Get the Look: Angelina's Luxe Accessories

08/24/2007 at 05:00 PM ET


We love the simplicity of Angelina Jolie‘s style — from her pencil skirts to her trench coats, she is the epitome of quiet elegance. So when she stepped out today with her family in Manhattan, our eyes went right to her stylish accessories (Sorry, Zahara!). We’ve spotted her Valentino braided leather shoulder bag on stars like Claire Danes and Jennifer Garner before, but we still love it. And forget trendy white or red sunglasses — Angelina opts for classic oversized Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses to cover her famous eyes. The ultimate accessory is, of course, her beautiful family — Brad Pitt is just out of the frame on Angelina’s left!

Get Angelina’s purse for $1695 at, or get the look for less with this Mae & J bag, $55 at Love her sunglasses? Get her Dolce & Gabbana shades for $214 at, or get the look for less with these “Twiggy” glasses, $13 at

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Jenna on


dawn on

I”m sorry i know she has money and all that but 1695 for a purse. Or 214 for sunglass that are non prescribed? I know she probably was given all these items for advertising them most of these stars are walking ad boards.

Cheryl on

I just love this bag!…but $1700..don’t think so…i have to work too hard for my money.

xxx on

I love her style.

be on

Cute bag and sunglasses .

hope on

She looks awesome.

didi on

The question is not about her weight, she‘s not too thin on this pic. I don’t buy any magazine, except people magazine ,if they something on Jolie – Pitt family. I love everything about her and she will remain one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Anonymous on

**That’s a gorgeous purse…I love love love her style—so city-chic and put together, but still comfortable…
…This is my all-time favorite celeb family—they are all adorable and incredibly giving…god bless them:)

BTW: I’m Lovin’ the D&G shades;)….

misty on

She looks fabulous.

And those commenting about her weight,, you don’t know her, you did not weigh her so take your ignorance elsewhere.

katie on

The dress is not quiet elegance if it makes her look like a scarecrow. That kind of denial is not helping her. I know she must be mourning her mother’s passing, but for her children’s sake, she needs a dietician’s help.

joan on

Jenna, do not believe these gossip rags or photos from these rags. They are airbrushed or put in bad light to showcase extremes. Do you see Angie’s arms, they are toned, dear. Also, she may have lost few pounds, but if you see her old photos, she always had very skinny arms and legs. Look at 2001, when she was most toned from Tomb Raider series. Her arms are stil skinny. It’s quite shame that you wouldn’t acknowledge her suffering from her mother and best friend’s death. It seems as if you wish she is dying. Really sad.

Tammy C. on

I agree, I can think of TONS better things to spend $1695 on considering I just spent $235 to get my 3yo daughter a pair of PRESCRIPTION eyeglasses. Why can’t Angie hold an auction of all her “Freebies” and donate to her favorite orphanges?

shopaholic on

Don’t like the dress. Looks too big on her. I like the shades. the purse is ok. I am not a fan of angelina’s. any woman that messes with a married man is off my list. i think the whole affair think took her beauty away. she has no class.

hope on

Why can’t Angie just not buy anything for herself with the money she worked hard for. If she wears something simple she is trying to make people believe she doesn’t like expensive, if she buys something expensive she should think about people who pay that amount for necessity. She can’t win. Back to the original topic, she looks fabulous.

ccb on

A beautiful woman with great taste BUT like so many actressses are in their PAINFULLY thin phase AGAIN !!!! Come on ladies, get real.

Nat on

I’m sorry but since when do humanitarians wear $1700 dollar purses. Who cares about extremes like $15000 purses, I mean do you expect any better from the woman who raised Paris Hilton.I can’t stand the greedy and selfish but Kathy Hilton is what she is and doesn’t pretend to be some kind of saint who stands up against world poverty(that is in no way excusing her lavish ridiculous lifestyle).

Angelina Jolie is a complete HYPOCRITE. She has her own airplane, several mansions and unbelievably expensive posesssions (hmmmm just like a Hilton) yet she preaches about third world poverty and goes to press coferences about world poverty wearing $1000+ dollar accesories and expensive designer clothes. Growing up with a mother who actually dedicated her life to helping poverty and spending years in Africa I have met many real humanitarians. This Bergdorf Goodman toting celeb is not the real deal. TRUST ME.

Try to understand that in a world full of need, full of starving children a $1700 purse is an unacceptable waste wether she bought it or was given it. NOTHING on earth prevents her from actually walking the walk she so proudly talks and living modestly. There are plenty of attractive inexpensive purses this woman could wear.
She should really try to set a better example since sadly so many look up to her. Personaly I’ve met better people to look up to.

Ming on

Please also send a letter to Bill Gates and Melinda Gates for living in their enormously wealthy homes and travelling on private jets, or at least flying first class commercially. They too are hypocritical.

We should all praise the Beckhams etc for not being hypocrites spending all their money on themselves.

As for Angelina’s weight, actually the nutritionist wrote to say she was misquoted. anyone with any knowledge of health, can see Angelina is around 125lbs and quite within normal range. I like her style very much, its elegant and practical for the public figure and mother that she is. She reminds me very much of Audrey Hepburn, another very very slender lady who is a style icon for more than a generation.

kim on

Nat, so you would like Angie more if she just spend her money on herself and her family, don’t do charity work, don’t speak out against world ills?

Or would you like her more if she and her family lived my average Americans (poor folks) and give away all her money to the poor people? What would that do? Angie and Brad’s charity work is not about alleviate one person’s poverty, but finding a lasting solution to eliminating world poverty altogether. Whether you admit it or not, Angie has brought attention to Refugee crisis.

She is spending her time doing good work instead of partying or tanning. So, give it a rest already. It’s great you admire average folks who do charity work, but it doesn’t mean you cannot admire celebs who are using their fame for good causes. You can do both.

mimi on

um soo angie should donate the clothes of her back too right? helping others doesnt mean you cant live yourself…at least she cares enough to actually do something instead of sitting on her butt all day and buy thing like so many others. get over it folks!

alia on

Whatever, Angie haters …
…I’d like to know if you all give one third of your income to charity, adopt and do charity work every month…

You people are just ignorant if you think she cannot spend some extra money on a bag from the income that she has earned—let her live her life and stop judging just because she’s wearing a pricey (yet, gorgeous) purse…

Your “Angie should’t buy anything b/c that’s not giving to charity!” comments disgust me…

She is a wonderful person and mother~~~God Bless this family~~~

Princess on

She looks great as always. If she wants to spend $1800 on a purse that’s her perrogative and who’s to say that she didnt get those items for free.

Why would anyone be complaining about the cost of her purse anyway? This is a woman that gives her time and money to charities around the world and people still are jealous of her. Too bad that most people are missing the big picture here…and it’s not about her weight or how much she spent on a purse…geez.

Mary on

Give it up, Nat. This is the 2nd time I’ve seen you complain about Angelina. Just because she wants to help others does not mean that she should be forced to give up her lifestyle. This isn’t a socialist system, you know. Socialism runs counter to human nature and never works in practice.

I donate money to my church, alma mater, the arts, etc, but buy and wear $500 shoes. Does this make me a hypocrite too? The fact that Angelina devotes her spare time to charitable causes speaks highly of her. How many other celebrities that are doing the same? Not very many.

Sheesh. You are completely missing the picture.

Dinny Q on

I agree with Mary 100%. Angie has great style as well.

Anna on

ah that much for a purse?!?

rachel on

shes a mother of 4 KIDS!! and a celebrity who gets followed everywhere by cameras!! and an actress!! i mean her day is full of things she has to do…so it makes sense that shes a little skinny from runnning all over the place! stop judging.

H on

Angelina puts her money where her mouth is with regard to her charitable contributions and volunteer efforts. Unlike many Hollywood celebs who spend a great deal of time TALKING about helping people and donating money, she actually DOES it. As a conservative, I also appreciate the fact that she chooses to help people, not in an effort to persuade or dissuade political idealogies, but rather in an effort to draw legitimate attention to pertinent subjects concerning humanitarian issues/crises. I applaud Miss Jolie for her hard work and her non-partisan approach to altruism. In the end, her legacy will not be her handbags, her lovers, or her movies; Miss Jolie’s legacy will be her humanitarian and charitable works.

MyOpinion on

great accessories but i agree-who has that kind of money to spend on bags and sunglasses?

Marcie on

I think everyone should quit judging her. So what if she has an airplane, an expensive purse, expensive sunglasses. That should be of no ones business except for her and her family. I think she is a fantastic person. Just let the Jolie-Pitts live their life the way thay want to.

raaaw on

she should give her money to food

J on

The issue is not whether the bag is cute or whether the sunglasses are cute. The issue is not that Angie gets paid over 10 million per movie. The issue is not that her net worth is probably over 100 million or that she donates a third of her income. This issue is this….it is a purse and a pair of sunglasses. One must ask themselves, where do you draw the line in spending money on such items. Sure most women own a pair of sunglasses or a purse, but how much should really be spent on such things. Because they are in a very real sense, just things. They are not people and they only serve to perform one function. A purse carries a woman’s belongings and sunglasses protect your eyes. Whether an individual has 100 million to their name or 100 dollars to their name, it shouldn’t make a difference. Practically 2000 for a purse is ridiculous no matter who you are or what you are worth. I feel guilty spending more than $30 on a purse, because I know that it is a meaningless object. And if there are any people reading this that think I am crazy for believing that a purse is a meaningless object, then you need to re-evaluate your life, what is important, what you believe, and what purpose your life serves. Because if all that your life amounts to is wearing some cool accessories and keeping up with the latest fashion, then your life is pretty empty.

I am not talking about Angelina completely here, but at least partially. Overall, in regards to her, I think the purse is ugly and not worth the quoted price. I think the humanitarian work that she does is great. However, we have to remember that standards for right and wrong do not come from comparing her to other moviestars. I believe that no one should ever spend that amount on a purse, in fact, no purse should even cost that amount. It doesn’t matter if you donate all your money to charity, if you are worth multi-millions, or if you are the most beautiful woman on the plant. Nothing justifies such horrific and unnecessary spending, when so many people in our world do not even have food or clothing.

Jaime on

I agree that I would not pay for this bag, but when you make as much money as some of these stars, it means nothing to drop that kind of cash on items like this. It would probably be like going to a department store and buying a bag for $50.00-$100.00 for a “regular” person.

blair on

she looks beautiful and is her kids who make her even more beautiful.

Tina on

I love her, but she is tooooo thin. I love the cute bag and her sunglasses.

sami on

I love that bag and the previous one she had in Chicago with the shortening straps. That dress is lovely on her, it’s lovely semi loose. Very Jackie O. Don’t like her glasses, although she loves it (2yrs old isn’t it?). I prefer it when she wears Brad’s RayBans…cute!

Honestly you people who keep complaining about are the hypocrites.

Did you complain when Jen Garner and Claire Danes had the bag?? What of Kirsten Dunst or Katy Hilton?

She is back to her normal weight now but you all still refuse to acknowledge this…glad it makes you feel better to blindly unleash your frustrations on this woman. You are trully the decent people, not her; you’re so right!

Sorrow and grief is a terrible thing and affect people differently. Get off her back and let her finish her grieving.



vilma on

I love her,she has the money but she dress so simple she is not particular even with her kids.They are notconscious of what they wear esp. in public eyes.Thanks that Brad had her in her life.They arereally an awesome pair.

Rachel on

I don’t like her bag but her sunglasses are h-o-t!

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