Should J. Lo Hem Her Pants?

08/24/2007 at 06:00 AM ET

Anthony Dixon/WENN

Jennifer Lopez has always been a fashion risk-taker, but this time, we’re actually worried about her physical well being! We spotted Jennifer on her way to cast dancers in N.Y.C. in a not only an adorable vest and a drool-worthy crocodile purse, but also pants that totally cover her feet! We know that Jennifer can balance in stiletto heels on ice, but can she really walk in those slacks without tripping and falling? We don’t think we could manage that feat at all, but we want to know if you could! Tell us: Would you wear pants as long as Jennifer? Do you think she should shorten hers?

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Mandi on

UHHH YEAH… that looks ridiculous

Princess on

Umm yeah she should hem them…unless she wants to trip.

MN on

Those pants are something that might have worked in 1995 on a 15 year old. Now, they just look ill fitting and sloppy. Surely she can afford to have them taken up a touch!

Daniela on

Yes..I think her pants are too long!

SpicyG on

YES! Those pants are kind of cute (for high waisted) but look terrible unhemmed. She usually has a great sense of style but she misses the mark this time. (I used to have an outfit just like this one in the 70’s — white shirt, jean vest and high-waisted, wide-leg jeans.)

Sonya on

Yuck I dont like the way that looks at all!

Denise on

Yes, she should hem her pants.

Molly on

Geeesh – Is she smuggling a chihauhau into a restaurant in those things? I’m all for long pants, but this is ridiculous!

Elodie on

I love Jlo, really really really, but I think she did that because her legs are short and, It’s a mean to appear as “longer”… It’s not a good idea to me, I love to wear long pants, but not as long as her !!! It’s too much, It’s pretty when we see a part af shoes…

I love all the rest of what she wears… She’s so glamorous and beautiful…

ctg1989 on

Is this an attempt to make JLo look taller? It doesn’t work. I’ll be waiting for the U-Tube clip of her falling down after her fashion disaster. Get a seamstress and hem those pants!

Josie on

I must agree the pants are way too long I mean I love Jennifer’s style but this is just ridiculous!

rockysalsa on

I really like her style, but I think she looks rediculous in those pants.

LB on

Oh yeah. Those are about 3 inches to long. Come on now celebs, what r u thinking???

Cindy on

yeap, definetively too lonnnggggg!

Tracy on

Eh, with the heels she has on this outfit doesn’t look all that great… Perhaps if the legs were a bit wider at the bottom it would look great! I don’t hate it, but it just looks a bit awkward…

KiTtY on


Billie on

Someone please get her a seamstress….

Rebecca on

Yes she should hem them! That’s an accident waiting to happen, not to mention they look terrible being so ridiculously long. Otherwise, she looks great- love the vest.

Deedra on

Yes she does. She looks horrible!

Veronica on

In the 70’s it was fashionable to wear pants that covered your feet. As a matter of fact, if your feet were visible, your pants were too short.

Cheryl on

Ouch!…I can just see her falling…hem the pants just a little.

HLS on

No, J. Lo! Your fashion choices are usually right on, but you struck out on this one. Your pants make your legs look broken and deformed, and your blouse is too tight.

melissa on

Why are women’s jeans so long anyway. I’m a size 2 and when I get jeans, the inside leg is 36 inches long. What size 2 person (other than a model) has legs 36 inches long. It’s ridiculous that I have to have every single pair of jeans that I buy altered.

Theresa on

I love the outfit but the pants are way too long and the purse is too big as well.

Sandra on

That makes her look horrible, like she has disfigured feet or something. The pants aren’t bad but they need to be hemmed badly.


I wear my pants long, but thats just ridiculous!!! & J.Lo usually has such cool shoes…

KJ on

JLO has always known style and always looks GREAT!! I would have to say this time is not one of my favorites, she definitely needs to roll those pants up or cuff them shorter. That is dangerous and it looks just ridiculous so I would have to say I would never floss that look.

E.C on

Just think how dirty her trousers would get walking down the street with them on – especially in a place like New York!

Sara on

I love Jennifer Lopez and he changing style. This is out there she needs to hem those pants and dress like the women we know and love…

Stacey on

Yes I think she should hem her pants. Who wants to walk around looking like they have hooves for feet anyway? I think this is the most rediculous look.

Jan on

It makes the bottom of her legs look like a horse’s.

Jenna on

J-Lo, get a clue. It looks like you have no feet! Why do Celebs dress so riduculous!

michelle on

What is the name of thedesigner who did this bag that JLo is wearing?

Sunny on

She should get it adjusted. She can afford that purse she surely have $20 to pay the tailor.

Kayla on

She looks so ridiculous. And to think that those are probably a $300 pair of jeans…I’d be pissed if I was the designer.

Kristi P 47 on

Needs to hem her pants to show her cute shoes. J Lo at this point were not sure you even have feet.

Ayzlin on

The pants ook awful. Thank goodness she’s pretty!

Tara on

Argh! Are you joking?! Not only are the pants too long, they’re just plain ugly. Photos from the waist up only please! What are you thinking JLo?!!

Elda on

she looks stupid period from head to toe, i’m glad her new movie bombed!!!!

Lori on

I know she’s always fashionable, but those pants are totally ridiculous. Definatley not a trend I’d be into!

Marianne on

It looks ridiculous. Like she has no feet.

Jessica on


O'Wryly on

I’m trying not to think about the god knows what that she’s dredging up from those filthy sidewalks … too disgusting to even contemplate. Her entire outfit looks ridiculous but when doesn’t it? She’s not exactly the epitome of fashion success.

Frugalfashiongirl on

She is hiding her platform shoes under there…and not very well. It isn’t easy being small :(

lil' ski on

wat was she thinking her legs look all frumpy and elephant-like

Mel on

It looks like her ankles are broken — Hilarious!

Venessa DeRenzi on

Jennifer Lopez can wear anything she wants and will still look amazing..

sil on

what is she thinking?? that is so not fashionable. is she trying to make a statement cause I don’t get it.

megan on

She looks like Elton John!

JimsWife on

She looks goofy as heck! hahahha

Sue on

I don’t get fashion at all. So whatever is “new” no matter how ugly is considered trendy? I mean, I still don’t like legging pants, they make everyone look fat.

No on

she looks like she’s walking on stilts and those sticks are for the circus.

Ivey on

Hell no!!! You didn’t. Your stylist should be fired immediately!!!That is a no no for a person of your calibre. Not only is it ugly it is very dangerous. If you fell, you could knock out your front teeth and i hate to think what you would look like

Kelsey on

YYEESS! Those are horible. i love the pants but the bottem just ruins them. She needs to get them himmed!

Dorothy on

Wow that is butt ugly. I know that JL has guite a few fashion mishaps but this is just an absolute NO.

Ana on

The pants are kinda funny (lighten up everybody), but at least everything else looks great!

Anonymous on

This makes her look like she is wearing stilts. And not in a good way.

victoria on

she used to dress so nice!!! what the hell was she thinking?

Reuben on

I think she looks a little bit way over the edge.She should helm it.She’d look better in it

Ermynee on


k on

eurghh!!!!! please fix ur pants!!!

Malolijepa on

Maybe with some heels it would have looked a little better, but hemming would be a good choice.

shopaholic on

Is it me or do her feet look like deer hoofs? way too long…too wierd. not one of her best looks. the only thing i’d keep from this pic is maybe her bangles.

Anonymous on

oh wow… thats ridiculous…. i know that she probably wants to start a trend or whatever… but seriously?? come on

Pamela on

Leave it to Jlo to ruin yet another great out fit by adding her own wierd twist…again this does not work.

leslie on

ewww..i don’t like the pants on her…she should definitly shorten them!

drama diva on

c’om on j wat is this ,r u wearing 100 $ shoes,is it realy thAT bad that u have 2 cover up

Kathryn on

yes i think they are to long. but she just has to hem them so you can see her shoes a little.

sassyandcute on

oh my gosh!where can i get jlo’s’s gorgeous.

adriana on

Here in DC, I see all of these girls wearing their slacks like that in the summer heat to work on the metro. It’s back. People are doing it and it can be cute in fashionable way, but can you really walk? JLO is a fashion icon and I respect what she wears always. Don’t be jealous girls.

Elizabeth on

OK…is she hiding stilts under those pants, or what? How can you look in the miror with those on & say “Wow, I look hot”? Scary!

Inez on

HEM girl HEM!!!!!

issy on

why? Just why ?

erin on

she looks like one of those crazy guys that walks around on their stilts!!!

michelle on

ummm yeah…. tht looks sooo dumb. it wud look cute if it wuz hemmed. come one j lo wut were u thinkin wearin tht like tht??

MCyrus on

I kinda like it! if they were a little shorter i think jlo culd get away with it!

Tina on

I love Jennifer, but I don’t like the way she looks with her pants….to long.

Anonymous on

the bottoms remind me of horse hooves.

lilly on

omg im afraid she is gonna fall! i mean there cute jeans….. but shorten them jenny

Sara on

Carefully, u might tumble && fall!

Willow on

Well, I guess that’s one way to get back into the tabloids lol….ew

Sheerilee on

Hurry get a needle and thread. She’s about to fall. No I wouldn’t wear them.

Lola on

Those pants look so weird like that! They look like hand puppets to me! I hope she hems them!

Penelope Vasquez on

Oh. my. Goth. she can do whatever she wants. don’t you dare insult my homie g. i ♥♥♥ her jeans just the way they are!!! oh my goth!

p.s. : i’m her tailor, so don’t you go badmouthing me!

hsm4life on

i know rhat was trendy in the ’70’s but news flash – this isn’t the ’70’s

Mattie on

Definately. Those are way too long and she could easily trip

Crystal on

The pants make her look funny, like her feet are missing or something. They definately don’t look right.



Stacy on


hot perlita on

nopeee she walked like for 5 mins what for?

Heather O'Bannon on

I’m curious what her shoes look like! Jen, just make ’em just a couple inches shorter so we can see the shoes!!

Corrinne on

Yes, she needs to hem them or buy the right inseam upfront! I did a post on finding a good & inexpensive tailor here, but I think Jennifer can afford whatever it costs to have these hemmed. :)

nikki on

ya it just looks stupid and she looks like a poser!So dumb what celeb wear somethimes

Becca on

it looks like someone cut off the bottom of her legs. They really need to be himmed. Don’t get me wrong I think she is one of the best dressers out there but she made a big mistake.

Katherine on

I wouldnt wear those pants, but I think that JLo looks totally sexy in those pants

DK on

I would like to see her trip so yeah, keep them on.. but seriously, hem them or we can call her J-Thug….

Lucy on

Its needs a little hemming but I think most of u gals are jealous.She is good at what she does esp fashion so get over it.

AV on

She looks like she is standing on stilts….she definately needs to trim them.

Amelia on

That just looks ridiculous! Note to Jennifer, when you can’t see your own feet, hem pants.

kk on


Claire on

It looks like she has some sort of crooked leg disease! What on earth was she thinking?? It’s horrible. They need some major fixing up!

Connie on

Nasty!!! ohhh yeah she needs hem her pants!!!

Sonia on

Umm…. yeah! That is definitely not a fashion combat!

Adrienne on

The pants make her look like she has a fake foot on. I can’t stand this look.

Daniela on


sugardaisy on

She looks like such a dork

c on

thats hella looongg!!!! she definitely hasta hem them.

Chantel on

She looks like a horse with blue legs.
the ends remind me of hooves.

none on

yes,this looks drop dead AWFUL

JoyzG on

Wait a minute…this woman is not Jen at all! This could never be her…just check out this woman’s face closely…lol

mimi on

Totally, is so long. saw those in mall but cuter almost bought them

SJH on

I agree that she’s gone out on a fashion limb, I’m sure this will be the biggest rage this fall and everyone will follow suit. J-Lo is by far the biggest trendsetter.

Linda on

Her pants look sloppy. Definitely hem them.

~!~@ngEl~!~ on

ewwww…..she’s preety but i HATE the way she looks here.

Summer on

What you don’t think it would be funny if she tripped? I say leave em alone!

mochie on

maybe she forget to bring her taylor in her purse :P

rachel on

her pants are cute but really trendy, only some people can pull it off. i think j lo has it.

Sammmiy on

OMG YES! This is so not the look she shoulb be going for! It gave me a nice laught though!

Lily on

are u serious???
she obviously looking for attention so she can fall then the press will be all over her. Its obviously just for publicity.

Leslie on

JLO usually looks gorgeous in whatever she wears, but to pull this off she needs stilts. She’s casting DANCERS, and if they asked her to dance in this outfit, it’s pretty impossible.

Tara on

Her pants make it look like she has hoofs for feet

Michelle on


SeasonsChange on

Those pants would have looked FABULOUS on her, if only she had had them cuffed and hemmed to the proper length! It looks as if she has no feet!


She definetly needs to hem those pants, they are too long and i dont think she will be growing any time soon!

roserocks on

i heart them and don’t care what ANYONE THINKS!

roserocks on

I heart them and I don’t care what anyone else thinks the pants rock and so does JLo!

Meghan on

Where does her legs end and the sidewalk begin???

That looks rediculous…

Leanna on

Are her feet under the cement? Oh, there they are!!!

andrea on

one word!!

” UGLY!!”

cece on


ShooShoo on

omg that looks ridiculas!!!!

peyton on

I so dislike J. Lo’s pants that long. I think she should most definitely shorten them as she is way too beautiful to look sloppy.

195 on

Looks stupid. She has the money, so why not get them hemmed?

Lizzie on

Yeah,but for safety reasons.She could hurt herself!!!!

Heather on

it looks like shes wearing stilts

Ellie on

Um.. yea… i think it looks weird i mean the out fit is cute but come on! seriously you cant even see her shoes… not the best choice

Just Me on

She needs stilts!

linzie on

no I think Jen is perfect and can pull off everything!!! it looks good and im sure thats the style she was going for! and the next thing you know its going to be a trend!

Desi on

Well I think those pants look terrible. She has the money to get them hemmed, So why not Go to the tailor and have them hemmed? In my opinion, her pants are way to long!!!, no question about it.

Brenda on

I think that is an understatement. They are really cute but, come on. She looks like she has no feet. Whoever told her this looks cool, needs some fashion help.


WOW – 1970’s did come back. That was the look back then and it appers to be the look once again. She needs a string of chunky colored beads and a headband to fit right back into the 70’s. The pants should not be hemmed, leave as they are for the retro look.

Brigid on

I’m not understanding what type of “look” she is going for with these trousers, why the extra 5 inches? But hey… you know how designers are they can wear the craziest things and then judge others on how they look.

CS on

Haha, she looks like she’s wearing stilts. A definite fashion don’t!

CourtneyAlyssa on

haha she look kinda like a hippie. =]

stabz on

yh…that looks absolutely ridiculous which is sad cz i love jlo

Tear on

Good heavens, she should be able to aford someone to hem them for her!

That looks sloppy!

Claire on

She kind of looks like a horse… get that girl a tailor!

lukuana on

jennifer lopez u always look sweet even if some thing look bad and u wear it u bring it out i love u jo lo.

maria on

she looks realll wierd and i dont really like the shades

Anonymous on

it lookslike she has hooves not feet

Catherine on

ya, the outfit is adorable and it goes great, but the pants are a bit too long!

massimo on


Beck on

She Looks like she’s walking on stilts. Where is her clown posse and th rest of the circus??

Tatiana on

I think that anythings she wears looks good on her. The purse is beatifull!!!The jeans may be a litle bit long,but it is ok, it is not a big deal!!!

~ - ) on

She should totally hem them. It looks like she has big shoes on

Mia on

I think they look awesome. I actually have 2 pair like that and I love them.

rochelle on

yes and those glass r big for her faces like her pants

Christine on

I love J.Lo but it looks stupid, since she got married her style has changed.

Gigi on

Vanessa Hudgens from HSM and HSM2 wears insanely long dresses for her size and no one tells her anything, we can NEVER see her shoes so why is every one complaining about ONE of jlo’s pants
Jen always has GREAT style

Junie on

She looks like her legs are broken with those horrible long pants. Plus those sunglasses are horrible!

Samanntha on

Yes this look very odd. And you can’t even see her shoes.

Emerald on

Yes…you can’t even see her shoes but maybe that’s what she wanted?

ekp on

definitely, she’s only sweeping the sidewalk!!!

Tru on

I like Jennifer Lopez, and I love her style, but YES she NEEDS to hem the pants up a bit. When the pants are at the point where they’re dragging on the ground {why would she wanna ruin them?}, you should really hem them a bit. I’d be afraid that my shoe would get underneath my pants and make me trip and fall. Also, these are probably the most decent pair of high-waisted jeans I’ve seen {I’m not a fan of them}. Also those sunglasses look like bug eyes, especially since Jennifer’s hair is style that way, it really makes her forehead big and the sunglasses doesn’t look any better. She should have done a side-swept bang if she was gonna wear those sunglasses, so she could cover the forehead and condense how big the sunglasses were.

Adelaquin on

heehee her feet kinda remind me of horse feet.. they would be cute if they were high waisted, but J Lo… Hem those babies!!

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