David Cook: Love Is in the Hair

06/24/2008 at 02:00 PM ET

Dara Kushner/INF

David Cook is going out of his way to not discuss girlfriend Kimberly Caldwell lately, but for an idea of how serious they are, look no further than his head of hair. The Idol champ is featuring a new hair style after switching to Caldwell’s regular stylist. Caldwell even oversaw the most recent Cook haircutting adventure at the Luxelab in Santa Monica last week. “Kimberly was giving him pointers,” says a source. According to the source, Caldwell sat in the salon chair next to Cook’s, consulting with the stylist and David. “She was very hands on, very involved,” the source says. When not on hair patrol, the pair were affectionate to each other the entire time they were there. “They were pretty lovely-dovey, always touching,” says the source. “Kimberly was picking pieces of stray hair off of his face, and shoulders.” Under Caldwell’s guidance, Cook received a cut and color that was “edgier, darker, and more up to date.” The final result brought a squeal of delight from Caldwell, with the insider saying, “She seemed to be quite happy with the new look.” — Reagan Alexander

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Jena on

I wish that he would wake up and find some one who likes him for him. To bad he can’t even have a say on his own hair style that she has to watch over and have it her way. She is just hanging onf his coat tails for the attention he will bring her and for who he is and what he may become. I really, really thought he was a lot smarter than that to fall for some stupid b***h. Sorry, but don’t many people who like her. Case and point no one could remember who she was. Ummmm? Now we know why she is after David.

Jenna on

He was on The View live this morning and his hair looked exactly the same as it has since he got it cut on the show. This story is FALSE.

Lacey on

Funny, whenever I see Kim I think she needs a new stylist. Maybe she should have gone to David’s instead of him coming to hers.

Donna on

I didn’t see anything different about his hair when he performed on The View and at a cancer benefit earlier this week. Also, isn’t Kim off shooting a TV special or something like that?

mjato on

Personally, I thought David Cook looked great on “The View”. I did notice that his hair was shorter. I think people should quit picking on Kimberly Caldwell. Why would we not trust Davids judgment in a person? I’m glad he has someone to confide in, and share his moments with. She is very pretty and personable. If it can’t be me, it might as well be her.

debra on

Uhhhhhh… hasn’t he had that cut for months now?
I agree SHE needs a stylist more than Cook!

Anna on

His hair isn’t any different…

Cher on

They’re not getting married guys! I certainly know what she sees in him but what does he see in her. She’s good looking but have you ever seen her on TV. She’s loud and acts like she’s about 13. I’m sure it’s only a short term romance.

Amanda on

I didn’t see anything different

I’m assuming this might have been after The View but I don’t know why cause from what I heard last Kimberly was filming a miniseries. So I’m not so sure on this story.

Melody on

What a cheesy story…

Christina Morrison on

Come on everyone give David Cook a break already! This is all new to David Cook and that’s why Cookie’s fans are totally 100% supporting him.

Leah on

If this story is true, then David has a lot to learn in life. I thought he was smarter than that. From what I have read, she is a gold digger and if she is trying to control him and not let him be himself like the person we fell in love with on AI then Davids fame will be short lived. We want to see David not Kimberly Caldwell. She is starting to make some people (including me) sick….

Amanda on

I’m not so sure on this story to begin with

sherry on

Unlike a lot of people, I don’t care if he’s with her because if he makes her happy, why the heck not? But I do hope that she’s not going to end up being that person who hooks up with someone because she likes him and then turns around and tries to change everything about him.

Amanda on

I don’t think this should be the focal point of his career! I think it should be about his music not his looks or personal life. I love him for the amazing person he is and the amazing artist he is!

amy on

Can’t stand the guy and I don’t think he should have won American Idol.

sara on

Does anyone remember a comment that david said a while ago that he (Has trouble convincing a pretty girl why she should be with him) I think this all has to do with that comment! He will change for her, but not premently! When its over he’ll go back to the guy he was! And sooner or later it will be over! I seriously don’t think he realize that there are a whole lot of women out there who really appreciate him for more than the hair and the fact that he’s the “American Idol”! Knowing how hard it is to find a great guy, his talent aside if he’s half the guy he protrays himself to be I’d be crazy about him! He seems to have a hard time believing women really feel that way! But they do! This however is not the kind of guy kim wants and we all know that! Someday he will and it won’t last!!!

sara on

It should be about his music but if you’ve heard her music, you’d understand why her being an influence on him is not good! Her voice while not terrible is lifeless and flat! Go to her website and listen!! Changing him changes everything about him! If her influence is on the album then it going to lose some of what we love about analog heart! Plus he should be living that album right now, there will be plenty of time for girls later! He himself said not that long ago that was all he’d have time for, for the next couple years!

NuclearWinter27 on

Hmm..David Cook is so awesome and talented..I have been rooting for him since the start. I happen to think his hair looks great just how it is. I am not particularly attracted to mr.Cook or dream of him daily but I would have liked to see him hook up with someone a little less blonde and cookie cutter type, she looks or acts no different than any of the other 100 bleach blonde wannabees out there but oh well, maybe he sees something in her that we don’t. If he is happy then let him be happy for the time being though I have a feeling this wont last..he might just be all caught up in the hollywood glitz thing right now.

marie on

This is nothing compare to him degrating himself by singing 80’s music for her and her friends to dance to at that private club in LA! The boys’ losing it! Lets blame it on too much work combined with lack of sleep! I just wish it was charities using him and not her! At least then something good would get accomplished!

carrie on

Maybe he’s just plain horny! After all the girl everyone wants to see him with wouldn’t exactly give away after a couple of dates! I’m pretty sure Kim didn’t even take a couple! He’s a man on a mission with a schedule to keep! Although I gotta admitt the smoking thing when his brother has cancer! and singing 80’s songs to her friends is pretty lame!

tris on

Yeah more like her groomers! Have you seen her hair! I hope while he was there he got a flee bath also because after spending the last month with her he proable needs one! I’m sorry this girl is rank! No matter how horny he is!

lisa on

This is the truth to this story. David had to get his hair trimmed and dyed for the tour. Kim took him to her overpriced stylist! They cut his hair. She stayed so know one would steal her prize. He paid, they left. She’s using him to boost her career! Users always show there true colors sooner or later! When he finally realizes this he’ll end it! Case closed!

M.A. on

Kim is a user! I really don’t think he should date anyone in show biz. If he had to MM would have been nice, but I think he over publized her name to have a chance now. So If I had to pick someone else to fix him up with it would proable be Amanda Bynes. She so sweet, smart and not hollywood! looks wise I think there pretty even!

AnnieJ on

Too EMO. Needs a complete hair make-over.

Amanda on

some of these comments make me laugh. Seriously guys! Stuff like this is what gets these people’s panties in a bunch.

teri on

Whatttt??? That last comment made no sense! Cook is so full of talent! That just leaves no room for dating sense!

mae on

David Cook’s fans HATE Kimberly Caldwell. I can’t tell you how many threads have been deleted by mods in messageboards. His fans thought he was intelligent, not someone who would go for a fake immature, loud mouth blond hollywood cookie cutter. It’s disappointing. It’s funny how many of his fans actually liked Mandy Moore. It just goes to show it’s not that he dates but who he is dating that is rubbing his fans the wrong way. Get Smart David Cook, you are acting too henpecked…it’s disgusting. I want the “All Right Now” rocker back with attitude.

marti8 on

Kim is the one who needs a new stylist. David is perfect the way he is.

keri on

Mae’s totally right!! Love the All Right Now david! Was at david-cook.org today saw the new hair on some pictures on the media page! Way to dark and short! But I have to say he was suppose to be at some party and she wasn’t there. He was under dressed and has lint on his shirt! Which made me happy because he still the slob we adore! He needs to remember when a girl wants you to change at all she never wants you to stop changing! Be yourself!

tia on

I don’t care who he dates as long as she’s at least a level 7 in personality and kims not even a 3. Maybe a high 2 for her acting ability!

Molly on

I’m happy that he’s happy, but I don’t like Caldwell very much…she seems like she should be in her mid-30’s, not mid-20’s, and her clothing is exactly up to date, either.

Those are superficial judgments, so I don’t really know about her, but I don’t really like her from what I’ve seen.

Lisa on

I voted for him repeatedly and this dating thing disappoints me. I expected him to be a man’s man and concentrate on his career for now. I thought he could handle the music scene without getting influenced by it. Be more like Carrie Underwood..she’s handled herself amazingly well.

M. D. on

Leave him alone! David was just lonely! He’ll realize he jumped the gun with this girl soon.

Emma on

Not only does David have great hair, but he’s just an amazing artist and a great guy and I wish him the best!

pam on

This is not about him making bad choices! He knows her from her friends and co workers. There not about to bad mouth her. She definetly is putting on an act around him. This is his lesson to learn and it’s better he learns it early than later when it could cost him alot more!

drew on

I am actually glad in away that he’s dating her. I am 27 and during his music of the night week on A.I. I actually skipped a date just because I couldn’t wait to see him on ddr later that night! It was to say the least pathetic! I was getting obsessed with my crush and before that I hadn’t had a crush on any star since I was 16. He was way to perfect but with this lapse in judgement I can know move on with my life! I do hope he doesn’t get hurt or taken advantage though he still pretty talented and great just not on a pedalstal!

C on

If kim wanted people to like her why does she act that way on tv. I don’t think anyone would purposly make themself so obnoxious on tv when they have a career their trying to get of the ground! Hasn’t he ever seen her on tv and noticed she’s different than she is around him! That has to be her we see it’s not like it’s a drama and her part is acting odd, it’s a reality show! If you ask me davids’ not the only one blinded, I think the tv guide channel is also! I don’t care if it is just a reality show!

Marilyn on

Who asked who out? It seems to me that David has suddenly had the floodgates open and can ask out anyone he wants, something he is not at all used to. Although his nickname, which led to a tattoo, was “heartthrob”, it seems he wasn’t too sure of himself with the ladies. Having been there, done that with AI, maybe she’s giving him good advise. Give them both a break, it’s their lives, they’ll figure it out.

Maryam Kaur on

David cook has one of the great voices that i have ever heard in american idol*”

Dylan White on

i would have to say that adam lambert have a much better voice than david cook,,.

Nappy Rash on

both David Cook and David Archuleta are the best in my opinion, they have this unique voice ;-`

Laurie on

I liked David’s hair a lot more a year ago!

international trucks on

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Jean Derriso on

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