Do You Like Zac Efron Dapper or Casual?

09/15/2007 at 06:00 AM ET


Between High School Muscial 2 and Hairspray, Zac Efron has spent most of his summer on the red carpet. And most impressively, the young star has been holding his own alongside his fashionable co-stars in very grown-up and stylish suits — until he turned up at a Madrid photocall for Hairspray in cargo shorts, flip flops and a faded t-shirt. What gives, Zac? While he still looks good to us, the casual gear seems a bit out of place for a big event. Maybe he lost his luggage — it wouldn’t be the first time a celebrity had to walk the carpet in flying clothes — but we’ve got to say that we wish Zac would return to his sexy suits. What do you think? Tell us: Do you like Zac Efron better dapper or casual?

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Alex on


Alex on

Personally, I like to think guys should have comparatively less experience with solariums than this, but honestly, I like the suit much better. Save the daggy mid-life sandals for retirees, I think.

Annastasia on

i dont even care, he is just sooo sexy.

Elle on

I gues I like both, but I’d love to see him in a different hair style.

Elle on

I guess I like both, but I would love to see him in a different hairstyle.

Jennifer on

I really think Zac is hot either way. I like both looks on Zac.

Ryne on

Who really cares what hes wearing? Zac can pull off any thing. I do love a gut in flip-flops.

katie on

Dapper!!! definatly!

Nick-E on

WHO CARES! I am so tired of hearing every little detail of these High School Muscial kids. It’s growing to be annoying.

amber on

i think he looks good either way, but for promoting his new movie, a tux looks best.

Lauren on

Zac looks sexy in both shots, but I think he’s hotter casual!!

Candy on

Dapper is so much better, casual is OK but man he is so cute in a suit and tie. Channeling the whole Cary Grant ambiance.

nicole on

i like zac no matter what he wheres

Quiana on

I like this guy. He’s got style as both!

sasha on

dapper defffff!

missy on

Personally, I think he looks awesome both ways but I like him dressed up a little more than casual….

kaitlyn on

He looks absoulutly fab in either looks! It doesnt matter what he wears because he is sooo HOT!!!

dawn on

It might be my age or something but isn’t there anyone old enough to grow chest hair that you could focus on.

Marly on

I love him dressed up. He looks smart, and ready to hit the big event, the red carpet.

Maria on

he looks hot in both. But i like the laid back better.

Randa on

i dont care he is hotttt anywayyy!

Krystin on

Definitely Dapper

Katalie on


beka on

hes beautiful in each what every he wears is amazing and i hope is ok during his gf photo scandal

Somebody on

I think Zac Efron looks sexy both ways. If I had to choose one though, I would definitely choose the sexy suits!

catherine on

dresseduppp def!! he wears to much bronzer/cover up though

mj on

both! hes hot in anything…lol


Either WAY HE IS HOT!!

liz on

i think he looks hot anytime
but casual does look a bit better on him

Marcela on

I preffer his casual style :)
see ya !

Anonymous on

either way is hott…but i like casual

Jen on

actually i just like him all the time…

Dinny Q on

Zac looks amazing in everything, and even better without anything!

dina on

i love him, so much that i dont care what he wears to a red carpet. he is HOTT

Candy on

Personally, i like him casual but it really doesn’t matter. i like his old black hair better though, he looks like a pretty boy now.

Beth on

Zac looks way better dapper. I am so sick of all this hype surronding this guy. I view him as a phoney teenage heartthrob who is getting credit for a voice that isn’t even his.

alia on

That’s a hard one b/c he’s gorgeous no matter what….but i’d have to go w/ the suit…
…It looks nice and put together; and i love how the tie matches his eyes….he’s yummy:)


Zacs gorgeous both ways like but,


oh is he sexy!!! i luv him

Emily on

I think he looks hot either way!!1

Victoria on

zac is freakin hot either way. but in these pictures, he looks better in the suit. :D

Hannah on

I think he looks hot both ways, but my opinion would be casual.

sarah on

It doesn’t really matter what he wears…he’s absolutely gorgeous in everything!!!

adrianna on

he looks hot either way.. but i like casual the best

adrianna on

eitehr way he’s hot but i like dapper

Alejandra on

i dont like him anyway he is to preppy and hes ugly

Caroline on

He looks good either way

Gabrielle on

Both…Zac Efron is HOT either way! I probably like casual a little better! Nobody can even compare to how hot he is! Especially when he is vith Vanessa! Who Cares about what happened to Vanessa! That doesn’t change the way she looks or acts! I still love her! ZAC EFRON AND VANESSA FOR EVER!

Cathy on

Zack denfully tooks better in casual wear!!
FOr SuRe!!!

Cathy on

Zack looks better in casual wear!!
FoR SuRe!!!!!!!!!

annie on

I prefer him in neither. I liked his retro look in Hairspray the best actually, or immediately after when it was spiked up a bit. He looks comfortable casual and is still neat and clean, so I guess either works for me. He can show up casual and pull it off more than most could.

Danielle on

Zac is really hot either way but I actually prefer him casual. I like him better when he’s not all made up.

eliza on

i like him in both i think he looks better in tux!

Anonymous on

either way hes hot =]

Kayla on

I think he looks better in the suit, but I have to say he looks hot all the time!

Kristi on

I think he needs to stop tanning. He looks like a girl and it’s not attractive at all. So neither look, I guess.

Molly on

Zac is a freak’n hottie and he can pull off anything you give him. so who cares as long has he keeps his gorgeous hair.

juliana on


Cee on

Who cares?
He’s gorgeouss.

tesia on

i think zac looks hott in both pictures but he looks the best in his casual clothing =)

Lauren on

he looks better casual, but if he’s on the carpet or something, dapper is better

Sarah on

cas def cas zac he looks to skinny in a suit! but he is def a hottie!

A.J. on

1 WORD…. FUGLY !!!!!!!!!

Stacey on

I think h looks good both ways. He looks better dapper when he is at a preofessional party but he also look really good causual in the picture above.

Eldora on

Definitely Dabber. I’ve always thought that men looks best in well-tailored-suit.

Liza on

he looks good in both of them, he is good-looking that whatever he wears, he is always hot!

Annika on

who cares what he wears! can you say GORGEOUS!!!!!

Rachael on

Zac looks hot in whatever he wears so i dont really mind, but recently i think he’s looked best in a suit!

Kaitlin on

Personally i like him more casual. Either way he looks hot though

katherine jones on

I personally think he looks good both ways because a guy like him so sexy i think can pull it off. And to Alex give it a rest it was that movie that made the Disney Channal most wathed program. So i think that they have the right to say all they whant about the movie.

katherine jones on

So sorry alex it was that i was mad at was Nick-E who i was mad at.

katherine jones on

I personally think he looks good both ways because a guy like him so sexy i think can pull it off. And to Nick-E give it a rest it was that movie that made the Disney Channal most wathed program. So i think that they have the right to say all they whant about the movie.

Sarah on

dapper, casual he looks like a slob.

Julie on

He is hot either way.

Tiffany on

I don’t like him either way!

tara on


j on


Anna on

suit take things seriously!! youre a movie star for gosh sakes!

Jenna on


Karen on

Dapper. Definitely.

Tracy on


Tru on

I just don’t see why all the hype surrounding this guy? He’s so ugly. His hair looks like a rag muffin. Post him when he’s actually done more than make 1 movie and 2 Disney movies. Please don’t compare him to Cary Grant neither, compare George Clooney to Cary Grant, not Zac Efron. If I really had to choose, I’d choose both the dressed up look and the casual look. The casual look would look best at home though, not really to this extreme on the red carpet.

I’m with ya Dawn.

Anonymous on

hhhheee iiisss sssooo hhhhooottt

Jenna B on

Casual wins for sure. He doesnt have to be dressed up to win my heart. He can win it either way.

Melly on

omg..hes jsut so sexy and hot!!! but i heart the suit it looks so much better! and he looks tooo shaggy in the casual one!

danielle on

casual but zac looks hot in whatever he is whearing even of he is in the oldest clothes in the world

Massie on

Dapper. But either way zac is sooo hott

Hannah on

Im thinking,Ummm CASUAL!It looks alt more amazing I mean on SPECIAl occasions,It’s okay but casual is much more flattering on him.

paige on


Rosemary on

He’s so perfect it becomes imperfect. He’s over hyped. But he doesn’t look bad in a suit ppl!

Reney on

He is absolutely gorgeous!!!!! Love HIM!!!! Soo cute and handsome….mmmmm

Reney on

Her is soo gorgeous either way…mmmm…love him

Mel on

He is so feminine. Are you kidding me? I wouldn’t look at him twice on the street.

Heather on

I like both looks

Carine on

For God’s sake, that guy would wear a garbage bag, he would still look good…

debbie on

eny way he dresses i love him no matter .so i pick both

nicole on

i like his casual better and he is totally hot!!!!!

Sophie on

I loooooove his legs they are so sexy

Jessica on

Who cares!!!! That boy is fine whichever way he dresses! He is hot, young, and is going far in life…Love him!

Mallory on

I think he you look way hotter in casual because your hair isn’t all messed up and it is just you no blah but it is really hot in the casual because you no you are just yourself and you don’t have to get all dressed up to try to look nice …ttyl

Annie on


olivia on

I love Zac in anything as long as he likes it.

shy on

CASUAL! ^^ )

anisha on


Stephanie on

i like him both ways he’s sexy for a white boy

nicole on


courtney on

i think he looks good in both…but i prefer him in shorts and sandals….

hes always sexy and good looking tho!!


courtney on

i kno this has nothin 2 do w/ zac wat so ever but i think vanessa is kewl…even if pics of her naked were posted on the web…

i luv the hsm cast..and watever ppl say bout them i still luv them…

Anonymous on


Rachel on

I guess you have to be about 15 years old to think he’s attractive. He just looks like a kid to me. Suit is better though.

Emily on

He looks hottttt in bothh ways!

Sammmiy on

Hes sexy both ways but i like casual better

sarah on

omg, he is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love him either way but i think the casual look looks better on him. <3333333333333333333333333

Jenny on

Either way, he is just so Pretty!!

Jenna on

It’s Zac Efron. I wouldn’t care if he wore a bunny suit. He’s gorgeous.

Danielle on

I think Zac Efron is the hottest living creature no matter what he wears!!!!!! give me zac in socks and birkenstocks and i’ll probably be happy! :)

Gayrene on

He looks totally sexy both ways, that’s for sure. I think its much better when guys can pull off both of these looks, ya know?

c on

dapper. errbody looks good all pampered up

Rochi on

Zac looks good either way, He is the handsomst boy in th world, but i think the casual is more original and in him it looks escelent, love you Zac (L)

Chrissy on

I don’t think he’s attractive at all. He looks like a wimp no matter what he wears.

Natasha on


Danielle on

Uhm, BOTH!
He Looks Hotter Either Way.=]

kayla on

i think he looks hot in either one, but i like him a little more in the suit. he just looks more edgy and grown up and not like a disney channel star.

Ally and Lauren on

He looks bad in the casual outfit…definatly the tux…

Ashly on

Zac is better dapper but boys in this age I prefer casual

beatriz on

she is cute anywai.she is so sexy…

Jessica on


MLorene on

He looks like Clay Aiken.

Jess on


Whitney on

I don’t like him. He thinks he’s so awesome.
He’s so full of himself. I don’t like him, I’m sorry.

gracie on

if you see the girl named nicole, i think she has a weird obsession of zac efron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

glamm on


alicia on


cathy on

really depends on the event he’s in. but i think both looks are extreme. he can also be casual wearing jeans and snickers, doesnt have to be shorts and flips flops…

R.A on


cassie on

he looks cute in both

mimi on

Hes sooo sexy but i think the suit looks best!



hopegirl on

zac is hot either way! i like him casual better! he is a sexy beast!!!

Savanna on

It doesnt rly matter to me. I think he looks hot either way. But in these pics im gonna go with dapper.

Jasmine on

I like Dapper better if he is promoting a movie. But either way he looks good.

asdlfj on

both ;D

Brooke on


valentina on

dapper and casual!!! I love u Zac!!!

Anonymous on


sonia on

doesnt matter what he’s wearing…he looks hot in both pics

Ashley on

I personally like a guy that looks good in both casual and dressed up. there is just something about a guy that can clean up good. and Zac is really HOT!!!!!!

Elizabeth on

I think he looks either way… but I agree w/ Amber for a big event he looks better in a tux!! But, still REALLY hot either way!! I LOVE U ZAC!!!!!!!!! :D LOL!!

Michelle on

Either way. Because he is hot either way!

sar on

zac is soooo hot. he is gorgeous in the sexy suit but not so much in casual. o well he’s still my cutie with a booty ( and hottie with a body)

Anna on


Diane on

I like both looks on Zac!

Katie on

Zac looks great in both outfits! Casually he deffinitely works it with his beach guy look! He also looks fab in that black shining suit!

Jordan on


Jordan on

So totally dapper!!

erin on

casual, definatly

erin on

zac is sooo hot that i could care less, but casual is more like him, ya know?

erin on

i don’t care as long as he stays hot! on

wateva floats yur boat!

antonia on

he looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much hotter in shorts a suit makes him look stuck up but he is so hot it doesn’t matter that much just way hotter in shorts and a t shirt

Julieta on

i like more casual… but he is beautifull in two photos

Ella on

omg hes so hott either way but i kinda like dapper beta…….

Ava-Kate on

It doesn’t matter! He’s HOT in anything!

Anna on

DAPPER!!!!!!!!!! in his casual picture the neck line on his shirt is to low and it looks like a girls shirt…. so in this choice like i said deginitly dapper

Sheyda on

Dapper and casual….
everything looks good on him!
He’s hot!

lithium on

casual…but personally I would see him with a different hairstyle too…Iliked him with short and dark hair !!! I don’t know what you think

Baylee on

Both b/c he looks hot any way!

Linda on

Casual def.

Lilly on

None!Cause I don’t like him plus I don’t find him attractive!


who cares?He’s beutiful,and very hot, and he’s nice in the 2 photos!
ps:zac is hot!i love him so much!

Di on

I don’t care what he wears he’s just HOT in whatever he is in.

vanessa on

both (:
he’s the HOTTER
love him

Lizette on

I think that he looks good in casual and all dressed to impress. You can’t go wrong with what your wearing if you’ve got great genes(Not the clothing item jeans!)

ashley on


Neiman on

adorable in EVERYTHING!

Maddie on

neiman u r right!!!

Becky on

honestly, who cares! i don’t find him attractive at all… he is def. over rated

cwazii_punk on

he is cute in anything

cody on

i think both becuse i like him the most.

madelene on

he is hot in anything :)

Lindsey on


emily on

hes hot either way!

semes on


lydia on

In a suit

alex on


Michelle on

aww, well zac efron looks good in both – preppy and casual. But i think he looks better in casual clothing. HOWEVER! He looks hot in suits and stuff. :) Laugh out loud. So i like both, mostly casual.

JULIE xx on

Definitely casual!!!
he’s so HOT :P

Jenny on

omqq!! he look cute ..i like both !! luv da guy !!=) ***

chloe on

i like both i love him any way

mel on

zacs hot he look sexy in everyfin i luv hiz eyez !!!!!!!

siwar on

i like zac efron when he were sport however he alawyas beautiful but i like causal

INA on


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