Sandra Oh's SAG Gown: Love It or Hate It?

01/28/2008 at 12:00 PM ET

Kevork Djansezian/AP

While Grey’s Anatomy may not have won the award for Best Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series it was up for, the cast definitely dazzled on the red carpet. But while her fellow stars went the traditional glam route — with Ellen Pompeo perhaps most notable in a gunmetal gray Nina Ricci dress — Sandra Oh, went traditional in an altogether different way. The Korean-Canadian actress looked to her heritage in choosing this black and fuchsia gown, which is based on a style of Korean dress. The designer, Kim Me Hee, “works in Korea town,” says Oh on the red carpet. “She’s a phenomenal designer — and no one knows who she is.” We love that Oh looked to her culture when choosing her SAG Awards dress, but we’re not sure how we feel about the proportions of the look, which seem to overwhelm the svelte actress. But we want to know what you think! Tell us: Do you love Sandra’s dress, or do you think she should have gone with something a little more sleek?

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Neka on

No, I don’t like it. It makes her petite body look incredibly huge. The dress does not accentuate her features. I think she should have went with a different gown by a different designer….oh yeah..and something without a bow.

Gabriella on

Oh dear… she look like she is being swallowed by the dress. perhaps if the dress was 1 color instead. way too intense for my style.

kelsy on

omg i like the colors of the dress but the style is ugly

fifi on

this dress should have been on a taller woman……..its way too long for her……she’s not very pretty anyway.

Dorothy on

The dress is kind of funky but it doesn’t do any good for her-she is thin and I agree with Gabriella that it “swallows” her. Maybe it would have worked better for a plus size woman.

Marie on

I don’t particularly like the dress on her, but the dress is inspired from tradition Korean dress which has a tiny top and huge bottom (oh and it has a bow on top), so I give her credit for taking the risk.

Lynn on

A monsterous dress if I ever saw one. Theres no shape to it at all. Is she even in there somewhere? Is she hiding ‘something’? Ive often wondered, and now I know what a burlap sack dyed pink and black looks like!

Kim on

I like it. I think it’s rather cute. It’s brave of her to look to her heritage. The dress is deffinitely Korean.

Hazel on

i commend her for staying true to the traditional construction of the Korean Hanbok, with a full skirt and thick silk fabric. the bow frames her neckline nicely and the colors look good with her skin. kudos.

Hallie on

I might have liked this dress if not for the voluminous, too long skirt. It could be cute as a sheath-like style, which would not have completely overwhelmed Sandra’s frame. I really dig how she chose something that reflected her roots, though, and the dress is definitely not horrible.

Anonymous on

I liked it – I thought she looked really pretty in it – and I especially liked the bow.

Anonymous on

I liked the dress! But what I liked better was she made it a point to represent her culture and heritage. She stated that the dress was based on a traditional Korean dress made by a local Korean designer. Good for you Sandra Oh!!!

Mica on

While I think that the dress is a tad too large for her, and would be better on a woman with a larger frame or if it was cut a bit so that it didn’t swallow her, I really like the contrasting colors. I think that it was amazing of her to decide to reflect her cultural roots through her dress and also try to promote an unknown designer and am sure there will be more of this in the future :)

Carolyn on

I don’t like the dress. If her hair and makeup were done differently, it might have helped. That dress needs all of the help it can get!

Kat on

I really don’t like it, it looks hideous. The dress doesn’t do a thing for her and she usually makes smart choices.

emmylou on

Totally fantastic dress. Shows great style and combines her heritage with her look. Very good choice.\!

Caitlyn on

hate it… she is so petite, it makes her look miles wide!

Brittany on


Sarah on

I absolutely love it – color and style! She has courage to take risks and it paid off this time!

Wallaaa on

I like the dress, it looks pretty but on her, it’s kinda weird…too long or what..I cannot describe it.

Jessica on

As a woman of Korean descent, I was very pleased to see this dress. I think it is a wonderful modern adaptation of the traditional hanbok and thought it looked very nice on Sandra Oh.

Den on

No…it makes it looks like the dress is swallowing her, yes the colour suits her.

jan on

I really like the dress on Sandra. It’s feminine, interesting and different.

Christina on

I don’t like it. Don’t think there is any thing beautiful about that gown. The gown is too long too big,she can be pretty but not that day!

Nny on

It’s cute! And showing off your heritage like that is admirable.

gabby on

I personally don’t like it and i don’t think it looks the greatest on her but i think that the other awards she looked a lot better with the calvin klein dress but if she likes it i guess thats what really counts!!

Kellz on

I think it’s BOLD but still looks awesome and she is stunning

Jenn on

Sandra has a great body and this massive gown totally consumes her figure. I give her props to trying to be traditional to her heritage but this combo of tradition/chic does not work well for her.

Robin on

Great colors, great idea, a big big for her features. Not awful, though!

dannie on

its not horrible but….why would you agree to wear that???

Larson on

I think she looks adorable. it’s a very modern but at the same time tradintional dress and i think she looks very beautiful.

Pat on

I think the dress is gorgeous. Very elegant!! When I look at it, I don’t see her. Just the dress is all I see.

michelle on

It’s BEAUTIFUL-the large bow, oversized skirt, and vibrant colors are all elements taken from the traditional Korean gown and I think it’s wonderful that she used a local and unknown designer (also Korean) to create her traditional gown for her. It’s great that she’s proud of her heritage and it doesn’t hurt that it’s a gorgeous gown.

Andrea on

I love it… I’m half Korean and I think it’s a really cute/modern twist on what I’m used to seeing in the traditional dress.

jacobina on

I ACTUALLY LIKE IT. It’s different and I like that she is representing her heritage. why must every outfit be so hum drum. I am tired of color designers being ignore. GO SONDRA

Christine on

As a Korean American, I love how she was confident enough to wear such a number to the SAG awards. It is beautiful. She is beautiful in it. Being one of the few Asian American actresses in mainstream American culture, I praise her for presenting her roots proudly. YEY FOR SANDRA!

jampac on

It does seem somewhat overwhelming on her tiny figure but the couture element of this Korean inspired gown is intriging and fun. I love the colors, the fabric and the line of the bow. And I truly am a bow hater. I like that she found someone new and unique to create something actually personal. But how did she walk without tripping on all that length of fabric?

Eric on

Just like her role in “Sideway’s” and “Grey’s Anatomy”–she is the weakest link. Quit trying to stand out, maybe you will gracefully fit in.

Jan on

If you wonder why the dress is shaped the way it is, google “hanbok.” It’s suppose to look like this. And it’s an aboslutely wonderful adaptation of a hanbok and I think she looks great.

Mary on

Too froo froo. Waaaay too busy.

Ali on

Oh my goodness – she looks like she’s drowning in this monster of a gown…and gasping for air – but I don’t blame her! I blame the blind designer and stylist who came up with this – it wouldn’t work on anyone…tall, short, big or thin…it flairs out far too much to flatter anyone on this fashion foresaken planet – DISASTER!

Amanda on

I hated it! She’s not all that pretty anyway and it made her look goofy!

Tessa on

She looks amazing!

Chelle on

Have you ever seen a traditioanl Korean hanbok that was form fitting?. I think the dress and the colors are great. I like the idea she decided to step away from the norm of tight, second-skin gowns. Thank you Sandra for having a mind of your own!

Dee on

this is a beautiful way to represent her heritage…

Evanne on

I absolutely adore it. It shows she has a special connection with her Korean heritage and I really admire that. It’s fantastic!

Mindy Moore on

I think it looked awful on her. I know that Sandra Oh is usually quite chic, but this was a miss. The whole design was way too overpowering for her petite, slim body. That giant red bow was distracting and much too big for the bodice.

While I commend her good intentions to be true to her heritage, I would suggest that she stick to more traditional gowns and lose the frivolous additions like giant bows. The dress did nothing for her and looked quite out of place on the red carpet with all the other beautiful silhouettes.

jen on

i dont really like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its not terrible but i just dont see it!!!!!

Sue on

I think the contrasting colors are great, but it really does overwhelm her small frame. However, I think it is awesome she is supporting her heritage, and an unknown designer.

caitlin on

definite miss. the bow is the size of her head.

Sharon on

It’s a thumbs down dress for sure, but I think Sandra Oh pulls it off… it’s a Sandra Oh dress and only she can wear something like that confidently. The dress it’s self would look better if it was shorter!

anonymous on

I the dress kinda looks like it was inspired by the korean traditional costume, “hanbok.” Maybe that’s why she chose it? Because she is American Korean, after all. But even if that is so, the dress isn’t that great and definitely does not suit her, bow and all.

beth on

Anyone who says the dress looks strange or shouldn’t be two colours has no appreciation for culture… If an actress of Japanese descent wore a kimono-inspired dress you would applaud; yet some of you criticize this Korean outfit because you don’t understand or recognize the culture in it…

The dress is beautiful and unique, and shows off her Korean background wonderfully. Please, stop being so narrow minded about fashion and culture!!!

Susan on

While I admire Sandra for choosing an “unknown” designer, I don’t care for this particular dress. It is the bow that kills it for me. If the dress were just fushia on top with the black skirt, I would probably really like it.

Margo on

Fabulous dress but does overwhelm her petite frame.

mel on

i like it, but really they need to take the part of the bow thats hanging off the side and it would look even better! but overall its a gorgeous dress!

Milagro on

WRONG!…There’s NOTHING RIGHT about that dress. I wonder how can desgners design sooo extravagant clothes and make them so spensive. seriously, I owuldn’t wear that not even if ir was in style!

Cathy on

Sandra looks fab! You go, girl!

Fran on

I love the dress and I think she looks great in it!

Regina on

missed..big time!!

aidenne on

i love the colors and the modern twist to the traditional hanbok. props to sandra for looking to our heritage for inspiration and for taking a fashion risk. though the traditional hanbok has a long full skirt and assymetrical bow on top, i would have scaled down the skirt just a bit to give the overall silhouette a sleeker shape.

v on

All I can say is Oh!

Kathy on

The look is something that Sandra Oh pulls off stupendously. Only she, with her unique beauty could compliment a Korean style with such class. I really admire her work, and her choices.

Karen on

I like the dress and I think Sandra is on a short list of people that could pull off a look like this – certainly not for everyone, but considering the occasion and whatnot, I admire her for wearing it well.

Zah on

This is not the right look for Sandra. The dress overwhelms her petite frame. Whoever is dressing her did her a great disservice with this. It is a total miss.

Sandra on

Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Sandra looks fantastic. Love that she went her own way and chose a designer that we haven’t heard of before! Way to support your culture!!

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