Whose Baseball Style Is a Home Run? Posh vs. Mariah!

05/28/2008 at 03:32 PM ET

Chris Pizzello/Landov; Koichi Kamoshida/Getty

Two iconic singers known for their high heels and micro hemlines, but when it comes to throwing out the first pitch in style, who strikes out? Victoria Beckham memorably stepped up to the pitcher’s mound at Dodgers Stadium last summer in short-shorts and Dries Van Noten wedge sneakers. And this week, Mariah Carey just may have one-upped her in platform heels, denim cut-offs and a tummy-baring satin jacket. While both women clearly spent more time picking their shoes than working on their curveball, we have to pick a winner in this instance — isn’t that what sports is all about? Tell us: Whose baseball style do you like better? Posh or Mariah?

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Katelyn on

At first, everyone made a big deal about Victoria’s outfit. But Mariah’s outfit is far worse. High heels? A belly-baring shirt? Get a life.

Grace on

Neither! They both look like idiots going to the ball park in heels.

Gabriella on

Victoria for sure! I love that she wore Dodger team colors. Mariah looks a bit too Hoochi…
No Class!

Danielle on


maddy on

i’m all for high fashion and looking fab in the public eye, but really… both looks are pretty ridiculous.

Randi on

They both look ridiculous.

Brandi on

They both look ridiculous.

Anonymous on

I love Victoria! She looks amazing as always even at a baseball game.

Courtney on

I love Victoria! She looks amazing as always even at a baseball game!

sherry on

They both look like total morons. If they can’t dress appropriately for sports they should stay off the field.

Marie on

Posh! Even though I’m from the same town as Mariah, I still think that she needs to work on that look of hers. Victoria at least looks classy in that she wore a shirt that covered her stomach. Props to you Victoria.

Dawn on

Do the wives of baseball players dress like tramps?

Anonymous on

Posh, I think she looks appropriately dressed for the occasion, but still looks fashionable at the same time

lemon on

i like posh better mariahs look is just ridiculous and not even cute.
it looks like shes getting ready for a glitter sequal.

Lauren on

Victoria looks far better. She mixed her high fashion into casual sportswear.Victoria’s outfit definately gives the impression that she took the event more seriously. Mariah looks like a teenager on her way to the mall on a Friday night. At least she’s honest when she says she’s perpetually 12.

babymomma on

Mariah looks like a prostitute. She’s got no fashion sense WHATSOEVER. Aside from the silly heeled sneakers, at least Victoria looks cute and appropriate.

Emily on

Definitely Posh…Mariah looks ridiculous! She needs to try a look other than short and tight, because that seems to be all she knows how to do.

Kerri on


lingling on

hands down victoria looks 100 % better. lke idk where 2 even begin

tina on

they both look insanely dumb. If I had to choose… Posh looks better only because Mariah’s “Grease” jacket is so laughable. To make a decent outfit, I would take her dodgers jacket and pair it with Mariah’s jeans shorts and heels. BTW Is Posh attemtpting to throw a ball? I suppose she was picked last when she was a kid at gym!!!

Bella on

Victoria. The shoes are a little out there, but I like that she’s got on a team jacket. Overall it’s a nice look. The bare baring, half a size too tight look on Mariah is completely inappropriate.

Kathy on

So what if Mariah show off her belly, she looks great! Maybe your just jealous! As for the heals I have to agree three inch high heals are bit much for baseballs first pitch but they sure do make her legs look good not like Victorias chicken legs.

Kim on

they both look really, really stupid. at least Victoria looks like she made a slight effort to look sporty, with the team jacket and (ridiculous) tennies, so i guess she wins by default.

kerry on

Posh. Hands down.

Cam on



Martha on

Posh, dressed way better by far. Mariah looks so hoochie. She needs to cover up her stomach and start dressing her age. Posh at least looks classy and sophisticated most of the time.

Clement on

I gotta admit at least Victoria tries to dress for occasion, albeit in designer gear. But Mariah, just look at her! Can she even jump in that platform heels? Let alone jog! And her midriff-bearing satin jacket is not at all flattering. So much so her her ‘slimed-down sihouette’.

Posh on the other hand looks much savvier in her get-up. Of course she’d know how to dress in sports wear – she has a footballer as a husband and three young boys!

Anonymous on

I wouldn’t dress like Mariah not even for money. Not even for a walk with my dog around my block.And she dressed like that for the whole world.Hmmmmmmmm… . Nicely done, Mariah! Victoria’s outfit on the other hand looks more appropriately. But even so, wedge sneakers???What’s wrong with simple sneakers? Simple sneakers,honey.

danette on

Posh all the way!!! Victoria at least looks cute. I know Mariah is a “Diva” but she takes it TOO FAR! I’m SICK of seeing her in all the tight outfits that only strippers wear IN THE STRIP CLUBS!

Chloe on

OMG! Victoria has definitley got this one. I love Mariah, trust me, I do, but she looks like a Hoochi Queen with that getup on.

cindy on

what were they thinking!???

big e on


winie on

mariah is ridiculous

Kari Ann on

They both look COMPLETELY out of their element. It’s totally possible to pull off the “sexy athletic” look (Cameron Diaz does this very well); however, neither one of these ladies can.

kat on

mariah continues to look just plain slutty. posh carries off the ‘sexy’ look much better! tired of mariah.



Anonymous on

I like Posh’s outfit better. Even tho she is still wearing heels, she at least attempted to make them look like sneakers. Also she isn’t showing too much skin, her stomach is covered and her shorts aren’t too short.

Anonymous on

I really think that Mariah needs to refine her sense of style. She has been making too many slip ups for too long. Change stylists, and if you don’t have one get one, and if you have them and you are telling them what to do, stop. Love you Mariah, and I think you are a musical genius.

Gen on

Wow Mariah fashion is not your best asset that is for sure, it never has been. To short to tight and very, very well lets say not appealing. Sick of seeing her. Posh if she just got rid of the shoes, and had on real sneakers would have been much better.

hbp on

posh most definetly!
she is wearing tennis shoe wedges and actually sporting baseball gear(jacket)
its girly but still sports oriented
mariah just looks out of place with her gladiater heels and shiny mid drift jacket.
not classy at all

Anonymous on

Posh looks a million times better! At least Posh doesn’t look like a $2 hooker.

angel on

Victoria looks better. Mariah does not seem to know what is appropriate sport wear.

alice on

I didn’t think Mariah could look anymore stupid on a daily basis. But she proved me wrong.

Suzi on

Okay, so Posh’s “sneakers” are platform wedges, at least she has the Posh version of sporty. Mariah just looks ready to perform. I guess all said, Posh dresses for the game, Mariah dresses for the players. Posh wins! LOL

Jada on

Victoria deff. I like Mimii’s music but she looks skanky. And Victoria well at least she wore some type of sneakers and a shirt underneath her jacket.

stylebayarea on

I love Victoria, but I’m not sure how I feel about the sneaker wedges. However, Mariah’s outfit is wayyyy worse. Check out stylebayarea.com, I promise you’ll find something that catches your fancy!

Anonymous on

Posh def.

AnnieJ on

They both look hideous.

LiLa on

I have a personal thing against both of them, so I shouldn’t comment. :)

Bailey on

Posh looks way more appropriate if that’s even possible, at least she wore team colors and a Dodgers jacket. Mariah just looks pathetic and desperate for attention!

Dorothy on

Posh for sure! Mariah -leave those bomber jackets at home once and for all-the more you try to wear them, the more ridiculous you look!

Anonymous on

although posh is without a doubt better dressed for the occasion, mariah actually looks like she is having a good time and is happy to be there.all in all, mariah

jennifer on

although posh is without a dout better dressed, mariah looks like she is actually having fun and excited to be there unlike posh.

Phoebe on

Totally posh!!!!

Marge on

Both pair of shoes are horrible on the field. But if you changed both to regular sneakers, Posh would look fine and Mariah would still look horrible-so the nod goes to Posh.

Nichole on

VICTORIA hands down.

julissa on

i think victoria beckham is by far the best she looked more in place better luck next time mariah….

if you get one that is

Robyn on

Victoria looks fab except for the ridiculous shoes, a pair of sneakers woud have been far more appropriate!

Cher on

Posh, definitely!Mariah looks a bit slim in here but it looks like she sucked in her stomach too hard…hahaha!

monica on

Mariah looks pathetic… can we please see her in something other than short and tight? She is so corny!

Diana on

Victoria’s look is HOT!!!! i love it…Mariah looks trashy and like she tried too hard!!! NOOOO MARIAH!!! GO POSH…STAY POSH….

Brittany on

Victoria’s outfit is much more lets play baseball & have a good time hanging out at the game. As for mariah’s outfit, it doesnt say lets have a great time out side where runing & playing as an athlete is needed. The heels are way too much & send the wrong message. Victoria wins my vote for who’s baseball style is a home run!!!

Tonya on

Ok so I must say they are a little over dressed well maybe alot because heels are not made for Baseball but Victoria looks much better then Mariah. Victoria is at least wearing a High wedge sneaker and a dodgers Jacket Mariah looks like she is shooting a video not throwing a ball. Enough said both are rediculous but posh is less rediculos then Mariah.

Kelly on

Victoria definitely pulls off this look better than Mariah! She looks put together and way more classy. She is even sporting the team jacket. Mariah just looks like trash!

Jackie on

They both should have had some sneakers on, not heels

Jackie on

They both should have had sneakers on, not heels

Deidra on

Mariah looks a HOT MESS!!! But, then again, that’s how she looks everytime I see her. So, my vote goes to Victoria.

dani on

Victoria’s oufit is perfectly fine for a baseball game, it’s just the sneaks that throw it off a little bit. Other than that it’s perfectly fine. Much better than Moomoos.

Lauren on

mariah looks much worse!!!

Alisyn on

Definately Posh if one had to picked….What happened to the t-shirt and sneakers with a baseball cap look for a game????

Katherine on

The decision was pretty hard…but Victoria won my vote. The Dogers jacket is perfect for the game. I hate the shoes on both but the revealed belly of Mariha makes her outfit too trashy.

débora on

mariah , sorry!!!! but, our clothes to be ridiculous!!! PLEASE mariah , better is clothes

débora on

Mariah, please change of clothes!!!

jen on

k they both look stupid but…posh definitely looks a lot better than mariah!!!

tami duzansky on

Mariah needs to start dressing her age, you can still be sexy without having to show it all. Posh simply no personality and a stick figure. Both of them need to stay off the baseball field before they break an ankle.

~Shelley~ on

Oh Mariah… she just gets goofier looking every time. Stop being a 40 year old trying to look like a 20 year old!!!

Amparo on

Mariah has to dress like a teenager. She married one.

Tiona on

i think Victoria looks better, at least she wore Dodger colors

Cristina on

Victoria, better style and a bit classier

Stefanie on

Posh at least looks somewhat classy. Mariah looks like a cheap you-know-what.

alexa on


aug on

I’d say Victoria looks slightly better. At least she isn’t pink and shiny.

kagome on

i love mariah…and i like posh? whom i’m going to choose? definitely, posh…she got taste….mariah please, don’t wear high heels in that field again okey…its dangerous!

Kristen on

Why the heck would Mariah wear actual heals? Does she know what it’s like to walk in them through grass? She’s so lame and needs to dress her age.

Crystal on

I think Posh looks better. Mariah looks good as usual, but Posh looks more suitable for the role! Plus she always looks good.

angela on

victoria won hands down, victoria is very classy and has style…mariah needs to get a clue, she has no class what so ever, everything she wears shows off some bady part

mdgirl on

they both look like they are trying too hard.
both have great bods (surgery) and dog faces

t on

posh was definitely better she was classy and appropriately dressed for the occassion. To speak to those who commented about her heels; she is known for living in heels, she wears nothing else in public she has said so herself because she is so petite. Mariah looks like a tramp that has no idea she is a tramp! Mariah is one of those women who will always dress like she is in high school!

Anna on

They both look completely out of place and should really reconsider trying to look glam in the middle of a baseball field. I’d have to say Posh looks better though, only because Mariah looks like a prostitude and Posh is merely embarrasing her children.

the girl on

Mariah is always perfect! I love her!

JLeigh on


connie on

Victoria looks great on the field. Congrats Victoria, you didn’t wear your heels and you looked appropriate for the field. Of course, I’m a fan of your anyway.

Jenny on

OMG come on they alll look like sooo unstylish!

Angela on

Seriously, Mariah Carey needs a new stylist. I never see her in any type of outfit that is actually flattering to her figure. Everything is always too short and too tight. I think she would be very attractive if she wore proper clothing, but as it is, I don’t like to look at her at all, and I would never consider her to be a good role model for young girls.

Nicole on

I think that posh looks better than mariah because she looks too under dressed. I love posh’s shoes!!!

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