Tell Us: What Do You Splurge or Scrimp on?

09/11/2007 at 06:00 PM ET


For most of us, leaving Barneys with armfuls of clothes like Hilary Duff is a fantasy — not a reality. As we start putting together our fall wardrobes, we are definitely budgeting more for some things — designer denim and boots! — and less for others — pencil skirts and belts! We want to know how you spend your shopping money. Tell us: What fashion items are you willing to splurge on? What do you always save your pennies on?

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Jenna on

First I would like to say Hilary is totally awesome! And next, Well i love the splurge on Abercrombie&Fitch Jeans, or a Abercrombie&Fitch Bag. And I save my pennies for Forever 21’s hot clothes!

Prianka on

I usually buy anything that fits this bill: fashionable, fits well, and long lasting. But when it comes to budgeting, shoes always get top priority.

adrienne day on

in the fall my splurges are a good handbag, coat, and shoes. i recently purchased a botkier medium bianca in olive and a botkier medium rose satchel in metallic plum. i bought a red juicy couture peacoat and a pair of cole haan air nike wedge pumps in black. these are the items that can be worn over and over again and are the most visible. they definitley update and dress up my usual jeans, tee shirts and cashmere sweaters. my clothes are pretty basic so accesories and outerwear are my favorite splurges. you also get more for your money because you van wear them multiple times.

fashion expert on


sandra c on

I always splurge on shoes and handbags for all seasons. During the fall & winter months I tend to spend more on high quality sweaters that I know will get me through many New England winters!

Beth G. on

I love to splurge on purses, shoes and jewelry. Basically accesories! I truly believe that accesories make an outfit, so I try to pinch pennies on the clothing (skirts, tops, sweaters, etc.) although I do tend to buy expensive jeans!


SPLURGE on a great WOOL BLEND COAT, a few sweaters, and a great pair of boots for winter. SAVE socks, and tights

wanj on

Colehaan shoes… worth every red cent!

Blaire D. on

I will always splurge on a good pair of jeans or an awesome coat, but will always save my pennies for anything from Forever 21!

erica on

splurge would be a statement wool coat in a bright color.
save on jeans that are usually under coats!

mj on

i splurged on the steve madden tianna flat boots….this is the one purchase i didnt second guess myself on….so they were TOTALLY worth it!

brittnie on

I will be spending all my money on cute fall dresses and dark legings (sp?) to go with them. For a diff. look i will be buying TONS of jeans and boots! :^)

dawn on

I agree with Jenna Forever 21 clothes with very elegant accessories, Splurge on those Shoes, bags, jewelry, Jackets, These can make any 20dollar outfit look like 200 bucks.

Jenny on

splurge on BAGS BAGS BAGS. It pulls your entire outfit together. I also love jeans…most of the time the best fitting ones happen to be more expensive. Save on basics (tshirts, longsleeve knits, tanks, wifebeaters, etc). Why would I spend 55 bucks on a long sleeve cotton Michael Stars shirt when I can go to H&M and get one for 8??!

Rosanna L. on

I invest in staple items. A stylish coat, a sophisticated handbag, and good quality shoes. Shoes are a worthy investment, because if they are made well, they are more comfortable and they last longer. No shoe is a bargain if it is cheap and kills your feet. I also love a nice handbag because you use it everyday. I purchase a new handbag for each season.

Autumn on

Shoes and good jeans. Spending a little more means more wear for your buck!

Autumn on

Shoes and jeans. Spending more means more wear for you buck!

Serena on

Jeans!! Definitely a pair (or 10) of jeans that fit in all the right places!!!

Lynore M. on

I will splurge on jeans, shoes, coats and a decent handbag. Anything trendy like tops, accessories and dresses I will scrimp and shop at discount chains such as H&M and Forever 21

Wendy on

I splurge on great purses and sunglasses and unique dresses and blouses and jackets at Anthropologie. When I find a pair of jeans I love (right now DKNY skinny—not really skinny though, more like straight leg) I buy about 5 pairs! Shoes too :) I just splurged on 4 pairs of patent leather ballet flats in cobalt blue, black, red, and canary yellow. I figure they will go with a lot for early fall. I definitely still want to get knee-high boots to go with dresses and sweaters.

lily on

A great (expensive) handbag will make even a t-shirt and jeans look like a million bucks. Never skimp on a handbag.

Laryssa on

I just love fashion, so I don’t put a price on anything. If it’s cute and I want it, then I’ll buy it, that my motto. However I hate the winter, so I’d say coats, sweaters, and sweats is what I’m cheap about. I’m a summer girl all the way, so I’ll spend a fortune on bikinis, sunglasses, and summer dresses. I also spend a fortune on jeans, I love jeans. But my overall biggest splurge would definitely be handbags. You can’t put a price on a great handbag. I also Love costume jewelry, especially Hermes.

Anonymous on

what is forever 21?

Angela on

For fall/ winter, I will splurge on wool coats and riding boots. Even though I live in SoCal, winter coats still make me happy. I save on tops and tees from H&M or Forever 21.

Angela H.
Pasadena, CA

Theresa on

Anonymous, forever 21 is a store usually located in shopping malls, they have a lot of trendy clothes for cheap!

Vanessa on

Some of you ladies really seem to waste your money!


Jeans and shoes ! I would kill for Louboutin heels! But now I’m saving for a “Seven for all Mankind” wide leg pants

claudia on

sunglasses & shoes.

Tammy C. on

I splurge on SHOES, SHOES & more SHOES, also since I have an allergy I tend to spend more on undies, since I have to wear all cotton, so I go organic there. I go cheap on socks, I HATE socks. I agree with a lot of you, accessories are the way to “bling” out an outfit. The right earrings, necklace, handbag or even makeup can make a ho hum go strait to oh la la. And if you can afford it, why not spend your $$ on what you want instead of what you need?

Alice on

I’ll splurge on bags, shoes or anything classic that can be worn for years. But anything real trendy that I’ll only wear for a season, I’ll buy at H&M or Target.

danielle on

i love hollister, abercrombie & fitch, american eagle, and aeropostale!!!

Mary on

I splurge on Christian Louboutin or Manolo Blahnik heels–only the best on my feet! I scrimp on jeans–I’ve never spent more than $30 on a pair.

Mary D.
Mountain View, CA

coco on


marissa w. on

I splurge on coats, hand-bags, and boots. I buy cheap jewelry because trends go in and out with jewelry. I won’t feel bad about not wearing something because I payed a little amount of money for it. I buy cheap t-shirts because you can have a lot more for less.

M on

I splurge on moisturizers and foundation …you can’t risk anything on your face. I use baby cologne for scents. It’s light, airy, and cheap!

Denise on

I only splurge on designer handbags. I buy everything else at H&M, Banana Republic and I get my shoes from DSW.

Krysten A. Goulart on

I definately splurge on purses and make-up. The Purses makes the ultimatestatement, it is indicative of style! And designer make-up is 100% worth the money- Dior makes the best foundation ever and Chanel lipgloss is worth paying $30 for!! I scrimp mostly on basics- tees, hoodies, casual sweaters. Because a does it really matter if there is a designer label on a plain white tee?????

Anca on

love hil so much :X

Regina Book on

my goal is to get some great basics, like turtlenecks and button down shirts that are made to fit well (none of that ‘guy look’, but the newer ones that have a waist for us ladies) and pants that can be paired with both a perfect tee or a dressier look. I have a crazy schedule, so I don’t go for the trendier looks. The classics are always better for me, and can be altered more easily with a variety of belts, jewrely, shoes, etc. Shoes! Great leather boots, have to be at least two inches in the heel, and classic stilletos, and a woman is set!

z on

I just splurged on a black 255 chanel back and doubt will be making any purchases over $100 for the next 5 years :)

jamie on

abercrombie and fitch marc jacobs or hollister baby(:

Gianella D. on

I splurge on jeans, ranging from $60-100, and I have at least six pairs. Some might not consider that a splurge, but when you’re a college student like me, it definitely is! I figure that if I’m going to wear these for the next four years almost everyday, I might as well get my dollar’s worth. I scrimp on shoes. All I need are flip-flops, sneakers, heels, and winter boots. Anything else is just unnecessary.

Millie on


Louise on

I like to splurge on shoes and jeans! If I have cheap shoes on, I feel disgusting, same with cheap jeans.

Melissa on

I always go to discount places to buy my cloths. My fav is Rue 21 or steve and barry’s. Everything is in style & usually less than $20 or $30. But, I do believe that you should splurge on a good bra and underwear. Underwear can make or break and outfit! I also believe that good mascara and foundation is a must (buy the cheap eyeshadow and blush b/c it usually isn’t in style for very long anyway)!

Suzy on

I ADORE shopping at ( and I just splurged on two new dresses, a new bag, three pants, and a belt! FANTASTIC! Whenever possible, I will splurge on whatever I can.

M on

I always splurge on a new handbag that I know will be a classic and last me for years to come! I just got a new Jimmy Choo Day Clutch (a la cameron diaz…) that I can’t wait to use!
I am a huge fan of a quality pair of jeans (you can never go wrong with Seven) and the soft feel of cashmere sweaters (Jcrew has the best quality and sytle out there…).
My secret is to always have on cute shoes and your outfit with always come together.

amanda on

probably a coach bag…and something from chanel or vera wang. i’d also splurge on a GREAT pair of shoes and jeans. anything that’s good quality and makes me look good is worth splurging on.

Fay on

Splurge on a good pair of patent leather black heels in round toe or peep toe. They’re timeless and go with everything! Also every girl needs a peacoat in their closet buy it a size larger than your usual size to layer underneath, but make sure it is cut to slim. Little tunic dresses from Forever21 and Express, etc. are amazing and super easy to throw on. Also basic tees and some cute trendy items from Target are super cheap and great for styles that you know will be out in a season or two!

Jon Bodack on

I’m a boy, so I’m not exactly sure what fashion I would splurge on, but maybe on nice pants, shorts, jeans, etc. Sure, what the hell, my answer can appear in print!

corrinne on

I splurge on designer jeans from Search By Inseam ( because I can quickly find all my favorite brands in MY inseam length. Being 6′ tall, this is not an easy task. I also spend money on quality shoes that are good for my feet. Other than that, I try and get everything else on sale.

Gisele on

Hello People!! I always like to read what you put about fashion in the magazine. I myself splurge on shoes, shoes, shoes. A girls best friend is shoes and assecories. Accsesories can totally change and outfit and make it diiferent!!
Gisele Caroline Nonnenmacher Bündchen


usually i spend more on make up, shoes and jeans because i know that i will have all that for a while and i save on tops because i get sick of shirts pretty fast, so i stay trendy with tops in diff seasonal colors and styles

Aisha on

I usually splurge on jackets and shoes in the winter.Also a good scarf. I LOVEEEEEEEE SCARVES!! I usually save for stuff from H&M~ AMAZING STORE!



posh24 on

i will plurge for desinger jeans and save for forever 21 cute stuff ..

Linda on

I splurge on bags,shoes and suits. I’m a paralegal/law student and I can’t wear cheap shoes and suits going to court.

tosha on

umm well i will spend my money on clothes that i really like and i think i will get alot of wear out of and i think is unique. but if some things are expensize for example like i know im goignt o be going to this really expensize store in a couple of months i will deffinatly save up my money to go.

heather on


amy on

I love to splurge on handbags. I recentley was in italy for a vacation and bought this gorgeous pink prada purse. I love printed tees and hoodies. I also love skirts. I skimp more on belts and jeans.

Megan on

She love to shop, I can tell you that!

Julia on

shoes and sunglasses!!!

Alexa on

I love buying anything hollister or abercrombie and splurge on juicy couture and coach purses!

Kathy on

Splurge on everything. Don’t waste your money on food or drinks, buy luxurios high end labels. Lots of love to Brit S.

Blake Ann Hellandbrand on

i splurge on everything and skimp on nothing<3

Anonymous on

hilary duff tu et trop belle

Kate on

I splurge on hats, shoes, scarves, etc. But I save on jeans. The rule with jeans is that as long as they fit you fine, you don’t have to spend a lot.

Victoria on

I usually like to save on makeup, t shirts and tank tops, but i like to splurge on jeans and shoes.

yannai on

i love spending my money on shoes and earrings. but i like spending most of all is my parents’ money

Cara on

Not to hate on Forever 21, well yes I am LOL but I recently watched a special on TV. Forever 21’s factories in Southern Cali employs women from Mexico and pays them $3 an hour, not even minimum wage. These women are forced to work long hours and can barely afford to survive because it it difficult to find other jobs that will pay more. Their clothes are cute, but I will never waste my money there now that I know how they treat their workers.

selly on

i wish i could just have half her closet

Sumari on

I splurge on most things, but most notably handbags and shoes. I shop smarter at vintage stores; I’ve gotten fierce coats there for dirt cheap.

Jaenelle on

SAVE on jeans which can be dressed up or down with a nice top, heels and other accessories.

SPLURGE on the tops and shoes with which to transform the jeans.

Sophie LE on

I’m a girl from Denmark and I love to shop….. If it was up to me I would spend all my money on bags, sunglasses and shoes…. and I love jeans with wide legs just bought a pair from True Religion. By the way i’m on your internet page every single day and you guys have helped me so much fashion wise!

Karla on

Boots, sweaters, Joe’s jeans and 7 by mankind jeans are what I’ve been splurging on. Gold earrings and bangles are also on my list.

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