Sneak Peek: Pamela Anderson Models for Vivienne Westwood

02/03/2009 at 06:00 AM ET

Courtesy Juergen Teller

From Baywatch bombshell to sultry campaign model, Pamela Anderson is the latest star to grace cheeky ads for British designer Vivienne Westwood. The designer first met the bombshell at her runway show during London Fashion Week in September 2008, as Pamela sat front row in a barely-there gold lurex dress from Vivienne’s Gold label. When it came time to choose the face of her spring collection, Vivienne immediately thought of Pamela — and the rest is fashion history. Teaming up with legendary photographer Juergen Teller for the fourth season, the campaign was shot in and around Pamela’s trailer in Malibu. Pamela, Vivienne and Andreas Kronthaler, Vivienne’s husband and creative partner, model fashions from Westwood’s Gold, Red, Anglomania and MAN label as well as the accessories range. Photographs of the advertising campaign will be published as a coffee-table book and will start appearing in this month in magazines worldwide. Tell us: What do you think of Pamela Anderson’s Vivienne Westwood ad?

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Jami on

YUK…she would be sexy if she would just be normal, act normal & dress normal. Sexy is from within, trashy is how you dress and she is trashy. Her face looks like she is growling or something. I used to really like her but for the last few years I find her embarrasing.

izie on

Pamela Anderson is so disgusting and ugly. Why would anyone chose her to be a model for them??? She is just so nasty.

Pamela on

To be honest, I am slightly frightened. She looks really creepy, what with the over made-up eyes and growl…not to mention the random zombies in the background. Also…what is she wearing? Is that supposed to be a dress…because it looks like a big piece of mesh to me.

A on

This picture does not do her justice. She looks scary.

Jen on

I’m surprised that what they are wearing is considered “designer” clothing.

SD Girl on

Still sleazy as ever. She needs to give it up & the fashion is just atrocious. But that suits Pamela, she knows trash the best

LBW on

Ms. Westwood is a freak. Pam Anderson is a freak. She went to an art show wearing a tee shirt and panties. Freak.

Debbie on

Ewww! from an ashamed Canadian



Donna on

She is the most disgusting human being I have ever seen. She looks sleezy, even when she’s not trying to, and she has NO scruples. She makes Tommy Lee look like a Yuppy…

HernDON on

Id still hit it!

*KT on

Does anyone else notice that those are her NIPPLES showing??? Used to like her, but this ad is just disgusting.

Dan on

EWWWWWWWWWWWWW she’s so f’n nasty

Whatever on

she looks scary old…..

Me on

She looks angry. Someone needs to fire the makeup artist. when did distinct lines for lipstick become fashionable?

Pam on

Yuuch! Trash is trash regardless of the photog! This person always looks trashy, except when photographed out and about candidly. Wht is her problem? Once upon a time she was pretty and sexy, but that was waaay long ago! Isn’t she embarrassed?? Aren’t her kids embarrassed???

Kim on


MamaEmma84 on

I just threw up in my mouth ALOT!!!

CC on

Once again Pamela Anderson proves that no matter how much makeup,expensive clothes,plastic surgery and big parties you attend you can never take the trash out of the trailer.

Vallerie on

Her body may be smoking hot…but I don’t like the way they did her makeup and the look on her face. It looks kinda creepy.

Sharon on

She was so natural looking and beautiful when she did the first 2 years of “Home Improvement.” Then, she left and started her boob surgery marathons. There’s nothing positive to be said about her face in this picture, either.

Mandy on

I think she looks old now, and she should act her age. I never liked her a hloe lot just something about her i dont like i think she trys to hard to be sexy

Edna on

Designer clothes for whom? Circus freaks? Drag queens with no fashion sense? Ms. Anderson needs to take a good long look into a mirror and realize that time has marched on (apparently across her face), and begin to wear age appropriate clothing and makeup. I’m sure her children would appreciate it, as would those of us forced to look at her in pictures which seem to keep appearing for no good reason I can think of.

Chris on

she has spiders stuck to her eyelids

Amber on

Why is she snarling? Someone needs to tell her it’s not making her any sexier

Dude on

Hot Tranny Mess

sondra on

Hasn’t the WORLD seen enough of Pamela Anderson’s nipples? I mean, REALLY!

Elizabeth on

Ok, I like Pamela. Yeah she’s done some stuff that people don’t agree with but who hasn’t?? I think she is beautiful. But this ad is horrible. Sorry Pam

Kim on


ugh on

Scary beyond all reason.

sandi on

It suits her fine, it is trashy, and wild with absolutely no class what so ever, therefore it couldn’t be better suited.

Enfrid on

She is the best model for “trash” that Hollywood has! She should just go back to Canada…
I am obviously not a fan.

just cuz on

really trashy. and to paraphrase from the movie State & Main, America’s seen her naked so much they could draw her from memory – so the boob is really not shocking at all.

morocas on

She is the epitome of NOT sexy. Marilyn Monroe was sexy. The last few years you can tell she is trying to channel Monroe, with the poses and the way she holds her mouth all the time, but she just looks like a joke. She should just try being herself for a change.

Chipi on

I think I speak on behalf of 98% of Canadians when I say, “We are sorry the rest of you have to witness this.”

mimi on


Jay on

Too much makeup on Pamela Anderson.. Is Vivienne targeting older woman trying to look young?


She looks scary in the picture. I use to like her back in the days. Now, she looks so horrible and dresses horrible.

marisela on

OMG she is not sexy at all. Is that her sexy smile? She is so fake. I don’t know why anyone would think she’s even beautiful or sexy. She is one disgusting person. She is ugly and everything from her boobs to lips is fake. I guess she has to pack up with make-up to hide her ugliness. Sorry Pam but you should really take a good look at yourself and try to be a little more natural, you look un-human

Lauren on

She is way too old!!

kerry on

She looks really scary, kinda of tranny like. Sorry this ad does nothing for me..makes me not want to look at what is being sold since Pamela is the one picked to model it. I think of cheap booze, serious make-up removal and b-list when seeing her. Vivienne is supposed to be about class ball was majorly dropped on this one.

renabee on

Unfortunately, I think this is the image they were trying to convey….not classy, but trashy. May have even purposefully made her to look worse.

Sara Mc on

EEEKKK!!! Her face would make a good Halloween mask.

Trish on

Sad to say that Pamela has seen batter days. She was so beautiful before she got her boobs back and the pics of her when she first started – WOW. Whoever told her she needs all the makeup and such should be shot. She is obviously very insecure, otherwise, why would she go to such lengths to have people notice her.

LAF on

She’s being treated for a disease, has children, yet she’s seen out in her undies, drinking like a man, She has no scruples. She THINKS she looks hot, but not enough makeup and ginormous boobs can cover the fact that she’s yesterday’s hot chick.

Bobbie on

She looks just like the picture shows. Trash!!!

jg on


Cami on

I LOVE…the dog! He’s the best thing in the ad.

steph on

Nasty please sit you tire tits down!

impoguemahone on

Only one word that truly describes it comes to mind: “Ugh!”

Erwin on

Pamela Anderson is the most beautiful woman this planet has ever created. Beauty is more than looks. At first glance, she may look trash in Vivienne’s ads, but scrolling through the thousands pictures of her, you may one day discover how astonishingly stunning here traits are, even at her age.

Melinda on

goddamn she looks scary!!!!

Bailey on

I think Vivienne Westwood should have invested her money in the removal of her FUPA instead of this ad campaign.

jan on

She looks like a drag queen!!

Hannah on

Used and abused.

Taylor on

This woman needs to retire. She lost whatever good looks she may have had 15 yrs. ago They can airbrush her to death and she still looks like a druggie.

Mary on

She has created an image based solely on her looks and now she has “hit the wall”. It’s time to hang it up and start working behind the camera. I hope she invested well,

Cinnimini on

Pam will alway be beautiful no matter what. People who diss he are just jealous of her. She is fabulous and looks AMAZING for her age. People who say she looks ugly or scary can get bent!

Tamela on

This ad makes me NOT want to buy anything from this designer. The glory days of Pam are long over. There is nothing left to her looks but plastic. Pity, she used to be a nice looking woman.

Bill on

Very trashy! No more words for this ad.

Amanda on

The only thing classy in this photograph is the dog.

Abbie on

I think her and Bret Michaels should get together they are both trashy

Bre on

this is weird and a little scary, since when did designer clothes become so trashy looking. this ad does not make me want to go out and buy the clothes it makes me want to stay far away because i don’t want to look that ugly.

Barbie Ross on

Either that’s bad photography or Pam is ready for retirement.

Pat on

This single, little picture, of which Pamela is less than 50% of, is what you want us to make judgemental comments on ??? Give me a break !!

Antony on

Eeew.. she looks rode hard and put away wet!

Morgan on

What’s with her face and the fact that her chest is almost popping out? Trashy.

gg on

This woman is pathetic. She is so ugly. Nothing sexy about this. The clothes are pure trash. They do go great together! Men may like this but what woman would put this on and be taken seriously? This is not fashion. On a positive note, at least her cleavage is is not on display!!!

lily on

I have seen washed up hookers look better than Pamela Anderson. She is an embarrassment to her children, if not to herself. I am so sick of looking at this trashy, disgusting pig of a human being. Disgraceful! No one is interested in those fake plastic worn out you know whats. Crawl back under your rock and please have swome dignity and just go away!!!!!

Jill on

Her mouth looks goofy……real goofy

Susan on

Pam looks old, trashy and very scary here…WTF? And those are “designer” threads? For bums maybe. The whole pic is aweful: Scary Pam and Her Nipples, Hobo Red and her supposed husband (these 2 look sooo “off” as a believed couple and they are really married…has to be an arranged marriage of some sort), then you have the misplaced tail-end of the white truck and they’re standing in what looks like a type of cactus patch. The surprised looking dog is the only thing in this pic worth looking at…

Susan on

I wanted to add that I think Pam is gorgeous…WAIT…take away all that make-up, huge fake boobs and trashy clothes and she is very beautiful. She doesn’t need all that and I think it’s sad that she does all those unneccessary things. And this pic does NOT do anything good for her at all! Yuk.

Tracy on

She looks so wrinkly and old. It’s time she retires before she loses all respect.

Sue on

Poor choice

Audrey on

eww, i am getting pretty sick of pamela anderson trying to act as if she was still 20 years old. I mean come on. she is like 43 years old, has 2 sons, and has i don’t know how many husbands shes had. i mean come one, lets face it. she doesn’t look half as good as she did in Baywatch. Pam, sorry to say this, but it’s time to stop still acting like a mega sex symbol.

susan on

I use to like Pam but honestly, she looks like she’s falling apart, these pics are bad!

nicole on


Cathy on

What must her boys think of her. It must be hard for them to go to school and take the teasing about their cheap mother.

Mandi on


thats embarassing. she needs to S-T-O-P modeling, period!

and i agree with one of the first posts… she DOES look like a drag queen!!!

bethallen74 on

Gross! Gross! Gross! Pamela Anderson is a disgusting mess. And I will be sure NOT to buy anything by Vivienne Westwood!

somdlady on

She used to be so attractive, but now she’s showing her age…. Too bad she’s doesn’t act it. If she would just tone it down in make-up and dress, she would be attractive again.

jcarj on

It’s cool!



L on

It looks like the recession has hit them extra hard.

ALY on

I’m so tired of older women trying to act like they’re 20 again!

Echizzle on

The picture makes my eyes hurt. Pam Anderson looks like a cuco (spanish for scary monster).

daisy on

haha thats brillant. vivienne westwood knows exactly what shes doing for all the people that hate vivienne westwood get over it she helped pioneer a fashion revolution and she continues to make her style fresh and contemporary which is better than most designers could ever wish

Dan on

Do you all even have the slightest knowledge about Vivienne Westwood. It’s trashy, because IT IS MEANT TO BE TRASHY! Get yourselves a sense of humour, enjoy the anti-fashionistas….I can easily picture everyone who has given an opinion here as old and outdated Vogue readers, who would probably consider Donna Karan “classy” and only buy shopping mall fashion at Ross. Whatever!

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Reiko Opitz from Paris on

Reiko Opitz from Paris – I am sad to say that Pamela has seen in the past batter days. She was so beautiful before she got her boobs back and the pics of her when she first started – WOW. Whoever told her she needs all the makeup and such should be shot. She is obviously very insecure, otherwise, why would she go to such lengths to have people notice her.

Tumbleweed on

Haha did anyone notice it says they shot this outside her TRAILER?!? Dude shes my moms age, time to put the nips away for god sakes!

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