Which Olsen Wears Her White Dress Better?

11/19/2007 at 09:30 AM ET

Barket/Getty; Jim Spellman/WireImage

The Olsen twins arrived looking more alike than ever to Thursday night’s 7th on Sale gala — matching golden blond updos, smoky eyes and sexy white dresses. Ashley arrived on the arm of Calvin Klein designer Francisco Costa, who called her “super-sexy”, clad in one of his cut-out floor-length t-shirt dresses, while Mary-Kate hung out with Giambattista Valli, who supplied her minidress and towering platforms (we’ve seen those on Mariah Carey and Jessica Biel before too). We think that both young women are looking better than ever — but so similar that it’s hard not to compare! Tell us: Which Olsen wears her white dress better? Ashley in Calvin Klein or Mary-Kate in Giambattista Valli?

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Fabbyna on


fadma on

For once; i prefer Ashley’s style because i don’t understand the combination of the minidress and this rude platforms(pink is a bad color choice!)Besides, this dress is ompletely shapeless…

celebsareridic on

With all of their money, you’d think these girls could find a good tailor. One of these days they’re going to trip over their designer duds and break a stick! (leg)

bettina on

They both look amazing! Ashley looks effortlessly cool and chic and Mary Kate looks very innovative and fresh- and both look casually glamorous and sexy! gorgeous- they both have such unique styles- ashley is always classic with her own twist (the cut-outs!) and mary kate is always quirky and cool.

Mac on

I think they both are ugly. Half of these designers make these stars look like bag ladies.
Throw those pink shoes in the garbage!

Lori on

Ashley’s dress makes her look grown up and elegant…not to mention taller! Mary-Kate just looks like a clown.

Jennifer on

Ashley looks great. M-K always comes across looking a little bizarre and insecure.

Julie on

They both look phenomenal, but I LOVE Ashley’s dress.

J.W. on

I saw another picture of that “dress,” and it looks like it’s actually shorts, so I’d say that the one that’s not wearing a diaper with stripper shoes looks best.

Nikki on

Ashley looks better hands down. Her look is beautiful and much more flattering than Mary-Kate’s minidress.

me on

Ashley wears it best! She looks so elegant and beautiful! Absolutely stunning!

SusannaN on

They both look great, byt I prefer Ashley it’s so elegant!

Kim on

Ashley should just change her last name – they are obviously nothing alike.

Mel on

They both look rediculous! Money can’t buy good taste. Do they have a stylist?

eden on

whos who!? first time i couldnt tell them apart .

Sonya on

Ashley looks way better..MaryKat looks like a nasty little Pam Anderson wanna be in those horrible platforms.


Ashley looks better and healthier!!!

Arial on

Ashley looks so much better then Mary-Kate…. Ashley loooks more elegant and i hate to say this but Mary-Kate looks kind of slutty… the dress would be cuter if the heels werent so high and the dress wasnt so bubbly…..

MiMi on

OMG!! Mary-Kate looks like a hooker. On the other hand, Ashley looks very elegant and grown up.

Fran on

Well, Mary-Kate actually looks way better than she normally does, so that’s a start. But there’s no contest here- Ashley looks way better. Mary-Kate’s shoes are absolutely ridiculous!

Alicia on

I like the one on the letfs dress better. The one on the right is a little freak. But I dont know which twin is which.

Alicia on

I like the one on the lefts dress better. That one on the right looks like a little freak. I also dont know which twin is which.

Elizabeth on

Definitely Ashley. She looks absolutely glamorous. The long, slim, simple, white is gorgeous! The shorter dress Mary Kate chose is too frumpy. If it had a slimmer bodice it’d be beautiful too. The shoes are a stretch, but I think they’re really fun! It’s nice to see them dressing nicer. They usually look so gloomy and depressing.

Chantal on

I think Ashley wore her white dress better than Mary-Kate. I love the platforms but the hem of the dress isn’t too flattering.

Anon on

Ashley looks much classier, and the dress isn’t taking away from her, it adds to her overall look. Whereas with Mary-Kate all you notice is the dress and shoes and how awful it makes her look.

Guada on

definitely ashley!!

Sascha on

Love M-Kay

Kerry on

i think that Mary Kate looks HOT! i love her shoes and the way she mad it different instead of a regular white dress i love the color!

Molly on

I think they both look fantastic! Mary-Kate’s dress looks better but her shoes ruin it. As far as just the dress, I like Mary-Kate!

Liz on

Ashley looks way more put together. Those shoes on MK look ridiculous.

Ashley on

Ashley definately takes the trophey on this one. Her dress is elegant and she fills it out more. Mary Kate, what is with the stripper shoes. They almost look like they belong with a Halloween costume.

ann on

Ashley looks much better, very classy. Mary-Kate is just way over the top in her choices with clothing and accessories.

Glenys on

For once Ashley looks normal..that dress is actually plain, but pretty. Mary-Kate on the other had looks like she is wearing a dress made of kleenex or toilet paper and those shoes are just awful!

Bob on

Sorry Mary-Kate, but the short skirt looks as if it got hung up in your panties the last trip to the rest room.

Platform shoes!! They always look as if they came out a cheap porno.

I think classy is the way to go. But then I’m old.

SC on

I think they both look great! I love these two and their fashion decisions. They aren’t afraid to take risks, which some women are. The more weird the outfit the more confident you are!

Lu on

Ashley. She looks classic. I do like the kooky style of M-K but Ashley looks better.

Allison on


Liz on


Wen on

It’s hard to believe that any of the designers actually make any money at all. If this is the trash that they’re putting out – no wonder most stars look like they belong on Hollywood Blvd instead of Rodeo Dr. Ashley looks MUCH better, but I still think her dress is just plain ugly. And MK – she always has to do the “outrageous” just to make a statement that she’s NOT her sister! Kinda funny, kinda sad – but VERY unflattering imho…They need to go back to designing their own clothing, they were doing MUCH better then!

Naty on

I don’t know, who is Ashley and who is Mary-Kate…But I think, that girl in left wears better dress. This combination of the minidress and this platforms is terrible…..Yeaaah

joy on


Mary-Kate looks older in her dress.

Lily on

Ashley. Mary-Kate looks totally bizar. My baby sisters Barbie wears those heels too.

cyndi on

ashley, but with all their money why don’t these kids smile once in awhile, do they even have teeth? mary kate looks like an idiot in that getup,

Hazeleyez21 on

I think Ashley looks better. I just really do not like that dress Mary-Kate has on. It is really not cute at all.

Brenda on

What a fiendishly clever post!!! Sibling rivalry on a national scale—wow! Anyway, not to pit one sister against the other, I must admit I think Ashley’s look is way better this time around. Sorry Mary Kate.

Rebecca on

Ashley definitely has a more sophisticated fashion sense.

Jenn on

Ashley definitely looks better. The dress is simple, and allows her pretty face to just shine. What distracts me most about M-K is not the shoe or dress choice, but her face looks very old in this picture. It could just be the lighting, but she looks like Ashley’s mother TRYING to look like her sister instead of actually her twin sister!

Savannah Knabb on

HEY OMg I Hatw Both Dresses bur like the SHOES.

valentina on

they both look disgusting!The one in the long dress is old fashioned and the second with those Hhorrible shoes looks like a pool dancer!
That is not fashion the way i mean it

Zaire on

Ashley wears her white dress better. I think Ashley always looks better in her clothes though.


WHAT THE F IS UP WITH THE HOOKER SHOES? UGLY UGLY UGLY! Ashley is the better looking twin in this case! FOR SURE! Those shoes need to be outlawed! Except maybe at the strip joint!

Lafawndah on

ok well first of all I would just like to say that they both look way to dang skinny! they need 2 get some meat on them bones of theirs! and dont even get me started on those stankay pink shoes that she has on…. it looks like shes walking with a you know what up her you know where! But im just gunna vote for Ashley! You go girl!

Lafawndah on


stephanie willis on

It looks like someone got their dress tucked up someone where it doesn’t belong!

Emily on

Ashley looks sophisticated and elegant… Mary-Kate looks like a midget hooker. No contest.

raz on


Lydia on

Ashley because Mary Kates looks too tacky with the short dress and tacky sky high pink and white heels (wrong choice)

Kiqi on

Ashley 4 sure! But my God, these girls are too too skinny.. I actually don’t like the way either of them look in their dresses, but I prefer Ashley’s dress

samantha on

the shoes i admit are hideous, but i think they are both georgous. i think i’d have to go with ashley this time.

ab on

Ashley looks elegant, and Mary Kate looks ridiculous! Her dress is too short and awkwardly shaped, and don’t get me started on the horrendous stripper heels!

rose on

What the hell is marykate wearing……she looks like freaking pluto…anyways ashley please help you sister dress!!!!!!!!

O'Wryly on

Well, they keep trying but yet they still manage to look like otherworldly mutants every time. They just are not even slightly cute or photogenic and their “style” leaves a bad taste 10 times out of ten. Just don’t see why they are even considered “newsworthy”.

Anonymous on

I think both of these dresses are disgusting. You would think since they are so rich that they could afford to buy some decent fashion. I mean come on.

Luvs Cabo on

Ashley looks the best.

Luvs Cabo on


random on


You Got To Be Blind Not To See That!
Or Just Have No Sense In VINTAGE!

Ashleys Make Her Looks 7Ft! (Shes 5Ft For Real)
& Complments Her DARK ROOTS!

I Hate MK! She Has Such A Goth Style, She Had An Eating Disorder, Smokes & She Quit University!

Ashley Whos A Pro Designer, Graduated New York University & Is So Sweet!!

Kadence on

i think they both look major!!!

meghan on

Ok so i dont like mary-kate or ashley but i was just wondering if other poeple think Mary-Kate’s shoes look like she going to brake those tooth-pick she call her legs ? . its really stupid because her shoes look like thay would be 12 inchs high


jessica on

Ewww they look horible it looks they got dressed blind folded!!!
never do this again girls i love ya!!

SLC on

I absolutely LOVE these two ladies! They aren’t afraid to wear what they want which takes a lot of confidence! MK is always edgy and unique and Ashley is always classy with her own touch of uniqueness. . . they rock!

Karen on

Ok, ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! What’s up with the pink and white heels??????? Those dresses has got to go on both of them. They need better taste in class. You have all that money and they can’t even look half way decent! Puke!!! Just Hidious!



Meri on


Kate on

There is a fine line between “towering platforms” and stripper shoes…and with those heels, she’s about to fall off the line and onto a stage in a strip club.

Anonymous on

Neither young lady.

damaris on

yes swans do very good go- go dancers–

lindsey on


Cathi on

ashley looks sophisticated and chic

mary kate looks stupid in that bubble-skirted dress with the huge bubble sleeves. there is one thing in her favour though: that dress adds pounds. i like the shoes!!…but they would look better paired with jeans.

Krissy on

I don’t like either looks. If I had to choose, I guess Ashley-

berta880 on

Ashley. MK’s shoes is aweful. How can she wears those? :( :)

Danielle on

ashley do, but to me they both look ugly

stefani simone on

My god Mary-Kate look horrendous not cute at all…

charlotte on

i think she looks a hot mess

megan on

i like ashleys dress better but if i had 2 choose one of them i wouldnt

hayley on

i think mary kate wears it better . ashley looks like a grandma, im sorry, but she does . mk looks like shes out to have a good time, and look good at the same time.

jme on

ashley looks better…. mary kate is trashy

jen on

ashley looks bettter! marykate looks like a stripper in those shoes!

jessica on

ewwww omg girls i cant believr you would wear that!!!
it looks like you picked out your clothes blind folded!!!
i am very disapointed!!!!
i still love you

ALY on

Ashley definitely. Less is more here. Her dress is so cute and simple. Mk’s shoes don’t look right with the more formal dress. And her dress kind of makes her look like a marshmallow.

rashundra on


Jamie on

I think that Ashley looks amazing, simple yet stunning. I think Mary-Kate’s dress is over the top, but those shoes make up for it. How can you argue with Giambattista Valli?

Carla on


Missy on

wow. ashley all the way. i dont LOVE the dress but its better than mary-kate’s trash bag and stripper shoes! yuck

Greer on

Why ask this question? There is no doubt in my mind that Ashley looks better. She for once looks great, although a better hairstyle would have been better, but that’s just me.

MK looks awful. First off, she’s wearing a dress that looks like it weighs more then her. Wear something that FITS your body, not something that looks like a potato sack, and those sleeves are awful on her. Those shoes were all wrong, especially for an event. Who where’s those shoes to a Gala? Also, who wants to stick out that badly? White and pink? Mariah Carey’s platforms are much better looking. MK looks so old as well, you can tell in her face and she just looks so malnourished. I do like MK’s hair coloring, for once her roots are dyed and gone, now if only Ashley would do that.

I’ll never understand these girls. Why are they considered fashion icons? For instance, I seen Natalie Portman sporting a short dark pink dress from MK and Ashley’s Elizabeth & James collection and the dress looked great. Now how is it these girls don’t dress as well as they design, or at least wear close to what they design {that’s even if they design it}. I haven’t seen all the pieces of their collection, but I just don’t get these girls. These girls have absolutely no fashion sense in my opinion. They have a lot of money and still can’t buy any sense in fashion and they must not look in the mirror before they leave. The clothes they wear are not inovative at all or different, they are terrible looking with tacky taste, gosh Britney Spears looks better and thats really stretching it.

alexandra on

ashley is so much more classy than her sister in fshion and life. mary-kate seems to be shooting for the more free-spirited, bohemian approach to fashion, but most times she just looks sloppy or in this case cheap…and i am mainly referring to the shoes!

chivon on

ashely no argument there.

Jenna on

ASHLEY ASHLEY ASHLEY!! MK looks rediculous!

Janelle on

Ashley…DEFINITELY… While they are both adults, Ashley looks more mature while Mary-Kate is trying too hard to look “grown up”.

ashley on

she looks like a trashy puffy marshmellow stripper

jojo on

difficult to tell, ashley is more classy, but mk is really original, everybody sees that right?
so i think that tere’s no comparation between bothe of them since the style is totaly different…

Carol on

Ashley looks like a sophisticated, elegant young woman while Mary Kate looks a little overdone. I congratulate Ashley.

Ro on

Definately Ashley. Her look is attractive, and cute. Mary-Kate’s dress is very revealing and her shoes are… Just plain UGLY!

topshop*rox on

they both look really fresh and glowing which is a change from their normally tired look. ashley looks really good in her floor length cut-out version, and i like marykate’s quirky idea, although it doesn’t really work. ashley wins.

blarney yakkatorvi on

To be honest, both dresses look horrible.

BUT Ashley atleast looks healthy and such.

Mary-Kate looks way too thin and that dress makes her look like saggy-boobed grandma!

emma on

i think ashley looks good but mary-kate looks horrible. throw those stipper shoes away!

stank on

definitely ashley

sarah on

mary kate wares it best i luv the short dress wit the big hills i just wish the hills was adifferent color.

No Name on

I like Ashley’s look ut it is to covered but I also like Mary-Kate look if she didn’t have those tacky pumps!

kona on

No one… both are horrible ! Ashley: Boring and Mary-Kate: … well… I think everyone can realise about that !

cath on

they only think their outfit are glamorous because of the fancy name of their designers..mary kate’s dress looks so..wrong!

Mandy on

marykate’s dress is okay…jus the platforms…
they r a little….too shocking…too eye catching…
if it was in white heels or sumthing or even black heels…will look great!

unknown on


lily on

C’mon! Enough of these 2 clowns…they are so ridiculous and absolutely ugly!!!!!Why arethey everywhere????They were cute when they were 5…..Now, ugly!!!!

Emma on

i am obsessed w/ those pink shoes

Anonymous on

non of em

Demetra on

Mary-Kate ;)

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