Rachel Bilson Cuts Bangs! Love Em' or Hate Em'?

02/26/2008 at 01:00 PM ET

Junko Kimura/Getty

Though Rachel Bilson isn’t afraid to try anything when it comes to fashion, the actress hasn’t been so daring when it comes to her hair. Known for her signature long dark straight locks, the actress shook it up a bit with a blunt bang cut — just like Kate Moss. And is it just us or does her hair seem a little lighter too? We think the bangs will take some getting used to, but if Kate Moss could pull it off, our favorite America fashionista certainly can. Tell us: What do you think of Rachel’s new bangs? Do you love them or hate them?

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Syako on

It looks like a wig. Are you sure it’s her hair?

BTW, nothing rachel does fashion-wise could be considered daring. She’s cute and has style, but she’s not daring.

If it is her hair, it’s time to grow those things out! It makes her look twenty pounds heavier.

Kara on


Stacie on

Hate it! She had such a natural, girl next door look. I also agree w/Syako; it looks like a wig.

Cori on

ABSOLUTELY AWFUL!!! Looks like a bad halloween wig. She needs to change this ASAP!

Kristen H. on

She looks like some dog and I can’t put my finger on it yet! Help me out! I’m not being ugly but it’s less hair but it seems alot heavier on her face. Hated it!

Sam on

Horrible, what was she thinking?

jaX on


Lori on

Oh, hell no!! Drag-queen chic is NEVER acceptable… (unless, of course, you’re a drag-queen)

Amanda on

Looks AWEFUL! I do agree though, that it looks like it weights 20 pounds – I hope it is a wig!

Rach on

It’s just a bad pic- she looks fantastic on perez!

irene on

i hate it!

Emily on

Rachel Bilson is deffinitly a fav of mine but what was she thinking? She’s a beautiful girl but those bangs don’t refelct that beauty one bit.

Jenn on

I can’t believe what that looks like! It looks all fake! And I think she isn’t daring but just so-last-year. Nobody has bangs anymore…just deal with it Rachel!

Sara on

Well I think she looks fab. No not her best hair, but she can do no wrong. She seems like a sweet girl and I think it is good to take some risks. Loves it.

Leslie on

The bangs are not bad…a little too much bang but the color absolutely is too light. It washes her out. She needs to go back to dark and I think the style would look better.


I loved Kate Moss’ green purse in “Startracks” (for feb. 26). Is it a Hermes Birkin purse? Please let me know, its just soo stunning!!

lenora on

The bangs don’t look that bad. I think it is the color. I think she should have keep it dark.

Natalie on

Well,i think that it definetly needs some “getting used to” but i don’t think is so bad.The hair color i loved…it iluminated her face and made her look even more beautiful.

Heather on

Am I the only one that likes it? I think she looks like Brigette Bardot.

Molly on


lily on

UGLY!!!!! Change isn’t always a good thing. why can’t people just stick to the things that work, such as natural hair color.

Anonymous on


Mary on

Two words: holy crap.

I really hope this is just a wig.

Suzi on

Hmmm, I agree, def looks like a wig. Don’t think it’s the best choice, but that’s just me.

killakali03 on

Wow, whoever cut her bangs did a bad job. Racheal could diffinately rock this blunt bang trend but her stylist performace was bad. There is too much hair in this particlar bang ( needs thinning out) and her bang is starting too far back for the shape of her head and face, as well as too much volume in it. She’s still a fashionista to me.

JK on

They are too long and overwhelm her face. If she has any bangs, they should be shorter to frame her face, not cover it.

killakali03 on

I’m not sure what happened to my first post but…

It’s not that the bangs won’t work, she could definately rock a blunt bang. It’s that the stylist executed the cut all WRONG!
1. Her hairline is pushed back to far for the shape of her face.
2. There is too much hair pulled forward for the bang.
3. Bang should have been thinned out a bit
4. Too much volume…over curled.

I hope Miss Bilson who I love promptly fires whoever cut them and get them retouched by a better stylist.
3. Way too much

Kyra on

Oh… my… god. What did she do? That is just awful. She already has such a petite face. This cut dwarfs her facial features.

shauna on

it seems very bond girl. kinda barberella, too. it’s voluminous. it’s a good change of pace from her typical, no-fuss look.


yoyoyo on

hmm i like it but im not head over heels

kwini on

that smirk of hers plus her nonchalant reaction in her face makes her look like an annoying 5 year old. with those bangs she looks even MORE annoying.

sue on

Hate it. Miss her old look.

Eves on

It looks loads better from far away.

Patty on

The bangs are far too heavy for her face! She’s so tiny, they’re just too much for her, but at least she cut them longer so they’ll grow out faster.

Mika on

Bangs don’t suit everyone, they definetley don’t suit her. Ew!

jenna on

I think she looks great with or with out bangs! I give her props! She is my inspiration!

jen on

it looks like she is wearing a wig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Annie on

EWWWW!!!!!! It looks horrible!!! She looked so much cuter with her old hair. I can’t believe it!

kay amemiya on

althogh its different she looks like an absolute doll.

rachelfan on

it’s just really bad lighting and a bad picture.. look at her here.. sho looks gorgeous!!!

marie on

Totally hate them she looks like a doll
It’s a shame because i love her style
Shame on her hairdresser

laura on

hate it

Erock on

EEwww!!! Gross!!
I love Rachel Bilson, but this look is god awful on her. She had PERFECT hair. I wish she hadn’t done this.

Maren on

…very cool look! I like it!

rachel on

LOVE them!

lexis on



GW on

I agree with Rach, it’s just a bad pic. I think it looks very cute on her. Of course it takes some getting used to but I like it.

Inkiknee on

She looked awesome on Perez’s site. Here not so much!

Mandy on

I think it’s great to try a new style but her bangs look horrible! In my opinion – Very bad decision!

karina on

she looks beautiful:))))))

maja on

Great, like Brigitte Bardot, sexy and nothing like girl next door.

Mila on

She is totally rocking them. Bangs, especially severe ones like hers, take a little getting used to. Having not had bangs since 1997, I recently got them and, yeah, they were a little hard to get accustomed to but they make you look…and feel…like a new person. Paradigm shifting, if you get my drift.

Different. But sweet.

Susan on

Way too heavy a bang for her face!

Anonymous on

If this had been her look from the start, she would have been completely overlooked. It’s absolutely awful

Anonymous on

She is such a cutey, very lovable, but I think I liked her hair better more natural, bangs are too blunt.

Anonymous on

why rachel?!!! why???!!!!

Mary Ann Gregoire on

I love her bangs! And her hair, she is beautiful.

J on

When will women learn that having these awful bangs only makes them look 10 years older?!?!?! When Jennifer Aniston did it during one of the last seasons of “Friends”, it was her most awful look to date. Rachel, grow them out!!

Lisa on

The coloring is pretty cool. It looks like she was going for a Penelope Cruz-type cut. It doesn’t work for her. It ages her unnecessarily. I too think it looks like a wig. Sorry Rachel. Bright side: It’ll grow out.

Amy on

She looks great- love the bangs!!!

Danielle on

So ugly. I feel horrible for her… She was so beautiful girl next door before, this just doesn’t look right… Yuk!

Amanda on

I love it! But this picture isn´t that good, she looks better at Perez.

TC on

You think she looks 20 pounds heavier? So, you mean she looks like she’s 110, instead of 90?

Seriously, she’s adorable with or without bangs, but I do agree, without is better.

Anonymous on

It’s cute!

pennypam on

Kristin H, the dog that you’re thinking of is a Pekingese!
She looks just as bad as Heidi Klum does with bangs. People think they can just have bangs, but you have to have a particular face for bangs,oterwise it justs looks retarded. Rachel Bilsons publicity team is really tryi9ng ard to get her in the spotlight, but truthfully she is just a marginally cute girl with no charisma or talent. She should definately go to school and learn a trade.

Laurie on

i love it

LT on

She looks like a sheepdog. That’s the kind of dog. The dogs that are pretty big with all the hair in their eyes, almost like they can’t see. Yep. A brown Sheepdog.

Fashionista on

Let’s just hope it’s a wig. Along with her petite stature, it makes her look like a little girl playing dress up. Someone mentioned that she looks like one of those small dogs and I can see that. Just put a little ponytail on top of her head and instant Shih Tzu. You can’t even see her eyebrows. Like I said, let’s just hope it’s a wig.

shooie on

She looks like a Cabbage Patch Kid!

Brittany on

OMG!! That looks terrible!

Raven on

Still looks a bit wiggish to me too. In all the pics I’ve seen so far…even in the one on Perez…the bangs are just a bit too heavy.


Bella Reich on

Yuck…she looks like she is wearing a poofy hair helmet! Makes her look about 6 years old!

Jonathan Bodack on

I don’t like him, it looks like a wig! Her original hair was a lot better.

haley on

she is so ugly in this pic! what happen to her?

Rachel on


sunel on

Her head looks freakishly huge. Not an improvement just a scary adjustment

Glenys on

Well, it looks like I am the only one – but I love it! While this picture may not be the most flattering, I have seen other pictures of her with her new look and they look great! Her hair before was so boring and everyone needs a change and it was time for her to change. I love big bangs and have them myself. They hide a large forehead and frame the face nicely. I think more people should consider bangs.

tya on

I think it’s great that she’s trying out a new style after all these years. The picture here doesn’t really do much justice and since she’s young, beautiful, and stylish – she can pull off any look!

Lora on

I love it! Way cute and looks great on her!

Cathy on

she looks suuupercute…wish i could wear bangs too…love rachel and her sense of fashion…

Tracy on


anonymous on

I think it looks really different, but if she likes it then okay. I would never do that to my hair, let’s just say that.

Angie on

Idk what all of you are talking about she look fierce!

Bridget Demery on

I do not like her new bangs. I think that it makes her look like a little girl.

laura on

i love it….she is beautiful…with or without bang….i like her new look…

Shanna on

She looks awful like that… she’s normally very lovely.

Syako on

to TC – no she looks like 130 instead of 110. Yeah right she’s 90…

Lee on

would you do that to yourself i feel sad for her

Mel on

Fantastic. The bangs make her look trendy and stylish. It’s always great to try a new look.

Karen on

i’m so sorry to say this SHE ROX! I LUV HER! buuuuuut… OMG!!!! please make it grow right back to what it used to look like NOOOOW… it’s impossible to look bad when you have such a pretty face and when you just irradiate being such a nice person but she looked so much better, thinner, younger…

ashley on

are you kidding me? why does EVERYBODY do this cut? COME ON. kate moss, liv tyler, tyra banks, rihanna, now rachel. this isn’t even different anymore because EVERYONE has it. it was cool in the beginning and it looks really good on most of them, but i think rachel’s face is just too small to hold this much bang

Jaimie on

It’s not that the bangs are awful, which they are, but the colour is all wrong given her skin tone. I hope it is a wig for her sake.

Leah on

I don’t like them too much…I used to think she was really pretty…but this pic makes her look weird.
I don’t know if it’s the pic or her bangs…but her head looks extra long or something…And I much liked the darker hair better!

jessica on

i love rachel bilsonnnn! she has great style!

Emily on

Eww!! Actually hurts my eyes…

Kristin on

Hate them! I hate most of the new styles with heavy bangs.

J on

Can we say jealous much?? I think she looks fabulous!!



Debbie on

I HATE this trend of grown women wearing bangs! Why are they trying to look like they’re twelve? Who do they think they’re fooling? “Escape from Witch Mountain” called. They want their look back.

Alyssa on

I think the haircut looks fine, but her hair color is too light for her skin tone.

Alyssa on

I think her haircut looks fine and I’m sure if she styles it a different way, like putting her bangs towards the side instead of it covering her forehead, it won’t look so bad. I agree, her hair color is too light for her skin tone.

Andie on

Indeed, it does look like a wig. Her bangs make her head look huge and puffy. I think it’s partially because she’s got a higher forehead and because she has a lot of volume to her hair. The fact that she doesn’t have the length it takes to keep her bangs weighted down makes them puffy and weird.

Kin's on

Hate it . She should change her hair immediately.She looks great in black hair.

Kin's on

She looks dangerous in these pictures.She should change her hair right now.She looks awsome in black hair.

Amber on

I like it. Makes her look more of her own age. Because she is so little, she lookes a lot younger. So I love it.

Danielle on

Her hair looks awful, looks like she does have a wig on…

her makeup looks like crap too!!

Ashley on

I love them-I think they look really good! And the other commenters are crazy, someone said out of style or nobody does bangs anymore-excuse me, Heidi Klum, Katie Holmes, Jessica Alba, Kate Moss, and more. They look great

Tina on

I have a wig just like that one. My husband hates it (he’s a hairstylist). Says it’s too much hair. Maybe.

christina on

she looks amazing… she is quite a beauty!

Anonymous on

She always looks amazing and is capable of pulling off any hair style.. although this isn’t her best look yet, it makes her look edgy.. this picture is also not a good as the others on perez

harlow on

this looks ghastly

Caela on

I dont like it… doesnt go with her face…

camila on

her previos look was MUCH better, but this sure is a bad picture

tori on

she should have left it how it was she looked nice like that but i dont like her new bangs i agree and i hope it’s just a wig cause it dose add pound’s to her face.

cutie on

she need’s to change the color back and it will proball look better.

Jen on

I mean it’s ok… I guess people need time to get used to this look but she still doesn’t look ugly! Rachel Bilson can’t even if she tried! But yeah, I still liked her without bangs and with dark hair!

lola on

i prefer her last look but she is still very beautiful :D

M on

I’m not liking those bangs on her, or the hair color for that matter.

Ame on

This look is dreadful…it looks like a badly fit wig…

Laylia on

I Love Her She’s So Beautiful, But I Think She Looks Way Better Without The Bangs, But What Does It Matter She’s Still A Beautiful Girl. ;o)

Maya on

I don’t like it. Makes her look kind of strange

Chels on

If you look at the other pictures, she looks quite nice with her hair like that. Its PEOPLE that makes her look bad because they decided to take the worst picture of her and then let you criticize her on it. The hair is fine in this picture, I just think its her makeup and the expression on her face that makes her look silly in it. I am not sure if its just the picture or not but yes her hair does look lighter. I prefer her hair darker.

nicole on


Paula on

She looks like a mushroom…

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Larry on

Y A K !

Asia 142 on

Asia 142 says i like your hair

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