Rose McGowan Goes Strawberry Blonde: Love It or Hate It?

10/19/2007 at 06:00 AM ET


Rose McGowan may have tongues wagging with her recent engagement to Grindhouse director Robert Rodriguez, but we are way more interested in talking about her new strawberry blonde hair! We’ve seen Rose go lighter before during her Charmed years, but we’ve gotten so used to the actress being a throwback to brunette screen sirens of the past with dark retro curls. Rose debuted her new do while out to dinner with her fiance, and what a change it is! We want to know what you think of her new look. Tell us: Do you love Rose’s new lighter do or do you hate it?

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bunny on

love it! she looks fresh and young.

CM on

Pretty much the same light red from before that got played with….with her fair complexion, she can get away with red quite easily, though her natural color has always been lovely.

kathy on

I like it, but the darker hait suits her more!

Kate on

hate it hate it hate it! looks very bad! dark -much more better!!! it’s not her color at all!!!

Melanie on

I really prefer the darker hair on her, but what is wrong with her face? It looks like she’s had bad surgery or something.

Tracy on

She looked good with blonde hair in Scream, but this color just doesn’t go…

With her ivory skin tone, I’d have to say that darker is MUCH better!

Mary on

I think she looks younger now! :)

Elle on

The lighter color makes her look older. I prefer her with black, but as long as she doesn’t go platinum or anything, she’s fine.

Charity on

Wow, nothing like having hair the color of a pumpkin for Halloween…

Cheryl on

Its an improvement. I don’t really like the color, but she doesn’t look as old and haggard.

Amy on

I think she looks pretty either way. Her hair looks healthy and shiny. The new picture isn’t particularly the best, but I like either one. It sure is a big change!

maria on

Ummm…the color looks red to me.

MYA on

someone is color… thats not red hair and .. it doesnt mean she had surgery, she jusst made a face..not everyone has a piggy face all the time ..i guess like these ppl commenting.. she looks great either way.. both colors suit her.

christabelle on

That color does not suit her at all! It makes her look like she has a fever. The lesson: Never go too far from your natural color.

Kim v on

I don’t love it OR hate it. I think she looks better with darker hair, but she pulls this off almost just as well.

Jade on

she’s pretty either way.

liza on

I think she looks better with lighter hair. The dark just washes her out and looks fake. But I have to say, I think she’d look the best in a natural brown with honey highlights ala Jessica Alba. It would look so much more natural than these monotone all over colors she’s always doing, she’ll have the dark with the light and I think she’d look younger!

Rebecca on

Rose’s new haircolor is pretty, but doesn’t look nearly as good on her as her original dark brown shade.

Heather on

I have to agree with Liza, something in between would be best for her. But if I had to choose which color I liked best on her right now it would be darker.

Amy B on

I prefer her brunette hair- she looked more mysterious and sexy. Her new blonde doesn’t look good with her skin and it makes her look old and boring!

Nat on

Well some of you might not find either look so pretty if you knew that Rose Mcgowan had been having an affair with her Grindhouse director Robert Rodriguez who was married for 16 years and had five children with his wife who was also a producer working on the movie (so the affair was going on right under her nose)the marriage broke up due to the affair and now Rose and Robert are engaged. Awww it’s a true Hollywood fairytale! Now that is classless.

Strictly on a superficial basis I like the darker hair, it’s more mysterious and on a deeper note it makes her look more like the witch she is.
If you want anymore of the scoop google their names and the word affair and you’ll get loads of info.

P.S. She has had plastic surgery and it has affected her face. I used to think she was pretty but beauty is much more about what kind of human being you are and breaking up marriages is pretty ugly.

Leonie on

What happened to her face is that she had a car accident, which caused her glasses to almost take her eye out. Poor thing.

I like the lighter hair, she can pull it off very well and seems to have the hang of tailoring her makeup to fit her hair colour.

Horse Girl on

She looks good both ways, but I prefer the dark color. I think most women always look beautiful with their natural hair color opposed to colored hair.

Tabbatha on

I don’t think it looks bad. I do prefer her with the darker color. The new photo isn’t as flattering with the different make-up and all, but she still looks good.

Elda on

darker is better, her features are just much more prettier.

amanda on

I love it, she looks beautiful either way, but the blonde is a nice change.

sam on

Darker and her face looks different – plastic surgery? If so, why???

Jenna on

She looks alright. I do think that she looks better as a brunette though.

Anonymous on

not quite either way. She needs something in the middle

Stacey on

She looks like Sarah Polley with the light hair!

ashely 22 on

she looks alot better blonde! its a new and fresh look for her!

Madelyn on

Rose’s skin is ivory/rosy pink so at times you can notice some cool or pink tones in her skin, so in my opinion any type of red is going to look nice on her. I like both the dark brunette and strawberry blonde on her, but if I really had to choose, I’d go with the dark brunette.

I think instead of changing her hair completely different, she could have opted for medium ash brown. My friend has the same same skin tone/color as Rose, and she did a medium ash brown with some caramel, bronze and copper highlights and lowlights. It may sound like a lot of color, but her hair color was so beautiful, I was envious. Anyway, medium ash brown with some highlights and lowlights of color like dark caramel, bronze and copper, would still have looked beautiful with Rose’s skin color/tone and eye color. Either way I think Rose is beautiful and I think the golden/strawberry looks lovely on her.

Erka on

I love her new color! It looks so natural on her. The color compliments her skin. I like it better than any color she has ever had.

Melba on

LOVE IT… women SHOULD go lighter the older they get.
The mistake is that women go dark or stay dark and it adds age to them.

And she definitely isn’t aging too well…is she only 35?

karyn on

i like it, i think it softens her up a little bit.

regina on

she’s the total snow-white type with her fair complexion and her dark hair and i think it suits her perfect! though i love strawberry blonde, she should have stayed on the dark side.

Jemima on

NAT: I know what you mean, but remember it was Rober Rodriguez the one with a commitment to his wife, and HE broke it. He should have refused having an affair with any other woman. Rose was a free girl.
Let’s stop blaming women; the likes of Rose McGowan or Angelina Jolie were single and free, it was their current partners the ones that broke their vows.

As per Rose’s looks, I don’t care anymore. She doesn’t look good anymore. She had awful plastic surgery and now looks 10 years older. Those eyes… yuck!

joley on

She looks beautiful either way. I do like the strawberry blonde colour though!

Joffin on

Blonde really suits her better. Loved her hair the early seasons of “Charmed” about a year after she first appeared in it. Dark is not for her.

camilla on

Rose is very beutyfull,but that blonde made her a new and better woman.

alyson on

i think she looks really pretty! i love her hair then AND now!

Jon on

Great. I love the lighter hair

alia on

she looks great!
she had her hair this color on Charmed like 5 years ago, and I always liked it like that…

Much better look for Rose:)

ALY on

I like it, it’s cute and works well on her. The lighter hair makes Rose look younger.

Quiana on


Eva on

I think she looks cute in Both !

Caitlin on

I like it. Her face looks weird in the picture though.

Jules on

I love her!!! She is a very beautiful and talented girl. I do like the darker hair better! It gives her a different look than everyone else in her celebrity world.

Lily on

I love it! She looks so good

August on

i loved when she was red but shes my favourite one of actors shes adorable!

Nat on


I agree. I always felt old that old Brad got off scotch free and it was repulsive, certainly in these cases the men are the ones that are committed. Rose was a free woman but, no woman should feel free to hurt or disrespect another woman. So many women seem to have a fundementally foul and catty way of completely disrespecting each other and I find it aweful.

I have never been cheated on but, someone I love dealry was and it was heart breaking to see the pain it caused and I felt that her husband and the other women were both to blame it takes 2.

However, I have been approached many times by married men especially when I worked in customer service, sometimes their wives were just in the other room getting their hair done. It was utterly repulsive. I would have none of it and simply chose to tell them how lovely their wives were and that they were lucky to have them and then found an excuse to quickly leave my reception desk or work area. It got to the point where I din’t want to go to work because I so often had to deal with inappropriate men and I worked in places like book stores and hair salons for the love of God.

However no matter what happened I always chose to respect other women and I expect others to do the same. Sadly many women and men have absolutely no morals. Luckily I have a husband who despises infidelity and feels that the actions of BOTH the Roses and Roberts or Brad and Angelinas of the world are repulsive and disgusting.

In the end though I have ALWYAS found that the women in these situations end up being the victims of their own behaviour “if he did it to her he’ll do it to you” or as I like to call it Karma.

lily on

She looks absolutely ugly both ways!

Lucy on


AMY on

i like her with both colors
she looks better as brunette tho

helene on


Didina on

It’s blah blah boring. I loved her as a sexy brunette. This does nothing for her! Don’t know if it’s the hair, but her sking looks BAD!

Freya on

She looks good either way..

jen on

it is ok!

Cher on

NO!!!! She looks way much older. Darker’s better. MUUUUCCCH better.

corrine on

It looks good…..but didn’t she date, like, Marilyn Manson. It seems after that she is just supposed to have dark hair. Like she has to be on the dark side forever.

karen on

We’ve always seen her with dark locks…her new look is refreshing…

Karen on

She looks great both ways. I prefer her in darker hair, but she looks gorgeous with strawberry blonde as well.

Tania on

She look good in both color hair but, I like better with black hair than the blond.

Tania on

Both of the hair color looks good on her but, I think she looks better with the black hair color.

Toni on

I think her hair style is cute but it is alot prettier dark! But she works the hair that is light to…


laura on

eh, she looks fine but i prefer her w/ dark hair.

miranda on

i hate it black is wayyyyyyyy better

Fergester on

Hey evry1 wats up?
personaly i think she looks fabulous whatever she does to her hair but this look is sheek and fresh and I love it!

Wytchgirl on

I HATE the strawberry blonde on her. She should have brown or natural looking red. I loved her during the time in Charmed when she had red. I think she might be a true redhead with her skin tone and all.

Nia on

love it love it love it i love it she looks great although i like her with dark hair as well but i think change is great

Lorena on

I she looks much younger, softer, and natural with the new hair. :) Looks like a tottally different girl! I like it a lot

Louli on

She looks old with lighter hair. She is more striking with darker hair against her pale skin and ruby lips.

Isabelle Gonzales on

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