Sarah Jessica Sounds Off on Her Accidental Fashion Faceoff

06/02/2008 at 12:00 PM ET

Stephen Lovekin/Getty; Janet Mayer/Splash News

Sarah Jessica Parker caused a stir when she strolled the red carpet for the New York premiere of Sex and the City in a dazzling metallic Nina Ricci gown. But it turns out it wasn’t the first time the dress had made a red-carpet run — something that was revealed to the star after the fact and is sending ripples through the fashion world. The actress tells the New York Times that although she was assured by the gown’s designer, Olivier Theyskens, that the dress had never been worn, it had in fact been photographed on socialite Lauren Santo Domingo at the Met ball gala less than a month earlier — with Theyskens himself as her escort. Most upsetting to Parker was the deception she feels was involved. “In the big picture, this is not important. But there is a relationship between the entertainment industry and fashion,” she explains of the unwritten code between stars and their designers. “Look, my affection for the dress hasn’t changed,” she says, “but what they did was so short-sighted. It’s just unethical and disappointing that they would allow the dress to be worn again. I just wish it had been handled differently and they had been straight about it.” Mario Grauso, the president of fashion for Puig (the parent company of Nina Ricci), tells the Times, “I’m upset that she’s upset.” Tell us: How would you feel if you were in SJP’s situation?

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Anissa on

On the one hand it is just a dress, but on the other this was not just any movie premiere and the designer knew that this dress was going to get a lot of press. Let’s face it, most of the movie (and the show’s) hype is the fashion the gals wear. So all eyes would be trained on what gown SJP wore. It wasn’t that they neglected to tell her it had been wore for a big red carpet event, it was that they lied about it. That’s wrong, and I don’t blame her for being upset. She could have worn any designer she wanted (and I’m sure she had tons of offers as designers love good press) and she chose this gown. It looked amazing on her, but now all anyone will remember is that she wore the same dress as this other gal.
It’s not a huge deal, but it is wrong.

kris on

i’d definitely be pissed about the situation. a star like her boycotting a fashion designer could get ugly…he shouldn’t have lied about it, especially when it’s so easy to find out he lied! i’m not a SATC advocate, but SJP looks better in the dress anyway :)

bigwow on

If it’s any consolation Sarah – you did the lovely dress far more justice than Lauren. You looked gorgeous!

Daisy on

And how much did either woman have to pay for the dress??? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

tammy on

Well, at least SJP looked 100% better in the dress!! I would be angry if I thought the dress had not been worn before and it in fact had been. She rocked the dress completely but I would refrain from using the designer and any companies affliated in the future to prevent this from happening again. I can’t believe the designer out and out lied! He should know better considering how the press is!

tina on

no one even knows who that socialite is! if it were a celebrity maybe it would be more important. either way, they’ll survive

dana on

I would be very upset for the fact that she was lied to. Would you want to continue to have a relationship with a designer who lies to you? I would not trust them with, ” This is you darling- you are exsquite.”. When the dress was already worn.

Ohioan on

The designer lied to her, straight out, and that was wrong. I would be upset just like SJP – but I am impressed that she is expressing her frustration in what I consider a very classy manner.

Elizabeth on

It’s sad that that designer was so desperate to have his product out there that he would blatantly lie to SJP. He had to know he’d get caught. Maybe that was part of his plan. Even bad press is good press, right?

SJP looks SO much better in the dress than the other woman. She (the socialite) doesn’t have the panache to pull it off. Sarah Jessica looks stunning. The other lady looks like the dress is wearing her.

deb on

I’m sure many of you will find this hard to believe, but I cannot stand SJP!! Her face is totatlly unattractive, I heard a recent celebrity call her a “horse face”, and I agree. She is not even a little bit pretty, she just has a good figure, and really cute clothes. But I could look that good, too, if I had her money!!!

Morgan on

I don’t think two people wearing the same dress is a big deal. I do think the designer lying about it is a big deal. Especially given the fact that SATC is such a huge FASHION movie.. SJP’s character is a “fashion icon” and I doubt she still would have chosen it had she been aware it had already been worn. The designer knew that and lied about it. That’s wrong.

Kari on

Ms Parker, maybe you need to volunteer more of your time (or wardrobe) to worthy causes/charities. The fact that this is its own “news” piece is a little scary to me.

Sandra on

The designer and the actress do have a relationship. The designer gives the actress a beautiful, one-of-a-kind dress, and in turn the actress mentions the designer on the red carpet. And from the coverage of SJP in that gown – she did just that, “Olivier Theyskens for Nina Ricci.”

And to lie to her face? Sure, she’s a socialite not in the entertainment industry but the met gala is a big enough deal to get New York Times coverage.

And the fact that the designer himself accompanied that socialite? How could he be such a bold faced liar? I hope to read about the repercussions for his scheming.

And I agree with the other comments – not only does SJP continually conduct herself with the utmost class, but she was SO much more fierce in that gown.

Mel on

I’d be pissed. No one wants to wear what someone else has already worn especially to such an important event. Pretty underhanded…I think celebrities should enlist the help of reporters to search archives and give them the heads up, I mean why not. I’m sure they’d appreciate the extra cash.

dale on

There is a war,who cares!

Maria on

Really all I have to say is that if this is the most important thing in this woman’s world to concern herself with, WOW. There are far more important things this “mega” star could concern herself with, like, I don’t know-WORLD HUNGER or something! This society is pathetic, and has become a group of self-centered, self-involved brats. Our earth is falling apart and we are wasting our time worrying about what ugly piece of fabric that woman is wearing now.



angielicious on

SJP shouldnt worry about it…SHE LOOKED AMAZING!!! yeah its dissapointing to find out that somebody wore it….and the designer lied about it…but lets just face it….SJP LOOKED AMAZING!!!!

Dawn on

Deb your not the only one. Next that material of the dress that the world will end over looks like the stuff i cover up my air condition with during the winter.

Mary on

If you think that there are more important things in the world than celebrity fashion, why on earth are you on a celebrity site in the fashion section?! That’s just throwing stones in glass houses. I think this is a really interesting example of how commerce with celebrities and fashion work – if you don’t, turn off your computer and go volunteer somewhere.

Tarja on

I think that SJP handled the situation in a very respectful way. I would definitely be upset too, if I had been told that it had never been worn. If I am not mistaken this is not the first time this happened for a red carpet event. I believe this occurred with Reese Witherspoon and Kirsten Dunst. Designers just have to be honest with their clients, because in all essence, the stars are promoting their lines.

Dee on

These designers get a lot of Free publicity for their clothing and this was definately deceptive. I would hope that she would not wear this designer again. The designers are much more in need of showing off their fashions than stars are in need of a ‘free’ dress to wear.

Kelsey on

I would not care if someone wore the same dress as me but I would be pissed if I was told by the designer that it was a never-worn dress when the designer had escored someone in that dress a month earlier. I would not go back to a designer if I thought that they would decieve me.

Stefanie on

Who cares? Its too bad that SJP was led to believe the dress was not previously worn, but give me a break! Most of us will never get the chance to wear such an expensive, beautiful gown — she’s so successful and has so much, who cares about a little gown slip up?!

zialab on

I’d be upset at being lied to.

ET on

At least they didn’t wear it to the same event, know that would have been ugly!

Lisa Lisa on

Oh whatever, Carrie. Get over it!

Linda on

Why even care if it’s been worn before? If you like the dress wear it! This just adds more fuel to the fire that celebrity vanity is so over the top. The only person who’s going to remember that someone wore this dress before she did is Sarah. By the way, both women looked gorgeous in this dress, it’s an awesome dress!

Jenn on

Not only that, but it’s also been worn by lindsay lohan at a photoshoot! use any search engine and search lindsay biker fairy. she’s wearing a leather jacket on top of it.

Kelly on

OMG There is a war going on, people all over the world are starving, people are recovering from natural disasters, and this snob is complaining because her dress was worn once before her?? Give me a break! I never cared for her much, and I REALLY don’t care for her now!!

ali smith on

Seriously, this is actually something worth crying about???? Someone else wore the overpriced gown that you weren’t charged a penny to borrow? When will these whinny get their heads out of their backsides??

Lynithia on

Considering the dress was a MISS and not a hit, and neither woman looked good in the mess, maybe next time they will think twice about what the designer thinks and look in the mirror and think for themselves instead. This look is a MISS!

Mary #2 on

I agree with the first Mary. If people like dale and Maria are so concerned with other things like hunger/poverty/war, why in the world are they looking though a celebrity fashion blog? Quit being hypocrites and do something actually constructive, instead of whining on a public forum.

Anyhow, SJP has a right to be upset. No one appreciates being lied to.

Connie on

SJP rocked it way better than the socialite. But If I were her I would be p—-d off. This was a HUGE night for her and she was led to believe she was the first to wear the dress. The Nini Rici people and the designer should feel shame for misleading her. They should probably consider themselves lucky if she ever wears them again.

Wendy on

It’s the deception involved. He knew the dress was worn because he was there. SJP has been such an amazing advocate for fashion within the entertainment industry, it’s disappointing she would be misled on an important night for her. She did rock the dress, though.

Heather on

Is this seriously a major problem in someone’s life? I mean it’s a dress….why all the drama. Get a life and a set of real problems like the rest of us.

Lisa on

I would just like to say that I really don’t think that any of this really matters. I could think of far worse things that could happen in life. She was miss informed and like the rest of Americans you just have to get over it! Life will still go on and the Earth will still rotate!!!!!
Please remember that there are people all over the world who do not have enough money to eat or live, I don’t think that this is a catastrophy!!!!

Kerri on

OH PLEASE!!!!! GIVE ME A BREAK! Is SJP really that shallow that she can’t be seen in a dress that was worn by another? Who cares if she was lied to….get over it.

Sophie on

You look way far better than that socialite lady, SJP. Seriously, I feel your disappointment too.

But again, I just have have to say this: Sarah Jessica Parker, you might be upset, but take it from a huge fan… you’re lovable in anything! Love you!

nikki on


Goldie on

To those who are ragging SJP for making a big deal of this when there are bigger things going on in the world…

If I’m not mistaken, SJP was asked her thoughts on this matter she didn’t go to the press. In addition, she prefaced her statement by saying “In the big picture, this is not important” so she realizes that it’s somewhat trivial. The thing to be upset about is that the designer told her a bold faced lie.

Jan on

He was an idiot for lying about it, but I think it’s time to get past this wasteful thinking that just because a dress was worn once at an event, it can’t be worn again.

koz on

Did the designer at least have the dress dry-cleaned before allowing it to be worn again?

Dedi on

My heart bleeds for her. How rough her life must be…..

jennifer on

The dress is ugly anyway. It looks like it’s made of plastic wrap.

keeber on

With all the attention being given to this fashion no-no, will the designer be held accountable? My guess is, “No”, because he got the job done. The gown was out there, we’re all still talking about it, etc. That’s balls!

hal on

deb: I agree with you. SJP does have horsey features. Her face is scary and tough to look at when it is projected on a big screen.

patty on

In this day & age of “green” recycling, why shouldn’t a dress be worn more than once? It seems so vain & wasteful to create beautiful dresses and have them worn just once by a star on the red carpet. Think of all the energy and materials used to create these one-of-a-kind/one time dresses! Shouldn’t Hollywood do their part to help cut down on waste,too?

Dena Leichnitz on

It probably wouldn’t have occured to me ask if someone had wore it before me in the first place. That is not how I think. However, if I had asked and you lied to me, then yes I would be upset about the lie. Not about the fact someone had worn it before but just about the fact that you couldn’t or wouldn’t tell me the truth about it, after all it is not so big a deal that you need to lie over it. In the end, though I wouldn’t care. I have a son I am trying to get into kindergarten, I have 101 church callings, I do volunteer work for SNMAC, there is a lot more I have to worry about then one dress.

Nourhan on

Lindsay Lohan also wore it to in Harper’s Bazaar photoshoot

SW on

well, it’s not that big a deal because they both looked great – but it’s the principle of the thing – being lied to by the designer himself is just so crappy – i totally feel for SJP – she was treated very badly

cwx4 on

Personally, I thought this dress looked like a cross between tin foil and a candy wrapper. That being said … it was better than the weird hat she wore in London.
You do not need to me a SATC fan to know that SJP likes to be original. Even if her choices look more like confections that couture, she is not one to wear hand me downs. Think back to your prom … how many stores did you drag your Mom to so that you would have something noone else had? Remember the heartbreak of the girls who showed up all wearing the same thing? It is only a dress but we carry deep emotions with our dresses. She has a right to be disappointed and hurt.
Foolish designer shot himself in the foot … he just threw his credibility out the window.

Joanne on

It’s a FAB dress and SJP looked awesome at the premiere. Too bad Olivier Theyskens is a liar that can’t be trusted. I’m hopeful that mistake won’t happen by her or any other celeb again. on

unethical??? how can you take such offense over a dress?

Manda on

I would be upset… it’s not like you’re wearing the same thing that someone else wore to a party. This was HER movie premiere. It’s obvious that he lied to her because had he told her the truth, she would’ve chose a different dress and perhaps a different designer. I mean, it is just a dress, but everyone knew that after that premiere, it wasn’t just going to be “A” dress, but instead “THE” dress. Shame on him for deceiving her.

Amanda on

Daisy – in most cases they don’t get to KEEP the dresses, they just borrow them for the events.

SJP looked gorgeous, but I’d be irritated too. I completely agree with Anissa, if this had been for anything other than the SATC premiere it wouldn’t be such a big deal but that movie is all about the fashion. And for the designer to lie just so she would choose his dress is appalling.

CLF on

Get over it. I love fashion but your movie made over $50mil this past weekend! A little perspective would be good.

The Pilot's Wife on

It’s not about the cost to SJP, it’s about integrity and the representatives for Nina Ricci seems void of that.

Red on

Lindsay Lohan was photographed wearing the exact same dress for a magazine shoot. Other blogs have posted pictures of that as well. So, this dress was worn down the red carpet and photographed for a fashion magazine. The designer himself escorted a woman down the red carpet wearing the dress. He lied to SJP, whatever your feelings on two people wearing a dress are, the man still lied. That is going to be a big problem for him in the future. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see quite a few stars avoid Nina Ricci because of this.

San on

boo hoo, get over it!!

Jenny on

She’s not being shallow about it. It’s just the principle that he lied to get more press.
This reflects very badly on Nina Ricci.

Robin on

The designer lied on purpose to further his career and his name in the industry and as a result he killed his name and career with his actions. Yes, it’s just a dress but he used SJP for exposure and she was blindsided. Ultimately his disception will have a negative effect on his career for those who can afford to buy his dresses are probably going to go elsewhere since he embarassed just a beloved star.

jennsuzhoy on

I tend to agree that it was wrong on the part of the designer. No, this isn’t headlining news (which is probably why it is featured in the BLOG and not the NEWS page), but it still reflects poorly on his ethics.

True, a handfull of people might recognize the gown from the Met gala, but the majority are still going to recognize it from the SATC premier. I understand why he did it, but was it really worth the risk of losing potential future collaboration with SJP? Probably not.

VKC on

I wouldn’t wear Nina Ricci anymore. They lied to SJP, pure and simple.

Teig on

I think it was wrong that the designer, Olivier Theyskens would tell a actress that the dress was never worned, but indeed another person worn it only a month ago at the gala and he escorted this women to it.

hmdavis011 on

it is just a dress, but the bad part is that they lied to her. either they wanted to embarrass her or they just wanted more publicity

Maria on

I agree with SJP. It’s the principle of the situation. This was a HUGE movie premier. The designer was probably so anxious to get her to wear it that he ‘forgot’ it was not a first time dress. Kudos to SJP for speaking up, setting her foot down but still stay gracious throughout. Regardless, (with no offense to Miss Santo Domingo)’Carrie’ wore it better.

Karen L. Demmy on

How many women get to wear such beautiful gowns at all? I could see if she were upset if they worse the same gown at the same event at the same time, but it was not…………it’s not like they were walking around looking like twins! Big deal!! So many things in life to worry about and you worry about this???? Ridiculous. And as far as the unethical element on the designers part, he did LIE to her and for that I would be upset too, but not for WHAT he lied about, I dont see the big deal about more than one woman owning the same dress and all. But I’d just be upset for anyone to lie to me about anything.
You have a gorgeous gown, wear it……and dont wear it once and think you can never be photographed in it. For God’s sake……some people are homeless and walk around in the same outfit day after day. Get real!

Maria on

I agree with SJP. It’s the principle of the situation. This was a HUGE movie premier. The designer was probably so anxious to get her to wear it that he ‘forgot’ it was not a first time dress. Kudos to SJP for speaking up, setting her foot down but still stay gracious throughout. Regardless, (with no offense to Miss Santo Domingo) ‘Carrie’ wore it better!

Joy on

I think the designer was wrong! If it’s any consolation to her, SJP wore the dress far better than either Lindsay Lohan or Lauren Domingo.


For such a HUGE premiere every one of the ladies should have had something custom designed. Atleast they both didnt wear it at the same time but I do think the other girl looked better in it. The movie was ALL ABOUT CARRIE so it should have been originals!

Rachel on

Who really gives a rat’s? I think SJP shouldn’t have even commented. There are more important things going on in the world other than–gasp!–wearing the same dress as someone else. Get over yourself!

kjs on

this is the first time i have ever posted my thoughts but after reading the article, i have to say “it’s a dress” – i am sure there are many other issues that deserve our consideration

Jessica on

I totally agree with you guys!!! SJP, as always, looks ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS in the dress. Lauren, not so much…as for the designer, I beleive he may have just “sealed his fate” as a designer! Or could it be possible that he realized after the fact how bad the dress looked on Lauren, and tried to revive it through SJP? After all, it is a beautiful dress.

Anonymous on

what they did was not cool. but SJP needs to get over herself. so one cant wear the dress she’s (SJP) been seen in? ever again? give me a break. people are dying in africa!

Dawn on

I can not believe that this is such a big deal. That a dress can only be worn once and then what? I find it funny that this dress was actually worn twice before SJP worn it. There are plenty of people out there that would love to have a nice dress that wouldn’t care how many people wore it before them. I am sure there are much more important issuse in the world then that. And if she is so concerned about how she looks maybe she should have that UGLY mole removed from her face. She is not that pretty anyways. The other two who wore the dress looked much better then SJP in it anyway.

Heather on

SJP is a classy lady, from head to Manolo’s. I think she is handling this “scandal” perfectly. She understands the big picture here. It sucks, but it’s just a dress. This Olivier guy is a moron! Seriously, dude? With paparazzi everywhere, you think you’d get away with lying about the most photographed dress so far this year?!?!

I also think it’s hilarious that no one knows who this socialite is. When will people get over these pseudo-celebrities? Shouldn’t we expect more from these “role modles?” Talent, morals or at the very least, a job?

Wendy on

Sheesh…I’d be a little more irked that Lindsay Lohan wore it first than the what’s-her-name socialite. Either way, I’m disappointed that SJP is boo-hooing over something so completely unimportant. The movie was going to make millions whether or not you were wearing someone’s old rag or a tea cozy on your head to the premier, so suck it up!

44dakota on

Sarah Jessica Parker: Take comfort…you look so much better than the others.
(but he lied to you….he is nasty)

Fashionista on

Apparently Lindsay Lohan also wore it for a fashion shoot last winter. Check out People’s Fashion Faceoff. If I were SJP I would be livid for being so blatantly lied to, especially since it was for such a big event.

JB on

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Why would anyone in Hollywood trust that designer’s word again? It’s a shame for Nina Ricci as it was such a beautiful dress. SJP looked amazing in it anyway!

Christina on

This isn’t the high school prom! Who cares if someone else wore the dress before!!! Although I would be upset too if someone wore the dress who was half my age, looked ten times better and never gets called a butter face by Howard Stern. She looked good until she started griping about such a mundane issue.
ps…Lindsay looked much better in the dress than Sarah.

Jackie on

How will the world survive. Someone else wore the dress first. Gee I bet all the people starving on the streets or searching for their loved ones lost in the Chinese earthquake disaster are devasted. I expected more from SJP. Get over yourself and get over the dress. Some people are just happy to have something to wear.

Katie on

Olivier Theyskens just shot himself in the foot. Any celebrity attending a red carpet event will seriously think twice about wearing his designs or trusting his word. He should be thankful that SJP is handling the matter like a lady and a true class act or it could be much worse for him.

alexa on

wow what an imbarassment o to sarah..
i am never trusting nina ricci again!!!

tina on

it’s mean that people call SJP a horse face! What haters! She’s bubbly, sweet and talented! I bet half of you would kill for her horseface if you could make her money!

rippies on

The designer deliberately decieved her. She should be fired from Nina Ricci.Its just a dress, but millions of dollars in free advertising at SJP expense

Karen Hetfeld on

honestly, i truly love SJP. i think that she is brilliant. however, in this current economy, the war in iraq, and all the other troubles facing the world today, a dress mishap should really be the least of her concerns. those of us in the country who can’t afford the gas to get to the movies to see SATC sometimes feel resentful of the fact that a pre-worn dress makes the headlines. Integrity and ethics should be characteristic of any profession, but seriously, give me a break on this one!

Karen Hetfeld on

ps: as for the 2 Mary’s, those of us who find this insane type of press over a pre-worn dress are probably the ones who ARE volunteers, aware of social issues (non-fashion related), and are suffering in the current economy. however, i like fashion and entertainment as well. do you even know who Sydney Pollack was or Bo Didley? those are more worthy story lines to focus on!!

MelROcks on

I would never buy from them again!
Poor Sarah…

Kathie on

This is completely ridiculous. Who gives a crap if someone else wore the damn dress it happens all the time.

may on

she is The SJP. the event is The Movie Premier. the movie is all about high fashion and being the first to project style – it’s the ultimate faux pas not to mention a major insult to be lied to considering the circumstance. Upset is an understatement for it. I’d be…..

Beck on

It was unethical for the designer to reassure her that it had not been worn before. That was not ok. She’s a class act though, I think she handled it as well as she could. An agreement is an agreement, shame on Theyskens.

Tina on

I think she has a right to be angry. Actresses/Celebrities don’t and can’t pay attention to who wears what and when because there are so many people to look at! Only people who have the job of finding out these parallels can do it (i.e. The fact is, Sex and the City was expected to be such a big hit, and it has. Of course, since Sarah Jessica Parker, or “Carrie”, is a fashion icon in the movie, she was definitely going to be watched on the red carpet. I think the designer took advantage of that and lied.

I would definitely be insulted and feel used.

Molly on

I’d be annoyed, due to the fact this was such a major premiere, but i would also be able to move on because it is, in fact, just a dress. i would wait for the designer to apologize, and then make a statement accepting the apology, and then i would move on with my life because I looked fabulous at my premier anyhow.

Christina on

I totally agree with Sarah Jessica Parker .. she was lied to. The designer himself told her it had never been worn and yet he himself escorted the dress to another event! She should boycott wearing any future design from Nina Ricci – maybe even a public apology wouldn’t hurt.

Cucumber eyes on

i think it’s time that people stop calling SJP a fashino icon because she isn’t one… Carrie is an icon, but SJP isn’t because in real life, her private, she has nothing to do with fashionista Carrie… now she does because she has to promote the movie… but before it was other story… and about the dress i think this is her school to check dress twice before choosing it… because of the movie she can’t do such mistakes…

Elizabeth on

With all the issues in the papers and on the news today. Disasters, droughts, malnutrition, sickness of people and animals, who really gives a rip if SJP is upset that someone else wore the dress? Most of these people don’t even own mirrors (if they did the certaintly wouldn’t go out in public dressed the way they do), although SJP isn’t one of those. She is always dressed to a “T”! But, still, it just isn’t, or sholdn’t be such a big deal. She looked awesome in it, bettet than Lohan and the other woman. She made them look terrible and she should be proud!

Carly on

I think all the “boo-hoo”-ers don’t really know what they’re talking about. SJP actually grew up in an extremely poverty-stricken family, which is one of the reasons why NOTHING in her clothing line (Bitten) is over $20. She donates heaps of money to organizations that aid impoverished children, as well, but she does not choose to publicize it like so many other celebs do. I’m pretty sure she is well aware of what’s going on in the world – hence the “in the big picture, this is not important” comment. Or did you bother to read that far?

The issue is not whether the dress was worn before. The issue is that the designer lied to her and essentially used her to have his design featured at what was arguably the biggest movie premier of the year. As others have mentioned, fashion is a big part of the SATC franchise. On the U.S. opening night of the movie, and I don’t think she was expecting too much when she thought she’d be wearing a piece that had never appeared publicly before. It feels crappy to be lied to and used – especially on your big night – no matter how much money you have or don’t have. AND, I think she is completely gorgeous – she’s a *real* woman and hasn’t been over-botoxed and filled with silicone and restylane like so many others.

Linda on

Boo Hoo. I only wish I had her problems!!! I love her though!

Jessica on

hello…it’s just a dress.

GS on

Overall – in the grand scheme of things – this is not a matter of great importance.

Overall – in the fashion world – Olivier Theyskens has committed a felony. SJP has her choice of designers to wear and she is ALWAYS fashion forward.
Of course she’s going to be photographed. Duh – Olivier – not a smart move.

marti on

no question – SJP looked smashing.

marti on

SJP looked beautiful in the gown. no question about it.

Diana on

I love how classy SJP stays about the situation letting it be known she is upset but not throwing a diva tantrum about it. And she has every right in the world to be upset. She was betrayed by someone who she should be able to rely on. She could have very easily gotten ANY designer in the world to make her a one of a kind coture dress for this event, because everyone knows how much press the SATC ladies dresses for the night were going to get! It’s a free advertisement dream to have SJP say on the pink carpet “I’m wearing so and so tonight!”

Now this shady designer has created a nightmare for him and the Nina Ricci. And what’s even more upsetting is the Mario Grauso the President for Puig has the audacity to say he is upset that she is upset! Please she has every right to be upset and you should be groveling and doing something about your designers shady ways! That says a lot about how people should expect to be treated by you and your designers.

Whatever, yes SJP did look far better than the other lady, but it was a betrayal and it was wrong.

Diana on

This is in reply to all the people saying “It’s just a dress” and “There’s more serious issues in the world”

1. If you read the article SJP said “In the big picture, this is not important” meaning the fact that the dress was worn before is NOT the fact. It could have been worn a billion times before. The issue is the designer LIED!! No one likes being lied to especially when it’s for such an important night in their career. To you it may not matter, but this is HER career and her work, just like you have your career and your work.

2. Yes there are insanely more important issues in the world such as hunger, earthquakes, war etc. but if you want to read about that go to not If you’re on this website it’s to read about celebrities and fashion. To get your mind off of the real issues for a minute and there is nothing wrong with that.

3. The judgemental people critisizing SJP know nothing. Because like another person said on here, she grew up poor and does a lot for poor children. She is very humble and private that is why it’s not so known. Before SATC the movie started to promote, when’s the last time you saw her on TMZ or the front page of the tabloids. She is very classy and you all should stop being so envious.

penny on

Face it ladies….when we buy that perfect dress to wear to a class reunion or to a really nice party, the last thing we want to see is someone wearing the same dress we are wearing.. Am I right??? Fact of the matter is, she wanted a special dress for her special day and the designer lied to her.

sally on

Importance is irrelevant. Being lied to sucks. I don’t blame her for being upset.

Secretive Person on

I wouldn’t care!
10) SJP looks 5,000,000,000,000,000 times better in the dress and
2) Who is Lauren Santo Domingo? Is she an award winning actress? I DON’T THINK SO!!!

This Oliver guy sounds like a creeper anyways….

Rob on

I’m torn. I think it’s much a do about nothing. It’s just a dress. I mean we are paying $4 a gallon for gas now days. So we have bigger fish to fry. BUT I also think there’s a thing called principal. Not too cool. They just should’ve been honest about it.

dmagdalene on

it is not the “same-dress” fiasco that is upsetting…it is the OUTRIGHT LIE of the designer…i suggest that designers who deceive anyone should be banned from any major event and blacklisted.

Renee on

Just a little update- the “socialite” you all are referring to is actually an editor of Vogue. And while lying about the dress being worn previously, as Theyskens did, is not right under any circumstances, perhaps he felt more loyalty to Ms. Santo Domingo considering that he had also designed her wedding gown.

Liz on

Hah, wearing fur that still have heads attached is unethical…

nicole maddington on

i would be upset if i was her! To find out lindsay lohan of all people woere it before her? Ridiculous!!

That is possibly one of the worst things that could have happened to her with the opening. Oh well the designer has to face that now no one will wear hsi stuff to openings…except lindsay because no one else will want her wearing theirs

Ebeth on

I think SJP handled this well. She puts it in perspective by prefacing her comments with, “I know it’s only a dress…”, and states her case well. She shouldn’t have been lied to, and obviously was! And the comment, “I’m upset that she’s upset”? What does that mean? That he thinks she shouldn’t be upset, and is upset that she is? That he’s upset only that she’s upset, and not that his designer lied and sullied the reputation of the company? Either way, it’s LAME.

Aubrey on

Even though wearing the dress again isn’t really a big deal, it is wrong that the designer lied to her when he knew that that had already been worn. that was wrong.

Marti on

I can see how SJP would be upset, given her industry and special night. However,let’s face it, it’s just a dress and everybody at the premier MATCHED and looked fabulous! Everything happens for a reason.

Sophie on

If I were in this situation, I would still be pretty thrilled that I had gotten to wear such a gorgeous dress in the first place, and that I was a famous
actress with a successful tv show and people were taking pictures of me everywhere I went. I would also be happy knowing that even if someone else wore it I looked way better in it than she did.I would be a little pissed off at the designer, but not really, cause if it wasn’t for them, the dress wouldn’t even exist for me to wear. :)

Coco on

If I were SJP, I would be so upset! This dress is so gorgeous and she looked great in it, but thats not the issue. Celebrities wear dresses that have been seen on red carpets before all the time,(just look at fashion face-off). Its the fact that the designer lied to her just to get the publicity for the dress. It was a backstabbing move, he completely used SJP’s fame to get more attention for his gown.

Kylar on

If she had been told that the dress had not been worn, than SJP would have never known. There should be no faceoff because there was no fair chance. SJP looked stunning in it, anyway.

Laura on

SJP needs to get over herself! It’s just a dress and not a really decent one either! She’s just not that important in the scheme of things and neither is that fugly dress she wore.

Randi on

I wouldn’t care, but i have some friends who would whine about it if i had the same “anything” as them. It’s petty and shalow, so someone else has as good of tatse as you, get over it.

sasha on


Michelle on

Ok, so the biggest thing Sarah Jessica Parker has to worry about is whether or not anyone has worn a dress before her? How completely self-centered and arrogant she sounds. I hope she’s really not THAT shallow.

Stephanie on

Liar, liar, pants on fire!
SJP rules!
Girl power!
You go Sarah.
I bet that designer lost business after this!

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