What Do You Think of Beyonce's Turban?

10/15/2007 at 06:00 AM ET

D.Maryannakis/ Johns PkI/ Splash News Online

Beyonce‘s got a glamorous style that suits her booming voice, sexy dance moves and curvy figure perfectly. But could she be taking the whole “diva” thing a bit too far with her newest accessory — a black satin turban? We saw stars like Ashley Olsen and Demi Moore try out turban-inspired headbands earlier this year, and that was a little much for us. On Beyonce, a full turban for a dinner out seems excessive for such a naturally stylish star. We want to know what you think! Tell us: What do you think of Beyonce’s turban?

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Neka on

I don’t know what Beyonce was thinking but she doesn’t look cute in this number. The turban is hideous!

Mel on

she looks like a old woman.

Emma Read on

Could it be hiding a very bad hair day? It doesn’t really suit her, or her style, does it?

Valencia on

I hate it. She should never wear it again.

Pam Bradley on

This look should be reserved for a more “mature” diva. It may work for her in another 40 years.

jamie on

i think she just had a bad weave day. thats all.

Cheryl on

Where is her magic carpet?

Rebecca on

I’ve seen turbans look decent, but Beyonce’s turban is truly awful! It looks like she ran out of the house without time to fix her hair or put on any make-up, but she would have been much better off grabbing a baseball cap or even a bandana.

Elaisha Gilmore on

Well i Mean Being The Fashion Ezport That I Am …Its Cute And Some People May Pull This Off But Just Because she is the Fabolous Beyonce Doesnt Mean that She Can….That like Me Puttin That on And Trying To pull It Off it might work and it might not…but she’s still hot no matter what ….Beyonce Just make The Turban look Fierce!!!

Stay Tuned….

Kim v on

Yuck-o. I agree, a cap or hat would be a much nicer-looking option.

Anonymous on

She needs to LOSE IT not the look for her!!!!


I think she looks like left eye

Nolan on

Just plain ugly. If you have beautiful hair, show it. On the other hand, if you have shaved your head, stay at home so that fans don’t have to see it. If this fad comes from former singer, Britney Spears, those ugly hats she wears make her look look a woman in her 40’s.

Nique on

how many other stars can look that flawless without make up? as u can see she is naturally beautiful

Amparo on

Oh NO!! Out of all the things she’s tried, this is one trend she should not stick to.

Antoinette on

At times she dresses as if she can’t afford to buy clothes that look appropriate. Am sure her man didn’t see her before she leaves .

Tori B on

she looks great in anything!! its called being different

Charie on

It didn’t look good on her at all. A hooded sweats might have covered her bad hair day better…

Michelle on

Goodness, the girl has cameras following her 24-7, I am sure she did not think that a picture would be taken. She probably was on her way to get her hair and makeup done.

cindy on

she needs to burn it!!!! ….

Linda on

Beyonce is a beautiful woman in anything. Further not many women look this good without make-up. Guys get a life, Who died and made you an authority.

csa on

love it

Ashley on

looks like a mammy

KBull on

Beyonce’s outfit in my opinion are never stylish anyway. She should go a bit more casual soemtimes. It would be a great look for her:)

Canadian Eh? on

She still looks cute, it’s different. She can afford to wear whatever the heck she wants, who cares?? Regarding her make up, hey she is still pretty looking, unlike most of hollywoods divas that are totally unrecognizable without all the mud and colors on their faces. So don’t hate on her, it is her choice to wear what she wants on her own personal time, i think we the media are too quick to judge and play stylist and even try to live our own lives through other people. Rock it B!!!!

liz on

she looks horrible with the turban and worse without make up, she is not glamorous , This look really dessapointed me!

ashley on

i don’t like this look at all……and it is amazing how terrible some of these celebs look when they don’t have any make up on!

Cary on

F – U G L Y!

alexis on

Beyonce is very beautiful with or without her turban aint a dam thing wrong with her style.she can look different if she wants.she dont look old just a change.she’s a human being for crying out loud.she doesn’t even need make up,love the way u are B


Here’s what it is! She is going to do her make-up,that why she leaves the hair out of the face!

Summer on

The turban i didnt care for but she always looks so put together (turban and all). I think she is beautiful. And plus do you always have make up on and a $3,000 dress. nuahh didnt think so.


i think beyonce looks adorable in it. she’s pretty with it or without it. stop hating on her. she’s beautiful.

M.M. on


katya on

it is awful! she was so cute, but now her style is terrible…….

Lissy on

I don’t like it on her.
Hopefully this style won’t catch on because the only time they should be used is incase of a bad hair day.


you don’t know anything about black people–she had the turban on until she saw her stylist–apparently her hair weave needed touching up–it happens you didn’t really think it was her hair–how green are you

katya on

it is really awful!what the hell was she doing?her hairstyle is terrible too,,,,,,,,,,,

Rosalie on

Ugh!!!!!!!!!!! Blegh!!!!! so ugly it makes her look ancient.

AlexaSz on

If Beyonce thinks she can pull anything off, she’s got another thing coming! What was she THINKING?! That’s the problem: SHE WASN’T THINKING!! That’s hideous!! She should definitely learn a thing or two about fashion before trying “styles” like that!

Erica on

This is not a good look. Is the king cobra in her bag??

aha on

It looks silly.

Felicia Ford on

You don’t have to look like that


It looks like she is wearing one of those towels that are supposed to dry your hair faster…meant for inside the bathroom, not public.

susan on

Really old and ugly

R on

The turban itself is nice, but she’s wearing it the wrong way.

Hannah on

looks gross

marilyne on

It’s definitely not her best look!

Cita on

She’s hiding all the growth – All she wears are weaves – definately not her hair. This look is horrible on her.

Alex on

She looks like some indian chick that came here on a floating door!

Lisa Bush on

It takes away from her attractive face.

Elda on


Cami on

She way too pretty to try and wear something that awful, maybe she was having a bad hair day. everyone is allowed one mistake with fashion.

Shauna on

She looks terrible.

Lauren on

I think it was a bad choice in an accessory, and I would never wear it, but i think she can pull it off… and she does. She can wear basically anything and look good in it!!!

HoneyBeenFlyyAsHell on

I love it. Its worth more than all your lives put together!

Julie on

Take it off beyonce!

linda on

to rita’s comment about not knowing about black people. Maybe if more black girls would rely less on weaves and more on showcasing their natural hair, a turban wouldn’t be necessary.

natasha on


Sonya on

not her best look,thats for sure

pzlzlp on

What the hell is she thinking – not cool at all – lost my interest in her and her music.

Nora on

I like it. she looks like an actress from the 30’s or 40’s. I think it’s cute with jeans and white shirt. But she should had put some red lipstick on.

kookiemookie on


maria on

i think without makeup she looks awfull with or without turban

georgie on

a total disaster.

bb on

A very Gloria Swanson type of look. Not good.

NatureQueen on

Ha HA Ha! Funny. Thanks for finally being what other people swear you are. NOT PERFECT

Nature on

Ha!Ha!Ha! Not so PERFECT now are u

lioness on


lioness on


melinda on


Jake on

I dont think it is a turban…
i think she was nappy that day..and decided to cover it up instead…

alia on

my gawd people…calm down!

I know it’s not the most attractive thing to wear, but it’s not like she’s wearing it on the red carpet…she was just trying it out and it backfired…

Keep doing your thing B….your awesome!:)

Ashley on

She looks ugly. She is not wearing any make-up and now I see that she is really ugly without it. Also she has waaaaaay too much weave I fell bad for the horse she got it from. As for the turban…..hideous she looks like a snake charmer.

Traci on

My Granny had one just like it….YAK

liza on

horrible =(

Nicole on

Very strange, with the beads and all. She meant to put that on. With her money, there’s no such thing as a bad hair day

w on

Maybe if she is a snake charmer

Charl on

I can’t actually say that I can see any remote redemptive quality about this turban. I don’t think it’s even a fashion “hit or miss”. It’s a definite fashion “DON’T.”

CC on

I think she is just wearing it to keep her weave in place.

lily on


Alabama on

I think she looks like Aunt Jemima and she’s been looking older and fatter these days! She’s getting to comfortable with Jay-Z and you can tell she gains weight easy, she needs to get back to looking youthful.

MJ on

B should only wear stuff like that in the comfort of her only house.

Dai-Dai on

Why do eveybody got something to say, if I was a Star I would still do my usual when I dont feel like getting dressed or if I just wanna be regular one day. I will. B is natrually beautiful just to let all da haters no

mo on

I love Bey but I hate the turban. It does nothing for her!

Shadah on

It looks a MESS!

Sofie on

That turban looks awful plus it doesn’t help that she has no make-up.

Elizabeth on

oH My………she looks horrible!!!!!

Tesh on

Beyonce looks great in everything.

nelli on

oh mama no more

Madelyn on

I’ve never really cared for her fashion sense, but she’s a pretty woman and she has a great voice. However, this turban is a definite MISS. I don’t care if it’s a bad hair day, a baseball cap or something would have looked better then that silly looking turban. However, I do like her necklaces and earrings and she looks refreshed without make-up, it’s a very nice look for her, I’m just not a fan of the turban.

Iris on

The turban isn’t too bad, maybe she was somewhere where it is a custom to wear it. Beyonce style rocks almost all the time. We all make a fashion mistake or two. I do love her shirt, necklaces and bag, though. What I’m amazed about is how gorgeous and flawless her face is, even without makeup.

me me on


Rachel on


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