Whose New Haircut is Hotter: Chace or Zac?

07/06/2009 at 05:49 PM ET

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Last year’s hottest look for young male stars was definitely the boy bangs, but this summer, it’s all about a closer crop and lots of forehead. First, Chace Crawford debuted a new look on the set of Gossip Girl, that the show’s costumer revealed to InStyle.com was actually a mistake that worked out well! He got it cut in England. It was just supposed to be a trim,” says show hairstylist Jen Johnson. “It’s shorter and pushed back off his beautiful face. We think it was a great mistake!” And now, Zac Efron has also cut off his trademark side-swept bangs for a fresh and clean do that he showed off over the holiday weekend. Is it coincidence that both heartthrobs gave up their bangs for similar new crops? Maybe, but that doesn’t stop us from comparing them. Vote in our poll below!

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Trish on

They both look so great! It’s really tough to choose between the two.

Christina on

Theres my boys- both lookin good as usual!

shivi on


Wendy! on


nicole on

I love Chace! I have never been a big fan of Zac.

tn on

chace will always be 10 times cuter and hotter than zac!

jen on

never liked that fuggly hairstyle on men anyway…what were they thinking….all i can think of is acne!

Ann Elzer on

Both Zac & Chace new hair styles can be summed up in one word – UNKEMPT!!! Nice looking lads however. (:

Thalia on

chace is way HOTTER :)

i agree with nicole..i’ve never been a big fan of Zac

Olivia on

My preference is Zac, the haircut and the guy.

daysee on

I think Zac is much cuter And has better hair.

Ema on

Zac is and always will be the hotter one!

Lisa on

It’s about time they both got their hair cut! They were like shaggy dogs desperately in need of grooming! Hopefully all the teen followers will cut their mop as well!

Jan Jelinek on

Wow— to be 20 again with these guys running around………….

jared4ever on

Chace Crawford is SOOOOO BORING!!! I can’t wait til his 15 minutes are up.

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Donna West on

Both too girly.

Karen on

CHACE!!! he is waaaaay better than zac (who can’t have an actual career outside of disney channel)

Tami on

Zac has that raw, rugged, sexy, I-want-to-do-him look. Yum!!!!

Phyl on

I guarantee Chace Crawford is Gay and it is just a matter of time before he outs himself!

LuLu on

chace is the hottest celeb. is hair will always be the best, sorry zac.

Marley on

Both are so handsome, but Chase is my pick!

Rhoda on

Both haircuts look nice. I’ve never been into Chace, but I’m a huge Zac Efron fan.

caroline on


so cute

Annelise on

I love how everyone is fawning over Zac Efron’s “hair cut”. If you look closely, it’s still just as long, but he combs it back. Perhaps “hair style” is the better poll choice.

Lola on

Chace looks so much better, but they’re both really HOT!

Nicole on

Firstly, Chace got his before Zac, and secondly, he looks WAY better. No offense to Zac or anything.

chumi on

everybody knows who kis looking hotter and getting better its none other than the cutie guy of hollywood CHACE…………….

Estelle on

I have to go with Chace though Zac is not too bad. Chace’s nose is perfect, not to mention those eyes and check out those eyebrows, LOL!!!

maegan on

Chase is so much better looking then zac:( i don’t like him)

mistyluv7 on

Neither one looks good in those shots. They look like they need a shampoo.

carol on

Chace looks much “cleaner”, therefore better! And a comment to Phyl, even if Chace is gay…he is still great to look at!!

Nikki Howard on

omg!! CHACE! So hot!

anna on

wtf? how did chace win?! don’t get me wrong, he’s hot but zac with that haircut is… *drools*.

and he cut it for his new movie, not because he’s copying rpattz. just wanted to say that. (:

Yuri on

ZAC IS THE hottest and the cutest!!!!

lala on

chace is so much hotter.. no one is hotter than him.. especially a loser guy like zac.. hahaha

Kristina on

(gasps) OMJ i can’t believe zac cut his sexy long hair. oh well he’s still sexy.

Naomi on

zac will always be hotter than chace whatever the hairstyleee!!
zac winss hands down

KJC on

Not a fan of either boy really, but if I had to choose who has the better hair style, I suppose I’d go with Chase. His looks nice and structured.
Zac’s hair is shorter in the back now, but the front is still long, he’s just pushed it back a little. Ditto to the shampoo comment… this boy needs a good wash!

sjb90 on

I’m with Chase. He looks a lot more sultry hahaha and whenever I see Zac I just picture him dancing with a basketball. hahaHAHAHahaha

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CHristi on

They both look great, Zac really needed one bad!
I would have to say Chase! His is a little shorter on top, & I HATE hair in the eyes, and i think Zac still wants a little bit of that. But again they both look really hot!

Christina on

Chace is a Zac wannnabe!!

Alessandra on

Chace <3 <3 <3

Nina on

Chace is muuuuch hotter than Zac.
But they’re both really good-looking boys (;

Dominika on


Lolly on

Both are gorgeous but Zac Efron will always be my choice, and his new hair cut is gorgeous!

colee on


Karla07 on

It’s so hard to choose they’re both hot!!!

chel chel on

even though im a fan of zac i think chase rocks the hair cut a bit better

elena on

Zac’s haircut is way better than Chaces, his haircut makes me want to kiss him even more. His brown hair is the same color as mine!=)

sofia on

Chace crawford’s hair is so hot, I can die for him. He is so cute in gossip girl and I wanna marry him! I am a hobo.(not reaaaaalllly)=)

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Heather on

Zac times 1000.
Not only does he look happier in his picture than Chase, but its good to see his gorgeous face back out from behind the mop of hair. Chase looks pretty much the same to me.

Nuria on


samantha on

zac forsho

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Kat on

Zac is hotter and sexier than Chace.

lala on

Zac way cooler

Ryan on

I would definitely choose Zac.
Hes just all around better looking :]

Jenna on

OMG!!!!!!!!!! Zac is so much hotter than chace crawford.

jessica on


ellyne on

I’ve never been a fan of Chace Crawford. hes cute, but Zac’s Gorgeous. and his hair shows off his face and eyes. So my pick is Zac.

nikki on

UUMM ZACCC EFRONN!!! zac efron has a GREAT new look especially wen he doesnt gell it, he looks sexy wen he was with vanessa the other day!!!

camilí on

ZAC’S! COOL haircut

chace’s is boring

Rachel on


Lauren on

chace doesn’t even compare to zac.
i mean just look at him.

K on

Although Chase looks a TAD hotter, Zac is actually better suited to this hairstyle than Chase. It makes zac look more his age, where as, Chase just looks like a hobo.

Erica on

well,they both look hot :))

i’m not taking sides ;)

Daniela on

That is not the best pic of Zac, but I prefer Zac anyway.

eli efrOn on

I think zac iS the best
of best

jen on

zac looks way better than chace
but both still cute

Brenda on

I Love♥ zac

me on

when doing polls like this you should have two comparable pics, chace’s hair is clearly styled while zac’s isn’t so there’s a bias towards chase right away – mags do this far too often when comparing photos

alliesnaps on

I think Zac Efron wears it better. But they both look good.

katia on

both are so hot , but i prefer Zac <3

Amy on

Its weird because although most people here have said they prefer Zac’s hair he’s still losing in the poll!
Zac looks much better, it suits him a whole lot more! Zac ftw :)

daniela on

of coz zac is hotter…come on, guys…
he is ALWAYS hotter than chace!!!!!

sol on

they both look beautiful (L)
any way, I voted for zac,

alicia on

of course chace

christine on

Zac is my pick, has always been, and will always be.

lem on


Vicky on

Hope their ears don’t get sunburned!

Julie R. on

Okay, this was a bit of a toughy. Yes, both are amazingly handsome. They got talent. In the end, I chose Chace. Chace is my guy.

benji on

ZAC EFRON is the sexiest man a live, and he will be it for ever, and no other man has a chance to be hotter as he !

Chloe on

Is it just me or is this a copy of the Edward twilight mini-bouffant?

sarah on

zac is a little girl’s crush but chance is drop dead hot.

tamara on

i think zac looks neat and it also looks the best to me but they both look very wonderful

Arianna on

Chace is way hotter. I think Zac’s hair looks horrible!! Can’t wait for Footloose, Chace.

Jill K on

It doesn’t look like to me that they got a hair cut. It just looks like they pulled their bangs out of their face. BTW Chace definitely gets my vote:)

Christina on

Zac dump Vanessa and I’ll pick you ha

MC on

lol I thought they were the same person! Why choose (almost) similar outfits? Anyways, I’ve never been a big fan of both guys but based on these pictures they both look great. No need for comparison.

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Lucia on

Ann – They’re over 21 so they’re hardly school boys ;)

katie on

in my opinion i’d say zac, from what i have seen, i prefer the way he acts and his appearance.

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emilia on

omg r u kidding??????????/its totally ZAC EFRON…..

Po0ria on

Zac`s Style is hotter !!! u KnoW !! Look At his eyes ! ANd Face !!Look So cute !!
Only Zac !

Angie on

Zac Efron is the hottest man in the world, i love him an i love his new haircut, he looks so sexy.

Rebma Selarom on

Wow ya all dumb….Ya choosing for the looks when the question is about the Hairstyle not looks…And Zac’s Haircut is Clearly better…In a matter of fact he is sexier too but The Haircut looks way better, Chace’s looks Dirty and Messed up

JB on

i love Zac so am going 4 zac in this time
nice haircut
zac zac zac zac zac

Yaroslava on


Miss Glitzy on

Interesting how you managed to find pictures of them in similar shirts! But my pref is the hottest bachelor Chace Crawford!

linoy on

zac efron !!!

Meg on

OMG, they’re so hot !!! But I think Zac’s the HOTTEST !! Love him !

ann on

zac no 1 xoxo

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christine on

Zac, no doubt. No offense, but Chace looks a tad bit like an elf. I’ll bet the only reason he won People’s Hottest Bachleor is that he was the underdog. I seriously doubt he won. Also, Zac COULDNT have won both this title and Hottest body, so People gave it to Chace. Better him than Pattison.

megan on

i like both they r realy hot and they r so lucky . i wish i was chace gf but that wont happen

sophie x on

I think zac efron’s hair is better then the other man’s! x

Zac efron’s hair is always sexy! x

Ciera on

Um, yeah Zac Efron is wayyyyy better than Chace Crawford. Just saying my opinion! Freedom of speech! I LOVE ZAC!

tite haley on

je vote largeme,t pour Zac Efron sa lui va tro bien cette coupe et je dédeste chace crowford je suis ke chece crowfort la recopoer

tite haley on


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[…] was spotted in Vancouver Airport and on a side note don’t forget to vote here for Zac for best new hair […]

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Michaela on

Zac Efron



Silvana on

Der schönste junge Mann auf unserer Erde ist eindeutig Chace Crawford. Wer wollte das bezweifeln?

Ich habe mir etliche Fotos von Chace Crawford angesehen, auch solche, die ihn mit unbekleidetem Oberkörper zeigen. Einfach total sexy !!! ……. Einen schöneren jungen Mann als Chace kann es wohl nicht geben.

Mich faszinieren vor allem das supersüße Traumbäuchlein dieses jungen Mannes und seine Brüste, die sehr knackig sind und zugleich so fein und so rein wie sanft rieselnder Schnee.

Das bezaubernd süße Bäuchlein unseres Chace und seine knackigen Brüste ……. Sie sind so was von schön und zart und appetitlich ……. entfachen in mir ein loderndes Feuer ……. machen mich echt heiß wie einen Ofen …….

Aber auch sein schöner Rücken, seine breiten Schultern, seine großen, kristallklaren, blauen Augen, sein schöner Mund, sein süßes Näschen, sein schlanker Hals, seine Stirn und seine Wangen bezaubern mich immer wieder.

Diesen bezaubernd schönen Chace ganz zärtlich zu streicheln und zu liebkosen, muss ein sehr beglückendes Erlebnis sein. Echt ein erotisches Highlight.

Möge es Chace gut gehen! Möge sein Leben gelingen! Und möge er zufrieden, froh und glücklich werden!

Das wünscht unserem geliebten Chace von ganzem Herzen


jenifer on

o meu zac é o maius lindo em tudo ninguem o ganha

jenifer on

lindo é o zac e ele é muito quente

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