Beyonce's Metallic Glove: Love it or Hate it? Vote Now!

11/19/2008 at 02:08 PM ET

Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Wearing one glove may be a trend that Michael Jackson launched back in the ’80s, but it looks like Beyonce is putting her own twist on the look. Since launching her “Single Ladies” video last month, the R&B star has been wearing the custom-made titanium Lorraine Schwartz mechanical glove on- and off-stage as her alter ego “Sasha Fierce.” Though the glove is a “fierce” on-stage prop, we aren’t sure it translates into red carpet fabulous. USA Today readers agree. More than 700 weighed in and only 4% coined it a “fun new trend”. Now we want to know what readers think. Do you like Beyonce’s glove or do you wish she would ditch it? Vote now!

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Lissa on

It looks like Beyonce is channeling Michael Jackson. Lets hope she doesn’t start with the plastic surgery next.

Lauren on

She stole that from a George Michael video. Nothing she does is original.

Stefanie on

the whole idea is stupid the glove just makes a beautiful women look stupid and the whole name thing sasha fierce formaly known as beyonce reminds me of the whole artist fromely known as prince.

Rachel on

Beyonce tries so hard to make people believe she is an ‘icon,’ and her desperation shows through ridiculous acts like this glove and her begging to perform for Barack Obama. Yes, she has an amazing voice, but no, she can’t act, she can’t pose on the red carpet, and she is no Aretha or Diana.

Brandi on

If Sasha Fierce is her on stage persona, shouldn’t she only come out when she’s on stage. She’s so fake to me, not to mention her lack of originality. I totally agree with Lauren. She steals everything!

Who are you all? on

You all are such haters. Nothing in the world today is original therefore your points are invalid. Don’t you all have other important things to do in life rather than hate. With all the negative things going on in the world today at least we could stay away from talking about people. GET A LIFE PEOPLE!!!

Whitney on

It looks like part of the Terminator’s costume. And what is up with that ridiculous pose?

Jane on

The glove is stupid, but not as stupid as the idea of an alter ego. Beyonce is beautiful and talented but she is also WAY over marketed! Take a break Beyonce and give us some time to miss you.







Deyon on

If she would just be herself she wouldn’t have to be two people. this whole split personality thing seems to be a “smart” marketing idea though.I mean come on lets give her a break though lol..she’s still very talented. even if she isn’t very original. after all originality has to come from some origin! smart right? ok i’ll stop. just live yourlife people. happy holidays to all.

M on

The glove is ridiculous. Just another attempt at attention, maybe if it didn’t look so robotic she could possibly pull it off. Maybe.

And Kelli: Grow up. There is no point in threatening people that disagree with your opinions. It only makes YOU look stupid.

At Work Fan on

Keep up the good work “B” (glove and all!) have fun with your life and your art. Paint whatever picture your heart desires!

shavonn on

That is true….so much HATE! I just don’t understand ….everything she does is stupid..she is overrated..and blah blah blah. If you don’t like her…don’t read about her! Geesh…
T.I gave us a CD last year or before with an alter ego….Nelly presented us with a CD a few years ago…that had two sides to him..and so forth. What is the big deal?

tobey on

My opinion is that I like a person who is real, why change your name? It’s like being false to me. The glove thing is old, not new.

JJ on

Who is this Kelli person and why is she acting like that. allows us to post comments and if someone’s thoughts on a particular subject are not alligned with yours, you should respect the difference in their opinion. The whole subject is sooo not that serious. While I do find that Beyonce is a talented individual, she is very overrated. I’m sure she’s probably a nice person or whatever, but I don’t see the fascination with her. I’m sure the whole “Sasha Fierce” thing is entertaining to her fans, but I don’t get it. She’s an entertainer, that’s what they do, come up with things to try to keep us entertained.

Gail on

I don’t think people hate Beyonce, I just think it’s too much of a good thing. You never have time to miss Beyonce; I’m not exactly sure who is at fault for that – the papparazzi or Beyonce’s Management, but I wouldn’t mind having a break from Beyonce for a year or two.

big e on

Enough of this Hasbeen!!

Samantha on

Honestly I think the glove is just something different that she’s trying out. I have heard nothing that says she’s trying to make it into this new fashion statement, so everyone should go buy their own metallic glove now! She did say that she tried to do something different with this album, and obviously the glove is part of that! But wow, I cant believe so many people hate her…I mean, you’re entitled to your opinion but so much hate really isn’t necessary…if anything it kinda makes you look like you’re a bit jealous of her…

Oh, and fyi…she’s not changing her name to Sasha Fierce, it’s an alter-ego that describes the person she ‘becomes’ when she’s performing on stage, and it makes perfect sense to me because the way she is on stage performing is THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE of the way she is in interviews and things like that…so relax people…she’s not trying to change her name or get more attention or anything else like that. Give her a break, the woman is good at what she does :oD

Elda on

P.S. she’s got some ugly armpits!! EEEWWW!!

Brianna on

Looks like something from the ‘hood. Nothing like glorifying violence! Stupid.

Allen on

beyonce sucks! She is about as worthless and un-talented as britney spears and paris hilton.

Nika on

Kelli, wow, learn how to spell and talk. gives us this space to comment on the stars and we are going to. Your threatening is quite ignorant and immature…. I think Beyonce has a wonderful voice, and I love her new song but seriously I am so over her weirdness lately. The alter-ego is something noone should do unless you are Prince….and the glove is UGLY. I loved Beyonce in the beginning but now it seems like she and her sister are trying way too hard and are way to egotistical and self-centered. let’s worry about other things like using that glove that was probably worth $5,000 to feed the hungry….just a thought.

Slim on

! cant stand her, she is as fake as Michael Jackson’s noise!!

tina on

The glove looks strange and does not appear as an attractive piece of clothing at all.



travelgirl521 on

What is up with her arm? The glove is cool on stage, but off stage?! I don’t think so.

Lynn on

Completely stupid idea! The glove AND the alter ego! She is a beautiful woman, why stoop to such horrid ideas?

sloopyjac on

beyonce rocks!! she is an ARTIST and is expressing herself. yes, people are entitled to their own opinions, and no, threats are not an acceptable form of expressing one’s opinion. i think there are a lot of hater’s out there and i agree they are probably jealous of B – she is completely hot! the glove is just a gimmick and i really don’t understand the big deal. finally, for all those haters – look at the award she just one, on a global level. and, look at her sales – past and current – both domestic and international. she is also the highest paid female entertainer!!! obviously the girl is doing something right. she is a “no drama” person with a totally down to earth spirit.

cc on

I dont think this woman has a bit of class about her. Her videos are trashy and she is not a good model for young woman. The glove is played out, MICHEAL JACKSON IS THE GLOVED ONE.

Samantha on

It definitely looks like she spent too much time watching Star Wars..C3PO much?

Dee on

She’s trying too hard.

Hayley on

I think the whole glove thing is stupid. She trying to be an “icon” and she is not and I personally do not like her or her music.

Kim on

It’s so not necessary. Just sing, you don’t need any stupid gimmicks.

AbbyCat on

Oh please, for all of you saying she isn’t original – tell me who IS original these days? Nobody on the top 40 chart is original. NOBODY! The masses do not like originality! If they did, people like Nick Cave and PJ Harvey would be on the covers of all the magazines. The mainstream wants neatly packaged, unoriginal samey crap! That’s what makes your little world go round. Real originality scares you and you know it. …And that is why most of you hate the glove.

Tika on

I think if it was encrusted with diamonds it’d have a more feminine feel to it but the whole metallic thing just isn’t working….sorry but it takes the classiness away.

Laura on

Where can you find Beyonce’s cross bracelet that she’s wearing on the cover of her new CD? I love it!

Sarai on

Some people are taking this poll entirely too seriously(Kelli). is taking a poll. The marjority – hates the freaking glove.

B is very talented, but so is Kelly Rolland. We’d never know because Matthew is too busy marketing his daughters. I agree with many of the other posts. B – please take a break.

Note to B: I know you will have the #2 album in next week, but I want my money back from your I AM.. Sascha CD. You recorded over 100 songs, yet these are the ones that made the cut? Ugh…

ChaCha Fance on

Everything she’s done with this new album is copied from someone else. Where is the originality? Why is she still relevant?

An Huynh on

I think it’s too Cat Woman ‘ish

Gisele on

I don’t like when BeyoncĂ© is wearing this glove, but I like Sasha with it! But now that she is Sasha fierce, who knows ! It’s just the bouffant hair I can’t bear, and whoever she is right on the pic, it is not flattering to any of the egos!

Be on

Maybe she should ditch the glove and see about smoothing out her underarm. Disgusting armpits are SO not “fierce.” And no goofy glove is going to save that.

Amy on

I love the glove, it’s fierce just like Beyonce, i totally want one of my own

Laras on

the glove is awesome!!!! But the alter ego thing is weird..

neenee on

Hateness is not a word – get a dictionary. None of these people are ‘haters’ (pretty sure that’s not an actual word either – I think it’s a coined word) – they are simply expressing opinion, just like you are doing.

For my opinion, I agree that nothing she does is original and her pose looks like a window mannequin. The only thing that annoys me almost as much is when women stand with that leg-over’leg pose to make their legs look thinner. No one actually “stands” like that. And the only thing sillier than this is the armpit shot she did – tasteless and classless. I am not impressed with a $5mil ring. How about hocking the ring and HELPING people? When was the last time she donated something (supposedly she and her husband earned more last year than any married Hollywood couple).

Megan on

It’s just stupid and not pretty at all.

what!what!what! on

What is the story behind this glove anyway?? I must be missing something here.

avle on

Well, I understand, she has been a big fan of michael Jackson ever since she was a little girl

george miller on

I think it looks pretty dumb. And her wearing it everywhere is pathetic. But more pathetic is her Sasha Fierce name. That is the dumbest made up name. She is good as Beyonce. But yes, I agree with the commentor that said to give us a break and let us miss you! She comes out with new albums and songs every 6 months it seems like. Her last 2 albums sucked! She cant write songs worth a crap. It sounds like she is just singing random words with a lot of ooohh’s and ahhh’s in between. Go away Beyonce!

candy on

it looks like she is trying to stand out and be ” the one and only the best noone can top me ” type. She doesn’t need no special icon piece. she has a beautiful voice she sounds great on cd and live. stop trying so hard. lose the glove.

Jason on

Lissa be quiet.

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Sasha on

i think the new glove is fierce and for those that dont like it please get a life and respect a trendsetter when she set trends because sooner or later people including you are goin to be trying to buy the glove off Ebay so quit the hatin ok!!! Beyonce i love you and the glove works keep it up because you got the haters ready to commit suicide lol HATE ON IT!!!!!

odessa on

I love beyonce and her glove its hot!!!!!!!

tissa on

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Riley Cooper on

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Lillian King on

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