Madonna's Tour Look: Sticky, Sweet And High Fashion

08/05/2008 at 04:03 PM ET

Frank Micelotta/Getty

The chances of Madonna coming out with a new look for her tour may be the safest odds we’ve ever taken — but we’ve still been on pins and needles waiting to see it. Her Madgesty’s long-time costume designer, Arianne Phillips gave a sneak peek to WWD of the costumes for the Sticky & Sweet tour launching this month, and it’s a treasure trove of high-end design styles! Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci contributed several outfits, while Tom Ford provided bespoke suits for the band. Miu Miu and Stella McCartney are responsible for shoes, Moschino for the sunglasses, and sundry other pieces are coming from Yves Saint Laurent, Roberto Cavalli and Jeremy Scott. The first set of costumes reference both gangsta style and Art Deco with the pieces from Givenchy. Phillips tells WWD, “She’s not afraid of being hard.” Next up, ’80s-inspired pieces with vintage Keith Haring prints, gypsy costumes from Givenchy, and ending with a futuristic rave with a Japanese touch. As for Madonna’s affiliation with the young Tisci for her costumes, Phillips explains “Riccardo’s a new young talent. If you look at Madonna’s history with fashion, that makes him an obvious choice.” We say what’s so exciting about Madonna is that nothing is ever the obvious choice. Click here to see the sketches and read more from Arianne Phillips on

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Mary on

I can’t wait to see these outfits when I go to see Madonna in concert in November!

Jonathan Bodack on

The sketches for Madonna’s Tour are good, and the dress she’s wearing is very nice, too! Also, it’s great that Christie Brinkley’s son, Jack, 13, loves to surf, etc.

Jonathan Bodack on

It’s great that Christie Brinkley is trying to put her life back together and focus on the positives, not the negatives, etc.


Madonna is evil and looks like HItler’s daughter here. What’s with her and SM?!! That’s all she ever wears. Not the outfit the designer sketched at all. She’s an old haggie witch. But that’s just my opinion

Tammie on

Hmmm… I think Gwen Stefani better make sure her closet wasn’t raided by Old Madge.

Heidi on

Umm…she’s like 50..I think she forgot that..she looks like a $20 prostitute and high fashion..please she needs to realize it’s not the 80s and she’s not 21

lisa atceltic on

Well aren’t you two something that rhymes with witches yourselves. The thing about Madonna is she’s willing to work for it and looks good doing it. When she does retro, it MEANS something. Satire and parody are appreciated more by sophisticated audiences who’ve actually BEEN somewhere and DONE something.


Well Lisa, she’s done it over and over and is still trying to sell sex and she’s 50 years old. She’s not the only hard working woman in the world and most of us know how to dress our age. Madonna hasn’t reinvented herself for years.That’s what she used to be about. Nobody, but others that are as ununigue in their thinking as she has become, care about what the deep dark message is she’s trying to convey. Maybe she should write poems, but she has been selling S&M sex for a couple of decades and not many real people are buying a 50 year olds version of S&M sex. Its repulsive actually.But then that’s just my opinion.

dawn on

I think that is a MAJOR rip off on Stevie Nicks. Both the first and last sketch is a totally Stevie look – even the boots.

Madonna’s ‘Sticky & Sweet’ Tour Costumes First Look on

[…] Source; Photos: WWD […]

Amy on

A mix between a 12 year old “punk” girl and death iteself. Nice Madonna.

Nadine on

I don’t get why people keep saying that she should dress her age….why do 50-year-olds have to dress a certain way anyway? Madge still looks great wearing what she does



Laurie on

Madonna is the greatest. As for her age, who cares!!!!!! People are so comsumed with a woman’s age. It is crazy. It is sad that we live in a society that bases everything on looks and how old a woman is. As Madonna says, don’t discriminate against color, race or age!!!!

Ollie on

Yes, that comment is interesting given the fact that she is now practically a senior citizen!

Pinky on

Oh leave Madge alone. She will be reaping the benefits of her retirement years soon enough…. and probably bear a strong resemblance to….. Who’s that one that plays on 101 Dalmations?

Jo Jo on

I say out with the old and in with the new.

5280 on

Madonna is passe…who cares what she is wearingon her overpriced tour. She needs a decent album…

Julie on

This look is getting old…and so is Madonna. Nothing sadder than an old girl trying to look like a dominatrix. REAL women grow old gracefully, not sadomasichistically.


i cant wait 2 c that tour here becuase she comming 2 latin america yeah!!!!!!!!!!!


Remember when they had kids have their Mom’s have a make over on a talk show because the mother refused to dress her age and was cheap and crappy and was emabarassing her daughter by whatever she dressed or barley dressed in? Well, that would be soooo funnny if Loren actually got her Mom to have a complete make over by someone in the field of fashion that wasn’t a “friend” of hers and actually knew what they were doing.

ellie on

sure it’s not the Sticky and Sweat Tour? the fashions look like her recycled old stuff.

kylie on

Her daughters name is Lourdes.. Not Loren

Gayle on

Looking for an update on American Idol, David Cook and his brother. Any news would greatly be


Michael Heath on

For all of you that are so critical of Madonna I would love to know your life accomplishments. I would bet my life you are totally opposite in every aspect. Most people who are comfortable in their own skin are not as negative. She has done something right in her life as it is obvious.

Lee on

There is something about a 50 year old woman dressing like that………..YUK!!!!

Giselda on

If she truly wished to emulate Marlena Dietrich, she’d get out before she starts making a joke of herself.

Mary on

I can’t believe the number of negative comments here. It seems that many of you are oblivious to the fact that these are COSTUMES worn by a PERFORMER for a concert. It’s not like Madonna is going to casually stroll out of her house wearing a dominatrix get-up. There’s a difference, people.

Mario on

Well…it seems that even intelligent people are into Madonna. Thank you Lisa atceltic..I am glad someone is able to respond in a civilized manner and at the same time educate the dingbats “Tammie and Heidi”…..can anyone say Hooters waitresses? I wonder what they will make of their lives…as for comparing Madonna to Gwen Stefani…puleeeeeeeze!

Mario on

NYOB….do you use spell-check at at all? “ununigue” is how you spelled it? Idiot!

Penny Lane on

I understand that Madonna is a performer and that the clothes that she is wearing for her tour are purely costume and just “for show” but I still don’t like this look for any performer at any age. People are arguing about “dressing her age” but she could make her outfits a little more mature and classy and still be sexy. We’ve seen this look a lot from her and I’d like to see her mix it up a bit and reinvent herself like she used to.

Indian Models on

Hey thats a nice article. I am also into fashion industry and like reading such articles. I guess I will keep coming back for more. All the best.

Tina on

uhmm kinda tacky to me but i still love madonna

Dita on

listen, Madonna has done classy on stage as well as raunchy. if you know anything about her, her outfits fully represent her mood and music. Madonna knows EXACTLY what she is doing and she does it better than ANYONE in music and especially ALL of you. she will be breaking more world records and starting new fashion trends and you’ll be logging on/off your computers between donuts. WORK IT MADONNA!!!

Trabell on

What does Madonna’s age have to do with her style? I don’t understand, just because she’s 50 (and by the way – don’t look it)how is she supposed to be dressed? Chill out people, she’s only putting on a show, that just so happens to be her job, which = a role. Damn you know she don’t do this in her real life functions. Give the girl credit, she’s bad! And I mean that in a good way.

Lisa L on

Madonna’s got it going on! Age is just a number and girlfreind can work a stage and any outfit and anyone who says otherwise is a straight up “hater”. Go Madonna!!!

Dylan on

I feel sorry for her. Her priorities are messed up and she looks messed up. I am a little older than her and haven’t had surgery and I know it the scheme of things, looks don’t matter–but I look better. She’s a millionaire, but what has she really accomplished. I would be so ashamed if she was my mother. Her Kabbalah(sp) is far fetched, she won’t let her kids watch tv or read magazines she once said. She’s hypocritical and only God can help her and I do wish she would allow it.

Chris on

she’s a non-stopping entertainer..
she’s the biggest star on the planet…
she’s the mother of pop music…
she’s the queen of controversy…
she’s the queen of reinvention…
she’s the inspiration of lots of young female singers…
she’s the QUEEN OF MUSIC…

Topper on

Boring….she’s old hat and it’s sad. I don’t care about her age, she could be 50 or 30, doesn’t matter. It’s all just been there, done that. Yes, they are only costumes. So what. They are boring too. We’ve all seen this before. It’s like she’s trying to hang on to something she once had. Back in the day she was interesting. Now, she’s just boring. I was hoping this would be a class act for her, but she looks like an idiot, sorry. Not the kind of example I would want to set for my 11-year old daughter. I think she should focus on her kids, her family and let her musical career speak for itself from what she has accomplished instead of going out as a joke.

jennifer on

i think its great that madonna is doing she looks fab!!!! you only wish you could have a body like hers she is cool great outfits too
crack is wack crack is totally wack!!!!!!!!!!!!

Corinne on

I can’t wait to see the styles shes going to pull off. I want to go to her concert.

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