Gwyneth Chops Off Her Locks! Love It or Hate It?

03/18/2008 at 12:35 PM ET

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Gwyneth Paltrow may be known almost as much for her iconic stick-straight, ultra-long locks as her landmark roles, so when the Oscar winner showed up to The Prince’s Trust Celebrate Success Awards in London just hours ago in a new shoulder-grazing tousled do we couldn’t believe our eyes. We love how Gwyneth’s updated look lends her the same graceful elegance but with a modern spin — but we want to know what you think. Tell us: Do you like Gwyneth’s new shorter hair, or do you think she should have stayed true to her trademark style?

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Crystal on

I love it! Her hair has been looking so limp and flat, she needed a cut.

Emily on

Beautiful. It’s good to change your look every once in a while, I love it!

Lisa on

There comes a time when it’s time to make the cut. And for Gwenyth it was time. Good choice!

marssa on

i think her hair looks better than it did before. i hate long hair.

Emily on

A small and moderate change that definitely refreshes! Just as long as she keeps that great colour and tone, she can’t really go wrong- the glistening blonde just screams ‘pedigree’, shorter or longer.

alicia on

She looks wonderful!!

Kelly on

I think she was in need of a change. It looks great!

Barabra on

I think Gwyneth’s new hairstyle looks really great! However, I think she should of stayed true to her landmark super-straight-long look.

justok on

That’s a pretty bad hairstyle to debut the cut with, but I think she will look better with shorter hair. This is a way too obvious “I’m not trying” look — overly styled/ messy.

Jessica Godwin on

She is beautiful, no matter what she does to her hair. She could be bald and look awesome!

Katie on

I like her new cut. I hope she donated the hair.

anonymous on


Michele on

Now she needs a hairbrush!!!

beth on

Much better! Honestly, at a certain age women start to look ridiculous with long hair (even Gwyneth Paltrow) and hers was beyond just “long hair” it was practically waist length. This is much more mature and classy.

Mandy on

This woman would look good with anything on her head!

Kathleen on

She Looks better then before!! very fresh and young.

Caity on

I think she should try the look in her 1998 movie “Sliding Doors” – it’s a shorter version than Victoria Beckham’s, and it suited her. I think her hair looks dried out and thin when it’s very long, this look works.

Monny on

She looks much more sophisticated…go Gwyn!

Regan on

I love it! She’s so beautiful! It really looks nice and refreshing for her instead of the super long straw look.

Martini on

I like it & the tousled look. It looks like she is getting away from the standard middle part which doesn’t favor anyone!

george schoppet on

it was time for her to grow up.

Elda on

All i can say is the girl has always been beautiful and yes i love her new haircut!

Linda Turner on

You would’ve had to tell me she cut her hair, she looks no different!

nightrider on

It still looks boring, same basic style only a shorter version.

Mary on

I like it. I think it’s cute. Not too dramatic, just a simple change to bring her look up to date. However, she couldn’t run a brush through it before leaving the house?

Shana on

She looks fresh and young. Beautiful!!!

Bernadette on

She still needs to go shorter. Her hair really needs an updated look. Long over due.

Heather on

Love it!

Catherine Kaye on


Susan on

Love the new look! Her hair looks too thin when it’s long! This cut rounds out her face!



Tina on

She looks gorgeous and totally modern! I think this hip, fresh look represents a new and exciting chapter for this A-List, Oscar Winning actress!

peeps on

How can anyone hate long hair? It’s beautiful and romantic. In studies the large majority of men found long hair more beautiful than short hair. I think short hair can look great too but, usually if you picture a princess or a beautiful woman you picture long flowing hair. It goes back to our instincts and biology, long hair is a subconscious indicator of health and fertility. I’m not sure Gwenyth chopped off her locks or if she just removed her hair extensions. Either way it looks very nice and more suited for her age and for a mother but, I still like the long hair look for her. Gwenyth is exactly how I pictured Serena Van Der Woodsen, she was supposed to have very pale blond hair and Gwenyth is a New Yorker so a younger Gwenyth is my vision of Serena even though Blake Lively is doing a good job she’s not quite as ethereal as Serena is meant to be.

Katie on

I love it, she’s not 21 anymore. It looks fresh and healthy

Yelena on

I think her best hair style was in “Sliding Doors” – short and cute!

Martini on

I like the new tousled look on her. It almost looks like she is getting away from the middle part – which doesn’t flatter anyone.

cheyennigans on

Man, it just looks wonderful.

Melissa on

She could have taken it shorter. I hate long hair

Mary on

It still looks like a hot stringy mess just a shorter version.

rmh on

So much better! She’s looked like a cheap, bleached blond Morticia for years now.

Missa on

I LOVE it! The way it frames her face is perfect. And the slight flip at her shoulders is great. I think this cut makes her look even more beautiful than before. Long straight hair needs to be ‘changed up a bit’ every now and then. Good choice, Gwyneth. :-)

Krista on


treekan on

it is shorter but how about some style…no layers, no curls. a shorter version than she had before

Lisa on

LOVE IT, it was about time to ditch the 70’s look! She is always beautiful but this look has more “edge” which seems more suited to her fashion sense.

Brenda on

I’d like to see it even a little shorter. She looked so cute in Sliding Doors with the short blonde bob. Maybe not quite that short, but styled that way.

Misti on

Looks great! Perfect new look for spring!

Amanda on

I love it! I think it’s cute and looks bouncy and full of life!


I really like it but I think she should have done something different, because once it grows out, it will look the same as it did before…maybe some layers, side swept bangs even would look nice.

Barbara Speer on

Long hair, shoulder-length hair – she still looks like she’s been dragged through a hedge backwards. And to think she probably paid good money to look like that!

Texan on

I think it should be shorter!

AnnieB on

I don’t like it! I think it makes her look older and while her longer hair did start looking a bit limp, it’s not enough style. Did the stylist just take her hair in a ponytail and cut it? Bad move – unless she donated those locks to love.

nessa on

I just hate Gwenyth Paltrow…..

Sofie on

Puh-leeze. She looks like she just got out of bed and scuffed her socks across the carpet! The length is fine, but use a smoothing serum to tame those frizzy fly-aways for heaven’s sake!

Debra on

It looks awesome. The girl always looks good!

BoFan on

Hard to believe beautiful can be outdone! She’s stunning and starting to look like her mother… another beauty.

Sandra on

I sure wouldn’t call that a CHOP. I was expecting a really short cut. Her hair is still very long. It really looks wonderful.

Bella on

LOVE IT!! This new cut makes Gwyneth’s resemblance to her mother seem all the more obvious.

Ellie on

LOVE IT! She’s got a great sense of style, nothing edgy, yet refreshing.,. well done!

GeeMoney on

I wouldn’t call her locks iconic. I wouldn’t even put Gwenyth Paltrow and ‘iconic’ together in the same sentence.

Maybe y’all think that because she dated Brad Pitt. Whatever.

Hair looks good, though.

Kim v on

I don’t think it’s love OR hate-worthy. It doesn’t look that different. But it’s nice to see that she’s changing her style a little, if only a little…

Carrie on

Love it! She looks fantastic!

rebecca on

I think it looks great now. I wasn’t a huge fan of the parted down the middle, straight, limp look. It looks much fresher.


I liked her better with the longer hair, now she looks a lot older with shoulder length hair, now she resembles more of her mother now with the short hair. I’m sorry should of kept it

Christy on

I loved her hair long, but this cut really shows off her face and it looks amazing!

Amber on

Its fresh and youthful looking. She has timeless elegance and knows how to set trends. The new cut exemplifies this!

Patty on

Love it … but it sure makes her look like her mom, Blythe Danner!

Julie on

Ummm are we all looking at the same picture? Her hairs shoulder length in the photo Im seeing. Looks exactely like it did before – I wouldnt of noticed anything different. Sorry – but I still adore her – shes sweet & goregous & a wonderful actress! She looks good any old way!!

Wendy on

I love it. It is fresh and current. She looks beautiful. The long hair did not do her justice.

darlene on

Great she looks beautiful…Much better…

katie on

um… it’s shoulder length… I don’t consider that to be “chopped” at all. and someone even called it “short?” what is going on?

it looks very nice, but man! slow news day or what?

Lori on

I hope she donated her hair to “locks for love”, both my daughters have, and they’re only 11!

kd on

so much better..the extensions she had before were looking a little “weathered”, to say the least. can’t stand her anyway…

luvthestars on

I think her hair always looks sloppy but it seems fine. I’m not sure why removing six inches of hair is “news” but whatever…I do love my PEOPLE!!


I think it looks totally awesome.

Cindylouwho on

I don’t even see a difference really. The way People’s article talks you think she shaved her head. Good grief!

Abba on

Cute. really, really cute. But now she needs a hairbrush!!

Julie on

I like her short hair. Her long hair was VERY boring and not flattering at all!

karen on

looks great! the super long/stick straight look was dated. she could’ve even gone a little shorter in my opinion! the change is certainly refreshing

Anna on

My favorite was the short short ‘do she had in Sliding Doors. That was so flattering on her.

TD on

I LOVE IT! Sophisticated and fun PERFECT!

Samantha on

Gynneth looks classy and fabulous with long hair or straight hair!! She’s a classy woman. period!!

k on

She looks great and I love the new haircut!

arial on

i love. there’s nothing wrong with a change. it’s been awhile since she’s done that. she still looks beautiful.

lily on

OMG……..Don’t we have something better to worry about. Really don’t care.

Imogen on

Definitely time for a change, and I think even a bit shorter than this would be still more flattering on her.

Jen on

It looks very fresh and new, I love it too.

Allison on

So much better! She needed to cut her hair; it was time. I love the touseled look, too… it was just straight and boring before! I love it!

Rebecca on

change is good. she looks beaufitul.

April on

Does it even matter what we think?? I’m pretty sure it was her and her stylist’s decision…..

courtney on

Love it!!!! Her old style was weighed down.

carolyn on

Her hair looks great. They just need to match her face make up to her neck line!

LD on

I think she looks great with short hair, like in the movie Sliding Doors or A Perfect Murder. I always thought the really long, straight hair looked very flat. This medium length looks much better, but I still think she should go shorter!

Sue on

Love it–and it still is long! I am not a Gwyneth fan, but she sure looks better and younger. And…just like I learned from a top hair designer — “IJFH” — It’s Just Frikkin’ Hair! It will grow back in case she does not like the new cut!

amanda on

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE! I think she looks amazing. I love short hair.

Shannon on

She has had short hair before. Remember the matching cut with Brad Pitt?

megan on

I don’t see too drastic of a difference but it certainly looks mature and more professional. I’m just glad she didn’t chop it like most mom’s tend to do!

amanda on

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I think she looks amazing (like always)

Rachael on

Her long her was lifeless and boring.Its a much better look for her.she also looks really good with short hairdos,too.

J Smith on

She looked unbelievably beautiful in ‘A Perfect Murder’ with much shorter hair. She’s gorgeous no matter what.

Deb on

It’s perfectly lovely. She could even have gone a little shorter, but it is a great improvement nonetheless.

Leslie on

It’s about time she did something with the lifeless mop on top of her head.
But has she never heard of a curling iron, or hot rollers? It just lays there.
It’s not enough to be blonde, you actually have to DO SOMETHING with your hair.

Tabitha on

I love it. Short seems to be in now. But give it 6 months and it will grow back

Jen on

Since when is shoulder length hair something to get all excited about?! If she’s gotten the Rihanna ‘do or shaved it a la Britney, that would be newsworthy.

So lame….. but it looks nice, as it has for the past 30 years….

Rachel on

It’s fine, but she looks like Cate Blanchett now.

Kristin on

She has always had beautiful hair, but I think a change was in order. This is a good length, but there’s no style to it. It’s very boring. She made the leap, but I feel it should have been a more dramatic change. Snore!

Krissy on

Wow! I love it. This just made me call my hairdresser. I am tired of my long, one length drab locks!

Stephanie on

Looks much better.

Me on

Who cares people…it’s only hair.

Denise on

I definitely like this look better. The other cut was to overly straight and long, kind of like Morticia Adams. This is must fresher.

Laurel on

It was definately time for change. She looks fabulous with her new due!

Sara on

I like it a lot. She has beautiful hair, but it was time for a change.

Lola on

Do we really care about this? Seriously – really?

Mel on

It’s not that drastic of a change. I think she’s beautiful no matter what!

Mark on

I sill find her unattractive, but it looks better than that Cousin It look she was sporting.

Terri on

I like it, she has needed a new look and when you have kids sometimes it is just a little easier with shorter hair.
Very nice.

Lisa on

LOVE IT! SO much better.

nadine on

Love it…she’s beautiful with long or short hair!

Sue on

It looks a little unkempt to me. Maybe some hairspray would help?

omahagirly on

too many fly-aways. don’t care for it.

Pamela on

LOVE IT!!! She has a beautiful face and features – this only enhances and brings out the sophisticated lady she is. WONDERFUL CHOICE….

Cynthia on

I hope she donated her beautiful hair to a worthy charity organization like Locks of Love….

kerri on

I think her hair looks better than it did before she cut it, but still not great. It seems to be exactly the same style, just a shorter version of it. She has a pretty face, but this style doesn’t frame it well and it’s just boring. The color is good.

julie on

huh? it doesn’t look any different.

Amy on

I think it looks stringy and frizzy. Not how I would want to look on the red carpet!!!

karen on

i love her new do. i just recently cut mine off. and it makes me look younger and feel better about myself.

Maria on

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!



michelle on

Love it, she is been long overdue for a shorter cut, looks great!

Terry on

Love it, she’s always so elegant. LOVE LOVE LOVE it

michelle on

She has been overdue for a shorter cut for a long time, looks great!

Kerri on


Soty on

Love it…she is gorgeous

Lisa on

I think it looks great! It looks much more natural and relaxed.

Stephanie on

Love it!! She looks very mature.

jennifer on

it looks ok but i’ll miss that long, long hair.
it really distinguished her from just another chop-locked suburban mom out for a soccer match. booorrrring….

Maryann Meador on

I think she should get an ultra short cut – with her eyes and beautiful face, it would look great!

Elizabeth on

It looks very nice, and it will be much easier to care for than the long hair was.

Tina on

I think it looks good either way but for summer shorter can be better.

Suzanne on

I love it!! Makes he look older and frames her face. Great!! Soon everyone will want the “Gwyneth” haircut. I know I do!!

JZ on

It’s sooooooooo nice – simple but it adds so much bounce! LOVE IT!

Debbie on

She looks the best she has ever looked!

Kimberly on

She looks so much like her mother!!!!

piccollo on

Welcome to the year 2008. Really its about time she updated her hair, looks great.

Lori on

Looks great, very flattering!

stefaroonie on

Not that much of a difference??? chopping would be up to her ears… she just shortened it a bit in this picture.

Anonymous on

Well…her hair is okay. Since she had her hair cut, why not have a totally different style? It basically looks the same. As far as her “classic do”…well, she’s not 21 or anything! She is older and a mommy. It is about time she did something sort of different. I guess this could be a sign of a slow process toward a different hair cut? Not wanting to shock herself. Just a shorter length same hair do. Maybe next time it might be different? (one would hope). After all, she can afford a hair cut and style!

GeeMoney on


pennypam on

she’s still just trying to hide her huge square monster jaws. She is just a spoiled, rich and talentless person

pennypam on

JUSTOK, I agree, she probably paid $500 or $1000 to have her hair styled “just-so” to look carefree and ” oh, I just always look like this, my hair naturally just falls like tis with a limp curl in the front” . She literally has all day to get just the right combination of curl/straight/flip. Se has nothing else to do all day, but sit back and make sure she’s just perfect. I can’t wait until she finds out her husband has cheated on her with hundreds of his groupies.,then maybe she will come down to earth with the rest of us.

Linda on

I love it!! She looks more like her mom now!!

Kat on

Gwyneth would look gorgeous with any hairstyle. I loved her hairstyle in SLIDING DOORS.

Janet on

It’s better then that awful, stringy, long hair style that she seemed to wear FOREVER.

Kelly on

I think it looks beautiful!!!! She is looking more and more like her beautiful mother!

Daria on

So glad she cut it! She looks even more beautiful!

ashley Stickle on

clearly gwyneth is beautiful no matter what her hairstyle, but i believe she should have kept her long locks. i believe with such perfect long hair it is a waste to cut it all off!

Rachel on

Hopefully she donated the hair to Locks of Love or a similar organization. I like the shorter look, but don’t really like how she has it styled. It just looks messy.

Corissa on

It looks good on her. Adds a bit to her face. But I really loved her hair when she was with Brad Pitt. The matching hair? Remember?

julia on

Looks WAY better and more age appropriate!

ms. mouse on

Her new hair style looks great – she can still wear it up, down, curly straight. It’s the right length to do anything. I don’t particularly care for straight hair. I like to have curls a wave in my hair. Good for her – hopefully she donated it to have a wig make for cancer patients.

tm on

I liked her hair much better before when it was long. She looked younger and prettier before. At least it’s not as bad as that super-short hair she sported for “Sliding Doors”!

Mary on

She grew up…classy.

Dave on

From a mans point of view, long hair is everything, I think she is still beautiful, but long hair can make an ugly betty beautiful ;-)

tulip on

She had very short hair when she was dating Brad Pitt. This look is stunning and fits her so well.

Jules on

She looks great! Good for her!!!!

Gaye Hukel on

Good God…get a life. who cares what she does with her hair.

Bhoot on

Luv zis!

Brandy on

I love the refreshed look. Makes me feel better knowing I am not the only one with flyaways.

luckymomma2 on

Her haircut is nice, but she needs to tame the flyaways.

luckymomma2 on

Nice haircut, but tame the flyaways.

Vikki on

I think she’ll get lost in the crowd now. Looks too much like any run of the mill blonde in Hollywood.

Nicki on

I think she looks great! Her hair was getting TOO long and was starting to look a little unhealthy.
This looks fresh and pretty.

Carrie on

She looks better than ever!

Laura on

It looks better than before, bur quite frankly I have never found her to be an attractive lady. Never understood why people thought her to be beautiful.

SyrupTischous on

It’s a good start but still needs work. She needs to lose that center part and about 2 more inches for it to actually look good. Some piecy layers might help give it definition and some volume and to soften it up. Still looks a bit blah and harsh but it’s a step in the right direction!

Maggie on

Who cares?

Katie on

It just makes her look more like her mother!!!

Kylie on

Finally she cut that hair!! Her long hair looked boring. The new haircut makes her look more younger and vibrant. I hope she keeps it this way.

Patty on

I love it. She would look good with any cut. It still looks wind blown and natural

Tracy on

I Love it.. She was due for a change and it looks good!!

Jaclyn on

I LOVE Gwyneth’s new look. It’s very modern and sophisticated.

inas on

awesome!i think she looks greater than ever.

sugardaisy on

The length looks fine but her hair looks like greasy dirty slept-on mess with no style at all.

Brooke on

about time

Vicky on

she looks just like her mother!

Julie on

It really does not look that different. Not sure what all the fuss is about.

cat on

Spitting image of her Mother.

Jen on

She would look great with bob her face has nice bone structure.

Sue on

Love the look, very classy!!!!!

Cecilia on

Love it, have you ever seen “Sliding Doors”? She chops her hair there (really short) and it looks awesome!!!!

tina on

It is about TIME!! She just looked like an old lady with long hair, ugly!! Now she looks her age and wonderful.

Di on

It looks gorgeous, beautiful, finally! It’s about time for a change since it’s been the same way for years! Now it’s Jennifer Aniston’s time to make a change, it does get boring after awhile…..

coco on

she needs alittle bit of serum for all the frizzes ( maybe it was raining that day) and I agree with everybody that said thatshe is starting to look like her beautiful and talented mother.
she should keep it blond, that;s her trademark of elegance.

Kelly on

I can’t believe that this is considered important. Cripes!

BF on

It just looks frizzy and messy. If it were sleek and healthy looking like it usually is long, it would be much better.

Natalia on

I don’t really care for it. Maybe it would look good w/side bangs and layers. I guess this is better than her super long hair. Anything past middle back is waaaay to long.



Jonathan Bodack on

My opinion Is that Gwyneth Paltrow looks great, whether it’s short hair or long hair! Her new, short-hair do is very nice, so was her other kind of hair.

Lisa Abramson on

Love it! Very Age appropriate, chic and classic as well! Just like her Beautiful Mother!

Patricia on

The new cut looks great. She is the kind of girl that can wear it either way, but personally I just loved the long, straight, blonde hair on her. It was classic and very chic.

Issy on

About time ! She has a nice look and her hair always looked frayed at the ends and gave her a limit to her style. She needed the change and I am sure it will only add to her beauty !

ana on

Love it! I think she looks refreshed– maybe even a little younger. There’s a nice glow around her face. good choice.

Heather on

Wow! I feel so much better after seeing that Gwyneth cut her hair! My hair was as long as hers and I cut it very short and now I’m miserable. The most important thing is how she feels about it.

pam on

looks great. she needed a change. makes her look younger

debbs on

It looks frizzy and like she let her daughter cut it, but if she were to clean it up a bit, it’d be cute.

DMO on

She looks absolutely beautiful – more in keeping with where she is now. The long hair was kind of a throw-back. The new style enhances her natural beauty.

Anonymous on

Women with long hair are always sexier!!! I like it before!

Jennifer on

It’s hardly a massive change is it! I was expecting a chin grazing bob or something – it looks the same!

Karen on

She has always been beautiful, but I think the new “do” is just what she needed. It looks great!

Belinda on

Love It!! The body gives her a bit of personality.

mendie on

I think it would be cute if she fixed it.

Margaret on

I would love to see Gwenyth go with a VERY short hairstyle again but she is always pretty.

Sharon on

I love it. She looks younger and her face is appears fuller. Her hair was way too long and flat…dragging down her features and making her look tired. This new cut is fantastic.

Fionnuala on

Pft. Am I The Only One Who Doesn’t Notice Much Of A Difference?

Emperors New Clothes on

A couple inches shorter and it’d be a huge hit!

Ann on

Love it! Looks great.

Ginny on

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was so sick of that hair. You look lovely again, Gwynnie!

HHB on

I love it. Its about time, her long her did not do her justices. the new hair cut brings out her beauty.

test on


Laura on

It’s about time she cut her hair, it was starting to look a little Crystal Gayle-ish.

angelena on

I LOVE it. She is always beautiful but this cut makes her fresh face even fresher!

nicole on

I think she looks fine but who really cares. What she cut a couple of inches… wow what a break through!

Annie on

She looks chic and fantastic!

Susie on

love the new look it was time for a less than teenage hair cut . but look at all those split hairs . its broke off all over ?

J on

This was a much needed change! Her long, straight locks were dragging down her face making her look old. This has taken 5 years off her face. Beautiful!!

Lisa on

Now her hair looks like Kate Blanchettes. Copy cat.

Evelyn on

I really, really like it; now if only Jennifer Aniston would do something about hers…

N on

There is a change???

manda on

Love the new hair style it really looks good on her. Give’s her a fresh new look

SD on

Love it!

joanne e on

she actually had a super short cut in “Sliding Doors” which I loved! I prefer her with short hair-this is ok,nothing special. She can pull off both though

Tara on

I think her new hairdo looks great- I dont think anyone should be expected to stick to 1 style and have it be their “trademark”, shes a woman and we women like to change our hair, makeup, clothing styles as the mood hits us!

Nuwanda on

She needed an update, but this looks messy.

Sandy on

She looks stunning. I never noticed her eyes before but with this cut, her eyes are a beautiful blue.

Beth on

Where is her hair brush????

Michelle on

I love it! But I think she could get more layers and put more body in it with some cream or something. It still looks fairly flat! She also should change the color. The super blonde is so old!

CarolM on

I love Gwyneth’s new do. It’s beautiful, just like she is. I see her mother in her.

Isabel on

I love it!! It’s fresh in time for spring! Although I’ll miss her beautiful long hair, this is a glamorous change!

katie on

she didn’t even cut that much off! i hoped for more. what a scaredy cat.

Cindy on

Y’all made it sound like she had buzzed her hair off or something. I think it’s fine. No big deal. Geez. No “stop the press” moment!



Kate on

Who cares?????

Danielle on

I have always hated her hair. She couldn’t do less with it! It’s ALWAYS blonde and ALWAYS parted in the middle. GAG. DO SOMETHING! I guess a cut helped a little. she needs to branch out. Go curly, go dark, do a side part! There’s an idea.

Cynthia on

Love it !!!!!!!! She looks absolutely beautiful in this picture.

Sophie on

Miss magnificant! I never get tired of looking at her or her movies. The hair is a nice change definitely!

sherrill on

It’s about darn time! I was sick of looking at her same Marsha Brady hair the last several years.

Hannah on

I guess it’s OK! But the longer look on her was better!

Connie on

Love it!!!! About darn time, her limpy hair did not look good at all!!!

Christina on

I love it! I think it makes her look very sophisticated, but still elegant.

Kelly on

I think her hair looks great! It was definitely a much needed change.

Dianalyn on

It’s gorgeous :D

j doug on

she looks just like her mother…
just beautiful…

Shelley on

Love it~! She looks fresh.

Julie on

She is a beautiful person regardless. I loved the long hair but the shorter cut definitely frames her face and brings out her features.

Kate on

I’m a huge fan and I think her new look is terrific!

Amiee on

Much better!!! Her hair was horrible long!!!

Kelly on

I really really loved Gwyneth’s long locks. They’re just like mine! But her new cropped look looks very chic and pulled together. Gwyneth is really a stunning, beautiful woman who know what she’s doing with her life. Love both styles!

leilani on

She alway had shorter hair she just got rid of her hair extentions.

Rosey on

It looks messy in the picture.

Judy Wolfberg on

It’s about time Gwen got a grown-up hairdo. It’s still long enough to wear it up, so what’s the big deal?

Traci on


Peg on

I think it looks great.

Anfrid on

Great update! The long, straight style had gotten old. I like it!

Sharon Crippen on

She finally took out her hair extensions. You can tell that by all of the layers in her hair. That’s the way they have to cut it when they’re taken out. I’m speaking from experience.

Mia on

She should have gone a little shorter, I think.

Amy H. on

LOVE it!!!

nhilario on

i like it but, i loved her hair when she wore it short(er) for the movie ‘sliding doors’…she carries either and all beautifully either way.

Alia on

Great move!! She has had the same dated look for over ten years. This adds and edge. Long over due.

Caramel on

I like it!

Sasha on

UHHH, isn’t this the exact same haircut, give or take a little length? I’d hardly call it “chopping off”

Maria on

When you say “chop”, you should mean “chop”! This is still long hair to me. She always looks good, but I think her short look in “Sliding Doors” was awesome.

rebecca on

It might be nice if she brusher her hair

Emily G on

I was thinking her hair would be really short- you can barely even notice it!

Skippy on

I hope that she donated the remainder to a worthy cause. She looks fantastic!!

heather on

Is this the new ‘do? Really? It’s still painfully boring and blah. Damn the slow celeb news week!

c on

LOVE IT!!! Looks Great

jenn on

she finally did it right!!!!

maria on

love it. i think we got so used to her with long hair that a change was definitely needed.

Rebecca on

Love it! She really needed a change. This new ‘do makes Gwyneth look fresh and interesting.

cat on

looks cute on her

sabyn on

At first glance I thought NO! BUT its just because she forgot to brush it. And it could use a suble 2nd layer or two down at the bottom, nothing obvious just to give it some fluff and fullness; layering is a good thing. (and so is brushing; some get away with the messy look; this is not one of them)

Suri on

Look like she just gets out of the bed! It’s messy. I think, she needs to cut even a little bit more. She will look better if hair cut is just above the shoulder.

Rach on

It looks better but she still needs more style. I think she is a beautiful woman with very taste for he hair.

Chris on

Gwyneth is in her mid-30s and no longer looks like an ingenue, and her current cut is age-appropriate. It’s good that she’s embracing her age instead of attempting to resemble a teenager. From a fashion standpoint, it’s always nice to update your look–and she looks great!

Joanna on

Ok, so everybody needs a change now and then. Gwyneth has had both a really short cut and a bob in the past, plus years of shoulder-length before going really long about 5 years ago. But, but…I don’t get the comments about her long hair being flat or boring. The colour is radiant and she always looked good!! She does now, too, of course, but the long hair was her thing for so long. I will miss it…and continue to let my own bob grow.

SW on

totally totally love it!! she’s looks like her old gorgeous self again

she really needed to stop ironing that long hippie hairdo

Kelli on

I hope she donated to locks of love.

Bob on

To me, this cut was pointless. It’s sloppy, and her long hair was really striking when tended to. She looks very ordinary with shoulder length hair.

AMY on


tomucchh on

HATE IT<<<<<

Jenny on

Did she donate it to Locks of Love? My guess is probably not!

Crystal on

She’s awesome and she looks great!

Laurie on

I don’t get it, it doesn’t look much different than before. Cutting 2-3 inches off equals dramatic? C’mon….

Candice on

It’s not bad looking but she is still so boring looking.

sharon on

I don’t really care about her hair. She has said such hateful things about America……but she doesn’t mind sniffing around here when there is a movie role for her. I guess she is only about the money. I suggest that she put a sack over her head. That will just as attractive as her new look….IMO.

Lauren on

I think this style makes her look too much like her mother, Blythe Danner. I liked her super-short “do” in “Sliding Doors”.

lamoia on

I love it ;)

Morgan on

Gwyneth Paltrow is gorgeous! I do agree, it was time for a new style, and this was a fanstastic cut. She looks absolutely radiant! She has an inner beauty that emanates out of her, and this new cut really frames her face beautifully.

Jill Clark on

I think Gwyneth’s hair looks beautiful stylish and exactly right for her. The stick straight look was getting old. She reminded me of a hippie

Jill on

She has the right to do whatever with her hair. Actually, short hair takes more messing around with than long hair. I hope she likes it.

Debbie on

What haircut? It looks exactly the same except a tiny bit shorter.

Andrea on

I think she looks fantastic you go girl.

Gina on

I agree that Gwyneth is beautiful no matter how she styles her hair! I hope she gave her shorn locks to one of the great organizations that turn donated hair into beautiful wigs for women and children who have lost their hair to disease.

Kerrie on

I think her new cut is very ordinary and BORING. I don’t like it much. Before it was drop dead gorgeous. I guess the stars are entitled to make mistakes too.

Arianne on

Gwyneth’s hair looks amazing, no matter what she does! I think it looks great – would have tamed the fly-aways a tad, but loving the look!

Riley on

Actually, I am not a fan of long hair but I liked Gwyneth’s hair better long. There is no style to this new cut. It looks like she took a pair of scissors and cut it herself. If she wanted to go shorter then she should have gone with a cute style.

RyanMarie on

She is gorgeous! Love the hair – she would look amazing with any hair style….


I don’t like her new hairstyle. but it looks nice, and i think she looks great in everything!

sam on

Yes, she does look wonderful, but her hair looks limp, flat, and messy. This cut is not a style, and definitely not worth sacrificing that lovely, silky long hair for. If she wanted her hair shorter, she might better have gone jaw length, exposing a graceful neck.

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