Jennifer Lopez Closes Down her Sweetface Clothing Line

06/24/2009 at 12:20 PM ET

JP Yim/WireImage

The recession has already claimed its faire share of celebrity lines from Mandy Moore’s Mblem to Lauren Conrad’s eponymous clothing line going on hiatus, and now WWD is reporting that Jennifer Lopez is following suit and shuttering the doors on her Sweetface line. After six years, Sweetface is halting production after the spring 2009 line, which is in stores now. Sweetface started in 2003 as a urban streetwear spin-off to the JLO by Jennifer Lopez line, but soon became a high end contemporary line. While Sweetface isn’t over forever — the company plans to relaunch with a new vision– no date has been set for its return to stores. But if you are a dedicated J. Lo shopper, you are still in luck — her JLO by Jennifer Lopez line still sells in 40 countries outside of the U.S, and she has six highly successful perfumes with another on the way later this year. Tell us: Are you sad to see Sweetface go?

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Jennifer Lopez Closes Down her Sweetface Clothing Line - MashGet Fashion on

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Lindy on

No, I’m not sorry to see it go, but I wouldn’t mind revisiting the line if she relaunches it. Her style wasn’t my style and way too youthful and teeny-bopper for a grownup to wear, which is what she is. Her scents are the same way, but if you like scents that are fresh and youthful and clean, and I do, then by all means by them. I own a few of those fragrances. But the clothing? No.

Lisa on

Glad to hear it. I could never believe that she would be so oblivious as to name her line which sells fur “Sweetface”.

christian on

obviously i’m sad , Jennifer Lopez is no 1 DIVA , i love her so much and her fashion clothing line , and now she closes her stores … i’m realy sad

Jackie on

Honestly, who cares. It’s time for her to rethink her businesses and career. She is forty years old now and the mother of 4 children including her step children. The young hip-hop, I’m from the bronx and the block is a thing of the past. She really needs to think more maturely and think sophistication. If she tries to come back into the music business dressing like she did prior to her kids she’ll just be another old actress/singer trying to be young. As a latina, I would like to see her who is representing latinos do more around the world than walking around in high end clothing and flaunting her money she should put her money to good use. She needs to stop hanging out with Tom Cruise and trying to be Puerto Rican when it suits her and take notes from Angelina Jolie and do something. Too bad Ben Affleck dumped her she could of learned alot from him as well.

Amanda on

You know what – I care. And you know why? Because I have a lot of friends that work at that company. Good, hard working people that are now probably going to be out of a job because of this. And guess what? She did employ a lot of great women, some of who were of different ethnic backgrounds, including latina. So to sit there and say she has a disconnect, that is completely wrong. She is a good person with an amazing work ethic and it is sad to see a company with such hard working ways go to the wayside. Shame on you for saying “Who Cares” to a room of people who will no longer be employed. Think about the whole picture.

kenya on

jackie –

Stop trying to blast JLO for being rich, confident, beautiful, famous and successful chica!

Waht exactly have you done lately? Donated to any charities? Volunteered in your latino community lately? Look at yourself and what you bring before looking to JLO.

Summer on

You guys need to get a life! I mean who cares?

AnnieJ on

What a shock….and she looks like a cow.

Elda on

Aw Man, i’m going to miss her clothing line!! NOT!! i agree w/Lisa, enough w/fur already!! Animals have done suffered enough from our hands!!

Sari on

Jennifer needs to act her age she dresses very immature, and her clothing line is for young girls, she should put her money to good use maybe take some moral lessons and learn to stay away from Married men, She should learn from Dayanara That’s a real women.


Although I like one of her fragances, nor so her clothing line which in my opinion is very cheap.

Cat on

Seriously, she is so stuck on herself…I could care less about her fashions and clothing lines. She tried the “from the block” thing when in reality it was highly publicized that she wouldn’t let people look her in the eye because they were beneath her. Ridiculous, pompous, self-important ‘ho. It is sad people will lose their employment but it is happening in all areas of the economy…she is more concerned with making alot of money to support her over indulgent life style than to maintain the operations to help those who are employeed by her get thru these tough times. That is the saddest part of all and I will not waste a penny of my hard earned money on any of her products.

browneyes902 on

she had a clothing line ??????????????

jj on

No..not at all. Her clothes look like they are only for teenagers. She is 40 years old and should have been making clothes for women that have bodies not skinny young thangs.

Serah on

Glad to hear it. She needs to stop using and selling fur as an accessory.

Lisa on

OMG…you people are funny. her clothing line is probably for the teenagers you say it looks like. Who do you think pays for her music and wears her clothes?? Of course she’s going to cater to them, they’ve made her a fortune. I would too. That being said, I’m with browneyes902…she had a clothing line?? lol

vivi on

For her “who cares”, hope it’s gone for good.It’s looked very cheap in my opinion,and i agree that she uses the latina name for her own convenience, in my eyes i don’t think she is proud to be a latina. I’ve seen Eva Longoria doing more for the Latin community than JLO.

MJR on

No I am not sad that she is closing her line of clothes. Not much taste.

Debbie on

Can any of you critics spell? There are so many typographical errors and misspelled words, it’s ridiculous.

Nelly on

I love J-Lo, Still is my favorite perfume of her’s. She will be back which is a good thing. I sure it will do just a well if not better.

Mikala on

I had never even heard of her Sweetface clothing line until I read this article. So no, I won’t miss it.


Who cares !!!! Her clothing line was not that great,and also why should we buy her clothes for. By buying Jennifer clothes and perfumes she keeps getting richer and richer..and we keep getting poorer. I do not belive her wearing fur so why not donate her money from Sweetface clothing line and give to the shelters for the animals. Would’t they like to walk around with diamonds around their neck and a good filet.

Allene on

who? what is sweetface? does she make movies anymore? how about music? is she really even relevant ?aside from being rich and average looking what does she contribute?

Bessie on

She has always thought of her self way more than she should. She has as much talent as I do, and considering I don’t have talent…

shan on

gee, maybe w/ two babies j.lo is too busy to torture innocent animals to death.

Bernie Velasquez on

As a member of PETA. I am so glad it is closing down. Anyone who uses FUR doesn’t deserve to have a clothing line.

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Suzy on

Nope, don’t care whatsoever. She has enough to fall back on, I feel no pitty for her. And yeah, she’s going to be 40 next month. She’s all washed up already. J-LO, stop acting like you’re still 25. Your @ss is not that great anymore. There are plenty of beautiful woman in Hollywood that have replaced you.

Holly on

I only read these posts so that I can laugh at how people allow themselves to get so upset and disturbed by articles that really aren’t news.
Change is good and ever constant. Nothing is permanant except change.

Cate on


See what go?


macko on

Its so divisive and racist to bring ‘latina’ into it, who cares what race she is, she is american. she isn’t representing latino’s (and what does that mean anyway) she is an entertainer who happens to be lucky enough to be popular with a lot of people.
He clothing line was just another attempt by a popular entertainer to cash in on their popularity, she probably never wore or designed the clothes. I and most of my friends would AVOID buying anything -perfume or clothing by any popular entertainer…they don’t need anymore of my money.

Angela on

I hadn’t heard of ‘Sweetface’ in the first place, won’t be missed!

Courtney on

jennifer lopez is MY STYLE ICON!!! LOVE HER

Rose Lady on

It’s so nice that you’re all so sympathetic with all of the people losing their jobs. I do agree, what the heck difference does it make what her nationality is, do you worry about the nationality of who made every piece of clothing you buy?????
Get over yourselves and get a life. Live and let live.

amber on

Maybe if she hadn’t been so high on her clothing, this wouldn’t have happened.

Ana on

Bring back the ‘J.Lo’ line instead… loved that one. And make it less expensive so I can afford it. Better yet, more movies and music please :)

albert on

it is really sad to see it go, but JLO as usual always have something else under her sleeves.she is such a multitalented individual who keeps on getting lovelier!

wendy on

Haters are everywhere. The girl is doing her thing and yes, we all have to evolve in our lifetimes in our relationships, fashion, work, etc. Haters, look in the mirrors at your own “HOT MESS” and think about what have you done lately to uplift others around you. I’m not even Latina, but can appreciate “jenny from the block” coming up inspiring others in the entertainment business. Remember, she’s an entertainer. You either hate her or love her. Like momma said, “If you don’t have anything good to say, then shut the “bleep” up!” Well, something like that.

Chassity on

omg, i’m so upset. i been buying all her products from every lines for years.

Chatty on

Aw no she can go!

Akesha on

I think its sad when a business go under in these days. Her clothes were not designed for me, but I think they were nice, and I hope she does relaunch soon.

Michele on

Im sorry, but is there anyone on the planet that cares about JLo anymore???

Sw33tz on

Honestly, who cares! why???she still has millions…yes I feel bad for the people that will lose their job because it pays their bills and put food on the table.
JLO still has her mansion, her bentley, her diamonds, oh not to mention her chinchilla fur coats!????
However there is people that are still trying to survive in this world. JLO is in way better place then most of us! Yes she made herself a DIVA, but why feel sorry for a clothing line that is going away??? I’m not hating on J-LO my point is why care about a clothing line??? is not like your gonna die w/out wearing her clothes! JLO is a very talented, gorgeous woman who work hard to be where she is today. I like her even more then Kimora Lee Simmons!

Honey Child on

She looks like a cow? OMG … do you have an eating disorder or something? She looks like a REAL WOMAN. She’s sexy, and confident. Loves it! Curves are IN, honey. No man wants bones in the bed.

pat on

she was born here!!! she’s not latina!!! people:don’t you undersatnd?…as an spanish :money doesn’t buy class:she’s is a lowwwww class person….her husband a cheater,she makes enough money to buy designer’s clothing…doesn’t make her sophisticated or elegant…common sense .not impressed at all.

pat on

by the way..not proportion in her body…big ass and no teets!!! too funny.good luck all.

Lily on

All of you people are haters. I like her, she does her own thing. She’s rich, fabulous and beautiful, all the more reasons for haters to hate. Instead of hating on her why don’t you all go do something more useful with your lives. Haha i bet none of you would dare say this to her face. Get a life people, get a life.

sasha on

bye sweetface

Frankelstache on


What will I wear now for my monthly outing at La Piñata? J Lo is such a fashionista, I live off of her.

Krissy on

Jackie, stop hating on J. Lo. Very jealous there aren’t you! She’s beautiful and talented!

iscreamfashionblog on

I’m not gonna lie, I am sad to see Sweetface go. I remember when she had one of the first celebrity clothing lines and when she was on top of the world and paparazzi were stalking her all the time. Jobs are going to be lost too…

raj on

she is look like a angel

maggie k on

I’m looking forward to seeing JLo’s new clothing line. I have always loved Jennifer Lopez and think she is absolutely one of the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen.

big e on

Good Riddance!!

designentice on

I am a dedicated fan of Jlo & I am so devistated that theres NO MORE Sweet Face =[ But I am excited for the line to come back with a new vision =] We need more jlo now a days but I am happy that she is happy creating a beautiful family =] I continue to look forward to anything Jlo! The last I seen of her was her new Hair-do with the cute bangs!!!! She’s lookin awesome & she still got that shocking beauty!

A L O H A !!!!!!


sumbadeezmom on

Never heard of that line, she is getting older as we all do and certain styles are not becoming on women after a certain age. She still got the look, and perhaps she should design clothing for children instead. I am afraid of lions and tigers and bears, oh my… personally animals should only be killed if they are about to attack or are a danger to humans, ie. pork as an unclean animal. Pigs shouldn’t be allowed to be bred, but that’s another story, the Bible. J-Lo could then donate some of the clothing to charities.

Dena Condron on

Never heard of her clothing line, don’t care if it goes out of business (except for the loss of jobs by its employees). Could care less about celebrity fashions, perfumes, whatever. Only posting because people need to know that there are more important things to worry about.

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Chelo on

She’s a mom now… she won’t have any time.

martha on


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Blogger S…

Bonnie on

I am shocked at the number of Age Bias and Unintelligent remarks of individuals posting on this site. Obviously, vanity, insecurity, and over-inflated egos and from the signs, definitely — Jealousy — run rampant (yes, little girls – look that word up) on this posting, which is very disappointing. The amusing part is, that you’ll have a different view of business and others once you “grow up” (be that due to age or just mental immaturity – regardless of your chronological age). I just realized how difficult and stressful it must be for the immature to compete with those of substance. *laughs*..nice to learn that there isn’t any contest.

Criticize once you have started a company with your own money, made your 1st Million, aged to over 35, and manage to still have men falling at your feet admiring your brains along with your beauty and talent (at whatever). *laughs*

Until then, your ‘opinions’ count for very little and only show your ignorance. *laughs*

And for those that said “Couldn’t care less” well apparently you do, or you wouldn’t have taken the time to post. *smiles*

For those that criticize the “fur”, unless you are a vegetarian and support animal rights (as I am/do) you (individually) are contributing to the problem of ‘animal welfare’ with every meal, so you have no room to talk. Besides, are you THAT sure her line consisted of ‘real fur’ versus ‘fake fur’? go to (which before you jump on another soap box is ALL Fake Fur!) so now a days you can’t tell the difference if it is well made.

It’s a shame that so many people use the 1st Amendement, yet know not of what they speak, broaden your horizons, get an education, and certainly some personal experience; then maybe open your mouth, but try NOT to do it before you stop and ‘think’, a concept which will come hard to a lot of blog ‘comment’ posters.

As to how I feel about her line “going”, yes, it is sad that the Economy has claimed another enterprise, regardles of the Industry or product line. Times are hard for almost everyone and with a general ‘tightening of the belt’, the luxury items tend to be the first ones on the chopping block, so designers, high end retailers, all the way down to manufacturing are now feeling the proverbial (another word some of you will have to look up) ‘pinch’. So, regardless of how I may feel about any designer’s particular ‘style’, I do hope to see her line return, along with others, diversity allows everyone an ‘option’ (i.e. wouldn’t life be dull if there was only 1-2 designers?), so bravo and good luck for the ones that are out there hanging on by a thread and I hope to see a return for those who have temporarily ‘departed’.

Lala on

Not really, I never bought a single thing from her line. I think she will manage with her millions anyways, it will probably cost more to keep it going than what she’s selling.

Ruby on

Shame on all you haters…you should be ashamed of yourselves. I think she has tons of talent and has the courage to express those talents. It’s one thing to dream big but to actually follow through and put effort into making those dreams come alive should be respected. Hey whats’ not good for you may be great for someone else. p.s. do some more research on Jennifer before making yourself look foolish.

cecile on

well i do care although i am not really interested in that kind of dressing. but i do appreciate people who give some meaning to their lives and the lives of others. JLo u know what, i pray u come back stronger and better.

Sandie Uhde on

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