Jennifer Aniston Undergoes an Onscreen Tress-formation!

05/15/2009 at 11:45 AM ET

Suzanne Hanover/Samuel Goldwyn Films

For her new role as a traveling saleswoman in the film Management, which hits theaters today, Jennifer Aniston trades her famous head of perfectly tousled hair for a darker auburn bob that’s a distinctive departure from her signature relaxed glamour. “She wanted to look very different,” says Melissa A. Yonkey, her hairstylist on the film, “but didn’t want to cut or dye her hair.” Jen’s solution? A $10,000 custom wig created by her offscreen hair guru Chris McMillan. “The color was very complimentary on her. She’s got wonderful warm skin,” says Yonkey. And the new look was all for the sake of art. “With that blond hair, she’s very known as Jennifer Aniston.” says Yonkey, “and I think sometimes that takes away from watching the story”. But don’t think the hairstylist wasn’t at least a little worried about taking style risks with one of America’s most famous movie stars. “I was actually very, very concerned,” she says. “She’s so well-known for her hair that I was waiting for a lot of backlash. But I haven’t had it yet.” Tell us: What do you think of Jennifer’s onscreen hair?Reporting by Nicholas White

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Carlo on

How is this a major transformation? That’s her natural hair color. She’s just not pretty to begin with, and that’s just her, unfiltered, unphotoshopped, and uncut.

Susansocal on

Love Jen! but the hair/wig for this new movie looks really bad. In “The Good Girl” and “Friends with Money” she was made to look ordinary and it didn’t require a wig. I don’t think she should use wigs.

Patty on

Jen should be more worried about her acting chops than her hair. She is a horrible actress.

Mar on

It’s her JOB… so does it really matter?

D on

She’s not pretty

Lisa on

I agree on both counts. Unattractive AND doesn’t even count as an actress.


You people are so rude!

Lisa on

As has been mentioned before, she can’t act at all. What her hair looks like doesn’t matter.

Pickles on

Lol, I always think that she will never be a good actress because she is too vain. She would never play a part that didn’t allow her to have he toned/tanned yoga body and her carefully tousled hair. I mean, that haircut is barely different from her hair and she had to get a $10,000 wig? That is what and actress is suppose to do–transform themselves and play different roles. I mean–it’s just funny. It’s fine if she is happy to play herself repeatedly, but I wouldn’t say she’s an actress.

T on


Annoyed on

$10,000 for that? Should have given the money to charity and bought some wash out hair dye!

T on

She is obviously beautiful no matter what her hair color, as for her acting, she is a great actor who has proven that in the many different projects she has chosen and if you have not had a chance to see them before you pass judgment , you should…..,.

Alexandra on

I agree with Carlo’s comment 100 % !!

Victoria on

Don’t really like the hair but do think that she is a good person.

Chantal Bisso on

Jennifer is beautiful but we should stop putting so much emphasis on physical appearance. As for a 10 000 $ Wig, that sounds DIVA to me, when we know children die of hunger every day. Nothing seems good enough for some self-centered Hollywood actors.

Mary on


Sophia on

Gorgeous as always. (EVEN though the photographer has captured a bad pose, under a very bad light. Everyone looks bad under a stormy weather -do you people see sun? No.-)

kim smith on

Okay, this is the dumbest article ever! It’s hair. It’s a wig. There are countless, true actors who gain weight, lose weight, shave their head, etc… for a role. She is played out. IT’S HAIR! SHE DIDN’T EVEN CUT IT! Wow! I hope she wins an Oscar, I’m sure she’s deserving of it!

Alicia on

Sounds like the catty girls club meets here. Jealous much???

She’s very pretty and she’s a good lighthearted actress.

Trish on

Jen Aniston is a very sexy woman with an major charisma. She is talented but most importantly she has class, is down to earth and very grounded. I would love to have pics of the people making negative remarks. You are entitled to your opinion – but something says it stems more from jealousy and less from reality. Oh – and yes – I know – you are all better looking than Jen.


These are things I didn’t ever know how to put into words, but that I have been trying to say all along!
Jen wants to be considered a real actress, has even recently said she wants to “change it up” and do “action”. Hummmmm…. remind you of anyone???? The only hitch is that she won’t cut her “cute” hair for fear her fame will leave her…. she won’t even color it?! Uggh… VAIN! )(Needs to buy an auburn wig for 10 grand?)
Most renowned actors are willing to totally transform. meaning…. gain and lose weight, color and cut hair, grow beards, shave etc..(ex: TOM HANKS, BRAD PITT,Renee Zelwegger, Charlise Theron, Angelina Jolie).
She wouldn’t even ruin her body to have babies with BRAD PITT!!! that was telling!
Sorry…. but Jen will always be Rachel Greene and this is why. Jen worries only about being a “pretty girl”.

kim smith on

Jealous? Yeah, I so wish I had people constantly following around… writing articles about a dumb wig… I just think it’s ridiculous People magazine found it worth their time to report it… hence, the reason i responded to it. I’m perfectly happy with my life, my appearance. I wouldn’t trade it for her’s in a million years.

Trish on

I love her in everything I’ve seen her in. I like the color (it looks natural on her). But not so much on the cut (too drab). But I don’t know much about the movie…that may be part of her character.

Regardless, she’s beautiful & she embraces that.

Suzie on

She could have kept her normal look because she is plain jen. It’s the makeup, lighting, hours of styling that give her any semblance of glamour. Seriously, other actresses have cut or shaved their hair for roles, but her vanity stops her from doing so…as if we don’t already know that she’s no looker. Jen- if you want to be taken seriously as an actress, stop pretending to be something you’re not…take meatier roles that represent common, everyday folks.

Ginger on

I agree with Carlo that that is her natural hair color, so it’s really more of her true self although she did have a nose job to make herself more attractive. Everyone keeps saying she’s such a natural looking beauty. Natural certainly isn’t blonde with a new nose…

flash on

Hahahaha, it sounds like you all are a bunch of Brangaloonie fans! Gotta hate on Jen… sad

Debbie on

I think your all jealous of her.

just cuz on

Not loving the look, but she just looks like an average girl.

Ginger on

Sorry to disappoint you Debbie, but I’m just stating what everyone fails to remember. Everyone talks about natural beauty, but when it comes down to it nothing is natural.

Trish on

Wow, seriously…Who cares about her and Brad Pitt? That’s been over for so damn long now! I don’t know why the world can’t move on with their lives. The only people who are ever going to know what really happened between the 2 of them are the 2 of them. They’ve obviously both moved on…why can’t anyone else?


Actually I really felt for her so much when Angelina moved in on her man………still admire her loyalties to friends etc….lots good about her….only acting and taking chances aren’t her strong suits.
However Angelina, who without knowing I tended to not be too in to… at least spends her time and money giving to and thinking of others.

kim smith on

Didn’t realize expressing ones opinion about another’s talent, appearance is indicative of jealousy. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I think James Gandolfini is HOT! Do you? No? Oh, you must be jealous of him.

Caryn Shackelford on

If the only thing Jennifer is known for is her hair, wouldn’t you say that’s a bit of a problem for an ‘actress’? Isn’t the purpose of her field to alter herself to fit the roles? hmmmm It’s about time she’s made a hair change anyway. Every picture you see her in for the past ten years is the exact same hair style. Doesn’t she (or anyone else) get tired of the same ol’, same ol’? I know I do! Jen, you’re maturing. Your young and fabulous head of hair just doesn’t match your age. Come into the new millennium and leave the 90’s behind.

house on

If you looked like jennifer you KNOW you would be happy shes beautiful and you know it.

Tracey on

I completely agree with Trish. She obviously is a mature adult. Always remember, people who live in glass houses should never throw stones. Jennifer Aniston is a great actress and a beautiful person. As for the $10,000 wig, thye could have been more creative and found a less expensive way. As for the negative comments, wow! I hope your children don’t grow up to be criticized by people like yourselves. What goes around, comes around!

Jennifer on

I do think this is a good length for her, it appears to make her younger looking.

jacomo1025 on

Hallelujah! Jennifer Aniston has finally realized that if she doesn’t change her appearance once in a while she’ll never get any other roles besides someone’s wife/girlfriend/ditzy friend. Real actors who embrace their craft know they will be pegged as one-dimensional if they don’t take risks.

zoey on

you guys suck..jennifer aniston is like the hottest and best actress ever..i bet you all are angelina jolie lovers just secretly wishing to be her…and her wig is not better than her natural hair but it DOES NOT look bad.

Jen on

I don’t get what the fuss is about her. She is okay. There are so many other really attractive people out there in this world! But, then I don’t get Hollywood anyways!

Odessa on

She is so beautiful she could go bald. I love Jen and think she has wonderful acting abilities.

lisa johnson on

jen is beautiful and she is a great actress,the other people that left comments are just jealous,her personality and looks,are magnificent compared to angelinia.




I knew if I read further there would Angelina remarks, lol! I love Jennifer because she prides herself in her natural beauty. She doesn’t have to play a mental case or woman playing a manly role to grab attention and get great reviews. It’s not about vanity, it’s about reality. Kudos to Jen for being one of the few in Hollywood who doesn’t cut, dye and tattoo every inch of her body. Anyone here who thinks that other stars don’t spend that kind of cash on wardrobe, make up and hair in a film need a good Aniston reality check!

Mary on

I believe that all of you are jealous. Jen has a great outlook on life and doesn’t care what people think of her. She is one of the ultimate women. She has the confidence to be herself and say screw you to the rest of the world. Great for her!

Lynn on

What on earth would make a wig cost $10,000?

Pebbles on

Jennifer is an American beauty. Sing along with me Jennifer “All my haters”. That’s a line from a popular hip hop song that I sing aloud when people are hating on me. The wig is less of a risk and is a viable option. Jen, call my people for character development, since I was a traveling sales pro for 10 years. Yeah right! LOL…luv, luv, luv u sis.

Kay on

Looks better than her normal limp hair. Where can I buy this wig? Looks pretty good, I really like the style. Who makes it?

Sher on

She is absolutely gorgeous and I disagree, she is an amazing actress. Don’t really care what her hair looks like, she is still stunning!!


I think it is appalling that a movie would spend $10,000 on a WIG-when it looks just like her hair about 6 inches shorter. I could think of a thousand other ways to distribute $10,000.

Zee on

Carlo… lol… that was one of the funniest things I have read in a long time.hahahahaaaaa

Sarah on

Wow, so many haters up in here! Jen Aniston rocks! I absolutely luv her! Keep doing your thing, Jen!

Mustangsally5266 on

Who gives a ****! Who cares about her, there is a recession going on and I wouldn’t spend money to go see a movie with her in it anyway! She is sooooooo boring! Its still her, who gives a damn. The wig cost more than the movie will make anyway. Hey Jennifer, its not the wig, its you no one can stand! So quick acting, your not good at it and we are tired of looking at your mopey face all the time. Your movies don’t make money so drop out of sight!

Sara on

You guys are all so mean! I love Jennifer Aniston! She’s great!!

Suzi on

Besides the fact that $10k for a wig is insane and a bit in bad taste considering the economy, she looks fine, but not different enough to make a statement.

Kristina on

Those who say that Jen cannot act are out of their minds…have you seen any of her films? and don’t you know it’s difficult to act in a comedy than in a drama? it’s harder to make people laugh than make people cry…i bet you guys are Angelina’s fans.

tardybellmel on

looks the same just shorter. I wouldn’t call that auburn. Someone is color blind

Kristina on

Carlo, WTF? that’s not her natural color and you know it…you guys are just envious because Jen’s main asset is her gorgeous’re just a Jen Aniston hater and an Angelina Jolie lover..FYI Angie is a natural blonde, and she looks bad with blonde hair

janet Hagen on

I like Jennifer front to back…but really don’t think this is enough of a change to make us forget that it is Jen in the movie! The computer pix color just looks dull brown (beige)…Actually if I go see the movie I hope I won’t be thinking all the way through, that they sure missed with her hair..cut too short and needed a highlighting done!….

Sam on

In my opinion, Jen is naturally gorgeous, smart, and has a wonderful sense of style. For the people who posted mean comments about her, GET A LIFE.

fishdoggy on

Oh and Kim Smith, you sound jealous when you said you wish you had people following you around and writing about you….. remember?


Angelina, a natural blonde? Yuck, good thing she doesn’t sport that, she would look even more bulemic.

Connie on

Children starving in Africa? Oh please, why must me use that line every time we see money spent in a way we don’t agree with – especially since so few of us sacrifice anything to help support those chldren. Movies cost what they cost. $10K for a wig – yeah, that’s a lot of money, but when you consider the cost of creating a film, it’s just pocket change. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to preserve the health of her hair – or the style she likes. I love my hair, and I’d opt for a wig over a cut and dye in the same situation. It’s a practical solution.

teri on


judys4444 on

she is homely and can’t act.

R. on

I sometimes wonder what the people putting Jen down look like themselves. They are so judgemental.

Matt on

I would imagine that this wig was cheap compared
to the ones they used on Salt. Nothing they
use on movie sets are usually cheap. Ask any
of the stars what they spent on clothes, hair
and make-up and I would bet Jen is on the lower
amount. I think Jen is a good actress and I
always enjoy watching her. I admire her for
being herself.

Debster on

She is really starting to look old. It’s in the eyes and around the mouth. Nothing can be done about that. But to age without experiencing many of the really good things in life – happy marriage, home, children, etc – seems to be the saddest thing about Jen. I foresee a very lonely middle age for this lady.

Heather on

Can anybody say JEALOUS? What’s up people?

Lucy on

$10,000 for a shorter version of her natural hair??? Really??

Heather on

Hope you are prettier than your name Judy since you are so judgemental. I’m sure you are a super model with a name like Judy.

Karen on

For all you Jen haters here: Jealousy is a vicious tool and I’m willing to bet not one of you are worth a second look!

Jennifer on

She is not a good actress. In all of her roles she seems to be playing the same character over and over….a little funny…a little quirky. Playing yourself time and time again in front of a camera does not make you an actress. As far as her hair goes, I think it is hilarious that an ACTRESS who’s whole job is to transform into other characters wont let anyone touch her hair, but I will at least say the wig looks legit (dowdy but legit). So hopefully she got her $10K worth.

Oh and for the haters…you dont have to be a knockout yourself to recognize average-ness :)

Tammy on

Yuck! Makes her look worse than she normally does. I just don’t find her attractive at all no matter what her hair looks like.

Sara on

In this economy is it really very wise to spend $10000 on a wig? I agree with Pickles!

Rhonda on

As an “average” looking woman myself I can only hope that I can look as good a Jennifer Aniston when I am in my 40’s. There is something to be said for taking care of yourself.

Mimi on

Meow Meow.
I’d like all you critics to go look in the mirror right now… then go look at Jen’s GQ cover on line. Now, can you compete with that? I know I can’t! She’s fabulous. That’s why she’s a star. We all love her like a sister. Maybe you need therapy. All these blogs have become a hate-fest for snipey, jealous types. Maybe your time would be better spent trying to find something to like about yourself.

Penelope Covington on

Jennifer is a wonderful comedic actress (remember Friends?), and has been very good in the movies too. Popular movie stars do flop at the theater, it happens. She is extremely attractive. For those of you who do not think so, that is just YOUR opinion. Frankly, I am sure she does not care what you think. This magazine is the one that solicited your opinion, not her!

Stacey on

All of you are jealous HATERS!!!!!! She’s hot regardless of her hair or acting!!!!

Jennifer on

What is wrong with you people? She is the girl next door. An absolute natural beauty. How do you all look? I’d love the money of an actress but not the hating that goes on for no reason.

cris on

not afraid to make a change and look drab. Thats a sign of a true actress. Personally wished I looked half as good.

Barbara on

Her signature “blonde” hair is all she has going for her so I”m guessing making even a haircolor change is considered radical in her world…where she also thinks she is a good actress

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Denton's Wife on

I think she should cut and colour her hair darker – makes her eyes stand out!

Lacy on

WOAH! Does she ever look like Kate Walsh!

Donna on

The question was how do you like her hair, not how pretty or her about her acting abilities. All of you that were mean probably have your own insecurites and you put people down to make yourself feel better. Karma will get you!

Katy on

I like watching Jen and think she is a very
pretty woman. What’s up with printing what
is spent on her hair all the time? I don’t
think I have ever seen what the other stars
spend for their clothes, hair and movie expenses,
if you are going to do it for one, then lets
see it for everyone. I would bet she spends
less than almost anyone in Hollywood. None of
her movies have cost huge amounts like some of
them do.

Jane on

I think her acting is great…and that this new look is a nice change.

crizz on

Looks doesn’t matter as long as she is not hurting anyone and she’s doing a great job.

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stacey on

Shelooks rather like Babs Streisand

Noel on

I thought in one of her interviews Jen said that she had another role she was filming right after this. So it wasn’t so much that she didn’t want to change her hair, but that she couldn’t because then she’d need a wig or extensions for the other role.

Grace on

I agree Carlo. This is what she really looks like..without her highlighted flat-ironed hair. She was really great in Friends, has a different look, but is not a classically “beautiful” woman. I have heard she is a really nice person, and is making the most of what she has. Amazing what stylists, makeup artists and hair dressers can do to transform a person -they do it all the time on “What Not to Wear.” BTW, I am so tired of hearing about her, her personal romance problems, and the Brangelina thing. She and the media need to get over it and go away…

flo on

I think you are all just jealose of her and wished it was you

Pizon on

Sounds as if a lot of felines have their claws out. In my opinion (a key phrase) I’ve seen better acresses and I’ve seen worse. A lot of her fame does come from what “Friends” made her but I still enjoy watching her movies. I still feel that girl next door quality come through but I’m sure that’s a mind set that I have and not so much her acting ability. The wig in this case does make her look more like you might picture your steriotypical sales woman to be so maybe it accomplishes the goal. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion but I question the mean spiritedness of some of the comments. Hey if you don’t like her looks or her acting, don’t watch her on the screen. I would venture to say though that most women would love to be her and most men would love to have her love.

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Erin on

Something that bothers me here is that while it’s pretty commonplace for actresses to wear wigs or otherwise alter their appearance for roles, now that it’s Jen there’s this subtext that it’s extravagant or vain that she did exactly that. All of a sudden we’re hearing about how much the wig costs when I’m sure other actresses have worn pricier wigs. We’re hearing about how she “didn’t want to” change her own hair when she had another movie coming up and maybe couldn’t do that. Pizon, I agree, I think the claws are out.

lisa on

please. NO MORE JEN.
we are sick and tired of her boring, boyish face with a potato nose and the same expression in every pose. bland. find someone more interesting. thanks, – L

shg on

Dowdy – hey, she looks like everyone else now – without the $600 highlights! Oh, wait – it took $10000 to look like this?

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glo on

I think Jennifer is so attractive with her blonder hair when it’s full, but that’s besides the point. Look at Angelina as a blonde in Salt–very unattractive. Also unattractive as in goth black hair on a recent cover of Star magazine. So there. Jennifer is better, without a doubt, as her golden California self. ANYBODY would look frumpy with this hair and minimal makeup. Even the beautiful Charlize T. in Monster looked rotten. Jennifer was stunning at the film’s premiere with her great hair, great figure, and simple dress and earrings. she truly doesn’t need much to enhance her natural looks, but she DOES need blonde hair.

glo on

And one more note–all of you who are so “mad” about her 10,000 wig–well what about Brad’s silly little piece of hair that he paid for to comb over the front of his receding hairline? Ever wonder why he wears that goofy hat all the time? He wears it when he’s not wearing the silly combover clip-in bangs, or however he gets them in there. Tom Cruise has them too, as do Charlie Sheen and Sean Penn. Look at Brad’s pictures and you’ll see what I mean. He has this silly flip and dip thing going on with his bangs–and you can see they’re a little darker than his own hair and how they sit right on top over his ears and forehead. I am very good at discerning who has toupees and hairpieces, and the above-mentioned have them. So if goofy Brad can wear one in real life, gorgeous Jennifer can wear one for a movie!

ana on

Is this Barbara Streisand?

soly on

I don’t like her hair. She looks older. I prefer her long hair with highlight.

Meg on

She looks old

lee on

Darling young woman…

HollywoodHud on

Jennifer Anniston looks just fine. All good actresses are willing to undergo some sort of transformation for a good role. That’s why it’s called……acting!!

Karen Payne on

Very plain and boring. Makes her look like a housewife. No offense to all you housewives out there :)

Taraseetta on

I never respond too these blogs. However, I just need to get this off my chest. Jennifer Aniston is not “one of the most famous movie stars”. Jennifer Aniston has been around for several years but she is still the same caliber “actress/movie star” as, let’s say Lindsay Lohan. Because someone is a new face, or does a few films, they’re given the title of “movie star”. The people that throw these titles around are determined to spoon feel the public this false status of movie star to whom ever has a sordid reputation, has done a few movies or gets drunk and or sleeps around. A movie star is someone akin to, Betty Davis, Susan Hayward, Katherine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, Gregory Peck, Kirk Douglas, Humphrey Bogart, William Holden, and the list goes on. Jennifer Aniston my friend is not a movie star. She is a gal that has made a movie, or two.

Carla on

I think Jen is both beautiful and talented! Much prettier than that scary looking Angelina.

Tiana on

There must be a really low standard for beauty if people think Jen is gorgeous. Her looks are overrated and her nosejobs, cheek fillers and botox still can’t make her gorgeous.
Real actors take risks and she couldn’t even be bothered to cut and color her hair. She’s a limited actress with limited looks.

bryony1 on

“Carlo May 15th, 2009
How is this a major transformation? That’s her natural hair color. She’s just not pretty to begin with, and that’s just her, unfiltered, unphotoshopped, and uncut.’

It’s about time somebody said it so clearly. This is an ordinary- -looking woman with ordinary-looking hair. What does she think is so precious about straight hanging hair that she’d have a wig made to protect its “image.” Conceit? Sheessh! No. 1 with a bullet .



Moka on

Jen needs to hide somewhere in suburbia. She is not a good actress; I am sick of her playing the victim–come on Brad moved on how many years ago? She is so insecure she runs any man off with her high maintenance. She is not a pretty girl–she is handsome.

melinna on

She is beautiful with any hair that she has. You haters obviously have some interest in her or you wouldn’t be commenting on her darn hair. And by the way, she is a DAMN GOOD ACTRESS, I love all of her movies!! Pshhhh

Tara on

Excuse me, but Jennifer Aniston is not a great beauty nor great actress.
At most, she might be considered cute (when she was younger, yes; a 40-year old woman like her is hardly “cute” anymore) and even attractive with the right make-up, lighting and styling. No legitimate media has ever -and will ever- crowned her “Most Beautiful Woman in the World”-LOL. Without the Brangelina crutch, it’s hard to imagine her grabbing any publicity.

She is a TV actress who has been lucky enough to pair up with proven-blockbuster comedians (Jim Carrey, Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson) in movies. But on her own, she is NOT -and has not- been a box-office draw; name a movie with her ALONE who has put azzes in their seats, in a $100m blockbuster worldwide?

She is a nice person with comedic talents and has been one of luckiest TV actresses to break into the big screen.

I truly cringe when people just throw around these phrases so loosely! What an insult to Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, to put THEM in the same company as homely, ordinary Jennifer Aniston.
Please give credit where it’s due!

Ashley on

Doesn’t count as an actress? She fooled me! I think she’s a great actress and so convincing in her parts! I think she’s gorgeous, unlike scary Angelina!

ginger on

she looks older with that wig on, but then again with her bank account she can look any way she wants

ginger on

she looks old, but with her bank account she can look anyway she wants…..

ginger on

she looks old, but with her bank account she can look anyway she wants….

newlywedemt on

i love how everyone seems to think that they know how all wealthy people should spend the $ that they worked for. if she wants to buy a wig with it, so be it. if she wants to spend it on charities, that is nice too. if she wants to roll around in it, that is her choice. diva this, played out that…sounds like a bunch of jealous jen-wannabe’s that probably don’t look half as good after an entire day of beauty.


muddywrangler on

to Zoey
the hottest and best actress ever? Are you serious? Are you about 10 years old?

Nanny on

If that is what you get for $10,000, they wasted their money! I would call her a lot of things, but pretty isn’t one of them.

Suzie Ward on

I think her onscreen hair for Managment looks just fine. I don’t see what all the noise is about. We wig actors & actresses all the time in the theatre. I don’t blame Ms. Aniston for not wanting to mess with her own hair.

chris on

People, it is called acting, wigs and all, personally I think that Jennifer is a very good actress and an attractive young woman and regardless of your negative comments she is living large, probably larger than most of you with the negative comments. People keep going to her movies so think about that. . .

Janet on

LOL! BLONDE hair? Her hair is naturally dishwater brown and she adds a few blonde highlights. The only reason she’s “known for her hair” is because of the cut she had for Friends WAY back in the day. And I agree, not a good actress, and not an attractive woman. She obviously has more than healthy self esteem, however.

Karen on

That is what she would look like without the millions of dollars to spend on her looks. Like a normal person, not someone who is glossy haired and non-frizzy in every public moment!

Karen on

I love Jen’s hair in the new movie. That color looks great on her and I think she should consider making it permanent. I think it makes her really sexy. A new look would do wonders for her.

Simone on

Wow! Why such rudeness?
And the catty “she’s not so pretty” comments obviously come from people with an ax to grind.
I mean, wouldn’t it be even BETTER if we can proudly say that you don’t have to be a great beauty to have a successful tv and film career?
First people complain that there aren’t enough “ordinary” people in movies, and then complain when there is one!!! Sheesh!

Back to the subject at hand – the wig. It’s a great wig that looks totally natural, and helps her look more like the character she’s playing. And she didn’t have to dye and cut her hair. The wig is a perfect solution. What’s the issue here?

I hope that after the film is over it gets donated to someone without money who suffers from severe hair loss.

Buster on

Jennifer Joanna Aniston (born February 11, 1969). She became famous in the 1990s for her role as Rachel Green in the popular US sitcom Friends, a role for which she won an Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

Her net worth $110 million!!

She must be doing something right if she can’t act!!!

Buster on

Oh, and I love the hair however she wears it!!!

Andrea on

I would say the reason she is hesitant about cutting or coloring her hair is because she is known for her hair. It really is her best asset and we all have to work with what we have. And as for her not being a great actress ala Susan Hayward, Barbara Stanwyck, Bette Davis, Katharine Hepburn, et al…Who of the younger generation today, younger than Meryl Streep, is in their class?

Samer on

I think she is a great actress. I don’t she has to cut her hair very time a director tells her so. However, I dont understand why this wig is crazy expensive.

Oli on

I personally think Jennifer is very attractive, though in this movie, the transformation she went under does take away from her regular fresh, beautiful look. And surely anyone with a brain stem would’ve heard that you should never sacrifice hair over a costume/role/etc. Of course, $10,000 USD, for a wig? Eesh. I don’t know what the producers are thinking. And seriously, people, if you don’t like her, don’t see her stuff. Don’t look at her. Don’t come in and whine about how cruel it is for her not to feed starving orphans with her money. Do you feed starving orphans with yours?

Tom on

Gosh it is role playing, its a wig. This is part of an actor’s job!!

Jen’s a very pretty lady but more so when she is sporting her ‘blonde’ look. Absolutely nothing wrong with this hairstyle on her, in fact she wore similar style in Friends many times.

The style seems to suit the role she is playing as at travelling saleslady. It is subdued to meet the business requirements, nothing wrong here.

This style and coloring for the day-to-day life of Jennifer is really not her at least from our image of this pretty lady.

Clarice on

Sometimes her blond hair has been a wig and extensions. You oould tell in Marley and Me. I don’t see the difference.

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