Elisabeth Hasselbeck Launches Her QVC Clothing Line on "The View"

03/25/2009 at 11:32 AM ET

The ladies of The View got a treat yesterday when co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck launched her women’s clothing line with a live fashion show. The Elisabeth Hasselbeck for Dialogue, sold exclusively at QVC, ranges from sexy to frilly to preppy. And the best part of the sportswear line is that everything is under $100! If you missed it, you can check out this clip from the fashion show now. Like what you see? You can shop the whole line at QVC.com. Tell us: What do you think of Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s line? Will you buy it?

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Jon on

Um… I thought that 2 of the pieces shown in the video were cute, but I’m a guy, so I wouldn’t buy it. If I were a girl, and they had something in my size,? then maybe I’d buy it?

shamso on

I hate her

kendra on

i love elizabeth.. so i love that she’s coming out with a clothing line. she has great style! :)

Kyle on

Another revenue stream for the considerably untalented, token right-winger on The View.

Expect to see this drek in the closeout stores by fall.

Natasha on

$100 is not cheap these days. Go to Target or Kohls for at lot less!

Liv on

LOVE LOVE LOVE her! She is by far the most stylish person that has ever been on this show!

Hasselbeck stinks! on

Why is she allowed to sell her wares on THE VIEW?
Get rid of her! You are right Kyle she’s definitely “considerably untalented”!!

Chrissy on

She sucks. She is so high on her horse, it’s gonna her when she falls…

Sally on

I have stopped watching the View because of her. I find her too sensitive and she always ends up whining cos her feelings got hurt. Also, way too Republican!

Anita on

I love Elizabeth. She is the only one on the View that isn’t a fanatical liberal. I loved how she ate up Rosie. I think her clothing line will do great. I hope her clothing line will encompass business wear as well. Paying $100 for a business outfit is very reasonable.

Jane on

does this mean she will leave the View and shut her stupid mouth finally?

Howright on

Why does every star have to have a clothing, shoe or bag line? I would NEVER buy a star’s line, I think it’s just cheesy regardless of their taste in fashion.

Patty on

I was an Elizabeth fan when she was on Survivor, but I have come to dislike her attitudes and opinions since watching her on The View. That would not stop me from buying her clothing line IF it was good, and based on what I’ve seen, I’m not impressed. Only one of the three outfits appears to be for a plus size woman, and it is the usual black slacks with baggy, ill-fitting animal print top. Yuck!

Aleks on

Sally – with all due respect – how can one be “too Republican” Are Rosie O’Donnell, Joy Behar and Whoopie GoldBerg “Too Democrat”. It’s silly that this woman is consistently criticised for speaking her mind.. just because she doesn’t spout YOUR ideology doesn’t make her “too” anything..

If you don’t like her, don’t buy her clothes and don’t watch The View. Don’t hate b/c she has an opinion..last I heard the 1st Amendment gives ALL Americans that right (even if you don’t agree with her)

John on

Must be maternity clothing line considering how often she is pregnent

kristin on

These clothes are NOT CUTE and overpriced as well. And I do not like EH either. She is so shrill and whiny, ugh.

LaJuan on

I love Elisabeth Hasselbeck! She is who she is and she is not afraid to be her self! Even tho she is out numbered on “The View”. I like her clothing line. I hope it is a success! Best to you Elisabeth!

rudy kempinski on

If I thought she had any design talent she would have been on Project Runway not Survivor. She is an opinionated woman with no credentials.

I used to respect barbara Walters but it is too much. I care little about her clothes and less about her opinion.

Texangirl64 on




Mary K on

Annoying voice!

georgia tooman on

saw the clothes, nothing original, didn’t look good on plus side model

Pat on

Love “The View” but as a conservative could not watch it if Elisabeth was not on the show love Whoopi and Walters hate hate hate Joy ugh!!!
Love the cloths Elisabeth!!!

fab on

What’s so great about this line? Looks like everything you’d find in EVERY store. Nothing creative about it. Wouldn’t buy it and I hate her anyway.

Sara on

I LOVE Elizabeth and her fashion sense! However, her clothes are a bit overpriced for my budget.

vicky on

she is a complete doll. I cannot stand the others

H on

I hate her, I don’t watch the show because of her. She’s horrid and I’d never buy anything she produced. She’s so stupid, I wouldn’t even shake her hand if introducted for fear her stupidity is contagious.

Susanne on

I totally agree with Texangirl64!!
You took the words right out of my mouth.
Can’t stand that Hasselbeck chick either.
I have stopped watching the View because of her, why doesn’t she go and have her baby and take care of her brood permanently, and then we can go back to watching the View in peace and quiet, she is the only one that doesn’t fit, which is likely the point…so what, find someone else who is less ignorantly opinionated.
Can’t even stand her whiny voice or stooopid prissy face, uch.

Sparky on

I noticed that most all of the comments posted from people who do not like Elisabeth all have spelling and grammer mistakes. Gee, how am I not surprised by this.

Elisabeth has an opinion and she doesn’t lay down and take any crap from anyone. GOOD FOR HER !!!Anyone who says that she should be kicked off the show because she has her own opinion is ignorant. I hope her fashion line does well. I also wish nothing but the best for her and her husband Matt with the arrival of their new baby :-)

sara on

She is very talented, graduated from Boston College with a degree in Art and has designed for Puma. How can you be “to Republican”, you are or you aren’t. So much hate in the world, can’t we just all step back and breathe and be happy for people.

Sam on

I love her. I quit watching the view because of the far left wing views the other have. Funny how other posters call her undertalented and dumb just because they don’t agree with her views. If she was not there the show would just be called “The View from the Left” Why do liberals never want balance? The clothes were very cute, a little pricy but cute.

Dee Scamardo on

Elizabeth is great! The clothes are cute and affordable. I have to laugh at the people who don’t watch the View because of Elizabeth. Don’t they realize it’s a two way street? Those of us who love her, have a hard time with Big Mouth Joy.
That’s what we love about America…being able to have a difference of opionion. Ease up on her!

none of your business on

she sucks. I seriously hate this girl. i’m surprised she even had a black model. she’s so racist that i couldn’t even watch this show. even my WHITE boyfriend was disgusted by her and he’s a republican!!!

mia on


Christine on

So cute!

star52 on

The design of the line is sub par at best. If you look closely you can see how badly the pants were made. The crotch on all of the women hangs low like a man’s. And they style is something that we have seen a million times over. Nothing special. But this is totally what I would expect from someone like her. No innovation or originality. Like a previous blogger wrote. Her clothes can be seen at any Khol’s or Target around the country.

betty on

I have stopped watching the View because of her. I find her too sensitive and she always ends up whining cos her feelings got hurt. Also, way too druma queen . and i really like the view . before she came along . she is a nut ,. i can’t stand her/.

SoonerGirl1064 on

Wow, some people do not know how to express their opinion(s) without being snotty, hateful, and using profanity, which is very unfortunate. Anita, I agree with you. While I do not enjoy watching a verbal fight I believe Elisabeth rightfully put Rosie in her place that day. She is a very classy lady. So much of Hollywood is dreadfully and fanatically liberal (and immoral, for the most part) and it takes a strong person to stand up for his or her convictions and what is right. I wish Elisabeth all the best with her new clothing line!

Sandy on


marky on

Wow! I feel like I can tell who lost money in the latest mess and who didn’t by the venom people feel the need to spew! The people on the View aren’t anyone you really know- they’re just celebrities of one sort or another-so why would you hate them so much? I don’t care for Joy’s rudeness toward others, but I think that’s her schtick, so I tolerate her and go on. Scheshh, why hate people who are on TV, for pity’s sake? Elizabeth is entitled to her view same as all the others on the show. As far as her clothes go, you like them or not, but what about “I wouldn’t buy them,” or “I like them a lot!”

Tracey on

I liked the clothes and the prices are pretty reasonable. I watched last night briefly and everything she debuted sold out very fast.

I found her very personable and she seemed to have A LOT of fans buying the items.


Christa on

Tacky clothes! Elisabeth annoys me. I like the View ladies, except her. She goes into this trance of babbling nonsense and its getting really OLD.

Michele on

I think it is rather tacky that she use the show to promote herself. I think it’s even worse that Barbara let her! I have never liked Elizabeth and cannot figure out how on earth she was allowed to be on the show based on what? Survivor fame? NFL husband? It’s time to move on and find someone less annoying to add the show.

susan on

Enough already! I don’t watch the View either because of her..get a new co-host Barbara and IMPROVE the VIEW!!!

Diane on

Can’t stand her. Would never buy it!

angelena on

Umm, it says “the best part of the SPORTSWEAR line is that it’s under $100”, not the entire line. And that’s THE BEST part of the Sportswear, hahahaaa! It reminds me of a 20-something that raids her 50ish year old, avid golfing mom’s closet. I’m not a Hasselbeck hater either, just calling it like I see it.

Cathy on

I can’t believe her clothing is made in China. we raelly need the jobs hear in the USA.

marky on

One other thing, no matter what I think of Elizabeth otherwise, she is NOT a racist and that should not even be coming up!

betty on

SoonerGirl1064 March 25th, 2009

Sarah on

Sparky made the point about spelling and “grammer” mistakes…she spelled grammar wrong

Tuffy on

Now I see after reading all these posts why the country is in the mess it’s in. TOO MANY LEFT_WING NUT JOBS! You will rue the day you voted for O-CRAP. LOVE YOU ELIZABETH!!!!

Sarah on

Also Sparky, her husbands name is Tim.

Linda on

I don’t think Elizabeth realizes how LUCKY she is. She is a lucky, lucky girl, that should really save her money. I would feel better about her if she appreciated that fact. Right now, she just gets on my nerves, oh that voice…

Candice on

Elisabeth is awesome. She is the only one on the View that has sense. Go Republicans!!! She speaks her mind and defends the republicans againsnt those simple democrats. We shall see how long it takes for obama to screw up. Im sure it will be soon enough. You will be begging for President Bush to come back!!!

Cheyna on

Ummm. you can’t take other people’s design, put your name on it and call it your “line”!! I just can’t stand her. Cute girl, totally would be embarassed if she was my family though!

LV on


jackson on

The voice is definitely annoying. I don’t care if she voices her opinion, but she has always been in the minority on that show and has to stop playing the victim. She knew that going in.
I just don’t listen to any of her sound bites.

Di on

No, I see nothing different than what I could purchase at JC Penny’s or Macy’s locally. It’s not exciting, fresh or new. BORING

Trina on

Good Lord! I wish she’d go away! Why can’t they fire her from the View? I agree Chrissy-she’s GOT to get off that high horse she’s on, she’s no better than anyone else. I quit watching The View because of her. I LOVED it while she was on maternity leave!

rcr21 on

I cannot believe how hateful some of these posts have been! This board is meant to be a discussion about a fashion line, not a “hate session”. Who cares if Elizabeth is a Republican or Democrat? Everyone in this country has the right to believe and support whatever they wish, as well as pursue opportunities for prosperity. That is the beauty of this country. What is beautiful about wishing that someone loses their job because they supported President Bush? Why is it necessary to spew venom at people you don’t even know? Just because you disagree with someone’s opinions, does not automatically give you the right to be so hateful. Forget Democrats vs. Republicans—this board makes it quite obvious that the real problem is the hatred that people of this country carry in their hearts towards anyone with a different point of view. Pathetic.

As far as Elizabeth’s new clothing line—I am sure that there are many people that will enjoy it. It may not be the most “new and exciting” line out there, but it is a lot better than some of the other choices available right now.

MVerduzco on

II am not impressed why she is allowed to sell her ware on The View

MVerduzco on

I am not impressed why she is allowed to sell her ware on The View

Olivia on

Dumb Repulican

Carol on

I like Elizabeth, just not her moral/social beliefs and her politics.
As to her clothing line, even if I had disposable income, there might have been one piece out of all the pieces shown, that I would consider buying.
Some of what she wears as co-host on The View, I like, like today’s but generally, her clothing style tends to be 50’s to 60’s era. I like fairly contemporary styles. She switches between preppy and contemporary.

shan on

i stopped watching the view a long time ago because of her… and the clothes look like they’re geared toward senior citizens!

Lynne on

I would never buy anything remotely associated with this woman. I actually have some Dialogue pieces but I’ll probably re-think purchasing any Dialogue pieces in the future since they’ve chosen to associate themselves with such a priggish, uninformed harpy.

mo on

I wonder if the dislike of Elizabeth’s clothing line is because those who wrote negatively about it, also in the same breath made it very clear how much they loathed her, even going so far as to call her a hoe (Wow – where did that come from? is it they really dislike the line or is it because they dislike her so much.

Personally, this line has some nice pieces that I would purchase if I tried them on and they looked great and fitted well. We all have different tastes in clothes, so to dislike some pieces is fine, or to dislike clothing by a specific designer is also fine, but to say in one breath you hate Elizabeth and say how bad her clothing line is leaves me to think it is more about Elizabeth and not the clothes. If it is not then I stand corrected. Just food for thought.
As far as Elizabeth not being educated and not having class, apparently those people have a different idea of class than the cable channels that hired her to do fashion shows, as well as if you looked at her credentials, you would know she has a Fine Arts degree and was captain of the womens softball team for two seasons at Boston College. So get your facts straight before you put it in writing!

Sparky on

Sarah— you don’t know who my husband is… so don’t get personal. You don’t want to go there. I did not spell grammar correctly. I wanted to see who was really paying attention. CONGRATULATIONS !!! You won the prize.

However, we all get to be so excited the TRILLION DOLLAR BUDGETS that Obama has been proposing. Where do you think the money is actually coming from??? It’s sure not coming from the government. It’s coming from us, the taxpayers. The supposed “stimulus” that has passed doesn’t do much beyond piss a lot of people off. It doesn’t help regular blue-collar americans any. I hope that you all still support him when we all have to file bankruptcy because we can’t pay our own bills. I hope he gets the economy together and the country pulls through this. If it doesn’t he won’t be in office for a second term. That’s a fact. I have both Democratic and Republican friends that have made this very same comment.

Jennie on


Carrie on

She’s awful! I hope the line fails miserably.

JamieS on

I love that the descriptions I am seeing against Elisabeth are so mature – stupid, gross, yuck… these are simple minded people with a vocabulary consisting of 4 and 5 letter kindergarten words. This is a great representation of where our Country is headed. If people would only put a positive effort towards respecting our fellow Americans then maybe we could focus on bigger issues. Remember that respecting someone doesn’t mean you have to agree with them. We all have our own opinions, Republic or Democratic, and should work together to better our Communities. May God bless you all!

ronee on

Fashionwise, she actually has the credentials to be designing. That is what she went to college for and did for career before she became a celebrity.

Sparky on

Sarah— If you actually knew about Elisabeth you would know she is marred to Matt Hasselbeck.. NFL Quarterback… I misunderstood your actual comment. Do your research and you will get your facts right. Ignorance, i tell you… nothing but ignorance. I’m not going to waste my time anymore. Bye.

Elaine on

I Hate Elizabeth. And I agree, why should she get free publicity on The View. Her clothes are expensive and in this economy should be priced much less. $100 for an outfit is a days work for most people, if they are still working. She has no talent and I just can’t stand her. Why is she there again? At least the rest of the women have an opinion worth listing to. BYE ELIZABETH!!!


SHE IS SOOOOOO ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!! I Don’t care for the show a bunch of whiney women trying to be louder than the other for talk time.

Bring back Rosie!! on

CANNOT stand her! Stopped watching The View for one reason, Elisabeth!!! Bring back Rosie in place of her. She should not be using The View for advertising. Sorry not all of us think under 100.00 for one article of clothing is cheap, especially the situation HER president put us in.

JamieS on

Again, great vocabulary… dumb, retard, hoe, crap and hate! Seriously, are we in the 1st grade? If you don’t like her – move on to another article and state your opinions there. I am sure there are articles on how well our economy is soaring since Bush is out of office and Obama is in…

Shall remain anon on

Uh – can I just ask all you republicans to give me one good legitimate reason why you are republicans because unless you are rich like Ms. Hassel – my – back you do not benefit from being one! The trickle down economy is a joke and all republicans do is further seperate the line between rich and middle class. But then again – all you old schoolers just cant seem to catch up to the 21st century.

Shall remain anon on

Oh and Sparky – SHE IS NOT MARRIED TO MATT SHE IS MARRIED TO HIS BROTHER TIM!!!! Talk about doing your research and figures you would also be ignorant enough to even spew your thoughts on race – Boy you are a winner aren’t you! And in other news of the weird and unrelated to this article…….

Trisha on

I’m not impressed! I support people I respect –guess I won’t be buying anoything from her line!!
Shame on QVC–Both Elisabeth and the host Lisa
acted like gushing fools over the clothing!

Amanda on

I LOVE LOVE LOVE her!!!! Shes so fashionable and stands up for what she believes in!! GO GET’M GIRL!!!

Liz O on

I think she is a horrible person and even if it would bring the economy out of one of it’s darkest eras – I still wouldn’t put a penny toward her dreadful rags.

She’s an awful human being that has no right being such a judgemental conservative freak!



Heather B on

I’ve been reading all of the nonsense posted here. It’s utterly mind-blowing some of the things that have been said on here. First of all, none of you personally know Elisabeth Hasselbeck so none of you have any ground to stand on in regards to calling her names. It’s just plain old hate that you all are taking out on her because you don’t have anything better to do. All the hate and venom spewing is tireless. Elisabeth launching her fashion line is not a big deal to those of us who actually work our fingers to the bone to make ends meet.

I’ll tell you right now that I’m not racist, but I don’t think that Obama’s plan is the perfect one to get the job done with our economy. Sparky did have a point when she said that the money for all of his proposals will be coming from the taxpayers. The stimulus package isn’t doing anything to help the regular american citizens that worry everyday if they will be able to pay their mortgage or bills. I just wanted to see what was going on with the posts. I wish the best for Elisabeth and Tim. I also hope her fashion line does well too. I have no ill will towards anyone that I don’t know.

squeaky on

Akeks, DITTO, I agree whole heartly, If you don’t like her don’t watch her. But don’t hate…

Heather B on

By the way– if any of you attack me for anything that I have said, it means you have no class. I’m not attacking anyone in my post, just listing my opinion.

Thelma on

Vamomma, You certainly don’t sound like a christian woman…

mo on

Oh my goodness. I cannot believe the racist, disgusting comments posted on these boards. No wonder this country is in trouble! Throwing insults back and forth, calling people horrible names and many other negative connotations thrown into the pile. I am so disappointed in us, the American people. If we cannot complete one sentence without spewing out these horrible comments, we are in trouble. This was a question of whether we would purchase this line of clothing and if we liked it. That’s all. No more, yet the spewing forth of all this hate and racism blows me away. I am white for the record, but saying things like hating groups of people is what has and will continue to land this country in a mess! Yes I like the clothing line, and yes, if I could feel good in some of her pieces I would wear it, and am I from the 50’s, for the record I am 65. But to say such hateful things about people none of you most likely have never met makes me wonder when is this trend in society going to change? From these postings I would guess not too soon.

JamieS on

The comment about black people above is not from me… not sure who decided to put that on there but just for the record – I am not racist at all! I am republican and totally believe that blacks are just as capable as whites. Thanks for someone who has nothing better to do than make stupid comments they can’t even own up to!

Sparky on

Whomever posted as my screen name the comment “I don’t like black people either so there” is getting very personal. Just because I don’t agree with something doesn’t mean that I am racist. Check yourself before you start going off on people you know nothing about. You never know.. I could be black.

JamieS on

I never once stated that George Bush was faultless in the problems we are seeing today. If you are blaming ONE man for all of the problems than you are making him one powerful man! It takes a lot more to get us in the mess we are in than just 1. 100% clueless – maybe… but I am a 25 year old business woman now. I have been in the business field for 7 years now, started when I was 18, bought my first house when I was 21 – ALL without any help from family or anyone else. I actually come from a very low income family and have managed to work my way to the middle class on my own. Not tooting my own horn – just showing you that you know NOTHING about the people you are talking about.

Sparky on

JamieS– I think we both may have been the victim of the same person. I’m republican also and I have the same view that you do. Blacks are just as capable as whites. Race shouldn’t matter, but apparently to alot of people it still does. It’s hard to believe that most people think this country has gotten so far above racism, but we haven’t gotten that far. It still exists. So sad.

Rhonda on

In show business it is not always about the talent, but your connections. Elizabeth is there to attract viewers like herself,and in turn, the shows gives her a forum to promote herself any way that she can.

Rebop on

Elisabeth was a shoe designer
prior to being on Survivor, so
designing isn’t new to her. The
one shoe style I saw was
fantastic so I was thrilled when
she launched her line on QVC.

I like most of her designs and
wish she’d add more casual
styles, too.

As for all the vitriolic comments
about her here, it makes me
fear our jury system when people
like this could be on juries. It
is pathetic that people feel
such hatred for someone because
they disagree with a political

So, yes I love her designs and
want to see more.

JamieS on

I don’t think that last comment was from Sparky. Someone thinks it is mature to put comments under other people’s names.

Sparky on

You know what, I’m tired of whomever it is posting under my name. It’s childish and very immature. You need to grow up and get a life. You’ve posted under both my screen name and JamieS. You should take responsibility and fess up, but then again I guess you’re a coward or you would post your own comments under your own name. Go jump in a lake. Rhonda is right, it’s about connections no matter where you go or what you do. I have connections of my own and if you post under my screen name again I will find out who you are. Thank you for defending me JamieS.

JamieS on

Anything from this point forward under the name JamieS is a new person. Hopefully people will find something positive to put their energy towards.

Alesha on

I find it funny that people are commenting on the fact that she is too conservative. Funny that is she is surrounded by at least three outspoken liberals every day and is always the only one with her opinion and has no one at the table backing her up. God forbid one Republican giving her view. By the way, what does that have to do with her clothing line?

Mary on

Someone at People.com is not doing their job moderating the comments on this board–I’ve noticed a trend of people’s usernames being hijacked in order to say incredibly immature, racist, and hate-filled comments.

The person(s) pretending to be other commenters is violating the Terms and Conditions on this website. See item 8 (Public Forums) on http://cgi.timeinc.net/cgi-bin/mail/dnp/terms_of_service.cgi/stylewatch

SoonerGirl1064 on


Your post does not sound like that of a Christian. It does, however, sounds as though you are judging her for her Republican affiliation. Be careful in your judgment of others as you will also be judged. accordingly.

This is supposed to simply a response as to whether you would buy her designs and if you have seen them. Why can’t everyone just stick to the subject instead of pursuing personal attacks on someone??? My goodness, folks!

Sheri on

Elisabeth is f’n annoying and so are her Republican views that she tries to drill into everyone’s head. Fortunatley us Democrats are MUCH smarter than that and just laugh at her comical acts.

Terri on

she is like that little girl that got picked on in school, Get over yourself Elisabeth. Nobody likes you and you will clearly have every person on the View conistently against everything you say.

Go educate yourself in Social Studies and History, not in sewing.

Sylvia on

I wonder why she was chosen to do a clothing line? I often wonder what the heck she was thinking when I see the outfits she wears on the view…………she does not have good fashion sense, and her clothing line is nothing special – sorry Elisabeth……I wouldn’t buy it!!!

MSMama on

I definitely enjoy her outfits she wears when I watch the show. What do her clothes have to do with her politics? Shallow country when people won’t wear her clothingline or like her clothes worn on the View because of her politics. No, I’m not Republican. Went to check out the line on QVC, cute stuff. Wish it was a larger line with more out of the box stuff. It’s funny how most of us would claim to be Christians or some sort of religious background and we are hateful on a blog about someone we really don’t know. Such hypocrites are most people. But since we are, we will take this statement and be defensive and say even uglier stuff about my blog. Funny people who won’t fess up to what they really are.

Maureen on

Why is there so much hatred vented toward Elizabeth. She is beautiful, intelligent and classy. I think therein lies the problem. In my 65 years of living I have learned when you hear such catty, cruel comments about a young woman, it is because of those three things. If you would all concentrate on improving yourselves instead of those dreadful comments you might be able to see things from a better perspective. You do not have to like Elizabeth, nor her clothing line, but the comments for the most part are out of line and show what cloth the people making these comments are cut from. Your words are so telling.

Lexie on

Just because I am a liberal does not mean I cannot like her clothes. She has style and her clothing is cute. The fabric she has chosen is rich and the detail just up my alley. I cannot afford a $400 Milly jacket but will pay under $100 for hers.

sharon Vaughn on

I liked the clothes when I saw them on the show; but was disappointed when I got on line to find that they are made in China. Really turns me off.

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AnnieJ on

No, no, no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can People get some real designer info on this site?

norine on


CeeVee on

I love her line! Her style is very distinct and I think that it will sell well on QVC.

JoAnn on

EH is delusional – this is NOT fashion. The fabrics are cheap – the colors are boring – and I’m guessing the fit is pretty bad. Target, Kohl’s, and Macys have fantastic Spring clothes at great sale prices. EH pieces look like low-end designer-wannabe stuff!

marky on

As hard as my life is right now, and as much as I may disagree with whoever on the View, I can’t imagine talking this way about anyone. Makes me glad I had a decent mother who taught me to have some class, and some decent teachers who taught me some actual language skills. I feel no need to sink to calling people I don’t even know such vile names and insulting them so grossly just because I don’t agree with them politically. How pathetic most of these comments are; it really is appalling to see what depths people sink to, rather than just answer the question. Or did these people even read it?

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[…] Elisabeth Hasselbeck Launches Her QVC Clothing Line on “The View” [brightcoveplayer 17432635001] The ladies of The View got a treat yesterday when co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck launched […] […]

Beverly on

Loved the clothes, details are great! Elisabeth is the only reason I watch the view. At least she is not bitter & unhappy like Joy

Cheryl on

I don’t know if this woman is in touch with reality, the rest of America can’t afford to keep their houses or pay their bills and she’s hawking clothes? Reality check time Mrs. Hasselbeck.

marky on

I am hesitant to say this, but it is true. Not everyone in America has driven themselves into overwhelming debt, not everyone has lost their job, and all of us wear clothes of some type. I am not unsympathetic to those with real financial difficulties–some in my family are in that group and some are not. But not every person in this country is broke and unable to pay their bills and none of us are going to work naked in the mainstream, so let’s please stop acting like no one is buying clothes and if they are, they can’t possibly be paying more than $20 for a pair of slacks. For goodness’ sake, I know people who are broke who sound less bitter and EH sure didn’t cause the problem. She doesn’t have any more money than the other people on the View–probably less. Good grief.

denise on

$100.00 too expensive in this economy for the average person.

Beverly Allen on

I enjoy Elisabeth but I stopped watching the view because I don’t like Joy and Barbara. I could probably tolerate it if Joy were gone.

lmc on

I absolutely LOVE Elizabeth!!! I only watch the view because of her. I dont think she complains or is too repbulic. Its great someone of her age and status is standing up for not just repbulician rights, but modest/conservative rights. And, I most def would buy her clothing line! Go Elizabeth!!

lahquatte on

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Rae Winter on

There was a sweater Elizabeth previewed on the View that I just loved — would have gone out right then and purchased. Have just now found where I can get her clothing — looked, but did not see the sweater with the full above the elbow sleeves and fitted below the elbow. Is it just out of stock??? Saw one that had a very long lower in back length and did not think that was the one I remember. Aging has shrunken me and I am now in a petite — hoping you will fit my size.
And I have learned to love you on the View — not so in the beginning — but do now.

Ellen on

I love Elizabeth and I think she has great style in her clothing. All you people that think she sucks because of her conservative views need to get a clue!! You are the exact reason I left New York!! Elizabeth good luck on your clothing line.

sandy on

i found nothing new or special about her clothes. ive seen the same styles at walmart

Gail Toth on

Dear Elizabeth,
You really had some nice designed clothes on QVC today. I was interested in two of your top. After looking into the discriptions, I was apauled to see youe clothing line is produced in China. I watch you daily on The View, you promote yourself to be such a loyal supportive American. I don’t know what you were thinking, I cannot consiously purchase your products.

Anita on

Elizabeth is great on the View and has wonderful style. I first noticed her natural ability for style on Survivor. Elizabeth you need a web page.
If you have a catalogue please send it to me via e-mail.
Thank You, Oh all the poor remarks are from jealous people.

Kim on

I just received my first jacket from Elisabeth’s collection and I’m in LOVE with it!! Can’t wait to pick up some more pieces and I have finally found someone who has the same style as I do. I LOVE your conservative, Christian views and opinions on how you live your life and as a mother of 2 teenage daughters I hope that my daughters will live for God as you do and be as honest and responsible.

Dianne on

I no longer watch The View because of Elizabeth.
She doesn’t need to work, she married a football player. She belongs at home learning how to raise the children she brought into this world. She has no talent, nothing intelegent to say. She thinks because she was on Survivor she is a star. What’s next, “Dancing with the Stars”.

mama4obama on

I feel it’s soooooo wrong to have Elizabeth plugging her fashion line on the View. She is an annoying cry-baby who voices her opinion without looking up fact just like her heros Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh and the rest of the idiots. Her fashions suck and so does she.

pat on

I love Elizabeth she is the only reason I watch the view. I watch long enough to see her and hear some of her comments then turn it off. She is the only one with class.
I hope her clothes line does well

gayle on

I personally detest Elizabeth and especially now. WHy isn’t her clothing being made in the USA??? Aren’t we good enough for the jobs??? HYPOCRITE!!! ELIZABETH IS UNAMERICAN!!!

Judy Kane on

Where are the clothes made?

Elsie Wanta on

I love Elizbeth’s top(sweather) she is wearing today.(1/04/11) I can’t find where to buy her clothing line. I can’t find the line on QVC. I have looked from day ONE. I know Barbara said the jeans are the first pair that fit her.

Joe on

Ok…I have to say I love Elizabeth, she is just like scratching a chalkboard with long nails, I love that. I also love bobbing for french fries in “not so fresh” 450 degree oil ( it’s those little crunchy bits at the bottom ). Where else but in America can your mom give a producer a BJ and get you work?….nowhere. Or where else can you be sued by a “celebrity’s” mom as blackmail to get your little no talent girl national exposure?….only here.

Joe on

Oh…sorry Elisabeth…um..the only reason I hate you is because I’m jealous of your looks, wealth, and wonderful understanding personality, also your tender open loving heart. ….. I think that’s it. I may have to get back to you ….you know, with “facts”. You love those. LMAO, I’ll love your fall.

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