EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Lindsay Lohan's Spray Tan Campaign

03/10/2009 at 12:30 PM ET

Courtesy Sevin Nyne

You might have to wait for the spring launch of Lindsay Lohan‘s much-anticipated spray tan line, but the actress is giving PEOPLE.com readers an exclusive sneak peek at one of Sevin Nyne’s sexiest campaign images. The star, who last year branched out from acting with a successful line of leggings, is known for her ever-present bronze glow, which she shows off to full effect in the ad. And the quest for a perfect fake bake is precisely what led her to create her own. “As much as I love the sun,” she says, “it is so bad for your skin. I have tried every product on the market and never found something that I loved.” Until, that is, she met spray tanner Lorit Simon. “She had an amazing tanning formula that over the years we continued to perfect,” Lindsay reveals of the partnership. “It was important to me to have a natural product that didn’t have a lot of dyes and chemicals. Our product has goji berry extract which has antioxidant properties, it has a natural golden color, it doesn’t streak and smells delicious — not like a typical tanning product.” The $35 spray will become available exclusively in Sephora stores on the first of May — with an early web launch on Sephora.com on April 15. Check out more of Lindsay talking about the line on her MySpace page later today. Tell us: What do you think of Lindsay’s sexy new ads? Will you try out Sevin Nyne when it lauches?

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Jon on

I could care less about Lindsay’s sexy new ads! No, no Sevin Nyne when it launches!



Susan on

THIS is what she’s been perfecting for years? Funny…for years I’ve been commenting on her terrible, streaky spray tan.

Dan on

How can she walk around all the time with her skin looking so awful and then try to sell a tanning spray?

Her skin is so orange and blotchy all the time – is she using her own stuff? Her tan only looks “normal” when she’s photoshopped.

As far as that photo….keep the mouth closed, Lindsay. That’s not your best pose.

DL on

She always looks orange and dirty. Why would I buy her product?

Angie on

I might just try it! Her skin looks amazing!

Sarah on

Looks like a classy ad, hope the product works, they usually turn me orange, blech!

Kelly on

Jon – you say you could care less about her sexy new ads, but yet you cared enough to not only *look* at this article but *also* comment. Hmmm. Methinks you do care. Which is okay. :)

Megan on

That ad is so touched up! Just goes to show that they can make anyone look good!

janeypoo on

Who can know if this tanner works by these ads? This is obviously a touched up photo…do you see any of her freckles?

jessica on

Did they photoshop her teeth? They look too big.

Leah on

The picture actually looks good, considering she always looks dirty and ugly!!! But I don’t beleive in spray tans, only real suntans!!!

Hon on


Tina on

Why does she think she needs to be tan to be beautiful?

Trish on

Since her clothes line sold out I’m sure this one will too. Good luck Lindsay.

darius on

she looks gorgeuous.i’ll be tempted to get it for my girl from the looks of that pic.

Yve on

This picture barely looks like Lindsay. Her freckles were photo shopped out. It doesn’t look natural.

Joanna on

I can’t stand Lindsay’s sexy add, since she is far from sexy but more to the point like trailor trash. As for the photo be touched up, yeap no freckles since a real tan doesn’t get rid of them. I really don’t get what people see in this woman, I mean really she is far from a role model for girls, and a poor example of what money and fame can do to someone to young to handle it.

ED on

I was actually looking at the Unusual Animal Pictures when I saw the headline for Lohan’s “Exclusive” Spray Tan Campaign…I typically don’t read all the things people write on these topics because it just shows me how messed up our world is. Now, this is where I would say “Like OMG, Like I freaking can’t stand HER and I am so not buying her tanning spray! Like I don’t even care about her stupid tanning spray!” Yet, I took the time to come on here talk about how much I don’t care about it….Annoying! :)

sara on

lindsay i love you …pale or orange you are always beautifull

just what we need... - TanToday - Helping Salon Owners, One At A Time, Since 2000! on

[…] just what we need… EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Lindsay Lohan’s Spray Tan Campaign – Style News – StyleWatch – People.co… […]


She always looks ORANGE! No way would I buy a spray tanning product from someone that walks around looking orange all the time. Duh!

rachel on

i totally agree, why on the earth would you have her promote your tanning products!!! she looks HORRIBLE 24/7. she really needs to lay off the cigarrettes and red bull, shes absolutely disgusting

Kathy on

I love how she says “We have been perfecting” – um, RIGHT!!!!www.bunnyroobeagle.com

Georgia on

Now if she can just do something with those little yellow rat teeth…….

Ashley on

Her tan looks good, its those teeth that kill me.

Me on

Jealous much, people? You know nothing about her or any other celebrity, so where do you get off bashing anyone you don’t even know. Grow Up.

L on

Use correct grammar. “I could care less” states you COULD care less about a subject implying you care a little. The phrase is “I couldn’t care less” meaning you don’t care at all so it’s impossible to care less than what you do right now.

Christy on

Lindsay loves to have a tan. She has worked with a professional to achieve this product.

Give her a chance….she may surprise you!

I can’t wait to try it! You go Lindsay!

Pamela on

The pose is terrible…her mouth looks awful, making her look ugly. It’s clearly photoshopped too..buying this product will not make your skin look like that. I hope people don’t fall for this joke.


yea she definitly needs to shut her lips, this is not a good pose. And she looks like a crackhead….shes loosing too much weight again. other than that, yea ill probably try the tanner. I have the same skin type as her so we’ll see if it covers my freckles as well…

Mama in Texas on

I think she looks pretty ! I’ve seen her tans before and they looked blotchy . I’ve tried tanning products before and looked blotchy . I’ll try this product . Why not ?

julie on

Well this just proves they can make any one look good even that ugly leggin weariin lesbo

Liza on

Oh yuck Lindsay. We don’t want your products. This is yet another attempt at making money since she can’t act or sing. Or be a role model for young women.

Susan on

To Darius, who said that he might get some of LiLo’s spray tanner for his girl…no, no, no. You don’t give your girl a beauty product. It sends the message that you don’t think she’s perfect. Instead of a “thank you, honey” you’ll get “what…you want me to look like THAT? You don’t like the way I look?” No, no, no. Darius, no. Just…no.

Frances on

Her teeth look funky in this ad

bob on


Susan on

Good lord – she may as well walk around painted blue. It would look just as natural. Holy Fake n’ Bake batman!

Leslie on

Lindsey looks great. I can’t get to Florida as much as I would like so this would be great to have. Lindsey,,,,you go girl!

Anon on

Ummm…isn’t she the queen of the dirty face??? I have been trying to figure out who in their right mind goes around looking like they have dirt on their face…and there she is…and now she wants to market it??? I’ll pass thank you. I don’t want to fund her drug habit either…

Hanna on

What I find amusing is that Lindsay says “it was important to her to have a natural product that didn’t have a lot of dyes and chemicals” yet she drinks a lot and takes drugs? Is she also implying that the drugs she takes and alcohol she drinks are “natural” too? Excessive drugs and alcohol DOES ruin a person’s body/looks/skin as much as the sun does, doesn’t she know that?

rina on

EWWWWW.. she’s such a loser.

Leah on

I think every photo of her Ive always commented that her tan looks orange;so if this is the stuff she’s been wearing Im not interested in looking like an Oompa Loompa thank you!!



Kristi on

I just can not stand Lindsey Lohan, she just gets trashy every year. Therefore, I can’t help but to dislike anything she is trying to promote. I could not imagine anyone wanting to use her for advertising. I think a donkey would be a better choice.

Nelle on

She looks aweful! She starving herself again?!

KS on

Um. Does anyone else think her teeth look brown? It really looks like there’s tanning stuff between them!

tina B on

Considering she is almost always some sort of orange color, I would never use a product she promotes/wears/created. She is an overdone mess most of the time. Great photoshopping, no bad blush on her cheeks and an absence of freckles. She is at the top of my annoying list of “celebrities”

Nicole on

At least she are promoting something other than cancer beds!

Crystle on

Being sexy is so out of style modest is so in

whocares on

I think she’s pretty. Looks very nice. If someone put me down everytime I tried something new I think I’d be a hermit. Good for her to put herself out there!!



Amy Elliott on

They did a great job touching up her track marks too!

Brooklyn on

I think her skin looks really good here!
I do agree her skin is usually blotchy, and this isnt her pose.
She’s getting really skinny again!

Bethany on

She is a RED HEAD FRECKLE FREAK trying to be something she isn’t. As a Latin woman I find this offensive. She is un-natural, dirty, and completely repulsive as her acting ability. She can’t act or sing, so she sells leggings and now tanning products…Go away Lindsay please, just go away. You might have been ok when you were a little girl, but please you are sick. Hollywood and everyone else is over you and just tired of seeing you or any of your products. Sephora should think twice about selling this line, they are an awesome store, this will reuin their reputation if you ask me. JUST PLAIN DIRTY LOOKING…She’s dirty with her natural freckles too…not much you can do to help her. SORRY FOR BEING SO HONEST!

Demi on

The picture is too”unnatural” to promote a natural product. I would never try a product that Lindsay Lohan was endorcing…. ever. Maybe her girlfriends sister needs a seemstress?

Trista F. on

Do ANYTHING to get money.

Dana on

She’s a very pale young lady and a perfect spokesperson for a tanning product. If she says it’s the best she’s ever tried, I’m sure others like myself who are pale too will want to give it a try also.

Antony on

Eeeeeeew.. Muchly-anticipated?? HAHAHAHA Why are we even talking about her?? Her short career is already over and she hasn’t worked in months.. She’s a non-celbrity.. Z list!

Marie on

$35? Um, no thanks. I will stick with my $8 brand. Plus I prefer NOT to look like an Oompa Loompa.

Nessa on

Ugh her tans have always been streaky and horrible. Not so sexy ad, she looks orange >.< Gross!

kerrie on

go to a salon and have them spray you. it costs the same and you wont look like an apricot

Mel on

Teeth need whitening. Even better, close that mouth and pout as we usually see you doing, we’re used to that. Stop smoking (obviously) and get yourself looking good au naturale and maybe someone will care about your fabulously wonderful natural new line of self tanning products. Geez. Why can’t women be considered beautiful just by being themselves?

DB on

OMG….Its a picture….they touch it up…….look Ma no freckles….and she has them all over. This product may work, it may not…I would go by endorsements from friends and family…I don’t need a pic of her or any other celebrity…I think most of us are a bit smarter than that!

Anonymous on

She looks a lot better her natural color.

Mel on

And, oh yeah, if you don’t want to whiten those teeth, then don’t wear a stark white tank top – it makes them choppers look many shades worse! I know it helps “enhance” the tan color, but geez – those darn teeth are going to give me nightmares, girl. I will be enjoying watching you age (if you remain in the spotlight that long or don’t kill yourself first) – you’re gonna look 50 at 30 the way you live.

Ohioan on

She’s wearing WAY too much makeup in this pic, and I don’t like her “look up my nose” pose.

blah blah on

she’s hot!

Tura on

It doesn’t even look like her

Mel on

No, she’s not, LOL

Jenjen on

Lindsy is so nasty Orange and freckly, She always looks like she stinks. YUCK!

Jaki on

i don’t find her all that attractive..i’m kinda annoyed hearing about her

Dee on

Oh, just what the world needs, yet another spray tan!!! LL always looks greasy, skanky and coked out, why would anyone want to spray on anything that would remotely enable you to look like her?

veronica on

She is covered in freckles, and then magically they are gone! just like her leggings, this new franchise will suck

KC on

Jeez her nose is super re-touched. Does she not look “dirty” to anyone else?

Trish on

With all honesty, I find this to be a pretty bad ad. It just looks awkward. She is a pretty girl, but I can’t even focus on her skin when her face looks strange. I don’t know what it is. I have never been a Lohan fan, but I have seen shots of her when she looks pretty or cute – this just looks too forced.

Jessica Danielle Roller on

Whatever, I’m totally trying it!

Amy on

No and I hope no one else will.

Underwhelmed on

Wow this is SO obviously TOUCHED UP … where’s her usual ORANGE tinge and where are all of her GAZILLION FRECKLES??
Doesn’t even look like her facially, she hasn’t looked that good in a long long time and the teeth look weird or fake too

Poor Lindsay … you were cute once, when you WEREN’T an addict or anorexic …

Kristen on

Its good that she has been out of the press….she needed to cool off and get her head together….but she looks like shes been doing well

OMG on

Did they spray it on her teeth too?

Emily on

It doesn’t even look like her.

Vicky on

She looks high, as usual.

Marse on

The picture looks ok except for her teeth…what’s up with them!!!

msnoitall on

Is it just me, or does her face looks plastic? Her nose looks like it was broken, and she looks like she has a shiner…so much for beauty.

Amy on

I like how she lumps herself in there in regards to the actual development of the product – hillarious! Like she didn’t just slap her name on the bottle for the right price. I can see her now…in her little white coat and four inch heels in the lab working on just the right amount of berry extract…underwear optional of course! ha ha ha

Dee on

I’m not really sure why people find that girl attractive. She’s pretty gross. But i guess since her acting skills are sub par she may as well invest her down time in making herself a bit more attractive with a spray tan. What…an innovator she is.

Kristin on

Well, I dont know about you guys… go ahead and bash her, I am eager to try this new product! If you have type A skin like me.. its great news to achieve a natural glow! It’s safer than tanning beds and sitting out for hours on the beach. Way to go, Lindsay!

Ava on

She looks “orange” and “dirty” because she is covered in freckles…!

b on

i actually ant to use the tanning spray!!

janet Strand on

The picture doesn’t even look like her, She’s definately had some work done!

Drusilla on

She is a dirty, little pole dancer.

oompa on

that picture has gone thru extreme photoshop.
look at any papparazzi pic, she does NOT look like that. more frekcles and either pale or orange to the extreme

Sara on

Does she still eat?? I wouldn’t buy anything she endorses, because she still hasn’t changed. Lindsay is a total loser.

Stella on

Lindsay always looks ORANGE, there is nothing ‘healthy’ looking about her or her ‘tan’. She is not a healthy looking girl.

Sam on

Geez, a lot of help on this photo. In reality she always looks like a drug addict. I’m sorry, but she should not be advertising any beauty product until she gets her life together and gets healthy!

Evan on

look at her noise it sticks out

Marela on

I don’t get it,is this a joke? She’s trying to sell a tanning product and she always has this awful, unnatural orange colour going on.

Katy on

Nothing about Lindsay Lohan is sexy!! yuck!!

Alexis on

Yea, she took years to prefect it…

d. on

at least she looks healthy.

chas on

ok – lindsay lohan would be the very LAST person i’d hire to promote my TANNING product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what?!?!?!?

liz on

oh please i would never buy this. because its the one person who looks orange 100% of time. nice job on the retouching though!

Cate on

What’s with her FACE?
NOT sexy.



Mindie on

Her skin always looked so orange, so I hope whatever she’s launching actually looks more natural. Love the fact that it’s derived from natural ingredients. Hope it smells delicious, just like she claims. I’ll definitely try it.



Just Saying on

It’s “couldn’t care less”. In order for one to “care less” about a subject, they must first care about it somewhat. Saying “I could care less about … ” does indeed imply, nay dictate, that there is some degree of care.

Robin on

I’ll bet a million dollars that Lindsay looks better in that picture than all the people commenting about how horrible she looks. Give me a break, she looks as great as any photoshop’d model looks in ANY ad. ALL models are seriously photoshop’d in ALL ads and ALL magazine covers… do you think they all look like that every day?

yikes on

y’know…i’ve seen a lot of pics of this girl that had me feeling a little jealous. i want to know who said, “this is it, linds…this is the pic that’s gonna sell your product!” your head should never ever be bigger than your ribcage. this photo screams eating disorder so loud that the tan is absolutely drowned out.

Carrie on

Lindsay used to have adorable freckle-face skin and gorgeous auburn hair. I miss the natural Lindsay. She’s not even meant to be tan, with her original complexion. WHERE DID HER FRECKLES GO?? Creepy.

hannah on


Mel on

she is so photo shopped. even with spray tan you’d be able to see her freckles…

I would never want to use anything Lindsey represents… she’s nasty!

sandi on

They couldn’t do anything about those crack addict teeth?

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Mary on

That ad could possibly take the company south..bad, bad, and more bad.

jollene on

stop hating, she looks great!!

Lo on

Her skin looks great in ads and photoshoots, but it never looks that great in candid “untouched” photos. I’d be skeptical about buying it.

I’ve always been told that I look like the pre-Hollywood Lindsay Lohan and I’d rather not tan my skin to look like her now.

Her spray tan? Not a good idea.

kpkok on

She is UGLY and a loser

jeannine on

when did the hooch owl come out…who gives a rats ass about her and her tanning crap……

Vee on

She looks like a skinny skanky version of J-Lo.

donna on

she needs to make some money somehow. bad actress, bad singer. bad lifestyle. get off the drugs…

Sara on

Lindsay was absolutely gorgeous until she started the hard partying, drinking too much, doing drugs, etc. She looks 10 years older in this picture, even after they probably photoshopped it…

Kari on

Wow that’s not a good picture at all! Is she supposed to look stoned?

Kim on

I will probably try it, but I doubt it will work.

kC on

If the goal is to look like a sexy oompa loompa, then i’m sure this spray will work great. No thanks lindsay

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[…] has partnered up with Sevin Nyne to create a natural tanning spray that’s both affordable and […]

J-Dog on

No thank you. I don’t care for the splotchy Oompa Loompa look she typically sports. Airbrushing does wonders. Her hair is even bronze in this pic.

fabsugar on

HAHAHA… no one wants to look like Orangey Lohan!

Rachel on

Lindsay looks HOT!! don’t hate :)

Bethany on

the tan looks amazing , she on the other hand , probably shouldnt have smiled. it looks like she has chicklets in her mouth.

Dan on

poor Lindsay, I guess this is what’s left for her on the industry… tan ads lol

Beanstockd on

[…] Lohan has decided to add spray-tan pusher to her resume in addition to leggings advocate and party connoisseur. Ads (like the one above) will […]

Kat on

Lindsay looked pretty a long time ago when she had her beautiful, natural auburn hair and normal skin tone. Now she is a orange, skinny, drug-addict, unhealthy looking thing.

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[…] EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Lindsay Lohan’s Spray Tan Campaign Courtesy Sevin Nyne You might have to wait for the spring launch of Lindsay Lohan’s much-anticipated spray tan […] […]


Now Lindsay can be a “Colored” girl.

evilive on

is she morphing into a reptile?

Courtney on

You all have too much time on your hands. Get a hobby or something.

Marj on

Ewww, she looks a cougar like her mom!

Christine on

Whether or not this particular photo is touched up or not, I think it looks good. But, I have tried spray on tanners and I absolutely love them! If someone can perfect them a little more, I say, “you go girl”!

Alex on

She looks gross!

Jodi on

Um she looks more like Jennifer Lopez! Wow, lame.

shan on

i am still hoping she just goes away!!

SusieQ on

And she’s done what in her life that would make me care how she tans? Or doesn’t.

peep on

she looks like a bunny with those two big teeth sticking out.

Jennifer on

She’s been perfecting this for years? I thought she was busy perfecting her f’d up life… and finding new and creative ways to satisfy her neverending need for constant attention? Wow. Who knew it was all about the tanner?

maria on

I think that lindsay is finally growing into a possitive place in her life. I would hope that people who have rude comments about others should try to find that same place themselves. Always try to find the good in others. lindsay i think you have grown into a beautiful young woman, good luck to you god bless.

VKC on

Airbrushing at its best. LL eat girl, EAT (healthily)

Neha on

The wonders of make-up and air brushing….

Donna Aldred on

There is not spray tan out there, perfected or not that will cover up the fact that she a hot mess!

Alm on

she used to be pretty!! she needs meet in her face to look better!! she looks very sick even with the spray tan… I feel sorry for her..

kim Falcone on

Photoshop does wonders.

TanishaAdelaide on

This just cracks me up. She has the ugliest skin. Blotchy, freckly, and white….ick!
NOT a product she should be selling.

Traci on

Wow…the majority of these responses were so personal…very sad to see all these people not even commenting on the product but the advertisement and whatever she has going on. WHO GIVES A CRAP YOU COMPLETE MORONS…either you like or dislike the product…either the product seems like a good one or not…either it worked for you or it didn;t…come on when are you all going to stop being so judgemental…look in your own mirrors…not so great huh?

Traci on

Wow…the majority of these responses were so personal…very sad to see all these people not even commenting on the product but the advertisement and whatever she has going on. WHO GIVES A CRAP YOU COMPLETE MORONS…either you like or dislike the product…either the product seems like a good one or not…either it worked for you or it didn;t…come on when are you all going to stop being so judgemental…look in your own mirrors…not so great huh???

cari on

it doesnt even look like her in this ad.I wishall the best to her

EVA on

It looks great especially after all the digital airbrushing from the Art Department. Other than that. Who really cares!!!

Aluriaphin on

Ugh, that’s a terrible pose – squint much!
Also, don’t care for her makeup. I know they are trying to play up the brown/bronze thing, as opposed to orange… But I think it’s too much, she looks overly done-up.

Joanna on

It is hard to beleive that someone is trying to use her as a model for their tanning spray, couldn’t they have picked someone else if they were serious about their product? The image sucks as does the pose. She not only looks even more orange than normal, and her mouth well it makes her look like she needs a good dentist. As for picking her at all, sorry but this is not a shot I would have picked. Poor choice, and clear that it won’t be helping sell much of this product. As for her herself, I can’t stand her, think that fame went to her head to quick, she can’t act and the only good movie she has ever really done was when she was like 11, in parent trap, and even then her acting wasn’t that good. What gets me is that between the life style she has led, and the trash she hangs with, she is a good example of what fame does to some who are too young to handle it.

debi on

If we were just commenting on the product we would know immediately it’s not a real picture as tanners do not usually cover freckles and she has plenty. Second, L.L. is no role model for any products. Just weeks ago she is seen running from a bar,chasing her lover with a cigarette hanging from her lips. Let’s see now, Drinking, Smoking, Drugs,Anorexia,Lesbo. Nothing natural about that.I hope she does get it together soon.

moi on

I thought redheads were supposed to have beautiful pale skin, with freckles, not orange and streaky!

me on

Lindsay, close your mouth. You look like a chipmunk! Not attractive at all.

is this true in california? on

why?? why are we glorify’ing people like this? she’s always looked terrible and still does? do we promote people to be this fake? and in a fake relationship? why these taboids put her/britney on their mag’s is beyond me…i won’t look at the site/mag if they’re in it – in an effort to boycott shotty behavior…i’m only looking because i’m tired of bad new’s on the new’s channels…god help us if she/their our alternate…

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Jules on

She looks beautiful!

jwstorm on

An orange crack ho for life she’s a human toilet, used by one and all, happy spreading.

lauram on

Lindsay looks like a bobble-head in this photo… and I doubt that she actually uses this spray product/company- because this is the closest to a natural color she has looked in a LONG time!

Erica on

She looks like an orange bobble head….

onlinebigmoney on

What do you think about Robot stock?

tomuchforme on

last i saw her in star today she had cocaine coming out of her nose and was saying it was lint. she is in no way fit to do anything even if it campaigning spray tan. she needs help.

Tracey on

Definitely photoshopped (not to mention her arms are looking thinner than normal, which I doubt was photoshopped to look that way). With her hair color and makeup the way it is it def makes the tan even more orange than usual…so that’s not exactly her fault.

This might make a better deodorant ad “Sure?/Unsure?” lol :)

Sevin Nyne Photos of Lindsay Lohan on

[…] We all know Lindsay Lohan has been going broke for a while. She was fired from all the TV shows she was involved with, leaving her with nothing, including nothing lined up. Yes, Lindsay is a major show off who like attention of the paparazzi and always tips them on her whereabouts to make damn sure they are there. For as long as pictures of her are published, she remains in people’s minds and gets her tones of attention whoring. But the bank account is still running dry. Time to monetize on popularity (albeit incompetence, but still popularity). Here it comes – Lindsay Lohan introduces Sevin Nyne, her own personal self tanning spray line and these are first promo shots from the photo shoot for Sevin Nyne, that she purposefully made available for People’s Style Watch. […]

Jessica on

I have to *grudgingly* admit that the ad is pretty good. Probably because it doesn’t actually look like LiLo.

marie on

its called photo shop people, and is that suppose to be her sexy face lol because she looks dumb

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Aska on

Is she really Lindsay?
She doesn’t look like her on this picture..looks good tho.

kim on

be urself ll mit work for yu instead of selling smthn u dnt belive in yuor self neva tha less we lov ya

Alicia Young on

I think spray tanning is what more people need instead of exposing themselves to harmful UVA and UVB rays. I would definitely try the spray tan formula, the more natural & organic the better. I have tried a natural spray tan formula where I live and it looks natural and lasts up to a week without looking blotchy. Go girl!

Random Thoughts on Spray Tanning « Freespiritwriter’s Weblog on

[…] just read (and commented) on StyleNews’s post about Lindsay Lohan’s upcoming spray tanning formula and sexy ads. She is partnering […]

mrshowiesguest on

why do you All like her she is ugly and weird.

aurora on

smoker teeth….

Bora on

Very good

tas on

i think it’s a good product from lindsay..
i trust her!!!!

Lindsay Lohan’s Selling Spray Tan in a Bottle on

[…] Chernobyl glow, thanks to Lindsay Lohan’s new line of self-tanner “Sevin Nyne.” People Magazine says “I have tried every product on the market and never found something that I loved [until I […]

Club on

This tan looks beyond fake. What is wrong with being pale? She looks like an idiot – she’s much prettier without it.

Echizzle on

She looks okay in the add. Maybe because I am naturally tan, I can’t understand why anyone would want to change their skin color. She was so cute when she was younger with the red (natural) hair, the freckles and healthy extra pounds. She looks a lot different and not in a good way.

Amanda on

Really, a spray tan that doesn’t make me orange? I will totally try it. Nothing hides those little imperfections around the middle like a nice summery glow.

Brittany on

No matter what your feelings are of the star, she is making a valid statement! The sun is so bad for our skin, I would know I was diagnosed with skin cancer at 20 from using tanning beds! There is no safe way to tan so if you want some color try it out!

Jada on

Please stop and listen:
Character DOES matter in this world.
We vote with our dollars.
Please support the people whose values you would like to see everywhere, since those we support become the role models for our future society.
If you like her as a role model, go ahead.
But I would rather support someone else, personally, who upholds better standards.
AND… do your research. Read Vogue, FEB issue, on getting the sun for Vit. D! 15min. a day is preventive of cancer!
Peace & Love

Your Daily Lohan « Quick Gossip on

[…] I descry why — she’s been very sweat working headed for oneself existing line of spray tans! It’s called Sevin Nyne, and at once them have this yet again theory that Lindsay Lohan keeps […]

Get Lindsay Lohan’s dirty drugged look « Quick Gossip on

[…] [From PeopleStyleWatch] […]

sweetlifeconfidential on

i love the spray tan.

sharon on

……not sure I want to look fake and orange like her…..just saying

Meghan on

Ugh, she looks hideous in this pic. Her face looks so fake, the makeup is terrible, and the tan is way too dark for her. So gross. She looks way better with pale skin.

robby68 on

Does Lindsay have anorexia? She is a great Actress and looks better with more weight on.

Dee on

Linsay is not a bad looking girl, but may I suggest that she recommends her girlfriemd to get “The tan in a can” treatment because Sam is BUTT ugly!!!

Beth on

Lindsay generally looks dirty. She never does anything with her hair.. it doesn’t even look like she washes it. It always looks greasy and unkept. And she looks like she smells like stale coffee and cigarettes. Maybe it is her lack of bathing, maybe it is her spray tan that makes her look so dirty? Or maybe she really is just gross.

nicole on

she looks gross

Katwmn on

For years she has looked like she has a dirty face and now they say she’s been perfecting it?!? Yikes. Who would pay $35 to look like a cranked-out, has-been?

Celebrity pop quiz! « Gynomite! on

[…] right, it’s Lindsay Lohan, advertising her new line of spray tanner, because that is definitely what the world needs right now.  […]

hmm on

she looks orange and her eyes look like she’s on something.i wouldn’t buy this product based on this pic.

Eliza on

Lohan has horrible, orange tans so why would you want to look like her? She should leave her skin the natural porcelain that it is, it looks fake and weird for her to have a tan. At least in the ad her tan doesn’t look too orange, but I still think redheads should stick to their natural, pale complexion.

larash09 on

Lindsay Lo is so washed up who cares….her career is going downhill and i hope it stays like that she SUCKS!!!!

Lisa on

This has to be photoshopped; her face looks odd! The allover skin color is nice, though.

enspacedesign on

Kudos to Lohan for her recent magazine layout tribute to Marilyn Monroe!

twobigboobs on

Lindsay Lohan: fake, strung out, depleted, doped up, and thrown out.

We will be considering Lohan on our next Hot or Not log. Check out Two Big Boobs, a blog about sports, politics, and culture at

Lindsay Lohan ahora te ayuda a tener un bronceado perfecto - Hiper Moda on

[…] próximo 14 de abril llegará al mercado su propia línea de cremas autobronceantes en una importante colaboración con la firma especialista en bronceadores Lorit Simon. La línea se llamará Sevin Nyne (los números favoritos de la […]

Sam on

She looks HOT!
I’m not into tanning, so I wouldn’t try it, but it does look great.

Janine on

Regardless if you like her or not, H_E_L_L_O haters…Spray on tan of course is not the most natural looking tan, but its that or skin cancer…I bet it sells, marketing, marketing, marketing…..

jenroland on

I would like Lindsay Lohan to retire to a life of obscurity.

Brie on

I got a spray tan from Lorit for my wedding and it looked AMAZING. It honestly looked like a natural tan. I will definitely be trying the new product when it comes out.

nae on

srrry lindsay but ur teeth looks messed up rite here, should’ve kept ur mouth close but other than that it looks ok, just don’t look like u

Lindsay: Sam n’ Tan - Celebrity Wildcard | Celebrity Wildcard on

[…] legs in a neon color. Tan in a can! Her line of spray tan, Sevin Nyne, launches soon, and Lilo told People: “As much as I love the sun, it is so bad for your skin. I have tried every product on the market […]

Why does Obama studder so much when he speaks? Should he get help from a speech therapist? | Obama News Story - Everything you want to know about Barack Obama on

[…] EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Lindsay Lohan’s Spray Tan Campaign – Style … […]

rita on

Lindsay looks great! It’s all about how you apply the product. I can’t wait to try it!

Mary on

I think that Lindsay bronze tanner spray is better then the other tanner spray because it smells good and doesnt streak.

Toronto Styles - Fashion and Sales Blog on

[…] Style News By: CoCoMeds    |    in Beauty and […]

nicmarie on

she looks like a bobble head!

Lindsay Lohan is launching a new Spray Tan Product | Hollywire.com on

[…] told People, “As much as I love the sun, it is so bad for your skin. I have tried every product on the market […]

Lauren on

i think it’s stupid.

wendy on

i actually love how she looks! she’s beautiful with or with out it! :)

Does anyone know the name of a certain video game marketing company? | Socialseoguide.com on

[…] EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Lindsay Lohan’s Spray Tan Campaign – Style … […]

megan on

Lidnsey is Beautiful! The spray tan has got to go though. I know her feeling though. I have the same skin as her and it is really hard to feel good about your skin color.

jordan on

she’s soo raunchy!! how the h*ll can she tan if if her skin is nothing but freckles? that B*tch burns!! oh yea, it’s a spray on tan.. so it’s fake like her!! what a raunchy Ho* bag!!

Lisa W on

up close it sort of looks fake but far away it would look fake she needs help like seriously

JuneBug on

Her head looks too big for her body in this picture and she looks so photoshopped – not even like a real person – more like an avatar.
Good for her for trying to develop products to sell, though. She better try to make some money off of her image before it totally sputters out any day now.

Babs on

In that picture she looks like an idiot! If she thinks that look is sexy she is delusional and an imbecile.

Mimi on

White trash with a tan!

golightly on

I’d like to spray Miss Lohan but not with spray tan…. it would be real fun to play connect the dots with all her freckles.

teresa summerlin on

ooooohhhhh, looks like she sprayed her teeth, too!!! yuk yuk…i agree with her always looking orange and dirty…..

LizNneworleans on

“…over the years we continued to perfect,” Lindsay reveals of the partnership. Are you kidding? The only thing she adds is her name. She probably has to be shown which end is the sprayer! Tan by Photoshop here–in real life she looks dirty-not tanned. Like being rolled in an ashtray.

Rai on

She is what?? 20-something? Poor thing looks 40-something.

LizNneworleans on

Sun BAD for your skin? Oh yeah, I guess smoking, booze and dope are part of her healthy regimen for glowing skin——that’s got to be the biggest laugh of the day!

Lisa on

Shes orange! She looks like an Oompa Loompa!

Robin on

Her left eye (to our right) is also a little messed up – whoever edited this photo didn’t do a good job hahahhaha. but they did hide her freckles pretty darn well!

neenee on

Dumb and dumber.

spicy chickie on

you can spay dog poop with perfume and put a bow on it, but it’s still dog poop. ’nuff said.

Kelly on

Sorta looks like she needs to poo….

ryan on

haha i think lindsay has a fecking good glow and her hair is pretty damn hot. im debating whether all the negative comments are just because she’s lindsay lohan.

london on

This is not a person Id choose to advertise a fake tan. Since we all know she has had some bad carrot days over the past years…

M on

Does anyone else see the black between her teeth?

realitycheckp0int on

if you put on too much of this stuff, you will eventually turn black. i hope you all know that you are marching toward a grim future of artificial negro-ness.

Tedi Jo on

Ya, i would try it. 35$ is not that much, there is other crap that is way more expensive and doesnt work that well but we still try it cause we’re curious. Just cause lindsey is the “spokesperson” for it doesnt mean we have to bag on it right off hand. Im not sticking up for lindsey cause i dont know her but ya people need ta chill. By the way, why do we waste our time on celebritys that couldnt give to craps less about us? It rilly doesnt matter!

Tedi Jo on

by the way, she does look pritty n this pic. and fer those of you who are talkin bout her teeth, yer teeth are prolly way worse. You are sittin in yer small lil hick town prolly complainin bout how she makes too much money and wastes it on dump crap but…. looky here, she didnt waste it on makin er teeth white. You guys are STUPID!!!!
and ya it is photoshoped haha, i just like to argue ;)

ThatsWhatSheSaid on

Bleh.. Beats me..

I believe everyone is entitled to there own opinion on certain things. Lindsay may have not been the best candidate for this, BUT some people actually go off on what they see celeberties do and use. (Comes from the fact that people are confused to think celebs are “perfect”) I can’t really deny the fact that she isn’t my favorite person, but i can say that this will probally sell(very well at that). Yea this was DEFINITLY AN ENHANCED PHOTO. Now-a-days “what isnt?” to be quite honest.

I definitly wont be buying this product tho.. lol I am tanned as it is.. (well i will be at least.) To me nothing beats a natural tan, but (agian) that’s just my opinion. :)

danalynette on

I think the ‘tan’ looks GREAT- I would probably try it. I use a self-tanner everyday, love the look.
What is all this negativity? Are you people looking at the same photo I am? She looks FABULOUS! I’m not a huge fan of hers, but I am secure enough to say she is ROCKIN’ in the photo. Totally hot, retouched or not!

Stark on

Lindsey Lohan Is just a want to be. She will never top any of the stars I know. Plus She is not good at being a romodel for our kids. Akll she does is Party and get arrested for stupid crap she knows won’t get her anywhere int he world.

Brent Paxton on

OK, I LOVE Lindsay Lohan. These negative people leaving comments are so sad. Lindsay if the shiz. You go girl. I can’t wait until you start making movies again.

I’m her number 1 fan, biotchs!


Sevin Nyne Tanning Mist Coming Soon on

[…] – Sevin Nyne! The Sevin Nyne self-tanning mist is coming soon and you’ve probably seen the great photos of Lindsay Lohan showing off her luxuriously bronzed skin. (I’m trying to get those […]

White Oprah » Blog Archive » Sevin Nyne Tanning Mist Coming Soon on

[…] – Sevin Nyne! The Sevin Nyne self-tanning mist is coming soon and you’ve probably seen the great photos of White Oprah Jr. showing off her luxuriously bronzed skin. (I’m trying to get those […]

inherredoriut on

very intresting

texasblonde12 on

This ad makes me want to break into song.
Oompah, oompah, oompatee, do..I’ve got another riddle for you.

Open Post: Hosted By A Dehydrated Radish | on

[…] a good explanation for this. Maybe he’s trying to make extra money by being a guinea pig for Blohan’s new line of spray tan? He’s almost the exact shade of a Lohan. Bookmark It […]

Open Post: Hosted By A Dehydrated Radish | on

[…] a good explanation for this. Maybe he’s trying to make extra money by being a guinea pig for Blohan’s new line of spray tan? He’s almost the exact shade of a Lohan. [?] Share […]

m23perrault on

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Rhiannon on

I look forward to giving it a try…. She claims it doesn’t smell… I hate the smell oif most of the self tanning products…

Financing Strategies on

Thanks for Article

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Susan Brophy on

Here we go, another so called ‘Celebrity’ pretending to have developed a beauty product! I AM an experienced spray tanning therapist and have tried everything. I can reccommend Urban Tan, the aroma spray tan. Try it Lyndsay before you lose any more credibility!


Lindsay Lohan Adds Hosiery to Her Leggings Line « Celebrity Blog! on

[…] her successful leggings collection flying off the shelves and her new spray tan line set to hit Sephora.com on April 15, Lindsay Lohan is busy working on the next addition to her […]

Erika on

Don’t hate. Lindsey is hot..which is probably why she got #1 on maxim’s hottest in 07. Why is it that girl’s always say she’s ugly, but guys think she’s beautiful?

Leisa on

This product is real and works!! Dont judge the product by Lindsay Lohan’s life style. Imagine if your every move was posted all over tv and magazines? I would just like to know… who will be the one to cast the first stone? :0)

Amy on

OK.. Don’t knock it till you try it people!!! Lindsay is not the only person who Lorit has tanned. I know Lorit personally I have been tanned by her and it’s the best tan that I have ever had. If you look at her myspace you will see her quality of work is awesome! Lasvegastanning.

Debbie on

Lindsay doesnt matter, its the product that matters and theres no reason not to try it. You can’t knock it until you try it. Only one week until its out! I cant wait to buy it!

Have You Tried La Lohan’s Sevin Nyne? : Splendicity - Fashion Advice - Beauty Tips - Style How To’s on

[…] says: “As much as I love the sun, it is so bad for your skin. I have tried every product on the market […]

theRaine9 on

Seven Nine is my Birthday! Of course I am going to try it. The sun is horrendous on our skin and Linday’s new line looks very healthy, unlike dry sundrenched, wrinkled skin.
Good luck on your product Lindsay, we love you!
Raine and John

Celebretard Showdown: Miley Cyrus vs. Lindsay Lohan : College Candy on

[…] Lindsay Lohan had her own line of leggings, but right now she’s sticking to spray tan. It sounds like a cruel joke but it’s true – the queen of orange glow is taking her spray tan wisdom to the public with Sevin Nyne. […]

Lexii on

im going to try this;
all yall are haters

bri on

seriously, you people are just so obsessed about how to spite Lohan. She is just a normal human being that is trying to sell a product for her own achievements. If you don’t like the way she looks, nor do you care about the product… why do you care enough to comment this? Does it seriously matter to you that much? Its just a product, it’s not going to impact your life.

Jessieeeeee on

Why are you all such evil?! I would have bought, but I live in Moscow((( Lindsay really shines as the sun!(not in this photo)
I love her freckles

Tanning Gal on

Wow- that is Lohan?? I wonder if htey can touch me up?

Artist on

Actually when you have the sunless airbrush done it is a very flawless application. And for individuals who are blessed with freckles but are not able to tan airbrushing is a great solution for blending into a natural look. But you have to make sure the solution your getting sprayed with doesn’t have “gold” or “orange” under tones, only red and brown under tones look natural. I do agree that ad photos are not good marketing for a sunless product. I would be more likley to try something by knowing someone who has used it and looks great “in person”. :)

nik on

If you all hate on lindsay lohan than why are you even on this website? To make you feel better about yourself? Get a life.

aa on


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TAN | Cars Parts & Accessories on

[…] tan stylenews.peoplestylewatch.com […]

Lanita Husby on

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pomoc prawna on

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luis garcia on

Dont look like her. but say Lindsay Lohan in the header, so she is

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Dani on

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