamed cause when those kids get older they gone see how he was

janice on

Come on guys! This marriage was over a year or more ago…..Just like Mel gibson’s marriage was over years before….Can’t you guys be objective, they just kept it out of the media for the money and not to have bad media over this period of time. Everyone needs to get with it here!

Angela G on

Jon is exactly as I always thought him to be … a slime. He eyes and mannerisms show it all…he is lazy and has not amition of his own. The clothing line was probably his girlfriend’s idea. Girlfriend, we reap what we sow, so you need to be very cautious with this loser. Kate,
I don’t know how you survived with Jon for so long. From the first time I saw the TV show, I thought you were Great with your kids and that Jon was LAZY!! Jon, you always have that sulky look on your face! You have eight kids and you are such a JERK!! You sure are so busy spending all that money to impress Girlfriend. Real Men make Real Homes for their children. The most important gift you can give your children is to love and honor your children’s mother. But I know, poor poor Jon is a WIMP and a LOSER!!!!

Kelly on

I use to feel bad for Jon, because of how Kate treated him. But looking back now could you really blame her? Jon just wants to play the poor me card and quit the show, but now he is going to have his kids do adds for these shirts? Shouldn’t all this money that he is going to make from the shirts go to the kids, and not into his deep pockets? I lost all respect for Jon when he said how young he was when he got married and had kids, it was his choice, so don’t expect people to pitty you because you were young when you had kids.

At least Kate has laid low since they announced they are getting divorced…maybe Kate isn’t such the monster that everyone paints her to be.

Sara on


gmama on

I am happy for Jon! Now he doesn’t have that nagging witch degrading him every second of his life. Good for you Jon. Just because he has a new lady friend DOES NOT mean he doesn’t love his children. Get a grip people!

Amanda on

I hate him.

OMG on

What a slap in the face!

torniruth on

Jon, shame shame shame!

Chris on

Hummm, this is not right. Time to cancel J&K+8

macko on

Blech, and what gives HIM designer creds? Gad I hope no one buys ANYTHING this publicity hound and his houndess design….what a joke.

brenda on

i can’t even believe him…his affair so blatantly a slap in her face, not to mention public knowledge for his kids to read about soon, but to think he can put out a children’s clothing line, with his little girlfriend as an “assistant” and use his kids to wear and model the clothes during the show with kate???? what??????? omg…..

T.Y. on

Money changes everything/everybody

D on

wow…another opportunity to cash in using the kids. And with his mistress. Classy.

a mom on

I know a lot of people thought Kate was a mean, controlling wife. But even if you hate her, she and the kids don’t deserve this. It’s so obvious that Jon is all about himself and being a swinging single now. How can you do that when you have 8 kids? And remember, this bimbo isn’t even the same one he was photographed with earlier this year that set the divorce-ball rolling. Jon is a scumbag.

And for all those that hate Kate and think she’s such a jerk – just keep in mind who is home taking care of the kids right now, and who wanted to go into counseling to work things out. She’s not perfect, but I do believe she had the best interests of her family at heart. Clearly, Jon never did.

Beth on

He is pathetic. It’s one thing to be unhappy in your marriage, it’s another to start a public relationship before the divorce papers have even been signed. And further use of his kids in the public spotlight? That speaks volumes about his character… or lack thereof.

Jill K on

And what does he know about designing clothes?? He’s just some reality TV bozo. Give me a break!

Amanda on

All i have to say…the stuff he is doing…Would he do them in front of his kids????

Lisa on

OMG!!!! What is wrong with these people???!!! They need their kids taken away from them. I’m completely done with this family.

lina on

Well,people divorce and go on with their lives…I love Ed Hardy line and can’t wait to see those cool designs on my boys.Good luck to both of them(Kate and John)

Len on

How soon is too soon? They have been separated for a while. He’s just going out as a private citizen and the paparazzi are taking pictures of him. How is that his fault?

Niki on

Women are so funny. The reports are that they’ve been separated for years and officially filed for the divorce weeks ago. So let’s not act like it’s only been a couple of weeks since they split.

As far as the kids line, well it’s a great marketing gimmick. Parents put their kids into modeling and acting all the time, but now all of a sudden it’s “exploitation.” Where were some of you when MJ, Culkin, Fanning, and ALL of the Harry Potter cast were being exploited? Let’s not forget Beyonce’, Disney and Nickelodeon networks..with ALL of their child actors, turned singers, turned hot mess news on celeb magazines. Where was the outrage then?

larry on

Does anybody like Jon anymore? The first indication of his reverting to his “missed life”
was his earring.

Sandra on

Is this guy kidding me? I thought he hated being in the media spotlight? What a loser!!!!! And why would he want to design with his new girlfriend? They will split long before the line even comes out! I for one am done with the show and will never watch another episode. Poor kids

Julie on

My Grandson will NOT be wearing any of that!!!! good luck, Jon. Maybe you should open a resturant and have your kids wait on tables, that would be cute!!!!



happ_one on

wow -who is telling him all this junk? what a bunch of fools to put money on this idiot!! The man is a jerk-the girl who is with him -just wants to get the attention and then good-by-lol Kate is probably laughing :)

Erica on

OMG! I love how quickly we all are to judge Jon and Kate! It’s only a big deal because they have a show and are famous…but how Godly are all you who are judging??? Leave them alone, get a life and let them each move on today!

Natalie on

OMG…He’s such a jerk. Not even divorced yet and can’t wait to show off his new “girlfriend” let’s call her what she is a mistress. 8 kids and brainless. I feel so sorry for those kids. I hope they grow up with more sense then their father. Now we know why he was very “excited” about getting a divorce. I don’t care who you are if kids are involved the terms divorce and “excited” shouldn’t even be in the same sentence. I’m sure the kids weren’t excited to hear the new.

C Grove on

WOW!!!! Lovin how everything is all FOR and ABOUT the kids!! I’m sure the KIDS will thank their parents over and over and for all of this and for “everything” they’ve done “FOR them”

Meg on

He sickens me. He will wake up one day and relize that he has thrown away eight healthy children, an amazing wife and life. Poor baby…Kate was hard on him….SO WHAT….she would not have had to boss him around if he bothered doing anything without having to be told first! At least Kate can be happy with having one less “little boy” to clean up after! STAY STRONG KATE!!!!!!!!! We love you!

TLR on

What a pig!

Beth on

I think that Jon is a horrible example and I am kinda glad that his escapades are out in the open. I feel really sorry for Kate. Divorce is hard enough without seeing your soon to be ex parading all over town and showing off the new girlfriend. Shame on him.

Kate on

Ok, his new girlfriend is the daughter of the plastic surgeon who did Kate’s tummy back in 2006?! Makes ya wonder how long they’ve secretly been together!!!

Erin on

Well, that’s disappointing, though not entirely surprising. It’s a shame he feels like it’s ok to flaunt his “new” relationship in public so soon after his divorce. Hopefully the children won’t see these pictures.

Lavette on

WoW!!! But he wasn’t cheating? & everyone was saying how she was so mean it all makes since now… now they are supposed to go back and finish taping and Kate is supposed to act nice and like everything is fine…..

Holly on

I know they just aired the show not to long ago that stated they were divorcing, but don’t they film the shows then air them months latter, If that the case which Im sure it is, Kate and Jon have been split for a while now, It’s not like he actually went out and got a girl friend 3 weeks after the “it official split show”. Plus if my husband every talked to me the way Kate talks to Jon, Divorce paper would have happened along time ago. I wouldn’t want my children thinking it okay for you to be talked to and downgraded like their mom does there father.

Luv Jon on

What is wrong with earrings! Are you people seriously equating earrings with the devil? And saying he cheated on his wife, well there were rumours of her cheating a long time ago, so what do you say to that? They have been seperated a long long time, the show is not up to date on the real life, but maybe some of you are not smart enough to realize that. I hope he rolls in the dough from these ultra cool clothes that I will be buying for my kids! Where can we buy them?

Tara on

i think it is totally and utterly disguisting that he would do something like this. i can’t believe that only after about a month he has a new girlfriend. you could see on the show he is the one that wanted the divorce from kate. he is so low.. and to think he is with the daughter of the man that did kate’s tummy tuck after she gave birth to HIS kids. and now him & his mistress are doing a children’s clothing line together. why couldn’t he do that with kate. I don’t like him now

KC on

He is not smart. Hopefully, Kate won’t let the kids model him and his girlfriends clothing line. And hopefully, people won’t by them and they all just waste their money making them.

BBLopex on

Team Kate!…He’s a complete jacka$$. His kids deserve SO much better than that!

Heywood Jablomee on

After putting up with Kate he deserves all the peace and happiness he can get. She is the WORST excuse for a human being I have ever seen.

Lilly on

he is mean he dint even get the divorce yet and dating someone already!!!!!!!!!!! im really not ipressed.

BarbaraAnn on

Kate didn’t dump him, remember, she said that she is there at the house and will remain there.
I don’t care how old Hailey is–her parents should have told her to go out with someone who is not still married with 8 kids.
If they wanted a relationship, then, do it the right way. Wait until the divorce goes through since you are on national t.v., do it the classy way, not the scummy way–I used to like John, too. I am just looking so forward to how Kate will handle her future relationships. So many people put her down for complaining about him on the show, she has more class than him, you wait and see!

Cookie Harper on

Jon perhaps did not make the wisest decision, but I think everyone is forgetting that Jon and Kate were reportedly split 6 months before it became public. Their marriage has been over for quite some time. Maybe he’s just decided to move on.

Julie L. on

Honestly, both Kate and Jon are opportunists who continue to blame each other, but each continue to exploit their kids. Neither of them would have anything if they excluded their kids from their businesses. The truth is that they should have cared enough for their family to get the show off of the air and focus SOLELY on fixing their problems, for themselves, but more importantly for their KIDS! I’m glad that she can write books about being a parent, but I don’t think she’s acting much like one right now. If she were, she would care more about the kids having as normal a life as possible versus watching their marriage fall apart and then opting to continue to travel to promote her books.

Those children need stability, not such a high level of dysfunction! Jon and Kate started this show as a way to let people know the struggles and joys of having multiples and how their family worked together. It’s sad to see that they have succomed to the typical hollywood garbage of letting their egos make them believe that they are more important than they truly are. The ONLY people that they are that important to is THEIR CHILDREN.

Leave the nation out of your business and raise your kids!!!

Durcilla on

Here’s a question: Will Kate let the kids wear the clothes that the girlfriend designed, no way in my house would that happen.

Kentucky Woman on

What a low-life JERK! I bet SHE is the reason for the D-I-V-O-R-C-E!!!!!

Ana on

Good for him…moving on and moving up. He will take care of his kids. He legally has to. His marriage is over, and he moved on. Big deal! Kate was a horrible wife. Thank goodness that he had enough sense to stop the marriage before the kids got more hurt. -

Cheryl on

It made me sick to see him with another woman already. I feel for the children affected by the dysfunction these two adults they look up to are creating. It’s a shame that working on his family is not as important as working to get he and this woman a job. One day these children will be of the age to understand what happened and how they’re parents handled them selves. I sure hope he is able to explain to them the path he chose to take.

Heather on

Does anyone see the similiarities between the new girlfriend and Kate?

Loser, yup Jon’s doing a good job fitting the profile…

Francisca on

I am completely disgusted by him. This is so disrespectful to his wife of then years and the mother of his children. Also to his children as well. At least wait a while and be discreet. If people continues to feature Jon Gosselin, then I cannot buy future issues.

Cindy on

missing the kids???? Actions always speak the loudest.

Judith Lancaster on

Who cares about this scum bag! So glad Kate dumped him.

m on

i think everyone forgets that jon and kate are human. they were obviously not happy in a marriage. its no ones business really. if you watch the show for the kids then thats one thing.. but if your watching it for the drama of kate and jon your just as guilty as jon for walking in public with his girlfriend AFTER HIS DIVORCE. time will t

Rae on

I know it’s his own life and it’s none of my business, but seriously! He is a man that has eight kids and just recently split with his wife, be a real man and don’t come out in public yet with the new woman. What a real jerk! I hope his clothing line fails! I know I won’t be buying any, and neither will my department store!

julie on

What a jerk! I agree with the above post,Jon wanted everyone to think that Kate wanted to make money off of their children and now he is trying to cash in on them!

Marian Holmes on

Good for him! After being treated like a scumbag by his wife, it’s good he is doing something else.

Tammy on

Can you say mid-life crisis?!?!

Boopsie on

When Kate had her tummy tuck (so she could look good for Jon) and was in great pain, Jon was checking out the doctor’s daughter. He liked what he saw back then when she was a teenager and went back to her. He keeps wanting to act younger than his age. He’s not man enough or mature enough to be with someone his own age. There are rumors he is smoking drugs too. He never should have gotten married in the first place because he wasn’t through sowing his oats with young girls and being his immature self. If I was his child, I would run away from him. He is as we say in the south “NO GOOD.”

Anon on

What business does she have helping him out? She has no kids of her own, does she?

BarbaraAnn on

Hailey’s parents should have encouraged their daughter to go out with someone her own age and not someone who has 8 children on a national t.v. show.
Do you remember when Hailey’s mom was so nice to Kate after her surgery in the surgeon’s home?
Ouch Jon!!!!!!!!!!!

Sandra on

Jon and Kate are one in the same. One may be aggressive and the other meek but in the end they both exploit their children for their own financial gain. It is sickening to see what they are capable of. Kate sitting out front day after day with her children lined up for the ever present paparazzi. Now Jon will use them as living billboards for his clothing line. People should really write to TLC and demand the show be canceled, stop watching the re-runs and, of course, never buy any of those t-shirts. As for Hailey Glassman..her father’s plastic surgery practice will soon dwindle down…no one will want to line his pockets with a sleazy daughter who has no honor or integrity and can be a willing partner in destroying those little kids.

Cowgirl on

I never thought they had a “fairy-tale marriage” – not with Kate. She would be enough to run any man off. However, I never had much respect for Jon either because he had/has no backbone. I guess once you have a huge bankroll that you’ve made on the backs of your children, it’s easy to take off and leave the responsibility to sitters and the crew of TLC. The next “revelation” will be that the rumor of Kate being involved with the bodyguard is true. Really, no one is looking out for the welfare of these children. Money and fame have corrupted both Jon and Kate. I just wish one or both of them would have the decency to pull the plug on the TLC show and go get an honest job to provide for their family. This was a disaster waiting to happen from the day Kate talked Jon into “just one more child”.

m on

i think everyone forgets that jon and kate are human. they were obviously not happy in their marriage. its no ones business really. if you watch the show for the kids then thats one thing.. but if your watching it for the drama of kate and jon your just as guilty as jon for walking in public with his girlfriend AFTER HIS DIVORCE. anyone who is has children knows that there is a difference with what you do with your children and what you do without. kate has the kids anyway.. do you expect him to sit home and do nothinig? i wouldnt expect that of kate either. its not like he and his new girlfriend are spotted leaving a rave or making an adult film. there shopping. this is enough!!

danalynette on

THIS IS THE DAUGHTER OF Dr. Glassman! hum, last month I read in my PEOPLE mag that Kate was away on a book promotional thing or something and that Jon had been home with the children, and he had ‘help’. The wife of (family friend) Dr. Glassman and their daughter were also there to pitch in. I imagined some 10 yr old, there to play, while her mother helped their ‘good friends’ the Gosselins, with the children. NO KIDDING! WOW, what a way to treat your friend and condone behavior like that from your own daughter? whew, I wanna see Kate’s reaction to THIS!

Dean on

You know there are two sides to every story, so all we saw is Kate screaming at him but we don’t really know much about her gutless wonder of an ex-husband. He’s a coward plain and simple. I don’t know about this dumba@@ girlfiend but 8 kids, that’s a lot of child support honey, and this guy has no J. O. B.

Emily on


Donna on

UNBELIEVABLE, thank god that Kate doesn’t feel that she needs to recapture her youth. After watching since the beginning, she may have been controlling but someone had to. She loves her kids & please remember that they always had healthy home made food and clean clothes. You can tell that Jon only did what he had to do and his attitude sucked. What a spoiled brat.

Kate can do much better & deserves a good life & all the bad press about her & it was Jon who screwed up by thinking he was due to screw around. Oh poor poor Jon!!!!

Arlene on

What a shame. This man was blessed with a family he destroyed so he could run around and live the youth he missed. Sad…yes, I thought Kate was a bit overbearing, but face it, she was parenting 9 kids, not 8! I was an avid Ed Hardy buyer prior to reading this garbage but I wouldn’t buy another Ed Hardy anything after seeing how morals mean absolutely nothing to them…I wish social services would step in and make them stop prostituting their children to meet their own selfish needs!

Kathy Crawford on

Both Jon and Kate are horrible. Aren’t their 15 minutes of fame up yet? Once a cheater, always a cheater to both of them..

Lisa on

People just let them live! To each their own!

Sue on

So this company wants a wife-cheater as a spokesperson? What a horrible image. And they want to do a kid line of clothes – what kind of image would that portray? He is absolutely horrible and I think there should be an Ed Hardy clothes boycott!

Carol on

This guy has no class whatsoever. How do you parade around another woman two weeks after announcing your divorce. This relationship has probably been going on for a long time. I understand why Kate was so mean because Jon is a slacker and a loser and she needed to be the man AND the woman of the marriage. I was never against Kate like some people but now I feel even more sorry for her. I hope nobody buys his clothing line. I sure won’t.

Linda Chancy on

I can’t believe so many people are mad at Jon shame on you! Kate treated him horrible it should have been called Kate plus 9 she treated him like a kid. I am so happy he is moving on I don’t feel sorry for Kate at all. Let this be an example for all the horrible and controlling women out there who thinks they can get away with treating there husbands like there sons. Lesson well learned go Jon!

Anna on

Isn’t it ironic that he’s designing a children’s line of clothing, but he’s not spending time with his children?

sitting pretty in the french riviera with a new girlfriend, while his kids are actually being taken care of by his estranged wife.

sick. i will also, not be buying the line of clothing for my child.

amy on

I would wear Ed Hardy shirts no matter what. I love them. Jon and Kate have been having problems for years, this isn’t new so why can’t he find someone else. Maybe she will make him happy. I don’t agree with the kids modeling the clothes at all.

Dawn on

GOOD for Jon, if he is happy then more power to him. U people just need to wait because in a couple of weeks it will come out about Kate as well..

Glad he is doing a kids line with Ed Hardy love Ed Hardy clothes!!! All I can say is MORE POWER to him and I hope it all goes well.


Jaylee on

Money is the root of all evil and is a very fitting slogan for this dysfunctional family. Greedy, selfish parents destroying the lives of innocent children who did not ask to be born or thrust into the limelight. Where are child welfare officials? This exploitation of the kids needs to stop now! Any money past or future needs to go into a trust for the kids and not be allowed to be touched by the parents.

Jill on

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Gosselin’s aren’t even divorced yet. They just filed for divorce. He is parading around with his new girlfriend in St. Tropez while his wife is home taking care of their kids. I agree Kate is controlling, but at least SHE is home with their children! Jon Gosselin, GROW UP! It’s no wonder Kate had to be controlling, someone had to be the adult in this situation. He most certainly does NOT have his children’t best interests at heart. If he did, he would be near them and not parading around another country with his girlfriend. His main priority should be making sure his kids are adjusting to THEIR new reality!

Missy on

You go Jon! He deserves to be happy. He has lived a controlled life for the past ten years. Kate treated him like a child. It wasn’t Jon & Kate plus eight. IT WAS KATE PLUS 9! She controlled every aspect of his life. What to do. What to wear? How to stand? etc….
Kate has her “body” guard to keep protecting her. We’ll be seeing pics of them soon enough. The kids will be fine. Kids adapt to change pretty quick and as long and Jon & Kate keep the lines of communication open. They will both be happy. Happier that is and still be able to be part of their kids lives. You go Jon! You deserve to be happy. Kate does too. Divorce has been filed, go your separate ways BUT always keep the kids 1st in line. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

Ginger on

Used to think he was the better half because of kate calling him down all the time, but now i know why! He’s the biggest scum ever! Go Kate and find youself a better man. I will never watch that show again after this! A little to soon to be prancing around your new GF Jon! Your kids will see this oneday!

Jesse on

He makes me sick to my stomach. You know what makes me mad. We watch the show he makes money off to take his new girl friend out shopping. Seriously get your priorities straight. You would think he would want to protect his children from seeing things that would hurt them. Like their daddy with someone thats not their mommy.

greg on

I think his new girlfriend is way more attractive than his ex wife. Good work Jon…out with the old in with the new!!!

Amanda on

Hang that lying, cheating bastard out to dry Kate!!!

nicole on


Maryann on

Tacky, tacky, tacky. Oh, NOW he’s got a backbone.
But no brain.

Gary on

Good for Jon. After Kate browbeats him into “just one more kid,” then leaves him to raise the kids after he quit his job to help, while she runs around on book tours and promo events.
Why is anyone remotely surprised he’s looking to find a better situation? Kate told him ON CAMERA that making money for the family was more important than their relationship, and Jon is the villain?
This is what happens in a marriage when one person is not treated equally, with respect. They act out, and get out of the situation. Would all of your attitudes be the same if it was Kate that was leaving after being stuck at home with 8 kids and little support while Jon was out working?

Sarah on

What a JERK!!!! He is a horrible role model for his children!!! I hope Kate gets everything!

Mandi on

I loved their show and I kind of felt bad for Jon because Kate was kind so controlling but now he has made himself a LOSER!!!!! Grow up Jon!!!! His comment about only being 32, yeah buddy your 32 with 8 kids!!! Get a life and I hope that his kids have a great life and can overcome the drama that they have been dealt!!!

Aubree Fullmer on

Shame on jon your not even divorce yet and he already has a girlfriend. He is a loser, Kate is better off without him

Theresa on

Bad business! No mother, wife, or fan of the show will buy HIS designs for their children. We’ll be seeing his designs in a year in the local discount stores for $10.00. That will be the best payback for the cheater.

Olivia on

Jon has shown himself to be the a$$h0le I always thought he was. There were signs…once when he said, so disgustedly, “I am so sick of picking up s&it” and another when Kate said to him “we will always be together, won’t we honey”?…that was when they were planning their “renewal vows”…. he barely grunted at her, with the children looking on. I said then, only a matter of time. Kate treated him like a 2 year old because he acted like one. Now, he has grown up and is at least 18. Jackass.

Martin on

Good for him.

ann remmert on

keep him off the show..he is discussting what a role model for his 8 children

starbbycat on

Wow! This story is full of bad taste – from the too young gf – what really does a 32 yr old father of 8 have in common with such a young woman – to me wondering why her parents would condone this relationship – they had lunch together – to him stepping out so soon after the divorce announcement – though alot of men are guilty of this – to using his children as models – to the dollar signs and little moral sense in the eyes of the designer, etc etc etc – low lifes!!!

veronica healy on

This guy is a clown, he makes me sick. All he wanted was to screw around on Kate. I hope Kate finds a real man!!!!!!

Jan on

This is wrong on so many levels. Jon – grow up! I really hope Kate re-evaluates their agreement and not let Jon back in their house. He has no class and I’m sure he’d love to bring his young lady back there for the weekend. He is making this so much worse for the children.

Pat Mura on

When you get married and have kids, there will be stress but you’re in it for the long haul so there should be compromises. Obviously, Jon and Kate were not right for each other.

amy smith on

What would you do if you were verbally abused for 10 years? Kate pushed him away. I think he deserves to be happy.

Denise on

Wait a minute…Kate was the first one to market the family for money. She was the first one to speak at pay-for-hire seminars. She wrote a book about their family w/o any credit to Jon. She was the first one to leave the marriage. Jon has been there for the children more than Kate who is traveling to seminars and promoting the book. Don’t blame Jon for seeking a relationship while also loving his children. I think what irritates most is that most women stay in failed relationships for the “sake of the children”. Why be miserable when you have the money to live with joint custody while also meeting your inherent need to be needed. GOD bless Kate and Jon. I pray that each finds their own way. Special prayers for the children who continue to know that they are loved by both their parents.

D.C. on

You would think that Jon would have some respect for his 10 year marriage by not flaunting his new girlfriend in everyones face. I find it very distasteful that he will be reaping the rewards of his ridiculous behaviour because unfortunately people will tune in to watch the new episodes of Jon & Kate just to see how they will interact. I personally will not be tuning in. It’s a joke! I think that due to the circumstances Jon should be kicked off the show and it should be “Kate Plus 8″. She is strong enough to do it herself.


I knew by his attitude and Kate’s on the show when they announced the split that he was the reason. Now, it is PLAIN to see why! He is not even cute at all and she is not prettier than Kate in my opinion either!

Team Kate + Eight on

He absolutely disgusts me!!! I used to really like him But his true colors have come out…. He’s a Low Down Dirty Cheating Dog…. I feel so sorry for Kate and Eight…. I now believe he did cheat on Kate JERK….

Lisa on

I think he whined and cried about how he didn’t want to do the show anymore to make Kate look bad…and yet..he’s the one that’s not even divorced yet..out with his 23 year old girlfriend…in France no less…He doesn’t even have a job…he’s using the money he made off of his kids…now that’s exploiting them!..He’s a loser and no matter what I thought of Kate…he definitely isn’t worth having…What goes around comes around!

mandy on

This guy is such a piece of garbage. NO WOMAN in her right mind would buy ANYTHING from this cheating jerk! I would NEVER buy a piece of clothing for my children that he’s had a hand in. Don’t you get it Jon???? Your reputation is no more….every woman in America hates you (except your 12 year old girlfriend). When J & K plus 8 started, I immediately was turned off by Jon on the show and thought “why is she with this jerk?”. I would gladly watch the show with just Kate…they should REMOVE HIM PERMANENTLY PLEASE!!!!! People watch the show for the children and for Kate. We don’t want to see a cheating, immature father. If he is on the show, I can’t watch it anymore. He makes me puke. Mr. Gosselin has what we call the “Big Shot” syndrome. Get over yourself Jon! We all have. TO KATE: You CAN do it on your own. We are ready for “JUST KATE, PLUS 8″. You don’t need a loser to bring you down. Hang in there…YOU ROCK!!!!

Missy on

Good for JON!
Kate overworked herself too hard being the Alphab*itch.

As she sowed, she reaps.
Hope Jon makes BILLIONS!!!

Former Fan on

Does Jon really think he will be able to incorporate his new wh*re into the show? Does he not remember that he rose to “fame” as a part of a FAMILY oriented show? He’s just sunk so low… TEAM KATE!!!

Kimberli on

This is what you call a Mid-Life Crises. I feel bad for Kate and the kids. Imagine having that many kids that young, you have to have the take over attitude that Kate has to keep everything in order, I praise her. I think she is awesome. I just think that Jon was selfish and wanted more attention and when Kate wouldn’t give him it he went else where, which is not very smart. He will live to regret his mistakes. I would never buy close designed by him or his supossed girlfriend.

mary B. on

What a Jerk! I can’t believe that He has the nerve to think any Mother would buy his line of clothes just because of his notoriety, is being a self centered JERK. MY husband said when they announced they had filed for divorce that he already had a little P—y on the side just waiting.

Angit on

I support Jon 100%. All Kates fault. She was always so rude to Jon.

Jen on

I feel sad for the kids. Both Mom and Dad are using them for profit. How pathetic!

Cynthia R on

Donna, I don’t think the divorce is final yet.

Nancy on

I have seen every episode of his show. I will never watch it again. TLC needs to let it go now. It is no longer cute. Now it is very sad. I don’t know what happened with Jon & Kate’s relationship but it doesn’t look like they tried to work on it and save it. It is horrible enough to get a divorce when you have one or two kids but to bring eight children into this world and then damage them, especially the girls with male abandonment, and not do everything to avoid divorce is just wrong. It is sickening.



i HATE kATE on


Carrie on


Lauren on

Is it just me or does that girl look like she’s sporting a bump?

BridgetS on

Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater…how could he step out on his family?? I mean separated or not, he is still married…

rose on

im not excusing what he is doing, but she is cheating also with the body guard, she is just more descreat about it thats all…i feel bad for the kids..

C on

It’s pretty sad that THIS chick’s dad did Kate’s tummy tuck!! Jon….you have NO class whatsoever! No wonder Kate is so angry…duh! I sure hope Kate finds a nice man…she deserves it! Seems to me she had all the reason in the world to come across as angry with him all the time! Maybe, she’ll have a tell-all out soon.

heidi on

STOP EXPLOITING YOUR CHILDREN & MAKING A LIVING OFF OF THEM! jon & kate please go get real jobs and grow up! i pray for your kids future… they’re gonna need a lot of help.

Jackie on

What’s wrong with these people? Is anyone thinking about the kids?

Bree on

I really like this show and can’t believe John turned out to be a loser. He ALREADY HAD a new girlfriend before they split, that’s why they split.

Amy on

I use to feel sorry for Jon for the way Kate talked down to him but now he just totally disgusts me. First of all, what’s with the college age girls? You’re an adult Jon…act like one!! He loves his kids but doesnt’ want the responsiblity 24/7..he wants to be a single stud. For someone that doesn’t like the fame of the show, he sure is reaping the benefits! They make a big deal about renewing their vows and less than a year later he’s out with a new girlfriend. LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alan on

Good for Him. Him and Kate had a devorce that SHE filed for so again good for him. The clothing line will do very well I am quite sure as everyone I’ve spoken to see Kate as the bad guy and Jon as the one that had his life ripped away from him.

I feel sorry for whoever’s life Kate tried to ruin next.

Way to go Jon!

BEV on

Dear Jon – What a jerk you turned out to be. Guess Kate knew what she was dealing with all along (no wonder she sniped at you like she did). Your marriage was worth saving. All you would have had to do was try. Everything’s so disposable these days, your beautiful wife, your beautiful children, your reputation, YOUR DIGNITY! What a shame, you could have had it ALL – if you’d just tried. Wimp…

Nicki on

For those of you who think you should KNOW these people before judging, they’re in the spot light which they chose and perception is everything. So if you don’t want to look like a dumb-a– then don’t parade your new girlfriend out in public. Jon, I hope you are happy, Kate I hope you’re happier and the 8, I hope you’re sheltered of anything that is happening right now between your parents. PATHETIC!!

CrystalH on

What tool bag!!!! And wearing tool bag gear to boot. I know his ex wife is a raging B but seriously! Hopefully he will remember the 8 kids that make him the money to afford trips to St. Tropez. Vomit.

Kim on

What the heck does Jon know about designing clothes? He could barely dress himself- Kate had to tell him what to wear!

Beth on

I for one will not buy any line of clothing that has Jon Gosslin’s name associated with it. Once again he is planning to exploit his own children. Kate needs to distance herself and her children from him as quickly as possiable.

Nikki on

None of us really knew/knows what goes on with Jon & Kate. We see a small fraction of their lives. It’s sad they couldn’t make their marriage work but the kids are better off without seeing their parents fight or unhappy. Judge not lest ye be judged

rae on

Really?? After all his whining and complaining that they are too famous and he wants to be normal?? That Kate forced them to be in the spotlight? This is horrible…he made fools of everyone who took his side….this has to stop

Kayla on

AHHHHHHHH I was sooo mad when I saw this picture! He is such a tool. I can’t believe I felt sorry for him a little while ago when the papparazzi was accusing him of infidelity and he was all sad trying to defend himself…ARGGHHH he’s a tool.

allie on

wow so this is what hes going to teach his kids? i dont love mommy anymore so im going to bring home a bimbo? well sorry bubs that you got sick of kate maybe if you had grown a backbone and didnt let the fame get to your head your poor kids wouldnt have to suffer. your kids deserve a more than this now whos here for the children? not you

Tracy on

Mary B-wow sounds like you have a great catch of a husband…classy

Go Jon!!! I am in a book club of 50 women and we all can’t wait to buy these clothes for our kids!!!!

avery on

It would see that the end of a marriage, would include a grieving period. Ironically, that seems so for most women.

But alot of men resort to “escapism”. Doing things they could only have dreamed of doing OR just staying drunk and free.

I certainly am not saying this of all men, nor am I criticizing specifically as to what is appropriate behavior or not.

I think our society would like Jon to be the sensible, hurt one because Kate has come off as so harsh and abrasive.

But maybe Kate had to assume the role of a more motherly figure to keep Jon’s immaturity in check.

calgarypassion on

What a child!

Tess on

He should be spending his time helping his kids deal with the separation rather than creating a fashion line with his new girlfriend.

I certainly won’t be buying anything from this cheaters line for my kids!

sandra on

Who on earth would wear anything this guy designed? Face it Jon, once the show ends (and it will soon) you will be an overweight, balding, divorced, unemployed Tech guy with 8 kids to support! Oh what a catch!

Disgusted on

This absolutely disgusts me. People fall in and out of love all the time, marriages fail, sometimes despite all the counselling in the world. I can understand that. Bringing a “new girl” on the scene, in the public eye, when you have children is absolutely selfish and hurtful. Those poor children will never fully recover from this. Forget about Kate and think of your kids dude! Give them time to adjust to their new ‘normal’ before hopping in front of a camera with your new woman.

Sonya on

Both he and Kate disgust me. They have made thier lives pimping thier children for anything and everything they could get. If he was unhappy, he could have gotten out before now. He needs to grow up and stop acting like a hormonal teenage boy! If you are unhappy with your marriage, fine get out. But at least have enough brains to keep it in your pants at least long enough for the ink on your divorce papers to be dry!!

Tyler on

I don’t even have words… He makes me sick.

Tiffany on

Jon makes me ill.. Now he is “himself”.. a total tool and pathetic quitter. He said he was “relaxed” on this trip.. Yeah, because he isn’t having to do anything except sleep with a young chick and shop. Disguisting. I hope he has to pay child support times 8 to Kate. I love Ed Hardy clothes, but I would rather buy knock-off designs for myself now that this jerk has anything to do with the company. JON IS BAD FOR BUSINESS CHRISTIAN A.!!!!!

ashley on

Wow he sure likes them young. Maybe she’ll be wearing some the childrens clothes they are designing.

Autumn on

I guess now it’s called Kate plus eight minus the snake!!!

Ally on

All I can say is that I wouldn’t want to be married to Kate. She was always rude and mean to him, ON NATIONAL TV. I don’t blame him, I just hope that he stays in the childrens lives.

rowdygirl on

Who in their right mind would buy clothes like this for their kids? Design issues aside, why add a single penny to his bank account? He’s already saying that his kids will be modeling the clothes…Do they even have a choice in the matter, or does their mother have a say? This whole situation is sad, pathetic and truly sickening.

Babygirl on

Does anyone else think she resembles a young Kate with those huge sunglasses on?

Lois on

I hope he’s got fixed so no more kids for him.

armywife in kansas on

Jon sould look at his current situation and take into consideration last weeks devestation on how a cheating husband can end up (McNair). He should be at home with his wife and kids asking for their forgiveness for his indescretions. What happened to “for better or for worse?” He took those vows….not once but twice!!!! What a scum bag!!!

Amanda on

boy he doesnt waste any time does he…..


He makes me sick!
I would have been a witch too if I had to deal with this immature jerk for an entire marriage!
Shame on you Jon!
Shame on you!

Kathy on

This guy is a puke.

Savanna on

That is sooo wrong on his part to have already stepped out with a new girl! I feel truely sorry for his children because they will see this picture and know there daddy is moving on perfectly fine without them!!!

samantha on

So now that he wears designer duds means he has to collaborate with him? Christian Audigier, you claim they are huge in fame but do you even know who these people really are?

chickenbutt on

jon needs a kick in the a**, if i was kate i would’nt date for a long while just to show who the real a** is!! Hey kate on the other hand paul jr is pretty hot even paul sr take mikey you can train him!!!

paige on

I am so disgusted that some people’s comments are taking up for a cheater!! Kate may have been demanding however he and her should have worked on their amrriage NOT CHEAT!!!

herb on

Nice! Good for him.

QueensNative on

I think that it’s in extremely poor taste for him to be photographed with another woman, so quickly after the announcement of his and Kate’s impending divorce. I used to feel somewhat sorry for him, witnessing him being on the receiving end of Kate’s incessant sniping, but this makes me wonder if her snarkiness wasn’t warranted to some degree. Hmmm….

Jillian on

If he thinks any mom would buy clothes for their kids after his little fling….he is crazier than I thought!!!! What an idiot…he just **** off every mom in America.

Nina on

I really like Jon and I’m glad he left Kate. I can’t stand the controling b….! Jon has balls. I stopped watching the show due to Kate. She needs to learn how to love and care about people other then her self. And face it people, ALL the star’s in Hollywood flant their kids. Congrats Jon on moving on and still loving your kids! Wahoo!!! Hugs and kisses to Jon and his kids! ;)

brittany on

how sad he is choosing to please himself instead of thinking about his children and what is best for them.
what a loser.

Sarah on

He is such a waste of a man.

Amy on

I seriously hate this guy- he is so pathetic!!

What happened to Deanna? I feel bad for her- she took the heat for breaking up the marriage and now he’s dating a family friend’s daughter! I bet they are really happy…

drewbie on

Ok Jon we see the picture of you with your girl both smoking cigarettes. Grow up! You are not in high school. Be a man. Go back to your wife and work out your problems. We ALL have problems!

teddybear on

jon need to do work it out with kate again
kate is innconet that no reason that jon has seek other woman that is rude

Chelsea on

This guy makes me sick! He looks like he is having a ‘quarter life crisis’ and finds some young girl. WTH!? I hope that people boycott his new ‘line’ because he is a CHEATER!!!

Threelittlekittens on

Hey Donna pay attentin, they aren’t even divorsed yet and he is pretending like everything is just fine. A new girl,not. A new kids clothes line, not. What is he thinking, more work for the kids and more money for him yuck!!!!!!!!

Shannon on

I am so disgusted by him right now. I don’t love Kate but I like her so much more than him.

Dawn Mattson on

He is a pig. No wonder Kate booted him. Everyone thinks Kate is the bad one. Pictures speak a thousand words.

Rocknruble on

Jon Gosselin is a turd.


Really…aren’t all of you ppl the ones who a few months ago were saying what a hag Kate is and they can’t believe that he has stayed this long?? Who cares if he is dating, let him. These ppl have both exploited there children. If he wants to do kids clothes so be it. If it was Kate doing it you would all be saying great idea!! Pick a side already!!

_stephanie on

shut up

what happen to the teacher lol.?

2x around on

I had hoped he would take the high road, at least until the divorce was final. Have some respect for the issue at hand, for the kids (they will see all this, one day) and finally, finish something before you start something else. Have some class, Jon!

LB on

Fascinating how one can just become a “designer” overnight. His strong background in fashion, visual design, and merchandising will surely help. Oh wait…he doesn’t have any of that. What he does have is eight innocent children that Christian Audiger is eager to profit from so he’s reeled John in hook,line and sinker to give him access. Good God….both John and Kate are ridiculously obsessed with cashing in on their little brood. Wonder if the kids are OK with becoming models? I at least hope that some of this money is being placed into trust funds for the innocent little beings who are actually earning it.

maria on

I am not wasting anymore of my time watching the show any more!! because i do not want to see JOHN being fake. loser,loser,loser.

Deon on

It’s very sad, the entire situation. Deep down Jon is a great person, just not right now. He thinks he has it all figured out, he thinks because he “thinks and misses” his children that he’s still a good person/good father. He’s missed the greater picture. The best thing a father can do is love their mother. Kate’s made mistakes too, but Jon has taken it way too far. Seems to me a mid-life crisis has hit and his maturity level took an all time low. Get professional help Jon.

Nadia on

What an absolute jerk! My heart broke for Kate and the kids when I saw this picture! He is really going through a mid-life crisis. I can’t believe somebody thinks people will buy these shirts designed by Jon and his “new” girlfriend!

BJC on

So he is shown photographed with the 23 year old school teacher and now he has another new girlfriend that he is going to design childrens’ clothes with and make his kids model them….So much for him whining about being in the spotlight and not being able to handle it.

Kate may be bossy but she was the one staying home with 8 kids and caring for them while he was working. At least he got out of the house every day. Obviously she needed to be overbearing to keep him in line as an adult!!!

He needs to grow up and stop thinking he is a frat boy! Kate may go away for a few days here and there for book tours or TV spots but the rest of the time she is with the kids NOT crying and carrying on that she doesn’t have “alone” time or time with friends….He is a jerk. I hope she gets everything in the divorce!!!!

Rena on

Shame on Jon! I hope this young lady gets tired of being with an older, balding man, and dumps his sorry a**! And yeah, he sure looked like he was missing his kids….whatever….he seems happier without them, and I think he is a pitiful excuse for a father! What a loser he turned out to be!

M on

Evertyone on here is so mad at what Jon is doing…Who cares..he found a new girl, he is seperated from his wife, and moving on to have a career that is not centered around the show…Good for hom for looking to support himself and the children without Kate controling his every move and the financial aspect of his life…I hope that he can move on and so can she…

Len on

Go Jon! Do you people not think Kate has her boy toy too! I think it is great he is trying something new. It’s better than writing a book that no one is going to read. And yeah I will dress my kids in the fashion line if it is available in Idaho! Go Jon!

Jamie on

I truely think Jon is messed up. Dating so fast after the devorce. And him a fashion line. I think he doesn’t think of his children.

heather on

omg people. who cares if he was*gasp* holding hands?! this isnt grade school.. dont forget, you dont know him. you dont know how long he and kate have been seperated – all we know is what the media tells us…
leave the poor man be!

happy parents = happy kids.. no matter whether they are all living together or now. ask any kid who witnessed mommy and daddy fighting all the time how much better their lives became when mommy and daddy split up.

Kelly on

The least he could have done is wait for the divorce to be final before stepping out publicly with the new girlfriend. Maybe that’s hard with cameras following your every move, but it’s tacky and disrespectful, and the kids will resent him for that later when they are able to grasp some of this.

Melinda on

Give me a break! Jon says he’s all about the kids, I don’t believe that for a minute. He’s not even divorced yet and he’s parading around, holding hands with a 22 year old. Come on!!! I have no respect for him, I used to like him on the show, but now he is showing his true colors and it stinks. He whines about how Kate was too strong willed, but I say he allowed that to continue, if he really cared first and foremost about his kids he would have tried counseling or anything to perserve his marriage. I’m not a fan anymore and would never buy his line of clothing and will not watch the show when he is on it.

ann on

shutup emilee. You can’t judge people. And you can’t always believe what the the news says.They always blow everything out of bigger like your big butt. If the guy is happy now and she is happy becuase katie is a control freek. at least they can go on their lives

bzzemee on

What a loser! I wonder did he ever take Kate to France? I feel for his family, his children and Kate.

Diana on

I’m glad for Jon. I felt bad for him episode after episode as Kate mistreated him on National TV! She never realized how lucky she was that he stuck around so long. Any other man would have walked out on her years before!!!

Stef on

It’s hardly an affair, he’s divorcing. You just don’t understand what happens in this family when the cameras aren’t rolling. I LIVE in Reading, PA…it’s normal to see him with all 8 kids EVERY SINGLE DAY with or without the cameras. Kate, on the other hand is NOWHERE to be seen with her kids unless cameras are rolling or reporters are outside of her home taking pics…photo opportunity, then she’s there acting like a mother. We’re talking about the same woman who skipped her kid’s 5th b-day to go tanning. Prior to this divorce, Jon was ALWAYS with the kids taking them everywhere, always.

tricia on

You have got to be kidding…… I was never a fan of Jon and Kate Plus eight….but i have to say i am surprise to hear he is starting a childrens line of clothing with he very young girlfriend by his side…..

Nancy on

Jon – get a life!! Oops, you already had one, but you have done a fantastic job screwing it up!! You are a self centered creep!

Kate – keep your head up – you have so much more class than your adolescent ex!! Take care of you and the kids.

Brittney728 on

I feel sorry for the kids who will one day see the two of them together blasted all over the news. Good luck to the family and the children. We should all back off and let them figure things out. Our comments will hurt the kids just as much and seeing their father with another woman. It’s their life and people do these things all the time everywhere in the world so why are we judging them?

Karen on

Hey cast your stones aside if you’re without sin.
Both Kate & Jon are to blamed not one party and if she can go on a vacation for 2 weeks with her body guard with her then why can’t Jon be seen with another person. Why can’t Jon help design clothing line with his kids in mind didn’t Kate can write a book about them?

They just need to stop rolling the cameras and having the media chase after them.

Sharon on

Do you really think they care what any of you think?? Married folks with children have been lyin’, cheatin’, cold dead beatin’, two timin’ double dealin’, mean miss treatin’ each other for centuries. Why would anyone think these two would be any different just because they have sextuplets and twins and are on TV? Get real people. They’re getting on with their lives – why should either of them waste anymore time? As long as they both love their kids and take good care of them, the rest of it is their business.

ann on

I feel so sorry for the kids that who will hurt in the end. Ya all need to shutup. About the two people. It is the kids who hurt in the end


I am SO glad that Jon has found someone who might actually appreciate him. Kate should have appreciated what she had instead of always treating him like another one of her kids!

Allison on

As someone who was married to a child for ten years, who stepped out more than once and then chose to sleep all afternoon away on the couch (ignoring the pleas of his children who wanted to play with him) and at the same time had to be cajoled to make any effort around the house, I say go “Team Kate”. He, like my ex, is an ass.

Stef on

And this no different from Kate pretending that she wrote 2 books when she didn’t and Kate writing a cookbook of recipes that aren’t her recipes…she has 2 organic cooks. (I’d have chefs too if I had her money, nothing wrong with that…) But the recipes aren’t hers and she’s trying to pass them off as things she makes for her kids…she doesn’t cook unless the cameras are filming her!

MiMi on

What a loser! Kate is better off without him. His girlfriend’s parents must be proud of her for hooking up with such a loser. Better watch out, what goes around, comes around!

twinsmom on

As my name says, I have twins. As stressful as it was with twins, I cannot imagine what it was for Kate with 8. I have watched the show since day one, and Kate was ALWAYS the caretaker of the children. Always thought he was a loser. Those here saying that they were apart for yrs, that he did not cheat…open ur eyes. They were not apart for two years. This country has freedom of speech. But alot of these posts make people look as though they are blind. Read where it was found to have been Jon who “leaked” that Kate was seeing the bodygurad, because of his own actions. Have not seen her with him since….Right! Also, SUPPOSEDLY she spent the day of the filing in the office of her attorney, upset, because this is not what she wants.
Kate, the best to you. As a mother, she will do whatever is needed to take care of her children. Hold your head high and just keep the children as your first priority. When your children are older, even the last one born, will remember this and will know that they could always depend on their mother. Jon——-KARMA!!!!

Laura on

Why is he qualified to design clothes? What training has he had? Delusions of grandeur, ya think? He should be ashamed of himself to be vacationing with a girlfriend so soon after separating, and I don’t care how long they’ve been “living separate lives.” They are a public family, by their own choosing. Those kids have the potential to be so messed up!!! He choose to have these children, now man up and be a good role model!!

Amy on

When is he going to admit that while Kate was out supporting him and their children he was home banging a groupie. He isn’t thinking about the kids only himself. He’s selfish and I feel sorry for Kate that does everything for her family and is critized because she is abrasive. Maybe if Jon helped a little instead of just lazing about she wouldn’t have to be so demanding. This is the most motivated I have ever seen him and all for a girl who wouldn’t look twice at him if he wasn’t on a tv show. He should be ashamed.

Joycelyn on

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, life goes on for Kate & Jon. Next week we can have photos of Kate and the bodyguard making out, and everyone here can be judgmentally repugnant again. As for the kids… well, the show must go on, and I guess their individual trust funds are getting further padded.

Name(required) on

This is what happens when you decide to put your life in the public eye. People change.
It’s sad,
Imagine what the children’s lives will be like.

Em on

This disgusts me to no end. If Jon and his ‘girlfriend’ act this way this soon after a divorce, then they deserve each other. I hope the kids won’t suffer from this.

Amy on

Good for Jon! After 10 years of nagging, complaining and never being able to do anything right in Kate’s eyes, it’s great to see him finally happy!! He’s a great dad to those kids, and a saint for staying around Kate’s belittling as long as he did. It’s better for his kids to see him happy than to have their parents fighting all the time!

Still a Jon Fan on

Wow all of you need to quit hating on Jon. None of you lived in their house and you also don’t know how long they have actually been separated. Come out of TV. land thinking it just happened. If Kate is seen with another man are you going to go on a Kate is a bad person rampage? Man Jon do your thing and I wish your clothing line success…. And by the way all of you “I won’t buy his clothes for my kids” who the heck cares. For every one of you haters there are what ten people that will. So take your stand but again who cares.

Lorri on

Shame on the designer for giving Jon an “easy” opportunity to earn money without having to extend any effort or possess any skill! All the designer is doing is allowing Jon to meet his financial obligation to his children without him having to do anything productive. Jon can continue to prance around with his girlfriend, go on ski trips, and, oh, consult with a designer on what designs to develop for his children to model. I used to like Jon before all of this. Now, he just comes across as a lazy child who does not want to extend effort and grow into being a responsible adult. How long has it been since he’s had a “real” job? Based on this, he can avoid being an adult for a longer period of time thanks to this nutty designer.

Megan Ryan on

Total loser.

Lisa on

I’m glad people are finally waking up and realizing he’s the bad guy here. He’s just tacky and pitiful. FYI John this 10 year younger woman likes you for your money and fame.
And the statement “every ten minutes I keep thinking about the kids and missing them” is so transparent. Yes, Mr. Judge in my court custody hearing, my kids are the most important thing to me. I think of them non stop as I travel the world with my mistress. Hopefully the judge will see that actions speak louder than words.

Melissa on

He’s a f*****g pig…

Kim on

What the heck is he thinking? You just dont walk out on your wife and EIGHT kids for a 23 year old! How selfish. Poor Kate! She deserves better.

Anita on

The issue is NOT how long they have been separated whether it be 2 years or 2 weeks, the issue IS the fact that his children were only advised of the separation recently and out of love and respect for them, he should be more discreet and proceed slowly with any new relationships.

Contrary to what he says, it sure doesn’t look like he is putting the kids first which is so sad for their sakes!

Shannon Hagen on

The nerve of him to deny that he was having an affair and then within days of “officially” separating from Kate, he is out with his next victim! What a jerk and a lier! Think long and hard ladies when choosing a man to be your man and the father of your kids!

Joanne on

Yecch. I wouldn’t put clothes he designed on my dog.

Nicole on

No one knows EXACTLY what happened in their marriage and no one knows EXACTLY what type of a person he is… Before you past judgement on yourself check the skelton in your closet. If they weren’t on t.v. would we even care? So keep the negative comments to yourself and pray for those kids and that family

johnste on

I used to think Kate was incredibly picky and controlling until I saw the 10-year retro. Early in the series, such was much more of a partner. I think as her husband began removing himself emotionally from the marriage, circa 2006, she became more strident just to be HEARD. Yeah, he was ‘young’ when he got married and he’s younger than her and not happy in his job blah blah. He choose to have children. Maybe not 8, but at least 3!!! And with parenthood, you do what it takes. SHAME ON HIM for not going through personal and couples counseling. He’s never going to be happy and GF who takes up with a married man deserves the cheater she gets.

Wow on

Marriages are not made in Heaven, they take work and when they do fail and alot do, you do have to pick up your socks and move on and try and make it easy for your kids. But come on, after a 10 year marriage he moves on like the next day….. The kids should always come first, but does Jon know that or even care, if he did care he would not be photographed hand in hand with his new love interest… He is allowing his kids to be used in photos with cloths he designed, come on, its all about the publicity, he is again looking to make a fast buck on his families pain!

Joanne on

Yecch! I wouldn’t put clothes he designed on my dog.

Tracy on

What a scumbag! Not only does he flaunt his young girlfriend after all that went down in his marriage (privately AND publicly), here he is with yet ANOTHER girl (not even the one who got him in trouble to begin with!)?? I wouldn’t buy his clothing line if it were the last one on earth.

Tamara on

This family is so sad now and I am shocked by Jon. I guess the truth eventually comes out as time goes on.

Patti on

I don’t understand why its a big deal. They are getting a divorce. He found someone new. Congrats. I’m sure she will move on soon. Is everyone going to give her grief. Leave them alone.

LFoster on

What a disappointment! What a pig…

ronnie on

Jon your a looser how can you use your poor kids for your publicity. You are a worthless father, those kids need to be having fun not modeling. Damn get a real job, and let your kids get a break. As for your new girlfriend or girlfriends, you all make me sick, you wasted no time, i feel sorry for kates kids to have a father like yourself, those girls you are with will never compare to Kate she is a real woman and will be more of a woman than those little tramps that you have. But i know your doing it for fame, and those girls are using you as well, how sad that you have stooped so low. you coward.

amber on

What about the “mistress”? Her family was not only friends with Jon but with Kate also. She is a real winner going after a married man and father of 8.
And Jon? Well Jon is a tool. They are not divorced yet. He is only hurting himself.

Loog on

If it were Kate out somewhere hand in hand with someone 99% of you would be praising her for it yet here you all are slamming John for it.

Papers are filed, lawyers are working, and they’re going their separate ways. Exactly what would the time limit be for him to be out with a girlfriend? Is there some ovarian mindlink schedule for this men are being kept in the dark from?

He went to sign a business deal to make a life for himself, and help provide for his children and decided to have some fun while doing it. Who wouldn’t given the opportunity to cruise the French Riviera?

For those of you claiming you won’t be buying any of the clothes John designs, you wouldn’t have bought Ed Hardy designs for your child anyway, so whats the point of making some idiotic protest about it?

John is by no means perfect, but can you blame him for leaving Kate? Seriously. She’s a completely self centered brat who’s put her little piece of fame ahead of everything else. She treated him like garbage. The only people who can’t see that, and understand why he buggered off and is with someone else now, are the people who are exactly like Kate. A d-bag.

Sharon on

Twinsmom – Since you’re into reading about Jon and Kate so much, how come you failed to read that Kate doesn’t do as much caretaking as you say. She has an entourage of people helping her. Her own family has come out saying that what you see on TV is not necessarily the case. So you honestly think that with all that money she is getting, that she does it all by herself? You don’t think that she is taking all eight of her kids with her while she is working out with a trainer, getting her hair done, getting pedicures and manicures, getting her tan just right do you? I believe it was stressful on you with twins, but unless you too are a millionaire, don’t compare yourself with Kate and her 8 children. She has help – believe me.

girlstuffhere on

OMG…he disgusts me.. His poor kids.
I will NEVER BUY anythihng he is associated with!
That’s a promise.

Julia on

I feel really bad for the kids. These’s parent’s disgust me, both of them, espically HIM! Men are dogs!

Sarah on

Never thought I’d say this, but poor Kate.

Now it makes sense why she had to be so controlling, looks like she was raising 9 kids.

Emma on

My heart goes out to the children. They deserve better than to see their daddy holding hands with someone else this soon. No matter what happened behind closed doors at home, in the end, God has kept a record and will have the last word. The LOVE of money is the root of ALL evil. Our prayers need to be with the children.

Mary on

My God you people are hateful!! We all know, that this so called “reality show” is not actually REAL don’t we?! Jon and Kate have probably been living separate lives for months now (maybe years – who knows). Jon is entitled to a little happiness. Lord knows after years of living with that shrew Kate, anybody would want out. As for exploiting the kids…every thing they wear, every thing they play on, every vacation they take, geez almost even every thing they eat, is promoted on the show already, in return for getting it all for free!! Maybe if they are wearing Jon’s new clothing line they won’t all be dressed exactly the same, like little cookie cutter clones of each other!! Kate is smothering their creativity by forcing them all to dress alike because it looks good for the cameras. (I notice the twins have rebelled against this, and are now dressing themselves in different outfits.) You don’t like the idea of Jon starting a clothing line – fine; don’t buy the clothes. Seriously you screeching crows – he is allowed live his own life!!

cindy on

guess now we know why he didn’t want to try to work things out with his wife. he’s still married. the divorce is not final and he is already showing off his new midlife crisis girlfriend.

SuzyQ on

What is with these people? Shame on TLC for paying them so much they can now live like the rich and famous with all the perks and extras. I am sick of both of them and can’t believe they are going to continue to have a show. Jon has always acted like a little boy — hasn’t grown up at all.

Tired on

And how many times do we see this. The man out with his new girlfriend while the woman is home raising his children.

Frankly Jon doesn’t deserve any happiness because he refuses to work for anything.

Becca on

You took the words right out of my mouth, Chris.

What a jerk!

Kelly on

Wow….he isn’t even divorced yet! So obviously he is a LIAR. I hope Kate takes everything in the divorce and he pays so much child support that he can’t afford to shop at Prada or any other high end designer.

Jon & Hailey if you are reading these comments YOU ARE LOSERS!!!!!

Christine on

Shame on him! He doesn’t have to work as hard for a dollar anymore … thanks to his wife … and children. So, this bimbo makes him feel like a man? Is that what its all about? He was with someone stronger than himself. With more balls than himself. And who took care of his family. Guess shes not needed anymore.

So, bimbo. My question to you, how long before he tosses you away when he gets bored or life gets in his way again?

Or John. Maybe it will be the other way around. I hope he’ll have a good answer for his children when they’re old enough to see him for what he truly is: a selfish, spoiled brat who is only thinking about himself.

Kate: you’ll find someone a heck of a lot better. I’d love to see that happen on your show. You and your children deserve a man!!

Good luck to Kate and HER children.

T on


veronica on

Jon has totally lost any respect I had for him. Designing a children’s line with his girlfriend?? Sorry but my kids will not be wearing anything that these two losers come up with. I think Christian Audigier made an extremely costly mistake in taking up with Jon AND his girlfriend.

GayLynn on

Good for him. Life goes on. Kate filed the divorce papers not him. The papers may have been filed only 2 wks ago but that marriage has been over for a long time. Kate treated him badly for so long. Hopefully he can find someone now who treats him better. You go Jon!! Be happy!

isabella on

that dirty cheater

RD on


Christina on

OH that is N-I-C-E…
designing children’s clothing???? I hope EVERY MOTHER boycotts this “venture” of his. He needs to grow up. WHAT A LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stacy on

What a jerk!!!!!!!!

Tara on

So quick to move on….Very sad excuse for a man!!!!!

megan on

I know I’m few and far between but we only see what they want to show us. A lot of times things are over long before they are really over. I think he needs to be allowed to move on with his life. Who are we to judge him.

Christine on

They make me sick! I wouldn’t buy or wear a thing that his name was associated with. Even if I were paid to wear it or my children.

Shame on him and the bimbo he’s with!!

Tara on

I can’t wait until the money runs out the kids get homely and Kate sues this no class bum for child support>>>>>>

Shannon on

I guess the truth finally comes out. John said from the beginning that they weren’t an item & he was not cheating on Kate. Seems weird that he is now holding hands with this woman that he hasn’t been involved in. I lost all respect for John.

Kristin on

Kate may have not been nice to him on the show, but we don’t always know what is going on behind the scenes. I was actually hoping they might work it out, but he obviously wants to be the party boy. He had this planned out a long time ago. I hope Kate has a happy life because he obviously doesn’t have the best interest of his children.

puke on

pig. why didn’t he try to get work when he was with kate and the kids? he really is a BUM.

Susie on

Good for him!!! He actually looks relaxed, Kate’s not sceaming at him and putting him down.I’m surprised he put up with her as long as he did.

Denise Flood on

He is not having an affair, guys you all seem to be forgetting, while the break up was shown on tv only a couple of weeks ago it happened a long time ago. Jon and Kate have been seperated for a while now, he isnt doing anything wrong regarding an affair.

However, having the kids model the new line, stop using the kids to give yourself more fame and money! My god, these kids have no hope.

Julie on

I hear she is around 22. Why would a 22 year old want a man with 8 kids. Give me a break. He is such a sleeze. I feel so sorry for the kids. He couldn’t even let the ink dry on the divorce filing before going public with a new girlfriend. He should show some respect for Kate and his kids.

Tammy on

Amazing the audacity of this scum bag who emphatically denied an affair with this woman. An correct me if I am wrong someone but I thought the divorce papers have been filed NOT FINALIZED!! How can this man say that his children would always come first when he quite obviously is not considering their feeling when they see that their so-called daddy is a lieing, cheating, discusting scum bag after all!!! And why do we critize Kate for being a strong woman who quite obviously had to be considering how weak Jon is!! Kate, I hope you find someone deserving of you and may Jon get his just desserts for his inability to be a man!!!

allison on

This guy is pathetic!! He says he thinks about his kids every ten minutes and misses them?! If he thought about his kids he wouldn’t be out flaunting his new girlfriend. Whatever happened in his marriage, he should have more respect and consideration for his children. I can only imagine how this would make them feel if they saw this. I think he is a low life who let fame go to his head!! He isn’t even divorced yet!!

shan on

good for you john!! he put up w/ that miserable, controlling snot for way too long and now that he’s finally free and happy and finding things he’s interested in he’s suddenly a loser??!! get over it!!!! he deserves to take his life back and the best thing he can do for his kids is lead a peaceful existence. which would not have been possible w/ kate yapping condescending remarks incessantly into his ear!!!!!! by the way… he’s not cheating. they are getting divorced, duh!!

philly girl on

He is a loser and loser! I can’t believe him. He isn’t concerned for his kids because if he were, he wouldn’t be walking around like a horse’s a____. Shame on him. I wouldn’t buy his kids clothes for my kids if there were the only clothes on earth.

colleen on

Wow – sure moves on fast!!! Dispicable!!!

caryn on

He disgusts me its obvious why Kate divorced him and heis leaving her to be a single mom to 8 kids hope this young girl dumps him

Amanda on

WHAT? What about his kids? He hasn’t been divorced for any time at all! He has a splintered family and he jets of with his girlfriend while his kids try and recuperate from the split? That is the WORST FATHER I HAVE EVER HEARD OF. Well, I can tell you one thing–I will never put his clothes on my children!!!

Kat on

i lost all respect for kate and jon a long time ago…obviously he’s been dating this lady for awhile now…no wonder kate asked for divorce. feel sorry for the kids. they are the innocent ones

mercedess blaylock on

I have watched Kate SUCK the life out of Jon For the last 4 years. I am not saying what he is doing is right, but I am very glad to see him smiling again. I truly belive that he loves his children very much. And I also belive that at one time he loved Kate as well. But someone can only take so much.

Sarah on

Who are we to judge? I’m sure everyone reading this has done things in their lives that seemed questionable to others… and maybe we don’t know the whole story. The gossip columns only report but so much of the truth. We aren’t there personally and we don’t know how they all feel inside. I think these people need to live and learn, without the whole world coming down on them for trying to sort things out and getting their lives back on track. They may not be making the best decisions, but they’re only human. Let them make their own mistakes

Tim on

To all you female haters out there, if Kate wouldn’t have been such a nag (for lack of a better term) and degrating to her husband he would still be there. Just because you are women and have the kids doesn’t give any of you the right to talk down to and treat people (your husbands) like they are any less of a person than you are. This whole situation is sad and all to real in the world today. So before you start to judge Jon make sure you take a hard look at Kate’s behavior and her constant tearing down of her husband. Saying he doesn’t have a backbone is a cheap shot because as soon as Jon speaks up, yells, gets angry at Kate you all would label him as a mentally abusive husband and start telling Kate to get out and leave him. Jon can’t win either way. Don’t get me wrong I do not agree with Jon’s behavior but he is human and you have all forgotten that. So focus on your own family’s and husband’s and ask yourself when was the last time you told your husband’s how much you appreciate them and thanked them for the role they play in your marriage. Stop pointing fingers and judging a couple that you don’t even know personally and focus on yourselves. Thats how we stop the disfunction in our own relationships and save marriages.

Have a great day!!

Maggie on

I think Jon is the man! Why do parents have to either be in it completly for themselves or completly for their children.
What about finding equality between taking care of yourself and your needs AND your kids and their needs. You CAN NOT be a good parent if you are not happy in your own life. I find it extremely selfless and wonderful that the Gosslins have decided to let the kids live in the house while they move in and out weekly. Jon can do what ever the heck he wants on his days out of the house without the world judging him!

Brandi on

Wow! He is such an A*@! He needs to think about his kids. And by the way Kate is much prettier.

Jane on

Those kids are going to be exploited by both parents now. Modeling for Jon and on TV to keep Kate fameous. Both parents are money grubbing idiots. Sorry for the kids, although as they get older, they are getting less attractive.

Morgan on

What a jerk. I thought the weekends were supposed to be for the kids.. He didn’t like the spotlight but jumped at his first chance to pimp his kids for cash. I hope Kate gets full custody, the house, and he has to pay mega child support. I had an equally yucky opinion of both of them but after his actions, he is low.

Jamie on

I dont think he should be dating this soon hes not even divorced yet. But im glad he is cuz Kate is a witch anyways but i feel bad for the kids that they have to go through this.

Bea on

Seriously – this makes me sick! All of it – the clothing line, collaborating with his new girlfriend, using the kids as models…yuck, yuck, yuck! Isn’t this the same guy who used his wife’s job as a catalyst for his divorce because she was away too often with work? Hmm… so being away from the kids to shop at Prada is ok? Seriously – sick!

Nikki on

Wow – that guy has no sense. All 8 of his children have been exploited enough, now they have to deal with him publically trotting his new lust around – shows no respect to the children.

Although I wouldn’t mind outfitting my kids in the Ed Hardy line – I’m completely disgusted by Christian Audigier…would I really put clothing that represents a cheating father with no respect for his children? Absolutely not..and my current items will be given to a local charity..I won’t be wearing his stuff either.

GayLynn on

Shame on TLC for paying them so much?! Are you kidding. Look what this family has had to go through. They’ve had to give up just being a normal family!! They can’t go or do anything with out the paparazzi right in their faces. You couldn’t pay me enough to be in the spotlight like they are. Jon doesn’t deserve happiness because he refuses to work???!! Kate had him quit the great job he had because she wanted him home all the time. Everyone deserves happiness… especially after living with Kate for so long!!

Jesica on

I personally think he is being an a$$. His children have to see this, and as if it’s not hard enough of them already that mom and dad are not going to be together anymore, and teverything that they knew is now upside down. He should have been way more descret about it. Not even for Kate’s but for the kids sake.

Judy on

Am I the only one that just read that they are worth 20 million dollars. I don’t think either one will be hurting for money.

Bess on

What a jerk!

Lindsey on

This may be tacky, but Kate is not exactly perfect, either…

Diana on

Congrats Jon!!! Hope the new girl isnt a controlling, self absorbed b*tch like your soon to be ex wife!! You need a good women!!! And come on ppl like Kate isnt getting cozy with someone also!!!

Ann on

If Kate had treated him like a man & allowed him to at least have a career then maybe he would have stayed home. She is not innocent either…only the kids are!

debby on

What did John miss his childhood. Doesn’t he have enough kids without going out with one. I can’t believe he is going to use his kids to show off his clothing line. Nothing like living off your kids. I won’t even watch the show anymore. Let those kids have a happy life without everyone watching their father make a complete fool of himself. I could go on and on but I won’t.

cynthia on

I always thought he was a loser now this clinches it for me. He is lazy, he is only known because of the kids. I feel sorry the kids. Kate is the grownup and will give the children what they need.

Natasha on

Jon you make me sick! What you have put your children threw. I guess you only care about yourself. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Georgi on

What a creep!

Jane on

If I had a father that was a plastic surgeon, I would make sure he made me as good looking as could be. Not the case with the “girl friend”.

mghbigd on

Don’t think Kate wasn’t involved with her bodyguard???? She’s the loser….

Leigh on

what a creep.

liz on

that guy is a bigger looser…i hate him

joanna on

You know everyone has bashed Kate for her behavior then to find out that her weak butt hubby Jon was the one spreading rumors of an affair she had when she hadn’t and now Jon openly out with the other women while Kate and the 8 children are left to pick up the pieces, wow, what a good father this jerk is. Sorry Jon, but I HOPE KATE TAKES YOUR BUTT TO THE CLEANERS..

Jessica on

Ed Hardy please dont make this horrible man a spokesperson for your label. My husband loves your clothes but we wont be buying any longer. No way will my husband or children be involved with a clothing line that endorses a cheating husband and his mistress. Sorry.

Mary on

This guy was living with mommy when Kate met him. Now the sperm donor thinks he’s a celebrity once again pimping out his kids. Who in their right mind except a “over paid celeb” would buy 50 dollar shirts for their kids?

Penelope on

I think you forget that this has been going on for up to two years and Kate isn’t innocent in all of this either, she may have had or still be having her own affair. I am looking forward to seeing the designs. Go Jon

Tehren on

Anyone who believes this is anything more than a publicity deal to pedal their show and increase their earnings is wrong. Every move is a calculated event to put more money in their pockets.

Theresa on

What a jerk. Kate is home caring for their 8 kids. All the while he is running around with someone 10 years younger. GROW UP. You are 32. YOU HAVE 8 kids. SICK! SICK! SICK!

Brenda on

I think when the show first started, they were in love and struggling to deal with everything that went with raising so many children the same age. They trusted in God and made it know that their faith got them through. Faith in GOD is the way for any of us to get through out days. What happened to the faith? Where are their priorities now? It seems all the money and fame should have been let go several years ago and maybe the marriage would have worked. Other people raise a number of children on a lot less money than Jon and Kate have. It is your priorities.

Sara on

He is absolutely ridiculous. It is one thing to do this to his wife, but does he even care about his children? Obviously not. Looks like he has replaced his 8 beautiful children with a new child.

Kelsey on

Wow. What an idiot. And this chick looks super classy.

Sarah B. on

Why would I want to label my kids with his name and this nobody of a girlfriend? What a loser.

Jane on

Really Jon is just either not thinking or he is unable to. You do not jump out of one bad relationship into another one, you take time to work thinkgs out, giving yourself time to let things settle in. Why would anyone in a new rerelationship tie themselves to a work relationship. What happens when this relationship goes south, does this new women give up the money, fame of being with Jon and just fade into the back ground. Don’t count on it, she will want part of the buisness too, after all he says they are doing this together, what a fool!

Emma on

Jon is pathetic for bringing out the Glassman’s daughter. Her father may have helped Kate in the past but it’s hard not to believe that Jon and Hailey maintained a relationship since the 2006 surgery. I guess it takes nothing to be a celebrity these days…no class, no expectations or standards, and no responsibility to your loved ones. I always thought she was mean, and I still do because she wasn’t always nice to him and he wasn’t always as helpful as he could have been but they have both allowed fame and publicity adversely affect their family. Sad.

Lisa D on

I would never buy those clothes for my children.

jennifer on

CAn You please leave jon alone! yea he went public wit his new girlfriend way to fast but hey he need to be free and away from his wife ..come on they been together fr ten yrs!! Kate is such a mean person and bossy! yea she is good with the kids and yea maybe she still loves jon but there is no excuse for her to treat him like that…im not sayin jon is perfect but hey it is…what it is!! They tried everything…they stay together cuz they love each toher and they stay together bc of there kids…but they couldnt do it anymore! i dont blame them!

Carol on

I am so disgusted by this. It’s obvious he cheated on Kate yet everyone in the public eye continues to hate her when all she has done is tried to be the best mother to their 8 kids. I am totally a believer in tough love so there is nothing wrong with her parenting skills. It’s amazing to me how insensitive Jon is & how naive he is to think this young girl is with him for HIM! I’m sure she’s excited by the fame & the opportunity to work with Christian Audigier. I don’t know if Jon has heard but the whole Ed Hardy style is soooooo 200 & late LOL. Seriously – they sell Ed Hardy shirts at Costco & Champs! He’s a JOKE!

Andee on

He’s such a loser

Margaret on

I am speechless! I knew he was fooling around, but come one! His wife just filed for divorce less than a month ago!

What part of his anatomy is he thinking with?

Diane on

I am certain Dr. Glassman and his wife who cared about Kate, provided her plastic surgey free of charge and let Kate recuperate in their home are kicking themselves..saying no good deed goes unpunished. John you are such a jerk to do this to the Glassman family!

Kathy on

Instead of marrying young and being responsible for siring so many children, he should have sown his wild oats a long, long time ago. Although I am not in his position, nor do I know what goes on behind the scenes, what has played and is being played out by him is truly stomach churning.

Cassie on

Jon is a pig. The ink isn’t even dry on the divorce papers and he’s already got a girlfriend. It seems to me the person who claimed he didn’t like the media attention sure is doing his very best that he gets it. I hope your children don’t look back at the behavior of their parents and be ashamed that they acted the way they did.

Bobbie MGee on

Jon deserves to have a life.. he has been put down long enough.. Kate is always hogging the camera even when it is just her and the kids.. I feel he loves his kids.. more than Kate.. he certainly has spent more time with them. I like Jon.

Kassie on

I was not a regular viewer of the show and not a bit impressed with the way Kate talked to her husband on national TV, but reading this in-your-face article made me almost have a lump in my throat. The betrayal of taking up with the daughter of his wife’s plastic surgeon! Further exploitation of his kids by using them to promote his new clothing line, with his new girlfriend, a month after the split with his wife! Stating that he thinks of his kids “every ten minutes.” What a jerk! Meanwhile, his wife is taking care of those 8 little faces for every single one of those ten minutes. To think I was actually on his side when the split was first announced. No more.

Gerianne on

They’re both self-indulgent, selfish, obnoxious and exploitative parents, but now Jon can add “classless, tactless dog” to his resume. They may have had trouble, they may have been separated for months and put up a good front for their television show, but the fact remains that they are still married. To step out with his zygote girlfriend in St. Tropez is the height of low. We know, we know — Kate’s always on the road, too. Doesn’t make either of them right. She’s a shrew, he’s a spineless milquetoast. So what? There’s such a thing as propriety and respect, and what he’s doing isn’t respectful in the least — not of the woman he was married to for 10 years or the 8 children he fathered. She showed him no respect on the show. They’re both at fault. And remember, Kate: there’s no such thing as a free lunch — or a free tummy tuck. It obviously cost you more than you imagined. He’s a pig.

Patsy on

One word to describe this jerk…..TOOL

toekneebee on

I’ve tried very hard to avoid any exposure to the whole J&K+8 fiasco, but I will say that, as a man in my 30′s, I would never give a dime to this venture. I think it’s a poor business decision on Ed Hardy’s part, I think Jon is exploiting his children here, and I think I would have more respect for Jon (as well as Kate) if they would lay as low as possible. The overly-publicized divorce was done in poor taste on the network’s part and even though the rumor is that Kate was mean/snippy/whatever, Jon owes his family more than to be out with a new girl this soon trying to play off of the fame his kids gave him.

Nicole on

Anybody noticing that with this chick looks quite a bit like Kate?? Take away the long hair…her nose and mouth area scream Kate!

Jen on

Ew. Just ew.

jennifer on

Are you kidding Jon!!!!!!!!!! Your cheating girlfriend and you using your kids for ads. No way will people buy this!!!!!!!!!!!!

Samantha on


Stephanie on

Just goes to show you how disposable marriage is these days…..Just speculation, but maybe that is why they split up…

Doris on

He is a fool. My husband and I were married at 22, so what! He probably has been cheating all along. Kate and the kids are much better without him. TLC should cut him off and rename the show Kate plus eight.

Yabba on

And I thought he would be spotted around LA with an Olson twin…close enough I suppose.

Lisa on

Well, Kate may be a pain sometimes but raising 8 kids is tough! On the other hand Jon is just a low-life loser! What a Jerk!!!!!

Robyn on

Nobody seems to have really grasped the idea that this show most likely had no initial expectation of this kind of success. You take two people…..offer them the opportunity to find a way to provide for the number of children they have….as well as an opportunity to have their memories be recorded for themselves, who wouldn’t want to? There was no handbook given to Jon and Kate on what to do if this kind of success occurred. I honestly believe that they did what they thought they had to do……it got out of control and neither was able to stop it. Raising that many children alone is incredibly stressful. So it is possible that all the “arm chair” coaching and judgement that is being made by all that write in maybe slow down a bit. American’s in general are not great representatives of the “sanctity” of marriage……so please stop commenting on a situation you couldn’t possibly understand and most likely would handle any better then they have. I wish the best for these two and hope the future offers them all some peace.

Mel on

While I think Kate has her own issues, I can’t stand Jon. Designing a line of clothing with your new girlfriend is just in poor taste. I would NEVER let my children wear any clothing from this line. He really disgusts me, and it’s clear that he is no victim (the victims are those children, not Kate or Jon.)


The nerve of this man, I tell you he is out and about like nothing while Kate is at home. He makes my skin cringe!! What a looser!

stacey on

What a dirt ball! I am so irritated and was disgusted when I seen jon with his new girlfriend! He let all the comments and things get to his head. I personally don’t think kate was as bad as everybody made her out to be. Thats the way the show made her look. I personally think jon is a joke and I can’t believe he would do what he is doing! UGH!

Ick on

Jon and Kate are dispicable people and make me want to hurl. This is just one more way to exploit their children for money…add it to the list. PLEASE people, boycott this ridiculous “reality” show and any more of their financial pursuits. Enough is enough!

Victoria on

C’mon?…honestly…can you blame him? I didn’t watch his show on a regular basis…but it seems the few episodes I did see…his wife was moody and always had a complaint about something…I say good for you Jon!! Why shouldn’t he be happy?
Life is too short…8 kids or not.

Coco on

This guy has lost complete touch with reality. Beside the fact that it is in poor taste to take a new girlfriend to Paris when you are still married, what shocked me as much is the fact that the two shopped at Hermes and Prada!! And the two will be designing children’s clothing together!!?? Jon you should be saving every dime of your money for the time, and it will come, when you are a just a faint memory in the minds of the public. All that will be left are your eight very real children that you better be able to support.

cindy on

He says his kids will be modeling the new children’s clothing line? Says who? Did anyone check with the mom on this?

Please please please, stop doing the show Jon and Kate. Get your life in order. Do you realize your kids will be watching all things sooner than later?

It’s digusting. I was a fan of the show but now it’s like watching a train wreck. I feel so sorry for these children.

It’s a bunch of bullsh*t that Jon has the best interest of the kids at heart. If he did he would not be publicly throwing his new GF in the face of his wife and kids.

He’s a disgrace.

Bobbie MGee on

I think Jon deserves some happiness and a life. Kate belittled him every week, it was hard to watch. He loves his kids and in the last year has spent more time with them than Kate. They both have had a lot of pressure with all the children and the TV Show. It is hard on a marriage. They are both good people and the children should not be around so much fighting.
It will work out for all of them.

Lisa on

Wow…You have got to be kidding me. For weeks everyone has buzzed about how poor and battered Jon was and how Kate got what she deserved or whatever, blah, blah, blah. I think everyone can see Jon’s true colors now. He makes me sick and I can’t beleive any designer would want a man who has treated his family this way to be a representative for their line, and think that “He’s huge!”. A huge jerk maybe. How sad that it all comes down to money.

Vicky on

What a S.O.B……the ink isn’t even dry on the seperation and the filing for devorce and he is flaunting his new HOME WRECKER? I hope his kids see the real side of their sperm donor and stop blaming Kate for being so mean. She is being the responsible parent and she gets the “mean” and “bossy” and “nagging” wife and mommy and Jon gets a young homewrecker, motorcycle, peirced ears and a clothing line that no body with young kids will be able to afford! Maybe Jon and his “*hore” can start their own reality show. “Jon & *hore, plus child support” I hope Kate shows the kids the picture of daddy and his new girl friend!

TO on

What a jerk so basically he just wanted to relive his highschool years. It’s funny as much complaining as he did about the show, I wonder if he would be getting this opportunity with Christian if not for “Jon & Kate plus8″ hmmm wonder just how much he didn’t like doing it. Everyone bashed Kate, but it appears he has had ulterior motives from the start.
What a ^%% he is….you fill in the blank.
Seriously what would a 22 year old want with a 32 year old man with 8 kids, BAGGAGE…….

She will ditch him for sure and I hope she does he is such a loser…..

Donna on

Typical male behavior…The ink isn’t even dry on the divorce paper and he’s already has someone… Sounds like he has had someone from the start.. Ed Hardy’s people should be ashamed of themselves!!! I hope people boycott that line. Jon, you know that she’s just with you so she can be seen and be famous. I hope you get your just desserts!!!

cheryl on

I for one will not purchase another ed hardy item
based on their exploitation of these children. Jon is to lazy to get a real job, i hope someone steps in and stops this madness. Where is the childrens money goingI hope ed hardy gets a serious backlash on sales because of his association with this dirtbag

Ick on

PS. don’t think for a second Kate isn’t part of this clothing line decision. There’s money to be made for everyone and I’m sure she has to approve the children’s involvement with any advertising that features their likeness. Don’t feel bad for her…she’s at home, thrilled to be rid of Jon and tickled to have even more $$$ rolling in.

Jennifer on

Jon Gosselin is as played out as the Ed Hardy t-shirts he is designing.

Leslie on

One word, PIG.

Nancy on

Seriously, what would posses this designer to think that Jon Gosslin could be useful to market anything. Public opinion has him on par with scum. Good luck with your clothing line but personally I dont think this jerk deserves the time of day.

Dubbs on

He is everything that is wrong with reality TV. What a scumbag. Ed Hardy will be known everywhere? Where? TJ MAXX and Marshalls? Ewe.

Beth on

Total Loser…renew your wedding vows in Hawaii and a year later, bring a young girl to St. Tropez and work up more deals to exploit your 8 little kids. Thank you God for my normal, loving, unselfish Dad!

Sam on

I think that he already had this person in his life
Kate was away with her book stuff and it was easy
for him to take the kids to the aunts house which was done on different occasions.As for the clothes line wasn’t that something Kate was going to do with the kids wearing them? It’s all very sad,but why go back to what had a part in breaking them up?
Also no one knows what goes on behind closed doors.

Sandi on

It’s about time Jon moved on from Kate and her controlling attitude. You can see in other publication pictures Kate “entertaining” her children at a picnic. The kids look bored with their no Mom, no surprise there, they don’t spend enough time with her! Jon deserves happiness and not to be Kate’s whipping boy anymore.

kiki on


AB on

Jon shame on you!!! So this is why he wanted the divorce so badly. You have no one to blame but yourself for not having a backbone all these years. You should have defended yourself years ago and tried counseling to save your marriage. All this for this broad. You know she is only using you for the fame right?

Rachel on

He disgusts me, he makes me want to punch him.. how could he do that. I do get that Kate was kind of harsh, but grow up, just b/c you say you had enough of how she was treating you, go to therapy…. don’t CHEAT.. UGH

Kristina on

WOW! He found someone real fast! And not to mention someone connected to Kate, what a slap in the face…these guys get off the hook way too easy

Melissa on

I see him in a WHOLE different light now! Does he really think that Kate will allow her children to model in a clothing line that was half created by his girlfriend too? I would tell him NO WAY!

Melody on

I used to think Kate was kinda alpha… but now I am thinking, she had to be to try to raise Jon. Poor poor Jon. Yeah, right.

You go Kate!!

Marilyn on

HE IS A DOG!!!!And she is too. Don’t forget he is still a MARRIED Man..

Kim on

Wow…I wouldn’t buy anything linked to this guy! He’s a jerk.

Ranae on

Jon needs to grow up and think about his kids. He needs to be focusing his attention there and not on himself and his selfish desires. What a lousy jerk. Poor kids. Glad Kate is rid of him. He wants to be a kid himself.

patti on

No Thank You! What a poor role model to use for a children clothing line. Shame on you John for not working harder on your marriage and keeping you family together than running off already with another woman. So much for putting his kids first. I would not have my children wear anything of his even if it was free!!!

gale on

You and Kate have been playing all of your fans for fools. Thinking that you were a loving and happy family,we are the reason that you are living the life style of the rich and famous.You both are just money hungry people who have used your eight children. I feel sorry for the children and hope that you have saved a lot of money and invested well. Everyone is spoied and it is going to hurt when Mom nad Dad really have to support them all. They may just end up back in that first little house that we thought was full of love!

Cookie on

I thought he was up to something the last time they were on TV. He was arogant and seemed to have no interest in saving his marriage. I guess now we know what Kate meant when she said he left her no choice. I think someone is in for a rude awakening . he thinks he is realy a star. But he is just another man bored with his wife and kids wanting to have fun and with no responsbility, I saw that when he said he’d see if he could share raising parenting if it worked into his job. This young lady isn’t his 1st afair I am sure that teacher thought she was “the one” and Kate was just a meannie. Now she knows Jon is just playing around.

Sam on

It’s me Sam checked and forgot to put location

Margaret on

I am very upset to see this story and photo. Jon should have more respect for his soon to be x-wife and his children. Flaunting a relationship like this is not in the best interest of his children. My heart goes out to Kate and the children.

Kim J on

C’mon people, what is SO WRONG about this?? Jon and Kate are separated and are not getting back together. He is starting a new life, so what!!I don’t understand what the problem is with his girlfriend being the daughter of Kate’s plastic surgeon, again so what??? And a ten year age difference, big deal!! No matter what happens or who he is with I am sure he will continue to be the good father he has always been. He has spent a lot of time with his kids, Kate is always off on trips for “business, that is her job”. Baloney maybe if she had stayed home more and not been so money hungry things would have worked out better. Maybe if she didn’t feel that she was such a “star, who needed a handsome bodyguard”, things would have been better. Give Jon a break, he is doing nothing wrong and is still a good dad.

melanie on

I think Jon has shown his true colors. I know it appeared on the show that his wife was inconsiderate and hard to live with but evidently she knew what he was all about..Appears to me he dont really care about his family because if he did he wouldnt be making a spectable of himself. He needs to grow up and worry about the mental welfare of his 8 children at a time like this. In my opinion, people shouldnt give them so much attention, after all it was a family show that people was interested in.

Sheryl on

They are both scum of the earth and should be ashamed of themselves. Kate I hope you take him for everything he has or will ever hope to have. He could at least try to be discreate for his children’s sake but I guess he no longer cares.

spoons on

And everyone thought Kate was the crazy one??? I’m sure Ol’ Jon will be putting his children in the advertising for his new venture with his rebound child girlfriend. What a disgrace to your children and the people who supported you!

Kate – I hope your attorney is great and you protect yourself and those innocent children from him!

Lyn on

I think one thing the public doesn’t know is how long Jon and Kate has been apart and I believe it has been much, much longer than the public is aware of. They have been putting up a front for t.v for a very long time but split most likely over a year ago. While I don’t agree with his p.d.a of another women especially when the children could suffer from this and it is immoral and inmature on his part, what you most likely are not seeing is they have BOTH been living single separate lives for quite a while. Kate just chooses not to air it to the public at this time.

katknut on

What a loser.

Redding, California Kids » Jon Gosselin & Christian Audigier to launch kids’ clothing line on

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incabod on

I AM SHOCKED, ha ha. Whoever didn’t see this coming is an idiot. People who were so critical of Kate and how she was acting, well, how would you act if your husband and father of your 8 children wasn’t acting like a husband or a father; out with “friends” at all hours of the morning, with a wife a 8 kids at home – give me a break! The woman was having a breakdown in front of millions of people and trying to act like things are all under control and fine, Jon was good at acting i.e. “Okey, have it your way Kate, because I’m coming off as the good guy. The fact that she pulled it off as long as she did, is quite an accomplishment. She needs all the help she can get! I hope his current girlfriend becomes his wife and gets just what she deserves. Him too.

Amy on

Unbelievable. I am seriously speechless that he would do this. It’s one thing to not be happy in your marriage and to seek a divorce. It’s another thing to parade around with a new girlfriend only a few weeks after announcing the divorce. And talk about exploiting your kids. He will regret this one day when his kids see what he did to their mom!

Missy on

Seems like Jon just can’t get enough of being around children…so he’s decided to date one. None of my grandchildren will be wearing this line of clothing. So thats at least six sales lost.

Hvo on

I feel sorry for his family, even Kate. She may not be perfect (who is anyways), but she does not deserve this.

These clothes will not be in my house, not for a minute.

Lisa on

Wow…moves fast huh…what a jerk. He had been seen with her and her mother before the split from Kate.

It seems odd to me that the Ed Hardy designer would want his name associated with that jerk…most of the press Jon has gotten has been bad.

Crital on

I got addicted the show. But now that he’s out in public flaunting a new fling has certified the fact that I will no longer will be watching the program. I just feel bad for the kids. Its going to be rough for them growing up.

Lori on

The daughter of the surgeon that did Kate’s tummy tuck?? What an A**HOLE!!!! To think I even stuck up for him there for awhile, makes me sick. One thing – He will one day regret this. It’s just too bad his children have to suffer through his *growing pains*, along with their own. God, I am just LIVID. I feel so bad for Kate.

B.J. on

Looks like new girl friend needs a tummy tuck and maybe a few pounds as well get a life Jon.

Jennifer on

I can not believe this piece of sh*t.I dont like to talk about people I dont know but I have lost all repect for this a$$.This woman is 10 years younger.He has 8 children and he couldnt set an example to the children to wait to be divorced.He wanted out long ago.Very clear to the viewers of their show.I wish Kate and the kids would continue with the show.He walked out and should stay out!

Liz on

Good for him!! I bet Kate is wishing she hadn’t been such a condescending, controlling witch now. I think it is hilarious that she is the daughter of Kate’s plastic surgeon and she is home being bitter with 8 kids while he’s enjoying the high life in France. Karma, Kate, Karma!

mm on

he ALONE is responsible for his bevavior sad as it is ……..

maybe he can call up Levi Johnston and they can chill together

Linda129 on

What a jerk! Kate had that tummy tuck 3 years ago. How did Jon hook up with the doctor’s daughter now? Or has this been going on and nobody knew (or weren’t saying). What a mess. I hope Kate will do all she can to protect the kids from this sideshow.

Wanda on

Jon is a joke! I hope his new venture is a bust!

The love of money is the root of all evil | Gosselin Gossip on

[...] are designing a children’s clothing line.  I’m not joking, but I sure wish I was.  People [...]

Kasey on

I have a feeling this has been going on since 06 when Kate had her tummy tuck. I can’t believe they just ran into each again after all this time. I used to not like Kake because of the way she treated Jon but now I think maybe something she had a reason

lucinda on

What a total jerk this guy is! He is not even divorced and he is parading around a girlfriend?? He really is not thinking with his brain. The whole new earrings, motorcycle madness and teeny bopper girlfriend show he has some loose screws. Why can’t he actually work to support his family? Instead, he seems to take the money he makes from the ‘family’ show, and is on vacation most of the time. When he was interviewed and and said that he was ‘excited’ about the future, I guess we know what he was talking about.

Beverly on

I think John has turned into a very selfish Dad. Missing his kids! I’ve said all along I thought him to be spoiled growing up & just got tired of Kate….. I don’t have small kids…so doesn’t matter to me what he does. Glad he’s trying to work. I bet Kate is sorely upset, I would be.

Jack on

He totally gave up his family for a piece of ass…

tf on

You all need to get the DVD’s and really look at why Jon is no longer with Kate. I say you go Jon go have a happy life.

Katy on

He repulses me hes a sorry excuse for man. I feel so sorry for his adorable children.

Amy on

I”ve always said Jon acts like a child. He always had to be told what to do instead of acting on his own. He seemed to only case about himself. Maybe Kate acted the way she has all this time because only she knows the real Jon and we are just now starting to see the real side of him. All of you Kate haters are eating your words now!!!!

Mary on

Gag me :? How sick.

Cassie on

Well, that really proves everything about the cheating was right, huh? That suprises me a little bit. He has a real nonchalant attitude about everything, and its really sad that his kids have to see this. He needs to grow up and realize he’s not a 21 year old anymore!

Shannon on

Riduclous. The Gosselins have completely exploited their children. It’s sad that Jon and Kate had to let everything go their heads instead of doing what was best for their children. Ridiculous that a couple can bring 8 children into the world only to end up in this position.

Chris on

All the people saying they won’t watch the show anymore are lying. When the new episode comes in August, they’ll be watching like millions of others.

Jo on

So lets get this straight, he’s a married father of 8 children and this 23 year old girl is getting a package deal of a cheater and a dead beat dad. How long can that last…

People, we are the problem for watching these yahoos on TV self-destruct and then they plan to continue it with more episodes of pure dysfunction. Hope they have money for 8 therapist’s for the poor children that they claim to put first. Mamma Mia! But look at me I’m the one reading this junk…

Kelly on

It’s a shame he is acting the way he is. I hope Kate takes him for everything he is worth in their divorce. He’ll regret his actions later.

Kim on

Talk about setting a good example for your children, Jon! You make me sick! Even though the divorce has been filed, you are still married. No respect for anyone’s feelings except his own! How do you think it makes your children feel to see you with another woman that isn’t their Mom!?!?!?! You could of been much more discreet, especially for your children’s sake. Another selfish child “man”. Grow up, Jon!

nicole on


Sue on

This man disgust me. I mean come on all the money is for the kids but he is in St. Tropez witha girlfriend. They were dead broke before this show and now he is spending the money like crazy on some new girlfriend. Does he really think anyone is going to buy his stuff. What a loser. Just a pig

Ugh... on

Jon is tool that’s for sure but one thing you people are not thinking about are the many reports that say Jon and Kate have been over for a long long time. It’s not like they got decided to split up and get divorce last week, this has been brewing for a long time now. We just saw it all at the end because it was in the show’s interest to hide it. Many accounts say the problems have been going on for years and that they seperated at the earliest 8 months ago. Jon is still a tool and needs to wake up and realize he’s not 18 anymore and Kate needs to medicate herself and be nice… Poor kids.

Gus on

He is a total jackass. Not only is he a cheater but he now will exploit his kids with his new girlfriend? I hope Kate nails him dry and his girlfriend cheats on him. I cant believe his kids get to see a picture of their daddy holding hands with his new girlfriend.. What a total jerk. Kate deserves soo much better!

Karen on

I just wanted to mention,on the kid’s birthday show, Kate had mention Jon wasn’t home the night
before, ironically he had a IU shirt on, which is
from the college his new girlfriend graduated from. I can only assume “they” have been seeing
each other for awhile, I hope TLC write’s him out. As he can’t honestly think anyone thinks he
cares for his kids, he just cares for himself.
And those of us who know Hailey she is only looking for what she can get out of this not
what she can do for him and his family.


WOW! Look how many ‘Kates’ we have out there! All these women are so threatened and insecure about this and they SHOULD be! They start in with the ‘Jon bashing’(FAT! BALD! OLD!)just as Kate did! I dont think he wants to settle down and get married and have KIDS with this girl! Maybe he wants to be in the company of someone who makes him feel GOOD about himself for a change! And why SHOULDNT HE!!!! Right or wrong, sometimes you have to SAVE yourself while you still have any soul LEFT! ‘KATES’ beware!You cant keep a man by breaking his spirit and beating him down!

auntiejj on

I’ve been a fan of the show from the beginning, loved it and defended them. But during last season, you could see the cracks in their relationship and that Jon was not happy. For what its worth, I think they got married young and became parents to a lot of kids, very quickly. Money started rolling in and this has enabled them to go their separate ways. Jon is living his (lost) youth (girlfriend(s), motorcycle). My concern is for the kids. He’s now a public figure and really should be more mindful of what his kids might think and feel. His timing seems inappropriate but who are we to judge.

LB on

I thought Jon was an IT guy, when did he become a fashion expert? He is totally ridiculous. By the time he is over his mid life crisis, I hope Kate has managed to find someone who doesn’t need to be mothered and can be the real man those children deserve.

Amy on

So the point of the story is Jon Gosselin AND Ed Hardy are whoring themselves out? Please.

Tricia on

Gone are the days that people take responsibility for their actions.

Jon brought 8 kids into this world, and they need a full-time father. He is ditching his commitment to his marriage just for convenience sake. Ok, so Kate was a nagging woman and she wasnt perfect, but that doesnt mean he can just ditch his family.
Then to make it worse, walk around hand-in-hand with his girlfriend only weeks after getting separated????


GetOverItPeople on

Get over it people! Yanno, this is not the first family to split and it’s not the first time in history children have had to deal with their parents new loves. You people write.. “i feel sorry for the kids” Are you kidding me?!? They have everything they could ever want and I’m supposed to feel sorry for kids who are getting the best of everything? Buncha nut jobs out there. Wah wah wah

Yvette on


What a waste and those poor kids, omg…what is he thinking…oh wait, he’s not.

I’ve heard a lot of ppl say that Kate was controlling, I’ve never watched the show. With all the attention they are getting there’s no real need to.

My heart goes out to those kids, poor babies!

lucy on

lol isnt it funny how he left kate for her pastic surgry daughter, that just creepy werid and funny.

Dancer12 on

Jon has a wife and 8 lovely children…Such a shame. It’s obvious he’s not the least bit compassionate and empathetic because if he was he would understand his young children’s hearts and just how broken they must be. BUT of course Jon, it all comes down to keeping yourself happy. It’s too bad we can’t empathize with you!!
He will return to his home to create a reality show for National television. While this may be filmed as reality T.v. we all know you are just playing house.

Kelsey on

He’s such a tool!!!

Andrea on

Please, please– don’t dress those kids in ed hardy. That’s the last thing they need!

Cassie on

Boy you guys are jumping fast to the Kate bandwagon — right according to her plans! Did any of you stop to consider that maybe, just maybe, he got sick and tired of being treated like a d-o-g and decided to ‘man up’ as you have also said and left her. Sure, he is behaving in a different way than most would want, but he is going to earn boatloads of money, and that is another thing you have been yelling about. He can’t win with you guys. Since when did you all forget what Kate is like and that no one could live with that controlling, condescending, emasculating, demanding type of person for long. She is right where she deserves to be — high and dry. Just watch some of the reruns if you have forgotten how she treated him. And lest you forget, they ARE still his children, and he has always shown them more love and concern than Kate ever did.

Rebekah on

He is sick and calloused at this point. Seems that he feels justified in whatever he wants to do. Reminds me of how insensitive Brad Pitt was a few years and the tasteless, tacky things he did for all to see not long after he left Jennifer. Does Jon not realize that these pictures might come back to haunt him? What a dummy.

Maria on

He is such a loser. Please take his picture down. He disgusts me.

colleen on

What a slime ball! Well I guess the reason for their split is pretty obvious now. What I wonder is how much respect for him and herself, this woman has. To date a man who is just split from his wife and has 8 kids, she is just as slimy as he is. Kate should make sure he is cut off from the money train they kids are earning the both of them. Get these scumbags off the tv. This is not entertainment at all!

Brynn on

All I have to say is it’s no one’s buisness what Jon or anyone does. The people that are making the comments “omg how could he?” are not perfect either. It’s not our problem to deal with. If he’s happy and those kids are fed and dealt with accordingly, then who cares. Get a life of your own and stop living through celebrities.

Kara on

Hate him.

stephanie on

He is dating the “daughter” of the Surgeon whom performed Kate’s tummy tuck: Well judging by this picture, she looks like she is expecting a child

Jon & Kate plus 8 and one on the way!!!!!!!

Vanessa on

Let’s face it; Jon has been separated from his wife for months. His divorce papers have just been signed but won’t be finalized for a year or two (do to the divorce being field as “NO Fault.”)
This is so sad! Divorce papers just filed and he’s out there with a new woman. WTF! He should have waited a few more months before stepping out with a new woman! He would have had people’s support rather then everyone being so upset with him! Why put his family through all of this pain for some instant gratification? I used to like Jon, but now I see that his actions are just pure selfish! How convenient to say, “I miss my kids!” Oh really???? LOL…what a jerk!

Jenn on

I used to like Jon, however now he just acts like a d-bag. He seems to have hit a ‘mid-life’ crisis and now needs to spread his wings, but hurt his 8 kids in the meantime. They will look back at this you know and see how he has humiliated their mother. She might have been tough with him at times, but now I can see why. He acts like a child! Shame on you for flaunting your new relationship before your divorce is finalized. Poor Kate.

Sara on

I really do undersatnd why Jon left Kate, but I think he should of tried marriage counseling first I man 8 kids!! and to shove a new girlfriend in her face to add insult to injry she has ties to the family and he took her to St. Tropz a romantic place and is collaborating with her for a childrens line of clothes WTF!!! I feel really sorry for Kate this is humiliating and embarassing…..Jon your not even embarassed you could show some class and wait for the divorce to be final atleast before you rub more of this in Kate’s face…again I think Kate treated him horribly but I ould not ever do this to my worst enemy he must really hate Kate!!

disgusted on

my kids will NOT be wearing any of their clothes. and, yes, maybe his marriage is over but this was highly innapropiate. as a matter of fact, i don’t think i will be buying anything ed hardy now. and i bet u she has been in the picture before his marriage ended. happened way to fast to be other wise.



Les on

What a dirtbag! Raising kids is the hardest job I have ever had and it’s going to be tough for Kate but at least she is consistant and her kids are her number one priority!

Donna on

yeah he looks like is missing his kids so much…he is going to let his kids be the ones modeling the clothes in print ads? always finding a way to milk the money cow huh John? you and Kate make me sick and I want to puke…go home to your wife and grow up…you have eight little responsibilities that you helped to create or have you forgotten your children in the shadow of your 15 minutes of fame.

Chiwawamomma on

I have several things to say about this:

1) So, Glassman, how many children will you be having?

2) Glassman, after you have his kids, look out, he will be on to another woman.

3) You know, he’s only 32 and wants to get on with HIS life, no mention of the kids life.

4) This is poor taste on his part, to throw this affair in Kate and his kids face.

5) I am sorry, but I will not buy anything from this clothing line, not even for my Chihuahuas.

6) Again they are using there kids to make money. Go out and find a regular job and support your kids the way mormal people do.

that’s all for now.

Jan on

Kate-hold your head high. He’s not worth it anymore. He needs grow up!

Alice on

This guy is repulsive both in acts and in appearance. How People can give him press is beyond me because everytime I see him I want to spit. He’s a lowdown no good so and so.

Danielle on

Pathetic. Grow up, accept the fact that the choices you made resulted in eight kids, that you can’t go back, and you should finish what you started.

Rachel on

I honestly feel that Kate is much more mature, and responsible and deserves a man who is mature and responsible like herself, and I think Jon is a complete JERK. When you are married, especially with 8 children, you should work on your marriage…example: counseling etc… and the fact that Kate wanted to work on the marriage and Jon doesn’t, just goes to show his true characted. I think Kate is so much more prettier then Jon’s new gf.. and Kate has 10 yrs on that “gf” and has 8 children. I hope that Jon will experience his karma and I hope Kate will find a great man that is just perfect for her!

Hal on

Jon is such a loser. He’s an idiot. He’s been had by $$$. Not thinking of his kids and the effect on them…..efing loser.

Melinda on

I could understand your problem with your wife, but you look like a complete d-bag, Jon. Seriously.

You should be at home trying to work things out with your wife instead of running around finding new ways to exploit your family while hanging all over a much young woman. At the very least, you could use a little discretion.

At this rate, nobody is going to give a rip about you in a couple years– including your own children. Show them a some respect by giving a little respect to their mother.

Lois on

I sooo agree with everyone!! I can’t believe how much of an ass John is making of himself. Must be nice to “leave” your kids at home and parade all over in a yacht in the French Riviera!! He needs to grow up and realize that he is still a father of 8. Does he not realize that his kids might see a picture of him and his new child, oops I mean girlfriend parading around!! No class or taste at all. Kate needs a man who is going to stand up, stop whining and crying and be a man and a father and role model for their kids. Not a big whining child like John. WaaWaaWaa get over yourself John ang grow up!!
I used to watch this show and loved it. I was so sad when I found out about the Divorce. I actually cried. Then I watched like everyone else while John starting actin like a teenager again, having friends over drinking while Kate was away, out partying at bars with young women. Pleeese…….give me a break. You should have thought about doing all that stuff before you became the father of 8. Things change once you have kids, piercing your ears and driving sportscars with 20 something girls in them is something you usually do when you are young and free, not a 31 yr old man who is the father of 8 children and who isn’t even divorced yet. Hopefully he is smart enough to not become the father of 9.
I hope Kate is at home thanking her stars that she doesn’t have to babysit John anymore!!

Hanna on

Kate must be happy tlc is filming on Tuesday, now she can mommy dearest again on camera. poor Jon can’t catch a break

Emily on

Midlife crisis anyone? What a d-bag. 21 year old girlfriend, even worse. Any woman willing to date a married man is a loser, especially knowing he has 8 kids.

Mandy on

Oh god he’s such a pig. The girlfriend looks like a snot also. “every ten minutes I keep thinking about the kids and missing them” What a bunch of bull!! Keep your MISTRESS in check and stay near them. Especially while they’re so young. I used to think Kate was so mean to him but damn it looks like she HAD to because he’s an idiot.

Arceli Morales on

Now, I am thinking that the reason why Jon split with Kate, is due to his selfishness, and to be free of responsibility from taking care of the kids, not mentioning his womanizing.

ohwoman on

OMG…can anyone spell loser–I can- J_O_N. Designing clothes with a young ahem lady (using that word lightly) who not only does n’t have any kids, but is barely outa childhood herself?
Who has obviously been on his mind for a while, since he went to Niagra Falls with her while still married and tried to pass it off as friends. Cheaters never prosper folks….

fran on

Who cares!!!! After all the years he was unhappy with Kate. Let the guy be happy now. The clothing line, well, Im not impressed with that.

Stu on

I agree with everyone else. I felt sick when I saw the photos of him holding hands with his girlfriend so soon after announcing the split. He has no class and is a loser. It doesn’t matter what I think of Kate (and I’m starting to see her in a new light), that’s gotta hurt.

None of Our Business on

I do not agree with cheating, but we do not know all of the behind the scenes info. What about the RUMORS of Kate’s affair. We do not know if that is true or not and she has been seen in photos same as John. If you are going to criticize one you have to criticize both.

fatima on

I am happy for him. She was a controling ***** he deserves to be happy so everyone MYOB. good luck john.

Carina on

You shouldn’t be allowed to get divorced with that many kids (unless abuse is involved.)

I hope the divorce judge looks at them both, starts laughing, and yells, “NO!”

It’s not about you anymore, it’s about your kids. Sorry, no divorce for you.

ruth on

So Kate got a FREE tummy tuck from her father. No, it seems as though Kate is paying now by losing her husband to their young daughter. The Glassmans must be so proud to have raised her this way.

Eva on

What a peice of JUNK he is!!! I was all for him until this. I can’t believe he would do this to his kids!!! What an immature butthead!!!

Marv on

Wow, fame does go to one’s head doesn’t it? He’s certainly “living the life” at his kids expense. Tsk, tsk.

SK on

What a great dad always thinking of his children. If that were the case he should have tried to work it out with KATE. I know she may not have been easy to get a long with but he married her for better or WORSE. What is it with American Sociality that we think we can just leave our kids and everything will be ok. Children need a Father & a Mother in their lives. I am so tired of people just giving up on marriage.

peg on

I dont know if anyone else knows but kate was working on a clothing line for kids with health-tex now its been put on hold, both of them ( Jon and Kate ) should be ashamed, it takes two to break or make a marriage, I hope someone is watching out for the welfare of the children!



Kathy on

Said all along that while Kate was strict and bossy, yes she is, Jon was the real loser in this relationship. Kate is better off without him.

Chiwawamomma on

As I said before, get a regular job and do like the rest of us. Struggle and make your marriage work, yes she wasn’t nice and very bossy, but now I can see why. She had Nine children to raise and I hope she does better with the remaining eight. Jon, go back to your family and beg Kate for your cheating ways. As someone said earlier, once a cheater always a cheater.

Amber on

oh well,if he wants to be happy let him,kate was always mean to him on the show,i’m glad they got divorced,she didnt deserve him. i’d buy the shirts :]; at least he’s still trying to be apart of the kids lives;most dads would just leave them;so stop with all the criticism.

Donna on

OMG! Once Jon decided he had enough with Kate there was no working it out, not even for the kids. This is such a shame. It clearly showed on Kate’s face how she wanted to work it out with Jon, but no, he’s decided he is going to do what is best for Jon and no one else, not even his kids. And now this, holding hands in public, so soon? What are you thinking Jon? Your kids will hold this against you one day. You know you spoke those words, not once, but twice, for better, for worse, for richer or poor, in sickness and health. What a joke! Okay, Jon, I’m done with you. Good riddance.


oh shocker!!!!! for someone who was not cheating he sure found someone quick and seems to be pretty hardcore with her to start a clothing line. what a pig !!!!!

WOW on

So, if you have kids, you can never go anywhere EVER again without being accused of ‘leaving’ the kids?! It is interesting to read these comments. Kate filed a LEGAL petition to divorce Jon. The rest is paperwork time and formalities. Those kids will be fine! Whats Kate gonna do when JON has the kids and its HIS time?! Sit in a car outside? Come ON people!

Kate Hater on

LOL @ all these people decrying Jon.

If Kate actually treated her husband with some respect, this would have never happened. Stop treating Kate like some innocent victim, she has just as much blame as Jon does.

Torrie on

I say congrats to Jon. He was with his crazy wife way to long. He is obviously still in the kids lives. Just not his ex wifes. I dont blame him. I think i would have left her too. More power to him, good luck with the line.

Rhonda on

Good for Jon!! I am glad to finally see him look happy, after the many years he spent with Kate constantly demeaning him, he deserves to find someone who I am sure treats him wayyyy better then Kate ever did! Don’t think Kate doesnt already have someone else on the side (bodyguard)just because she pretends to be the perfect mother doesnt mean she isnt sleeping around too, and from everything I have read, Jon has suspected her of cheating wayyyy before he ever did!

Darcy on

I believe John & Kate took the easy way out. How about a little therapy?! They say they will do anything for their kids but they are giving up so easy. Marriage takes alot of work and in the end it’s worth it. Those kids are to young to be going through this. Some can’t handle being in the public eye and it seems John is one of those people. Doing the Tv series was obviously the worst mistake they made. Money does not buy you happiness and in this case it cost them their marriage. Such a shame.

Lindsey on

Everyone has been blasting Kate, which is unfair…finally the world can see that John isn’t Mr. Innocent. So repulsive…the poor kids.

amy on

This “man” makes me sick! Kate isn’t perfect but marriage has become so disposable anymore :( Very sad!

I have NO interest in buying clothing for my kids that this person has a hand in developing … with his latest “woman”.

Jon and Kate are successful at one thing: contributing to the destruction of marriage and family. I feel for their children. They need to put an end to using their kids for financial gain.

AnnaP on

Unbelievable! How can he talk about his children while he’s (a) out in public with another woman; and (b) coming up with a new way to exploit them? So sad…those kids need stability and positive role models. This ain’t it.

Come On... on

Liz – why do you think that Kate’s being home with her kids is some sort of karmic punishment? I would think that being home with your kids, especially in such a beautiful home would be a pleasure. Sure hope you’re not a parent, because anyone with kids thinking that spending time with them is a punishment should not be a parent to begin with.

Tia on

Ugh.. she looks like a brunette version of Kate. Jon is truly despicable. Everything about him is yelling “MID-LIFE CRISIS!!” Please take off those diamond studs — you look ridiculous!

Susan on

What a scuz bag! At first, one could feel sorry for him with Kate being on him all of the time. Now the real truth is out. He just wants to be one of the kids! He has boasted that he will exploit his children by having them model the clothes he and his girlfriend are going to ‘design’. What a joke. Don’t buy this line of clothing or anything with this designer. This might send a message to the cheater, whiner, losser person that Jon has proved himself to be.

cindy on

Come on Jon, vacationing in the French Rivera while your 8 kids are back home in Pennsylvania. Very selfish move. Why didn’t you take the kids with you??

thomas on

Wait…how is he cheating this guy split from kate, since when is splitting with someone mean they’re still together? seriously go jon! i hope your business booms baby

Lucia on

What a jerk. My kids won’t be wearing anything that he puts out.

Melissa on

Maybe if kate wouldn’t have had a tummy tuck Jon would never have met the daughter. I would look else where also if I got treated the way Kate treated Jon. I really feel sorry for the kids. They should stop filming Jon and Kate plus 8 and see if their marriage is able to be repaired.

molly on

HE really needs to grow up and stop being a jerk. HE should have talk to Kate when he had issues not run away and act like he is.
I AM A KATE FAN FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cathy on

You know life goes on…I don’t know why people keep caring about this whole Jon & Kate thing. She is a money hungry biatch and he had no backbone for was bound to happen..get over it people!!

Good for you Jon! As long as he takes care of his kids then it’s all good.

Jude on

What a jerk. What a shame he couldn’t put his family first. His kids will suffer emotionally all their lives because of his selfishness.

Denise on

Is anyone thinking about the 16 special needs kids in Florida whose parents were shot and killed? Why are so many people showing interest in and sympathy for the Gosselins when they have money and freedom to live the way they want? These 16 children will probably end up split into different foster homes….no money, no one to care about their needs.

Laura on

Ugh he disgusts me. I love how he is going to exploit his children even more by using them as models. Get a life.

Kat on

WHAT A LOSER! And a pathetic one at that! Totally agree that Kate can be a biotch… but all in all, this is so off base!!! You don’t just dump a marriage of 10 years without TRYING to help it. Marriage is WORK! Especially with 8 kids about… Anyway, you certainly don’t go getting fresh with someone who appears to be about 1/2 your age in a sexy tropical locale. And you REALLY don’t go starting a clothing line with someone that you have next to no permanent relationship with! Perhaps, Jonny boy, you should have tried the clothing line thing with KATE! It would have given you a common ground other than the kids and maybe could have helped you out on the marriage front. But hey, good show running off with the mistress! NICE! LOSER!

PK on

WTG!!!! Cassie. I could not agree with you more. I guess they all have forgotten that he was hanging in there until “KATE HANDED HIM A PAPER TO SIGN SAYING HE COULD HAVE A GIRLFRIEND AS LONG AS HE CONTINUED TO DO THE SHOW”. Until then he had kept his hands clean and had tried to work it out but once your wife tells you you can have a girlfriend sounds like she already HAS a boyfriend. John is not doing ANYTHING that Kate didn’t do first. Who knows maybe he does have some good ideas for kids clothes. He has spent more quality time with his children than Kate ever thought about doing. Her book should have been called eight big dollar signs instead of eight little faces since all she sees is dollar signs. Even her brother has talked about how bad she is. He and his wife apparently spent time with the kids to the point that the show directors wanted to put them on the show and pay them but Kate said “NOBODY GETS PAID BUT US”. Seems like she didn’t mind their presence until somebody thought about paying them. Then true to her past and present reactions she “threw a hissy fit”. Leave Jon alone he is the best person those children have in their corner!

lisa on

give him a break people. all he wants is to be happy. he wasnt happy with kate and how could he be, all she did was put him down every chance she could on tv. a person could only take so much. i know i have been there. that doesnt mean he doesnt love his kids. now he is trying to make his own money that doesnt have to do with kate. you cant blame the tlc shouldnt go on with the show. i think its a big joke now. i use to love the show but i quit watching it awhile ago. because of the way kate acted with jon. tlc do the right thing stop the show.

Gonzo on


mo on

She won’t be around long. She will move on to a younger man who doesn’t have 8 children. I would love to see his face when she gives him the ol’ heave hoe.
You know what they say about pay backs Jon………..

sunny on

wow and everyone thought Kate was the fame**** . he wants his kids to model Ed Hardy clothes? idiot!

lauren on

I long gave up on that deadbeat dad called JON but SHAME ON HER….has she no respect for herself??? I wonder what her mother says??

Angel on

Why all the negativity ppl! I happen to say HIP-HIP-for Jon! It took him along time to grow a set and he finally has! Who cares who he is seeing and what he does! Mark my words Kate isnt all that innocent herself in all this! You will be seeing her out and parading around soon enough! So get off the boo-hoo kick… It takes 2 to tangle and 2 to make it work…So it didnt work and there for life does go on…”BELIEVE IT or NOT”… :)

Chiwawamomma on

Yes, we are all beating up on Jon and not Kate. Why? because he is out in the open with his affair, eben IF she has been cheating, you don’t see her with someone in another country and holding hands/kissing. I hope we don’t see this, because that will be TWO parents that should be putting their kids first before themselves. When you have children, that is what is done in a normal world.

He is the one that stated that He was 32 and needed to get on with HIS life…..

leana on

have fun paying child support for 8 kids jon…… oh and btw if you think people are going to buy some lame ed h. shirt just becuase you made it, think again.

Beth on

Well, well, well!! The “once” computer IT man is now a children’s designer….for Ed Hardy line. Are you for real. I have watched this show from the beginning and now it looks as though they will find every angle to make money!! They will be using the kids too for the ads, I’m very surprised that Kate let that one happen…I mean I really did think that she wouldn’t allow them in ads and such! Geez was I wrong!!

Bri on

So sad…I am sorry for all the kids. Really this is just immature…In my opinion it is too soon to flaunt a new “young” girlfriend. “Stardom” tore this family apart.

Bear on

My children will not wear his clothes. Please Jon, you knew how controlling Kate was when you married her. Now to complain that you’re 32 and need to live a little, you should have thought about that 8 kids ago. Years from now they will be spending their dwindling fortune on therapist bills for those poor exploited children.

mary on

Maybe the marrage bombed out. But he should be home helping take care of all those kids, instead of walking the beach.

The guy needs to grow up and assume his responsibilities.

TJ on

Perfect, his true colors are coming out. L-O-S-E-R!

Imani on

i can’t believe him…..he’s a cheating slimball and should be ashamed of himself. I mean really, he cheated on his wife and is already out in public with his new…whatever you want to call her. Wow, just wow.

brandy on

Jon should be ashamed of himself. I will not watch the show anymore.

Jon Gosselin To "Design" Children’s Clothes, Ropes In Hard-pAArtying Girlfriend To New Business Venture Too! | GossipO on

[...] out Glassman, the daughter of Kate’s plastic surgeon, will be extending a helping hand to her freshly-divorced boyfriend in the creation of his “kid-friendly” [...]

Katie on

For anyone who’s saying that this is okay because they’re now divorcing, it’s not. There’s the law, and then there’s human decency. And I read on AOL that Jon started the rumor himself that Kate was having an affair with the bodyguard to make his running around seem more acceptable. There is photographic evidence of his infidelities but none of any of Kate’s alleged infidelities. And by the way, that bodyguard has a wife and kids. Imagine how embarrassing and hurtful that must have been. But Jon didn’t care.

Unknown on

Well you have to say the over contronling Kate may be somewhat to blame but…. two wrongs don’t make it right and I have been there and Once a cheater always a cheater!!!

Bri on

Is she sporting a slight baby bump?

Katie on

This is sick.

Jim on

Wow—what i can’t belive is all the comments on here….so what if you don’t buy the clothes? I don’t think he’s going to care. Soecondly, rightly or wrongly, they have decided to move on, he is moving on know and for all we know, rumored, or speculated on, she has as well. The kids, like many, many kids in this country, will be well taken care of regardless of the fact that their parents date or re-marry—its up to both Jon and Kate to be respectful and civil towards each other for the kids’ sake—parental dating does not in and of itself, harm kids.

Stop putting your own emotional insecurity onto this family and perpetrating this falsehood. Kate will soon “offically” date again (like other divorced parents) and we’ll see how objective and biased you guys will be then…..

Stacy from MN on

Good for Jon. He’s always liked fashion, he has a good fashion sense, he now gets to use it to earn a living.

We can’t judge based on what we see on tv, in the tabloids, or what we think we see in person. Unless you are Jon or Kate, you don’t know what’s gone on in their relationship.

Their marriage didn’t dissolve overnight. Because 2 weeks ago it was announced on tv means nothing. They’ve been going through agony for a long time. If now isn’t the right time to “come out” with a girlfriend, then when is? Is he supposed to sit inside and do nothing…because if he goes outside the cameras will follow.

I think it’s a little bizarre that his “girlfriend” will be part of the designing of the clothing line…what does she have to do with it except as a SO to talk to??…but other than that, I don’t see anything wrong with Jon’s actions.

Unfortunately for the kids, they have to be hounded by the papparazzi..that is the “abnormal” part of their lives. To have the cameras around at home…just like being a child actor, except you don’t have to act. To have parents that split is not abnormal…it is not the ideal that everyone hopes for, but it is not something that will scar the kids for life. If the media would just stop hounding the kids and the family, that would take care of the intrusion of these peoples’ lives!

Becky on

I can’t stand this family any more. I hope the world stops watching thier show and it’s off the air by the end of the year.

Cheryl on

He must be crazy to think he is going to convince people to buy his line of clothes for their children! Only a scuzzball would parade around with a girlfriend 10 yrs younger than him, less than a month after his divorce was filed, knowing that he has 8 children that are going to see all of this, if not now, one day.




rose on

so so sad…..he is exploting his children and the parents who might buy those kid’s clothes. Don’t do it folks….I won’t be…..what a horrible situation for those children…..he sucks and so does his adulteress young chick

Pat on

No matter how bad the marriage was or how “mean” Kate was or wasn’t, you don’t flaunt your new relationship in the public when you are not even divorced yet. It is obvious the only one Jon cares about is Jon. Have some respect for your family and even the mother of your children. I always thought he was loser and now can see why. Shame on you Jon. Kate… breath a sigh of relief you will soon be free of this loser.

marie on

I don’t know what anyone would see in him,he acts like he’s in his teens, I think Kate was too mature for him. Grow up John youre not good looking and you think your a stud!

Stephanie on

The divorice papers were just filed, not even close to be finalized, and he has a girlfriend. Big suprise that it was the girl he denied having an affair with. Kate may have been controlling but he knew that going in. Yeah he sure looks like he is thinking of the kids. Hanging around with his girlfriend instead of spending time with them. What are they going to think when they see these pictures? What a selfish Jerk! I hope Kate takes him to the cleaners.

Appalled on

Let’s see, if you’re married, but separated, you’re still married. And even though you file divorce papers just a few weeks ago, you’re still married, because divorces usually don’t happen instantly. So legally, they’re still married, and to all those people claiming that they were separated so it’s okay for him to find someone else, it’s not, because he was committing ADULTERY. If they were just dating and separated, then that’s another story, but they weren’t. So much for him being a church-going, bible verse t-shirt wearing individual. Nice example to set for you kids, you insensitive jerk, you.

Barb on

Gee, I know Kate is not the ideal wife, she yells at him etc. etc. but he is no better, out with much younger women and having fun while his EIGHT kids are at home. Not even divorced yet and already with girlfriends? Nice guy, NOT!!!!

Maureen on

Since the split of Jon and Kate there has been alot of bashing against Kate for her abuse of Jon and alot of bashing against TLC for using the eight children and Jon seemed to be walking away as the victim in all this. What it appears to me is that Jon threw Kate and TLC under the bus to try to make himself look good. In my opinion his parading himself around with his 22 year old girlfriend is a total lack of respect for Kate and his children. The question is how will 8 children figure into his 2 seated sportscar and one bedroom apartment in New York and now his 22 year old girlfriend. Jon is a selfish manipulative jerk and eventually even the new girlfriend will see that.

TK on

What a scumbag! I actually wanted to stick up for him, but now the real truth come out. And with your wife’s doctor’s daughter!! Those poor kids!

gabbysMom on

I cannot believe the GALL of this man! He isn’t even divorced yet! Kate is going to be furious with John when she sees this. The kids are going to see it and be VERY confused as to why daddy is holding hands with another woman…He is SO selfish!!

Angela on

I’m glad to see him happy. Every episode I caught of the show he looked miserable. Its his life…he doesn’t need anyone’s input.

Ashley on

thats how u kno he is cheatin bcuz a couple weeks after the divirce papers were filed he goes on a vaacation with kate’s plastic surgeon’s daughter and takes a vacation with her but he never took a vacation with kate unless it was neccessary.i bet if kate got a new boyfriend already she wuld get slammed evn more 4 it

JJ on

Doesn’t Christian Audigier at least read the market research that MOMS purchase virtually all children’s clothing out there? No mom is going to buy something created by this idiot.

Best HollyWood News » Blog Archive » Jon Gosselin To “Design” Children’s Clothes, Ropes In Hard-pAArtying Girlfriend To New Business Venture Too! on

[...] out Glassman, the daughter of Kate’s plastic surgeon, will be extending a helping hand to her freshly-divorced boyfriend in the creation of his “kid-friendly” [...]

Lisa on

He is such a creep! I will not be watching any of the shows featuring him. I have more respect for Kate than ever and wish her all the best in life.

Sheri on

I wouldn’t buy any clothes for my kids that a cheater and his “girl of the hour” created. I used to like Jon and think Kate was too hard on him! Now, I realize what she was dealing with 9 kids he’s immature and a complete jerk! To say he thinks of his kids is a JOKE, what kind of dad would FLAUNT his new “girl” all around for everyone to see knowing they want him home with mommy! Shame on YOU Jon and on your girlfriend, problem is she’s young and doesn’t know better, you should know better you’re almost 10 years older. I won’t watch the show anymore if Jon is on it, I say TLC should go with “kate plus 8 minus the idiot”. Move on Kate, you are so much better off without him, he’s a LOSER!

Jon Gosselin To "Design" Children’s Clothes, Ropes In Hard-pAArtying Girlfriend To New Business Venture Too! | Celebrity News Feed on

[...] out Glassman, the daughter of Kate’s plastic surgeon, will be extending a helping hand to her freshly-divorced boyfriend in the creation of his “kid-friendly” [...]

Hanna on

WOW the kids will be appearing in the ads, they will be richer than any of your kids on this blog. I know the soccer moms will buy and eat this stuff up cause they are the biggest GRISWALD fans.

Hayley on

everyone blamed kate now we see who really is to blame! he makes me sick to think that they just filed for divorce and already he’s off vacationing with his lover!

toren on


gabbysMom on

Yeah, he was miserable and Kate wasn’t very nice to him, but the people he should be thinking of are his kids. I think he should have at least waited until the divorce was final.

Louise on

I hate to even give the time to comment…there seems to be no regard for family what so ever. mom2fantastic4 married 17 years, life is never all cupcakes & ice-cream. Go home Jon, your family needs you there and pick up some Max Lucado books, would do your soul good!

Danae on

What a giant piece of turd he is. I bet he couldnt wait to just show off this little tramp!
Youre a pig Jon and I hope you are aware of the phrase, “You reap what you sow!”
Good luck with trying to sell your line of childrens clothes. You should know women stick together and even though we all dont know Kate personally, we all stand behind her and say Go ^&*k urself!

Nigs Houlihan on

Good for you, Jon! Yo he take care of his kids. Let him get in some fun or a while yo!

susan on

Good for him. I’m glad he’s finally able to enjoy his life without the constant nagging and bullying from Kate. I wish him all the best.

PoonCoon on

I’d wax dat azz all night long. You go wit yo badself, Jonny boy! Forget that shrew and all dem bratz fo real.

lovely on

she’s totally pg…doesn’t seem the type to let a ponch hang out and bulge out of a shirt. watch out gosselin 8, your fortune’s are about to shift again!

Mrs J.P. on

Well didn’t take long for this creep to move on quickly.

Jon Gosselin, your nothing but a pig and a creep.

Trish Banks on

Grow uo people! Kate is to blame as well. If she wasn’t so up tight and spent more alone time with Jon, none of this would have happened. If they want to do the right things for the kids, cancel the show and move into a normal house.

Haylee on

I wish everyone would back off. Who are you to think you have the right to accuse him and call him a “scum”, “cheater”, among all the other things. I doubt any one of you are any more perfect.

Jen M. on

Let this be a lesson to any young adult or teen out there that you shouldn’t get married until you’re in your late 20′s. By that time, you’ve learned to stand on your own two feet and know what you want. Jon was only 22 when he got married. He had a lot of growing up to do. Kate swooped in and just “ran the boat” as Jon said. By the time you reach your mid to late 20′s you start to figure out what kind of person you’ll best mesh with. I’ve enjoyed EVERY episode of their series. I hope Kate can see the errors of her controlling ways and cope with having Jon be defiant in some of the most hurtful ways possible.

ScornedWomenSuck on

Hailey is a huge step up from Kate. Good for Jon

Darlene Wright on

What a loser! He’s not wasting any time getting out with women is he.

9 Things About Jon Gosselin’s New Girlfriend | Gossip : on

[...] 22-year-old Hailey Glassman. They just spent the weekend in St. Tropez, and are apparently designing a children’s clothing line together for Ed Hardy. Here’s a quick primer on Glassman… which includes her mugshot, [...]

Mary on

Hey, the marriage was over. Let him get on with his life. He is still a great parent to those kids. I certainly wouldn’t have a problem buying those clothes for my kids. I wish him success and happiness in his future.

j on

What does she know about children’s wear? Why does this guy think an overweight, balding, cheating in the throes of a middle age crisis is a good designer/spokesman for his products? It makes no sense to me…
I wouldn’t want to wear clothes associated with,nor would I let my kids. Don’t most people want to associate themselves with role models, or at least good looking celebrities? I mean, really, who wants to be like Jon Gosselin?

Jennifer on

Everyone is bashing Jon because of what he is doing so quickly after the divorce but what you all fail to realize is that their marriage was over way before they got the divorce. He is trying to get his life together and help support his kids I’m sure there is a reason he is doing what he is doing. I’m sure if it was Kate doing something like this you wouldn’t be bashing her you would be praising her.

mom of 2 on

jon, grow up! you look like a fool! hailey, do you know whats in store for you, homewrecker, the media is gonna tear you apart! i promise! and good luck with kate! your kids are going to hate both of you, so please spare us with missing them

lyssa on

Seems like a great idea! Date a man who left his wife with 8 kids and do a children’s line of clothes. I FOR ONE WILL NOT BUY ANY OF THOSE CLOTHES… HE IS A TOTAL DIRT BAG!!!! See how Kate is finally turning out to be the good one. Who knows how he was behind the camera. See what she had to deal with!!!! Two women 22 and 23 in less 6 months. The divorce is even finalized yet… PLUS WHO MADE THE $$$ FOR HIM TO GO TO FRANCE. The kids he left behind. “Thanks daddy go to france with your new child I mean girlfriend on our dime”!!!!!!!!

Noelle on

I have never watched this show because I don’t believe in parents expoliting their children and I now will not buy anything Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier. Shame on all of them.

Gabby on

What is he thinking??? Obviously not of his family. I would be so embarrased if I was Jon. He’s the father of eight beautiful kids and now all he’s thinking of is his own selfish self. Mark my word–this is all going to get old and he’s going to be one sorry dude. He thinks this is all so exciting right now but when and if he ever matures he will not have one single thing in his life that matters. His kids will resent him big time. He’s choosen the party life over these beautiful kids. Good Luck Jon!!! you will certainly need it.

Jackie G on

This guy is such a SCUMBAG

RR on

Seriously, how long do you think they have REALLY been apart? People act like the day they filed was the first sign of problems. They have been apart for longer than we all know. I hope he can find some happiness without alienating himself from his kids. Kate will use EVERYTHING against him. Be careful Jon!

Patty on

This great, something to boycott! I’m sure she’s running the show here… OMGosh …. Let’s put them out of business!

BJS on

1. HOW does a 23 year old girl, with no children, know anything about childrens’ clothing and what is effective and wearable?
2. Does he REALLY think young mothers will buy his items for their children? Most of them are invested in their FAMILIES, and the label his clothing will have, will NOT be “Ed Hardy – Jon Gosselin”.

I’d already be looking at alternative employment Jon!

WOW on

I wonder what the ‘posting’record is for these articles!

HOMEWRECKER!!!!???? LOL!!! Yeah, everything was GREAT until the girl had to show up! LOL You should pity that girl! Jons not lookin to LOVE right now…

Nancy on

He is a slug. Perhaps he should try getting a job instead of sponging off his kids and his wife. My family will never buy any product he represents.

leeley on

WHAT A TOTAL SCUM BAG!!! Kate always had 9 children to deal with and a part of what was seen as controlling was trying to deal with the mentality of the 9th manchild – who would do the things that we’ve seen in the past few months, with this capper (stepping out with his new girlfriend and apparent new design partner a month after the divorce announcement). Immaturity, lack of judgment, and the fact that Jon is a total “tool” might begin to explain. . . I agree with someone earlier who said that most children’s clothes are bought by women, and I doubt that any woman would buy something from this jerk off! I feel sorry for the kids and Kate, but if this is his character, they are sooooooo much better off without him!

Linda on

Classy, Jon….While your wife (yes, she’s STILL YOUR WIFE!!!) and kids are at home, you’re out flaunting a “new girfriend”…I know Kate can be harsh but at least SHE’S howing some class about this whole thing.

Appears Jon checked out of his marriage a LONG time ago. Most normal people don’t bounce back and into another relationship that quickly….

If the deal goes through, Jon will have his own income and won’t need child support, alimony or spousal support….He’ll actually have a JOB!!!

Kathy on

What a scum sucking pig!! Talk about exploiting his kids. I used to feel sorry for him the way Kate ragged on him all the time but not any more, he obviously deserved it.

Yvonne on

Whether I believe what he has done in the past and what he will do in the future is right or wrong…who am I or are we to judge? It is his life and his children’s lives. He will answer to them and God when the time comes.

charylen on


B on

He is such a pathetic loser and a total sellout! This family will do anything for money. The kids need their parents not more money! Get a real job and get out of the spotlight you supposedly hate! » Blog Archive » Jon Gosselin To "Design" Children's Clothes, Ropes In Hard-pAArtying Girlfriend To New Business Venture Too! on

[...] out Glassman, the daughter of Kate’s plastic surgeon, will be extending a helping hand to her freshly-divorced boyfriend in the creation of his “kid-friendly” [...]

valerie on

Why is everyone so surprised. Jon is not the first man to do this. How soon we forget. It just a few weeks ago we were all talking about Mel Gibson. At least in this case, we can see why Jon left his wife. Please be assured that whenever any marriage falls apart this quickly, we all know it is because someone is cheating, so we should not be surprised by this. Actually, I am glad they are moving on, no matter who moves on first. This way the kids that we are all so concerned about, will not grow up in a house, where the tension has got to be so thick you can cut it with a knife. Further, we do not want these kids to think that the way their parents treat each other is the way it is supposed to be. One loving single parent being with you at one time is so much better than two loving parents all the time, who are fighting constantly. In the long run this is actually a very good thing for the kids when you really think about it.

Ki on

What a scum bag

Jennifer on

He absolutley disgusts me. I wouldn’t put my children in that line of clothing EVER!

jayb on


Theresa on

Classy. Everyone hates on Kate for being a super-mega-b*tch … but if John has always been this big of a d-bag, I’d probably be just as b*tchy. He’s annoying.

Disgusted on

What a JERK….watch out Jon what goes around comes around!!

ksgran on

Time to back up and stop watching these folks implode. If we all agree to stop watching the show, stop buying their products and pray they’ll seek help before they ruin their children’s lives, maybe there’s hope for them. Why are we surprised by this recent revelation? It’s the epitome of the “I deserve to have everything I want” self-centeredness that rules our culture.

Becky on

Everyone is yelling about what a b*tch Kate is, don’t you think that they edit so that people hear what they want you to hear? Jon has no backbone..What woman wants to live with a man that is a whimp?

Kit on

I feel so bad for the kids and Kate. It is one thing to break up, but another to be flying around with a new girlfriend only weeks after you spilt up with your wife of 10 years. Jon think about the kids not yourself.

K on

Wow..can you say Mid-life crisis! This guy gives guys a bad name but is definitely doing a great job of making Kate look more & more like a saint!!! Finally his true colors are showing and Kate should be happy she got rid of him & can move on to bigger, better and less bald & fat things….

I hope this FINALLY shows all those Jon fans what a jerk he is!!!


Sarah on

Really,This is what a loving father does three weeks after announcing he is divorcing his kids mom. This is what I like to call Ridiculous. He needs to grow up and grow a pair. Real men don’t cheat or leave!!!

kenny on

why does he ‘disgust’ u,,,,after being treated as one of the kids for years I think he figured he had enough,,wife changed with the money,,sadly he was just a ‘cast’ member to her,,,its the kids who get hurt the most in the end,,mommy is fine with her $$$$,,,he wants to be happy,,he is a great dad as we have seen,,,so,,let the guy breathe on his own,,

Erin on

Jon is certainly making Kate look like an angel by comparison.

Sue on

What a jerk!

Lynette on

Wow…didn’t take long for him to move on….I used to feel sorry for him because of the way Kate was…now he just disgusts me as much as she does. Jon and Kate….losers who hate

Karen on

Don’t care for Jon or Kate, but does anyone else think she look like a younger Kate with long hair and sunglasses.

cookie on

what a jerk…why would anyone think of him as a good husband or a good father.
I really hope Kate.. can move on and find herself a real man…

PK on

Geez you guys. Kate is the one that is making plans for Carra and Maddy to be the next “Olsen Twins” if thats not exploitation I don’t know what is. Glad you all saw Jon talking to someone in a bar. Doesn’t mean he was out with them. According to Kate 2 months ago her marriage had been “over” for six months that makes it eight months now and like I said before Jon was hanging in doing his best until Kate told him he could have a girlfriend as long as he continued to do the show. Obviously she was through with him at that point and that is the way she chose to tell him. He is not now nor has he ever been a deadbeat dad. Pay attention folks not to just a single event go back to the beginning and watch and listen.

Jen on

How TACKY Jon! ;-(

kdog on

All you whiners who say Jon is a creep would be all defending Kate for doing the same thing. Boo hoo, they grew apart, Kate needed emotional support, life is too short to be unhappy, etc. Just because he ain’t sitting around with crocodile tears he is a villian. Whatever.

BTW, if you don’t think Kate gets a cut of the clothes deal, you are WRONG and I’ll bet she is ALL FOR IT just for that reason. QAt least Jon likes/wears the stuff himself no matter how goofy it is.

amy on

LOL Yes! What else would you expect from an American “learning channel”?

Jenn Heubner on


Melissa on

I’ve had it with these people. I’m completely done. I just emailed TLC and told them so.

Jenn Heubner on


Susan Miller on

This is just another example of someone taking advantage of their 15 minutes of “fame”. Jon and Kate should be ashamed of themselves. Get out of the public eye and put your priorities on your children and raising them to be good, productive people. Please stop exploiting them for cash. Grow up.. before your children do.

PK on

Geez you guys. Kate is the one that is making plans for Carra and Maddy to be the next “Olsen Twins” if thats not exploitation I don’t know what is. Glad you all saw Jon talking to someone in a bar. Doesn’t mean he was out with them. According to Kate 2 months ago her marriage had been “over” for six months that makes it eight months now and like I said before Jon was hanging in doing his best until Kate told him he could have a girlfriend as long as he continued to do the show. Obviously she was through with him at that point and that is the way she chose to tell him. He is not now nor has he ever been a deadbeat dad. Pay attention folks, not to just a single event, go back to the beginning and watch and listen.

Nicole on

I don’t feel sorry for Kate at all…she was a evil complaining non happy person. Any human being can only take so much and there comes a time there is a breaking point. His new GF is cuite and if they are happy together then by all means do it….now for the kids is it real healthy to raise them in house were is nagging and fighting all the time. As Jon said on one eposide he use to always give kate what she wanted then one day he found his voice. No Jon one day you were tired of Kate’s hand up your you know what treating you like a slave puppet.

Bri on

I will not buy the clothes for my children.

Why is she involved in the clothes designing? She is crazy to get involved with him. He has 8 children and has already cheated once. She is just asking for her past, pictures, and anyhting else to be dragged through the media.

Courtney on

No way will my kids ever wear those clothes. His divorce isn’t even final and he’s having a new public relationship??? What a jerk.

Jon Gosselin To “Design” Children’s Clothes, Ropes In Hard-pAArtying Girlfriend To New Business Venture Too! | Stacy Steele on

[...] out Glassman, the daughter of Kate’s plastic surgeon, will be extending a helping hand to her freshly-divorced boyfriend in the creation of his “kid-friendly” [...]

Chels on

Ugh, He wasn’t man enough to make the first move and do the divorce, he made Kate so miserable that she felt she had no choice and now he is flaunting this new lifestyle. Poor Kate. What a jerk!

Mary Beth on

I have only one word……LOSER!

Denise on

He’s a loser! Kate is better off without him.

Loog on

God damn some of you people are complete idiots.

They’re getting a divorce. That means he’s free to do what and who he chooses. If Kate was out and about with her bodyguard or whoever you’d all be praising her for moving on.

He’s not neglecting his kids, he was there to get a job to help provide for them. Who cares if his girlfriend went with him? If he wasn’t working you’d all be dumping on him for not providing.

Cheating before the papers were filed with Kate wasn’t right, we all know that. But now he has every right to go out with his girlfriend. Again, if the roles were reversed, you’d all be praising Kate for moving on.

Double standards are for children. That explains ALOT about some of you.

karey on

Is it just me or does this new chick look alot like the ex-wife ? I really don’t know what she sees in him. My best to Kate and the kids (if this is truly what he is made of, Kate is so much better off without him). Something tells me that Kate is strong enough to come out shining!

mel on

He is such an effin PIG.Atleast wait for your divorce to finalize a**hole.I agree with others that he has only HIS own best interest at heart.

ME!! on


Lynne on

How do you spell jerk? J-O-N

txbighair on

What a jerk!!!!

mel on

his divorce is not even final.Kate just filed a few weeks ago.

Cyn on

This idiot Jon must not realize (or has forgotten already his own experience) that women do 90% of the shopping for kids (and men for that matter) and NO women will want to buy clothes that this adulterer who abandoned his family had anything to do with. This designer better get a clue before they waste ALOT of money.

Loretta Huddleston on

TLC should change the name of “Jon and Kate plus eight to “Single Mommy plus eight” and “Single daddy with a girlfried visit his eight children”. We all know the eight bright children know far more about the family collapsing. They aren’t given the chance to tell the viewers how they feel. Maybe they should also have their own show called, “My mommy and daddy don’t spend qualiy time with us”. Whenever the parents do with the kids, I’ll bet that you will see the brood at Toys our Us and Chuckie Cheese for dinner. The saying everybody can relate to “Money Can’t Buy Me love”should be played afer or the beginning of the show.
Grow up Disneyland parents.

I think the kids should be taken to their relatives until the parents work on being more responible parents.


Carol on

What a loser! I have news for him – he will always be “Jon and Kate plus 8″ – if he hasn’t noticed – he has 8 kids. Time to grow up and stop the mid-life crisis. Poor Jon, he can’t be “himself”. He seems to enjoy all the free perks they have gotten, though. What a hypocrite! All he looks like is a teenage wanna-be. Foolish!

Loni on

Never cheated on Kate huh?They are seperated,not divorced for pete’s sake.I am surprised at Jon and very disgusted.I felt sorry for him sometimes before but not now.He will reap what he is sowing.

Loretta Huddleston on

TLC should change the name of “Jon and Kate plus eight to “Single Mommy plus eight” and “Single daddy with a girlfried visit his eight children”. We all know the eight bright children know far more about the family collapsing. They aren’t given the chance to tell the viewers how they feel. Maybe they should also have their own show called, “My mommy and daddy don’t spend qualiy time with us”. Whenever the parents do with the kids, I’ll bet that you will see the brood at Toys our Us and Chuckie Cheese for dinner. The saying everybody can relate to “Money Can’t Buy Me love”should be played afer or the beginning of the show.
Grow up Disneyland parents.

I think the kids should be taken to their relatives until the parents work on being more responible parents.

Forgot to add excellent post! Can’t wait to seeing your next one!

sandy on

That is so totally disrepectful to HIS WIFE & KIDS. He isn’t divorced YET and he should behave as such. I hope she takes him to the cleaners. What an ass.

Katie on

What a PIG! I used to feel sorry for him because of Kate..but he has a girlfriend that quickly after the divorce and is going public? What a dirtbag. Poor kids.

Lori on

So it sounds like he really was cheating in the first place! The only job he could find involves exploiting his kids, when he was trying to claim he didn’t like all the attention and celebrity. Now he’s jet- setting around the globe, partying in fancy boats, enjoying the whole scene. It’s really bad taste to step out with the other woman so soon after the announcement of their split!!

Kelli on

Haha, big deal. What did you expect him to do? He’s been ruled by an iron fist for the past 10+ years.

jane on

Oh PULEEZE!!!! So he thinks that he and his new mistress can design children’s clothes. In order to design children’s clothes you need to be very familiar with children, how they dress, what they like, what feels comfy to them, what their tastes are —– Jon doesn’t know his kids well enough to do any of that and his new mistress doesn’t have a clue about kids!!! PULEEZE the whole thing is ridiculous. Oh poor, poor Joh – we feel so sorry for you missing your kids so much that you thought of them every 10 minutes while you were on the yacht with your new lover, shopping in St. Tropez, and smoking all weekend long. I’m so sure the kids were uppermost in your mind!
P-U-L-E-E-Z-E spare me!

tata on

i used to love jon but now he just disgusted me datin a 22 year old. now i frikin hate him. i bet no one will buy his clothin. I feel really bad for his kids and whats happenin to them i feel bad for kate to she has to go throgh this now

Bernie Velasquez on

Why are you people against Jon? I am glad he is getting on with his life. Obviously he fell out of love with Kate, it happens and Kate is a strong woman she will find someone if she hasn’t already found him. Like Jon said he finally got some backbone and decieded to do what is good for him and the kids. Come on could you live with Kate if she treated you the way she treated Jon on national TV. I am surprised it took him this long. Quit being judgemental you dont’ know the full story neither do I. Oh KIM, Kate did not dump Jon he asked for the divorce according to Kate in the People article so get your comments straight before you talk bad about anyone…

Susan on

Glad Kate got rid of him. I hope she hangs him dry. 8 kids lets see how much child support is that???? GO FOR IT KATE

jcalhoun on

what a jerk.

Nicki on

I am sooooo glad I am not the only one who is disgusted by him. Hailey is only 22, I think she’s looking for fame. Heck so is he!!!! What a dog! Even if Kate is high strung at least she stayed true to her marriage vows. Talk about a mid-life crisis. YUCK!!!

Brenda on

At the end the children are the one that are in the middle of all this bull!

Carrie on

I predicted this from the start. After seeing the last episode in which he said…”I’m looking forward to the next chapter in my life”…I knew he was out screwing around. And with the daughter of the nice doctor that did Kate’s tummy tuck? What the…… He should be home caring for his kids instead of running around with a young girl and creating a kids clothing line…give me a break! TEAM KATE!!!!!!

Linda on

It sure must be nice to run around from continent to continent- Jon has the easy out – Kate is the one left with 8 children while he can go cruising in a cigarette boat.

Amber on

I CANNOT believe that he is datig so soon and his divorce isnt even final yet! This is so LOW! I know Kate isnt perfect but no one deserves to have something like this thrown in their face! Jon is a real piece of work!

Marcee on

Hey complainers ….. Jon did not cheat on the ex ….. wake up folks. The TV scripts are usually written and performed 3-4 months in advance. What the public sees currently/now, is old-old-news. Not only that, but, Kate & Company,had Jon sign a contract saying that he could do “anything he wanted” as long as he continued the TLC filming ….. for the sake of it. The “it” being what else? MOOLA! No surprise. On the other hand, divorce is never only one-sided. There’s a lot more to this than the public will ever know. Who cares? They will all survive. The children will be fine. Better to end a disasterous marriage than continue to fake it. Lies and secrets are what really harm children.

Donna Murray on

I can’t even stand to look at Jon Gosselin – he is a pig!

Lori on

Can’t believe it… I would say these 2 were together before the divorce papers were filed. I feel really bad for the kids, you know Jon and Kate love them but now… a new “girlfriend” geez… At least Kate is at home with them and what she must be dealing with.. she was mean to Jon on some of the episodes but, why didn’t he stand up to her? And now, he thinks it’s ok to go out and have a new life with a new girl because Kate was mean to him…. Grow the heck up…. They both should be focusing on the 8 children, not on starting a new life with a new love and so far… Kate ( as far as we have seen ) has been the one handling the kids, isn’t it funny, dad runs off with new girlfriend…mom stays at home with the kids. same old, same old…….

Jon Gosselin’s Girlfriend Snakes Closer To The Kids on

[...] introducing his new 420-friendly girlfriend Hailey Glassman to his eight kids very soon. Jon told reporters today that he and designer Christian Audigier were making plans to put both Hailey and the kids to [...]

Sharon on

he makes me absolutely sick!!!

Tabby on

I received a lot of harsh comments from people for defending Kate…my my how the truth always comes full circle!

sgs on

Good for Jon… his wife has treated him horribly for years.. she even does it on the show, can you imagine what his life must be like behind the cameras?? Good for him for finding someone who cares about him, he deserves it. You don’t see him with all that plastic surgery to look good like her.. I bet he felt used for years… He never wanted the show in the first place.. she is all about looks and money..


It is so crazy that these two parents are both using those innocent 8 children for financial gain. They are already millionaires!!! Why not just invest their monies, and let those kids have a normal life style? Kate can afford a nice home and raise those kids in a decent environment…


heidi on

What a sad sad thing, why Jon, did you listen to to what the world was saying about your marriage. You let the public ruin your marriage, you will definately regret this forever I don’t care how bad you “thought” you had it with Kate. She certainly did’nt want this. Keep your pecker in your pants buddy.

mjenn0904 on

WTH!!!! I can’t believe the nerve he has to be in public not even a month after filing for a divorce. what kind of example is he showing his eight kids. HE MAKES ME SICK!!!!

Hollie B on




Audrey on

He is now officially the reason I have lost faith in humanity. Those children now have to grow up knowing their father is a lying, cheating, backstabber.

lea on

Any man that is treated like a dog, what do you expect? Good for Jon, maybe Kate will have ample time to think about her husband abuse. She mightr have to stay at home and pay attention to her children..Enjoy your time Jon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sonnie on

BARF!!!I would not buy any of Jon and Hailey’s collections. Jon makes me sick…,what a pig he is. Tell me he and Hailey JUST hooked up after Kate filed for divorce. I am so sick of Kate getting blamed for everything, none of us really know what goes on with the cameras turned off. No wonder Jon would not do counseling with Kate, he had his 22 yr old chickie waiting. FASTHER OF THE YEAR. I bet he was thinking about his 8 children every 10 mins. Kate, please do not feel like a failure Jon Boy had Hailey and the other chick on his MIND.I hope Jon gets all he deserves, what ever that may be.

DJ on

What a shock, every female comment I’ve read thinks he’s a cad for having a life after being married to godzilla. Did you think he should be at home with the shades pulled down? After Kate’s put downs and general poor behavior, I think this guy has earned this.

typingfool on

Wow…I am sure her parents are very proud…

Melinda on

I have two words of advice for this moron: STEVE McNAIR. You filed for divorce less than a month ago and are trotting out the second barely-legal girlfriend. What a scum-bag! And sometimes these young little playthings don’t get it that you’re not serious. McNair learned the hard way and now it’s his WIFE and four sons left behind to suffer for his bad behavior. If I were your wife, I’d have serious reservations about allowing you around the children until you grow up.

aerogirl on

What a selfish jerk. So much for focusing on his kids. Glad Kate kicked him to the curb.

Shaunna on

Why is everyone being so hard on Jon? I’m sure they BOTH made their mistakes or he decided he didn’t like the way he was being treated. You’d leave too! I just think it’s distasteful to be flaunting your new gf so soon after your split.


Well ……….Jon finally shows his true colors! Just as I suspected all his yapping about “It’s Kate…. It’s the paparazzi……. It’s the kids” He is such a pig! And I will not be buying any clothes he’s involved with because he’s involved with it. And am I the only one who see’s the resemblence between his younger new girl and Kate? And her surgeon’s daughter no less! Kate should be glad he’s gone!!!!

Hollie B on





Jon Gosselin To "Design" Children’s Clothes, Ropes In Hard-pAArtying Girlfriend To New Business Venture Too! - Ill Famed on

[...] out Glassman, the daughter of Kate’s plastic surgeon, will be extending a helping hand to her freshly-divorced boyfriend in the creation of his “kid-friendly” [...]

Linda on

If it wasn’t for those kids going to work every day for the last 5 years Jon and Kate wouldn’t have a pott is piss in! I find them both repulsive.

Stacy on

This guy will do anything to make a buck off of his children. How sad that he would not even work with Kate to resolve differences. I hope he is successful and i hope Kate sues him for every penny he will make. This man does not deserve to be recognized as anything. I feel for Kate and the children.

Fedlady81 on

Did she work in her father’s office? How long did Jon have his eye on her?

Jennifer Briggs on

Very poor example for his children. “I never cheated on Kate” is sounding like bull to me.

zombiegirl on

ok not sure if someone posted anything about this yet but…..i never watched the showed… i totally don’t give a crud about their family but! both parents should be ashamed! they made mega bucks off of their kids! makes me sick to my stomache!neither one of them should even have access to the money! should be tucked away for the kids with an allowance only available to be used for the kids needs. so frustrating to see both of their mugs all over the news and mags. i’m on the kids side!

littlepinky82 on

What happened to the other girl? Or is she the same one? I’m not one to judge someone else since it’s not me. Having a good environment though for everyone is what’s best. As far as Jon being scum he’s human like the rest of us. And remember there were rumors about Kate and the bodyguard and if you watch some of the older episodes of the show where they were together doing interviews you could see he was getting annoyed.

Morgan on

Wow. Way to move on.

Jennifer on

I hate that Jon and Kate are splitting up, but neither party looked happy. Kate knew that he wasn’t happy and said that they have been dealing with it for months now. She really didnt want the divorce, but realized they could not live together and put on a show for people any more. I think it is good that Jon is starting something new and so what if he has a girlfriend. It won’t be long before everyone finds out that Kate is seeing someone also. Women are alot better at hiding things than a man is. Good for you Jon!!!!! Looking forward to the show with just Jon and the kids, not so much with Kate and the kids.

Courtney on

What a SCUM BAG!

Sandi on

What a jackas*!!!!

julie on

Yuck is right!!! He is such a jerk!! Kate deserves someone better than him.

Corinne on

you go Jon. I hope your clothes line is afforable. Hey Kate brought this family into her and jon life. so get over it. Amd kate didn’t dump Jon. You ladies would do the same thing for your childens future.

Mo on

He need a therapist.

Christina on

OMG!!! Does she look like Kate with longer hair or what??? Come on buddy if you are going to get another woman you need to get one that looks different than your wife… Such an Idoit!!!!

Chandaoo on

At least Kate is cute! His new girlfriend looks like a sheep dog. She probably has no clue on how to take care of 8 children. I feel sorry for kate and the children. I knew it was another woman involved! Why else would he be so cold hearted.

Anonymous on

Like Emilee said “I don’t care what he thinks he deserves because he is 32 years old or because he didn’t have a backbone years ago. ”
It’s pittiful to see him think he’s a big man now. He should have stood up to Kate but now he’s just full of himself instead of standing up to her and trying to make the marriage work. New marriage groundrules would have made more a difference than acting 18.

littlepinky82 on

I would also add to people who are saying Jon is exploiting children remember that Kate has written books and she goes around and talks about everything with the kids and she accepts gifts from fans and things like that. I always felt bad for Jon when Kate would yell at him and treat him like some little kid. Everyone deserves to be happy.

Donna on

He’s a dog. What ever happened to “it’s all abou the kids”? He meant, it’s all about ME! Obviously he has not respect for his kids or his ex. Jerk!

Tracy on

So the divorce is filed – big whoop. I would like to know why either of them never mentioned counseling (at least to the cameras). But I guess now we know. This is now the second girl he was spotted with in as many months which should tell you exactly what motivates him (his kids’ well being, my arse!).

He put himself in the public eye by agreeing to do this show. With that comes backlash like what he is experiencing now (or will be, based on the comments here), and also what SHOULD be some responsibility and couth – esp. given the fact that your KIDS were also drug along on the gravy train.

I’m sure the kids will be SO thrilled to work with the ‘new girl’ on this clothing line. NOT…!

Cynthia K. on

I’ll tell Haley the same thing my ex-husband’s mistress told him after she broke up our marriage: If he’ll cheat on me with her, he’ll cheat on her with someone else. Then she left him crying on MY shoulder after it was way too late. Kate should be counting her blessings. I thought Jon was a nice guy, but he’s just another loser. They should ALL dump him and run the other way.

littlepinky82 on

Oh and how does this new girl look anything like Kate? I’m sorry but I just don’t see it.

Thomas on

Way to go Jon, i love the fact that you are getting bashed by the femi-nazis for moving on with your life and doing it with a young hottie:) Keep up the good work!!!

Debbie on

What a jerk!! I can’t believe he is already with someone! I am soo mad that someone could careless about his kids to go public like he has been! I know no one knows what goes on behind close doors but come on now it’s time to think of your kids!!!

Tracy on

This chick is hot? LMAO okay! I guess it takes all kinds to make the world go round……

deemarie on

She won’t hang around long, after she has to take care of his kids on a regular basis. Anyway, any money he makes will end up going to therapy for the kids somewhere down the road. What a mess they are creating.

MamaDouglas on

My children won’t be wearing his designs. He disgust me.

maddi on

I knew it was only a matter of time before all this came out. I was disgusted when I saw that picture as a wife and a mother. They just filed the paperwork the other day. The mature, responsible, respectable thing would be to wait and certainly not intentionally be photographed on the French Riviera. I think it is disrespectful to his entire family, especially the kids. I won’t buy Ed Hardy anything anymore. Kate had to whine because he was a passive aggressive loser. Good riddance….

Maranda on

People please understand this is finanlly a chance for Jon to live and have a life b/c Kate has been controlling since the beginning. She is the one who filed for divorce. She is also the one who pressured Jon into having all those kids in the first place. He always did what Kate wanted no matter what. Kate has always spoken to Jon as if he were a dog. I’m glad he has someone else.

Christina on

I don’t think this is right, I believe that they forgot how much they wanted kids in the beginning that all they seem is dollar signs $$$$! And how much money they can make out of this… I think that they should invest more time with their kids and discontinue reality TV and weekend modeling… THEY ARE KIDS and all they want to see is their Parent together and not they dad with some other teenager!! Not good… oh, and I won’t be supporting Jon’s clothing line…

Mags on

Seriously?! What a PIG!!!!! I for one will NEVER put my kids in his clothes…EVER! And all along I thought Kate was the money grubber. Looks like they are both just in it for the money. Will he pay his kids to model the clothes?…He’ll probably pocket that money too. These two make me sick!

Annabelle on

Ed Hardy executives should also be ashamed of themselves for exploiting these children. I hope Kate or the courts put a stop to this!

lola on

he is a snake, kate’s approach in the show was wrong you should never humiliate your significant other in public. But that didnt mean jon was the victim. Maybe he didnt do what he was supposed to in the relationship or with the kids regardless of kate’s demeanor. What is sad is that he’s going to regret it later on in his life.

oz on

John what can i say….some role model your gonna be to your kids.That’s ok if your marriage doesn’t work out just have an affair and blame all the problems on your wife..Not sure you remember your vows but i think it might have gone something like this…for better or worse your moron.

Maranda on

It seems that mostly the people on here who are disgusted with Jon are females. Were you all disgusted when you would watch the show and hear Kate speak to him as if he were a 2 year old. I would have been miserable if I were Jon.My husband couldn’t stand Kate and he wasn’t even married to her.

allie on

hes full of it, he puts himself before his kids.

kate is strong:)

Kate on

ar eu kidding me? you would think if he had a brain he would not be with another kate look alike- blond and white. Oh Jon she is only going to turn out like Kate- what if she had gets 6 Gosselins LOL.. ud be back to 5 dollar allowance a week LOL
JON! get a brain

Megan on

I will be boycotting everything with his name attached. Who is he kidding? I feel sick, he should be taking care of his kids and helping them cope with his split from Kate, not galavanting through Prada with his mistress. Nice.

Maria on

The only ones that come out losing are the children. If he would only stop and think about them as he is constanly saying , he would be more conscious of what all of this is doing to Matty and Cara who are the oldest.

Thomas on

All you ladies saying that you wont buy anything Ed hardy probably couldnt afford it in the first place. You r kids is probably running around in only a diaper which probably needed to be changed two hours ago but you are too busy surfing the net.

Linda on

Let me get this straight. Jon did not cheat on Kate. He is in Utah without Kate and partying, that is not Kate on the front lawn in a bikini( Kate is gorgeous this girl looked like an old rug) now he is in the French Riveria with a new toy. Remember Jon you said “I did not cheat on Kate” OOPS we forgot to add how many times. I have never seen Kate in any picture with any man that would make me think that she was unfaithful. Jon you said you didn’t want to exploit the kids. Will not buy this clothing line ever. Kate love ya and you have more class in your little toe than Jon does in his whole body.

Maranda on

This is not too soon after the divorce. Mind you, Kate filed for divorce. Things have been wrong in their marriage for a long time people. Mady will be just like Kate and I guarantee it because Mady is a controlling little brat and wants everything her way. Jon could never make a complete sentence without Kate correcting him. Good for you Jon!

Jennifer on

So what he’s got a girlfriend…. who cares. Kate isn’t exactly innocent in all of this, so if your going to bad mouth someone you don’t know….. talk about her too!

Marian on

I would like to know what Hailey Glassman’s father, the plastic surgeon, thinks (and feels) about his daughter dating/having relations with Jon. Is this the man he dreamed would sweep his daughter off her feet? If not, what will he do to help his daughter not end up in Kate’s shoes? Just because she is of legal age to drink does not mean that she still does not need her father to help her in any manner to ensure that she doesn’t make mistakes like Britney Spears did with K-Fed.

Kendall on

This family is in the press too much. In order to repair the loss that their kids have gone through, they need to step out of the spotlight and take a break. Those kids should be known as ‘kids’, not ‘the kids whose dad’s affair caused their parent’s divorce’.

Jennifer on

he is a pig

Judy on

Who cares !!!! Please stop giving this man any coverage at all.

Tracy on

Let’s get it straight – Kate is no angel. She was probably very difficult to live with – very structured, rigid. But surely he knew that before he married her (let alone had 8 kids with her).

Maybe Jon has always been this immature and Kate hoped marriage and family would straighten that out. Either way, there are failings on both sides.

Still – MUST you prance around in another country with a woman who is not the kids’ mother…esp. when the divorce isn’t even final yet? Not to mention announcing a joint business venture with her?

What harm would there have been in kicking off this venture AFTER the divorce?

Andrea on

This “guy” makes me sick.
Everyone criticized Kate for being too controlling. It’s kind of hard when she had to basically run the whole household while he mumbled and shuffled grudgingly along. Kate worked her ass off all the time for the kids. She planned meals and trips like a pro. He’s a complete dog. Get your priorities straight Don Juan. Too bad they both let show biz go to their heads. Emeril and American Choppers at the house? Give me a break.

Linda on

Can we put away this guy once and for all? He needs to get a real job like grown-ups have. He needs to just plainly “grow-up.” Our pudgy little guy will certainly reap what he has propagated. I can not wait!

Maranda on

I agree with the person who said the pople who say they will not purchase the clothing probably caouldn’t afford the clothing anyway. Jon NEVER had any freedon to do what he wanted. Kate controlled everything from whether or not Jon was allowed to fart or not. On one episode she grilled Jon for not using a coupon. All the $$ they have and she treated him like that on National TV over a coupon.

Kareen on

Get a real job JON
You milked the public long enough with Kate and we are not interested in you doing it now with your new Girl Friend.

Carl on

Nice Job Jon!!!

Lily Sparkletoon on

Actually if you think about it why need a reality show when they could do modeling and therefore have more chance of a normal life

Happily married on

This man deserves something after being married to that miserable man-hater. Why does it matter that he is dating someone? He is no longer bound to Kate and is free to live his life. She is 22? Good for him!

Ella on

Wow he’s pathetic. It disgusts me that he didn’t even have the decency to find a girlfriend who isn’t the daughter of a friend of Kates. If i were Hailey i would be ashamed to be the woman whos going to destroy 8 lives. They are both so pathetic i really cant stand it.

I believe Kate is by far the better person and always will be… she actually cares for her children.

Lola on

I say good for him. Its not fair to be putting all the blame just on Jon and yes of course hes going to start something in relation to what they have been doing with the show, Kate started the books and thats the exact same thing, yet no one wants to say anything about that. Basically, there should have never been a show to begin with, but since thats said and done, they are going about their lives the best way they know how. And I’m just happy that Jon is happy, cause obviously he wasnt before, better that everyone go on with their lives and are happy in those lives so they can be there for their children.

Andrea on

Whoever said she looks like Kate is right. Does Jon think anyone cares what he is doing? No one cares about him. No one ever watched the show to see him. No one wants anything he designs. The only thing that made him bearable was that he cared about his wife and kids. Now he is just BORING!

Mandee on

Kate and 8 plus SNAKE!!!!!

ugh.. this is realllly a sad state of affairs when u thought it couldnt get much worse.. sigh

Kathy on

I honestly think Kate is getting every thing she deserves. We have no idea how miserable she has been to him over the years and he, unfortunately, is the type that takes it and takes it and then IS DONE. They should have gone into counseling, probably could have been saved, but I really think he has been miserable for a long time and now – he has his wings and is going to fly…..A little funny that her free tummy tuck has lead to all of this……The Glassman’s have remained friends of both of theirs for all these years – they probably know much, much more than we do !!
The kids are young enough, this should not damage them too much….they are staying in their home, mom and dad, come and go…..He does love his kids and will be a huge part of their lives. Kate as a vindictive shrew will be interesting to watch……here we go TLC – part duo…..!

Cat on

He looks like an overweight, old man trying hard to look young next to that 22 year old girl. GEE-ROOSE!

looney on

This is what money does!

Shannon on

hmm its very odd that he has a girlfriend as soon as him and Kate break up…

Susan on

Team Kate all the way!! What an idiot he is!!

Kim on

Good for Jon! I’m happy for him. I think he gets a bad rap all the time for no good reason. He wasn’t the sole reason the marriage failed you know…..Kate had her part in it too – I watched the show! There are never any winners when it comes to divorce… let’s just wish them ALL the best & stop being so obnoxious, hateful & judgemental towards Jon!

Trina P. on

LOL! She’s the bigger idiot…who in god’s name would want a guy who has to pay child support for 8 children?!

chris on

I will not buy ANY of his designs for my kids! I don’t mind if people break-up and frankly, they both seemed miserable but I do think you should wait until the divorce is final before parading yoru new GF around. It is disrespectful to your ex-wife and your children. I seriously doubt he kept thinking about his kids….I think all he was thinking about was getting some @$$. I don’t think Kate is a saint or perfect but at least she does not look like an tramp by going out in public with a new man.

Amy on

He’s such a dork! He’s all about the money not family..dork.

Dani on

It was time for Jon to be away from Kate. Can you imagine their sex lives. She criticized everything he did and spoke to him as if he were dirt. Can you imagine Jon trying to achieve an erection with someone like that? This is playing out exactly the way Kate wants it to look. Kate wants to look like the good mom who never did anything wrong.

Thomas on

WOW… whats with bashing the girfriend, do you ladies have a bit of resentment?? Im guessing since she is good looking and you all are pushing 4-5 on a scale to 10, that you’re a little jealous. Please correct me in im wrong…

Cat on

“every ten minutes I kept thinking about the kids and missing them”? Who does he think he’s kidding! I guess he felt that it was time to take the heat off of Kate as being the one hated in the Jon and Kate drama. Mission accomplished, Jon. You are a jerk!

Tiffany on

They both disgust me. When I seen the episode where it was nonstop, this is the kids house, we bought this house for them, blah blah blah, I wanted to barf. I bet they would rather end the show and live in a cardboard box than to go through this circus they call a life. Personally, I think Jon & Kate just wanna be rich and they use the “Im doin it for the kids” line to justify it. What kids want their life on display? Their parents divorced? And all to go on a nice vacation or live in a ritzy house. Where are their blood relatives? OH YEA. None of them wanna have anything to do with these 2. My husbands grandparents had 12 kids, they lived in a 3 bedroom house, ran a church, and were very happy. They are still a close family today. They didn’t need a show to raise their family & give them a good life. Ugh….I need to go vomit now!!!!!

Brenda on

Is it just me, or does the new girlfriend look like Kate with longer hair plus 10 years? Ick! He is creepy and I would never let my kids wear clothing designed by him and his other woman.

Proud faithful married woman!!! on

Whoa, whoa..why soo much anger towards Jon? Yes, he did cheat on his wife and once a cheater always a cheater BUT by the way Kate would treat him I am surprised this didn’t happen sooner!
Kate never appreciated Jon and was soo controlling, at least that is the way it appeared in cameras. Jon & Kate have the right to move on and meet someone who will love them for who they are…so back off people!

Nikki on

To Loog: AMEN! Finally someone with balls! I completely agree with this!

Loog wrote:

God damn some of you people are complete idiots.
They’re getting a divorce. That means he’s free to do what and who he chooses. If Kate was out and about with her bodyguard or whoever you’d all be praising her for moving on. He’s not neglecting his kids, he was there to get a job to help provide for them. Who cares if his girlfriend went with him? If he wasn’t working you’d all be dumping on him for not providing.
Cheating before the papers were filed with Kate wasn’t right, we all know that. But now he has every right to go out with his girlfriend. Again, if the roles were reversed, you’d all be praising Kate for moving on.

Double standards are for children. That explains ALOT about some of you.

patti Escabi on

Has anyone really watched this show from the beginning. I always thought he looked bored or non-caring. There was something funny there. So It doesn’t surprise me this has happened. The family unit in this country is a pity. You bring these children into the world and then all you care about is yourself and YOUR wants and YOUR needs. It’s a shame.

Dani on

How long do you people think a man should be belittled and laughed at by other men becasue he looks like weak on national TV because of the way his wife spoke to him. If you really think about it, during the shows, how many times did you see Jon and Kate holding hands, kiss, or hug each other? This has been going on for a LONG time people but yet they continued to film the show. Do think Kate isn’t getting some on the side too.

circle8 on

Some comments say that Kate has been overbearing or too bossy with Jon. Now we all know why. He is a lazy, irresponsible bum. I am guessing but she probably had to kick him in the butt just to get anything out of him. It is a proven fact that men suffer a mid-life crisis in their life during their early 30′s. Jon appears to be proving that. He was and is too lazy to do anything on his own except whine. I do not believe his line of clothing will sell just because of his attitude. What a flake.

Caren on

he is only hurting his kids how are they going to feel 10 years from now looking back at it and it is so stupis that everyone gets on kate for using the kids for her gain were he is going to use them as models and if he didn’t have those kids or the show he wouldn’t be getting this line

Thomas on

For Circle8:

Us men dont get lazy, you ladies get too bossy and needy. Of course you probably no nothing of being a lady, you write like you’re a Lesbian

Evelyn on

Since Jon and Kate have split, what’s with the Family TLC filming new? They are no longer a family and therefore, no longer something to watch. Close it up already. Also remove the reruns so something worth watching can be scheduled. Sick and tired of hearing about new filming – what’s to film? A family that split? Come on, give me a break. I have not watched Jon and Kate since the cheating on both sides. I do not like to watch soap operas and that is what this has turned into.

samwright23 on

What did I say? There are 2 sides to every story…he shops at “high end stores” which means he, also, likes to spend money…just like Kate. Everyone wanted to be so quick to judge. We still don’t have the whole story…but it’s pretty easy here to see that it wasn’t all Kate. Perhaps it wasn’t any Kate.

And look at him…not wanting the spotlight but makeing all the big headlines…and his kids will be the models? incredible.

Jennifer on

I always thought he was the better of the two – apparently, I was mistaken… When will these people stop profitting from their children?? Hmmm…wonder if Kate knows??

Hayley on

He makes me want to vomit.

Jon Gosselin, Hailey Glassman to Launch Kids Clothing Line | Celebrity News Feed on

[...] “He’s huge,” says the French designer, “Everyone knows this family. And now everyone will know our clothes. They’ll be fun, easy clothes for kids.” [...]

Jon Gosselin, Hailey Glassman to Launch Kids Clothing Line | Gossip Street on

[...] “He’s huge,” says the French designer, “Everyone knows this family. And now everyone will know our clothes. They’ll be fun, easy clothes for kids.” [...]

Margaret on

Whoa!! Someone needs to fill Christian Audiger(sp?) in on the fact that just because Jon Gosselin is “huge” pseudo-celebrity right now it is because of his scandalous behavior, not because he is a role model. I wouldn’t buy these kids clothes just to make a point of not supporting his disrespectful behavior and his new twit/trampy girlfriend. My money won’t be going into their pockets.He should at least wait until the divorce is finalized rather than be traipsing all over Europe with a young girl while his children at home can see the pictures in line at the grocery store and Kate has to explain. She’s no saint but we don’t see her running around everywhere without the kids now. Jon is such a dope.

LL on

Is it really appropriate to allow this man to use his children, yet again, to make more money?? I would sincerely hope people will not buy this clothing line and allow the continued exploitation of these children. I was an avid watcher of their show and it is so sad to see the type of individuals they have become from the influences of fame and money.

Debbie MacDonald on

They are both to blame for the state of their marriage, but good grief they are not divorced yet, even if they have been seperated for awhile the papers were just filed. It takes awhile for the divorce to become final. I feel sorry for the kids, because when they are older they will see how their Dad really acted. He’s acting like he’s 20. He’s nothing, and the little girl he’s with should be ashamed of herself.

Susanne on

What a pig

lynn on

I do see a problem ith him cheating but at the same time, his wife is a complete ass hole to him. She treaded him like the children, and everytime he tried to talk with her she ALWAYS heard what she anted to hear and not what he was really saying. Im not saying that she got what she deserved bt it was pretty damn close to it!! Stop talking about the man as if he is just scum! He loves all of his children and spends time with them faithfully his (ex)wife needs to learn ho to treat people like equals not like door mats!!!

liza on

Please stop giving them the attention. Obviously she is using him to promote herself. She is sucking up the attention and loving it.

Jon is a loser and should be shunned by people not applauded.

Meg on

I will buy his clothing! HIS RELATIONSHIP DIDN’T WORK! Who cares. Most peoples don’t, his was just played out on tv? So since he’s on tv hes not allowed to move on with this wife? I hope they both move on and be happy. Their kids won’t be happy if their parent’s are unhappy! THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE!!

Norina on

What ever happened to the days when people actually fought for their marriage…I guess I was brought up to believe that people should fight for a marriage and make that commitment in good times and bad. Takes two people to make a marriage work and I guess two to make it fail..why is all the blame on Kate, he knew who he married and he was with her for 10 years, I think if more people had to experience the bad times early on in the marriage, it might make them appreciate what they have for the future. Too many people rush in to divorce so easily nowadays, and then the week after they are already with someone else..slap in the face to the person who you said you would love honor and obey..what goes around comes around…

Betty on

Wow, now we know why he has filed for divorce. And absolutely no class to be out so early with a new girl. This is pathetic. I am no longer a fan. Marriage is hard and he owes it to his kids to be working on things with Kate. You could tell he was removed from the whole situation in an episode. He filed when he knew he had a back-up plan. Talk about an early mid-life crisis.

nicole on

I cannot believe him. I used to be on his side for the way Kate treated him. but she doesn’t deserve this. Scumbag!

liz on

he just wants to get a free tummy tuck like kate!!!!!!!!!
plus he needs to solicite his kids since kate wont give him any money and he doesnt want to get a real job

Carol on

wow!!!what a slap in the face he gave Kate—her plastic surgeons daughter!!!Wonder if she still feels that it was worth it.Her poor kids.Shame on Jon–he should be more discreet.yes,she treated him like dirt,but he put up with it.let’s see how long this “love”lasts.Their kids are young now,but years from now will he be able to look them in the eyes,and explain how he put aside their feelings for his new girlfriend/Aiyiyi!!!

Sue on


Maggie on

…what a putz!! What happened to his elementary school teacher girlfriend? Is this new one in addition to the first one or what? Jon & Kate had kids like animals have litters, and now he’s just checking out!! Is this the new modern family? …have tons of kids so companies sponsor you, build you a mansion, send you on wonderful vacations and provide you with a fairy tale wedding, then just check out?

Leann on

It all really comes down to it not being are business. Unfortunately this family made a choice to put thier lives on T.V. . Whatever thier reasons are for exploiting themselves and thier children will never be revealed, we will always have a oppinion on what they do, and they have no one to blame but themselves for this, they made a choice, media can be cruel, oppinions of others like you and me even crueler. He has made alot of bad choices in the past, clearly seen, what makes anyone think he would change, let alone change for the fans they both look to for thier fame and money. We still read, watch and comment on it, in the end they are doing exactly what we expected, and secretly hoped for. The innocent children will end up suffering the consquences of the greedy parents, no doubt they love them, none of us are perfect when it comes to parenting. I just hope they really take a look at all the tabloids and words being said about them and thier children, and instead of saying they don’t care, how about saying they do…they choose this life, now they need to grow up and deal with it, and protect those kids from something they can’t begin to comprehend, because we are a big world full of guilty people overly eager to play the judge.

JLbean on

WOW! This is really soon to be stepping out with another woman. But everyone we do not know what happened behind closed doors. We only see & hear what the media puts out there.
Don’t be to quick to judge.

Bridget on

The ink isn’t even dry on the divorce papers and he’s already flaunting his girlfriend? What a scumbag. I used to feel sorry for him, but now I see that it was really Kate Plus 9 Kids all along.

Gail on

He was stepping out with the girlfriend long before the ink dried. I always believed he was the dirt bag – this just proves it. What goes around comes around Jon

Ellie Eichler on

Give the guy a break. Have you watched the show at all? She downgraded him at every turn. Made fun of him and talked to him like he was nothing. I didn’t like her from the very first show. Sure he is wrong to leave the kids………..but leaving her. Smart move.

Traci on

Wow what a jerk. I as well always felt sorry for Jon, however; my opnion of him has now changed. He’s a loser for sure. I feel so sorry for Cara, Mady, Aaden, Joel, Collin, Hannah, Leah and Alexis. I kind of feel sorry for Kate too. Yeah she was a bit of a byotch but come on. She’s basically got it all on her hands now. Jon you need to grow the h___ up.

amy on

grrr.. and i used to like him. i used to feel bad for kate, but it’s good they got divorced. he’s worthless! she could do MUCH better!

Nicole on

So with just a little over a month of announcing that they were going to get divorced, Jon already has a girlfriend and is going on vacations with her. Kate may have had her faults but he should be thinking about his children now and getting into a relationship so soon will do nothing but hurt them. He needs to get his stuff together and not jump in another relationship. If this were Kate already with a boyfriend it would have been a much bigger story. He is just needs to grow up and be a man and the father that his children needs him to be.

Brittani on

It’s not like nobody saw this comming.

LM on

Why do some of you people keep saying – leave him alone, he’s a DIVORCED MAN – NO he’s not – stop acting like he’s free to do what he wants, when he wants – I doubt his kids think so – and he’s NOT DIVORCED UNTIL THE JUDGE SAYS SO – since my other posts seem to be lost in Computer Limbo – TLC – dump them all – you’re partially to blame for this fiasco – cut the cord/pull the plug/put us out of our misery!
God Bless the Children

MrsMiller on

Shame on you Jon. I did actually feel a bit sorry for you in all of this … but now you’ve proven that Kate was the “right” one all along! I can’t imagine how she and your 8 children must be feeling. You said you didn’t want to do things that your children could look up on the internet….I guess you don’t care about that now. Shame on you.

marie on

Ageed with you Jenn, he’s the biggest loser! Jon looks like he is really missing his kids. Hanging out all night and dating little girls, omg his girl friend is only 11 or 12 yrs older than his twins, that’s sick. If you watch all of their shows Jon looked and act his age back then, Now he’s wearing earrings in both ears, dressing like a 20yr old and riding motorcycles. Wow, what a good daddy. Kate may be bitc- sometimes, but at least she’s all with her kids when she is not working!!!

CBaines on

WHO is going to buy those clothes? I don’t know anyone who likes him anymore. No class… just a really severe mid-life crisis. I used to like him a lot, but now he truly nauseates me. Could we please not see or hear anymore about Jon?

Gaye on

I’m amazed he’s flaunting his infidelity in such a high profile way. Oh wait… high profile is the Gosselin Family Way.

My heart aches for the kids and the confusion they must be feeling.

Hey I know! Lets make that confusion worse by sticking cameras in their faces and acting like a happy family for the money! Think they’ll grow up to be normal? No chance. Wake UP parents!!!

Amanda on

Good for him! Good Luck!

wendy green on

hey, I WEAR T-shirts! can i be a fashion designer too???
Always thought ed hardy was trash – now i am convinced of it. And why does everyone dump on Kate being such a ‘control freak’ – wouldn’t one NEED to be in control of 8 kids under 10?? it would be either that or a pistol.
And why do ‘church’ people sin as much as non-church goers?

grliegsa on

Come on….everyone know the reason why the marrage ended. kat is a b…… has been one for years…

Tracy on

The funniest thing people is they split up a long time ago. They have been doing the show “Not as a couple”. Good for him for moving on, and Kate has too.

Melissa on

I think that he is a idiot. I would never buy anything that he would sell, and to exploit his children more in a catalog is wrong. I hope Kate gets full custody.

lauri on

I can’t believe what people say, no matter if Kate was bossy or uptight, it is not right for her husband to cheat on her. They are not divorced, they have separated for a total of three weeks. It sure seems like proof that there was a relationship with Hailey as Jon was with Hailey and her mom in New York on Memorial Day weekend (of course the answer given then was they were just friends). All parents want to give there kids the world, if Jon and Kates way is a TV show so be it, at least their kids are at home working a few hours a couple days a week. Look at all the children on soap opera’s, tv shows and movies, also you could include the kids in the music industry, who work hours and hours at a studio or touring the world, why don’t you have a problem with them.

Jon Gosselin To “Design” Children’s Clothes, Ropes In Hard-pAArtying Girlfriend To New Business Venture Too! | on

[...] out Glassman, the daughter of Kate’s plastic surgeon, will be extending a helping hand to her freshly-divorced boyfriend in the creation of his “kid-friendly” [...]

Sharon on

I used to feel sorry for Jon that Kate had such a short fuse and I am not saying it would be easy to be married to her, but he has lost his mind! A real man honors his vows “for better or worse, richer or poorer”. He steps up and does whatever it takes to keep his marriage together, not run down to the bar and start sleeping around when things get rough. I guarantee he will regret this- cheating spouses usually do, but his kids suffer in the mean time.

Jeff on

Nice buddy, does this mean Kate is free, hit me
up Kate!

Brenda Davis on

I cannot believe that even he would stoop this low!! What a clown. I have grandchildren and I can promise you that they will never wear one of his designs of those of his home wrecking girlfriend!! What a jerk! I just cannot believe he could be so insensitive! And it will be the kids who suffer the most. He is a bigger idiot than I had originally thought!

Sophia Walcott on

Wow this is a judgemental bunch!
Jon and Kate have obviously been having marital problems for longer than we have ‘known’ about from their show. The marriage seems to have been over for Jon for awhile now (from words Kate said on tv about him ‘wanting this for a long time’.)
None of us knows their hearts or minds.
Let’s just leave these people alone to sort out their lives post-marriage, to focus on their kids and not what the media, and the public think of their dating lives.
Good luck, Jon with your business endeavor and continue to put your kids first, but think carefully about partnering with a new love interest this time!

Amber on

Give the guy a break. Kate is no angel, and the stress of having to raise 8 kids has to be overwhelming. If he takes a little time for himself when he doesn’t have the kids, what business is it of ours? To be certain, child support for 8 kids will NOT be cheap so he needs to do whatever he can to provide for himself and his children.

Jen on

Wow this is very sad and disturbing. He waited all of a minute to move on to this girl?? Shame on him! I would never buy anything from him and support his side projects. I feel sorry for his innocent kids.

skippy on

Jon deserves to build a new life.
Kate is.
The kids will be able to enjoy a new family dynamic that dosen’t include anger, passive/aggressive behavior, and lies.
Everything will be back in the open.

Chris on

I think he’s such an ass! I know Kate is no piece of cake, but I think his whole beaten down husband thing is b.s. I think he acted that way so when he decided to “reclaim his manhood” by now “standing up to Kate” he just wanted to be single and free and found his way out. I don’t think he is as worried about his kids as he likes to say he is. He’s just slipping under the radar and letting Kate look like the bad guy. I just don’t think he truly cares about anything but Jon. He’s a schmuck!

edy on

Isn’t it obvious folks. The reason he is being so blatant is that she is cheating on him and he has contractualy been trapped. He cannot say it is so. She trapped him legally that if he say anything hinting at her own lifestyle he looses the kids everything. Duh!

emily on

at first i was on Jon’s side but 0mg give me a break!!! he goes public with his affair and now he’s going to design childrens clothes and his kids are going to model them? like his kids aren’t in th spotlight enouugh! those poor kids!

FW on

Ugh…this dude totally makes me ill, Kate too, but he’s worse. If everyone stops watching their retarded show, this will all go away…PLEASE, no more Jon & Kate…the show is a complete sham, and apparently has been for years.

Leslie on

What a F*cking jerk!!!!!!!!!!! How do you do this to your wife and kids and still hold your head up. His kids are going to hate him and rightfully so.

Claire on

You can almost feel the waves if future resentment and alienation his kids will feel toward their parents.

He’s no catch unless you like a pouty resentful passive aggressive with no backbone. Wonder how things would have turned out if he hadn’t let his anal wife run things…

sophia on

He makes me sick.making people think your the victim. then not putting your kids first and dating some chick 10yrs.younger now taking up smoking and drinking.Get over your bitterness, get over your 30 something life crisis.Take your show off the air and figure things out with your wife.By the way Jon it’s still an affair until the the divorce is final!!

Feather on

It’s not right of him to going out in public this short after his public break-up, but people have to move on with there lives and not worry about what the whole world thinks of them! And to have his children modeling the clothes that he and his mistress are designing…ewww! Have a little more respect for the mother of your children and their feelings!

Mariah on

I can’t beleive that Jon went out in public with another woman not even a month after he and kate seperated… sure his wife is a little up tight and controlling sometimes but every wife gets that way… i feel really sorry for kate… Jon is scum and he clearly didn’t even try to fix his marriage… i feel sorry for the children and when they get older and realize and can understand what he did he is going to regret cheating on Kate… I can’t believe him he’s got some nerve

Jen on

Hey Jon, get over your midlife look like an idiot…

naomidawn on



Kate was always yelling at Jon. The poor guy could never do anything right. If you can’t get love at home you go somewhere else to get it. Shame on Kate for driving her husband away.

Ann on

It’s about time he moved on.

shannon on

Sad…Just have sex with the girl in the privacy of your own home seriously dont bring her out in public on display like your PROUD..At least pretend for a couple of months that your sad your family is permenatly torn apart…As much as Kate was a bossy controlling peice of work Im pretty sure she will not be out with a man in a LONG TIME..At least not in public. Like most new single moms I know she will be with her kids 24/7 and have to pretend to them that he hasnt broken her heart…

Jon Gosselin, Hailey Glassman to Launch Kids Clothing Line | on

[...] “He’s huge,” says the French designer, “Everyone knows this family. And now everyone will know our clothes. They’ll be fun, easy clothes for kids.” [...]

jessica on

Is it me or does she look like she has a baby bloat????

Jon Gosselin, Hailey Glassman to Launch Kids Clothing Line on

[...] “He’s huge,” says the French designer, “Everyone knows this family. And now everyone will know our clothes. They’ll be fun, easy clothes for kids.” [...]

Jessica on

What a pig! He should be ashamed of himself.

Jon Gosselin, Hailey Glassman to Launch Kids Clothing Line | Your source for juicy celebrity news and gossip! on

[...] “He’s huge,” says the French designer, “Everyone knows this family. And now everyone will know our clothes. They’ll be fun, easy clothes for kids.” [...]

Laura-Lee on

What divorce , he is not divorced yet, what a loser, no respect for his family at all , it has only been a couple of weeks since they split and now ANOTHER woman, so 2 in the last few months .. wonder what his kids will think when they see his face and his new tramp plastered all over the mags. Sounds like he is missing the sensitivity chip as well.. what a JERK and I will never buy the clothing line either

Katy on

This guy’s got class(NOT)! I don’t care what marital problems he had/or how his wife treated him he still has 8 children who deserve more. He isn’t even divorced and he’s running around with his new girlfriend(who also has a lot of class!!!) and flaunting this all over the place. What a LOSER! How’s he going to explain this behavior to his children when they’re older enough to understand??? Get a job jerk and be a man! Stop exploiting your children to make a buck!!! You should be ashamed of yourself! When you become a parent it’s your children who ALWAYS come first…how SELFISH!

Tracey on

I had him pegged all wrong….can’t believe he turned out to be a cheater! If you are not happy in your marriage, then get the divorce before you start a new relationship. He is bad news new young thing!!!

My Gossip Video » Blog Archive » Jon Gosselin, Hailey Glassman to Launch Kids Clothing Line on

[...] “He’s huge,” says the French designer, “Everyone knows this family. And now everyone will know our clothes. They’ll be fun, easy clothes for kids.” [...]

Amanda on

WHAT A JOKE! Does Jon really think that what he is doing is ok? I mean, I know that both him and Kate had their issues and divorce may have been the only option, but please…those poor kids! What are they going to think when they realize that their dad is this big of a jerk?? And I will never buy Ed Hardy, ever again. One more thing, why does Jon think its ok to wear those obnoxious clothes every second of every day, even in front of the designer! How pathetic…go back to the real world.

Lori on

The instant smell of freedom…he’s off with some other chick. Christian A. wrong move dude!!! I have young kids and won’t buy the kids clothing. I will not support the Gosselin family at all. Poor children! They didn’t ask for any of this. Its just been dealt with no thought of them. Come on, step up and just be parents!

Wendy on

PUKE! What a loser! Who’s going to buy clothes from him?

Lori on

Maybe Jon can be on the show “What NOT To Wear!” » Blog Archive » Jon Gosselin, Hailey Glassman to Launch Kids Clothing Line on

[...] “He’s huge,” says the French designer, “Everyone knows this family. And now everyone will know our clothes. They’ll be fun, easy clothes for kids.” [...]

Lori on

“Danielle July 13th, 2009

What marketing hack thought this would be a good idea? An adulterous father of eight and his mistress pitching a children’s clothing line inspired by tattoos? Excuse me, is this a joke?”

LMAO!!!!! Jon’s a dirt bag that only thinks with his crotch, that is when he can be bothered to think at all!

me on

Well, what kind of tramp dates a guy who just left his wife with 8 children? Not a very smart one obviously….

Kady on

THIS GUY HAS NO SHAME. First off it is very apparent Kate did the right thing in filing for divorce from Jon. This guy obviously has no moral standards at all, and he must not have an issue with the media now since Kate filed for divorce it is clear as day that the only issue Jon had with the media before Kate filed for divorce is that the media was catching him with other women other than his wife, and being labeled as a liar and a cheat which he has now confirmed to be.
Kate is so better off without Jon.

Kathy on

This whole thing with Jon and Kate is ridiculous.

The show should be cancelled. These two are not actors, they were people like you and me, but with 8 kids.

I can’t believe the paparazzi follows them around like they are some celebrities, they are not.

Who cares about the Gosselins?

Colleen Pelletier on

What an a…… I feel so bad for Kate. Can you imagine the nerve of him. I will never buy his line of kids clothing. I hope kate hangs him

IMH on

Um read the news Kate and Jon have been separated for a while they were together for the show. If you go to radar and listen to the interview with brother and sister-in-law, Kate asked for the separation and she had a contract that he can live a separate life as long as he did the show. So he never had an affair this is what Kate wanted. Becareful with what you wish for!!! I think both parents are scum and using the kids for money I hope the show gets cancelled and they run out of money and get a life!!!!

Shannon on

He’s still a married man! The divorce has only been filed not finalized. What a cliche, new girlfriend 10 years younger than him…shame on him!

Rachel on

I can’t belieive he has the nerve to do this so soon. He should be more concerned with how his 8 kids are handling the divorce rather than galavanting around with his little girlfriend. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt before but he just blew it.

Sara on

I feel so bad for those children. What a JERK! Nothing like a good role model for the kids huh?

Chris on

I can’t believe he’s working on a clothing line. He and Kate could have done this together. He will wake up and realize what he’s lost and it will be too late.

TRC on

Jon & Kate’s reality show should have been called Kate + 9. It appeared to me that Kate was always trying to get Jon to, at the very least, “behave” like a adult in front of the cameras. In my opinion Kate realized too late that she was married to a child in a man’s body but with who knows what contracts to fulfull; she had no recourse but to do what she had to do to save face for both of them.

Kate will take responsiblity for her children and her actions. Jon… well, who knows… he might just fade into obscurity as time goes by.

As for the doctor’s daughter… she’s too young to realize that she’s hooked up with someone who is a flash in the pan.

More importantly, the children… we can just hope and pray that Kate and Jon will alway do the right thing for them… love them and keep them safe.

Tracey on

I had him pegged wrong, didn’t think he was a cheater, but you just never know I guess. He could have found someone with a bit more class. How can he have someone with her background around his children when he says they are the most important thing to him? Bad bad choice Jon.

Elizabeth on

Good for him he is not with that Monster KATE anymore!

Kathy on

What a scum sucking pig!! I always felt sorry for him the way Kate always nagged him but not any longer. Talk about exploitiing the kids. And it doesn’t look like this latest fling should be anywhere near the kids from other things I’ve read.

Alyson on

Wow everyone is so quick to judge Jon. Maybe you should have watched the show when Kates own brother said Jon has been wanting a divorce for a long time but Kate made him sign a contract that he could have girlfriends but he couldnt cancel the show. Who cares that he has a girlfriend so fast after his divorce. Everyone says, “we dont care” but yet here you are calling him scum and reading the stories.

Mari on

Ok, for all the God loving people adultery is not any bigger of a sin than judging!!! So what they fell out of love… move on desperate houswives!!!

Karen on

What a loser. Hopefully Kate will have a GREAT lawyer and the kids will be taken care of properly. Let the new girlfriend work hard to support his kids so Kate can stay home and raise them. He’ll do the same thing to the new girlfriend (once a cheater always a cheater)

erica on

i understand that he is having a mis-life crisis because he was married at a very young age…but that gives him no reason to be acting the way he is so soon after the diorse, he has no class and is and is a hypocrite

sandy on

i use to like jon but i think he is a pig for letting his wife of ten years go.he is going though a midlife crises and i think that one day he will regret what he did but then it will be to late to fix it i think he should really think about what he is doing out there.

Marinewife on

I don’t care how cute the clothing will be, I will never buy it because of whom the designers will be. I love Audigier tat shirts and will not be buying any of those the decides to have Jon be part of. Many other designers out there with similar items.

9 Things About Jon Gosselin’s New Girlfriend | Most Interesting Info on

[...] 22-year-old Hailey Glassman. They just spent the weekend in St. Tropez, and are apparently designing a children’s clothing line together for Ed Hardy. Here’s a quick primer on Glassman… which includes her mugshot, [...]

Jon Gosselin, Hailey Glassman to Launch Kids Clothing Line | on

[...] “He’s huge,” says the French designer, “Everyone knows this family. And now everyone will know our clothes. They’ll be fun, easy clothes for kids.” [...]

MMA & Ed Hardy Wine: Two Brotastic Conversations « Sick on a Sunday on

[...] also comes the same day as finding out that Jon Gosselin and his new 22-year-old girlfriend are designing a kids’ line for Christian Audiger (the Ed Hardy designer for anyone with, you know, a life who might not know [...]

Debbie on

they both said that they are doing this for there kids sake, someone should make them prove that they are putting money away for this kids, instead of spending on themself.
buying cars with two seats he is really thinking about his kids.
they should of never had kids.

Jennifer on

This is sickening. This is the daughter of the surgeon who did his wife’s tummy tuck, then he has been messing aroung for a while. He made comments that he was disapointed with his wife divorcing him….because she did not like him cheating on her? Give me a break.

Millie on

He makes me want to vomit. He always claimed to be a Christian man who tried to follow the word of God. And now he is parading around with a woman ten years his junior less than a month after filing for divorce. Pure class all the way Jon.

A Mommy on

He is a slime ball and the Karma train will get him one day, I hope

Jon Gosselin, Hailey Glassman to Launch Kids Clothing Line | Pop News Daily on

[...] “He’s huge,” says the French designer, “Everyone knows this family. And now everyone will know our clothes. They’ll be fun, easy clothes for kids.” [...]

Janice on

He trully disgusts me. Just wanna hit the spot light.
You know what? Better for Kate that split up with that jerk, what a complete LOSER.

princessa on

Wow….He wasted no time….

Janis on

I think that this is a sad turn of events. This man CHEATS on his wife for like THREE YEARS. Then He divorces the wife. I know why he got an earring. The divorce is not about Kate, IT’S Jon. The claims were he was becoming Mr.Mom. And he couldn’t handle it. We now have an explanation for his time away from the house when Kate came home. Kate may be mean but she is not sporting a new man. Not Mention, Kate has to have a backbone when it comes to Jon. As for his new clothing line, my daughter will not be wearing them. The clothing line should be tossed in a pile, like his marriage, and burned to ashes. The show they have should be called Kate plus Eight. Jon should be evicted from the show as he evicted Kate from “HIS LIFE”. Kate has all my blessing.

Trudy40 on

THE only good thing about MJ passing away was that we did not have to hear about this tool…
Please turn off the cameras and ignore him…Like a bad penny he and that stripper desinger ho will go away….

Dedra on



Jon Gosselin, Hailey Glassman to Launch Kids Clothing Line » SteamWorx on

[...] “He’s huge,” says the French designer, “Everyone knows this family. And now everyone will know our clothes. They’ll be fun, easy clothes for kids.” [...]

Donna K. on

I never really knew who Jon or Kate were until this whole divorce thing, and didn’t care. But now that it is our face I have to comment, They both make me ill. Those poor kids will have to deal with losers as parents. They are so much into themselves they don’t even seem to care as to what this is doing to those children. Jon is flaunting his affair, and what women would want to “win” the cheating scum bag. What is she so special that he won’t cheat on her? HA!

Carrin on

I would rather see the kids modeling some clothes than being in the so-called reality show.

Everything the Gosselins have done to their children is criminal.

Jackie on

This is appalling…..he should be ashamed of himself.

Miss Kathleen on

He isnt’ even divorced…yet. Just filed the papers!! I really think getting married SO YOUNG (wasn’t he like 21?)..then Kate pressuring him to have kids at age 23…then more kids at age 27 or so. I’d be batty , too.Eight kids by the time one turns 30. still–his kids should be first and foremost. I personallly wouldn’t want to date a man that had 8 kids in tow. Run run run!

pen du jour on

Wow…this girl looks like Kate with long hair
Jon is not very bright…and it is obvious

NOTE TO ED HARDY: BAD PRESS! if you need another dad that lives off their kids/grandkids I am sure Joe Jackson will be happy to strike a deal with you also.

jojo on

all i have to, say about all of this, is that their marrage was over,as soon as they stared, jon@kate plus8. if you have true morals and values you would not exploit,your life,for the whole world to see you and,judge,for the way you raise your,children,and live is wrong! that is why we have our homes that we cherish,and the things that go on soon as your family was in the spotlite, yous lost all of what a family was. it is so sad to see,because, i think that you both would still be together,to love each other and your beautiful children and not the spotlight.

Carolyn Leneberg on

It always annoys me that everyone thinks Kate is so controlling, but when you had this kind of man in the house, someone had to do the job.

With 8 children (by choice) you cannot run away. You have to bite the bullet and raise your chidren. You made this life choice.

He has done what many men do they just cannot stand the heat so they get out and cheat.

jae on

The Glassmans give Kate a tummy tuck; Kate give their daughter her toolbag husband. Fair trade.

SK on

No substance…this guy has no clue about priorities or what it means to be a real husband and father..Too bad courts won’t decide custody based on moral character and integrity. How do you look into the eyes of eight beautiful “gifts from God” and still think only of yourself…unbelievable! » Blog Archive » Jon Gosselin, Hailey Glassman to Launch Kids Clothing Line on

[...] “He’s huge,” says the French designer, “Everyone knows this family. And now everyone will know our clothes. They’ll be fun, easy clothes for kids.” [...]

Envy on

He is going to need a clothing line to be able to afford all the dang child support he is going to be ordered to pay.. SUCKA!!!

Ace Films & Celebrity News » Jon Gosselin, Hailey Glassman to Launch Kids Clothing Line on

[...] “He’s huge,” says the French designer, “Everyone knows this family. And now everyone will know our clothes. They’ll be fun, easy clothes for kids.” [...]

Elizabeth on

So he complains that he’s sick of the attention that is being brought on to his kids yet he’s going to use them as models for his own clothing line.
Oh yes, that sure does sound like he hates the attention…

Monica on

whhhooooaaaa there! are you serious?!?!? ALREADY flaunting the mistress in the Riviera France?!?! hmmm, that goes to show you that he wasnt all that innocent and talk about rubbing it in everyones face. Sorry Kate but you and your kinds dont deserve a ‘man’ like that!

mememememe on

When the creator of Ed Hardy says he HUGE, he obviously means literally. Wouldn’t wear that stuff if you paid me.

Jay on

TYPICAL, a man waiting 2 weeks after a seperation/DIVORCE to frolic around in another country with a fake tween barbie! No more ED HARDY for me! This smug a-hole ruined it! Great way to FATHER 8 children JON.. Just sell them!

Ta'Sierra on

I just want to say that at first Jon had the nerve to say he didn’t cheat on Kate and now two weeks later he is out with the girl that the press said he was cheating on Kate with. He cheated on her and should be ashamed of himself because they have eight beautiful kids and he threw it all away.

Beth on

Jon is the biggest jerk on the planet!!!!! My husband was right all along. He said there was something about Jon that was deceiving when we first started watching the show together! I took up for him and thought they had the perfect family and marriage. You see, we know a little about raising multiples. We have triplets and have been married for twenty eight years!!! It hasn’t been easy, but our children are always first! If you deeply love your kids you’d do anything to protect them from harm!!!! I just wish there was a way for them to never find out what a dog they have for a father!!! My heart goes out ot Kate and all eight!!!! She may be psyco to some of you, but you have to be tough to raise multiples!!! We may not have eight but two of our three have autism so it feels like we have 10 sometimes! Jon you do not even know how blessed you are to have all healthy children. You don’t deserve them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

elisaj on

He disgusts me as well.

gail on

It’s always easier to leave a marriage when you have something to go to. Looks like this is what Jon meant when he said he was excited about the next chapter in his life! What a catch: A man who “finally stood up for himself” and walked out on a ten year marriage and EIGHT children!! And now he’s billed as a “designer”? Of what – train wrecks?

Jess on

I hate him!

kate on

Well I think he did his best for 10 yrs, and if I had to deal with kate for that long, I would start dating right away! The person who doesnt care bout the kids is her, she is the one who only cares about the money, she said she would never have a nanny, now she has 10 helpers! she is a waste of life! And so what the girl is young, how many friends or parents of friends that their parents are 8 9 yrs older! ALOT!! Kate is going to be a very lonely lady, caUSE SHE has no personality, she doesnt care about her kids and is miserable! Then on top of it, jon was cheating, they were seperated them came public whden he filed for divorce! When the show came out a couple weeks ago saying they made a decision to seperate, at the end of the show it says john gosselin went to the court house monday june something for divorce, which means they were seperated prior, but didnt want anyone to know!! so he wasnt cheating, and kate is sleeping with her bodyguard she hasnt slept with john in months!!! Seriously u girls who wrote all that up there about him, need to get some common sense, and look at the situation! You imagine getting treated like that for 12 yrs, the first yr he was stuck got pregnat with twins he didnt want anymore kids kate said on the show but kate wanted one more and got 6!!! so he tried and didnt work , and he warned her he didnt like how he was getting treated, so i would date the first day after filing for divorce or the first day being seperated!! That is what seperating means, u date and experience things to decide if your happy! Some of you females give the rest of femaales bad names, get some common sense!!!

Tiffany on

he should just grow up. I think he is having a mid-life crisis

Cat on

Jon has confirmed to the world what a little fat worm he really is. He is obviously seriously deluded if he thinks mothers across America are going to buy anything he and his mistress have designed.

Seriously? on

Can we say ‘CHILD SUPPORT’!!!!!!! I hope he pays through the nose til he bleeds…

Katharine on

Oh my gosh, he makes me so mad! Is he for real?!? Going out just after he split up with Kate? With someone who knows the family??? Ugh, he is so wrong! He is a jerk! I used to like him but not anymore! And those clothes for kids, not happening!

Judy on

Of for heavens sake…give the man a break…..Kate talked to him like he was beneath her on every show…doesn’t he deserve some happiness? Kate never had anything nice to say to Jon… is sad for the children…but they are not now and will not be the last children that the parents get a divorce.

sassykatt on

I keep reading posts referring to Jon’s “mid life crisis.” He’s 32. Whatever his moral failings, let’s hope he’s looking forward to living past 64!

I don’t know how long Jon & Kate have actually been separated, but it’s pretty lame that he posed for pictures with his alleged lover. This will strain his relationship with Kate further, and that’s not great for keeping the minimum respect level you must try to have when dealing with divorce.

In this way, Jon & Kate are just like most other divorcing couples. They forget they each laid down with each other, and picked the “loser” or “shrew” to be the father/mother of their children. People really need to think, if we split up, would I trust this guy/girl with my child?

Emma on

Hooray for Jon!!! You all seem to be forgetting that KATE filed for divorce…what’s he supposed to do? Sit there and morn forever…yeah right! I’ve got a 4 yr old boy who WILL be wearing this clothing line. I’m glad he’s found a job that he can be passionate about- I’m just glad he’s found something to be passionate about again. Kate took away his pride and his sense of self worth…I say congratulations to you Jon Gosselin!!! Enjoy your life…you only get one shot at it!

Jon Gosselin, Hailey Glassman to Launch Kids Clothing Line | Luxury in Vietnam on

[...] knows this family. And now everyone will know our clothes. They’ll be fun, easy clothes for kids.”During the weekend aboard Audigier’s yacht, Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman lunched [...]

Winnie on

Wow, he is such a jerk. he might think he is doing the right thing because he is “happy” and he finally feels like “himself”, but this is very disrespectful for Kate and his kids. Not to mention this disgusted the general public, even though it made a great marketing ad.

Catherine on

I know there is a lot of things we don’t know about their problems, but it is hard to have sympathy for a man that is walking around holding hands with his new women, just weeks after the “official” split.

Have some class John!!!

Top Posts « on

[...] Jon Gosselin: New Girlfriend, New Design Gig INF Just weeks after splitting from his wife of 10 years, Jon Gosselin is back in the spotlight with a new career and [...] [...]

S on

She kind of looks prego…..

LuLu on

What pigs…him and his loser girlfriend. Don’t worry honey, you won’t be with him long. He seems to be spotted with different girls all over the place. It’s ashame but because of him I will NEVER watch the show again. And to think I felt sorry for him…nothing but a pig.

Sherry on

Jon is an idiot!!! I understand Kate wasn’t always nice to him, but he needs to grow up! He’s having a mid-life crisis now and dating young girls. He should’ve thought of this when he married so young! I loved Jon & Kate Plus 8 and now he seems like a total scum bag. I just hope he gets his from Kate!

Sandra gonzalez on

How could he do this to his children.!! So soon after they got separated. He goes out to show off. He thinks he looks so good. He is just going threw a mid life crisis and will regret the pain he will cause his kids. They will grow up one day and see what there father has done.

Jean on

what a dirty cheater

Andrea on

People should just mind there own. She was kinda bossy and demanding and he took it all. He is just moving on and when she finds a man it will be on here too.

BobbyBear on

You go BOY!!!
Jon deserves to self indulge. After being married to the wicked witch of the east. A little trophy girl to rebound with never hurt anyone. Just all you feminist.

Sara on

I used to think Kate was the villain and that Jon was the stable parent, but now Kate’s got me in her corner. At least Kate is out making a fool of herself in public. And puleeze….a children’s line of Ed Hardy t-shirts?? Why not a line of kid-friendly tattoos or cigarettes with light tobbacco for tots?

Robin on

It over yourself John, if you watch their show, He use to wear shirts with bible verses and talk about church,now he got a custom made motercyle and talk about he wants to be happy, Kate has her faluts but who knows what he has put her though behing close doors. Get back in church John and stop drinking and carring on with other women. Get over your self.


Jon is a cheater! I am so glad that Kate dumped him. They could of had a happy life together. Years from now I hope he looks back and realizes that he made a huge mistake. I feel sorry for the kids to have to go through all of this.

smiles on

Wow. So quick. Sigh.

And I hope that new girlfriend won’t appear on the show.

Xlcustom on

What a S**t. Ms. Hailey too.

Janet on

..and HE doesn’t want to be in the spotlight, or exploit his kids, OR be embarrassed in public???? What a mope!! No class… Women between 25 and 45 make up 80% of the decision making in a household..Duh, Mr. Audigier, don’t waste your time or money

Angie on

Wow, that is just heartless. Thanks for clearing it up though Jon, just in case anyone might have been feeling sorry for you, you took care of that.

Veronica on

I CANNOT believe that he is being seen in public with another woman, WHAT a PIG.

Jackie on

Jon and Kate were separated for more than 2 years AT HER INSISTANCE. He is finally moving on-good for him. She was a mean person and deserves what she gets. You reap what you sow.

emily on

I have been a fan of this show for a long time and I can’t believe that Jon is doing this to Kate and his children! He needs to get his priorities in order, those children need a father.

jencroft on

who are we to judge anyone? not one of us always chooses to do the best in a certain situation. i think we all care about what their children are going through more than what the parents are. I absolutely do not support any affair, i really hope they put the kids first. please pray for them more than throw rocks at either parent for their wrongs.

zoso on

For reals Jon? Have you done the child support math PLUS I’m sure young cutie pie could uh accedentally get herself involved with some more child support. Jon better keep your boy in a hood !!!

MJ on

This is just sick. Jon and this girl are both losers. Does he think he can act like he doesn’t have children and responsibilities now? And what kind of mother would let her daughter hook up with a married man? And what kind of woman would want a married man who abandons 8 kids and his wife. All 3 of them are LOSERS! I will not watch that show anymore and I would NEVER buy anything he or his “girlfriend” endorsed. People should even boycott the plastic surgeon’s business. She obviously introduced the two and approved of their hook-up.

stacey on

I don’t know how any business person would think that mom’s are gonna rush out and buy clothes designed by the cheat..jon and his new gf? Are they friggen nuts?

Stacie on

WHAT A PIECE OF SH**!!!!!!! I never really thought Kate was that great of a gal…but come on!!! The Law should step in and stop all of this!! Money is sometimes the root of EVIL!!!

martina on

Jon Gosslin has made an absolute a** of himself. He looks horrible still half bald ,fat and old, the guy is in france with a 22 year old child . I mean how old was she when kate had her surgery ?????? He is sick and twisted! Grow up john grown a pair of balls and worry about your kids LOSER.

Keisha on

Hes such a loser! how can he do that to Kate,Cara, Mady, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Leah, Collin & Joel? i mean i know kates demanding&everything, BUT Kate would NEVER do that to him.

anderson on

you guys are funny. did you ever watch the show? I only saw about 10 min of it over a couple of episodes and couldn’t stand to watch her completely humiliate and disrespect him every time she opened her mouth. divorce sucks, but accepting a life of disrespect and misery is no example for your kids. been there.

amy on

so that is why the marriage is not working, he is with another woman already…..cheater…liar..lazy….kate might be tough but it’s because she had another child to care for JON!he was a lazy pig who wants his old life back….you should not agreed to the sperm donation then are a loser,,,enjoy the money kate made because she did all the work.

karela on

Maybe she treats him like a real human being. He and Kate have been living apart for two years and keeping it a secret. He has to earn a living. He has children to raise. Apparently he really does love his kids because he’s been the one who stayed home and raised them alone while Kate was off doing book tours and promos. All I’m saying is that it isn’t all one sided here. Kids are better off if their parents are in loving relationships—even if the loving relationship isn’t with their other parent. If all kids grow up with is anger, recriminations, nagging and bickering, then that’s how they learn to interact with the opposite sex. Does anybody here really think these little girls will grow up to have happy relationships if they learn to treat men the way their mom treats their dad? Or if the boys learn to be passive aggressive in response to that treatment? I don’t know if John’s found the one for him, but I don’t fault people for getting out of toxic relationships. Anybody here want to live with Kate and never do anything right or be good enough? For the rest of your life? The important thing is not that John and Kate stay together. The important thing is that they both parent their children.

angellina on

wow. get a life jon. abandoning your children ,, so unfortunate.

Stacie on

One more thing email caleb@donedhardy and tell him to stop doing business with this family!!!

Leila on

Jon stood by and let the world think that Kate was the big bad evil witch and he was the poor schmuck she bossed around. How easily he dumped his commitment and responsibility to his family (which includes his wife, not just his children) to go off and vacation with a girlfriend. What a loser.

amy on

you 22yr old hussy….home wreaker…good luch with his baggage..8 kids…if he cheated on her..he will cheat on you toooo….dumbasss!

Jon Gosselin’s “New Gig and New Girlfriend” « All Things Mamma on

[...] Jon Gosselin has another new girlfriend, 22-year-old Hailey Glassman, the daughter of the plastic surgeon who performed Kate’s tummy tuck. They just spent the weekend in St. Tropez, and are apparently designing a children’s clothing line together for Ed Hardy.  [...]

Jess on

Shame on Jon! He always said he was putting the children first but the only person he is putting first is HIMSELF. He needs to take a hard look at himself because all he cares about is himself.

chris on

he is just a normal guy who happens to be in the spotlight. kate is divorcing him. im not taking anyones side, but why should he sit at home and do nothing just he is “jon gosselin”?? he or kate shouldnt have to stop having a life just because they are on tv. its not his time to have the kids, he is entitled a vacation, just like kate is when jon has the kids. they are grown.

Summer on

Jon is being VERY selfish! Everyone has bad times during marriage. He needs to go home and work things out with Kate. He is making a fool out of himself with this fashion line for kids and dating this girl…JON THINK OF WHAT THIS IS DOING TO YOUR KIDS!!!!

GladI'mNotKate on

The poster child for mid-life crisis takes a chomp out of the first bid that’s tangled before him, no matter how ridiculous or how it exploits his kids because he knows he doesn’t have an ounce of skills or talent to fall back on. Good riddance Kate!

Please, please protect the kids and keep them safely away from their father, who obviously lacks any proper judgment.

Diane on

Hey Jon…can you spell Karma?

sally on

What a loser, he should have stayed home to take
care of his children, instead of parading around
with his young girlfriend. Shame on you, I guess
you’ll be smoking pot too.

ashley on

he needs to grow up…hes only hurting his kids…with his immature behaviour….its sickening….



Dorth on

Great a whole new way to exploit the children…have them model clothes. Clean up your lives so they can model your behaviors.

Jon Gosselin Gets Clothing Line, Begins Filming New Episodes Tomorrow - Satellite TV Guru on

[...] a deal for his own line of children’s clothing with Ed Hardy designer Christian Audigier. He told People Magazine Glassman will also have a hand in the line. “She’ll have a lot of input with Christian”, [...]

CLK on

Jon needs to grow up!!!!!!!!!!! He is a dirt bag.

Marnie on

His gf is so unattractive and he is such a no body, why is and all other media outlet giving such people the space and time…not many people care. please stop following the gosselins. they are not interesting.

Dorth on

Great, another way to exploit the children and put cash in your pockets…modeling. Clean up you’re lives so they can model your behaviors.

Nora on

I can’t stand to even look at him!

Nora on

He has probally been skeaning aroudn with her since Kate had her tummy tuck…the jerk!

sandra on

what a jerk ….

Amaris on

wooooow….thats the daughter of kates plastic surgeon…das crazy and messed up….jon is really f’d up…..jon is scum

BLah on

He is such a loser…. Grow up and be a man

Sandy on

I guess it’s true what they say about the ‘other woman’ – she is very often less attractive than the wife.

Jo on

So now we see the real Jon. No wonder why Kate treated him like see did, like a child, because he was her ninth kid and she was the only parent around to take care of 9 children.

joy on

I am so sick of anyone dogging on Kate , JON says he is proud he stood up for himself, He could have did that with Kate and put that energy into his marriage instead of cheationg and saved his marriage… BUT he is selfish and thinks he is GODS gift but it will but him in the butt…What 22 year old wants 8 kids , or course I think when it comes down to it, he will choose a women over his kids. You go Kate you just lost about 200 lbs.. good luck KATE,,,

esquared on

hmmm i wonder if we are now beginning to see WHY Kate had to be so controlling. Jon’s attitude the last couple of episodes (I wanted to slap him when he made a comment about only being 32 yrs old with all this responsibility) and now a girlfriend all of a sudden makes me think that maybe we didn’t get a very realistic view of JON, and that Kate was merely trying to make it work. I just hope that the kids are ok through all this

Mae on

Wow.. I was under the impression he was still with the school teacher who helped get this drama started…….well, he doesn’t play with just one for long, huh? ….scum bag!


[...] HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?! July 13, 2009, 11:08 pm Filed under: tv & movies i just read this with my mouth hanging wide open.  i cannot believe how blantant he is.  oh.  my.  goodness. [...]

missy on

As for the posts what 23 year old woman wants a man w/ 8 kids… none that I know of. What 23 woman wants a man w/ 8 kids and a spotlight on him and cameras following his every move…obviously this one!

Will the crash of flight 3407 Change anything about hiring? | Pilotage Moto on

[...] Jon Gosselin: New Girlfriend, New Design Gig – Style News … [...]

Valerie on

What a jerk-off!!!! He should be ashamed of himself. No matter what happened between him and Kate, he should be respectful of his children and lay low!!!! Maybe she had a reason to be demanding and bossy. He is a LOOSER!!!

Audrey22 on

Boycott all Hardy merchandise!

KarenE on

Wow,loser Dad finds a new way to make money off his kids. I also heard he is teaching them how to sew for when their show is canceled. The kids can work in Daddy’s sweatshop all day making Ed Hardy kiddy clothes.

Jon Gosselin, Hailey Glassman to Launch Kids Clothing Line | Celeb Rumors on

[...] “He’s huge,” says the French designer, “Everyone knows this family. And now everyone will know our clothes. They’ll be fun, easy clothes for kids.” [...]

Katie on

Emilee I TOTALLY AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU JUST SAID!!! I honestly dont believe that people will by his line.. At least I hope not! I love Christian Audigier.. but I dont know anymore!

Jensen on

I hate Jon Gosselin.

hahalolz on

wow. what a catch.

Mary on


Jon Gosselin, Hailey Glassman to Launch Kids Clothing Line | Celebrity News, Gossip and Stories on

[...] “He’s huge,” says the French designer, “Everyone knows this family. And now everyone will know our clothes. They’ll be fun, easy clothes for kids.” [...]

Amie on

GO JON!!!! I’m so glad you’ve finally grown some balls, gotten rid of that self-centered, self-righteous wench and done something for yourself!! I think your girlfriend is probably a bit too young, but hey…. way to stick it to Kate!! =) I would LOVE to see the new line of kids clothes you’ll be designing. I love Ed Hardy…. and I can’t wait to see what you guys will come up with. I have always been proud of how you never belittle Kate or say negative things about her. She comments to EVERYONE about what she finds as flaws in you and you never (that I can recall) say a negative thing about her. You are a great example of what a man of true character looks like. Thank you for not lowering yourself to Kate’s FAKE martyrness…. it shows who really is the victim in your relationship…. and it isn’t her!! Best of luck to you and your kiddos. =)

MJ on

I once hoped for a family reconciliation. Now he just totally disgusts me. I just hope that Kate never allows him to put those clothes on their kids, especialy if his little tramp helps with the design. I almost feel that his being around them makes them dirty. Gosh, what a mess. Those poor little kids. And I know some call Kate names too but what a huge ordeal for her to deal with, so soon after their split. Maybe this relationship of Jon’s is what Kate talked about what she learned “over the weekend that forced her to actually file for divorce.” ss she said in her People magazine article. Would sure make a big deal to me, even worse than the other two he is rumored to be dating.
Kate may seem controlling but with 8 kids she has to be strict or the house would be bedlam. Jon should have grown up sooner but he is way beyond the opale now. Sicko, sicko and he claims to love and miss his kids. Yeah right Jon. Tell us another one.

suzi on

omg!!i’ve been watching the shw since the begining and in one of the shows he said that he never cheated on kate yet he is out and abou with this lady so soon… he such a liar but i guess all guy r. i feel soo bad for the kids they r gonna look back and see what a pig their dad is!!!!>:

Jessica on

Have any of you below been watching the same Jon and Kate +8 that I have. He hasn’t been wanting to do the show for a loooong time. Kate exposes her children to the world. A world full of sex predators and child molestors who probably get off to their kids every night! I am glad he finally left that psycho!! She is impossible to live with, and to watch. GO JON! You deserve happiness with someone who doesnt get mad because you forgot to use a coupon!

Jenn on

I think the divorce should be final before he steps out with a new girl. The poor little ones. What will they think when they are old enough to understand the situation? No morals Jon…

candace Rodgers on

I can’t help but be really put off by this. Everyone has their own issues, but this is really way too fast! I feel so bad for that family.

Sue on



ooooh you’re a bunch of hypo-crits yourselves! You love this drama otherwise why even bother reading this article?

Shut up or stop reading articles on him and Kate!

dani on

yes we all know if we watched the show that kate did come off mean. but come on people, she doesnt deserve to be treated like that. so your telling me every time one of us has a moody day our husbands have the right to cheat!! no! he is scum and i will never support that line. the truth is he got tired of having to raise those kids so he used cheating to get out of it. he is a jerk and i hope when the kids are older they will see that kate did all of the work and i hope it bites jon in the butt. i hope kate takes him for all he is worth

Missy on

Very distasteful Jon. I understand how you want your privacy; anyone with a brain can. BUT (and this is a rather large but…) I believe you’re being extremely hypocritical. You can’t complain about the paps one minute, and then turn around and launch a clothing company. WITH, might i add, the children that you are trying “ever-so-hard” to protect. It just can’t fly, Bub.
Oh, and your “just-a-friend-SHE’S-NOT-MY-GIRLFRIEND” person is starting to look like your new squeeze. Sorry Sweetie… but it appears that she’s after your money (75,000 per episode huh?… not bad mister). But then again, who really knows, right? I’m not there to see it first hand. Of course… it doesn’t really seem you’re there for your kids right now (France… New York… I think we see where some of that cash is going…).
And Kate? May I suggest watching The First Wives Club? Excellent film, and really shows what Jon appears to be.
Good luck Sweetheart, and God Bless you and you’re beautiful 8 children!

Beth on

Parents with low earning power, but huge appetite for luxury, would usually push their young kids into showbiz. But their lives are eventually ruined, look how child actors turn out in their adulthood. Even a big star like MJ was miserable inside over his lost childhood.
I think Jon will date another rich, young armcandy when he turns 40!

Marion on

Just and FYI to all the “haters” out there: The older kids can read and so do their friends and I don’t think it would make them feel very good when they read posts like these about their parents. Parents may be whatever in the eyes of other people but kids still love them. Let’s consider that next time we “share” our opinions.

Open Thread - Tuesday, July 14, 2009 » The View Blog, Forum, and Message Board on

[...] birthday. Ouch.). And catch this, you know those great Ed-Hardy T-Shirts Whoopi sometimes rocks? Well, it looks like they’ve got a new designer, Mr. Jon Gosselin (of Jon & Kate Plus 8 fa… I’m just shaking my head in dis-belief, folks. Isn’t there an esteemed (and hungry!) [...]

Did Satan Write This Paragraph About Jon Gosselin? | Best Television Shows on

[...] turned his attention back to orchestrating new, diabolical Jon & Kate stories, starting with this Jon Gosselin update: Just weeks after splitting from his wife of 10 years, Jon Gosselin is back in the spotlight with a [...]


I can’t believe this guy!! What a jerk! I can’t believe I am saying this but I feel sorry for Kate!! He straight up cheated and broke up their family. One day his kids will HATE him for doing this to their mom!

Chris W on

Hailey was just waiting in the wings, though not sre what she sees in this loser. He’s just figured out another way to use his kids to make a buck. How is this any different than what Kate is doing with the show? I used to feel so bad for this guy, and so mad at Kate. He was mistreated, but he deserved it. He has no class what-so-ever parading his mistress around in public so early in this drama. The ink isn’t even dry on the divorce filing!!

Heather on

So I am not a big fan of either of these two as I think the are both very OTT, but just beacuse they are on TV doesn’t give the public rights to make harsh, rude and even threaten comments.
If they were not on TV and doing this no one would care. Yes I am sorry for the children as it does make a big impacted on them, but again they put their children on TV for their own gains. I hate that if Kate said a company name she got that product or products. I hate that she got a tumy tuck as someone felt sorry for her after having these children. COME ON I have children myself and don’t put them on tv for my own gain or blame everything that goes wrong on my other half like these guys.
They are both in the wrong and both need to step up. There are hundreds of husband and wife cheating on each other and splitting to be with that person are we just pointing fingers at these two beauce they have their own reality TV show.
The show should be canceled and the family taken out of the public eye.
Don’t throw the first stone are you perfect.

Shay on

Ewww he disgusts me…and so does she! He just split with Kate a few weeks ago and he’s hand in hand with his mistress in public. He has no class and for someone who had trouble “with the fame” he just brings it on. He likes being in the spotlight! I feel bad for Kate but more for those kids! Every night when they want there daddy they will have the thought “oh he’s not here he with the other lady”…

From mOngolia on

Shame on you. I havent seen any episode of the Jon and Kate plus 8. But hates him.. he is such a loser. he must paying his dinner money by children’s show income. hehe and paying for his new girlfriend’s expenses by same sourse money too…what a good papa?

— TV Tattle on

[...] Coming to stores: The Jon Gosselin children’s clothing line The “Jon & Kate” star is finalizing a deal to come out with his own clothing line, with the help of his new girlfriend, the daughter of Kate’s plastic surgeon. Jon says his kids will even model his clothes in ads. “Everyone knows this family,” he says. “And everyone will know our clothes. They’ll be fun, easy clothes for kids.” Check out Jon’s girlfriend’s mugshot // “Kate” films video Neil Patrick Harris: Which voice should I use when I host the Emmys? CBS has made it official: “After having had such a hoot hosting the Tonys, I was thrilled to get the call about the Primetime Emmys,” says Harris in a statement. “I’m looking forward to the challenge of the show – adding my own voice to it, while honoring the nominees and the entire year in television. But which voice to choose? I’m torn between gangsta, foppish Brit, and robot. Really proud of my robot. We’ll see what happens on the night.” Simon Cowell calls alleged $144M “Idol” deal “absolute nonsense” “I wish! Come off it,” Simon tells “Extra” correspondent/ex-girlfriend Terri Seymour. “It’s absolute nonsense… crazy, crazy nonsense. Speculation. Not true. Nothing has been signed.” Ryan Seacrest: $45 million reality host The “Idol” host has signed a three-year deal that would pay him $15 million annually and make him possibly reality TV’s richest host, tripling his previous salary of less than $5 million per season. The deal clears the way for “Idol” producers to negotiate deals with the other judges, including Simon, Paula, Kara and Randy. [...]

Jon Gosselin, Hailey Glassman to Launch Kids Clothing Line « Musicfameandfashion’s Blog on

[...] After sleeping in Sunday, the couple did some shopping in St.-Tropez port. That night, Jon Gosselin left Hailey Glassman at the hotel again and went to a late, boozy dinner with Audigier at a friend’s private villa. Christian Audigier says he approached Gosselin with the idea after noticing that the TV dad often wore his tattoo-inspired T-shirts on Jon and Kate Plus 8.“He’s huge,” says the French designer, “Everyone knows this family. And now everyone will know our clothes. They’ll be fun, easy clothes for kids.” [...]

Noobsters net » Blog Archive » 9 Things About Jon Gosselin’s New Girlfriend on

[...] 22-year-old Hailey Glassman. They just spent the weekend in St. Tropez, and are apparently designing a children’s clothing line together for Ed Hardy. Here’s a quick primer on Glassman… which includes her mugshot, [...]

Brenda on

Jon makes me sick to my stomach. What if there was no tv program. Would Jon have been able to work and support his 8. Kate has issues but she has tried to make money the best way possible. Jon quit work, quit Kate, quit the 8. That my friends is not a man, father, or husband. He is what he is a worthless good-for-nothing.

Joe on

Good for him, how can any relationship last with one controlling everything, I personally feel good for John, NOBODY deserves what he went through, Kate is a B**** and deserves what she gets, to be alone

Terri on

And now we know why he wore an Indiana University t-shirt to the kids birthday party – that’s where his girlfriend went to college – have you seen the pictures of her…holding a gun to a girl’s head and smoking cigars?! What a tramp!

Blago on

Way to go John!!

Jessica on

And when Jon has another mid-life crisis he’ll probably ditch Hailey and start dating Talia, Beth and Bob’s daughter. Way to go for family friends’ kids, Jon.

jx on

What a pitiful immature little asian boy. He certainly could not have purchased his new sports car, diamond stud earrings, designer tshirts, and taken girlfriends out and on trips to the French rivera on an IT’s salary while raising 8 kids. Get real. Jon is living off his separated wife and his children…….not supporting them as he should be doing. Can you say grow up little boy. This is not a midlife crisis…….he is not that mature! What a loser.

Lo on

If I were Kate I wouldn’t allow my children to wear any of those clothes nor appear in any ads wearing them. He’s a cheater who cannot commit to an adult relationship. He doesn’t deserve his children as he doesn’t want them. He wants to be 18 again and free to run around as he pleases. One who wants his cake, but not pay for it.

Kristy on

Its ashame that this has happened to this family. Its the children who will be hurt by all of this. As he vacay’s through the French Riveria his estranged wife is home tending to the children, still wearing her wedding band I might add.

Sara on

He’s a perfect Ed Hardy designer…have you ever seen anyone who wasn’t a total douchbag wearing Ed Hardy cheesewear?!?

Lee on

I think it’s great that Jon turned this whole thing around and is gonna start making some money. While it’s wierd that he already has a girlfriend (just goes to show he was messing around if she just popped up) i think it’s great that he will incorporate his kids into it. It will give them time to bond and spend time together. She is young (25 i think) but 7 years is not that big of a difference…..besides, she’s cuter than diana!

TT on

I loved watching there show but he needs to step up and be a man and quit acting like he’s a college student and do the right thing go back and beg Kate to take him back and start being the husband and father that family deserves. He knew what he was getting into when they started this show. It was fine until he had to stay at home and Kate went to work. Grow up there are a lot of stay at home dads. You need grow up and realize what you left behind before its too late to go back. Your family needs you. I thought the Glassman family was friends of yours and Kate and this is how you repay them by going out with there daughter. They took Kate in when you couldn’t be there because of the kids and work and now your dating there daughter. What a slap in the face for her parents and Kate. Grow Up!!!!!!

LLT on

what happened to the ‘teacher’ he was busted with? he sure moves fast, eh?

B on

I can guess that I will be one of the few MALE comments here. I can also guess that you are all 35+ year olds that fell apart and are upset that he left his controlling psychopathic wife for a hot chick. You all deep-down fear this; that’s where YOUR controlling nature comes from. You all think that if you control your hubby/bf enough – they won’t leave. Too bad you’re doing what she did – driving him away.

Best of luck ladies.

WTG Jon, tap that, throw it in your ex’s face. She deserves it.

Sandy on

What a jerk! Couldn’t handle the limelight with his family and now he wants to embark on a clothing line and using the kids as models!!!!!! $$$$$$$$$ is what he really sees. Go figure, just waiting to see what Kate is up to. That’s pretty lame to walk hand and hand so soon after the filing. Think of your kids; not what’s in your pants. They didn’t ask to be born; they are not only Kate’s but his responsibility.

meggypoo on

He’s NOT even divorced yet. They are seperated, but the divorce is not even close to being settled. In my book that IS cheating. Heaven forbid he actually take a few months to let things settle before whoring around.

Marie Sawyer on

TLC I hope you will bring back the show I enjoyed seeing those kids so much. They are beautiful babies.I loved the show I never missed it but all good things must come to a end.Kate sould tell her sister-in-law where to go and how fast to get there. marie sawyer

Rita on

I agree with the jerk comments, poor taste, poor timing and has he completely gone crazy–
Poooor Jon, he got married too young—nonetheless, he has 8 beautiful children that he is deserting to run off with a mistress and a wildlife—I know my grandchildren will never support his lifestyle by wearing his clothes and I hope no one else will—let him work for a living and pay child support like the other fathers.

jules on

These people need serious help.

NuHippie77 on

I used to love this show…but like I always say…MEN WILL EVENTUALLY SHOW THERE TRUE COLORS!!! Sorry for Kate it had to take 10 years…What an A@*hole!!!

LIsa on

The dog needs to be hang by his private parts!

Fiona on

I have to admit that I am happy for him. He may not be offically divorced but hey. After the way he has been treated, he deserves to be happy and enjoy life.
Time for him to do things for him without being nagged for one thng or another.
Please is Kate really so innocent. Doubt it.


I am so happy for Jon, he is happy. What more could you want out of life. Lets remember that it was Kate who filed for divorce. Jon is just moving on. We have all been there the only difference??? Camera’s were not following use around. I hope Jon and Kate find happiness.

Erika on

why does everybody think johns a bad guy.?
he wanted to get away from the woman who was holding him on a leash all his marriage.
im proud of him that he found a new person to be with. go JOHN:) hes not a bad person. hes a good father and he knows what hes doing.

Another belated rant. « Ethel. on

[...] we bring things up to the current situation. Jon Gosselin will be designing a line of children’s clothing for Christian Audigier, the man behind Ed Hardy. I think this may be the best move that Audigier [...]

GW on

I dont get all the hate. Good for him, he was married to that miserable women for 10 years. The least he deserves is a hot young girlfriend. I would however like to see him keep the kids out of the marketing.

Sara on

What are you doing?? You have 8 kids that have feelings and you just split from your wife of ten years…..You need to grow up Jon and be a father and a role model.. You are acting like an idiot and my kids will never wear your clothing line ever!!!!

CC on

And this is a man who once said “Someday my kids will Google me”.

I hope you’re proud Jon.

Angela on

This guy is such garbage.

zinger on

Did you see how his wife treated him???

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Be happy Jon, you deserve it.

It’s A Battle of the Quotables :: Elites TV on

[...] Gosselin, in a People magazine interview explaining how his 22-year-old girlfriend will be collaborating with him and designer Christian [...]

GAGirl on

Nice – divorce not final and trucking around with this girl. He once said he would have to explain things to his kids. Jon – explain this. Couldn’t you at least keep under the radar until after the divorce – or at least TRY? You might find that the divorce judge might frown on this. I don’t care how harsh Kate was – you could have acted like a class act and chose not to. I hope Kate gets a ban that you can not use the kids for this campaign if it ever comes to fruition.

nellpost on

He would be at home if his wife had acted right.

Jenny on

My Children will run naked before I spend a penny on this Loosers clothes.

Erin on

what a total loser! i feel sorry for his kids because one day when they grow up they are going to have to see all of this, and see how he ripped his own family apart.

Lindsay on

Now I understand why Kate was tough on Jon…because he is clueless. Kate did what she had to do in order to take care of her family. Jon did what he did so he wouldn’t be bothered with a family. Lame.

Lynne on

Iam happy for Jon he got away from Kate and is doing something for himself. When they were married he always put the childern first when she was going to the spa or on book tours.

Adriana on

I am a woman, and I am very happy, that finally he got out that marriage. I don’t the that Katie was with him. I feel sorry for the kids. But I think is for the best. In the other hand, that girl is not his mistress, don’t you read that she is the daughter of the plastic surgeon that performed Katie’s sergury?

vicky on

Has anyone heard the rumor that Hailey Glassman has HIV?

Jen on

I don’t think he is a loser. We have no idea how long they were having problems or how long they were actually split up for. Obviously the feelings for each other went out the window before the marriage did. I think they are both great people and both deserve to be happy. Age has no bearing on love and relax people he is single now and why not date. No one should have to be alone. Wishing them both much happiness… oh yeah and I do really think they put their childrens best interests at heart…

Monique on

I can’t stand him!!! He just thinks about himself and not his children! It did’t take him long to find a new girlfriend! He makes me sick and I hope that Kate will find a really hot guy to date that cares about all 8 kids!!!!

Claire on

Hailey’s been busted for drugs and drunk driving..great choice to be around your kids, Jon.

Tiffany on

Good For Jon! geez, if he was a normal guy not in the spotlight no one would have a problem with him dating so quickly. Their marriage was over long ago. Let him move on. Kate sucks.

Staget on

Now we really know which head he is thing with, shame on you. One thing I can say is Kate would never flaunt another man in front of her kids. Mother knows best. Kate please keep your head up.



heather on


michele on

Sooooo sad,dont forget to pray.Only god can heal this!

Samanta on

He Makes me sick..I can’t believe that he already has a new girl…all i have to say is he is a BIG A**…..!

Jami on

John Gosselin did not cheat on his wife? Kate may be overbearing and super controlling and VERY organized, but there is NEVER an excuse for being in public with a new “friend” right after a separation is announced. NO ONE will EVER BELIEVE ANTHING out of that man’s mouth again

Rachel on

He is such a pig!!!

nearlynormalized on

Octo Dad should connect with Octo Mom–what a joke that balding fool is.

Angela on

I used to feel sorry for Jon and the way Kate use to talk to him, now I see why she treated him the way she did. He’s an A**Hole! He talks about how much he loves his kids and then he is seen with his girlfriend! WOW, she’s just using him to further her status to becoming a celebrity. As soon as someone better comes along she will dump him like yesterdays newspaper. Their both PATHETIC, and I hope he falls flat on his face!

Terri on

ugh — what a moron. my teenager has to find a new source for ed hardy perfume…

Liss on

Mid-Life crisis is right! It’s not people living in glass houses throwing rocks. It would be one thing if everyone commenting was a cheater. But we are people with sucessful families and marriages that don’t give up and run out on responsibilites when it gets hard. What a PATHETIC excuse for a man. I hope Kate can put the kibash on HER kids modeling the clothes. She is the one who carried them in her body at great sacrifice to bring them into this world because they BOTH wanted them. Seriously, this man makes me want to gag. What a horrible example of a man! He needs to strap on a pair and be a grown up. Wearing expensive clothes bought with money made by exploiting your children, smoking pot, getting your ears pierced, getting a girlfriend who is barely legal….Way to be a gorwn up and go for what you want. Definition of loser

Janet on

Jon is a big pig!

Janet on


Michael on

jon does not deserve anything he has right now. he would have this life if it wasnt for his wife and kids, never mind some 19 year old bimbo who’s dad is really really rich and sucked the fat out of your wife’s stomach, jon needs to get a real good beat down, a couple stitches won’t hurt

Jen on

Fear not. They just announced on E! that the clothing line was nothing more than a rumor.
The worse thing about all this is that his kids will end up the victims in this all.

Janet on




MawMawTraci on

You have got to be kidding me. Kate put the breaks on and make sure the kids are never around Jon’s “LOVER” Hailey. She will be having the kids smoking _ _ _ & having them run around half naked!!!!!

Kristiana on

I’m only 13 years old.. and I realize how dumb this guy is! Featuring his kids in his clothing line? The last thing they need is more publicity and fame! And if I had children, I would never let them wear clothes from a man who sets such a horrible example- cheating on his wife and whatnot. I hope this deal falls through and Jon is stuck with nothing.

And good for Kate for staying with the kids!

Jessica on

Whats sad is that he isn’t officially divorced yet. Its all in the process. It takes months for it to be official. So technically he’s still married to Kate. Couldn’t he have waited until everything was done on the divorce front?

Jo Ann on

It might be a grazy life[ for sure] but it’s OUR life……………..

Maria on

didnt he deny everything well turns out hes just a liar like everyone thought

scotty76 on

he was married to satin for 10 years!! I say good for him

JP on

Jon is having his 40 year old crisis at 32. He needs to grow up. Reminds me of my own divorce – who said Jon waited 2 weeks – remember he was filmed with other women prior to the divorce announcement. John – a true passive agressive. Kate you should be glad he’s out.

Molly on

Can you say “Ewwww?!” He is so fat! She is simply in this for the attention. Man, Kate if I were you I would take off that wedding band and try and get full custody of those precious kids! Good role model . . . smoking cigarettes while Kate has always been an advocate of healthy eating, etc. Jon, don’t go away mad, just go away!

Tabatha on

He is such a Looooser! putting his needs on top of his kids. At least Kate was smart enough at finding a way trough the show to support her kids because this selfish looser is never going to be capable of doing a good job. Don’t waste your time or money, I would never buy anything from you! Cheater, abandoning his kids, and now stealing the clothing line idea from Kate. I am just wondering, how low can you go?

Sara on

Its funny.. She somewhat looks like Kate!!!

Uff Da! on


Jason White on

This website changed my life:
w w w . poorbefore . blogspot . c o m

Jim on

Enough already about the whole clan. There are more deserving people – deserving the attention for good deeds not all this scum-fare.

Melinda on

I am disgusted. I saw the pix of her partying and posing with a gun. I hope the Cara and Madi don’t get on the internet and see their dad being an ass. He makes me sick. This girl is a midlifecrisis flavor of the month. So disappointing. No wife or family deserve this humiliation. HE IS NOT DIVORCED. She just filed a few weeks ago. This girl may resemble a young Kate…but she has ZERO class….ZERO.

Cilla on

J&K +8 was my favorite show and something I really enjoyed; to the point I was hoping the rumor of Jon’s affair would turn out to be false. But my age and the length of my marriage kept telling me the tears along with Kate’s choice of words that there had to be more to the story. Jon has not confirmed my thoughts. No matter what Kate did or said from my view she still remains the classy one in this marriage. If I had the chance to speak with her I would say, “Kate although you’re probably hurting now, it will get easier, just stay focused on what matters and that’s the kid. If you do that you will be rewarded many times over.”

bellaocchia on

Glad to see John happy, you can’t treat someone like an object and expect them to tolerate it their whole lives. A big wake up call to Kate….. which brings me to this

“Remember that I’m Human. Before you judge me or decide how you’ll deal with me, walk awhile in my shoes. If you do, I think you’ll find with more understanding we can meet in the middle and walk the rest of the way together.” — Eric Harvey and Steve Ventura: Walk Awhile in My shoes.

Tony on

Good for Jon, it is a bit soon but he has to move on with his life. Kate lost a good man. You have to treat each other with respect and she never did

Addie Ult on

Um…like Jon? Dude, you’re way too old for the chick and the clothes? You’re right, you really do care “about the kids”- the ones you’ve been dating these past few months-Deanna and now this “kid”. Too bad you didn’t love “the kids” you gave birth to and spare them this embarrassment and drama. heck, for some of the pictures you’re staring right at the camera with a big, doofy smile. You don’t just have kids, you don’t just date kids, you act like a kid. GROW UP!!!

— TV Tattle on

[...] [...]

JAG on


Lorraine on

I understand that Kate was or is high strung and that they were only married a very very short time to have 8 kids, but they both agreed to it and should do the right thing. While I do not think you should stay together just for the kids, they knew what they were doing when they went to the clinic.
Either way, with the whole divorce thing going on, you would think he would learn his lesson and lay low for a while. I do not think he is handling this well at all. There are all kinds of reports that the girl is just dating him for her 15 minutes of fame and he needs to chill out and concentrate on his children.

— TV Tattle on

[...] Coming to stores: The Jon Gosselin children’s clothing line The “Jon & Kate” star is finalizing a deal to come out with his own clothing line, with the help of his new girlfriend, the daughter of Kate’s plastic surgeon. Jon says his kids will even model his clothes in ads. “Everyone knows this family,” he says. “And everyone will know our clothes. They’ll be fun, easy clothes for kids.” Check out Jon’s girlfriend’s mugshot // “Kate” films video [...]

lex on

I used to feel bad for Jon and knew he was unhappy! I can’t believe what he’s doing! He looks ridiculous! He wouldn’t be getting these girls if he wasn’t on the show!! Lets be serious! Kate is looking a lot better to me these days! At least she’s still being a parent!

Alice on

Give him a break. The show is delayed from real life. They just announced their separation on tv but that means it could have taken place last year. He moved on. I’m happy for him.

Kate is amazing mom but she sucked as a wife. She walked all over him and put him tenth on her list of priorities. The best gift you can give your kids is giving them a love life that they can emulate when they grow up.

and what’s with Kate’s weekly article in People magazine basically airing their dirty laundry for all to see. Does she realize her kids will read this one day. Jon has said very little and has never slung mud. Kate obviously wants the world to view her as the victim.

Sara Jackson on

Wow….that is the first thing that comes to mind. The daughter of the cosmetic surgeon that did Kate’s surgery! Wow……..he has sunk to an all time low for me.

Ann on

i think its great jon is doing his own seperate thing from kate and the show, i will def have my kid where his clothes. the rest of u are just haters!

maria on

i want know how come everybody hates on kate yeah i thought she was mean in the first seasons but this laat season changed my opinion jon acted like he just didnt care about anything. kate was the one that wanted to keep working things out and for jon to just give up so fast made me think the worse about him. i guess like everybody else, i liked jon in the beginning but now he just disgusts me why would he do that and with so many kids. i cant believe him and hopefuuly kate stays strong i’m with her 100%.

angie on

shes 22 and was arrested for drug use. way to go dad! loser!!!!!!!!!

Valerie on

Jon will soon realize that the Grass is NOT greener on the other side and he will eventually want what he use to have. I hope that when that time comes, Kate does not let him back in to her heart. They both will learn from their mistakes and I hope its sooner than later!!!

As for the Mistress…. she is just there for now. It’s simply called a “REBOUND”.

Kathy on

I think Jon is sowing his oats. He is just doing what other guys did at 22 years old.Unfortunately I think he needs major counseling. He does not see the deep damage he is doing to all the other lives involved. Including the first school teacher he was sneaking around with. Her reputation is stained forever, His wife is tarnished,his kids will read this later and blame every bad moment in their life on their father. He can’t see he is self destructing. It’s like a murder/ suicide. He obviously just felt Freedom for the first time in his life unfortunately he can’t handle it. No person i know will put clothing related to this disaster on their children and be proud to wear it. they all need prayers.

you are judged by the company you keep on

[...] did dear ol’ Kate’s tummy tuck). According to People Magazine: “Audigier tells PEOPLE that he approached Gosselin with the idea after noticing that the reality show dad often wore his [...]

Nic on

I feel bad for the kids, how can he live with himself? So maybe his wife was controlling but dang you have to keep 8+1(Jon) kids in order. She runs a tight ship good for her that she is a good mom. Jon married her and had 8 kids with her and when it got rough he didn’t get out of the spotlight and work on his marriage. I like Ed Hardey clothes but I will not promote the exploitation of those cute kids so Jon and his fling can make some money.


REALLY! Have all you people lost it. Wow kate really blindsided you . Im glad jon divorced her, not only did she only think of herself, and boss him around like a puppet but she alienated her own family. On top of that looks like Jon finally got his pair back and told kate well you know what! As for the vacation. Good for him, why should Kate be the only one soaking up the sun, and sipping sweet fruity drinks. Get over yourself kate, Jon did!

Deborah Weintraub on

The fact that Jon is capitalizing, yet again, on his children is outrageous. Jon got a taste of the good life and he is using his family to keep the style he’d like to become accustomed to. If you truly cared about your children like you say constantly you would go home and get into counseling to save your marriage. My kids grew up without a father and no matter what the mother does they still need their father in the household. No other man will love your children like you do. You are opening the door for anyone to fill your shoes. Your midlife crisis came early. Buy a sportscar and go home to Kate.

keisha on

I think he is just living life, and he should. She was so so so mean and hateful to him. I hope the next man she gets dose her the same way. What goes around comes around. But same gose for him.

wongwongway on

Disappointed by Jon’s behavior. I always knew Kate was doing what she needed to do. His lack of “back” is why she needed to take “control” of the situation at home. Deep down she needed and loved him, you can see it in her eyes. He on the other hand quit on Kate and ultimately his family. How sad for those two and the kids. At this point. Stop the madness, stop the show, stop the selfishness. Get out of the limelight and focus on what matters most… the kids.

Lyric on

C’mon people! Who the heck wants to spend the rest of their life with a bossy, controlling elitist like Kate? She had no regard for that man. Watch the show! She wanted to be a star so she shouldn’t complain now that she’s shining all by herself. Men don’t have to settle for just “anything”. Kate is a many things- mother, actress, etc. she should have spent more time being a “wife”.

elaine on

I’m sure this one is going to treat him so much better than Kate. NOT.

He picked Kate, made 8 children with her and he’ll pick the same or worse this time and every time.

He’s a liar, clearly he lied about the rumors with that Deanna chick. So who believes him when he says his children are his priority? ACTIONS speak louder than words.

Laura on

Jon doesn’t appear to have a backbone. He let Kate boss him around and now he runs into another woman’s arms. He is just looking for attention. Instead of asking for it from Kate he goes elsewhere. Jon, spend some time on your own getting to know yourself. I bet this new chick is just as bossy as Kate.

D on

Good for him kate is very controlling person thats what you get for bad treatment

Marlene on

I will never buy any clothes that Jon and his mistress designed. I find it very hard to believe that Kate will allow her kids to model clothes designed by her cheating spouse and his college age, daughter of her friend, girlfriend. Moms are mainly the ones who do the shopping and I doubt many moms will buy those clothes from a man who left his family. Why would we want our kids wearing shirts like his. I want my sons to grow up to be christian men who do not leave their families.

JenP on


kim on

WHAT AN ASS!! I loved that show. Those kids are so well behaved and are just beautiful children! They deserve so much more than they are being handed right now. I used to like Jon and Kate both, but now it sickens me to see him! Yes, sometimes she is overbearing. But from the look of things, she has had to be to get him AND the kids going.

Vicki on

i agree he is a jerk!!!!!!! He kept his true feelings under wraps all along. I feel for those darling kids.

donna on

He is not even thinking how his behavior is affeting is children. I realize we may not know what went on in their marriage but his flaunting of his new girlfriend so soon after announcing to his kids that he was splitting with their mom is pathitic. He needs to grow up and start thinking of his children not himself.

Kelley on

Well well well! That sure was quick! And young enough for you? No no don’t consider Kate’s or your kids feelings! I am very dissapointed

Angie on

Wow, Johns true colors are starting to show. I always thought Kate did all the dirty work. His big job was to make sure the kids were loaded into the van….Now showing off the girlfriend so soon and the fact that she was a friend of Kate’s is sooooo tacky. I hope his book and clothing line bomb. He deserves nothing. Go Kate plus 8!!!!! Your kids will grow to have much respect for you and NONE for Daddy Dearest!

Brandi on

I cant believe that. I know Kate was tough but, come on really the aweful. WOW

Newt on

Loser. How many kids does he want?

Megan Bowman on

he should have grown a pair and stood up to Kate years ago. If he didnt like it, say something and work on it. It could have been much better than this, but his kids arent and havent been his priority in a long while. Neither was Kates’ priorities her children. Money…its all about money. Until your world comes crashing down on you.

Laura on

I wouldn’t buy his clothes, but I wouldn’t buy Kate’s book either.

Natalie on

Wtf? I honestly can’t believe that he would do this just weeks after his file for divorce. I mean seriously, what about the kids? He is so so selfish. I’m appauled that he would do that.

Pam on

Jon is going through his mid-life crisis-new sports car, motorcycle and traveling with a sweet young thing!

Reb pavko on

i will never buy this clothes for any of my chidren..HE is a peace of cheat who doesnot respect or care for the well being of his children..he is acting so fool..I also think KAte is 100% better than his new least kate is mature and cares for her children….JOn stop being a idiot and grow now we all understand why kate treated u the way she did..u haven grow up..loser

CSH on

After my father walked out on my mother, and left her to raise 2 kids by herself, it just discuss me watching Jon leave Kate with 8 kids to raise. Sure, he claim he will be there during the time he have his visits, but he won’t be there when they wake up in the morning or getting them dress to go to school, or sit up with them all night when their sick. No, he will be there when it’s time for the filming, then he leaves. Pretty sad his boys are of age to want to spend time with their father and talk to him when they have a problem and can’t, because they have to wait until he come to the house to film. Jon make me sick and I have lost all respect for him. He is just like those men who got enough of the settled down family man, now he want to re-live his college years and forget he have a family so he can have some fun. He obviously didn’t think what he will be missing by leaving his wife and kids. I guess he think the grass is greener on the other side. Usually men find out it isn’t. And by then, it’s to late! He is pathedic!!!

Sarah on

Leave him alone. Can you blame him. what I would do for a man like that. he ws only pushed to this. I feel he loves his family dearly but kate pushed him toooo far!!!! Let the man beee!!

Sarah on

Jon is a selfish two timing pig. He should have more consideration for his kids and family than to be running around drinking and partying while his wife was away at work making money for the family. You are a disgrace to your family. Kate just hang in there you deserve better than him. It is a shame for the kids they are the ones who will suffer in all this because of Jon’s actions.

Sarah on

Jon is a selfish two timing pig.

SarahP on

Woman put up with a lot more for their kids then men do. Jon just wanted a easy way out and made up a lame excuse to take the money and run. He is the next dead beat dad well will see on the news. If he really cared about his kids he wouldn’t have left them home while he was out drinking and partying with these young women.

Troy Riggs on

I don’t see why anyone would want that guy, he sure isn’t a big prize in my book–in looks OR attitude.

Stephanie on

I thought you were a Christian, Jon. Well Christians don’t divorce their wives and run out and get a hussy girlfriend a week later… what a hypocrite. You make me wanna puke Jon!

Beau on

If I was in Jon’s position I would be doing the same thing. After 10 years of putting up with her attitude and controling everything I would go wild too!!! Its like he was one of the kids and now he can be an adult. He still does his daddy duties so nope nothing wrong with what he’s doing!!!! GOOOOOO JONNNN!!!!!!

Tricia on

What a lowlife POS Ahole!!! Who does he think he is and already with a new girlfriend! OMG, no wonder this jerk has eight kids. Take care of your kids first before you start new elationships.
I will never buy his clothing, I do not support what this jerk is doing.

Koy on

All I have to say is Jon you should think about your kids. You disgust me. Take responsibility for yourself. You are a father of 8! Stop being a playboy and being a father. Kate is taking care of the kids and creating an income while you are off in France lavishing and yourself with unnecessary gifts and getting fat. Grow a pair and start manning up. You are not a 20 year old play boy. Take responsibility for yourself.

Andrea on

I’m glad to see the poor guy happy for once. Finally he’s not being verbally beat down by Kate and I’m sure the clothing line is going to totally rock and my son, Tripp will absolutly be sporting it so he can match Mommy and Daddy’s Ed Hardy wear. Rock on Jon!

tracey on

I cannot believe that this man just split from his wife and he is already hand in hand with some woman this just tells you right here that he has no heart or feelings for kate or he would not be holding hands with this girl so everyone can see.Hoe discusting.

Sandy on

Anyone else think she looks like a younger Kate? Creepy creepy man.

Jorja on

Jon… Has no class at all

Cary on

Oh you poor sad pathetic women. Listen to all you judgmental twits. Kate is the most controlling evil wife I have seen in a long time. The fact is he wasted 10 years of his life with Kate and is now making up for lost time. Why shouldn’t he? God he put up with someone that clearly didn’t love him for those many years and now you are going to bash HIM because he has a hot new GF. Give me a break. God women are so vengeful and predictable. What is ironic is that most of you even admit Kate was horrible. Way to jump ship the second he has a GF on his arm. And for the record, him being with a girl half way around the world wont have one ounce of effect on his kids. What do you think they do, read the tabloids? The only way they will ever find out is if their crazy mom tells them.

Molly on

At least have the decency to wait awhile before showing off your new mistress. Kate wasn’t always the nicest to him on the show, but they both took vows, and it seems like he gave absolutely no effort to saving their marriage. Used to like him, but now he seems like a huge pig.

Carrin on

I really do hope Jon doesn’t marry this little gal. What kind of a step mother would she be to JOn’s 8 little rug rats?

I wish Jon would be single for a good long while. He was imprisoned by his marriage to Queen Hiney too long. He needs to cool it and relax a while.

marie Fleming on

I seen him today on TV with her, He was smoking and drinking. saying he needed a break. Great Jon thats neat. I am glad you need a break. you are a ASS

LMG on

Seriously ….he needs to grow up.

Dave on

Way to go Jon!!! Kate is a Nazi, there’s only so much a guy should ever put up with. Heck, I have to give him credit for hanging in as long as he did. Glad to see him doing well now that he is out from under that. It’s going to suck for the kids, but it would be just as bad for them to perceive Kate’s attitude as something that normal people should succumb to. He’s teaching his kids to live their own lives and not be bullied around. Maybe things would have been different if Kate showed half as much respect for Jon that he showed to her on the show. Now, he’s showing her about the same respect as she showed him.

Top Style Blog :) » Jon Gosselin: New Girlfriend, New Design Gig - Style News … on

[...] the original post here:  Jon Gosselin: New Girlfriend, New Design Gig – Style News … Monday, July 13th, 2009 at 20:10 Tags: a-new-career, better-days, daughter, dot, gosselin, [...]

Jess on

My heart goes out to the Children… i do wish someone should counsel him as I’m sure this is just an infatuation and soon he will tire of Hailey’s partying ways… but the sad part is it will be too late cos as a woman… i wouldn’t want to take back a husband who would publicly humiliate his wife and children in this way.

whatever his and Kate’s problems are… they should never let it effect their children… I could only hope these kids don’t rebel when their older because of this kind of exposure.

denna on

sad that he does not know that to grow a backbone, means you exhuast all other avenues such asspeaking up more, acting as thhough you have 8 kids and a wife, stop whining about how you get too see your kids grow up and not having to work 8-18 hours a day like my husband, he could have gone to marriage counselling before giving up on his marriage, and kids. what a great example he is for 3 boys on how to deal with your problems run, run forest run. don’t try to solve it, just run and forget the family. then embrass youu kids and self by being 30 something and trying to be 20 something. my kids and nephew and nieces will not help you have your kids carry an adulter and adultress and the homewreckers that you and the barely out of pull up thang. kate has every right to file for divorce and have you try to make the child support for 8 kids. get a job you do not need to USE these angels and not get fired because you are surfing the net and trying to get free things

denna on

apparently his is no longer about his kids googling him one day and finding out what a scumbag he really is and that he is the reason for the divorce. what happened to the suit and tie guy wanting his wife to dress better and all about how is family looks, know the kids and kate look great and he is heading way down hill with that.

denna on

way to be proud of yourself know so that one day when your kids google you they will find out the real reason the family fell apart, because daddy couldn’t keep his pants up and that running from problems rather than fight for the family and go to couselling. why to be so concerned about that and hopeyou are proud that the kids especially with the twins reading everything and seeing pictures and the sextuplets seeing the pictures of daddy and not their mommy with him.
what a pitiful example of what a true man/father/husband is for the boys and girls.

JC on

He isn’t the first person to be in a divorce and already be dating and he certainly won’t be the last.

suQ on

Audigiers first mistake was to ask Jon to do his line and not Kate. He once again is not thinking of his kids and only of himself.I hope the kids line flops.He’s a 32 year old selfesh spineless playboy. personally I think the TLC show should be called Kate plus 8.

Shannon on

Jon is making himself look like a complete idiot, I use to be a huge fan of this show and I’m not so sure I will watch it anymore. They say their kids are so IMPORTANT to them but obviously not if he out there doing this kind of stuff. I feel he should be putting his kids first in this situation and he obviously isnt, he’s being very selfish.

Jon and Kate plus 8: Update – The Drunch on

[...] appears that papa’s got a brand new hag bag. Check out this link to see what Jon’s up to now that he and Kate are history. I’ve got to hand it to [...]

Melissa on

Jon always talked about hating the limelight. Now what, his own line of clothing that his kids will model, give me a break! The attention he so gravely despised is now going to be even more intense, but if he’s come to terms with it then let him design on.

Joana on

As a teenager watching Jon and Kate plus eight always made me cheer up when I was down. I can’t believe that this relationship is finally over. The only ones that I feel real sorry for are the children. Its just really sad and heart breaking. I hope that Kate finds her happiness, and I would like her to know that she’s better off without Jon. All Kate needs are her kids,family,friends, and love and support from everyone.

sewickleypl on

I guess a line of Action Figures will be next.

LLT on

…..another ‘great’ way to exploit those kids. *way to go jon*

Amanda on

Good for Jon, This may be a little fast. But what that man went through with Kate..It probably could not have happened fast enough. BUT..what I wanted to point out. When you look at this picture. This girl looks alot like Kate. (in the face) To me if you look at her expression in this photo it looks very much like Kate.
Just my opinion.
I hope the TV exploitation is over for their kids..I surely hope that the network does not try to come up with some cheesy way to put them back on the air..Like Kate plus 8 minus Jon! If that happens …it will show that it never was about the was all about the money..

Peggy on

What parent would honestly want to pay money for clothing for their kids knowing it is something that this loser and his druggy girlfriend would benefit from? Yeah, John—your doing it for the kids, right?

Peggy on

John-your 32, not 22 AND the father of 8 children. Time to start acting like it!

diana on

I have to say to all you who say that he just left Kate and now has a girlfriend…Wake up!IT”S REALITY TV PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!! they “reportedly” have been having differences for a few years not a few months(think about it it, is months from shooting to editing to TV) secondly if they weren’t in the limelight and famous, this would not be as big of an issue to the public. I’m sure that they are all hurt in some way especially the children, but we don’t know what goes on in their home only what we see on Tv and things aren’t always as they seem..

NoName on

I would be shocked if Kate didn’t put the breaks on this little venture. Jon could be in for a rude awakening. All this “what’s best for the kids” and “we’ll split time at the family home” will go right out the window. It appears that the only interest Jon is looking out for is his own….pretty sad.

alli on

What a jerk – if he really cared about his kids he would have put his marriage first instead of his own childish desires for fame, fortune and loose women!

Angie on

Jon Gosselin is an ass. He should at least have respect for his children and not parade around with his young mistress while he is still married to thier mother. What a Jerk!

Sherry on

Kate is better off without him.

Meagan on

What a scum bag! Really…some of you think that Kate was a “B” to him all the time. If you had a husband that had to be told what to do, how to do it and when to do it wouldn’t you lash out at him too? She had to have her controlling ways to keep her family functioning! Jon should have stepped back and saw everything his family had and that maybe he should have taken a step up without his motherly wife telling him to do it first. And this whole thing with him taking his GF abroad…C’mon Jon wake up. Don’t you relize your children will see this all eventually? It’s bad enough your family fell apart in front of America but now for you to take pictures smiling for the whole world to see. He needs to remember that Kate is still his wife and the mother of his children. I am so sick of hearing how Kate is a monster and all she does is cry. Really people get a grip on your words! She is crying just like the rest of us would. Her 10 year marriage failed and her husband is a complete moron. I hope for Jons sake he tries to save his family. Although he feels as if he is living for the first time his kids are whats most important and taking out the GF who should still be a babysitter isn’t doing his children anything but hurting them in the long run. I hope for Kates sake she keeps those kids away from him until he gets his midlife crisis in check! God only knows what he’ll do next!

tonya on

Glad he didnt wait too long to show what a jerk he has become. GROW UP and act like a father instead of going out and finding some girl to play sugar daddy to.

carole on

o.k.this is real life guys! lets remember its not always the way they print it……and if all we read is true…everyone will figure it all out and then lets hope they all get help if and when they need it.
name calling is hurtful to everyone.

Megan on

He makes me sick! I know Kate was a little controlling, but his weak ass let her. Now he wants to stand up for himself. He is the one making the mistakes. His kids will see this and come to their own conclusion about how selfish he really is. I hope that all the money he makes off his t-shirts, Kate takes in child support.

Huh?! on

Callie July 13th, 2009

Well, isn’t that nice….man, I wish the media would just leave them alone…don’t they get it…we don’t care!


Janet on


Lori on

That girl is a bigger A$$ than he is. Who wants a guy with 8 kids. Her parents must be so proud of her. Does he not think those kids will grow up some day? I guess he expects Kate to keep them from watching TV or browsing the internet or seeing magazines. They’re going to hate him some day and he’ll be a pathetic old man jumping from one young floozy to another. I can’t believe he’s gonna use those kids to sell his new line of clothes. What a joke!

Janet on


Candy on

If he’ll do it with you, he’ll do it to you. However, everyone deserves a shot at being happy and there is no excuse for the mental abuse he took from Kate, kids or no kids.

Jen on

Are you kidding me John is a jerk and a 23yr old female you have to be kidding me as well.What a cheater and a loser he is such a loser ! Kate you go girl so much better with out him.How dare him.

Lori on

I can’t wait to see their first vacation to the French Riviera with 8 kids. We’ll see how long Hailey will be around after that.

Cassie on

gosh i hope that the kids think of kate as a better parent! PS-she is a better mom

becca on

marriage is for life. He gets famous and thinks he is the man. Shame on you Jon. Don’t worry you may not care what we or your ex have to say, but you will when God has something to say. Your poor kids. How can you honestly believe you are doing this for your kids. Trampping around with a new girl weeks after your breakup with your eight kids mother nevermind the plastic surgeons daughter, hope you look back on this someday and realize how far from a true man you were!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Joe on

Poor Poor Kate, she ruined their marriage, she is to controlling, their is a word we men use that best describes her, but I won’t use it, I hope John finds a companion that he can be happy with., and to anyone who thinks she’s right your marriage or relationship is doomed also, a marriage is two people sharing not one person controlling

Carrie on

I would never buy the shirts for my kids. Let’s just wait and see how long this relationship will be.

Lea on

Jon is such a loser. He should be ashamed of himself for exploiting his kids for profit and fame. What goes around comes around and I hope he falls flat on his face for his actions.

honeybunch on

Shame on you Jon! One day you will wake up from this fantasy you are dreamn and realize that first and for most the new girl is in it for the spotlight fame moment, then your kids will get to see you for the real man you are or as one might say arnt……… trust me if you didnt have money no one would even look at your bald – headed self. Karma baby karma and in the end you will get yours.I just feel for those beautiful kids!

rose pena on

I will NEVER buy their clothes!

Deborah on

I always liked Jon and felt sorry for him. I don’t any more. He deserves everything Kate gets him for. Jon bought his girlfriend a $180,000 Skull ring with black diamonds but I’m afraid he has messed up. I think he just gave Kate the world, all the children, the home and the money. Isn’t there a time frame before you go public with
a kid for a girlfriend. There is no way Kate would let someone on drugs keep her children. Sorry John you messed up BIG….

Janet on


abby vesga on

what happened to him being concerned about what the kids would find about him…does he not remember talking about them being able to google him and being worried about what they would find????

Jen on

why does he think he is so great? he’s pathetic and that girl he’s with makes me laugh. she’s a dime a dozen at any party school. no self respect. good luck with that ‘children’s clothing line’ you dorky toolios.

Katie on

The john and Katie show needs to end. Its not about the kids its about the money. as for John already having a girlfriend,if i was trapped in a controlling marrage for that long, id be on the rebound to. I feel bad for those beautiful children.

The Entertation Index: July 15 « The Brown Tweed Society on

[...] Link: Gosselin’s Clothing Line (People) [...]

Phyl McCann on

When is the press going to “kick Jon’s ass”? This crude has shown his true colors and it ain’t pretty! Yet he has had people feeling sorry for him. How twisted he is. Jon’s only concerned about his freedom and having a good time. I can’t imagine doing this to your children and then saying you care about them. Jon is nothing but a Con-man and Lazy Bum.
Jon is embarrising himself acting the way he is and isn’t smart enough to know it. He thinks he is a real “dude”! He doesn’t have any right to the kids or the money from the program. Jon is living pretty “high on the hog” for a man out of work and a man who cares about his kids. What a rat he is.

rudy aguilar on

Good job Jon!!!!!!!!!! alot of us wish we had your balls.

Morgan on

HE distgustes me! how could you do that to your kids. I think kate should stop the show and just consentrate on caring for her kids. How could you take your girlfriend to france and leave your soon to be ex wife at home! HOW? And how come john never treated Kate like this. Oh yeah and how could you date a Druggy and alcohalic if you had eight children. Well hes never going to be able to see his kids because his girlfriend is a DRUGGY. (i read most of this in people magazine yesturday in the walmart checkout)

jen on

No wonder Jon wanted to get a divorce. I now HATE him!!!!!!!!!!!!! What has it been a month. will never let my beutiful children wear is clothes.

brenda on

what a dumbass! YOU JUST FILED . AND KNOW HE’S on the move with a young spoiled girl! who just wants 15 min. on tv. i feel sorry for her folks . her parents must feel pretty great they raised a shameful daughter! he idiot .you should spend that MONEY ! on your kids! instead of your little young girlfriend . kate should get the hse and everything.

Holly on

Wow. This is so disappointing. First, running off with the Glassman’s daughter whom he and Kate were friend’s with. Or, his nice new image for his children which includes smoking cigarettes. And, she is obviously too young and immature to realize the damage she is doing. I could see the direction this was going as soon as I saw the big diamond studs in his ears in one of the recent episodes.

Tricia on

Wow I really like Kate and feel so sorry for her. Jon is a loser and just wants to be a teenager again and walk away from ALL his responsibilities and obviously spend a ton of money to. MMMMMMM thought he didn’t care about the money?

Mirna on

Ok, he is a jerk, but his girlfriend doesn’t have to take the faulr for his actions…men are pigs!!!
And yes she does have a past, but don’t we all!!!

maria on

jon i hope ur rebound girlfriend cheats on you too, what goes around comes around and youll get what you deserve ,to be left alone like a dog.p.s and kate your a dog to

What did people do 50-100 years ago when there were not all of these skin care products? | Body Skin Care Products on

[...] Jon Gosselin: New Girlfriend, New Design Gig – Style News … [...]

Susan McCreary on

So much concern for the kids that he has taken an apt. in NY. What happened to the split was in the best interest of the kids? Boo Hoo, he’s 32! Real men are there for their kids, regardless of the difficulties. Sorry, I think this was about something else. And what does that mean anyway, I’m only 32? He shouldn’t have a wife and eight kids because he’s only 32? I have never written on a blog and really try not to judge anyone but this is outrageous.

Stacy Hunter on

Jon is like a kid in a candy shop with women! He was doing ok with all of us thinking that Kate was the “Bad” one.. if he had taken the high road I could have continued to like him.. and his new line of close.. but to be a womanizer and take his kids no less to pimp the cloths is really worse than them exploiting the kids together.. at least then they had both parents peddling them.. now the parent are in a tug of war who is going to use the kids more.. Kate actually took the high road!! Yeah for Kate!!! She isn’t flirting with every guy who comes around.. and squelched the story of her and the bodyguard before it went anywhere. I respect her more than him now. Seems to me he is no more a man without Kate than with her.. he is just a little boy, who needs to grow up fast and be a man to his children!!

Pamela on

If Jon was a real man he would have stayed with Kate and got counseling because when the show first came on he said this is my life and we are going to stay together and raise the children. I don’t think that it is going to last with this young girl and I know she is not ready to be a step-mother to 8 children. You have to work at your marriage to make it work running out and getting a divorce and getting into another relationship is not the answer. People do not take thier vows seriouly anymore.

Bill Moore on

So who is Jon Gosselin, what talent does he have(aside from being a sperm donor), and why should I care about his love life. I hope he has a lot a talent and is able to earn a lot of money to pay child support for eight kids, not to mention alimony. Just a thought, Brazil does not have an extradition treaty. Good luck there big guy!

amanda on

i think that john just wants to party and sleep around. Most guys in todays society does not like to take responsibility for a family.

Gunsta66 on

what a friggin idiot…kudos to kate…everyone always thought kate was the tyrant running the family…wen she’s actually the string that holds it together…now he’s off with a bimbo gf and humiliating the family more than ever…well, i’m sure his kids are gonna grow up with their heads held high!!! WTF…! now he’s exploiting his own kids.

Deb on

Well, I loved the show when it first came out, & after awhile I would think to myself, “Wow!”, in regards to Kates’ yelling, & somewhat belittling Jon… But, come on E1, we don’t know what went on behind closed doors, & obviously this with Jon did’nt just pop up over night. She’s probably been dealing with him being a ‘worm’ for quite sometime!!! And Yes, “if” Kate is seeing someone else, we’re not seeing her splatterd all over every cover out there! He just did’nt take his vows serious. Just remember Hailey, if he’ll cheat with you, he’ll cheat on you!

C on

So sad what money can do to people.

Should we let politicians judge our war, or the generals in the field? | Craft Frames on

[...] Jon Gosselin: New Girlfriend, New Design Gig – Style News … [...]

Jon Gosselin’s “New Gig and New Girlfriend” : All Things Mama on

[...] Jon Gosselin has anothernew girlfriend, 22-year-old Hailey Glassman, the daughter of the plastic surgeon who performed Kate’s tummy tuck. They just spent the weekend in St. Tropez, and are apparently designing a children’s clothing line together for Ed Hardy.  [...]

liz on

he says he is all about the kids, but bringing another woman into the picture already is not good for the kids! what is he thinking?

Stacy Rudd on

This is so typical…..look who is at home taking care of the children when he is off having a great time with his so called “girlfriend”. Not him. He says that they are whats important, seems kind of funny him being elsewhere with another woman without the kids. Havent you heard of priorities Jon?

Amy on

Jon boasted about finally “standing up for himself”…how he was proud of himself. The show illustrates a weak, impressionable child instead of a 32 year old man. He went from being angry acquiesing to Kate to being led around by the nose by each new female personal interest. I’ve seen photos of his newly acquired habits shared with his latest conquest…smoking, mingling and jetsetting with the rich and sleazy…not adult behaviors that included working and contributing. It appears he is “floating with the tide” rather than making any decisions. Jon’s idea of freedom sets a poor precedent and example for the children he brought into the world.

Cheryl on

I used to feel sorry for Jon because Kate seemed to belittle him so much. Now I think he’s a slimeball. He’s not only disrespecting Kate and the kids, he’s disrespecting himself!!

charlotte on


Mila on

he is the worst father ever it has only been little that Kate and john separate and and hes with a ho !!! wut a good example for his kids ”!!

Gigi on

You are so right Emilee, this is becaause he didn’t have a backbone sooner, he should have stood up and told Kate how he really felt, I don’t think he even wanted eight kids, if I recall he was content with the twins. But this Hailey is not going to give him what he’s looking for, this is going to crash and burn.

bella on

everyone who says jon is scum….. maybe he is happy. why is it that celebrities who have kids can divorce but as soon as someone with eight kids does it and then has a new girlfriend he is a jerk? big deal. maybe life was absolutely miserable for him and now he is actually happier than he has been in a long time. and as everyone knows, the kids will survive. my father died when i was maddy and cara’s age; divorce is nothing compared to that.

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F**k Ed Hardy : College Candy on

[...] 4. Jon Gosselin is designing a clothing line for Audigier [...]

Beth on

Correction to those who don’t seem to know the difference: Jon is not divorced…he is still married. The divorce has been filed, but is far from being finalized. I am very disappointed in his behavior. Men do mature more slowly than women, but he seems to be regressing. Sadly, it is the kids who will suffer ffrom his immaturity, the same kids he says he’s so concerned about. He needs to lose the young floozy & devote time to them.

Oooh, Jon Gosselin, You Baaaaaaad - Celebrity Wildcard | Celebrity Wildcard on

[...] she’s set to collaborate with Jon on a babies line for “fashion” house Ed Hardy. People reports: [Gosselin and Glassman] spent the weekend along the French Riviera so Gosselin could [...]

Ed Hardy Designer On His Clothing Line Dedicated to Michael Jackson | Living with style on

[...] functions with a little of Hollywood’s greatest names. He’s now ironing out sum for a clothing line with Jon Gosselin and is bustling piecing together equipment for a line he combined with the late Michael Jackson. [...]

annie on

hate him

Kate Gosselin to Larry King: ‘Jon’s A Good Father’ on

[...] agree with the way he’s been acting lately — you know, heading to Las Vegas and dating tons of women. Kate looked very hurt in the video and it was almost saddening. Watch the entire Kate interview on [...]

Opinionated 1 on

Jon Gosselin is a very immature and selfish man. I can’t believe his behavior right now. I never hear of him doing anything with his kids, except babysit while Kate is away. Other than that he is running around with this dumba*** chicks, like it’s acceptable. Grow up already man, you have eight children, act like it…..

Sher on

Go ahead Jon have your party now, your not that young by the way. Your actions will come back to haunt you. You saw all the wrong things your wife did , whose standing by the kids and with them now? What your doing is wrong, and you know it. Wake up before you have ruined so many lives. Quit thinking of self.

Zdog on

Well, I say go for it Jon. She (Kate) had him by the stones for a long time. It’s good to see that
he still has them. After demeaning him in front of millions, he deserves to be happy. As far as
the kids go, they will grow up someday, and will
see for themselves that their father is and has always been there for them. If you know anything
about the situations, Kate has been absent (book tours, etc.) for more of the kids life than Jon has. Go ahead Jon tear off a piece.

Ballermom on

When does Kate get held accountable for how she acted? It takes two, and we as viewers don’t know the whole story.

kristi on

All these YOUNG women want is $$$$$$$$$$.

b-rad123 on

Okay, the guy is not perfect, but neither is she or the rest of us. Jon designing a kids line will be good for the whole family. It will give him something to do that he feels good about which will only make him a better father. Kate will start to respect him because he is doing something for himself and not being worthless in her eyes. The children will be involved which will give him and the kids common interests and who better to model for the clothes that those beautiful children. Jon, if you need any help or 2 more kids to model with yours, I have a 15 year old and a 2 year, both girls and both willing to model with your bunch. Good luck. ED HARDY AND CHRISTIAN AUDIGIER RULE!!

Cate on

Dumbass. What a sad way to affect the lives of his 8 children and their children, as well as Kate’s future & his own. Jon has no idea of the lasting “ripple effect” his decisions will have.

Tammie on

shame on both of you— remember, what comes around goes around!

Becky on


You have stated you can not be just Jon several times. But when you asked Kate to be your wife and got married then you two became one. When you decided to have children you became a family unit. Just so you know you will never be just Jon any more. If you claim a girl friend and this relationship grows you will not be just Jon and your family relationship will become more trying to please all your kids. So you really should think twice about what your choices are and where you go from here. You really need to put your kids first. Think about what you do will affect them. They are in the spot light to the public is not always nice as you & kate have found out.
Your Children must come first.
I wish you and Kate the Best

From A Grandparent in Los Angeles




DEE on

I feel that Jon will grow up in due time. Yes it is too soon to be showing off his girlfriend but if you had been married to someone like Kate for ten years you too would would be overflowing with love and emotion. This is a two sided relationship and should viewed as that. Kate is not all perfect.

brenda on

His new line of clothes should be called designs for the Fat and Frumpy Bald Guy!

JuliaD on

On Gosselin and new girlfriend, people give it a rest,He’s just being a man!!!! it will come back too bite him in the ass sooner then everybody thinks.And the kids well as long as mommmy isn’t saying bad things and putting dad down they’ll due just fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sandy on

being a parent means putting your childrens best interest before your own. As a parent there are a
lot of things i would like to do but in doing so i realize how it would affect my family so. I wish John could step outside of himself and see what the world sees right now. I wish their family the best.

Jon-and-Hailey-Plus-Kate? | Opinionated Events on Why Rush? on

[...] Hailey Glassman Connection with the Gosselin’s: [...]

MxPit – News and Directory » Celebrity News » Jon Gosselin To "Design" Children’s Clothes, Ropes In Hard-pAArtying Girlfriend To New Business Venture Too! on

[...] out Glassman, the daughter of Kate’s plastic surgeon, will be extending a helping hand to her freshly-divorced boyfriend in the creation of his “kid-friendly” [...]

MxPit – News and Directory » Celebrity News » Jon Gosselin, Hailey Glassman to Launch Kids Clothing Line on

[...] “He’s huge,” says the French designer, “Everyone knows this family. And now everyone will know our clothes. They’ll be fun, easy clothes for kids.” [...]

Do people care too much about beauty, and materials? | Beauty And Care on

[...] Jon Gosselin: New Girlfriend, New Design Gig – Style News … [...]

The Clothing Line Dedicated To Michael Jackson « Michael Jackson – King Of Music on

[...] he also works with some of Hollywood’s biggest names. He’s currently ironing out details for aclothing line with Jon Gosselin and is busy piecing together items for a line he created with the late Michael Jackson. “I did a [...]

Mystery on

wow this is the worst thing seen wow she can do better i think the dog can have better chances of finding true love and plus that guy has legal things with drugs lol….;p

Araceli on

kate you look better than that fool in yhe blue i think that i am going to be sick if i see her in the blue agina you are going to be ok and i am 11 years old i love your show can i am glad you dump him what a loser:)

z on

Think about the kids.

z on


elle on

you better off without him kate! he’s the biggest looser. i hope no one buy his clothes. I feel sorry for those beautiful kids

Kevin Federline Finds A Job! | News from: The Huffington Post - Breaking News and Opinion on

[...] Hardy is the same brand that has dressed Jon Gosselin and flew the otherwise unemployed, divorced, father of eight to the [...]

Kevin Federline Finds A Job! on

[...] Hardy is the same brand that has dressed Jon Gosselin and flew the otherwise unemployed, divorced, father of eight to the [...]

-Shawn on

Hey, atleast he knows when to jump ship, he old lady kate had plunty of her times alone with the body guard. Trust me plunty of time alone with out the kids. I think if kate didn’t want any of this to happen she should of had her husband guarding her not some seceret lover. Good for him atleast he hisn’t that hag of a wife walk over hime thats for sure.

1#kategosslinfan on

jon i hate you i wish you were dead

harley on

i hate jon

harley on

jon is a big fat loser i hate hate hate hate jon hes a cheater

haley on

jons a cheater

harley on

kate is awsome

evil:( on

jon i know were you live i will come and get you tonight and kill you

1#kategosslinfan on

you go donna

Jon Gosselin Speaks Out On New Gig & New Girlfriend Plus Mugshot! « Realitytea’s Blog on

[...] as well as briefly touching up on his new 22 year old girlfriend, Hailey Glassman, in a new interview with [...]

Cameron Rogers on

Jon Gosselin seems like a womanizer to me. I still hope that he would still reconcile with Kate.od couple. ~

Buttel on

Great Post

Lucy on

I still like Jon after all he has done!!! It was Kate that drove him into the arms of another woman! She was so bossy, downgrading, hateful and downright unpleasant toward Jon, I think he put up with a lot of her S—!! He was a kind man that didn’t cuss her out, didn’t fight (physically) and did what he had to do! Kate should not have the kids, she is just using them to continue to be in the spotlight and solicite her children for her fame!

handbag86 on

wow I love he wife bags!

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