Sarah Jessica Parker's Brunette! Love It or Hate It?

09/26/2007 at 05:00 PM ET

James Devaney/WireImage; Elisabetta Villa/Getty

We’ve been loving seeing the ladies of Sex and the City filming all over New York (even right by our office) — and we thought the costumes were going to be the most jaw-dropping part until we actually got to see the finished movie. But then Sarah Jessica Parker turned up on the set this morning with dark brown hair! Carrie Bradshaw goes brunette? Say it ain’t so! We just don’t know what to think — we can’t even decide if we like Sarah Jessica better as a blonde or a brunette! We want to know what you think. Tell us: Do you love Sarah Jessica as a brunette? Or do you hate and wish she’d go back to blonde? Can you picture Carrie as a brunette?

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pammie p. on

omg i love it.

Colette on

The photo isn’t taken at the best moment, but I think the brunette flatters her so much more.

Mary on

I don’t think she looks at all bad as a brunette.

This wouldn’t the first time Carrie appears on ‘Sex and the City’ as a brunette, however. In the series premiere/pilot, she definitely had darker hair, although it was changed to blonde immediately after.

carmen on

NO!NO!NO!NO!!!!!!!! Carrie is NOT a brunette – she’s blonde and should deffinately stay that way!! the brown doesn’t look good and it just isn’t “right”!!!!! go back carrie, go back!!!!!!!


Sarah Jessica Parker ROCKS blonde or brunette but this type of brown is to harsh for her with the blonde it adds youth to her face

ashley on

She looks great with this lighter brunette shade.

Furthermore, people saying SJP with brown hair “isn’t Carrie” must not have watched the entire season. The last season of Sex & the City she was a brunette.

Darcy on

SJP looks great as a brunette. The color makes her hair look healthier, shinier, and more natural. I think that it adds youth to her features by emphasizing her unique eyes. But she looks great as a blonde too. I just hate that center part on her – her face is long (like mine), and if she’s going to do the center part I think she needs some funky bangs.

Kelly on

way better blond!!!!

Darcellia on

I think she looks better as a blonde. She doesn’t look like the same Carrie Bradshaw that we all know and love with the brunette hair color. Either way though, she still is fabulous…

Leigh on

She looks awesome as a brunette! It gives her skin a more healthy color. And I think she looks years younger with the brown hair.

Val on

Well on one pick you show her smiling and posing, on the other she looks puzzled and surprised. Just show too similar smiley shots with different hair and she will look great in both. She alreay had darker in the last Series.

Julia Vargas on

I thinks she looks great either way! Of course, we are used of seeing Carrie as a blonde, but I thinks it will refresh the looks for the upcoming movie.

Ella Aribon on

Sarah is stunning blonde or brunette. But speaking for all the blondes in the world; Please come back towards the light, we need to show that being blonde a woman can be beautiful as well as brillant.

Daisy on

So I’m assuming all are color blind? This is NOT brunette, this is like a dark blonde! I’m a brunette so I think I know what I’m talking about… this isn’t the first time a celeb dyes their hair darker and automatically they’re posted as brunettes. Let’s get it together people!

Lola on

I LOVE SJP as a brunette, but Carrie Bradshaw has to be a blonde or she is not Carrie Bradshaw!

tori on

i hate to say it because i LOVE sarah jessica but i like her better as a blonde.
she’s been a brunette lately and i was so happy when she went blonde again. that being said,
she’s great looking no matter!

AnnieJ on


ab on

Anything is better than when she has many shades of blond highlights and horrible dark roots! She looks best with just one color, either blond or brunette.

bv on

the brunette is much nicer. she looks younger and more interesting, true to the Carrie Bradshaw character.

Karin on

As lovely as she may look in this new hair hue….Carrie is NOT a brunette!!! pleeease….let her be the blond Carrie we all know and love!

dk on

i love her with blonde hair i think she looks so much better and i can’t wait to see the movie

susan on

the brown ages her, but i am assuming it has something to do with the movie so i will wait for the story to unfold.


She’s NOT Carrie Bradshaw – she is Sarah Jessica Parker! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her new look.

Rebecca on

I like SJP blonde better- I really do love her, but she doesn’t have the facial features to wear dark hair. The blonde softens her bold contours.

Asmaa on

Sarah Jessica Parker looks much better as a brunette – makes her look younger and brings out her complexion!

carolyn on

She looks good either way but I like the blond better

Neats on

She looks beautiful both ways, but she looks a little tired in these pictures. Can’t wait for the movie!

Amanda on

She looks horrible, defiantly should stay blonde!

C Wright on

She looks great both ways. She’s beautiful inside and out. Haircolor has nothing to do with why we love her.

Kelly on

I am a Sex and The City FANATIC! I think SJP looks wonderful any way she does her hair. She is absolutely beautiful. I love it and its her natural color. I think it fits her perfectly. GREAT JOB SJP!

Jill on

LOVE IT!!! looks a lot younger and healthier!

hanad merchant on

lovin the brunette!!!

hanad merchant on

it makes her look younger for some reason..

Viki on

She looks so much older now!!!

Anon on

I love it, it looks softer.

Neka on

I think it looks okay. The makeup may need to be done a different way but SJP can rock any look. She’s a trendsetter.

carolyn on

Sarah looks great either way – but for me her signature look as Carrie is a Blonde – I am a huge fan of the series and anxiously awaiting the movie. She needs to be Blonde with Big.

Cate on

It’s looks good both ways and besides I’m sure she will change it again. She’s always changing her hair color.

Jane on

I think she looks younger in blonde because it brings out her face more than brunette hids her face!

Mary on

What about all those Garnier commercials she does? She’s always brunette in those, so it’s not a shock that she is in this picture either. She looks good either way.

Kim v on

I like it, but I don’t see Carrie ever being a brunette.

Heather on

Carrie is known for “no fear” attitude when it comes to fashion and hairstyle variety. Remember her first day at Vogue??? I love the diversity of her character! Love, LOVE Sex!!

topshop*rox on

the brunette makes her eyes stand out so much more. it’s a lot more flattering to her and she looks great!

Andrea on

I think that the brown is so flattering to her.. she looks a lot younger with her brown hair opposed to the blonde hair… I love It!

Andrea on

I think she looks great with Brown hair. It makes her look years younger. Plus I think that she is naturally a brunette, I think.

Nancie Gibson on

My daughter and I are huge SJP fans but we do not love her as a brunette. We would like to see her blonde again.

Mary on

Daisy, the light is shining on SJP’s new hair in such a way that it appears lighter in color. If you took SJP away from the sunlight, her hair would be just regular brown.

Shouldn’t that be obvious? I mean, I have black hair, but when the sun shines on it at an angle, it can “look” brown, but no one will say that I am a brunette.

Sherry on

SJP looks great either way! Can’t wait for the movie.

Carlis on

Love it!!


It’s ok, either one looks good to me.


I LoVe it. lol NOT!!!!

bigwow on

Love love love her either way! And I’m so pleased to see that there aren’t a lot of people being nasty to her on this thread. It seems that some like to criticize her for not having Barbie doll perfect features. Sarah Jessica is unique & pretty with a wonderful sense of style. I am the same age as she and I really admire her and her evolving funky & glamorous looks throughout the years.

Manda on

I think that Sarah Jessica Parker could never look bad in anything! I truely admire her unique style and her gorgious features!
I love the new hair color!

danielle on

l like it better!

Danniella on

Love it! Not the best picture but i think it looks wonderful! It makes her look less like barbie. And it brings out a good skin shade!

jen on

i like it!



chrissy on

brunette all the way

Cucumber Eyes on

well… i never thout she’s beautiful and i never liked her… but i think she doesn’t have face for brown hair…

Mars on

She actually looks better as a redhead; circa when Sex and the City began in 1998.

Val on

no, absolutely not. SJP is a style icon and is renowned for her shaggy, messy, root-ie blonde do. She’s a legend but I only see her as a “Carrie-blonde”

Jo on

I think she looks wonderful with brown hair, this shade especially flatters her and makes her look younger, but not trashy.

Michelle on

I prefer her as a blonde, but she still looks good!

Daisy on

Mary, I think I know what you’re talking about being the fact that I’m a GIRL as well… it’s obvious honey, that light and pictures “might” affect hair color, however, this is not really brunette. It’s a very dark blonde. Great, now lets move on…

Christy on

Must we forget that she is a natural brunette? She looks great either way!

That girl x on

Better brunette. Go brunettes!!

Dorka on

I love Sarah J. Parker. She is very nice:):)but i think she looks better with blonde hair.

francesca on

she’s great – always!

Rachel on

I love the brown. Her hair looks healthier and it makes her look younger. The blonde looks more messy and makes her look more wrinkled.

Milly on


Jill on

She looks great as a brunette. Much more natural and it brins out her features. I think she can look alitte washed out when her hair is too light. But she can suit both….

Hayden on

Brunette is nicer.

elly on

she looks sooo much younger with brown hair, I love it!

Blue.Bayou on

The brunette look is great on her! It makes her look classy, like she’s not trying hard to be beautiful.

unfan on

does it really matter? she’s ugly either way.

Krystl on

Love,LoVe,LOVE the brunette. Makes SJP/”Carrie” look sophisticated and natural.

Bella on

i love her hair both brown and blonde, but the brown brings out her eyes.

Niki on

Both are nice

kelly on

She looks much more youthful blonde!!!

Pogue Mahone on

I never really thought she was too pretty to begin with either way(he face is too long) but I really don’t see too much difference with it the dark blonde or the light brown,however, I think she looks best with her hair flat-ironed straight rather than all curly like that, regardless of the color.

Jack on

Blond..dark ages her

sharon on



Emerald on

I honestly can’t say – which is not a good thing.

Dorothy on

SJP is one of the few people that looks gorgeous both ways…can never tell which one I prefer let her change it so I can enjoy it :))))

Brenna on

Sarah Jessica Parker looks great with either hair color … blonde or brunette!! personally, I like her as a blonde but the brunette looks great on her!! :-)

Terri Sullivan on

I Love it! It makes her look so much younger!

Jessi on

Either color, she’s ugly.

Ashley on

Hate it

Jess on

I love both…the brown makes her eyes stand out and softens her features but I think I prefer SJP as a blonde…

Steven on

She is super sexy either way, but in these pictures she looks better as a brunette

Dee & Sonya on

WE love it, It brings out her eyes..:)

Jamie on

Sarah Jessica can do hot blonde or brunnette! The blonde does make her look a little younger, but the brunnette is still sexy. GO SARAH!

Tru on

I like both colors on her actually. I have to applaud her stylist though, because they did everything right with SJP. The hair colors always suit her skin tone and eye color, plus the style of her hair {love the soft waves} goes great with her facial shape. I have no complaints with SJP, she looks great either way, she’s so pretty.

P.S.: I can’t wait till the “Sex and The City” movie comes out, I’m excited.

Robin on

Sarah Jessica looks great as a brunette. I think she looks years younger. She looks softer. It works with her bone structer and her eyes. But not too dark. Personally, as a “highlighted” woman myself it takes a lot of maintenence. It can be a hassle. It’s nice to be free from that as a brunette. It’s good that she still can “carry” long hair. As a woman ages long hair can cease to work. She still has some years to go before that’s an issue. And on her tiny frame her hair is a real “accessory”. Her hair is still “big”.

b3 on

She looks SO much older than she is and she is NOT attractive at all. I never understood all of the attention paid to her as far as people saying she is good looking NOT and she has aged HARD.

leah on

she looks older as a brunette…i like the blonde

Linda on

I think Sarah Jessica Parker is simply beautiful hair or no hair so therefore, any color will do!

Emma on

I like her as a brunette. She looks more “deep”, if you could say so . :b

anonymos on

I really like the new hair style.

marilyne on

i thinks she looks fab!

sarah on

Brunette is definitely not her style. She looks way better being a blonde.

chloe on

holy muffins! it looks great. the blonde always made her look older!

Anonymous on

sarah looks good as a blonde or brunette. she looks younger with the brown though. BUT carrie is definitely a blonde!

Emma on

sarah looks good as a blonde or brunette. she looks younger with the brown though. BUT carrie is definitely a blonde!

Anonymous on

i like it. makes her look more youthful. she has and always will have a unique beauty.

enit on

i sooo love it!

Jenny O on

I love her brunette look too. She looks great either way. I can’t wait to see the SATC Movie!!!

Jenny O on

I love it she looks so good. Either way as blonde or brunette she looks great. I remember at the end of SATC she was wearing a much darker roots wash out color and she did look great. Who says brunettes don’t get to have fun also? I’m one and I have tons of fun.

missy on

i like her better blonde

Lola on

I love it
She looks younger as a brunette

kandace on

i think both colors are great on sjp

Bonnie on

Sarah Jessica Parker looks great no matter what color her hair is!

Victoria on

I love both looks, Sarah J. can rock anything!


i honestly think that she looks older with the blonde hair…but that’s just me…the dark hair looks nice

Yoni on

She looks nice brunete but ahe looks better blonde.

nina on

like brunette she looks younger

teea on

i like jessicas both loock .

Megan on

she look great, but better blond. blond makes her look younger and cuter. blond also makes her look fresh

Jessica on

I think she looks soo much more youthful with blonde hair than brown hair. I think she needs to go back to blonde!!!! ASAP!!!!

S on

SJP rocks no matter what her hair color is.

keiko on

she looks younger as a brunette, it brings out more of her beautiful features.

Martini on

She has natural dark hair anyway. If she went to a different shade of brown and maybe tossed in some blondish low lights she would look better.

SJP should get rid of the middle part and go to the side part which she has worn before. When women have straight hair and wear middle parts it doesn’t look good, especially if a woman has a large nose.

Ashley on

With her recent commercials with her hair brunette, I say she looks so much better with the brunette than the blond.

samantha on

i like them both.
personaly i like her as blonde because it so much more glam.
and i think that is what she is!



Marg Koppes on

Hate it!

Gail on

Sorry, but I like the blonde best, altho the dress is yukkie.

Nichole on

LOVE IT!!! It fits her!

Lala on

I dunno, I wrote but I really don’t care what she does with her hair color…Yawn, i am bored with her look altogether…She needs to do something dramtically different.

yenci on

not sure… would have to see more pics.

Jerseymom2 on

SJP can pull off either the blonde or the new softer brunette. But please, no more Garnier commercials with that hideous reddish brown haircolor. It looks awful!!!!!!

Anonymous on

SJP looks so much younger and prettier with dark hair. That dried up, frizzy blonde style looks too much like grey to me. I love her darker look on the fructis garnier hair color ad. Now that’s sexy! Go Jessica!

Socialite Dreams on

I like Sarah brunette, but Carrie will always be a blonde to me, so she needs to stay blonde for the movie!

Summerann on

She should stay blond. Not her usual blond with the horible roots. She just looks younger with the blond. I love dark rich colors but it doens’t belong on SJP. It just makes her look BLAH!!!

courtney on

she should stick 2 brunette it totally makes her look much more flattering.

Ashley on

I love her blonde look a little better. I mean, SJP looks great with any color hair, but the blonde look is definitely my favorite. Carrie Bradshaw can’t go brunette!!!! It just isn’t right!!!!

Sheena on

I like SJP and think both colors look good but something just doesn’t look right in her eyes. She doesn’t look well.

Amanda on

i ABSOLUTLY love it <33

Jennifer on

Uh, No way! Go back to BLONDE!!!!!

Krista on

its a bad picture, but the brunette looks great
the blonde with her curly hair makes her hair look fried. her hair looks much healthier in the brunette pic

Marcie on

Let’s face it, SJP can make anything beautiful. Her hair is not that dark and it makes her face more bright and youthful. The hair looks healthier darker and it makes her eyes more dramatic. Love It!!

colleen on

you look younger

Robin on

Her face looks like a foot, I think that the dark hair makes her look older. Atleast with the blonde hair she has a little bit of a glow.

Valerie on

She looks like Hilary Duff in this picture as a brunette – Carrie, not so much – but I love SJP as a brunette.


brunette has been sarah natural hair color so i do not understand why ask or love why is it that people feel that blond is best there are also real women as well as actresses that are brunettes any way she look great with her hair as brunette

Kate on

I think the dark hair makes her look older, but its not bad…

Kimber on

The brunette Sarah is much more sophisticated and wa hotter. I think her blonde hair mad her look like an old women trying to be young.

Jemima on

SJP looks really cool as a brunette.

I love the top (maybe a dress?)she is wearing in the 2nd pic.

kiki on

she looks amazing. it’s totally got the whole fall in new york look, and it flatters her perfectly.

kaylie on

you know what they say: blondes can have more fun, but atleast brunnettes can read

tasha on

i loveee the brown! it’s ok blondes, atleast your moms think you’re cute =]

penelope on

i love eeeeeettt. she looks younger with brunette hair :]

Kerry on

i like the blond becasue it looks more like her instead of the brunette which dates her

Jennifer on

The brown is better. I feel a bit mean, but, I have never thought Sarah Jessica Parker is very attractive and the clothes are ridiculas. Sorry.

alex on

im a brune and i love it but in this case sweetie stick to blond

ALY on

It’s nice but the blonde is so much more her. She looks like herself w/ the blonde

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