Hilary Duff's Back to Blonde! Love It or Hate It?

08/27/2007 at 06:00 AM ET

Steve Granitz/WireImage

We first got to know Hilary Duff as a bubbly blonde teenager in her Lizzie Maguire days, but she’s been rocking a chic (and very adult) brunette look for a while now. So when we saw her debut her newly caramel blonde hair, we didn’t know what to think! Hilary is definitely one of those rare, lucky women who can pull of any shades, thanks to her flawless skin and hazel eyes. But we want to know what you think of her new, lighter look! Tell us: Do you love Hilary back to blonde or do you miss her darker brown?

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k on

I like her both ways, but brunette looks the best.

Melisa on

I really loved her hair dark! It was beautiful and sophisticasted. She looks good either way but I loved it dark, she looked great!

Angee on

I really wish people would stop calling this shade “blonde”….its NOT…its BRUNETTE…but she does look very pretty…

lydia bella on

Hilary looks great in any shade!!! But I def- LOVE the lighter locks for the summer!!!

yasmin on

i liked her with brown hair. her hair was so rich and it complemented her eyes and skin tone. now she doesn’t look as good.

Sandra on

The color at the roots is nowhere near the same as the color at the ends. Looks like she has the best of both worlds.

katie on

i don’t like it because thats not even all blonde it looks like she dyed the tips and not everything…i like the brunette better

princesspanda on

i think she looks great both ways. i personally like the dark color

marilyne on

I just love this caramel blonde shade on hilary!
She looks stunning with any hair color anyway.

Anonymous on

She look better with blonde hair.

Alexandra, 16 on

Well it’s not really blonde, but it is definitely lighter. I think she looks great both ways, the dark hair looked great with her skin as does this new color. Good job picking hair colors Hilary!

Ariana on

i love her hair!! she looks great with any colour, i just love how the ends are blonde.

MIchelle on

Thats not blonde!,Thats more like light brown!

Rebecca on

Love the new lighter brown hair color on Hilary! I wouldn’t quite call that blonde- she looks great in any shade she’s had really,

massimo on

i love it and hilary looks fabulas!!!!!!!

Si L. on

i dont know i think she looks way way way way way better brunette, cuz you can actaully see how pretty her face is yknow.

Morgan on

wow!!! hilary looks fantastic either way, but i liked her with dark brown hair. this look is brunette on top and blonde on bottom- totally different colors!!! but its cool that she can look awesome either way. few people can!

mandy on

i think she rocks!!! any shades look perfect on her. actually, i like the dark brown better but she still looks cute

Kim I. on

THAT’S NOT BLONDE!!! It’s brown with highlighted ends. Get your eyes checked, People.

Jan on

I agree with the others here: that’s not blonde. It’s a nice light brown. Yes it could be called caramel. But I never thought caramels looked blonde. Caramel is a shade of brown. I think it looks pretty on her.

Manda on

This shade is not blonde. It’s brunette and it looks good on her. The blonde locks look good on her as well. I prefer this BRUNETTE color on her though. What she had before is called a REALLY dark brunette. lol

Manda on

That’s not blonde. It’s a light brown – same color as my own hair. It looks good though! What she had before is called “dark brown” for the people at People who haven’t looked at a color pallette lately. Not trying to sound mean, but it’s obviously not blonde.



alia on

**I agree, everyone: that is most definately not blonde….that is brown**…
…I like Hillary’s hair completely blonde the most…but she always looks cute no matter what the color:)….

*****FashionCritic on

Professional Comment —

L0V3 IT!!!!
I <3 How She Mix Brunette & Blonde Together!
Its Like The Perfect Shade 0f Golen Blonde & Rich Brown Hair!

Quartz on

Hate it! I think Hilary’d better be brunette! She was so gorgeous with hair dark!!Hilary was born to be brunette.

Kim on

It looks like she either couldn’t decide what color she wanted, or she got a bad dye job. Either way, she should pick brown or blonde but not both.

Jenn on

Explain to me how this is blonde? Looks brunette to me!

Jimmy on

I like the brunette better. Blonde was her childhood/teen color, and obviously she’s broken free from that “sweet girl next door” image and entered a more mature, classy image. I like that, and her change of hair color from blonde to brunette emphasizes her own mature transition. SO STAY BRUNETTE GIRL!!

kaci on

she is soooooo pretty! amazingly pretty! and the darker brunette was so cute and sophisticated on her, this look’s also cute but i don’t like her blonde.. so better stay in brown shades hilary!!

Michelle on

Am I looking at the wrong picture? I don’t consider this blonde.

nicoleann63 on

looks liske brown to me

kevin on

I love it!
she look’s so great and refreshing
she’ve a beautifull skin and eyes that matched with her hair I think she looks great with everything!
And OMG love the dress of teen choice awards and I’m so glad she won I voted for her like a hundred times she is the best singer
and I love every single project that she is into

unknown on

that is not blonde..its brown with dark blonde tips….whoever thinks this is blonde is color blind

katie on

I agree with angee..thats def. not blonde!! but its still pretty

Jenna on

Ughh, STOP SAYING ITS NOT BLONDE! Its called Carmel Blonde! Geezzz…

Hilary looks fabulous anyway! I perfer Brown though!

Claira Harper on

She looks so much better with blonde hair! She needs to go even lighter. The dark hard makes her features look hard. She needs to soften them with more blonde highlights. I don’t think that she is near as pretty with dark hair.

Carol on

She looks amazing with this shade! The brunette was so harsh on her soft skin. She now looks like a very sophisticated teen.

Sara on

Hilary’s GOT to be brunette! She shakes of her high-school-girl and looks a lot more grown up like this!

Nicole on

I wish that she would go back to her hair color when she was on Lizzie McGuire! I mean, I know she is a lot older and stuff, but I think if she cut her hair shoulder length and went back to that color she would look AMAZING! Even though she looks GREAT now!!!



lillie on

thats totally NOTTT blonde. it brunette. Blondes shouldnt get praised for this hott BRUNETTE color.

anywayys, i like it.=]

Trisha on

i personally like her better with blonde hair, but her hair isn’t even fully blonde, it’s just the roots.

sugardaisy on

You call this blonde?? Whatever this rather indistinct hair color is, I don’t like it. She looks ok with very dark hair, but she looks absolutely wonderful with light blonde hair, like she was just born to be blonde!!

Daniela on


Frida on

That is not blonde, people.

marissa on

this shade is still brunette its just a lighter brown. But I do think Hil looks better as a brunette.

sugardaisy on

She looks MUCH better blonde….but not this mousy brown shade!! This is not blonde. Dark brown didn’t go well with her skin tone. I predict she will be back to light blonde before long!

Madison on

I dont know i guess i like it , i think she’s pretty no matter what she wears or what her hair looks like …

c on

i agree with angee. lol this isnt blonde. and i think she looks cute.

fashion expert on

She doesn’t look blonde in that pic TO ME!!

Laura on

This is NOT blonde. Open your eyes. This is a lighter brunette. I think she looked better darker actually.

Mary Jane on


none on

This looks awful, go blonde or brunette please.

anonymous on

i really wouldnt call that blonde… but i like it better darker

Emilee on

Honestly, I like the color. I think Hilary is one of the fewest that can pull off almost any color. I loved her as a blonde, and when she changed her hair color to a dark black color I was disappointed, but the color really grew on me and it really made her pretty eyes stand out. I believe with her eyes, brown tones really compliment her, and goes beautifully with her skin. The shades of brown really work for Hilary, and hopefully she’ll stay in this range. Blonde shades didn’t look terrible on Hilary neither, I just prefer the browns on her. I like the medium shade of brown on the top and the lighter brown at the bottom, the contrast is very pretty on her, and her eyes still shine bright, and the shades of her hair goes great with her skin tone.

I think she would look good with honey tones in her hair and a nice chocolate brown with caramel highlights or she could opt for a nice golden blonde with highlights and lowlights to make her look refreshed.

Anonymous on

I think she should do what ever color see wants brunette, blond, red whatever

camille on

brunette is way better for her skin tone. She’s too light for blonde

camille on

blonde’s cute but she looks way better in brunette because she’s too light for blonde.

Susan on

She is really pretty with both hair colors but with the blonde hair she look healthier..She someone that people look up to and she needs to set a good example for her fans..she looks very nice!! i love the blonde!

Desiree on

I don’t think this color is actually blond. It looks more like her dark brown faded to a light brown so I would still consider this brunette. I do think that the brown shades look best on her though.

GW on

I love her hair darker. Light is just ok. It makes her more mysterious and sophisticated. It really accentuates her facial features too.

~!~@ngEl~!~ on

she looks cute with blond hair,but she looks better with brunette

Alex on

She looks better with the dark hair, because it looks more natural and with the dark hair she doesn’t look like every other It-Girl in Hollywood!!!

Summer on

Yeah this is definately brunette… But I think it looked better darker.. Brought out her eyes more…

Summer on

Yeah, this is definately not blonde… It is brunette… But I still liked it better darker.. Brought out her eyes more.. But this is better than blonde hands down!

JoJo on

Honestly, Hilary looks much better as a brunette, she looks more mature, hot (lol), but I love her anywayz.

Anne on

she beautiful blonde,brunete,blue,green ;))…she such a sweet girl…i love her in any shade :D…she rocks!

Sam on

Sorry… but this isnt really all that blonde! Am I wrong? She looked better with the darker brunette though. She looks awesome both ways though. I dont like how its darker at the top and gets lighter as it goes down… it looks kinda tacky.

Elizabeth on

They were right when they called this color caramel, but it is definitely not blonde. This is brunette and it looks fabulous. She’s absolutely beautiful and any color looks great, but as far as I see, she has not colored her hair blonde at all. It’s just a lighter golden shade of brunette.

marisa on

I like her with brown hair if you look her hair matches her eye color. She looks good.

Jamie on

Brunette is her real color.. so brunette looks the best on her

Ashley on

I do like her hair darker it makes her look older and more sophisticated. But that is not blonde.

Gemma on

thats definitley NOT blonde thats is sooo brunette!

Leslie on

Truthfully, I see no difference in her hair color. She tries to seem all rock-girl like Avril Lavigne but she can’t pull it off. She still hasn’t rubbed off her “America’s Sweetheart” image no matter how much belly-dancing she does in her music vids.

SaraM on

It looks too dark to be blonde. I don’t like this shade of “blonde” at all- on anyone.

Angela on

I think she looks great like this! She pretty much rocks all her looks so I don’t care what she is as long as she doesn’t go crazy – like pink and blue.

dammi on

she look so beautiful with blonde hair..

i luv u hil!! =D

vanessa on

i think hilary looks beautiful with any hair color!! i her look!!!

Wanda on

I admire her for going two-toned but I really prefer the brunette, who needs another blonde?

Lauren on

omg i dont care wat her hair looks like i love her anyway she does it!

M on

This isn’t blonde hair?

Susan on

Blonde? Where’s the Blonde? That picture is brunette.

Leslie on

Who says this is blond? Her color is dark brunette with a lighter shade starting at her ear. Either way she looks cute, though.

nikki on

i like both but brunette is better for her.

bee on

this is a beautiful middle-ground for her. the bleach blonde and dark-dark brown are too harsh. this, is perfect!

♥ rosie on

I love Hil’s hair either way, but I preferred it dark..I don’t blame her for wanting to lighten things up, though!

Camille on

I like the lighter look. But I think that she’s georgeous blonde and brunette. Both colours go well with her. But the lighter look is better for summer

cece on

hate it

Mary on

Honestly, Hilary Duff looks better than most of us both ways. She’s one person that can pull off virtually any hair color.

peyton on

I like Hilary’s hair even blonder!!! But so much better than the darker brunette look!!

Lizzie on

Blonde is soooooooooo much better for Hil cuz she looks younger and more refreshed!

195 on

I like the light brown hair, much better!

Anonymous on

that doesnt look blonde.

Anna on

i like it both ways

Fatema Daruwala on

Hilary looks good in any hair color. I definately miss her brunette locks but people always need a change after a little while. Hilary, you rock!

Mel on

I love her more as a brunette personally.
But she looks great both colours! No Fair!

Rose on

I think hilary looks good in any color hair. But I love the new caramal color look!!

filhad on

i personally like her in brunette cause she looks more sultry and sexy. but gotta say the blond streaks adds some chic persona!

Desi on

Well first of all Hilary’s Hair is not Blond right now it is still brunette. But I think she looks good either way. She can pull them both off really good.

shayla on

i like her hair like that id like it dark :]]

CJ on

I luvved Hilary as a dark Brunette! i really hate her hair this color!!

Alexa on

Wow, I love this!! I think it’s a little more brown but w.e. i absolutely love the way it looks like it is coming in darker slowly. it looks so natural and beatiful. YAYY hilary!!

Myrna on

I lovee Hilary with anyyy hair color :) she can pull off anything! i really like her as a brunette because it makes he looks more mature :) im goin to see her in concert tomorrow nightt! soo excited<3

Anonymous on

her hair looks gross in that picture. i think she needs to add some highlights on top to look a little more normal

Carrie on

It just looks like the color is fading and I agree that is not blonde, it’s brunette still. Not much of a change to even make a story about!

Call Me! on

HATE IT!!! brunette on her is how its meant to be!

massimo on

i love them both!

Joanna on


yoness on

i really like it the way she has it now =D nice choice hil

Beth on

Ok so I thought when Hilary went dark at first I didn’t like it but now it’s the best look for her… She looks sooo fresh and I think her hair now makes her look washed out… Maybe if she goes all blonde I could like it better but I think she should stay with dark colors for now and anyway it’s about to be fall…. Dark colors are def in for fall season!!!

Sarah on

I think Hilary looks awesome either way..she can basically pull out any colour on her skin..and I think she’s also a great role model and also I think her new BEAU IS REALLY HOT!!!I LOVE U HIL!!!!!!!!!I WENT TO UR CONCERT HERE IN CALGARY AUGUST.31.ST AND IT WAS AWESOME!!!U ROCK!!!!!

emily on

i admire her no matter what, and i always have. so of course i like her new ( or old ) look. she is amazing

maria on

i like her with blond the best but not the blond she has now i liked the color when it was lighter

caroline on

I prefer Hilary with brown hair

Franxster on

Personaly I like it when celebs dont die there hair at all!!! Im kind of a hippy!

~ - ) on

I like Hilary’s hair the brunette better than the blonde. The blonde was nice on her too, but with the personality now the brunette is better.

rochelle on

the color makes her hair look messy and noty

Charlotte on


agb on

I loved her as a blonde much better choice

agb on

it needs to be much lighter, and thats all that i will say

Gabby on

I love hilary duff shes so pretty and shes a great role model

natasha on

thats not brunette and n e way brunette

Cassie on

it looks nothing like blonde, but i prefer the darker brunette colour on Hil

huyhu on

i think she looks better with blond hair, when she got blond hair she is so gute

Physical_girl on

i like black hair.

abby on

i think she looked much better darker and she should stop changing it

hilaryduffluva on

i think hilary duff look better in brunette she looks more cuter but if she thinks blonde is nice then she looks good to but i perfer brunette

hilaryduffluva on

i like her with brunette

PrincessFrancesca on

i think that hillary looks better with blonde hair and i’m happy that she is starting to go back. i think this is a good look for her.

Brittni on

I love it caramel blonde but she also looked good with brown hair too! she looks great with any colour hair!

Anca on

i just love her so much :X:X…she s my fav :X:X…honestly i like her blonde:D…she looks so sweet blonde…she looks more like a women dark….as blonde she looks like an angel :)…but i like her both ways

Single on

I think she looks great both ways
but brunette is better for her

Emerald on

this color makes her eyes pop.
I think she looks great with both though.

rachel on

hilary looks good with any look i think. i just don’t want to see something OUT THERE. like black//beach blond. thats just not herrr. :] <3 ily.

danilo on


Ally on

She looks good both ways but i think i like her better blonde.

Flor on

really, she looks perfect with both looks!!…
She’s awesomee!!

I prefere Blonde =P

Arely on

Hilary is beutiful blonde or brunette!! =D

Anca on

i want her blonde again!cinderella story blonde :X:X:X:

Lena on

I love the way it looks now. Not too blond, not to dark =D

Juliette on

I love this hair on her because its not the dark she had before but not the blonde she had on Lizze McGuire

shelby on

it is good in both ways

hannahh on

Blonde!!! as brunette she looks like a 30 year old woman!!!!she hasn’t a so beautiful face to wear chestnut, she needs blonde hair to be very pretty

xgfdg on

i love the brunett but the blond is ok

Julie on

Even though Hilary’s hair is naturally blond I prefer her as a rich dark brunette.

If you are a blond with dark brown eyes you’ll look good as a brunette because then you’ll eyes will pop that’s what it did to Hilary. Now since her hair is a caramel color her eyes look like they’ve changed too. It doesn’t seem like she sticks out as much as she did with being that edgy rocker chick.

Either way Hilary looks stunning.

Kim on

i like her hair both ways but it is better when it is burnette

maddie on

i think she looks great either way although i do like her hair dark!

Patricia on

Hilary Duff is amazing no matter what, but I liked the brunette look better on her, it made her EVEN more mature. Either way, it still looks okay

fiona on

i think that lighter look suits her. I think she suits any colour but she is better blonde i think.

tori on

i love her with really dark brown hair better then blonde or light brown hair, because she looks older and more sophisticated!!

pinky on

brunnette looks way better but sometimes its better if u stick with natural colours

Anonymous on

gah that aint even blond that is brown and leave the poor girl alon its her flippen hair who cares wat everyone else thinks


but shes perrty anyways wat ever she does to her hair

Allison on

I think that Hilary should go back to her natural color. I think that most people look better in their natural hair color rather then it being died. I believe that people are born with a certain hair color because it suits them and I know that some of it is genetics! BUT STILL!!! LOL

Lindsay on

blonde looks really good on her, & so does brown but i think blonde is more crazy fun

Bia on

I agree with Angee, that´s not blonde!But she does look great in this shade!Loved it!

cherfer on

I do not call that blonde. Her hair is brown.

Meg on

i liked her so much better blonde and when she turned brunette i stopped paying attention but in this picture it is not blonde at all but blonde would be better

zena on

hey hillary im a big fan of urs

i love every thing on u and

every thing matches u but

how u looked before was

way better!!!!!!!!!!………………

take my advice!!!!!

are u??????????????

nd u still u look perfect of wat eva u do to ur


i’ll still be ur #1 FAN


by mwa love yu cya tc



Liz on

who cares what her hair color is! – she is the most insperational role model EVER! – she is amazing – im honored to listen to her music – i hope she NEVER changes into anyone thats not herself cause she is amazing

stylenews.peoplestylewatch.com on

Hilary duffs back to blonde love it or hate it.. Outstanding :)

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