Would You Wear Mariah Carey's Super High Heels?

10/18/2007 at 06:00 AM ET


Mariah Carey has an established over-the-top style — but even knowing her love for big hair, slinky dresses and high heels, our jaws still dropped over the shoes she wore out to dinner in Los Angeles on Tuesday night. The singer (and new perfume maven) headed out to eat in a pair of Giambattista Valli platform heels that have a staggering five and a half inch heel on them (135 mm, to be exact). We cannot imagine being able to take one step in a pair of heels that high, much less spend a whole night out in them (although it does look like Mariah is getting a little help)! But maybe we’re just wimpy so we want to know what you think! Tell us: Would you wear Mariah’s high heels? Could you walk in them?

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Marine on

Posh wore the same at her Party.

alice on

yes ! if mariah wore it, i would wear it too =)
i`m a huge mariah carey fan

dawn on

They are beautiful looking shoes but seriously she can’t even walk in them. I would love to wear 6″ heels but in all honesty I can’t walk in them or stand straight with out swaying. So no I would never waste the money. But they are pretty.

Anonymous on

Love the shoes . . . and could absolutely walk in them (without help) like a true Diva. Do not like these shoes with this particular outfit.

Dawn on

Why would anyone wear anything they couldn’t walk in? She looks uncomfortable, and unless she’s going pole dancing at a strip club she should have chosen something more sensible.

ar on

hate the shoes, but i want to know where i can get the awesome cropped jacket.

Dionne Marie on

I love Mariah I think she’s just fabulous and these five and a half in inch get-out-of-my-way-i’m-fabulous heels are just another example of her fabulousness. These heels are obviously not for walking or grocery shopping and she’s not doing either so what’s the problem? They’re for stylish women with chauffeur driven town cars and assistants to hep you walk and she’s got both so, strut on Mariah!!

Teresa on


k on

Victoria Beckham wore these shoes first. She wore them to the welcome party that the Cruise’s threw for them

Kat on

No, I wouldn’t wear them. They hurt my feet just looking at them. I’m pretty fond of my ankles and prefer them in an unbroken state. Judging by the picture you can see that she can’t even walk in them… she ‘s holding on pretty tight to that guy in the pic. If you can’t walk in them, what’s the point.

Meg on

I have heels 1 inch higher then those

melinda on

Cute shoes but too high for me.

Rebecca on

I love those heels! Sure I would wear them, but I don’t think they look right with Mariah’s dark jeans.

Lisa on

Those aren’t shoes; they’re stilts! And no, I wouldn’t wear them. They look ridiculous. Take off the platform and about an inch and a half off the heel, then I would.

Joanna on

The gold one are pretty.

Cece on

Those shoes look like they belong to a stripper. And she can’t even walk in them. So, why did she even bother wearing them?

Victoria on

I agree with Dawn, she does look uncomfterable.. but i would try them on, im up to trying any shoe on, not nessicarily be able to walk in them

Carrie on

You all are not looking at the whole shoe. They’re PLATFORM shoes so the “heel” is really only about 3 1/2″. They’re not hard to walk in at all.

Malika D. on

The shoes look great, she looks great, however they are preety high. Heck, she;s wearing them for the style and not the comfort. Let’s all remember “Beauty is Pain”….

Malika D.

Cheryl on

I wouldn’t wear them and she looks unconfortable.

Brandi on

those shoes are adorable! i don’t think they look good with the outfit she has on, but they are super cute. and, i wear shoes not much lower all the time…

ToRi on

From the looks of the picture…It looks like Mariah doesn’t need to be wearing those shoes….She looks like she can barely walk in them as she is getting help from her bodyguard hahaha….but they are cute….

Elda on

Those shoes are just to high for me, knowing me i’d probably trip and fall!

Denise on

She cannot even walk in them herself. She is ridiculous!

kim on

Cute shoes!!! But no…would love to be able to wear and feel comfortable but don’t think I’d make it out of the house.

Kim v on

I’d love to see if I could walk in them. Clearly Mariah can’t.

Lou Bird on

She is almost 40 people! The shoes are cute but she is too OLD! She is sooooo stuck on herself. I don’t think they good on her at all. I haven’t seen her look good since her first album. Her stylist needs to tell her to stop dressing like a 20 year old stripper. It’s no wonder the woman doesn’t have a man!

Debbie on


nancy on

A woman walks better in high heels..

leo on

Sure!!!! I’m from Brazil , and high heels is something normal for us…..

Lisa on

I agree with Lisa. With out the extra inch/inch&1/2 that the platform adds they might be cute, and maybe Mariah could walk with out the help of her bodyguard.

ctg1989 on

What is the point of torturing yourself if you need help to walk? Come on now…be real!

Dorothy on

Oh sure if I want to break my legs or get aching feet for the rest of my life. Who cares about comfort when you can add several inches to your height that probably you will be the only one to notice?

Catrina on

I can barely walk in low heels, I am so used to sneakers, that I only wear heals when absolutely necessary. But Mariah Carey is very used to high heels, when she’s at home and she’s bare foot, she walks on her tippy toes.

Taz on

Mariah looks great in them!

D on

Hell yes! Those shoes are about $1,200 bucks. If I could afford them, I’d rock the hell out of them.

I’d be like Britney and those brown boots she always wears!

Mary on

If I had $1200 to spend on shoes, I’d spend it on something lot more tasteful, like Manolo Blahniks. Sorry, I don’t do “stripper”.

Alyssa on

I personally would not be able to walk in heels that high. Mariah is already 5’9 and 5 inch heels would make her well over 6 feet tall.. why does she want to be so tall in the first place?

Jen on

Hell Yeah I would those shoes are beautiful, I would rock that whole outfit it love it.

fashionexpert on


riahs rob on

Mariah wore 7″ heels on her ” adventures of MiMi ” tour and she ran in them so ya she can walk in those heels … Maybe she had some drinks since she was at a club and needed a little help …

Dexter on

im not really into wearing women’s clothing, but i think its fun on occasion (like halloween). i can work Any sort of heels, so this would be easy for me! id runn in them!

megan on

uhm i woudn’t but it looks good on her

Nisha on

Those shoes are very nice, imma huge MC fan, but Lord knows i culdnt walk in those shoes for nothing! LoL!

Tarcan Plaka on

Ok ppl! They’re technically not as High as they seem as the front of the shoe are also on a platform therefore they’re not as difficult to walk in as u would first expect!
I love the shoe though! FYI mariah always holds the hands of her security gaurds its not because she cant walk in the heels! Im thinking that a woman who walks in heals all the time other than barefoot would be able to walk in heels by now! lol!
Oh btw so what if Posh wore the same shoes first! Do u not wear the same clothes that u bought from a high street store as any other tom dick or harry!

Cortnee on

Now everyone knows there’s NO shoes Mariah can’t walk in!…fabulous…I’ll wear them!

Debbie on

If half you twits that even replied realized this is typical shoes for Mariah, she has said millions of times she basically walks around on her tiptoes even when she is not wearing heels, and she always has from a child to now. As far as her looking like a stripper that is just pure hate. Lastly if you knew anything about Mariah you’d know her Body guards often walk with her within arms reach or even escorting her by her hand. I would think Mariah is well practiced walking in heels. So to all the “ugly” girls spewing hate, get over it and yourself.

Marinus Sanijs on

Hell yeah, no problem i can even run in them :P i already had shoes with a 160mm heal, it’s about being a fabolous diva and as a former dragqueen i am :)
All those girls from ANTM can eat their hearts out (accept for Eva of course, i luv her, runway diva to the max) :P:P:P

D on

I would absolutely wear those gorgeous heels! They are so HOT! They fit Mariah’s style perfectly.

I haven’t ever tried to walk in ones exactly like that. But to look that good, its worth the risk of falling on my ass.

Ray on


Madelyn on

Mariah isn’t the only one to sport the “stripper” heel, as you like to call it, many other actresses wear the platform shoes as well, with a towering heel, even to red carpet events, so you might as well call them out on wearing “stripper” heels too. Also, a lot of people wear platforms, but that doesn’t make them strippers, now does it? Also Giambattista Valli is very tasteful.

Anyway, sure I’d wear these shoes. I’m used to 6″ stilleto heels and boots, so 5 1/2″ isn’t nothing for me to wear. Plus I love the platform shoe. I like the tan/cream and black shoes better then the ones Mariah’s wearing. I don’t think the black and white platforms she’s wearing goes with her jeans all that well. Although I can understand the concept, because she probably wanted to match them with her cropped leather jacket and shirt. I think the tan/cream and black shoes would have looked better with her outfit. I must say, Mariah looks very nice here. She looks very understated here, compared to what she usually wears when she goes out to dinner or something. Her hair color looks different to me {I like it}. Maybe a shade darker??? or maybe not.

meghan on

If you look at this picture she looks like the man next to her is helping her keep from falling over
so uh no i would’nt wear them they are TOO HIGH if she falls she’s going brake her ancle some people dont know were to draw the line for TOO HIGH for heels.

LauraLuvsMariah on

I don’t usually wear heels but if Mariah wears them then shoot i would wear them… If she were to design some shoes shoot i’d buy them ALL!!! :)

Vicky on

I would absolutely wear these shoes, they are absolutely gorgeous. And, Mariah can pull just about anything off, although the jeans with them don’t quite make for a good match. But the shoes… Ahhhhhhhhhhh, STUNNING!!

katy on

I definetly couldnt walk in those 5 1/2 inch heels! i cant even walk two inch heels!

Mel on

I don’t why she always has to be on very high heels! I don’t like them on her. She doesn’t know how to walk on them. I would wear them because they would look better on my long legs.

Elizabeth on

Um……. no I wouldn’t wear them, but, I am a Mariah Carey fan!!!! LOL!! :D

Danielle on

I would never be able to wear shoes like that, just for the simple fact that I trip over my own feet in tennis shoe’s.

raquel on

i will use it for sure….GO MIMI

Superkitty on

Oh NO Oh dear Mariah ….. Oops she did it again! Once again: she’s addicted to “Ghetto Stripper Look” ….. time to get a stylist PLEASE!!!

nina on

Yes i would off course, i wear these kind of shoes all the time plus im a Mimi fan.

Milagro on

I still wasn’t able to wear those high heels, they are super high. And why is she wearing it, if she’s not that short anyways?, besides they are too tall they are so cute=]

ashely 22 on


Hallie on

I just love them, so pretty. Having said that, there is no way on earth I could walk in them as a BBW. There are higher ones than that out there, just Google the heel height and you’ll see what I mean. ;-)

Amber-Michelle-Mariah on


I would not and probably could not walk in those shoes,although what seems to
be soft cloth straps instead of other materials to bind the feet might be
extremely comfortable to wear ,Mariah seems to love them it is at least the
second time i have seen her with those recently.Mariah can wear whatever she
wants .

In my opinion Mariah Carey has almost flawless feet and toes always perfectly
maintained(makes me a little or too envious) and she knows it ,exposing them
as often as possible in her amazing collection of shoes and i would to if i
had her feet !
To me Mariah Carey has the most blissful feet and toes !

Fashionista on

My only question is why? She’s like 5’8 or 5’9. She obviously doesn’t need the added height. I bet she’s taller than everyone in the restaurant, except her bodyguard. I can see them on Victoria Beckham because she’s short. So no, being a tall girl myself, I wouldn’t be caught dead in them unless I was trying them on as a joke.

Debbie on

She looks ridiculous, those shoes are terrible!

camilla on


Anonymous on

yes, i agree that her high heels look awesome, but there are lots of other shoes that look as good that are not as high as this one. i mean, yeah, you look awesome…. but then what if you trip BECAUSE OF IT?! not all of us are as fortunate to have somebody to hold onto… and it would be embarrassing if you can’t even walk in it/trip in it. but they look gorgeous. can’t they cut down on the height though?

Jane on

Those shoes would look great on the little Dutch girl statue the neighbors have in their front yard. I think these shoes make better lawn art than tootsie art.

Quiana on

Gorgeous! I love them.

kirsten on

That are UGLY shoes…

Eva on

I really love mariah , but i must say that those shoes look soooo uncomfy , i would relly not wera those and they do look like stipper shoes , sorry Mariah but this time you did bad ! :s

ALY on

Definitely not. She can’t even walk in them and why would anybody buy something they can’t walk in. The point is to have fun wearing your shoes, not trying to show off by having the best looking ones. They’re not even that attractive.

kirsten on

They are UGLY shoes…

tatyanna on

heck yes,
her heels,are totally my style
anything with mariah is my style
im a huge fan,lus i love heels.!!!!

Jenny!! on

I love these shoes, and I would wear them if i coulod walk in them, without breaking some kind of bone! i like my bones not broken very much!

Lola on

They look like a work of art when nobody is wearing them. I mean, they look cool, but in terms of practicality (and comfort), I don’t think that they are realistic. Cool looking though.

Michele on

Those look like orthopedic shoes in the picture. NOT pretty….

Anonymous on

I miss the old days when Mariah could walk and perform with energy. Now she wears these shoes and stands still on stage flipping her hair obsessively. Her music is still as incredible as ever, but there is something missing from her personality nowadays. It’s all just gloss. Where’s her substance? I miss the way she was back in 2000, post-Tommy, pre-diva!

Kate on

Tacky, tacky, tacky…

lily on

Why does this ugly girl always look and dress like a hooker?????No class whatsoever…..You can take the girl out of the slums, but you can’t take the slums out of the girl.

Horse Girl on

I would knock my teeth out while falling to the pavement. The sacrifices women go through for their shoes…ridiculous.

helene on


jen on

i wouldn’t wear them but i could walk in them!!!!!

Cher on

Heck NO!!!! Lord have mercy! And why is she wearing them with those jeans. Eww, They’re horrible. The way she dresses is horrible. I love the way she sings though..

Carmen on

No , ofcourse not !
Thoose shoes look pretty but no , never , never never – I mean , I’ll never gonna wear them .

Tania on

They are pretty but, not I will not be able to wear those.

laura on

i’m not a big fan of her anymore. she does absolutely nothing for me. of course she would wear stylish stripper shoes. i wouldn’t and shouldn’t. i’m 6′ and those look like they have 4-5″ heels on them. i don’t like the way the toe scoops up in the front either. clunky shoes just aren’t cute anymore….maybe when i was in the 8th grade about 12 years ago.

C on

Love high heels, 5 1/2″ is not high for me. I would wear them but not for the price

Rachel on

Does she really need more height? She’s already 5 foot 9!

favi on

They are cute shoes, but no I wouldn’t not wear them…They look uncomfortable to me.

Rachel on

I like her high heels !!!! They hurt feet, but I laugh at it, nothing that to stroll with beautiful shoes I shall there be happy !! Knowing that Mariah carries the same !!!! If I was richer, I shall buy a pair to trail round me !

StyleDiva on

H*llz yes!!! Mariah is not also a wonderful singer…she’s a fashionista diva forever!!

Lala on

Lol, love the heels.
I dont think they’ll be that hard to walk in.
Don’t look at the heels only; I mean the front part is lifted quite high.
I would imagine them to be quite comfortable~
I would totally wear them if I could afford them, haha! Just the shoe itself looks sexy!

Fun on

I would lick them :)
She is godess!!!

Honey on

Dahling I love the heels and yes I would wear them. I wear 6inch heels clubbing, it’s not hard.

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