Michelle Obama's Right to Bare Arms

02/27/2009 at 01:43 PM ET

Ron Edmonds/AP

It may be February and freezing, but Michelle Obama is heating up D.C. with her toned arms — often bared and on display in the First Lady’s fearless fashion choices. From the Inaugural Ball, where Obama showed off her shoulders and arms in a Jason Wu strapless gown, to the pink Tracy Reese frock she chose for her PEOPLE cover, her lean limbs are what everyone is buzzing about. But don’t think they come that easily. Her workout regimen includes cardio, calisthenics and weights, she told PEOPLE when she was on the campaign trail in 2007, and don’t forget good old-fashioned pushups. “It’s jump squats, you go down into a pushup then you jump up,” she said then about her routine. “What does [my trainer] call it? Squat thrusts! That’s the one I really hate. Squat thrusts with a pushup.” Celebrity trainer Elisa Gulan said not only push-ups, but probably light weights and heavy repetition helped sculpt her arms. “She has amazing tone and definition, but her arms are also sleek and streamlined,” said Gulan, whose clients include actress Becky Newton and host Terry Seymour. “You don’t get arms like that just from being on a diet.” And how does the American public feel about her predilection for sleeveless dresses? In a USA Today poll, 2,600 readers weighed in on whether it’s appropriate for the First Lady to go sleeveless so often. Forty percent said, “Yes, she’s a modern first lady,” 11 percent said, “No, it seems too informal.” The remaining 49 percent said, “Who cares [DASH] it’s her decision.” After all, voters did choose change in November! — Additional reporting by Sandra Sobieraj Westfall

For more on White House life, including family games, dinner-table conversations and new bedtime-reading habits, pick up this week’s PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday, and check out Michelle Obama’s First 100 Days of Style on InStyle.com.

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Snow on

She needs a mouth job and learn how to smile…ugly.

Leslie on

Hey, I wish my arms looks like hers! Way to go Obama, flaunt it :)

Jacque on

Snow, don’t hate the player, hate the game. Too bad you are not that smart. Stupid!

C. Brown on

Are we kidding? First we don’t like the President in the Oval Office without his coat on and now we don’t think the First Lady should be showing her arms!!??!?!? Do we not have bigger issues right now in our World!! Let it go people!

Diva on

She’s gorgeous…love her…I just wish people like Snow would stop hating so much. its not becoming of you as all

Diva on

She’s gorgeous…love her…I just wish people like Snow would stop hating so much. its not becoming of you at all

Linda Yeager on

Wow, Snow – settle down. Perhaps we should see your photo – and then decide how attractive you are!

raelee38 on

How about she is just u – g – l – y and she has no aliby she is just that way not matter how you dress her up. Whatever…the game or the player it is just that way…

LV on

What’s with all the hype on her. What she wears, how she looks, how great are her arms, yada, yada, yada.
How about the state this country is in. Who cares about her and all her fashion. It is unimportant.
Snow might not always say the nicest things, but he is right about her mouth (But, Who Cares?)

raelee38 on

Go Snow I am with you!!!! I think all these people who would love to have sex with with her husband and voted for him are crazy!! I cannot stand them!! Who cares what she puts on who cares what she says and who cares at all about her or her liar of a husband!! Cannot stand either of them….they both are a bunch of liars who talk out of both sides of their two faces!!!

Donna on

She is young, attractive, and best of all, healthy and active!!!! Her appearance is simple, yet stylish with. She exercises, and this alone could make her an excellent role model for women of every age, but she is also one smart woman. We should embrace her grace and respect the challenge she faces raising two young, impressionable little girls in a fishbowl of media attention instead of finding idiotic reasons to be divisive. When will this nonesense ever end?

Sasha on

Snow is right, but the first lady could do nothing about it. Her mouth is like that.

We have to accept people just the way they are.

Let her wear what she want to wear. Who cares?

SL on

raelee38 – Umm, get over it. He’s our President, stop wasting time sulking and being bitter and how about pitching in to help fix this country and everything that BUSH screwed up.

raelee38 on

SL like I liked Bush…LOL!!! You are to funny!! They are both big F ups….at least Laura was nice looking but we didn’t have to wear everything she wore and see her on People and US and OK and everywhere else enough is enough!! You know there are other parties in this country right??? Don’t be so narrow minded SL!!

Fernando on

New years 2008: my little brother Chris dropped dead – a moving testimony to a brother with asperger’s syndrome, by zen peace. Asperger’s is mild form of autism that often goes undetected. Chris was a doctor and a dentist, married to a control freak and he had criminal, freeloading, manipulative relatives. Inhouse vigilance and support for doctors within the high functioning autistic spectrum is called for.

Rose on

Snow it is white folks like you who have the world in turmoil. Go get a life! She is prettier than you!

Susan on

Her teeth are so big, she can hardly get her big ‘ol lips over them. I wish she wouldn’t smile like that, it is not pretty.

Fava on

She is intelligence and grace personified. we are lucky to have such a shining example of what a woman can be. Her beauty is transcendant!

HeyJude on

To raelee38, I bet your face is uglier than your personality. And to snow, yeah, let’s see your pigface! Then we can all put you down.

Jackie on

WHO CARES?! there are more important thing to worry about like her stupid husband pulling our boys from Iraq! who gives a damn hat she wears or that they’re getting a puppy?! he should have lost the election! then maybe people would take things more seriously! some change!

Tina on

I liked her outfits during the campaign trail, they were all fashion forward. However, the yellow outfit, that she wore on November 4 was not my favorite. In addition, the outfit that she wore to her husbands first Presidential Address, in my opinion, was inappropiate. It would have looked better with a fitted jacket.

vonnie7708 on

She looks gorgeous!

Kim on

Do you people have anything better to do with your time other than bashing? All of you grow up!

marky on

Wow! Didn’t take long for the discussion to deteriorate into rude, obnoxious statements with racial overtones, did it? It’s about sleeveless dresses on the President’s wife, people, not dental issues, who is more beautiful or whatever. Sheesh! I didn’t vote for the guy, but I think his wife dresses nicely and why would we want to be insulting about her smile? I think we all have more important issues to deal with and they can best be dealt with in a reasonable manner. Breathe and relax. It’s about sleeves…..

Ang on

She is not pretty at all. I don’t know where people get that she is beautiful. Funny how Obama’s presidency has gotten away with things in just the first month that were blown out of proportion when Bush was in office. It’s how the they play the game. The news is full of daisies and rainbows when it comes to the Obama’s.

Kailey on

I think it’s pathetic how people have to put down an incredibly sweet and beautiful women. She looks outstanding here as always, I couldn’t be more happy of the new first lady. Snow and raelee, grow up, get a life and stop being jealous and immature. GO OBAMA’S!!!

A. Monique on

Marky… I totally agree w/ you. I thought the article is supposed to be about her sleeves, not politics or her teeth.

The dress looks nice on her. Personally, I wouldn’t wear it. (But maybe that is because I don’t arms like her. To me she looks to be in pretty good shape.) However, I do believe a dress w/ sleeves or a jacket would have been more appropriate. C’mon… it is February in D.C. It was cold that night. At least it was to me.

Ray Pearce on

I have a hard time understanding why in the year 2009 we still fight over such issues. Honestly, if you do not care for someone’s politically policies then argue politics…not how someone looks. White or Black we are all Americans and want what is best for the country…how we look either way should not be an issue. I for one did not vote for our current President, not because of his color but because of his political stance and policies. When we lower ourselves to degrade another human being because of a smile…we may just need to refocus. I for one don’t care if our present First Lady wears a dress with or without sleeves. She does look fit and trim! Yet I would add…that too much exposure is not good. The media could tone it down just a bit. I wanted Secretary of State Rice to run for President…Oh yea I am white male Republican!

Amanda on

Gorgeous?? Did you see her face…

Please just make her go away!

Sandy on

I think we should all concentrate on the economy.

jenny on

Perhaps my comment is irrelevant to the article, but in all honesty, and without discrediting her intelligence and charisma, the woman is very homely.

Denae on

I’m sorry but she is a great example of an educated, accomplished woman. But c’mon, She may have toned arms, however she is not an attractive woman. Look at the picture. Her dress doesn’t fit well in the bust, she has a pouchy stomach and her face looks twisted. I can admire her for the person she is and let that make her beautiful, but physically, she just isn’t.

NillaReed on

I don’t really care what she wears…she’s a classy lady no matter what. My question is—why all the remarks about how she looks. Personally, I believe that she’s a beautiful lady. Yes, I used the word “lady”….and frankly one of the prettier ladies that have grace the White House. You guys need to get a grip!! There is some serious hating going on. Whether you like it or not–THE OBAMAS ARE IN THE WHITE HOUSE. The PEOPLE have spoken and the PEOPLE have selected their president. Deal with it! He wasn’t handed the presidency, the PEOPLE voted for him.

Texan411 on

Hmmm people are still mad that the American people shunned their party….BIG TIME. Goodbye conservative America.

elaine on

yeah, if I could afford a personal trainer, my arms would look great too!

NillaReed on

Susan….She may have “big ol'” lips but there are people out there that pay thousand of dollars every day for full lips. Get a grip…jealousy is an ugly monster.

GoddessLu on

After reading the preceding 4 pages of comments, it amazes me how some of you people who apparently did not vote for the current administration choose to air your displeasure by slamming the First Lady. (1) She has a right to wear sleeveless–be it August or February. She’s got the arms for it. (2) Pretty or ugly is subjective and often determined by what is seen in the reflection of the judging party’s mirror. (3) What are the Obamas “getting away” with (as one post-er put it) that did fly in the Bush administration? Seriously, I’m super curious. Bush (via his proxy Cheney) pushed through so much crap (alienation of the United Nations, Iraq war, the Patriot Act, to name oh but a few of the missteps taken) and turned his head to the economy for all of his term (there was a huge budget SURPLUS when he took office, remember?), letting it ride as the GOP often does in the face of real adversity. Obama is doing a lot because there is a lot of clean-up and 8 years of ignorance to undo. No, he’s not the messiah but he’s a leader that’s taking his job description seriously, unlike his predecessor. Nothing to say about Mrs. Bush, nice enough lady who chose to marry down.

NillaReed on

Way to go Marky! I’m with you. The question was about her arms and it just turned ugly.

Trevor on

I hate Obamas politics, and I didn’t vote for him, but his family stuff is personal, and none of our business.

Crystal Marie on

To all those that said, “Why are we so concerned about what she has on… there are bigger issues…”, how did you get to this page? Did you accidentally think it was a news article.

Shame on the pot calling the kettle black.

And I agree, it is freezing in Washington, DC… OUTSIDE. Last I checked, the Chamber of Congress was a heated building.

Ronnie on

OMG! It would have been so nice if we all were able to make the decision on how we would look before we were born. All pretty people. How boring would that be?

The people that are talking about the First Lady in such a negative way, all I can say is… She is the First Lady and there is nothing you can do about it. Grow up and live with it!

Again, like a few said, this article is about her arms not her looks.

Daisy on

She is F-U-G-L-Y!

Sheene on

i dont like the black people that are living in the white house.

Dulce on

I think she is beautiful and classy and she is her own person and not afraid to be herself. They are a beautiful first family, like the Kennedy’s were.

Billie on

I’m am totally confused. How did talking about exercise and a sleeveless outfit become a talk of ugliness, liars, teeth, lips, etc. It is really ashame that people “AMERICAN PEOPLE” can feel and have such hatred in their hearts and to let it consume their thoughts is beyond me. Please don’t worry about what she wears, what she looks like, her husband, her family, etc. Some of your comments are the UGLY SIDE of America, the side the other countries see and the “WE” americans try to cover up. God bless all of you because HATRED is a ugly and miserable and lonely thing to live with, life is too short to be consumed in filth.

Sinead56 on

Snow is right, very ugly mouth. She is not a pretty woman at all. Big deal she has toned arms. She is a BIG woman. Big mouth, large hands, large feet, overall a large woman. She is certainly no trend setter. I don’t see anything unusual about what she wears. Jackie Kennedy was a “trend setter” Obama far from it.

Her dress at the convention was horrible. Her dress for the inauguration was a disaster. She isn’t even ladylike when she walks. I don’t find this couple attractive at all.

He isn’t good looking in any way either. Big ears, his mouth always looks like he just ate liquorish, lanky awkward arms and legs.

Have you guy’s watched him coming down the steps of the plane? His arms are in front of him shaking up and down. He looks like an idiot. He certainly is no Danzel Washington…..Now that’s a good looking man!

He isn’t even as great as people seem to think. He picked a bunch of crooks for his cabinet for goodness sake.



Allen on

All I can say is BANANA anyone? She should be hanging from a tree! You either got it or you don’t. And she doesn’t have it….shes one homely women.

Krys B on

I’m very very surprised by all this hate-mongering. Beautiful or not, black,white, yellow, red… I thought America was about something more than all this hate. Surely she may not be the most beautiful person ever, but she does have a nice sense of style that transcends what often passes for fashion these days. She’s well educated and seems to love and care about her family and her(our)country very much. This hate talk should stop…you people are shaming our nation…BTW her arms are great.

Karen on

she looks really pretty seriously people its fashion not a debate let it go.

Lil on

Sheene February 27th, 2009

i dont like the black people that are living in the white house.

And I didn’t like the white people that lived in the White House.

Cara on

Toned arms? This is as offensive to blacks as the NY Times cartoon about chimps. If it’s not white, then it’s not “normal”; it has to be referred to as toned. She’s a wonderful person; why drag her down with this stuff?

jean on

Just read through comments. I am sorry but people feel they need to say she is beautiful; maybe inside but if you want to be honest I have to disagree with most on here I really don’t see the beauty (outside) You are all to attached to the hype of Obama and feel that saying anything negative could or would portray you as not being Loyal to the Obama’s sorry…Truth is …she really isn’t that pretty on the outside.

Robison on

Why does this even matter? She’s a first lady, not a fashion icon or a workout guru. I’d rather hear about charities she’s supporting or something else that’s not superficial. The Obama’s shouldn’t been seen as celebrities, her husband is the president of our country, not a movie star.

Echizzle on

I think she got a new stylist. She changed her hairstyle (love it) and her makeup looks more polished. I love the dress and the toned arms. I think the sleeveless dress is totally appropriate. Every time I see the first lady photographed, she is hugging someone. Her inner warmth and kindness shines through. All the cruel and nasty comments about the First Lady do not mean anything. Let the haters hate. I am looking forward to brighter days! Peace to all.

Clarissa on

It is hilarious that so many people keep saying we have “bigger things to worry about.” Ummm…I thought this was People Magazine’s website. It is an entertainment magazine that revolves around celebrities, fashion and gossip. If you want to hear about the wars and more hysteria about the economy go to CNN/Fox/MSNBC/NYTimes/Your local paper.

T on

To raelee38 : Well in my opinion the Obama’s aren’t any worse than their predecessors. Obama has been in office barely a month how is he anymore of a liar than REST of Washington DC? Give him another seven years before you say that. Like we did with Bush…

To C. Brown: We care because the is People.com and they are supposed to focus on things like that. This isn’t CNN or Fox News. This a whole site dedicated to how people look and dress! If you weren’t interested why did you click on this link?

Lin on

Wow you can tell who the Repuklicans are :-D

Or the people still sore about Hilary losing :-D

Diash on

Great arms, inappropriate dressing.

She’ll shine in the summer with tops and dresses.

She is just off the mark, but gaining ground in every outing.

Has she improved her walk? It’s “athletic” to say the least.

Great job with her children and her husband adores her.

Just work on the walk.

Sherry on

I shouldn’t be surprised I guess, but really? There are actually people who care that she wants to bare her arms? Funny, I thought there were important things to think about – you know, the economy, job creation, getting the US back to not being a laughing stock, that sort of thing.


April Moore on

I think she looks gorgeous. You all are just use to the Western Standard of beauty , i.e., a thin, young White women, preferably blond. Newsflash, you are probably not the standard of beauty that the U.S. goes by and neither is she, she’s an average woman just we all are. I didn’t know having super-model looks and/or being White were prerequisites for being the First Lady. You all are doing all this bashing and none of it really matters, your opinions change nothing, except maybe the way YOU feel. lol. And all of you all who are bashing her looks, how gorgeous are you? Do you have perfect teeth, and a perfectly symmetrical face? Probably not, if so, you wouldn’t be wasting your time complaining about the First Lady, who isn’t thinking about you at all.

Britelle on

Don’t be player hating girlzz! Its a love story baby just say yes!!

Love Ya!



America on

TO NillaReed: You are so right! People act like this man just walked down Pennsylvania Ave and sat at the President’s desk. People of all races and sexes as well as Democrats and Republicans who crossed parties voted for him. I gave Bush to 2004 to change my opinion of him and his administration and he did not. People can’t tell you one positive thing Bush did for this country as a whole…except for ” he kept this country safe” well so did every president BEFORE HIM. Or “he stands for my personal beliefs”. Well your personal beliefs didn’t stop 2.3 million jobs from being lost in 2008 or the thousands of people from going into foreclosure all because Wall Street and an unregulated housing industry at every level was greedy. Where was our then-President when trillions of dollars in toxic investments was flooding Wall Street, our CEO with these outrageous salaries, or the people who lost thousands from their 401?

(Sorry I got off subject but people like some of these posters make me ill acting as if Obama/Democrates single-handily put us in the situation. I never hear his opposers harp and throw stones at the people who had control of this country for the last eight years and LEAD us into this mess!)

lukeslomka on

she has got really nice arms, perfect

M. Carlin on

There is a time and place for everything, with all due respect to the First Lady, she needs to develop a ‘White House’ Style. It is one thing to try and make a personal statement if you are a private citizen but she is living in a fish bowl and respresents the highest office in the country.

Jon on


msphene on

raelee38 and snow you both have stated

America on

M. Carlin…

…the same was said about Hilary in Bill’s first term and the press hated Laura’s style through most of Bush’s two terms. What is White House Style?

Pamela on

So she has a great shape and nice arms because she is rich and has time to work out. Must be nice, wish I could take time to work out but I have to work two jobs just to pay bills and try to keep my house and a place to live. It cost money to join curves or any work out place and it takes time to work out. If a person like me is working two jobs just to live we don’t have time to work out. If I lived in the white house and had everything paid for I could take time to work out too. Sometimes I really get sick of all these people talking about how nice she looks. Try just eating potatos or noodles which are fattening but there cheap because that is all a working person can buy. But if your rich in the white house you can have trainers and chefs and life is great right. She don’t have to worry about gas money to drive to work and worry if her house payment is made, just take time to work out and travel somewhere and have fun while the rest of us tray to survive but the world thinks she is great because she has good looking arms.

Sinead56 on

The more I think about this ‘Fluff’ piece about her “Toned” arms the more I want to be sick.

Is this all we can expect from her? Maybe she always wanted to be a ‘Cover Girl’…who knows!

MomT on

EXCUSE ME PEOPLE! But if you all think she’s all that you definately got your head in the sand too deep. She’s going to be no better than MR.CHANGE is going to be.He won’t ever hold “PRESIDENT” very proudly.You know she’s there to back him up on his mess ups just like all the rest of the idiot so called presidents have had in the past. Personally she could howl at the moon for all I care and probably does. Her job is to give the world her buck toothed smile and everyone will dislike or love her. My opinion KEEP YOUR PITS TO YOURSELF MRS.CHANGE and her other half may go out smelling like a rose.

mantecanaut on

Bare arms! Bare arms – geddit?! Oh, genius!

MyAssessment on

Sorry, can’t say that I am too concerned on all the glitz and glamour including what she wears (when you know she hates dressing up) and the dog (you know they are only getting it for show). I think I am a bit burned out on the whole Obama glamour show.

K-wag on

Great arms, mostly great clothes, but she should avoid some shades of purple. The darker ones make her look old. All that notwithstanding, Mrs. Obama MUST work on her posture. She slouches, juts her head and shoulders forward, and generally walks like a woman who is trying to compensate for her height. Doesn’t matter how toned she is, what she wears or how much she works out, if the posture is all you see, then work on that right away. Love her regardless!

Sinead56 on

Quote: “Has she improved her walk? It’s “athletic” to say the least.”

I agree, she walks like a man to be honest with you.

Quote: “I am sorry but people feel they need to say she is beautiful; maybe inside but if you want to be honest I have to disagree with most on here I really don’t see the beauty (outside) You are all to attached to the hype of Obama and feel that saying anything negative could or would portray you as not being Loyal to the Obama’s sorry…Truth is …she really isn’t that pretty on the outside.”

Well said, and we really don’t know how she is on the inside. All we really know is she likes to fill our heads about her and Obama’s love story I really want to know what she has done as far as charity work she has been involved in. What she wants to tackle to make life better for those hurting right now from having no work, no homes and not enough to money to feed and dress their children as well as she can afford to do for her children.

Lovely on

This comment is to address Susan’s comment about big ol’ lips. Those are the same lips that white women try to get with injections and get praise for like Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts. Not tryin’ to make this racial, but I get tired of people tryin’ to hate on features that are prevalent amongst blacks, but they try to get it (i.e. full lips, rear-ends, hips, tans for darker skin, etc.). Bascially beauty is in the eye of the beholder and her husband is lovin’ it and that’s all that matters. Stop hatin’ she is BEAUTIFUL.

Sinead56 on

Angelina Jolie has beautiful features, and beautiful sexy lips. Obama’s problem is her mouth, way ugly, and it’s her over-sized mouth with so many teeth she can’t close her mouth. And she has such large manly features. Not at all beautiful or pretty, or even average, just ugly.

That’s the difference.

brb on

She looks like a pekingese pup…lol

Barack on

Mr. Obama says he wants to usher in a new era of personal responsibility. If that were true than he would curtail the laws that allow innocent infants to be killed through abortion and infanticide. Yet, he is doing the opposite. In his own words, “I don’t want my daughters punished with a baby”. His idea of personal responsibility is not only to destroy life (is infanticide anything other than that?), but to make others do it against their will. Some other historic figures come to mind when I think of that.
Mr. Obama’s idea is to control everything, because his arrogance tells him, he knows best. In his own words from the State of the Union address: “The U.S. budget released today isn’t just a budget. I see it as a vision for America — as a blueprint for our future.” With it, Mr. Obama becomes the economy’s Architect-in-Chief. (Quote from WSJ).

His vision is not a path towards light. Our country is the greatest country on earth. Yes, we have some fixing to do. However, Mr. Obama’s blueprint, I suspect will render the same results of his idea of personal responsibility.

Lovely on

Sinead 56,
There is not an issue with your explanation of why you think she’s unattractive b/c that’s your opinion and you have the right to that just like others have the right to think she is attractive for their specific reasons. Like I said…beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The problem I have are with people like the person I mentioned making the comment “big ol’lips” like an insult or like it’s an unattractive feature, but only when it comes to certain ethnicities. Bottom line… Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, features, and ethnicities.

frank on

Nice arms,..big fat butt!

Bubba Clinton on

Well what is she gonna do about that Jinormas ass?

Ang on

“She’s well educated and seems to love and care about her family and her(our)country very much.” Yes Krys B, I’m sure she meant to say how much she cares about this country when she stated a while back during the campaign that she has never been proud of her country until now.

Bob D. Caterino on

So, does she have polor or grizzly bear arms?

Snow on

….big fat butts and ugly mouth..no taste in fashion…what an ugly outfit to wear on inauguration day. Don’t like it at all. Seeing and hearing about the Obama is enough, let see what they can do for our country… or they’re just a bunch of liars.

Gregory on

Get over it people. The Obamas are here to stay, so you might as well get used to it. Save all the negativity, its not becoming.

Snow on

Now we know that she doesnt like to cover her arms since they’re toned…the next things she’ll uncover are her boobs and show the world her toned ab. Next magazine cover she should be in is PLAYBOY!!!!!

Cristal on

You people are crazy…just unbelieveable??? Such HYPOCRITES when it comes to your own parties wrongdoings. It seems only bitter republicans or just plain racists take every opportunity they can to spit their political outrage out to the world even on a site that couldn’t be further from their topic? I wish all you guys hiding behind your computers would say some of this insulting boarderline racist s*** in a more public forum!

To the psoter talking about Obama’s views on abortion…I think they should outlaw abortion and then we can really see children suffer. Most people who have abortions have been irresponsible and careless, so let’s turn around and make them have babies that they don’t want and might even resent. How many MORE babies do u think will turn up in dumpsters or left on doorsteps unwanted or abandoned overloading our foster system. Only God knows how many illegal potentially botched abortions would take place. Let God deal with the people who have abortions. That’s their cross to bare when they step in front of Him. God gave us free will to choose our own path and to make our OWN decisions.

aggie on

All these comments about someone’s appearance is not important. What is important is that our country gets out of the bad condition that the Republicans left us in. You all fail to remember that. So I guess you all think that the appearance of a vice_president with a pregnangt teenage daughter is so appealing. Now that is what you call bad taste and poor trash.

Cate Ferguson on

For goodness sake! Who cares, what does it matter and I think there are much bigger issues to be tackled here – stop wasting time, resources and energy on useless stuff like what she wears. Anyone remember what happened in a car accident in Paris a decade ago because this kinda thing got out of hand? Please people, the planet needs you to be worrying about other stuff, and then of course there is the world economy….

SexiMauiBabe on

What is with her posture?….wow…she should not be in no fashion paper, magazine, or website!! Plus she is ugly…all politics aside…we are speaking about FASHION. Sorry first lady, you just don’t cut it :(

william on

Now, if she would only put more effort into getting a personality and in having therapy so that she could be happy once in awhile. But hey, what do I know? I am just an angry person of non-color deprived of female hormones with an affinity toward believing in a higher power.

ShannaraQ on

I will give the Obama’s the same respect you all gave Bush. ZIP!!!!!!!!! She’s not attractive, she has an ugly smile, the truth is the truth. There is no comparison to the gracious lady Laura Bush is compared to Michele Obama.

For all on

Oh wow!! here’s a guy just trying to fix what the old WHITE GEEZERRRS of yester year have been doing to this country but noooo just goes to show racism is just for the ignorant and i dont think their black

Lem on

I can tell you how to get arms just like those.

1. Come from genetic stock which gives you a strong, muscular, physique.

2. Learn to live with the fact that this same heritage has given you one of the ugliest mugs going, and that not a single person will ever mention that for fear of being labled “Racist” by CNN and the democratic media machine.


Sinead56 on

Cristal, his view on abortion is disgusting. He voted as a State Senator he voted against saving the lives of any botched abortion where the baby was born ALIVE. He is a PIG!!!! He has no value for human life. There are “Botched Abortions” going on right now. How can anyone be ok with late term abortions where babies born alive are thrown into trash bags and thrown into dumpsters. Check your facts about the real issues. And do a little digging into what this man really stands for. That’s if you can get past the God-like image you have of him.

The man lied about so many things during his campaign. He lied about being brought up Muslim, he has refused to produce his Birth Certificate (all he has produced is a certificate of live birth, which is not a Birth Cert.) I don’t believe for one minute his lies about his associations with these so called undesirables in Chicago.

I don’t believe he was born in the United States. Some day you will find out what an idiot this guy is, how much you have all been had. He is going to destroy this country.

He is no role model for the young people of today. He was a drug addict all through college and even after he moved to Chicago. He admitted to using cocaine and weed. He is a loser and a liar. He has appointed more criminals to his administration than he has honest people. Those are the type of people he has hung around with all through his political career (as short as it is). All he knows are terrorists, racists and crooks, how on earth could we trust him to run an honest Administration. He doesn’t know any honest people

A. Monique on

Oh my goodness… Who peed in your cornflakes?!?!

Some of you all are just really bitter…

Get over it already… Obama won!!! I mean yes, I was mad when Bush was elected, but I never carried on like you all. Just live, let go and let God! Don’t be such sore losers!! Grow up already!

I mean he has only been in office for a little over a month. What do you expect him to do in a month? Let’s be real hear. Just give him some time.

Plus, this article is about Mrs. Obama’s dress and her arms!!! This is not a political site!! Geez… I just wanted to read comments about the dress!

Just a thought on

If you grew up the descendents of slaves you might at one time find it difficult being proud of a country that still has a problem, as a previous poster put it “with a black man in the white house.” America is not perfect but what’s great about us is that we try to improve instead
of stagnating. Don’t you think it’s time we stopped insinuating “if your opinion isn’t my opinion, you are not a good enough American?”
This article is about fashion, no more no less but I just wanted to point out that we all live in the same country. Give the hate a rest, folks.

Dee on

I do think that a bit more decorum is in order, for both the president and first lady. But more to the point, I don’t think her arms look good.

Words like “tone” and “definition” are just code words for “muscles” — at least, too much for a woman. If her arms were soft and feminine that would be one thing; but if her arms and shoulders make her look like an amazon, maybe it’s best to keep them covered. Better yet, stop exercising with weights like a man would.

Large or “defined” muscles belong on men, not women. Nature made men to be big and strong and tough, and women to be smaller and softer and weaker and more vulnerable. It’s time that we once again respect our natural gender differences, and honor masculinity in men and femininity in women. Not vice-versa.

sally on

Remember, they’re all about “change” why not change the respectablity of the white house as well. C’mon, America. I’ts just arms. who wants to look like all the other ladies.

Cristal on

Sinead I don’t agree with abortion but the fact remains that those are and will be unwanted babies. Do u know the full procedure for aborting a late term baby? Step by step? Have u ever seen pictures of how mutilated many of those babies are??? Even if its born alive that child should not be forced to suffer living a deformed existence. I could agree that a law should be created that if the child is alive and well even after the completion of the procedure then it should be turned over to a hospital and put up for adoption. Whether legal or not those procedures will still occure the only thing that will change is that the industry will go “underground”. I can’t even begin to fathom why some one would have a late term abortion of a healthy child but I believe in letting people make their own decisions. Its her body…and that is between her and her creator.

How can u say Obama was raised Muslim when he was for the most part raised by his WHITE grandparents in Hawaii? I’m all about hearing both sides so please give me a link to a credible website where there is proof this man was raised Muslim? Why do people still try to push this incorrect propaganda?

FYI: I don’t have a god-like image of him or ANY person on this earth. I am cautiously optimistic about what he and his administration will do for my country. I’m still getting over feeling burned by my last president that lowered taxes for the rich and put the burden of supporting this country on the shoulders of the middle class families, which is why it has nearly disappeared since Bush took office. I know Obama is human and imperfect the way we all are and yea he could screw up like Bush but he can also be just what we need. None of us can predict the future and no one knows what tomorrow holds, but the way I see it is the country has nearly hit rock bottom and we can only go up from here…

denogucci on

For people who dont care, some of you are really
showing it. If you dont care stop waisting time bad mouthing. Why so threatened by black people who are intelligent and smart. Smart enough to become the president and first lady. He wont fix it all but he certainly wont do any worse than the past president. Any way what ever you all think, when you get in front of him, if you are so privellaged; Its Mr. President.

mdtobe05 on

As a black woman and a Republican.. I find it deplorable behavior that people have nothing else to do but critize how a person looks or call a person ugly. What’s ugly are your comments Snow and raelee38. Are you two beauty queens? That’s the problem with people like you two. So quick to judge a person by their looks and probably skin color. This is why America will remain a racist country, because people like Snow & raelee38 spew their ugliness and have decided what constitutes beauty. Let me know when you two have graduated from Yale, Harvard or Princeton, have accomplished anything in life or are important. But then again I shouldn’t judge you two based on what you have posted, just like you shouldn’t base your opinion or judge a person by their looks.

k on

I think some of these comments on here are truly scary and mean! We claimed to be so religious but look at how we talk to and about one another! I go back to a GOP rally for McCain when someone in the crowd yelled “kill him” (meaning Obama of course). That was so unnerving to me! Even John McCain was disturbed by the hatrage in the atomsphere! Even he who shares many different views from Obama was respectful and defended Obama. On that day McCain earned my respect some of these posters should take a page from John McCain. Yes we can have a difference of opinions and beliefs but STILL remaine respectful.

I’m saddened to see how much peoples true colors have emerged.

Eagle in NYC on

The first thing you have to do to show off one’s arms in February is to crank the thermostat up to 80°, the way the Obamas have in the White House. Political guru David Axelrod said that “it’s hot enough to grow orchids in there.”

So tell the American people that it is the age of responsibility and renewable resources and green energy, and all those other platitudes, but in your own life, fly your fleet of jumbo jets and limousine motorcades to Denver just to sign a bill for its publicity benefits. And burn through the maximum fossil fuel and taxpayers’ money in recreating Hawaii’s climate in February.

Do as I say. Not as I do.

Jackie on

You are kidding. Didn’t anyone notice the flab waving in the wind on inauguration day and night? Please! Women with flabby skin on their upper arms should cover it…..cover your flab Michele.

Ron on

Are you kidding me? When she was clapping she looked like she had jello swaying from her arms….sorry, she is NOT in shape.

Also, while I like her she is not attractive either…horrible smile and very very wide hips..perhaps she should go jogging with the hubby or play a little bball she looks tough

Jackie on

check out the flab flapping in the wind at .35 and .46

klip izle on


nj on

She doesn’t dress befitting of a first Lady.

BeanerECMO on

Really a worthwhile commentary. Does everybody have enough sets of kneepads for the next 3.75 years?

denogucci on

Its rather sad to hear us ladies get the one lady who you might not like personally, but is there to represent us; THE first lady. Not a lot of countries would go after their first ladies in this manner. Ladies why cant we accept each other and instead of always pointing out faults, try to see the positive. Are just always so shallow as not to see the accomplishments of each other but real quick to tear down. Women,stand up and make a change. The brothers will not just look at each other and critisize like we do. Its time we complemented each other and stop tear down. First lady or not, dont be afraid or ashamed to say something goood about each other. Wouldnt you like someone to see your positive and the only time your negative is mentioned would be to help you improve? Stop girls, it just shows how insecure we are in our own skin and that our brains are the size of a pea and not productive. Its 2009 and she is the first lady.

Beth on

Everyone needs to quit caring about what the first lady is wearing and worry about the country. President Obama wants to stop letting people who make over $250,000.00 claim charitable contributions on their taxes. Do you know what this will do to Colleges, Hospitals and other charities. It will hurt them! I urge everyone to contact the President and tell him that this is not the answer to this financial crisis!

Rebecca Lawson on

Wow Obama is the first President to have the air set at 80 or fly his jumbo jet and ride around in his fleet of cars. Its so funny how its cool for the White presidents to have these luxuries (when they too preached about saving the environment) but when Obama uses these same privleages let’s lynch him and call him out on it???

This country will NEVER change. If I could afford it I would so move to Canada. Now that is a tolerant country.

Betty Sims on

It is ver disturbing to see our FIRST LADY be so unlike any other and behave in a manner not appropriate. No one wants to look at someones armpits when waving—sorry—did you see any other lady in the audiense wear no sleeves. She will never be Jaque, Nancy or any of our other LADIES>>>>>>>>>>>

aarrop on

No matter what she wears, she still looks like a man….and her teeth looks like the polident is slipping from her bridge work….ugh! She’s 6 feet 4 inches with no breast, got a chest like a man and mustache curled on her top lip like a skunk. I bet the prez. OBama got a strap-on for that witch of a he-man…

angelika on

How about the president will wear jeans and t-shirt. Can anyone remind her that she is the White House and not visiting relatives in Africa.

terry on

I happen to think that Mrs. Obama is a very attractive woman & is in great shape. I don’t think anyone is used to seeing a young 1st Lady anymore. She has a lot of style & a lot of class. Give her a break.

anonymous on

I had to laugh when Mrs.Obama said to her girls
that the White House was their home, let me remind
you Mrs. Obama the White House belongs to the taxpayers and the taxpayers pay for every little
slice of toast you and your mother eat.

As far as her style of dress, same cut, same cut,same cut, boring.

Sinead56 on

Rebecca – Canada? You would move to Canada? YUK…

Of all the beautiful countries in the World you would chose Canada? LOL Now that’s funny…It would be even funnier if you said France…

I would move to Italy, I have always enjoyed my visits to Italy. Ireland is beautiful too, take my word for it. Canada would be the last place on earth I would want to move to. Why do you think so many Canadians move to the US? Maybe it’s better in the US….I think that may be the reason.

I have lived in Saudi Arabia and would rather live there than Canada.

Sinead56 on

I am not going to get into the reasons why I know he is Muslim. He may now claim to be Christian. He didn’t just grow up in Hawaii. Not only was his Father Muslim but so was his Step=Father. He spent a large chunk of his childhood in Malaysia. If you had paid attention to the proof that came out during the campaign you would know all of this.

All of his siblings are Muslim, those in Hawaii and those living in mud huts in Kenya. (The interview with his brother George broke my heart) How Obama can live with himself knowing his family is so poor and in such need yet he is worth Millions.Just $5.00 a month would make a huge difference. Shame on him for ignoring their simple needs.

His school records from Malaysia have his religion as “Islam”. Friends he grew up with in Malaysia that went to Friday Prayer have come forward.

By the way, do you have a problem with him being Muslim? Why do people get so bent out of shape by the fact that he attended a Mosque as a child (and maybe as an adult) Why does it matter?

Hussein is a Muslim name. But that too was off limits during the campaign. What are people so afraid of?

I have spent years living in the Middle East. I have friends that are Muslim, I tend to believe them when they tell me that because his father was Muslim he was automatically brought up in the same faith. Frankly they are disgusted the way people have acted so outraged and horrified with anyone that even suggested he was Muslim. I can’t blame them.

I don’t believe he was born in the US. I will believe it when he produces a Birth Certificate.

cristal on

Sine its seems to me that u were the one bent out of shape about it. Why are u so insistent that he claim he practiced the faith if it isn’t an issue for u? U started this Muslim issue. Besides I think u know why people get bent out of shape about the Muslim claim…9/11 is all I have to say to that. The word Muslim is a scare tactic in politices a dirty word used to undermine a persons credibility. The GOP couldn’t wait to toss out the word terrorist when they were desperate to turn the tide of the election. All of a sudden Obama was a Muslim and terrorist.

The fact remains that he spent the laregest part of his formative and adult years with his grandparents in the states. I don’t think what his parents put down as his religion in a 40 year old school record matters in 2009. Besides u don’t have to be a christian to be president ask Mitt Romney. So what his name is a Muslim name…his white mother gave him that honor. Tom Cruise claims Suri is a Hebrew name yet he was born Catholic now practicing Scientology…the same for Katie.

Give a credible site with proven facts. I don’t just believe what I hear.

Tearra on

Name one totally honest politician that has always kept his word Sine56…

Obama never hide the fact he did drugs. He disclosed so much about his life in 1995. Don’t even use that because Bush was no paragon of virtue either when it came to drug use. No where have I read that he tried drugs past his high school years. Even if he did that was 25 plus years ago. All u republicans sell the same lawn fertilizer about this man. Nothing u say about President Obama will scare me more than Bush’s last 8yrs…LOL.

All these politicians have skeletons in their closets from gay restroom solicitaions to engaging in inappropriate contact with pages to pregnant teenage girls to under age drinking daughters (Barbara AND Jenna) and look how much they matured. Are we gonna hold that against them in another 20 years?

Sinead56 on


You seem to be a little confused here. I didn’t say he couldn’t be Muslim to be President. Where did you see that I said that?

I don’t care if he is Muslim, that is my point. I don’t think 9/11 when I hear Muslim, why should I?

I already told you I have many friends that are Muslim, some live in the US, some live in various countries in the Middle East.

Who called him a terrorist? I never heard anyone call him that. Ayers was the one he was associated with that is a terrorist. Making up stuff is so stupid.

Honey, please tell me why he is considered the “First Black President”? The man is Bi-Racial, he is every bit as White as he is Black.

K-smooth on

She is a beautiful woman inside and out, all the haters need to fall back and get a life. Thats a real role model.

Kelsie on

OBVIOUSLY, some people have not realized that the camera was above her and she didn’t notice the picture being taken! If she did, she would be posing. Look her up on google to see her NOT being caught off guard, because i bet your ALL not a good site when you eat…I know I’m not.

Snow on

To all people who think she’s gorgeous and pretty…WAKE UP & open your eyes wide & see..SHE’S NOT PRETTY. SHE’S DAMN UGLY period. A pretty person doesnt need to pose to look pretty.

klip izle on

Thanks very useful post

Sinead56 on

If she wasn’t so high in herself and posing for the likes of People we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

Is there anything of substance in the article? Maybe what her agenda is, or what she has to offer the country in regards to helping any certain cause. Has she ever come out with any type of passion for any cause at all?

Good for her that People Magazine got to do another “Fluff” piece. So they think she has such great toned arms and about the so called wonderful style she has. If we could all have personal trainers we could all have “toned” arms. If that’s that they want to say she has. These people are worth millions.

There are people living in tents and on the streets and in shelters that have lost everything. Oprah isn’t my favorite person to watch, but last week she did a show that should make her ashamed to pose on the cover of any magazine to encourage people to buy it.

People with young children living in shelters with their mothers. The father can’t be with them because these shelters are only for women with children. They carry around their belongings in a black trash bag. They stay at one shelter at night, then they have to move to another one during the day. Then on weekends they have to move to another.

These are all families that had nice homes, cars, furniture and all the things we all want in life and they lost it all. They aren’t rich people, they are middle-class. Every day people that worked hard and have now lost it all.

People leaving their homes and everything they own behind because they can’t afford to rent a storage space.

And this woman is basking in her new found stardom. The Banks are hiring people to come in and throw all of these beautiful belongings into dumpsters. The charities don’t want the stuff because they have more then they can handle as it is.

Imagine people here in the United States Good Honest Hard Working Mothers and Fathers living in Tent Cities all over the country. Sacramento California has a Tent City that is unbelievable. These are the people that should be on the covers of our Newspapers, Magazines and on the news until the Obama’s stop wasting tax payers money on the rich and stupid unnecessary pork HE is very happy to waste. Do any of you think for a minute that he read the Stimulus Bill?

They have had party after party and concert after concert in the White House since they moved in. Shame on them. They are so high on their own agenda and their own status they are being very insensitive to the needs of the citizens. How dare they continue to “Pose” on covers of these Magazines with their stupid fluff pieces when there are so many other things they should be doing to help the country.

joy on

Snow and raelee38, whats with you guys? Seeking for attention or what? whats with all the hate and terrible words? whether you like it or not, she is the first lady of the United States of America! the earlier you accept that, the easier life will be for you. And yeah, she should flaunt what she’s got!

BeanerECMO on


Oh, they accept that she is the FLOTUS, they just don’t like her presentation, disingenuousness, and her (and her husband’s) desire to bring the US down to the level of that wanted by Alinsky, Ayers, Holder, Wright, Waters et al, and they express their distaste in such a manner. Besides, she doesn’t have anything to flaunt except to show the world what the product(s) of affirmative action is (are), and why it is such a failure.

Sun on

Nothing is futher than the truth. Her mouth is not the quitest mouth ever, but she is wonderfully and beautifully made in the eyes of God. We are all special in our own way. And who cares what she wears.What so facinated about her arm. You guys let silly things like that over your heads, who cares!!!

Petrunella on

What are the problems and issues about Mrs. Obamaand about these hateful works. The truth is, tthis is all because she is BLACK that is why we are reading all these hateful messages. Is she was white the outcome would of be different. All you hateful dirty rags. Shut up!

Petrunella on

What are the problems and issues about Mrs. Obama and about these hateful words. The truth is, this is all because she is BLACK that is why we are reading all these hateful messages. If she was white then the outcome would of be different. All you hateful dirty rags. Shut up!

BeanerECMO on


If she were white, she would not be FLOTUS. I agree that there are many more substantive differences than her appearance; e.g., hypocrisy, Marxism, denigration of the US, support for Alinsky, Ayres, ACORN, Wright, etc. The whole administration is a clear and present danger to the US and its way of life, and is rife with hypocrisy and exceptions to the before-election-rules laid out by the one.

Snow on

Dress appropriate for being a first lady. Every magazine cover she’s on, there’s only 1 style “SLEEVELESS”….how boring!!!!! Nobody is wanna see her armpits…how gross and dirty!!!!

Palm Beach, Florida on

Who is her stylist, Stevie Wonder?. And that little
sweater she always seems to wear only makes her
shoulders look smaller and her hips look bigger, not
a very good style to be wearing for the cameras.

Zanders Grammy on

If I had arms like hers I’d show them too. Our country has more to worry about then the First Lady’s arms.

Mz. King on


Mz. King on


Neffie on

To Snow and Raelee38
I hope your hatred and disdain for the 1st couple
consummes you to death!!!!!

Michele on

Wow, totally amazed by the obvious haters. Um let’s see, what comment do I have for the nay sayers….absolutely nothing. I have always told my kids that people don’t talk about people that are beneath or equal to them. They talk about people that in their opinion are much better human beings than themselves. So, take a look at yourself then in the quietness of the night, ask GOD to bless you with 1/10th of the First Lady’s ambition, personality, looks & shape, wealth and life style. You might be surprise, GOD just might help your pitiful behinds.

Mz. King on


Sinead56 on

Mz King,

In case you didn’t realize it but your Caps key appears to be stuck. It’s considered bad manners to use your Caps key unless you are intending to have us believe you are shouting at everyone. I am sure you are consider yourself a lady, right? A lady would never shout to get her point across. And a person with manners and proper education would know that you don’t type with your Caps key on intentionally.

I know it may sound like such a little thing. But I never read anything that is typed in all Caps.

I just assume that a person that doesn’t know how rude something as simple as that is can’t be all that smart. It’s just a basic error some make that don’t know any better, so I don’t take the time to read what they have to say. Plus it’s hard to take seriously.

Oh, is the “z” in Mz. intentional? You do know it should be Ms.

barner on

the first ladys got quite a reach and i dont know if another style would look better on her…we all can only make the most of what we got.

I find nothing about her appealing tho as a professional politician\’s wife, shes not exactly in exclusive company there.

Jean Janes on

I think the First Lady is an inspiration to all ladies. She is educated, classy, a good mother to her children. Get off her back about going sleeveless. Better yet…get a life people

julie on

shes just plain ugg…

Mz. King on

Ummm Sinead56, Or whatever your name is if you did more reading of what I wrote instead of focusing on the CAPS then maybe you would be a way better person. I pray for you and your parents because I’m sure their PROUD!!!!!

shorty on

y is it that she thinks she has to show skin? None of the other first ladys did. Maybe she thinks she needs to show some to get respect. Personally, I don’t think it’s going to help.

celissa on

i think the woman is beautiful and more power to her for showing her arms……get over it already!!you just wish yours looked that good. and really what difference does it make what she wears………we should be concerned about what barack can and will do for our country…rock on democrats……….

rose on

There is something wrong with a woman who insists on “baring her arms” when it is 20 degrees F outside and snowing, or at an official dinner party with China or India’s leaders, who are so reserved and modist. It is not a normal action fro a first lady, unless you are so self centered and obsessed with being the focus of attention.

Eser on

Oh, what a gift! What an amazing bsseling. Rhonda, I can’t tell you how good it makes me feel to see you holding your daughter in your arms. The love and happiness radiating from you and Keith is so special. And Sarah is GORGEOUS! Val

Jack on

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