Jessica Simpson Stars in New Reality Series: The Price of Beauty

06/22/2009 at 04:57 PM ET

Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Ever since she performed at a Florida concert last February in high-waisted “mom jeans” that made her the target of scrutiny by body bullies, Jessica Simpson has continued to be critiqued about her figure and her weight. And now it’s her turn to do the scrutinizing in her new VH1 docu-series called The Price of Beauty.

Starting in July, Jessica will travel the globe talking to everyday women about the lengths they go for beauty, while investigating — and even participating in — some of their dietary fads, beauty regimens and apparel. “When [I was approached] for a show about true beauty, I was immediately intrigued,” Jessica said in a statement. “I have always believed that beauty comes from within and confidence will always make a woman beautiful, but I know how much pressure some women put on themselves to look perfect. I am really looking forward to discovering how beauty is perceived in different cultures and participating in some of the crazy things people do to feel beautiful. I know we will all learn a lot on this journey.”

Simpson seems to have moved past the criticism targeted at her earlier in the year, and is looking forward to the next chapter in her career. “Jessica is so excited to start shooting the show,” says a source close to the pop star. “She has been doing research into some of the insane things people do to try to make themselves more beautiful and she is shocked. She thinks it will be fun to try some of them.”
— K.C. Baker

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TEXAS13 on

Lets see how long this show lasts…NOT LONG!

Heather in Jersey on

Good for Jess. Her life has been quite a journey, and there is beauty in the learning & growing that has resulted from it. She is beautiful, and I think the show is a great idea… I hope young girls today can learn something positive from it.

Trish on

Sounds like an excellent show and very much needed. I thank Jessica for doing this! I believe this show may really help so many women!!

Jennifer M. on

Personally I can not stand Jessica Simpson. I think she tried country music beause she couldn’t accept the fact that Carrie Underwood was so much more talented and had a more mature personality. I would not watch her on any show!!!!! She looks like she is really aging fast too.

Jo on

Thank God I don’t get that channel and don’t even have to look at commercials for it. Can’t stand her!!!!!!!!

Wow on

I like the premise or concept of the show. It’s all up to Jessica now. If she acts like a bimbo or has “Chicken of the Sea” moments, I’m done. If she is sincere and truly does go around the US, not just in the privileged parts, and explores WHY women are going to extraordinary lengths for beauty, then I think we may have something.



Jo on

Wish she would just stop pushing herself at us. Enough already!!! Go away Jessica!

Pantha on

She is adorable… I will watch anything she is on. Go Jessica!

Vichygrl on

Jessica rules! I’m excited to see her on tv again. I loved the Newlyweds! Although I wish we were following her in own life, this show has a very positive premise.

I agree with WOW, this could really work for her if she isn’t goofy about it. This could be something powerful. People really are killing themselves around the world for beauty. People having their eyelids altered, or their legs lengthened. Skin bleaching. She is moving into real journalistic territory. Save the dumb blonde act and teach the world something. Earn our respect! Good luck!

pit on

sweet i cant wait

Tiffany on

Jennifer M.- Her trying country music has absolutely nothing to do with the premise of this show. Your comment makes no sense.

Jessica Simpson is a beautiful person, and gets criticized for her every move. She has never intentionally hurt anyone’s feelings or made rude remarks about anyone to the public. I know that she’s had her ditzy moments, but don’t we all?? I think that she’s an undeniable talent and a true beauty. I hope the show does well, i’m sure it will.

Ani on

I cannot stand Jessica Simpson. Tony Romo should take a good look at his future and dump her. If she wants to prove she is not an “airhead”, she should go to school or something. I will NOT watch her new dumb show!

Jeanine on

You’re are all a bunch of jealous women! Jessica is beautiful, down to earth, and a wonderful person…..grow up and stop hating…’re only making yourself look like fools!! Grow up and get lives! Love you Jessica!

Angie on

I’m not a huge Jessica Simpson fan… but I think this show sounds interesting. I think it’s unbelievable how critical people are when it comes to “beauty” and maybe once we see the pressures it puts on other people, we will think twice before criticizing someone.

lyndi on

Jealous of Jessica because she is pretty? Bad comments only make bad things come on you. You probably have tatoos all over you, nose rings and studs hanging out your eyebrows. Either you are goth with a poor self image or just plain cute yourself and jealous. Grow up. Beauty is only skin deep and Jessica is pretty inside and out, she is a southern girl. So Jessica should go away, huh???? Jessica is her personality, and she is just as she is. She is very down to earth. She should be herself and reguardless of jealous people, she is very beautiful and has become quite a wealthy business woman. I doubt she has to be jealous of anyone. She doesn’t have to sing much because like she said she makes so much money on her clothes and shoes and other business ventures. She can sing for enjoyment and not because she has to. Her family are smart. Jessica, put God first and you will continue to prosper. I have had jealous women be mean to me because I was always pretty. It stops when you get about 55 and women aren’t as jealous. Do like me at an early age and know that God made you like you are. Look where your beauty has taken you. With prosperity always comes some adversity. You are enjoying the benefits girl. Just SMILE at them. There attitude is why they aren’t where you are. You looked cute in your grandmaw pants! You still had a fabulous figure. Those paper thin anorexic gals look like they are dieing for a morsel of bread. LOL They feel they have to compete with each other. Who can be the skinniest. It’s sad.

mom2boys on

Are you people crazy? She isn’t a humanitarian. She isn’t doing this to help anyone. Her career is in the toilet, and she needs a job.

Mrs J.P. on

Wow it is nice to know that you all or most of you are so judgmental. It sucks to be you.

Good for Jessica, hope it works out.

rukidding? on

“Jessica Simpson” sells cute shoes. That’s all I ever want to see of this mindless bimbo. I am sick to death of her whoring herself out to every magazine about how in love she is with Tony Romo. Never see this great guy EVER leaping to her defense, never a word about him being in love with her, defending her “curves”, nothing. She has a reality show, ruins her marrige. Finds the “love of her life” does another one. I realize the show not about her love life, but this woman will do anything to stay in the spotlight. No thanks VH1.

anm107 on

Ugh, enough already! Just another annoying reality show on TV. What’s new?

lori on

enough of the reality shows…….. bring in some thing for real. the real people in this world………..

lori on

enough of the reality shows……………….bring in the real people and their real lives too…..

LiLa on

If Simpson truly believed that beauty comes from within, then why would she do a show that focuses on what women do to their outsides? Sounds hypocritical to me.

Trish on

Beauty does come within, apparently that is what this show is all about…..

Shelia on

I Like Jessica Simpson. She is so much fun to watch on TV and just seems to be a good hearted and natured girl.

I’m looking forward to watching this show.

Vivi on

I love Jessica Simpson and looking forward to the show! Glad to see her back in the spotlight.

Hailey on

Sounds like a very Oprah-like show! I’ve always been a fan of Jessica Simpson, and ‘ll definitely be tuning it.

Megan on

I love her and I can’t wait to watch the show. More power to her for trying something new and putting herself out there. She is awesome! Jealous haters can keep on wishing they were half as amazing as she is!

Sally on

I wish everyone would give her a break. I admit she was once on my list of “don’ts” but she has really grown on me over the years. I hope her new show goes great and I can’t wait to see it!

Kay on

Finally, Jessica is back on TV. How exciting!!!

Linsey on

Did anyone else recall that Nick Lachey’s girlfriend Vanessa Minillo recently had a reality TV show called “True Beauty”? And now Jessica Simpson is doing a reality TV show about “true beauty”? That is too funny!

Abby on

Didn’t Jessica learn from having a reality show or from everyone else who has a reality show? The couples end in divorce or the folks are shunned by their family and friends. Don’t do it…just say no!!!!

jj on

What a total has-been. She needs to take her “mom” jeans and go home!

Lorene on

I actually think this show sounds very interesting!

Bored on

Who Cares

Dee on

I am not a Jessica Simpson fan but the show sounds like one of the better reality shows out there now. Let’s see what people think real beauty is and some of the ridiculous things girls do to be beautiful on the outside….maybe some people can actually learn something from this show. Go for it Jessica – I hope its done tastefully and is a hit!

ladyfire1967 on

I think that is awesome…beauty and the lengths we go to be beautiful are scary…young girls I hope will benefit from this show the most…beauty isn’t about a size two, it’s about who you are and what you can give back to the world.

Tired of It on

Jessica Simpson is going to do some investigating reporting? Interesting. I did not realize she had a degree in journalism and broadcasting. What a joke! The girl is desperate for attention. Not interested…Jessica your career is over.

nicki on

This seems like a great premise for a reality show, but I’m not sure that Jessica Simpson would be the best host choice. She comes across as high maintenance and uneducated.

debi on

some people are just so mean spirited. I wish her luck & hope she does well at it.

krispycritterz on

She looks great – really different from the picture where she was singing at some chili cook off and wearing those unflattering jeans.

Lila on

I hope her first interview will be with her sister so they can both explore their fake noses, hair, teeth, boobs, personalities and all of the lies they engage in. A Simpson teaching the rest of us about beauty? Hilarious!

Patricia on

Wow, another one of daddy’s little inventations. I am not going to watch.

Mary on

Didn’t Vanessa Manillo just do a reality show on inner beauty?? ha!

Joe on

Hopefully she loses some weight while travelling. She would look much better 10 lbs lighter.

rebecca on

Oh please. The idea is a good concept but Jessica? Really? They need to hire someone worth watching. She bombed in pop, got demolished in country. She can’t act. It would be better if she just stuck with her clothes line. That way she doesn’t have to act and try to sound interesting!!

Jessica Simpson Stars in New Reality Series: The Price of Beauty … | Stars Library on

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Lisa on

Her first and last BIG mistake…..divorcing Nick.

trulydazzling on

texas 13 are ya kidding me? There is some crazy stuff out there! At least for a season or two, if done right. And Jessica is so ditsy, she’ll probably try most of them out, so there will def. be people wanting to see that, whether they like her or not.

Amanda W on

I’ve always liked Jess. I think this is more of an appropriate “reality show” for her. Hopefully, she will downplay her ditzy moments. I think it’s a very important issue that should be highlighted. I hope she and Tony get married and that she will be happy!

Rahul on


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Uplandlady on

The show has a good premise…it’s all in the execution. People should lighten up on Jess. Who of us would come off the way we hope if WE were filmed 24/7? She’s no fool if she’s making it in that cut-throat business. And as for pushing herself on us…do you only have one channel in your neck of the woods or do you have a remote? Best of luck to her, I’ll tune in at least once or twice to see how it goes.

Pauleen on

I love Jessica, can’t wait for the show. I love her style and fashion. I give her more respect then most famous women in hollywood.

deepakbasnet on

hi du know me i thank u dont know me ? but i know u so me deepak basnet did u gat your home i hop u r in us plz mail me sun posubel

pinky on

I think it is great.
Jess is really fun to watch. She seems like a sweet girl with a warm heart but her goofiness makes for great Telly.

I think that the is a chance of the show being boring so they will have to work hard to ensure that we get enough of her personality in the reality vein of things balanced with the documentary exploration of beauty.

I hope she brings Daisy along. :)

Shawn Collins on

Are her 15 minutes not over yet? What an insipid waste of skin!

Wendy on

This is funny…the “TRUE BEAUTY…Vanessa Manillo already hosted a show like that called “TRUE BEAUTY”!!! Jessica, you just need to go back home to Texas…you’ll never hang with Carrie Underwood or Vanessa Manillo. Sorry, but you had your day in the spotlight. Now you are old news!!! Can’t act, can’t sing, and now you just seem desperate and pathetic. Your little sister is the real deal…maybe you could take a few lessons from her!!!

Maya on


Tish on

Jessica – please stick to shoes. She needs to go away already.

Amy on

Even though I can’t stand her and wish she would just go away, the show itself sounds interesting. It just needs a different host, maybe an actual model- like Gisele, Adriana Lima, anyone else!

Alex on

For Simpson apparantly it’s either TV or oblivion. Presenting a beauty show would be one thing. Unfortunately she wants to participate in what her guests are into. So viewers will get Simpson herself in their face again.
She should make her mind up not to play cutie pie anymore when she is older. Not easy, because a soundbyte like ‘Real beauty comes from inside,’ out of a woman who never lived by that, sounds fake.
If clothes she lends her name to, sell, hurray and stick to that moneymaker. Prevents the next stop: pair up with mister T.
According to wiki, this lady sings like a tasered cat. I think she should bring one to improve the sound. :)

CC on

Please. Jessica Simpson did not write that statment. She is a dingbat that has been programmed from an early age to do whatever she needs to do to stay in the spotlight. She is a robot programmed to be a celebrity. 14:55, 56, 57…

corry on

I won’t ever like her. She and Tony drug Carrie Underwoods name through the tabloids all last Summer to get media attention. She showed up at a pap hangout wearing a real girls dont eat meat t-shirt knowing Carrie was a vegatarian. She called Carrie a liar on live radio TWICE. Tony was calling Carie and he lied to Jessica about. They are both fame seeking scum. They made up a media war when Carrie had never even met Jessica but for 10 min. one time. Tony and Jessica are two peas in a pod. Bllllaaahhhhh.

Victoria on

I would prefer watching a show with the pretty sister…Ashlee.

I don’t much care for Jessica – especially when she sings…..she opens her mouth so wide it reminds me of a snake unhinging it’s “jaw” to eat it’s prey.

Go Jess! on

Jessica is one of the few women in Hollywood that is a natural beauty. She is just as pretty with no make-up as she is with it. Have you ever seen Vanessa Minnillo without makeup-SCARY!!! (poor Nick!)? The show will be interesting and Jessica will bring her sweet, upbeat personality to it making it fun to watch.

kitty62862 on

She did not look bad in those jeans. Not at all. She didn’t look fat, she didn’t look old. People need to get a grip.

me on

“She has been doing research into some of the insane things people do to try to make themselves more beautiful…” You mean she has hired someone to do some research, the words “research” and “Jessica Simpson” just don’t go together.

I wonder who is producing and in charge of this new VH1 series….

Luv Jessica on


JJ on

A show about natural beauty… hosted by someone who has obviously undergone cosmetic procedures…

“Opening people’s eyes” to the perils and pressures of being physically attractive isn’t going to work. Give up. The pressure will exist no matter what.

Lynn on

Oh really, who cares? So a few people called her fat a while back? (she did pack on a few pounds, but don’t we all from time to time).
blah blah blah – – true beauty comes from within – all overweight chicks say this . . . whatever. She probably needs to spend at least 3 or 4 hours with a team of beauty experts to get ready for an event when most of we ordinary women can be showered and made up in about 45 mins.
That ain’t natural beauty if you ask me. That is natural high maitenance.
I would like to see her actually do this show without hair (extensions) or make up and let her “natural” beauty shine through. Won’t happen, but it should if her natural beauty is so abundant.
I grow weary of Jessica.

Nikki on

I love Jessica and I love that she is willing to put herself out there! Hopefully this show will help women big and small with their self confidence!

Daria on

Likely a lovely girl but not the sharpest tool in the drawer. Wouldn’t watch her show if you paid me.

Teri on

Time to delete VH1 from the channel surfing list!

Sandy on

Just don’t get Tony involved or you will be cursed once again! Good Luck Jessica!

jessica fan on

Jessica has an amazing talent! She is beautiful and successful! Anybody that hates her is just jealous. Get over it! I am soo glad she is doing the show!

Liz on

No, I realize she’s not the sharpest tack, but I love her anyway. I really did like her “Come on Over” video. I listened to her songs on the internet and really liked them. I think people just like judging other people for whatever reason. Better be careful tho … it will all come back to you.

A Dose of Reality for Jessica Simpson on

[…] of Newlyweds can attest, Jessica Simpson has made her mark in reality television. But according to, Simpson is gearing up to star in a new documentary-style series, The Price of Beauty, in which the […]

Nicole on

All you chicks that are hating on Jessica are just haters and are jealous because you will never look like her. You think she cares what you think? she is dating a pro football player, has money that you will never see. The world doesn’t revolve around you. Get over yourself. She doesn’t care about your petty jealous tiffs.

Oli on

I’m glad she is doing it…good for her she keeps getting back up after every knock – thats REAL beauty and it shows!

Carla on

I have mixed emotions about this show and Jessica Simpson,ONE I am happy for her that she has apparently found a show that she is passionate about, I hope she can pull it off, I agree that she needs to STOP acting so stupid for attention, it annoys people and its not cute, Its not jealousy its just a statement. I dont know why people are defending or disagreeing with her personal character.. HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE ACTUALLY MET HER… Thats what I thought. dont speak unless you know.

Good Luck with the show!!

msaries80 on

Is this what my fellow American people depend upon for excitement in their lives? Why do we need details on the private life of Jessica Simpson, or any other celebrity for that matter? Have we all become like the nosey next door neighbor, who sits in her kitchen window to spy on everyone in the neighborhood? This is really pathetic…but I guess as pathetic it seems, Jessica Simpson is laughing all the way to the bank, at our expense.

Elda on

she ain’t got nothing else better to do!! he he! can’t sing, can’t act, i mean really!!

j ho on

To the people that are fans of Jessica that say negative commenter’s are ‘jealous’ – HARDLY! There are plenty of lovely/beautiful & talented celebrities that I will gladly say nice things about. Jessica Simpson is not one of them. That does not make me ‘jealous’ of her. She simply invokes complete & utter annoyance from a lot of people. Her pitiful singing in how many genres with the scary contorted faces. Her lame attempts at acting. Her fake personality. Her desperate pimping of most every relationship she’s been in. The girl is a pathetic cartoon.

laura on

go jessica! thank you for pursuing something good, that will actually be helpful to a lot of women in our country. you go girl!

Barbwire7 on

Beats being on a reality show called, “The price of being fat”. Everyone is so mean to her. I feel for her. She’s beautiful. I don’t think she’s doing what she really loves. I think she’s doing what is expected of her. And it’s not working out. All the best to her.

Jealous? on

Why would anyone be jealous of a short average=looking, yes average looking divorced has been? I mean I would be jealous of Scarlet Johanson, Natalie Portman, Carrie Underwood, Jessica Biel, BUT not a horse face no talent Jessica Simpson. Please. Why do we write? Because someone PLEASE listen: The majority is sick of her. Stop the madness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica Simpson Stars in New Reality Series: The Price of Beauty | BlogCABLE.COM on

[…] Simpson is doing the scrutinizing in her new VH1 docu-series called The Price of Beauty. tarting in July, she will travel the globe […]

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momoftwo on

Love Jessica! This sounds like a great idea, hopefully it will play out well on TV. We women go through a lot of crazy stuff in the name of beauty.

Lisa on

I think it’s time for Jessica to throw in the towel. This show will probably be as good, and last about as long as her country singing did.

MJR on

She is a “looser”. She can’t sing, she can’t act. She will fail in this show too!

Flo on

Jess, I think you are so beautiful. I was so unhappy when you and Nick divorced, you both were meant for each other, you were young and did not realize that there are ups and down in marriage and should have tried to make things work. I wish you the best in your new endeavor. Good luck and God bless.

jessica simpson on

I wish she works on making some new album rather than being on a reality show. i like her voice im sure she can make a pretty good album…

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[…] Jessica Simpson Stars in New Reality Series: The Price of Beauty … […]

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[…] Jessica Simpson Stars in New Reality Series: The Price of Beauty Ever since she performed at a Florida concert last February in high-waisted “mom jeans” that made her the target of scrutiny by body bullies, Jessica Simpson has continued to be critiqued about her figure and her weight. And now it’s her turn to do the scrutinizing in her new VH1 docu-series called The Price of Beauty. From the blog: Style Watch […]

kat on

She was admirable and interesting when she would perform wearing pantsuits- there would be her father, sister,handsome-husband: She defined beauty with class, so her vocal quality really stood out. She was ranking up there with the likes of the movie star from the past-Dorris Day-(who displayed a well rounded talent; she was cute in appearance and clean cut dressed;genuine, innocent, smart, classy; an actress known for her girl next door personality who could sing, dance,act,interview, star in drama or comedy); but Ms. Simpson’s image changed to being known only for sexiness.

MEMs on

I think the people that are leaving rude comments need to more interested in the concept of the show rather than their hatred for one person. The show is a good idea. I having been going through appearence issues with my body since I had my son. I would like to see the show, so I would not feel alone.

Ken Paves To Co-Star With Jessica Simpson in “The Price of Beauty!” | Living with style on

[…] which Jessica Simpson will be assimilated by her hairstylist and BFF Ken Paves on her brand new reality show The Price of Beauty. “I could not ask for a larger event than to set out around the universe […]

emily on

Jessica Simpson is the best role model ever. I’m proud to be a bleach blond because she is. She’s the hottest blond alive and still has morals, that’s hard to find. I hope her and Nick get back together! I have Newlyweds on DVD and still watch it and cry. Hopefully this show will help many women out especially with all the eating disorders in this country. I hope it focuses on mostly women in this country that have major self esteem issues. I think it’ll be an eye opener for lots of girls.

caitlinh on

You people are so cruel and evil! Jessica Simpson is a good person and obviously, her fame and wealth continue to reach higher. If she isn’t talented, beautiful or being recognized, why is she getting all these gigs from Macy’s and entertainment industry. Can you obtain such fame? It’s not easily said and done.

So watch your words and control your anger toward innocent people. She hasn’t done anything wrong to you people.

Tony Romo is a looser and will come back to beg Jessica to give him another chance. Eventually, his football career is doom and he wouldn’t get any endorsements. He isn’t a celebrity afterall.

Good for Jessica that they broke up. She will find a true man. GOOD LUCK JESSICA!!!!!!!!!!!

95.7 The Wolf on

[…] her reality show and new fragrance on the way, Jessica Simpson is gearing up for a fabulous fall — and she’s […]

EXCLUSIVE: Jessica Simpson “Comes Together” with Macy’s for Charity — and Window Displays! | Living with style on

[…] her reality show and new fragrance on the way, Jessica Simpson is gearing up for a fanciful tumble — and […]

Heidi on

I like this new show’s preview, great concept and it looks as if it will be great, superb, fantastic, and all of the above. Go Jessica!

Michael on

I would like Jessica to come visit my wife. My wife is naturally beautiful but thinks she’s over wt, needs make up and all of that. She has a superb complexion and in my opinion is gorgeous. She takes very good care of herself. She needs to hear this from someone like Ms. Simpson. Best of luck with the series.

WATCH: Jessica Simpson Goes From Catwalk to ‘Fattening Hut’ in ‘The Price of Beauty’ | Celebrity gossip on

[…] the world to see how other cultures measure feminine allure (fattening hut in Uganda, anyone?). The much-debated show debuts on Vh1 on March 15. Get more details on the series at TV Watch. Tell us: Will you watch […]

Hillary on

I honestly think this show should be banned!!! Its SO repulsing! Like we all wanna hear Jessica belching!? I mean, come on, she’s no lady! and its supposed to be about beauty, not all about Jessica blabbing about herself!!! How dumb!

Jessica Simpson’s Makeup and Photoshop-Free Cover Shoot : on

[…] have anything to prove anymore. What other people think of me is not my business,” The Price of Beauty star says of what prompted her to show the real her, even down air-drying her hair for the shoots. […]

Wollen on

Great Post

Pasar on

Ashley you are SO beautiful and lkioong at you and Jeff together just makes me happy! I think you are the best! Love you, Em and they did do an amazing job on everything. I love the outfits, makeup, setting, etc I want that chair in the background on the border, Amazing and it would look so good in my master bedroom!

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