Miley Cyrus: "I'm Really Into High Fashion"

07/09/2009 at 11:55 AM ET

Courtesy of Elle

Miley Cyrus might just be a teenager, but that doesn’t stop the Disney star from having grown-up taste when it comes to fashion. For the August issue of Elle, the Hannah Montana star goes high fashion glam and dishes on everything from her new clothing line with Max Azria to her crooked teeth. The star tells Elle of her new Walmart collection with Azria, “Literally this is going to be good for, like, Middle America, and it will be great for kids that really want to be in fashion but that don’t have it available.” The collaboration will hit Walmart stores in early August, but Miley is already playing favorites, citing the jeans as her “favorite part of the entire line.” Although, when it comes to denim shopping for herself, the young star knows no limit, “I would pay $500 for the jeans that we make for $20. I’m really into high fashion.” And with a glamorous life filled with premieres and parties, it’s almost hard not to be. “The most fun thing about prom is having that one special night when you dress up and you feel like a princess, and honestly, I get to do that one night a lot,” says Miley. But, even though she is a superstar, she still has to listen to her parents. “My dad won’t let me fix my teeth or cut my hair. He loves it. He’s like, ‘It’s you!'” says Miley, who has no problem with her dad’s rules. “I like these crooked. I love my teeth.” Read more about Miley and check out her glamorous fashion shoot in the August issue ofEllemagazine.


Courtesy of Elle

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A on

Can’t cut her hair or fix her teeth, please. Maybe daddy should still be sporting a mullet.

Pantha on

These are pretty… she is growing up fast, but she is turning into a lovely young woman.

coco on

she is too young to be doing this type of phot shoot for this magazine

Trish on

Now, I am officially ashamed to be a fan of her father’s music which I am no longer of, this disappoints me terribly. I no longer respect her or Billy Ray Cyrus. She may hate to admit it but she is still a kid and “kids” don’t dress like that.

Mary on

Miley Cyrus is growing up TOO fast. She just doesn’t cut it anymore as the clean cut kid from Disney’s Hannah Montana.

Rena on

High fashion? I have never seen her in anything but a tank shirt and jeans… unless you call that lame vest she always sports “high fashion.” Your money does not make you high fashion little girl.

Trish on

She looks like a Hooker :o(!!

catshy on

come on coco -models on the covers and catwalks are all miley’s age

love on

I really like miley. she seems to have a good head on her shoulders. yes she experienced some bumps along the way that resulted in some harsh criticism but over all i’m glad my daughter looks up to her. People forget Miley is still a teen and will do teenish things and on top of that has to do it in front of cameras and the tv screen. No one is perfect! not even a disney star

lola on

this is just wrong. once again, some more pictures of her looking older than she really is, im really disappointed in her.

D on

Geez A, pretty negative right out the gate. Despite who the teen and dad are, the dad is still the parent and therefore sets the rules. Lighten up. He may have sported a mullet but I am guessing his success, and Miley’s with his guidance, far surpasses yours.

Tammy on

As a mother, I can’t imagine why her parents find it acceptable to let their barely 16-year-old daughter act and dress like an adult. She is a child… a homely, talentless child. When you let your child grow up too fast, you’re just asking for trouble and I guarantee it will happen.

melissa on

Ok….looks like shes ready for something…..and its certainly not “fashion.”

Lala04 on

A lovely young woman? She sounds and acts like a spoiled brat!

Tati on

I think she looks great! Compared to what “other 15 or 16” yr olds are wearing now a days…She’s a great kid, its not like she’s been caught smoking or stripping or dancing on club tables…shes a teenage girl everyone…becoming a young woman makes you feel great and I think she is tastefully showing that. Disney kids aren’t disney kids FOREVER!

e on

is it just me or does this article spoiled upptey better than everyone brat. and the said part she probaly does not even realize it. basically she is saying she is making a clothing line that she wouldn’t wear because it is in walmart and cost 20.00 not 600.00.

sarah on

honestly, she is only 16 and one day it is going to hit her how her life flew by. im so glad i dont have her life and i got to enjoy my childhood. sure she can say she is enjoying but she is just working working working. maybe all the money will help later down the road


I don’t know what it is, but I just don’t like this girl. In my oppinion, I don’t think she is attractive and her personality really annoys me.

The fact she is promoting “high fashion” during a recession just shows she lacks common sense as well. She should be ashamed of herself.

mandi on


Rachel Bruce on

Come on people cut her some slack. She’s a teenager and she’s gonna make mistakes. She’s a teen and wants to look sexy. The majority of teenagers (including myself) want to look hot and sexy. It’s just how teenagers are. It’s not lik she’s going commando infront of the cameras. She’s 16 she’ll be an adult soon. This is just a way of her getting ready for adulthood. She can’t be hannah montana forever.

Larizz on

that is way too revealing for such a young girl to be wearing, thigh high hooker boots with a leather skin tight cleavage baring top is a horrible message to send to the little girls she looks up to. you can’t be beautiful without baring skin, thanks miley you’re a wonderful role model.

Kim on

Miley is beautiful and she looks like all 16 year old girls wanna look. I think people still think of her as “Hannah Montana” she is not…that was a character people!
Let her grow up and stop sucking on hater-aide!

Anissa on

“I would pay $500 for the jeans that we make for $20. I’m really into high fashion.” How exactly is a Walmart line high fashion? That makes no sense.

Yes she did wear some bigger names during her European movie junket but that doesn’t make her “high fashion.”

Arianna on

I’m starting to become more of a Miley fan, I’m sick or her wannabe cookie cutter image, she’s finally starting to be open about what she’s really doing! I think these pictures are amazing, most high fashion models out there start at 13 years old, these pictures aren’t revealing and they aren’t to mature!! I’m 13 and I would feel comfortable wearing these.

ashley on

i really truly do NOT like her.her voice gets on my nerves as well as her teeth.i mean mine arent perfect but they dont look like beaver teeth.sorry miley but you are really trying to grow up a little to fast.SLOW DOWN.not everyone has to be a hooker.and as for her dad’s rules…umm why wont he let her get them fixed.if i was her dad she wouldnt be doing this photo shoot because she would be getting her teeth fixed.but whatever floats her just sick of hearing about her.

Pickles on

Whoa Tammy—as a mother, I can’t imagine calling a barely 16-year-old girl “a homely, talentless child”. If you think she is too young/immature to dress this way, then she is certainly not old enough to withstand the bullying of a full-grown adult. What a horrible thing to say, how would you like me to pick apart your child’s appearance and talents?

Linny on

I think people are being to critical. No one ever says anything about teens dressed worse than her. Its because she’s a star, people are actually expressing their opinion. These pictures are gorgeous. She is a role model to young kids. So many kids look up to her but that shoudlnt stop her from doing what every other teen looks and acts like.

Casey Marie =] on

I love how she’s growing up! =] I love Miley! Always have, always will =]

lins on

It’s completely understandable that she’s thinking of her future and breaking out of the “Disney/tween child-star” mold, but come on. She’s not even 18 yet and a LARGE portion of her current demographic is 13 AND UNDER. Considering that, those pictures are a bit much….she’s 16 years old in a dominatrix-looking leather corset. They are trying way too hard to “sexualize” her image….wait at least until you’re 18 or 19 before you start doing photoshoots like that. Why is she on the cover of Elle anyway? Isn’t there an Elle junior or something like that?

SD on

Her Dad won’t let her fix her teeth? PLEASE! Miss Miley, you might want to go check out TMZ, where they have before and after pics, and by that I mean BEFORE the veneers, and AFTER the veneers.

Isabella on

This is ridiculous! If my father told me I couldn’t cut my hair, I would cut it at least shoulder length! She is also way to young to be showing her boobs and upper thighs to all of America!

Troop on

Not a fan…never was. Her music is exceptionally mediocre and all it does is lower the standard of success for people. Excellence is no longer a requirement. Shoot…some schools are getting rid of valedictorians/salutatorians. Why is mediocre not just ok but highly praised and revered? People yelled at Jamie Foxx’s assistant DJ & listeners’ jokes about her, but when you live the life of a hypersexual grown woman, sometimes people forget that and see you as one and make jokes. Same thing with Bristol Palin. Living lives of grown women but want the protection of a child. Not sure if it can be both ways (outside of actual law-breaking of course, I mean comments…comments are protected under the 1st Amendment.)

MileyFan on

um…1 word…WHORISH!

emily on

there is nothing wrong with the way she is dressed. there is nothing risque about these outfits. yes she may be still be a kid, but every other kid her age dresses like that, just watch gossip girl (not real but example) or nyc prep(which is real), those are kids her age that are dressed in a mild everyday form of this. really you adults saying this are the ones acting like children.

Lisa on

I think she’s growing up to be a lovely young woman. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve seen girls younger than Miley dressing like they’re older than I am (I’m 26). I don’t really see a problem with how she’s dressing.

Crystal on

I don’t think that Miley comes off as snobbish and uppity at all. She’s talking about the clothing line that she seems to be excited about. She’s just raving that she likes the jeans in the line so much that she would be willing to pay $500 for them.

Leah on

give the girl a break she looks damn good. what is she doing dressing up. My mom always told me if you have nothing nice to say hold it in.

Debra on

I like how she looks .

A. on

Can’t stand this girl.

kenza on

i love you nice pic follow me in twitter

Tay on




nena on

wow not fixing teeth how does that relate to growing up maybe he is just cheep.cutting your hair thats also lame but whatever and your covershoot is totaly wrong for disneychannel.and you suck as a role model selina gomez rocks she looks like a hooker her boobs for a sixteen year old trying to grow fast. but she is pretty got to admit.

whatever on

Get over it. She lives her life the way she wants to…obviously she has fans and for good reason. Anyone that finds the way she dresses wrong is only jealous of her fame at such a young age. She deserves what she has and has always handled herself professionaly. You remember what you were doing at her age?

Kelsi on

Ok first I don’t agree with what she is wearing but look at most of the 16-year-old girls these days. They dress a lot worse than that and I’ve seen young girls in worse stuff. When you’re in show business like that you can’t hide anything from anyone and everyone makes mistakes we just don’t end up on the front page of a magazines. Like they do. Everyone might just want to take a minute and think about some things you have done that might have been put on the first page and than say something about her

Em on

Trish, of course kids don’t dress like that. Neither does 90% of the american public. This is a fashion magazine, of course she is going to be wearing high end clothing. If she wasn’t wearing those kinds of clothes, the magazine wouldn’t sell. But this just proves that young hollywood just grows up too fast.

mariposa484 on

agree with mary’s comment, miley is no longer the clean cut little girl from hanna montana

Tiffany on

I think this photo shoot was awesome. She looks amazing. People criticize her every move….
She’s 16, playing dress up. Leave her alone. She’s beautiful, and an undeniable talent.

pywacyt on

are you all a bunch of prudes!! Shes adorable and under daddies thumb.. much better than other stars out of control!!

Liz on

Leave the girl alone. Dissapointed…..Really. She is a beautiful TEENAGE girl, who lives her life in constant criticism. Key word here….teenager. If you have a problem, it should be with her parents. You guys on the other hand are GROWNUPS. Do you see a distinction here? Real GROWNUPS are not so rude and harsh to a child…..Teenagers are still children!!! You people make me sick. To those who still suport her… good for you for being GROWN.

Jack on

She is nothing. She is famous because she is hannah montana. She is not famous bieng Miley Cyrus.

She is so trying hard in evrything she does. She is not a good example to the children. She hooks up with many boys at her early age. Prosti… u complete it.

Her voice is not even beautiful. She cant even dance that good. May be she can act, but that all. She is nothing… she is a hooker just like the way she looks in these pictures above.

mii lopes on

OMG :O , as miley is beautiful *.* loved these photos of her.

Mims on

thank you crystal! it seemed like no one understood that comment! she’s saying the jeans are so great that she would pay more for them!

and has no one ever seen a 15/16 year old before? a lot of them show cleavage! i see teenagers everyday with their boobs pushed up to their chins! especially now that it’s summer you will see some of the skimpiest outfits on them! miley comes off as a normal 16 yr old to me. the ONLY thing that bothers me is that the top does look like she’s wearing a corset, and that would be a bit much. I didn’t have much of an opinion on her before, but reading this article makes me like her

amanda on

Isabella – I agree with you that she shouldn’t be showing her boobs, but her upper thighs i don’t. I mean really you see more of her legs in shorts that she wore in the Hannah Montana Movie.

Katie on

Okay, stop the rude comments! She’s just trying to grow up, just be glad she isn’t being lindsey lohan and going out being anorexic and DRUNK! Atleast she isn’t destroying her body. So she’s flaunting a bit, SO WHAT! She’s got a great body and she can take pride in it. I’m her age, I applaud her for branching out a bit for a photo shoot.

What people don’t get is THIS IS HOW TEENAGERS THESE DAYS ARE DRESSING FOR EVERY DAY LIFE! So get over it, look around your town.

Her hair is shorter though…probably just extension taken out, but I think she looks gorgeous either way and way to go on keeping her teeth the way they are! I have to say that I’m like her in that way, one of my teeth is chipped, but I like it. It makes my smile mine. She’s just doing the same. So she’s in the spotlight, doesn’t matter! She can be imperfect and be a rolemodel…in fact. That’s the best way to go!

Juliette on

She thinks she’s all that. “middle america”. wtf. no, the rest of america who isnt rich. And her dad wont let her cut her hair or fix her teeth…but he let his 16 year old date a 20 year old model? wow. little miss hannah montana is growing up WAAAAY too fast and she has not been setting the best example for young fans.

Jill K on

Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t she only 16??? This is way too grown up and sexy for a girl her age. 16 year olds should not be trying to be sexy. Whatever.

Chris on

This is so, so tiresome. Is there a single child star who hasn’t done the “Look-at-me-I’m-no-longer-innocent-I’m-edgy-with-low-cut-clothes-and-looser-morals” interview/photo shoot? I could set my watch to the predictability of what money, fame and the lust for popularity with society do to a child’s character. My kids have begged me to let them be actor’s, but after what I’ve seen of Miley as of late my answer is and will always remain, “No way.”

GirlPwr on

I don’t understand the difference between this photo shoot and the unnecessary controversy that surrounded her Annie Liebowitz shoot a year or so ago where she posed alone and also with her dad? You can’t have it both ways: allowing these incredibly racy and certainly not Hannah Montana-esque photos but also restricting interviews and trying to limit what she says (the radio stations have said she does chaperoned interviews where if you don’t stick to the approved Disney script, the Disney rep ends the call). So, you want to promote her interest in fashion, and in order to do that you have to show her laid up like a $1.50 a night hooker after at a late night rock concert? Where were the Disney chaperones on this one? We continue to send inappropriate and confusing messages about young girls and wonder why they grow up too fast and loose.

lins on

NOONE IS SUGGESTING THAT SHE STAY A CHILD. Obviously, she’s not going to stay that age forever. But again, given that her main audience is STILL tween and pre-teen age, that should be a consideration in terms of how FAST they age her image. Just be more gradual with it…that’s all people are saying. Let her get to at least 18 before you dress her up like a dominatrix.

And Emily, NYC Prep is NOT reality for 99.9% of teenagers. Those kids have endless money at their disposal and no parental guidance whatsoever (what teenager wouldn’t want to experience that). And they’re gonna grow up to be dysfunctional, warped adults – I unfortunately went to school with kids like that and that’s what happens. Even Lindsay Lohan’s life is a prime example of that (no parental guidance, endless money and freedom). And I may be 29 (which is probably old to you), but the only time I’ve seen a real-life teenager dressed like that is on Halloween.

Jill K on

Amen sista!

tibby on

crystal and mims, that is not what she meant by that comment. She would RATHER spend $500 than $20, because than that means the jeans are “high fashion,” more expensive, better. She’s not smart enough to realize that it’s a jab against the very people she is trying to reach with her wal-mart line.

Anon on

Miley Here’s a little message:
Just because you can afford high fashion doesnt mean that your into high fashion. No one cares if you can buy a pair of $500 dollar jeans, we all assume you can you dont have to clarify, but since you chose to brag about your obnoxious and egotistical lifestyle, it makes you look like an idiot. Dont say your into high fashion because im sure you really have no idea what that means. Thanks!

D on

People say she is a teenager and she is going to make mistakes. While that is true, she needs to be more careful about the choices she is making since she is considered a role model to young girls. When I was her age, I never did any of the things that she does. Maybe because I had proper guidance and my mom didnt let me grow up too fast. Remember all those revealing pictures she took and they got plastered all over the web? How is that a “mistake”. Obviously she knew what she was doing. She knew she is a role model. Yet she did it anyway and was forgiven. What kind of example does that set for young fans? If i were her, I would never dream of doing anything like what she has done, because i know that young kids look up to me. She is a snobby, spoiled, little rich girl who cannot sing, or act. She needs to get over herself.

Eva on


Abdo on

Watch out!!! Another Lindsay Lohan Version In The making

S on

There is nothing wrong with the photos I looked at. She is not wearing anything revealing I personally do not like the boots. But she is fine it is nothing like the Vanity Fair photos. You people need to leave the girl alone. I have a 7 year old daughter that loves her and honestly she is a better role model than 99% of the girls in the spotlight. Leave her alone

Macky on

Anon and Tibby- I completely agree with you. You guys took the words right out of my mouth. Thank you! :D

Candie C on

People need to stop saying bad things about miley.. shes just trying new things out cuz you know shes not going to be a disney star forever. Eventually she’s going to try new things and persue different things too. Most teenagers would want to dress older than they look cuz no teenager wants to wear flowers and butterfly’s on their clothing no more.. People need to understand that she’s not just a disney star and i mean shes 16 years old for crying out loud ! stop making it seem like shes 12 years old ! people need to let go of that! Seriously! Selena Gomez dresses older than she actually is also and people don’t say “she’s acting too old for her age” Most 16 year olds are doing worse things and it is so bad for a 16 year old to want to act mature? I mean for what she’s done in the past you can’t really explain that but she’s also just wants to have fun! and her parents do try and set a good example ! i think she’s becoming a fine young lady! So leave her alone! And try looking at yourselves for once cuz like shes sung in one of her songs before “Nobody’s Perfect”

Sheila on

Someone should have checked her parents a long time ago. When she was with the older boyfriend, hanging out with him or maybe he was living with her. Maybe I’m old school, but her parents should never have allowed that. Put some clothes on and act like a teenager. Why rush it?

tammy on


isabel on

I’m 16 and I see how Miley is growing up wayyy to fast. I mean you’re only young once and you should enjoy it. When you’re in your twenties, THEN you can start dressing like that. But There’s a problem with girls my age that try to look grown up or high fashion or whatever and just end up looking like they’re playing dress up. Its pathetic. It just looks like they’re trying too hard to be sexy when sexy comes from within. I just don’t think this whole image she’s trying to put out there with the leather boots and the corset thing she’s wearing on the cover doesn’t fit her. She talks goofy and acts goofy. She should dress to fit her personality, which is that. She’s trying to be something she’s not.

princess on

why are all yeww guys being haters
shes famous wayyy better than yeww guys if urr just here to criticize her then GET A LIFE!!!!hahahaha thes pictures look ah-mazing thank yeww liz i totally agree wit yeww except for all these ppl who are hating if yeww guys dont like her then why are yeww even looking at her pics huh???

Pamela on

She is way too young to be posing like that…and the cover? Her boobs should not be showed off. Shes only 16.

Jeanine on

Most of you sound like bullies in school….jealous much! What does her teeth have to do with anything, she is a pretty young lady that I am sure will grow to be a stunning women. You like to build these girls up and then smack them down. Instead of being haters why not support these young women…before we have them all losing it. She is 16, imagine how you would feel to see this written about you or your child. Miley you are a beautiful young lady and a great role model. Stay focused on that and forget the haters!

Christina on

She is trying way to hard how can she go from shooting nudes from her camera to a big time phootshoot to much; daddy can’t buy her everything.

Mo on

I’m a little surprised that daddy does not approve of her cutting her hair or fixing her teeth but does apparently approve of these inappropriate photo shoots for such a young girl!!

Lindsay on

EEP! i dont think shes old enough for that sort of a shoot… shes only like, what 16…17???

Amber on

In my opinion, she is too young to be posing like that. And her shirt is pretty low-cut. Not how a 16 year old should be dressing.

And this is our generations “role model”??…

Daisy on

Sheesh, cut her some slack… All teenagers want to look good. FYI, she’ll be 17 soon! Everyone thinks of her as some goody-goody teen. that’s because of her tv show! She’s not really like that. I’ll bet anyone $500 that she says cuss words! She’s growing up and people have to except that.

Addie on

Her father seems confused he won’t let her fix her teeth or cut her hair (which I thought she said she wore extensions)–she confuses me, anyways but he allows her to pierce her nose, date a 20 year old at one time, and do a photo shoot like this that is clearly not appropriate she’s only 16. He seems to be a little mixed up.

Christy on

She is just so beutiful I really look up to her…

Erica on

Well at least Miley isn’t walking around or making music video with her belly showing all the time. (Remember Britney Spear did that for most of her career when she started at 16 till she turned 18 and even got breast implants at 16 too.) I have no problem with my 5 year old watching Miley or Hannah Montana and we are both looking forward to seeing her live in concert here in Milwaukee this October when she comes.

Vic2763 on

I’ve realized some ppl just are not able to accept the fact that Hannah(Miley) is growing up. She’s almost 17, these pix are very tastefully done, and she is becoming a lovely young woman. If you have teens, best to take a realistic look at thier lives and communicate with them accordingly.

Victoria on

Isabel said: I’m 16 and I see how Miley is growing up wayyy to fast. I mean you’re only young once and you should enjoy it. When you’re in your twenties, THEN you can start dressing like that. But There’s a problem with girls my age that try to look grown up or high fashion or whatever and just end up looking like they’re playing dress up. Its pathetic. It just looks like they’re trying too hard to be sexy when sexy comes from within. I just don’t think this whole image she’s trying to put out there with the leather boots and the corset thing she’s wearing on the cover doesn’t fit her. She talks goofy and acts goofy. She should dress to fit her personality, which is that. She’s trying to be something she’s not.

^ I second that. Could not have said it better myself. I’m 16 and I wouldn’t show off that much. I don’t want people looking at me and saying “she’s trying to look/act 25.” Because I’m NOT 25. It’s no secret that there are girls our age doing promiscuous things; but I think for Miley Cyrus it should be a little different. She is famous. She has a lot of young fans. It’s not even about her being a “role-model.” Elle Magazine is sold everywhere — like Walgreens. When a 10 year old fan goes to Walgreens and sees Miley on the cover, she’ll want to buy it. But come on… her bust area is just hanging out there!

I want to like Miley Cyrus because I believe she has a good heart, but there is something really annoying about the way she talks and acts. So basically, I’m not a fan or a hater.

Ashley on

what’s wrong with the way she’s dressed? she’s almost 17….dont expect her to be disneyfied for ever there are younger celebs than her wearing far less but no one says anything about that!

jess on

her face ust ruins the whole thing. you don’t have to be pretty to model but it doesn’t mean you should. i hate her she looks like a dog and she has zero talent.

Joy on

Damn! Have any of you really looked at the 16 year old girls these day? They do dress like that. They wear tons of make-up and short dresses. She’s smart to get herself out there like this, it’s what keeps her in business. All I’m saying is that I’m just happy she’s moved away from taking pictures of herself. eeewwwww

LBW on

The outfit is a little old for her, but at least she is covered. As for her dad, well he is there for her. I don’t think we have to worry about a sex tape surfacing with her. Where were the fathers of Lindsey, Paris Hilton and all the other sleazy young girls who will drop their clothes in the blink of an eye?

Missy518 on

She’s 16, not 6. Lighten up. She’s at an age when kids experiment with different ideas of who they want to be when they grow up. It’s fashion, people. It’s not like she’s wearing lucite heels while hanging from a stripper pole.

Neena on

Wow.. I’m shocked at the pictures, especially the clevage on the cover. I don’t care who you are or how much money you make, 16 is still 16!! She is acting and dressing like a 26 yr old! I can’t imagine how she will be when she is really legal..

Waiting for the sex tape to come out..cause it’s coming!

Lil Jimmy Norton on

I’ve already rubbed one out twice to these pictures…I don’t see anything wrong with them…If there’s grass on the field you should be able to play ball right?? Come on who’s with me?

random on

I’m a normal 16 year old, and I don’t care for Miley Cyrus but I don’t hate her either because obviously I don’t know her, so I don’t have any reason to hate her.
I just wanted to set it straight that this is NOT how normal teenagers dress, and no, not all girls these days dress “way worse” than this, because NO ONE ACTUALLY DRESSES LIKE THAT IN REAL LIFE. This is a photoshoot, and not even Miley herself wears outfits like these in real life.

That being said, I don’t think it’s an appropriate photoshoot given who Miley is and the age of her fans. She could’ve just as easily posed for Elle in a classier outfit, still looking grown-up and “high fashion” and still “proving herself,” but not coming off as having a desperate need to appear older and mature. This photoshoot comes off as quite whorish as opposed to classy and mature, and additionally the interview makes her seem really ill-informed, and quite frankly, just plain ignorant.

K on

Daddy needs to cut her off so she knows the value of a dollar! Paying $500 for jeans! IS SHE SERIOUS?! Trish, She does look like a hooker!

considermecrazy on

okey she’s a young teenager! people dressing in black tight leather. she’s a rolemodel for thousands of young girls all over the globe she cannot dress like this i have a 10 year old daughter completely obssesed with miley cyrus if she is going to dress like a big girl than she needs to think like one two.

Kate on

I wish people would quit hating on Miley. I know 16 year olds that dress much worse then she does and act much worse. These pictures are really good and are high fashion. They aren’t revealing at all. They aren’t showing anything they shouldn’t be showing. Most models start at her age and dress like this so I don’t know why people would be hating her for that. I love Miley and I think she’s a great role model for kids. She hasn’t done anything bad and yes she has made mistakes but that is what all teenagers do. I wish her the best and I can’t wait to see her line of clothing at Wal-Mart!


she 17! she looks out awkward

Tiffany on

Except she did fix her teeth… And her dad won’t let her cut her hair? I would say a decision like that Miley can make on her own. I don’t really see how it has anything to do with “being her.”

CS on

I don’t understand the obsession with Miley, she’s not talented and appears that she is trying to hard. She has plenty of time to act like an adult when she is one, she should appreciate being a teenager while she can. I don’t see the appeal of a girl with little talent who can’t form an intelligent sentence.

Stephanie Press on

She looks like a tart. I guess we should all just give up because that what teenagers “want”. Well, teenagers are inexperienced and need guidance, not to be supporting their families as an industry.

king khan on

i love fashion, and i like fashion ,but there r so many diffrent things which people dont like u may take good steps with fasion, and u will become great,fasion house

king khan on


tate on

she’s fake, and Elle should have picked someone classy to do their photo shoot.

ingy ahmed el boudy on


SKgz on

Anyone who says she is too young is obviously demented. She is 16 years old, and in some months, she will be 18.

Most celebrities get their big break at 17, take for instance Rihanna and Beyonce.

Being 16 is not being a kid. It’s young, but I bet half the people who have written something in this commentary had sex before 16. Myself not included.

mosneagul on


Nika on

i am 16 and i would not want to look like that. it’s inapropriate to be dressing like that at the age of 16, especially as a public figure. as for her comment, “I would pay $500 for the jeans that we make for $20. I’m really into high fashion,” jeans are not high fashion and just because they are expensive doesn’t make them high fashion.

bulldogbanners on

Thats right, most models you see in high fashion mags are young, many are under 18 so cut the kid a break.

Kristen on

I think when she dresses like this (In a way ) It makes her look younger. When I look at these pictures it reminds me shes only 16, and is still a child. She shouldnt be dressing like this. You can stil be into “High Fashion” and not look like this.

ashes2ashley on

i think she is a beautiful girl who can make her own decisions when it comes to fashion and how she wants to present herself.

Mel on

Can’t cut her hair or fix her teeth BUT can date a 20 year old MAN!!!

Miley Cyrus: High Fashion Calling | Miley Cyrus, Newsies | Just Jared Jr. - JJJ on

[…] Miley Cyrus is a Fashionista […]

Emily on

I like Miley and these pictures are gorgeous, how can people say shes too young to dress like that shes 16! What is she spose to wear clothes from the kids section at wal mart? Just let her grow up.

annie on

I dont know about everyone else but if you look around there are tons of young girls dressing just like her, when i was her age all girls wore short shorts and low cut shirts, do i want my child to dress that way…NO but now days it is hard to find clothes for girls that are not revealing. sad but true and it did not start becasue of Miley.

J on

Ew if I wanted a teenybopper on the cover of my magazine, I would buy seventeen. Elle is for grown women, not teens. Child knows nothing about high fashion and how to behave appropriately for her age.

Grace on

Im sick of -as a teenager you can make mistakes- I KNOW WE CAN but c’om. you SHOULD Learn from ’em, she keeps making the same mistakes all over again.. im done with her so far… look at that.. she looks like shes 20.. shes gonna end worse than lindsay lohan.. but i still respect Lindsay.. but i cant respect Miley or her family, it seems like they dont care about her CHILD anymore.. thank God im having such a normal life.. and my family cares about me.

Grace on

Their CHILD*

Isabella on

She is a role model i dont care if she likes it or not but she isss!!! she shouldnt be dressing like that.. as far as she is going, there is not a good future for her, My baby sister used to look up to her, she is not anymore. THANK YOU GSUS!

Trish on

Miley Cyrus may be a role model but stop comparing her to “Models”, yes Models may dress that way yet she is not a Model. She’s an attention craving teen just like most. Emma Watson is 19, very classy famous and never has dressed like this…and guess what? People respect her for it, Emma is what you’d call a good role model.

Tricia on

like i really care.

deanna on

the cover isn’t so pretty. otherwise, the other pic looks gorgeous. anyways, I don’t like Miley Cyrus at all. she seems kinda fake to me, i don’t know.

marylynn on

I think she looks really pretty there but that just isnt how young girls should see her with her boobs hanging out at 16.

Jenny on

She is not that good looking, does not have a feminine face at all, and is paid way too much. A teen star with no brains and no individuality, she wears what her stylist tells her. Why they are giving her a hot leather look is beyond me, she has the sex appeal of a turtle.

sheesh on

Nice way to illustrate the love of high fashion. Laying on a table wearing those boots. Doesn’t communicate anything else at all!

Sophia on

She looks beautiful. These pictures are not risque and they don’t make her look older than she is. People need to stop it with all of the double standards. When Miley poses like this, people think she looks too old etc, but when others do it, no comments are made. She isn’t perfect, but she looks great in this magazine.

Jes on

Wow, her dad won’t let her fix her teeth? Because it’s her? That’s one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard.

Ken on

Why is everyone so offended by these pictures? I’ve seen kids dress in things much more revealing. Besides, Miley ain’t gettin’ any younger! She’s gotta grow up some time.

Lauren F on

Wow. I’m completely disturbed by what some people are writing about this amazing 16 year old girl. She’s actually WORKED to get what she’s earned and whether you believe she’s talentless or not.. She has inspired many that you don’t have to be perfect. Miley is also a 16 year old girl who likes to dress up. I’d like to hear that everything some of you wore when you were 16 was age appropriate but I doubt it. Frankly I love Miley AND her fashion sense. Keep Rockin Miley!!

jason on

miley looks HOT! is she single? i want to date her she sexy!

Alice on

Once again, Miley continues to disappoint. Does she still call herself a role model? The last time I checked, 16 is NOT 18. Also, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato are the same age but you don’t see them dressing up in hooker clothes just to grace the cover of a magazine.


Oh come on people cut her a break. Although shes trying to be more grown up than she is you cant blame her…shes in a highly pressured position where everything she does is critised to an extent that i cant believe shes still so strong and confident. Sure i do critise her alot but you gotta give her credit that shes not letting it cut her down and shes really really pretty and i love her attitude!!
im younger than her by a year and i look up to her

Kels on

yeah I pretty sure she doesnt care that u guys think shes to young 4 this. I think shes old enough. and I really like Miley shes awesome!

lulu on


ayo on

i tink she is 4 me i like her.keep it up girl

Lola on

For all the people who say that this is how everybody her age dresses, I can tell you that it is is most certainly not true. I’m not much younger than Miley, and I don’t know anybody who dresses like that. Even if they do, they definitely aren’t on the cover of a major magazine.

Luisana on

Look i like Miley Cyrus No matter what happens and if she does this type of photoshoot, i dont care is her life, i just like her songs and nothing more, she is how she is, and if she likes this type of photoshoot, good for her, is her life, she is like another normal person, she wants to have fun and grow up, leave her alone.

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inthepublic2 on

whats wrong with you people? Shes a teenager, every teenage girl including me would take that photo shoot in a second, sure she looks sexy, but a low tank top and a leather jacket isn’t bad. The only thing i do not like about her/life right now is that shes been forced to grow up. I’m a teenager who’s had to grow up too because I’m in the public too. (id rather keep this anonymous.) please leave Miley alone. shes gone through a lot. Shes made millions, but had to deal with the not glamorous side of fame.

ashley on


angeli on

i like her music





Miley GUYrus on


Miley GUYrus on

Get a gum transplant and grow up… Get like Britney Spears and do some heroin… get some crack in your pipe… Catch chlamydia on a bicycle seat.

Stacia on

“This is going to be good for, like, Middle America.”

Gag. She really has no sense of the lives of others who aren’t spoiled rotten as she is. I’m sure many people would be “in to” high fashion if they could afford to wear it. And she said (nicely)that she won’t wear inexpensive clothes. What a little brat, ugh! I couldn’t care less about the clothes that she’s wearing, it’s her attitude and ignorance that needs a makeover.


miley cyrus ja dobra herecka sj spevacka.mam ju rada ale ked nie je s rodicmi vie dobre vivadzat. :-)

jab on

ANON you speak like you really do know what high fashion is. remember that it takes one to know one. i’m sure you all are just haters, taking theirbtime to read miley’s article just to bring her down, in the first place you shouldn’t have even viewed this article you no goog obnoxious haters!

Tarshia on

Please vote for ashley tisdale at TCA she worked so hard and it would mean a lot to her

dennis on

Miley is the hottest. Let her do what she wants.

Miley Cyrus: High Fashion Calling - Celebrity Wildcard | Celebrity Wildcard on

[…] Miley Cyrus is a Fashionista […]

sahra on

I dont really hate miley, but looking at this pic i feel like hating her… isnt her dad ashamed well oh well let her do what she wants no one can really stop her. Eventhough shes growing up too fast !.!x!.!

Envy on

Kids arent sypposed to dress like that but they do. Blame the parents! not the kids. in Highschool girl dress way skimpier then that. we are not living in the 50’s anymore.

p on

this is a joke right? shes such a hooker!

Joshua Brown on

chlamydia can give you lots of painful and itchy moments so always practice safe sex.:~,

banana on

wow she is so slaty come on miley Ur sixteen

giselle on

hold up she is 16 not fuking 19-20

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