David Beckham Gets Larger Than Life

06/19/2008 at 09:23 AM ET

courtesy Armani

Introduced to the thrilled throng outside Macy’s Union Square in downtown San Francisco as someone “who looks good in clothes too,” David Beckham unveiled two larger than life ads of himself as the drool-worthy body and face of Emporio Armani Underwear. PEOPLE had the chance to speak with the soccer star after his adoring fans got their autographs. So, does the stylish hunk actually wear his Emporio Armani undies? “I always wear the Armani underwear,” Beckham said. “I’ve worn it in every game since joining the Galaxy.” He loves the Emporio Armani underwear “because it is comfortable. It’s masculine but it has that feminine side.” As for the provocative ads, his mother took a while to adjust, but Beckham assured us that “Victoria loves it.” So do PEOPLE.com readers!

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Karen on




klarsen on

This mega billboard is going to cause a huge traffic jam!

He is absolutely gorgeous!

MBC on

Lord, lordy, lord!!! WOW!!! I’m a straight man and I’m off to the gym now . . . THAT BODY IS PERFECT!

Alex on

He is sooooo hot!!!

Mari on

This man is the most gorgeous man I ever seen.

LB on

I wish I had this poster in my bedroom with a light above it. I would go to sleep happy every night.

WildKAT on

Eh, if you like your men looking like slabs of meat then he is your man. I would like his look better if he had some hair rather than that ghastly buzz cut. It appears that America has been very, very good to David Beckham. At least he seems to appreciate us far more than his snotty wife.

cammie on

sexiest man on earth!

Lo' on

My my, now I want a pair… Do you think my husband will look that good when he dons them?

Chris on

This man is very Hot and so is his wife I think they make a wonderful couple with cute kids to boot they all perfect don’t hate!

San on

Oh my goodness, this is torture!!!!!!! whuff, whuff!!

jen brown on

This is the man of my dreams! Posh is beyond lucky! She’s quite hott herself tho!!!

Gabriela on

not all men are created equal as you can see by these ads… i will have a smile for the rest of the day!

jennifer on

OMG! He’s soooo fine. Victoria is sooo lucky!!!!

LAB on

He is more than enough to give the Nuns wet dreams…

Kimberly on

Yummy, Yummy , Yummy!!!!!!!!

Kimberly on

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lucy on

Again, time was still for a moment. Dios Mio!!

vanusa on

Victoria is one lucky girl

elbi on


Kim on

Yuuuummmmmyyyyyyy!!! Hot, hot, hot!!

sighinginIndiana on

Just simply….WOW

Denise on

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i wish that was in my bed

Renee on

My oh My…..looks to me like he has enough to share….Line forms to the left! WOW….I too will go through the day with this wonderful sight forever embedded in my mind :)

LB on

Between him in briefs and Mario Lopez in the boxer briefs, I’m losing control here.

Pearlgirl on


H on

YUMMY!!!!! I think that pretty much sums it up!

a403n on


Julian L. on

I look better than him

Tracy on

Hey Julian,
you think you look better than that????prove it!!!show yourself, cause i think your gealous!

Gen on

He does look very sexy. But his wife on the other hand, I think he could do way better. Come on people she is fake, She may have a nice body but the boobs are not real and she never smiles because, her smile is awful. She does not look good when she smiles and her nose, she got money to do a nose job.

malisa on

WOW! He is soo HOT!! Is body is perfect!!!

Dylan on

Photoshop is very good.

kat on

its true that he wears them. he flashed us at the dallas game while adjusting them lol

his buttox was the most wonderful thing i had ever laid eyes on aside from him as a whole

AJ on

im a straight guy…
and im off to the gym!

Peggy on

mmm, mmm good!!

sally on

Gotta love Photo shop.

sally on

Its funny- he doesn’t look like that when he takes his soccer shirt off at the games. Gee, I wonder why!!!!

Angie on

All I can say is YUMMY!!!!

BeBe on

Oooh Baby!

Carice on


Bonnie on

I don’t like that picture at all, his hair looks terrible, I hate those gross tatoos and he looks like too skinny and scrawny…looks like my 5 year old sons body…I’m glad others think he looks good but I see nothing sexy about that picture I have seen better looking guys on a Fireman’s Calander…

Eruantalle on

Yes, he is a handsome man with a divine body, no doubt about that … but why are men currently under the impression that ‘buzzed’ heads are attractive? Totally ugly! Boys … leave the buzzed look to those guys who don’t have a full head of hair. Please!!!

Topper on

I’m with Gen and Sally…he doesn’t look like with his shirt off at a soccer game, does he!!?? Oh well. We should let him have his moment…he looks very good in the ad, but I’d take my honey any day, with or without drawers…preferrably not!! As for the wife, even thou she has absolutely nothing to do with ad, I’m with Gen – what a hideous looking creature and a B—-. PLEASE get the nose job. She looks like an unhappy, stuck-up pig. I throw up a little bit every time I come across a pic of her…I meant it.

Lynne on

MMMMEEEEEOOOOWWWW!!!! My god that man is HOT HOT HOT! That snotty wife of his does NOT deserve a man that beautiful!

kat on

his wife is not snotty she is actually hilarious

MJ on

Wow….this guy is H O T!!!! Ha ha! What exactly does he see in his skeletal snotty wife anyway????

Sara on

This man is just gorgeous!! Brad Pitt has nothing on him!

Tammy on

My god…I’m 45 years old. Am I too old to have a poster of him on my bedroom wall?

mp on

Yes, he has a nice body. He plays soccer, I believe all the soccer players have nice bodies their just not showed cased like Beckman. Don’t hate his wife. Remember, he chose her. And finally, I have a man whose body is excellent as well. But its his personality and character that keeps me intrigued.

AfroGirl on

I am so speechless………….he is so hot he makes you just want to have sex with yourself. The accents only makes you want him more.

Krystal on

Yummy!!!!! If I was driving down the street and saw that I would feel sorry for the car in front of me or any pedestrians that may be near! Love it!

shoegal on

Anyone else has goosebumps?

bella on

He is super fine. God bless victoria for being with him. what a hunk.

Vera on

He is sexy …very sexy

Arch on

People should stop saying negative things about his wife. Leave her nose alone. Worry about your own nose. If she doesn’t want to smile, so be it. She doesn’t have to smile to make you happy. Just because you see a man smiles, doesn’t mean his wife has to. Remember they are two different people. Just as if you are married, you and your husband are two different people. In this picture David does look skinny. In the other picture he looks more built. I don’t like tatoos. Another thing people, reminder just as women pictures are airbrushed in pictures, I am sure so are men pictures. Maybe that’s why David doesn’t look the same. He does work out well. Other thing, Posh is whom he said “I do” to. You may not find her to be the right woman for him, but what would make you the right woman for him? True Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Posh is David’s beauty.

beth on

holy begesis. there is most definately a god (and she’s obviously women). there is no reason why posh isn’t grinning ear to ear every second of every day.

Mary on

His nickname should be Cambell’s because he is MMM good. so hot and sexy.

Rachel on

I’m sorry to say but he’s nothing great to watch on the soccer field but he’s all I want to see on a poster or magazine cover or billboard or video………………THAT MAN IS FINE!

Sandy on

OMG!!!!!!!! :)

Ashley on

WOW… Oh my, this man is absolutely gorgeous.. and I believe that he is PLAYGIRL material.. That man is enought to make a NUN have wet dreams… He is GORGEOUS!!!

Escape Artist on

I think I died a little inside. He is quite possibly the most perfect human being I have ever seen, and the tattoos, well he wouldn’t be nearly as hot without them. And Victoria is a nasty emaciated snot-faced $itch.

Eilis C on


rckayla on

Personally I don’t like the muscular look or the tattoos nor David Beckham being half-naked. What has this world come to when a half-naked man is considered advertising??? My husband is much HOTTER and I prefer him over this man — hubby is toned and built in all the right places and no tattoos (thank God!) Victoria can keep her husband. But I do wonder why she always has a sour look on her face with a husband who looks like him?!? Hmmm, maybe he’s not as good in bed as my husband? Something to think about gals and guys who are swooning over David Beckham’s looks.

L C on

Let’s see: his half-naked picture flashed on a multistory building in the middle of San Francisco… :-)… in underwear… :-) for some inflated brand name :-) :-) :-)

Jonathan Bodack on

Congrats to Lo Bosworth on graduating from college at UCLA, before that, she was originally going to UCSB! She was a communcications major at the University of California, Santa Barbara in Santa Barbara, California, and was a member of the Kappa Kappa sorority, and lived in the Three Arches Bay gated-community in southern Laguna Beach, but I guess since switching to UCLA, her college major is Art History, etc.

Bobbi on

OMG! I’m sitting at work starting to drool and passing it on to my co-workers. Who ever thought of this ad campaign – – THANK YOU!!!

nat on

meh… how did victoria allow him to get away with a nasty hair cut like that?? lol.

nat on

meh… how does victoria allow him to get away with a hair cut like that??
i’m sorry… but that is some nasty ass hair. lol.

Melissa C. on


Keyla on

I am start getting bored with kind of picks of this man. At first I said Wow but now it is too much. Hotness supposed to be with the combination of many other useful meaningful things about a person not just only looking fuc..kable with the stuffing down there.

Amber on

not a bad looking man, could stand to gain about 10 pounds though…

Norma on

Wow, he’s hot…and that’s coming from a lesbian!!! Maybe I should consider going straight?? Lol



jordan on

um wow, THIS should be the sexiest man alive jesus he is perfect



sabrina b on

Ugh all men should look like him


Metrogypsy on

Dude.. Where does Victoria start every night?

Aimee Espinosa on

OMG!!! *drools* Hot doesn’t even describe him.
We need another word for the yumminess that is David!

jessica on

I’m sorry but sexy is not the word for him how about gym loving baby oil wearing man. There are sexier men in hollywood then him. And his wife who really knows what she is like behind closed doors so leave her alone.

Christine Afia Nornoo on

Escapes Artist I think you are a sad person deep down to go around slag of someone that you don’t even know it just make you a very sad person.Basic I think you are a brain damage person I really pity you

Sherry on

Oh my goodness!!!!

Matthew Kimel on

Is Beckham more of a soccer player or a fashion model…it’s hard to tell these days.


CID on

I need new undies after seeing these two pictures :)

mel g. on

Man alive!!!!!! He is the most handsome man I have ever seen!!

CES on

yan! yan ang tite!! hahahahahahaha

DaDa on

Lum ajo qe te ka! :D

Helen Speight on

Finally a decent picture of a man half naked.They always show women. He is very hot and hey nice package. Great eye candy! YUM!!!!

Bulges and Boobies « Mental Break on

[…] must be a a true expert – He is true and tried fan of the tighty whities saying: “I always wear the Armani underwear. I’ve worn it in every game since joining the Galaxy. […]

Katrina on

W0W M@N dAts H0tt!


He is soooo beautiful to look at. I love his smile. I just wish he had a different haircut. I would take him in a NY minute.

ST on

MAMA FRIKKIN MIA …… not an ounce of fat on him is there ????????? gimme some of that!

sean on

i think i just turned gay! i am now gay! he is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot and sexy!!! look at his weiner it is so big i want 2 touch it!!!

victoria on


Kalia on

YUM!!!!! He is so HOTT!

KaHzMo on

Holy wow Batman!

4evernluv23 on

I just wanna taste…….hmmmmm


Yummy! He’s perfect except for the Victoria thing.

CC on

What a great body

Kari on

Sexy until he opens his mouth

mike on

i am sitting butt naked playing with my self because i want to be in the bed with him!!!!1

ms piggee on

and for all u insecure jealous women who put Victoria Beckham down…she actually has a great sense of humour and if she sucked so bad …David would not still be married to her.Get a life! Go work out or something…ur probably fat and ugly. Losers.

Heidi on

He’s always been gorgeous…Now the world can see…

DSummerfan on

He’s good looking and ok body. I think that pic is hot, they probably took 1000 pics to show the very best one to the public!

Cutie Pie on

All I gotta say is “DAYYYYUMMM!!!” lol

Jack. on

id like to grab that ,. i am soo jelous of victoria !! man if he was gay, i would be all over that stuff, that just makes me pop a boner.

Angel on

OMG!!!! U can’t get no more hotter than that! David Beckham has always had my heart and EYES! I LUV U DAVID!!!

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