L'Oreal Denies Whitening Beyonce's Skin

08/08/2008 at 08:53 AM ET

Frank Micelotta/Getty; WENN

Cosmetics company L’Oreal denied that it lightened Beyonce‘s skin tone for an ad — after gossip-site tmz.com posted comparison pictures of Knowles promoting Feria looking noticably paler and lighter than usual. “We highly value our relationship with Ms. Knowles. It is categorically untrue that L’Oreal Paris altered Ms. Knowles’ features or skin tone in the campaign for Feria hair color,” the Paris-based company said in a statement to the Associated Press. Knowles’ representative declined further comment — the singer has been a face of L’Oreal since 2001. Tell us: What do you think of the ads?Caris Davis

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Anonymous on

I think her hair color would affect how dark or light her skin tone looks. I don’t think they altered it at all.

sue on

COme on People… when your hair is DARKER your skin tends to be Darker… and when yourh hair is lighter it makes your skin lighter and make you look alot younger! PLUS these two pictures are done under totally diffrent lighting,,, People are so ignorant!

LaMonica on

As an African American, it bothers me that the perception of women who are darker are still considered flawed in their beauty. Beyonce is beautiful naturally. U think L’Oreal should acknowledge the beauty of all women and not try to make beauty a one dimensional mode.

But I also know that as a photographer, that lights and make-up can wash you out. But a skilled photographer will know that, and will modify their lights and camera settings accordingly

Me on

Why is this even an issue?

Why isn’t it a story when Jessica Simpson or Paris Hilton covers herself in self-tanner?

Is it because the media thinks looking lighter is a business decision (in hopes of making more money) while looking darker it merely vanity (because looking darker CAN’T POSSIBLY mean higher sales, right?).

Shame on People for even covering this story.

Ashlee on

Well, I’d like to give L’Oreal the benefit of the doubt. Being a black person our skin tone does change with exposure to sunlight etc. This photoshoot could have been done earlier in the year… and it could also be attributed to the lightness of her hair.


Amber on

Seriously people! Do you think that Beyonce would allow them to do that? Further more the pic could have been shot before she went on vacation and got a tan or the lighting could have been different etc. etc.


We’ve all seen Beyonce sunning on the boat with Jay-Z. The picture on the left is a tanned Beyonce. This picture posted on People a few days ago from 8/4/08 (http://www.people.com/people/gallery/0,,20216824_10,00.html) clearly shows Beyonce’s skin tone which isn’t too far off the picture on the right (especially with lighting). Loosen up!! It’s a beautiful picture!

Kathy on

True, her skin does look lighter in the second picture, but her hair is a different color as well, which can affect the way the picture is perceived. Lighting is also a factor. Who among us looks the same in every picture? There are plenty of Caucasian models out there for L’Oreal to use in their ad campaigns; I highly doubt they would pursue an African-American star of Beyonce’s calibre only to doctor her photos. She’s beautiful just as she is!

Nubya on

Loreal is lying. They lightened her skin and they know it. She is light to begin with but not that light. Another reason not to trust a company that is focusing on “light is right”.
Shame on the company.

E on

I beg to differ! It appears she has been using some sort of skin care product, possibly “Palmer’s Fading Cream”, commonly used by African Americans to fade blemishes and lighten skin!

Lizzy on

I do not believe that Loreal actually lightened Beyonce’s skin color. I experience the same thing when I lighten my hair color, everyone tells me that I look lighter and I am fairly close to Beyonce’s skin complexion. When I colored my hair black everyone stated that my skin appeared darker. I know in this day of age everyone would look to see what negativity they could bring to her beautiful ad but there are bigger things to worry about then Beyonce’s skin color. She is a beautiful woman either way you look at it.

young one on

Not to be gross, but did anyone notice that her skin on her left breast above her dress is the same color as the right picture– almost like a swimsuit line? Maybe it is a tan.

Lauren on

Why does anyone care? All of these women are altered in some way. If it isnt their bodies or hair it is something else.
Beyonce is beautiful and I do not see why this is an issue.

melissa on

WTF, why is everything always turned into something about racism? Who gives a damn, she’s getting paid so everyone can stfu about it. Yes they really want Beyonce to be white, that’s why in every OTHER ad she’s done she’s far from white. Yeah…anyyyyyy—wayyyyyy I’m sure there’s more important news elsewhere.

kbn on

maybe they used a foundation/powder lighter than her skin tone…

Anonanonna on

It is obvious that B’s skin color was lightened using lighting, makeup or photoshop. Any arguement is a lie. Maybe it was done to highlight the hair color which is being marketed. That’s fine but tell the truth. Light hair color has NEVER made me appear lighter and I am black. Sorry, that does not work on darker skinned people and I have never ever heard any black person claim that. I too am lighter during the winter months since I live in the midwest, but we don’t get that much lighter and homegirl is not enduring any winters last time I checked. And to suggest skin color is a non-issue in a climate where Vogue is dedicating issues to all black models due to the lack of work is ludicrous.

Biba on

Beyonce was never a dark skinned woman since she first came out with Destiny’s Child. It could be lights make up etc….She is still a beautiful woman. I love TMZ but sometimes they can go a little too far…lol

SOG on

Considering she is wearing a Lace wig and that is not her hair in the ad, I don’t think it makes a difference. People are looking at the color of the wig.

Karen on

What’s the big deal. You look at the picture and she still quite obviously looks like a black woman. TMZ needs to find a little more salacious things to gossip about.

LiLa on

I think Young One has a good point…I didn’t even pay attention to that.

Jonathan Bodack on

Beyonce’s L’Oreal ads are both good, and does it really matter if L’Oreal whitened her skin, etc.?

Kiare on

It’s all in the lighting. Because we don’t have pictures from the same time period as the L’oreal ad was taken, it’s like comparing apples and oranges. Professional lighting can wash you out – after all, the focus of the ad is her hair, not her skin. But in the shot that we’re comparing her with… this could have been from after any one of her vacations.

All in all, there are just too many factors in making the judgement ourselves.

Mesa on

As a plain-jane Caucasian, I appreciate beauty– period.(not to mention talent!) Beyonce has both. If you look closely at her EYES, they are also lighter in the “light” picture. I am sick & tired of people trying to stir up trouble. Get over it and concentrate your efforts on worth-while projects.

Cher on

If you know anything about photography, you know that lighting and hair color can change the skin tone. I don’t think Beyonce’ would allow them to change her skin color for a photo shoot or anything else for that matter. She is a first class act!

Amy on

Who cares? What’s the big “hairy” deal? MYOB is what I say.

bapbarbie on

I’m a West Indian American and considered light brown skinned and I have to agree. Why is this an issue? Beyonce is very fair skinned. I’m pretty sure you would know that if you saw her in person with no makeup. I wish that African Americans would stop making up issues everytime a company features one of us. It gives these companies an excuse to not want to work with us.

Tammy on

Whenever you lighten your hair your skin tone is going to reflect that color.Beyonce is already light brown so whenever she lightens her hair she is going to look a shade lighter. Anything for a story.

Bri on

These comments are so off. Yes, her hair is lighter in the Loreal ad. But the contrast from lighter hair tends to make your skin look darker NOT lighter. When your hair is darker it can wash your skin out and make you look lighter. So, the idea that she looks lighter in the ad because of her hair color is skinny.

And for the person who asked why this isn’t an issue when Paris Hilton uses tanner… Do you have a couple hours to hear the historical issues with black women, skin color and this country’s standard of beauty?

Tab on

Liars!!!! L’Oreal should be ashamed of themselves. As a Black woman, it’s clear that L’Oreal isn’t marketing to me. I will never buy anything from that company again. That ad is clearly an insult to the Black (and White) communities.

Liz on

Well im not to concerned about the skin color but i do feel that if you’re going to be doing a hair color ad you should use your own hair and not a weave. Beyonce’s hair (real hair) is not that long. Just a thought…..


I personally do not think her skin tone was altered. Yes she looks darker in the pic with the green dress (I suspect a tan…)but look at any other pic of her….she is a light skined black woman….she is not ever that dark in other pics….I say there are more important things to worry about then this and let it go…..

Rachel on

I hope she didn’t have her skin whitened, she’d be the next Micheal Jackson.

K on

This is ridiculous that this is even an issue. People need to stop being so sensitive and start focusing on the real issues of the world. Good grief.

TD on

Ok they lighten her skin.. lets all be real…but what can we do about it.. Does Beyonce care about my gas prices?? So why do i care baout her multi-million dollar deal?

marie on

did anyone stop to think that tmz could have lightened it just to stir up some drama? but seriously. get over it. people get tans, wear different clothing, different lighting, etc. you are not going to look the same in every photo. and im sure the photog-er was focusing on her hair rather than her skin etc. if it was a makeup commercial id be a bit more skeptical. but they need the hair to look as vibrant and deep as possible.

Shadow on

Do you all realize that Beyonce is not that dark to begin with. Look at pictures of her when Destiny’s Child first came out. She is not that dark. The picture to the left shows a tanned Beyonce check it out. Please don’t be ignorant all your life. Racism exists, but cognitive dysfunction followed by over-reactive hysteria causes for many assumptions that are grounded in nonsensical reasoning. If African-American’s did more about injustice in society instead of assuming everything is a race issue, many things would change.

Babs on

The bottom line is, regardless HOW L’Oreal portrayed Beyonce, they had her permission!!! Black women come in all shapes and colors; be proud of who YOU are and let the rest of the world worry about themselves.

Anna on

I don’t think that they lightened her skin tone. I am black and have a light tan skin and I am paler in the winter, darker in the summer and hair color makes a difference. Black people are always looking for something else to cry foul about. Get over the skin color issues!

kelley on

What really gets me is when celebrities endorse hair color products? Does anyone actually think they DON”T have it done in a salon?

Mary on

When were these pictures taken? One could have been right before the summer months and the other when she could have come back from one of her great vacations where she was in the sun. Get over it!

LaMonica on

I think I should point out also, you don’t know when each pic was taken. I am a lighter African-American…in the winter time I am lighter than beyonce, but in the summer , with being outdoors more, I’m darker than the other Beyonce picture. So I think L’Oreal should be given the benefit of the doubt in this case, as I’m sure they wouldn’t want to upset a high profile spokesperson like Beyonce, who could bring them so much money in new buyers. I don’t think these business people are that stupid..

I don’t think…

aq on

Darker hair does not lighten your skin. I was born with almost black hair, naturally curly, and I have pale skin. I know that I have European roots, but identify myself as Latina. People think I am white or caucausian. I probably am, but now am a blond and my skin did not change color, my skin looks brighter. It is obvious that they changed Beyonce’s skin tone and lighten it. She is naturally beautifully lighter skin than other African Americans, but that is her you cannot change that. L’oreal is trying to appeal to all races. The red hair looks horrible on her though. She looks better with the blond hightlights or just her natural hair color. That could be a wig.

Kim v on

L’Oreal has been accused of doing worse things, like putting unsafe products in their makeup. I wouldn’t necessarily assume they are acting under a strict moral code. But, I think it could also be the makeup, lighting, and other factors. I don’t know, but it’s not going to make me buy or not buy the product either way. In general, I think the hair color in the ad is unflattering and Beyonce looks much better with dark hair.

Melanyah on

As a makeup artist and colorist. I have to say that altering a models hair color no matter what their race can alter the color of their skin. I see many blonds with darker skin that go to a darker color and they look paler and vice versa. Dark hair can make you appear darker just as light hair can make a blond appear overly tanned.

T on

ummmmm…lights and make-up, anyone???

Dori on

i don’t think they altered her skin tone at all. hair colour and the way the light hits your skin affects the way that it will look so i don’t think they did anything at all.

colkay on

Not to be rude but has anyone noticed the tan line she has in the first picture. (On her breast) If you look there you’ll see that she’s lighter where her bikini has been covering. So no, I don’t think that L’Oreal lightened the second picture.

Lou on

I don’t know if they lightened her skin or not, but I work at a computer retouching company and we spend DAYS making models look different; thinner, lighter, darker – whatever the advertiser wants. Nothing you see in print is how the person really looks.

G on

Holy Crap people….Beyonce’s mother is white…..or have we forgotten that? Of course she’s lighter in the winter months if she’s not out tanning. And she goes through light and dark phases with her hair color as well. She was “blonde” for years!

GetOverIt on

News Flash: Beyonce Knowles is a very light skinned black woman she regularly rocks a tan.

You can’t do a side-by-side using a post-vacation pic. If you look at pics of Beyonce when she is not tan, the Loreal ad is not that far off. Lighting can also affect the way a person’s skin color looks in a photo. Geez. This is just drama for drama’s sake. I am not so naive to say that skin lightening (ahem- michael jackson) and photo tricks do not take place, but in this case, the hooplah is unwarranted.

Natalie on

I think she’s gorgeous in both pictures. I don’t know what the benefit to lightening her skin would be. I agree with the other poster that lighting and her hair color likely made a difference.

Cari on

She is darker in the first pic because she clearly has bronzer on or a tan. She is NOT usually that dark. The picture on the right looks like her regular tone to me if you account for some variation because of lighting to highlight her hair. This is a nonstory. Check out this candid shot.

Marie on

Notice the tan line in the left picture along the bust line. She could just have a tan in the left picture. Give me a break, is this really important?

anon on

I don’t think they altered her skin color – just that the lighting and so on makes it appear lighter. I think the lighter color looks a bit unnatural on her, though. Her natural coloring is beautiful, and I think they should have gone for that a bit more. But Beyonce is beautiful either way.

Miranda on

In the photo where Beyonce is wearing the green dress/shirt she looks very tanned. If you refer to past photos of Beyonce her skin is not that dark. Maybe she went for the darker hair color because of her tanned skin. Both photos are beautiful.

es ME on

Photos alway get airbrushed to perfection (her skin is probably great anyways, but every one has a dark circle or blemish – no one is FLAWLESS), that’s just the nature of the industry. We all know that. But they didn’t lighten her SKIN TONE. A: No need and B: They wouldn’t risk their reputation.

Agreed a non-story.

Nicole on

If she is like my interracial child, she goes from white in the winter to five shades darker in the summer.

di on

Photoshop can lighten her skin without the help of cosmetics. No doubt the color of her hair and skin are not the same in these pics. She has “refined” her looks over the years and the end result has been significantly more generic and less ethnic yet still quite lovely.

Courtney on

I think its just the airbrushing…it wasnt on direct purpose….who cares?

krissy on

in the end…is it really all that big a deal? I am sure if it was B’s rep. would have made some comment, but the fact that THEY aren’t worried about means that we shouldn’t be either…in the end she still gets paid and people will still buy the product. This just shows how no one really has anything of substance to report on so the most un-important “issue” becomes and Issue…ya dig?

somebody on

Why afroamerican women “straigh” their hair?.
Their perception is unconfortable with “unmodified,unaltered hair”.The proud blacks celebrities (Oprah,Tyra Bank…needs to be role models by using “natural,original,curly,no shine hair”.




Haley on

You should all watch the DOVE video on youtube. It will completely change your opinion. It’s about transformation. It’s amazing.

Amalie on

What I find ironic here is that no one is raising a big stink over Robert Downey, Jr. wearing dark makeup to make himself appear African-American. When he does it, it’s comedic acting. But, when it appears as if L’Oreal lightened Beyonce’s skin, it’s a racial thing.

Also, airbrushing is nothing new in magazines and ads. Wouldn’t a person of average intelligence come to the conclusion that the ad is airbrushed?

Jess on

L’Oreal-Paris you think people are stupid? A lot of us can read between the lines. These companies try to get so technical with words. I can imagine them in their board meetings saying, “We don’t lighten, we photoshop”. And that hair color is lousy…eewww. Not a good look. Beyonce, don’t let them get away with this again.

T on

I think that lighting and makeup have a lot to do with how someone’s skin appears in a photo. Big deal if she looks whiter than she does in other pictures… its not like we’re confused about her race?

Kindra on

You mean Beyonce is black? As silly as that question is… Do you really think that those who see any picture of her wouldn’t know she’s dark skinned? L’Oreal would have no reason to change her skin color for their product! I think anyone who doesn’t live under a rock knows who Beyonce Knowles is so this shouldn’t be an issue. She has a beautiful complexion so maybe it’s meant to highlight her already flawless skin. Who knows… Don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill!

Kay on

All the people defending Beyonce make good points, which are ture for many other pics of Beyonce in which her skin tone varies, but not for this particular ad. Her skin was lightened.

In this picture her skin is extremely lightened, over the years Beyonce hass gotten lighter and lighter, appearing much lighter then she was when she first began her career, or any of her childhood pics.

The controversy over black celebrities with lightened skin is very different from white celebrities tanning. The concern is whether or not they just would simply prefer this look, or if they (celebs, beauty industry, entertainment industry) truly dislike darker skin. Then we end up with Michael Jacksons (on a smaller scale of course).

Me on

of course they lightened it; who are you gonna believe? L’Oreal or your lyin’ eyes?

Liz on

I think it could be the lighting the used for the photo shot and it could also be the lighter hair making her skin seem lighter.

Tracey on

Those two pics shouldn’t even be compared with one another. The left pic is just a pic of her probably at some red carpet event or fundraiser. The pic on the right was done via photo shoot. The lighting for the photo shoot is very specific and it’s nothing like a regular shot from the paparazzi. I believe the color of her hair causes an optical illusion too.

Carissa on

I think when you color your hair that light and have lighter makeup and you know there are probley a hundred lights around she will appear lighter. I dont think they would do that. Beyonce isn’t dark so it’s not a big difference. People like to start any thing..

Tracey on

Oh and I almost forgot. She has been the face of L’oreal since 2001. Why would they start lightening her skin now. That wouldn’t make sense.

slimpickens on

Does it reaklly matter if the pictures were altered? Frankly given lighting and the color of her hair when the shots were taken, i believe the company.

Jess on

This is ridiculous…Beyonce was never dark in the first place,she was always light skinned,the other pic she most likely had on a darker foundation,the lighting,or a tan..give me a freaking break.

anonymous on

why are they trying to make look non-african american and more caucasan.

L on

I’ve seen photos of B. natural and without makeup and she can be quite pale like her mom and nephew both are.

Rolidna on

My question is Why is it know one makes any comments about people who tan to look darker.

moiale on

Who the h____ cares? Worry about things that are important (i.e. hunger, poverty, gas prices, economy, etc).

Jessica on

The photo is not doctored….give me a break….beyonce doesn’t have very dark skin to begin with if you have ever seen any destiny child’s videos or beyonce videos you would know that….like come on people…..get over it…it’s just a picture

Maggie on

Given the megawatt klieg lights they use on fashion shoots, it doesn’t suprise me. Also, they are going to light the shot to make the hair look as good as possible – so if they need more highlights to show, that’s going to wash her out in the photo. I think it’s trick lighting to make her hair look better – not photoshop.

UniGoddess on

I don’t understand the bruhaha about this. Perhaps Mrs. Z lightened her skin herself? There are many products in the world for such use…including one made by L’Oreal and sold here in the Middle East!
Get over it. It’s her business whatever the case.

eva-k on

Well yes, the pic on the left is a pic of her tanned….but c’mon….when u look at the full ad…she matches the chic on the box…whose white….c’mon L’Oreal…

Dee on


bnichap12 on

She sure doesn’t look like a black woman in that ad……

Ashley on

Anyone who has used a camera knows that different lighting affects skin tone. Why do people have to make everything a black white issue? If you want equality, stop segregating yourself.

Ashley on

She could have been under some serious lighting when she had the photo done. Does it even matter??

Niki on

I am sorry but I am tired of black people constantly screaming racism! It is like crying wolf! There is already too much racism out there for you to be finding pretend examples of it! She IS really light right now. Look at this picture taken by PEOPLE magazine on August 5th 2008. She looks just as light, if not lighter, than she does in that picture above. She is a light skinned black woman. What is so wrong with that?


Somebody's daughter on

this is so ridiculous… lighting effects everythng… hw can u compare two pictures taken under to different situations where the lighting wudnt b the same? bt its petty thngs like this that give people at ‘people’ jobs in the first place cos most if not all that is written in the magizine in is based on opinions that could be faulty and speculation…

GetOverIt on

“if you want equality stop segregating yourselves”??

“Stop cying wolf”??

While racism and eurocentrism are probably as much of a factor in the beyonce photo scandal, they continue to create deep-seated issues in our society. I am digusted by any suggestion to the contrary.

Perhaps those of you who are quick to labelallegations of racism are make believe should take a look at your own hypersensitivities– perhaps they are causing the problem???

GetOverIt on

excuse me i mean while racism and eurocentrism are NOT as much of a factor in the beyonce photo scandal…

EChizzle on

It might be the lighting. Who knows. It’s a real touchy subject. Too bad we can’t embrace how lovely she looks. I am Puerto Rican – pale in the winter – dark in the summer. I love my summer shade best. But that’s me. My grandmother use to tell my mom not to let me get too much sun. Not because of the harm it would do to my skin but that the sun would make me look too dark. It’s sad that some of us can’t celebrate and embrace different skin colors. Too bad.

kitten on

I am white, and I think Beyonce is one of the most beautiful women in showbiz/Hollywood/etc. She and Jennifer Lopez top my list.

I prefer the photo of Beyonce above as opposed to the ad. The hair color looks horrendous on her–lightened skin or not. Bad choice, Loreal.

becky on

anyone who has ever dealt with digital photography could tell that this is utter nonsense. The Loreal photo was obviously taken in a setup professionally lit photoshoot – lighting can drastically change the specific colors and values in a photograph. if you look, you can see that even her eye color looks lighter… what reason would they have for doing that? people need to find better uses of their time other than looking for fake scandals…

GyrlyGyrl on

ME, I totally agree with your comment. No one ever makes a comment when a white actress has changes in her skin color. It really is unfair. Black people come in various complexions and we do tan as well. Lighting probably played an issue with the picture, but I have seen casual pictures of Beyonce looking even lighter than this. But the picture is not a big deal and I find it insulting that so many websites are covering it. Leave the girl alone and focus on what’s important like the election.

Allen Walker on

The woman dyes her hair BLOND. What does Loreal have to do?

elaine on

well as a black woman who goes from brown to blonde hair coloring during different times of the year, so does my skin tone i have been told when my hair is dark my skin looks darker, they even ask if i got some sun, and when my hair is lighter so does my skin tone lighten up, i would say those pictures where taken at different times of the year and of course with different hair color, and lighting settings.

AnnieJ on

Beyonce needs absolutely no re-touching of any kind.


This is what sells… The european standard of beauty in this country is the same all around the world. Even the Japanese bleach their skin to appear more white. Lighter is prettier and better. It is not a new thing. They have also done it to other black celebs (Queen Latifa). I am over it, but it is what it is.


Only the “minds” (I use the term loosely) at TMZ would come up with a non-issue like this. Any number of factors would affect the appearance of Beyonce’s skin color in a photgraph, including lighting, make-up, hair color, etc. The question is why TMZ is so racist as to assume that a black person cannot/does not tan, or that a black woman’s hair color would not affect the tones or undertones of her skin…

Mikey on

My best friend worked on this ad in New York. They did not alter the photo at all. The original photo was exactly the same. It is all lighting and makeup during the shoot.

Ohioan on

Get real, ladies, her skin looks lighter in the right than it does on the left, regardless of her hair color. It may be the lighting, it may not. I actually prefer her lovely look on the left to the ad anyway. I wouldn’t put it past L’Oreal to lighten her face in the ad.

jaimem on

I don’t think this was anything intentional. I’m a graphic artist, so I use Photoshop on a daily basis. I think they just brightened the whole photograph, not realizing that people would instantly get offended and assume they were trying to make her look white. And she is very light-skinned to start with. People get offended for no reason too easily. I think their intension was to make the hair color look brighter.

R on

Beyonce being the face of L’Oreal hair color makes no sense……..we all know Beyonce has been wearing weaves for years and probably has never used this hair color….she spokesperson for the makeup is much more believable than for the hair colour…..Which black woman uses L’Oreal hair colour…..

Christina on

Airbrushing, yes. But hey, under that many lights and flashbulbs I’m sure anyone would look lighter.

pls on


Derek Thomas on

As a stylist to models actors for headshots, fashion shoots, etc this is a beautiful image. Some things to take note of are that her brows have been lightened to match the hair color and they have overall, brightened the image. They didn’t alter her nose, her head is slightly more turned. It would look silly if she had black eyebrows, and dark skin and red hair. At the end of the day, Loreal is selling hair color in a particular shade and made her look her best. She is still representing the aAfrican American community. Is it really that offensive, or are we looking for something to complain about.



Lorraine on

You can look at the picture, one shows her with a dark top, which makes her look dark, and the other picture shows her in something light, which makes her look lighter.I don’t think it has anything to do with the makeup, look at the lighting.

Stefani on

She is tan(probably fake n’ bake or lots of bronzer) in the first pic. The ad is actually more consistant with other picture of her that I found on the net. Plus I compared the postings of TMZ and People. TMZ Lighting it themselves(look at the lettering for LOREAL)

Astro on

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idk on

i couldve been flash o somtin fkn turds

Les on

I don’t think they did anything to her skin color I beleive it’s the way the lighting is… I just think People are trying to make a big deal out of NOTHING……

Jamarcus Sanders! on

Okay, this is totally ridiculous, first of all the picture could have been lightened and photographers tend to get light in the sessions of taking pictures. Plus, lighter hair color usually brings out your complexion, and Beyonce has been looking different colors before this anyway.
Jamarcus Sanders!

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sandra on

i just want to comment on sues comment, (dont think im turning this into a race issue cuz its not that deep) but when an african american woman lightens her hair it doesnt make her skin look lighter, it makes her look darker. Its called contrasting colors. If you ever see a dark person wear white, they look a whole lot darker, but when they wear darker colors their skin tone doesnt stand out as much….Same concept with the hair

jada on

contrary to popular belief, black skin is just as capable of tanning as white skin.


Renee Stuart on

I was recently flipping through a fashion mag that had Rihanna on the cover, and an ad with her on the back. Also, there was an ad with her in the middle of the magazine. In all three her skin was a different color. In one she didn’t even look African-American. I think the fact that photos in ads and magazines are altered isn’t even debatable. I’m just not sure why it’s done though. I guess I understand covering flaws- but changing skin color? Rihanna’s skin is beautiful, why mess with it? Same with Beyonce.

Brenda k.Harris on

so what if they lighten the photo up she is just a beautiful girl and TmZ is the show that need to get some real news. They present themselves in a very judgemental way and they follow all the whites girls around now they want to try and bring some negative light to a beautiful that they have yet to have anyone to even walk in Beyonce’s shadow. They will have to deal with Beyonce the same way they have had to deal with Tiger and the Venus and her sister hard to beat

ExposeItPlease on

She sure looks white…

Yes, light can alter the way that your skin looks on camera but it is much more than her skin’s appearance

The blonde wig and the light eyebrows..are a bit much. Couldn’t she at least be her natural hair color? Tyra Banks is just as fair and loves the blonde hair and yet she has managed to still look Black (in my opinion)

tld on

I like B and all but this picture is altered terribly bad at that. I am sorry but it is B why don’t you keep it real like Tyra and Oprah, when they get photoshop they just say it and it’s done!!! This picture no matter what Lorealie says is altered!!!!

Scott on

Frankly I’ve seen Beyonce’s skin tone in various shades of brown from day one. It has nothing to do with L’Oreal.

Check her out in various vidoes and concerts and her CD covers.

I’ve seen both her lighter and darker.

So what?

Jen on

Altered completely. If you can’t see that, you are in a sad state of denial. I wouldn’t even recognize that was her on the right.

For the record, I don’t understand it anyway, she looks 100 times better on the left anyway. (Mostly because anyone that alters their haircolor more than 2 shades past their natural just looks stupid…which is probably why Loreal tried to lighten her skin too.)

Anon on

I don’t think they lightened it. She is about my shade, and even with a direct camera flash, skin tone can change 2 or 3 shades lighter, imagine with studio lights & blonde hair – then factor in the time of year. She looks obviously tanned in the left hand photo as well. If the Feria photo was done earlier in the year it may well have been her natural tone (give or take some airbrushing for other things).

Eleena on

Just because u dye ur hair lighter, doesn’t mean ur SKIN will SUDDENLY become lighter. Beyonce has has been seen with a lighter hair colour (PEPSI commercial) before, yet she still looks dark. Her paleness may be due to A LOT of LIGHTING being used, or they just simply altered the pic. Have u ever seen Beyonce this pale, either in movies, pics or video clips?


Who cares!

Stephanie on

Come on, she usualy looks this ‘light’. The left picture looks more strange to me!
Oh, and by the way, when I colour my hair darker my skin looks lighter……

ALY on

It could have just been the lighting or how the editing just ended up but i don’t think they did this on purpose

venice mentor on

BFD, Byonce has looked “lighter” or “darker” depending on her hair color and the photo lighting. It has nothing to do with “the black & white thing”…give it up, it is not a conspiracy against black woman to look white to be excepted. Get a life, folks!

Tina on

im sorry i love blogging but i just have to say that this really isnt an issue to me ;p

TheDarkerThe BerryTheSweeterMyJuice on

That is a major difference in skin tone. The add does make Beyonce look alot more lighter and her hair clearly does not represent the natural rooots of a black women. Were not born with bone straight dirty blond hair, i mean come on please. But a major corporation like that would never expose the truth behind their add because it would only make them look bad and possibly lose sales. Look at beyonce’s hair blowing in the wind like she’s eva longoria. THIS IS NOT A TRUE REPRESENTATION OF AFRICAN AMERICAN HAIR, AND IF L’OREAL WANTS TO APPEAL TO THE BLACK COMMUNITY HOW ABOUT ACTUALLY SHOWING REAL BLACK WOMEN WITH THE HAIR THAT THEIR BORN WITH!

Bea on

Who CARE! OMG! it’s just a picture, maybe it’s the lighting of the camera! whatever it is who care’s. stuff like this has to stop!

Melanie on

Does anyone even care that the hair on her head is NOT HER OWN. She was always the favorite over Kelly because she is lighter – Come On people do Not pretend you do not know..In the real work lighter is always better – How many black men are married or datung very light womwn with that hair?

Melanie on

And her nose has been also slimmed down and is more narrow and straight

mitzi on

I agree that B is gorgeous no matter how dark her hair and skin are. What i can’t understand is why it freakin’ matters! She is and always be African-American. It’s who she is and not “how she looks” that makes her beautiful!

Danielle on

I do not think they lightened her skin tone and agree it has more to do with the fact that her hair color looks the same as her skin color in the photo. That said, Beyonce IS a light-skinned African-American and she has had her hair blonde for a lot of her public life and I always thought she looked more mulatto.

Monica on

well,i don’t think l’oreal would ever lighten beyonce’s skin…she’s too famous, everyone knows her as a beautiful black woman and everyone’d hate l’oreal for doing that and not buy their products..lighten her skin would be a bad commercial, that’s why i don’t think they’ve done that..

Lola on

Totally just the hair colour and lighting.


We should not even be questioning her skin tone but her hair since this is a hair product ad. come on people no hating or anything, first and foremost African Americans don’t really have hair that long which means this is a weave or wig which came with its own color.L’Oreal can say or do whatever they want but don’t be fooled by the hair color or skin tone as it maybe because in fact it is all fake due lighting, makeup and weaves. want to achieve that color go get yourself a weave and forget L’Oreal unless you are Caucasian.

Fran on

I believed that Beyonce authorized them to ligthen the picture….there was a interview where one of ousted DC girls Farrah was told that she would have to start tanning because there could only be one light skinned girl in the group…this chick obviously wants to be Caucasian because she wears a blonde weave for goodness sake….also her skin color isn’t the only thing that is “off” with this picture her nose is also noticeabley straighter too. With the history of skin color in the Afam community I think it is disgusting how Miss Beyonce allows perpetrates those prejudices. They should be ashamed.

Trina Lewis on

Beyonce would have never approved lightening of her skin she is very confident and sure of herself when she finished the photo shoot she probably said to herself people going to get the wrong idea about my skin tone but she know herself what she stand for and that’s all that matter also the world know she is african american women so if she is light they all know she is black so whats the deal she is known world wide she can’t hide she is a african american woman beyonce you are the best

Gery on

I’m African-American (and my mom is Indian), and though my skin is not light, I get lighter if I don’t see the sun for a few months, I’ve just spent two full weeks discovering some national treasures : death valley, monument valley, the great canyon, bryce canyon, and have been doing great strolls under the sun while visiting, and I got much darker, and I even worn sunscreen to protect my skin !!! So I don’t think that Beyonce had a ‘bleach treatment’. We’re not all M.Jacksoned !!!!

Lafayette on

They have lightened her picture and this is not the first time they have tried to alter her ‘blackness’ when the “because I’m worth it” hair ad launched in the UK, Beyonce’s voice was dubbed with a white accent, it was shocking. If L’oreal want her because of her success they should also recognise who and what she is, she is BLACK so stop trying to hide this to appeal to white customers.

Stella on

If you look at other photos of Beyonce on this site (ie People) you will see that her skin looks lighter or darker depending on the light in which the photo was taken. I can’t see why Loreal would deliberately bother to lighten her skin. It’s not as if we don’t know she’s African American.

Oda on

If they lighten her her, maybe they lighten her skin. It’s no big deal. They do it on white people too!

Allie on

OMG people! They did not lighten her skin! Her hair is lighter which affects that, and besides, can’t you see the tan line in the DARKER picture… looks pretty white, huh? EXACTLY. Like Beyonce would even allow them do whiten her skin. She obviously tans.

b on

She’s not black, she’s not white……….she’s ORANGE!!!

nyla on

First off they did this on purpose-its not the first time beyonces skin color has changed-they no longer want beyonce to look black-they want her to look universal,its a shame because shes aware of it -the whole world needs to be aware that in this society beauty is what white people say it is-so to sell and be loved by everyone Beyonce has sunken so low to lighten her skin-look around u rihanna is xtra white in the video with marron 5-they are all sell outs they have had plastic surgery-and as long as guys say they are sexy-and girls want to be them -this horrible pattern will continue-OPEN YOUR EYES,EVERYTHING IS NOT AS IT APPEARS TO BE

Ann on

It’s true the darker pic is more alarming. I’ve never seen her that dark, she is generally lighter. I don’t get what the big deal is. Slow news day???

Sydney on

I think it’s terrible that Beyonce would allow any Company to air brush her skin tone to appear less black.
I realize when you change your hair color the skin tone of the face may appear lighter but it’s not only her face that is lighter it’s her entire body.
Black skin is beautiful and it’s saddens me that someone would profit from this kind of advertisement. Beyonce should part ways with this company or she’s sending a message that; it’s better if you don’t look so darker skinned!

Adrienne on

Who cares? A lot of caucasian people tan all the time in the summer to make our skin darker because we think it is beautiful? Even if she did lighten hers, who cares? It’s her advantage that she is just beautiful in any light/color. I don’t care if she was blue……….

mari on

Beyonce is afroamerican, of course that loreal lighted her skin,

Regina on

Its clear that L’Oreal lightened the skin tone of Beyonce. The picture did the talking!
Shame on you!

amy on

Has anyone ever seen Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Knowles??? She has very light skin people. I am sooo sure the people at L’Oreal were like, “Let’s make Beyoncé look WHITE, because that is the only way she will really pull this ad off!!” Beyoncé, like all other HUMANS, will have different skin color depending on sun exposure. If they did anything, they airbrushed the photo, like ALL major advertising brands do to ALL photos of ALL people regardless of race, sex, age or anything.

Can’t we find domething more important to worry about??

Beyoncé is a beautiful, amazingly talented, breath of fresh air in this world of cracked out wanna be celebrities. She is a wonderful role model, who may have been less tan in this ad. WHO CARES????


Kyra on

Yes, it is true that all magazines airbrush to a certain degree however Beyonce is extremely and unusually lighter than normal. My only problem with this ad is that many young girls who have a darker complexion and who do not have anyone telling them they are beautiful no matter what their complexion see these pictures and they think that they are not good enough because their skin color is not light. The fact is that Beyonce is already light so why would you make her lighter? This is a subliminal way of putting in our heads white is better. And we all know that is not true. :^)

M.Z on

C´mon she looks lighter because of the hair color , the way the photographer manipulates the lights .

jami on

well, I personally think she looks better with darker skin, anyhow. So, who cares either way.

I. Fernandez on

Looking at the picture to tell you the truth her real color is the lighter one. If you look back at her pictures in her long career she is a light skin person almost as her mom. As we all know she loves to go on vacation and we have seen lots of those pics. at the beaches. In this particular photo you can see her suntan.

bobbe on

This is soooo not an issue. Has anyone ever heard of bronzer or a sun tan. If you look at her sister (and other pics of Beyonce), who is also fair-skinned, you can see that is her natural color (and real nose!). No matter her skin tone, she looks great!

Lam on

Lets get real – who gives a S*&! ?

Jennifer on

It’s called lighting, people. Different color lights, different types of lights, even natural lighting and different weather create different effects.

j on

I took the image into Photoshop and put the lighter hair on the darker picture, it did not lighten the skin tone…I also adjusted the gamma and exposure (granted you have no access to the lights used at the time), It did change, but not to that degree…I think it was a combination of Lights and photoshop. No image is used straight from the camera, even if they didn’t “lighten” it, they did work on it in Photoshop or an equivalent software.

Yepper on

Yes, the color of hair can change the look of one’s skin tone. However, darker hair tends to make one’s skin appear lighter–not darker. It provides a greater contrast. Lighter hair may not necessarily make skin appear darker, but less of a “washed out” appearance.

I think this may just be the result of poor photography.

Debra Wade on

This is ridiculous!!! Lets talk about something interesting.

Jenn on

it’s called LIGHTING!

p.s. who cares?


Has anyone every heard of lighting on a photo shoot?

Ellen on

Her skintone has definilty been enhanced/lightened.

Ayanna on

The real issue should be that L’oreal should not be criticized about lightening Beyonce’s skin tone, but trying to fool the public into thinking that her hair is real. Obviously she is wearing a front lace wig and the color is closer to #4 with 30 highlights. Beyonce does not wear her natural hair in public so to advertise the hair color is a major mis-statement.

OMG on

La Monica
As an African American, it bothers me that the perception of women who are darker are still considered flawed in their beauty. Beyonce is beautiful naturally. U think L’Oreal should acknowledge the beauty of all women and not try to make beauty a one dimensional mode.

But I also know that as a photographer, that lights and make-up can wash you out. But a skilled photographer will know that, and will modify their lights and camera settings accordingly

Could this comment be more ridiculous?

So what this person is saying that as a photographer, they should adjust the light to bring out her darker skin tone to make her look more ethnic. Well then if that is the case then they should use natural sunlight on all models and actors/actresses,ban photoshop to do touch ups, and stop letting the lighter skinned models use tanning spray/lotion to become darker. But face it this is hollywood and its all about looking better. Besides if Beyonce herself really felt like her image was being compromised i’m sure she would have made a public statement to the company herself and like I said this is hollywood and she most likely would have sued, but since she didn’t or hasn’t I’m sure it is just lighting or lack of sun.

Adrianna on

It bothers me more that IT’S NOT EVEN HER REAL HAIR then the fact that they may (or may not) have lightened her skin. I think if you’re going to advertise how pretty and soft Feria makes your hair, then the model should at least have the decency to model her own hair! LOL I don’t think they lightened her skin tho – it looks like it’s just lighting and makeup.

amy on

people are making such a big deal out of this it was the lighting or her hair color i mean please Me is totally right what if paris hilton did an add like that and her skin looked darker that normal would u see any kind of fuss no so please shut up about this people and start talking about something that is more interesting that someones skin color changing in an add jeez.

VJD on

I would chalk that up to creative lighting during the photoshoot or the photographer simply used a bad digital camera. Also, most photographers add a type of editing called a gaussian blur to photos to soften them (think professional headshot versus a snapshot), and that lightens a photo considerably in some cases. Besides, Beyonce embraces her ethnicity so well, that if L’Oreal did it without her approval, she’d be pitching a fit!

A.B. on

She already had plastic surgeries (nose, lips) to make herself look Caucasian, why is this an issue at all now?

Lynn on

Her skin tone on the left is much more beautiful that the ad!!

Laura on

she looks way better with dark hair!

Maureen on

Not only the hair color but the clothes she is wearing and the lighting….Geez someone is always trying to pull a race card.

Celia on

Why is everyone making an issue of Beyonce’s skin color which seems to be the result of the photographers’ use of light. Why not make an issue over the fact that L’Oreal has hired a model to demonstrate hair products when Beyonce’s hair is not even real???? That is what is ludicrous in my opinion.

who cares on

While it looks lighter, it could be makeup, or that her hair is lighter, or the lighting, or what shes wearing. I often find that certain colors of clothing makes me look lighter or darker depending. Plus, people dont stay exactly the same color all the time.
I’m going to give them a maybe yes, maybe no.

aislinn on

isn’t it a little ridiculous that people are offended by this? nobody cares if you use self-tanner or get an actual sun tan, so why should it matter if someone’s skin gets 2 shades lighter? i don’t think that l’oreal altered the pictures at all, because really bright lights completely wash out a person’s skin. and it is completely possible that the l’oreal pictures were taken in january or february, months in which is is somewhat difficult to get a tan in america.

Justus on

It’s looks as if a lot more has been changed than just her skin coloring. Her lips, cheekbone structure and possibly a few facial injections here and there. Those are the perks of being a famous star. You can afford it. The “little people” who make it possible for the stars to afford these fringe benefits sit back and admire them wondering what they’ve done, while not being able to afford to do it themselves. What a great country we live in…AMERICA!

Beyonce whiter?! « iLSuL6ana on

[…] Link   […]

gg on

I think that it is probably just the lighting and the fact that her hair is lighter. Also like some people said above she could have done this before she got a tan. Not to mention Beyonce is actually a really light person. Most African American entertainers with light skin actually use make up like a bronzer to make them look more “black”, but without that make up on they’re actually rather pale. I’ve seen some pictures of Beyonce when she wasn’t wearing any makeup and she looks pale, so it also could just be that she didn’t use any bronzer makeup and went with a different makeup this time. Depending on the color of your hair, that also plays a role in what makeup choices and colors you use on your face. If your hair is blonde you wouldn’t use a purple tinted lipstick or blush and likewise if your hair is black maybe you shouldn’t use that Barbie colored pink on your face either.

gg on

I think that it is probably just the lighting and the fact that her hair is lighter. Also like some people said above she could have done this before she got a tan. Not to mention Beyonce is actually a really light person. Most African American entertainers with light skin actually use make up like a bronzer to make them look more “black”, but without that make up on they’re actually rather pale. I’ve seen some pictures of Beyonce when she wasn’t wearing any makeup and she looks pale, so it also could just be that she didn’t use any bronzer makeup and went with a different makeup

fatu sankoh on

big fan amber thank you for saying what i wanted to say bey is born light skin the other picture with green dress she looks tan because she just came from vacation hatters live bey alone we her fan loves her god bless bey i love her very much

fatu sankoh on

i love bey she is born light skin the other picture you put of her in the green dress you all know she just came from a vasation looking very tan we her fans know what is up we her fans loved bey on matter what you people tried to do to her god and her fans will always look out for our one and only beyonce

fatu sankoh on

their is norting wrong with ad as for the other picture with the gree dress you all know she just came from vacation looking very tan we bey fans know she was born light skin god bless our bey

catherine on

i think the lights may make her face look white or her hair color. she is a beautiful girl. maybe she tans

marilyn on

I’m a black woman about Beyonce’s color and I was born with reddish/blonde hair. I color my hair now, sometimes it’s reddish/brown, sometimes it’s more blonde similar to Beyonce’s color in the controversial ad. I look at my pictures sometimes and when my hair is blonde my skin looks lighter. Sometimes in my photo I look darker. Someone who is as light as Beyonce will photograph differently. It’s hard to explain but that’s what happens to black women that color. I am a fan of Beyonce and I think she looks great. The critics need to back off of her she’s a young black woman who is truly doing her thing.

Marion Griggs on

African American’s skin color changes depending on the amount of exposure to the sun. We do get suntans. Our skin color can change. Say Beyonce spent time on the beach for a couple of days,she can get darker without much effort. Whomever accused her sponsor of lightening her skin needs to find something else to do with there time.

Singboyb Blake J on

Well me Singboyb Blake J being a established recording artist in the industry i feel they can do what ever the heck they want.

Cutie on

I definetly think something was done with her photo. I think she’s still beautiful, but to me it’s just not the same Beyonce. She looks better with a little bronze glow to her.
I just hope people don’t start bleaching their skin (like a lot were doing their hair) to look like her. ::The white skin/blonde hair look does not work for all women::

Yolanda on

Whether it has been consciously manually lightened or the lighting has washed her out, it is what the audience percieves that matters in advertising. Beyonce DOES look as if her skin has been lightened, NOT a healthy or positive message to be sending out to society. It is irresponsible. Not that this will make a blind bit of difference to those rolling in the cash from this lucrative deal.

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