Which Star Do You Want to Swap Wardrobes With?

08/17/2007 at 03:00 PM ET

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Here at StyleWatch, we spend a lot of time lusting over stars’ amazing wardrobes — from “it” bags to hard-to-find clothing labels, there’s so much to dream about having. Our only dilemma? Deciding exactly whose designer-stocked closet we’d like to get our hands on the most. We definitely love Jennifer Aniston‘s easy, California girl style chock full of great jeans, simple tops and perfect little black dresses. But on the other hand, how fun would it be to have Victoria Beckham‘s over the top designer duds? But we want to know what you think. Tell us: If you could trade wardrobes with any celeb, who would it be? Would you go for looks that complement your lifestyle, or would you take the chance to experiment with red carpet-worthy pieces?

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Meg Zell on

I love both Jen and Victoria but if i had to pick based on style i would def. choose Jen. She always looks elegant whether she’s in jeans and a tank or a stunning gown.

Leslie E on

I would swap wardrobes with Victoria Beckham – I love all her shoes and bags, and her clothes are major!

Princess on

I like Halle Berry’s style. Posh’s style is cool too.

Ruby A (Age 19) on

I would love to switch wardrobes with Jessica Alba. Her fashion choices are always youthful, fashionable and exciting. She bridges between safe and daring effortlessly and always looks great. From her bikinis to her ballgowns – I want it all!

kaye on

Jennifer of course! I am a normal gal who can wear her simple yet elegant clothes. I love Victoria to death but I just do not fit into her style of clothes, though I like her humor and how she wears her clothes.

I like women who are comfortable with their own personal style!

Hallie on

I think Jennifer Aniston’s wardrobe would be a good choice; conservative yet sexy, some great jeans and shoes. I would also like Halle Berry’s wardrobe. One’s wardrobe I would have to pass on is Mariah Carey’s and Beyonce’s – too flashy!!

E.C on

There’s so many famous people I’d like to swap waderobes with, but ideally I would take the best from the waderobes of Jennifer Aniston,Gwen Stefani,Jennifer Garner & Scarlett Johansson!

Tammy C. age 40 on

If I had a killer body like hers, I would LOVE to swap closets with Victoria. But since I don’t, I would probably settle for my own closet since there doesn’t seem to be any size 18 actresses out there anywhere.

Maura C. on

Reese Witherspoon! She always looks beautiful and comfortable in her clothes and in her body. I love all of her shoes too!

Sandra on

I would definately say Jen’s is a better option for me. Dont get me wrong, Victoria has a great sense of style but looking good all the time would be tedious, wheras jen’s wardrobe seems a little more effortless, but still stylish.

Heather on

If I could choose any celebrity wardrobe, it would be Angelina Jolie’s. Her clothes are simple and her more recent outfits reflect a classic fashion sense that is suitable for most women.

tough one on

Jessica Alba dresses really cute, but I’m going to take Nikki Hilton, and just throw away the slutty clothes. She has the best shoe and handbag collection ever.

S on

I would love a mixture of the wardrobe of Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet, Reese Witherspoon, Gwen Stefani, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Mandy Moore. And some of Jennifer Lopez and Sienna Miller’s stuff. I’d also like the handbags and jewelry of Victoria Beckham.

aly on

Sarah Jessica Parker or Penelope Cruz–both really classic

Noe on


Amelia L. on

I would love to have Jessica Alba’s wardrobe. She always manages to look comfortable, while at the same time being incredibly fashionable.

Megan S. on

Jen hands down. Her clothes are simple and stylish with unique, flattering cuts. I can’t imagine having Victoria Beckham’s wardrobe… I’d never fit into the clothes!

sarah on

Definitley Victoria. She always looks great, even when she is not so dressed up. Also, she doesn’t copy other people, she wears what she wants to wear.

S on

Jennifer’s. She’s classy and seems like the girl next door. Victoria’s is too ‘look at me’. They both have great shapes but Jenn seems the nicer of the two.

bye the way i’m 60

Jenna on

Miley Cyrus. Im not a big fan of her, But her clothes are off the hook!!!!!

Manni on

Most definitely Mrs. Beckham! I always love what Halle and Jessica Alba wear too, but Posh is a little more daring which would make a wardrobe trade that much more interesting.

Kitson on

Jennifers style is always sheek and classy…some other celebrities try way too hard and with all that money they have come off as cheap! very ironic Reese Witherspoon has great style as well. She Also know has to dress with class.

sophieb on

Jessica Alba

LJ on

Well, I love Jen’s style. I would also trade with Halle Berry.

Marin on

Cate Blanchett and Katie Holmes, both dress uniquely beautiful and always classy.

Morgan on

i would LOVE to have the wardrobes of posh, jessica alba, anna wintour, emily blunt, reese witherspoon, cameron diaz, gwen stefani, eva longoria, and camilla belle. LOVE THEM ALL!!!!

Marela on

Cameron Diaz has a unique style, and Penelope Cruz always looks classy.

alia on

I would most definately love to switch wardrobes with:

**Victoria Becks and Gwen Stefani for fun and exciting outfits

**Jess Alba, Reese Witherspoon and Angelina Jolie for a more classy and comfortable wardrobe…

—I’m also really loving newcomer Vannessa Hudgen’s wardrobe lately ;) —

Karen on

victoria beckham! she has all the hot designers clothing and really expensive,nice and extravagant things that most people would never be able to afford. and she’s got great shoes, bags and glasses to go with them!

Jamie on

Between Jen and Posh – no question! Posh is the fashionista! Yeah, Jen looks good most of the time. But Posh Spice? She starts all the new trends and is not afraid to take fashion risks. Jen is just like us: she probably looks to Victoria for style trends!

Lauren on

I would absolutely go for Jen’s…I abhor Poshes attire…Jennifer has a classic style that is quite appealing. She could wear most anything and pull it off fabulously! Posh has the mentality that the more it costs, the better it is…reality check

Pamela on

Sorry but Jen is boring and predictible. Posh is fun , sexy current and always beautiful. From her shoes to her bags and the rest of her outfits from head to toe. Posh is the most fashionable celeb we have.

Ashley on

I think Jennifer Aniston is a hands down favorite for me (and the majority of the posters!). I also really love Reese Witherspoon’s clothes, even more so now that she’s dressing with a sexier edge. I usually look towards her for fashion inspiration, being a thin petite myself.

I like Halle Berry too, she always looks amazing with out looking like she spent five hours getting ready!

Connie on

Jennifer is much more simple but still looks great. I choose her =)

Amanda on

I’d swap with Victoria Beckham, Sienna Miller, & Kate Bosworth.

Sar on

Elegance and sexiness comes without being EXTREMELY aware of what you’re wearing. Jennifer Aniston does it simple, she shows skin and her body in simple ways that makes it so attractive and beautiful. Victoria Beckham is great, but there’s definitely a lot of “show” where is with Jennifer… it’s just there…

indie on

i definitely choose styles of halle berry or sandra bullock or reese witherspoon. they are just glamorous on anything. between jen and victoria, i choose victoria, i really haven’t seen jennifer on anything that victoria would wear. her style is boring.

Sara J. on

I’d like to swap wardrobes with Ashlee Simpson. I don’t like her music, but I love all of her adorable hats!

Brianna Gare on

I would choose Victoria Beckham’s wardrobe. Jennifer is too safe with her outfits. Yes, she usually always looks put together, however, clothes are meant to be fun. Victoria’s clothing is original and exciting because she takes risks and therefore helps to establish trends.

Nana T. 21 on

For me Jennifer’s style is a bit too plain, and Victoria’s is exaggerated. The one person, who always looks perfect from head to toe is Jessica Alba. She manages to be classy, sexy, elegant, simple and stylish all at the same time, everywhere, from the beach to the red carpet. I love every single outfit of hers. Flawless.

Ellinor on

Omg jennifer aniston is very cute in that, but victoria rocks her

Maria on

I love posh’s wardrobe, she has goos sense of style, and her purses are awesome!

Chloè on

Simple. Kate Moss.

Joanna S. (age 16) on

I would love to switch wardrobe with few very stylish and young actress. I love Sienna Miller’s style. It’s very funky… And different. I love it! I also admire Ashley Tisdale, Mischa Barton, Kate Bosworth and Kirsten Dunst. All of them know how to pick clothes for every occacion!

ideliz 26 on

Well both women have like perfect bodies, so they always look good in everything. I’ll have to say that I rather look like Jennifer. I’ll trade wardrobes with her anytime. She is simple and natural. She makes anything look good. I will probably be uncomfortable in Victoria’s clothe. It looks good on her but it’s not me.

meghan on

i would swap wardrobe with hilary duff or raven symone i cant decide whitch one i would swap with i love both wardrobe and and both ladies .

shoelover2203 on

I prefer Jennifer’s more casual style than Posh’s overdone looks. (although I love that pink dress…so classy!) My style icon though is Sarah Jessica Parker. Always looks great!

Ayzlin on

Jen’s style ofcourse. I dont like Vic her style. Its often very over the top.

Emilee R., 23 yrs., Clifton Park, NY ♥ on

I would love to swap wardrobes with Reese Witherspoon, because she’s classic and elegant in everything she wears, she’s just to graceful. Jessica Alba, because she has a great sense of style both on the red carpet and off the red carpet, her style is so tasteful. Gwen Stefani, because her style is so funky, and she always takes risks that probably wouldn’t look good on anyone else but her. Jennifer Lopez {minus the dead animal coats}, because her fashion is amazing of course! Jennifer is trendy and well put together. Hilary Duff, because even though she’s young, she still dresses elegantly, but with a hip sense of style to her, because she is still young. Cameron Diaz, because her style is so simple and well put together. Cam puts her self together so effortlessly, she’s just gorgeous. Last but not least, Kate Hudson, because she dresses so chic with a bohemian look to her, plus she dresses so simple and like Cameron so effortlessly.

Emilee R., 23 yrs., Clifton Park, NY

Claire on

If i could have any starts wardrobe i would have to have Jessica Alba’s. She is very chic. I love her red carpet look and her casual daytime look. I also love rachel bilson’s look too.

Rose K. on

I wouldn’t mind trading Claire Danes or Kate Bosworth. They both have very classic wardrobes that mix designer with less expensive pieces. Of course if it were just shoes and bags I was trading then it would have to be Posh.

Abby on

POSH!!! I have always been jealous of the amazing shoe collection and purses. She also has her denim line, which i love and sunglasses. Im about her size so definetly, i would say gwen steffani, butu i would never fir into that.

Lani Mercado on

I would love a mixtures of Halle Berry and Gwyneth Paltrow clothes it’s very simple elegant and classic not very trendy or flashy.Both Gwyneth and Halle are always well put together whether it’s red carpet or casual style. But Jennifer’s casual style is too plain and boring for me but her red carpet style is ok.

Katarina on

I would definitely switch wardrobes with Jessica Alba. Her outfits are always so cute yet elegant. She has great style!!

Julie on

Gwen Stefani or Cate Blanchett! They both have original and classic styles!

Mapis on

Jennifer!! She has class and style. Victoria has style………..

Courtney on

Personally, if both these women’s styles were mixed together, I’d totally wear it!

Alyson on

I would wear either Halle Berry’s clothes or Gwen Stefani’s. Both styles have different purposes. Gwen’s is more funky and in-your-face and can be dressed up or down. Halle Berry’s can be worn anytime and can still look hot!

CeeElle on

Number one star style goes to Cate Blanchett if I had all the money in the world I’d wear every single outfit she owns head to toe.

I also love Michelle Williams and Reese Witherspoon, they are always beautifully put together.

who cares on

gwen stefani, cameron diaz, penelope cruz and mandy moore. They always look great, no matter how crazy

cadia on

definatly victoria

marilyne on

I would swap with Jen! she has this simple yet classy style that I really like. I wouldn’t mind having her hair , too!

Lilly on

well if i had to choose anyone it would have to be Vanessa Hudgens its so fresh and young and is gorgeous and i like Posh’s style to

Emily on

I would deffinetly want Jen’s wardrobe.
She’s gorgeous and her clothes are so easy and chic.

Karen R. on

Victoria Beckham’s wardrobe is definitely one I’d love to swap with! Her trendy over-the-top fashion has a playful, yet sophisticated look that I admire. I also love her coordination.

Dorothy on

I love Jessica Alba’s clothes that girls is always trendy and stylish so far no missteps in her fashion style.I love some of Victoria’s outfits(I will skip the Tutu skirts). Jen’s wardrobe it way too boring for me.

Liz on

Drew Barrymore….hands down!! She has such variety, class and comfort.

Followed closely by Kate Hudson, Nicole Ritchie, Ali Larter and Angeline Jolie.

lydia on

jennifer aniston has great style, so i would swap
wardrobe with her anytime.

Anonymous on

between the two i like jen’s style; its easy cute and fun! perfect for a cali girl like me.

fashionista on

I want Hayden P.’s wadrobe and Jessica Albas. They look are so hott and I would like to dress like them.

Krissy on

Victoria!!!!!! She has style

Phyllis on

If if I had to choose between these 2, my lifestyle would have to go with Jen. I do like alot of Vic wears though. I definetly agree about Halle Berry but I love Jessica Alba’s clothes, also. She wears great things whether it’s for the red carpet or just shopping. She would be my number one pick.

jacky on

victoria beckham hands down

Lize on

Definetely Jennifer Aniston because Vic Beckham looks like an old Barbie Doll. Wait! Barbie looks a little better.
Could someone give the woman some pasta, ice cream or something?

locadelacolina on

I love Kate Hudson´s wardrove, and Rachel Bilson´s. The don´t look like the rest of the actresses. Everyone looks just the same in Hollywood. They´re more bohemian, and I identify with their looks.

I don´t think posh has a style, she just wears whatever that can be noticed. Of course, sometimes she actually scores.

erica on

out of those 2, def jen

Kat on

I always love the way Jen looks, she has such a great since of style!!

Sarah on

I love most of the clothes that celebrities wear, but Victoria Beckham takes the cake. She always has the best clothes, the best shoes, the best everything. It is amazing. But then again if I had that much money I would hope I would dress with that much class also.


I would swap clothes with Victoria Beckham because I lovvvvvvvvve her clothes!!!

Adriana on

I would definitely say Jennifer, she’s sexy and elegant. Nouveau – riche Victoria has wonderful clothes too, but I can’t stand her attitude. Did she forget her roots? Well, I didn’t. Sometimes she wears awful pieces and all at the same time. Since she has the money, the poor girl thinks it’s O.K. to wear all the trends at the same time. Too much of a fashion victim to my taste.

Kate on

Vic is THE BEST!!!!!

addie on

i would totally choose victoria beckham’s style. its so chic and classy (not that jennifer’s isnt) but most if all, her style is really edgy.

Lucía on

I would deffinitely trade Jennifer Lopez wardrobe. She always look perfect, like singer, actress, wife or simply walking down the street!

SpicyG on

I noticed no one said anything about the “fashionistas” the Olsen twins…LOL

I think that Nicole Ritchie has really come a long way and looks fantastic everytime I see pictures of her. I like a lot of different looks so I would want BOTH Jen & Victoria’s wardrobes.

monique on


If I had Jennifer Aniston’s body, it would be my choice of attire.
Demure, elegant and simple. It reflects kindness, wisdom and fun. Posh’s over the top loudness, pretentious and ¨I need the attention¨ and ¨look at me, I can afford anything I want¨attire does not appeal to me. I do prefer Jennifer’s style by far.


Francesca on

Victoria all the way



Lisa G. on

Jennifer’s wardrobe would be most beneficial, She has amazing taste when it comes to her wardrobe, anything from what she chooses to wear to hang out with friends, to the red carpet, or to walk her cute dogs. ever since she came into the picture she has shown that you can wear anything and be cool, and professional, and FUN!!!

Meg~ on

I love Victoria Beckham’s style. While I could never pull it off, it would be awesome to have her wardrobe!

Sara on

Ashley Olsen – totally! She’s got this kinda grunge and rocking style, but also casual enough to use for us “mortal” people..

Jasmynne on

Definately Mischa Barton. She’s always in style, and in every style magazine, I never see a picture of her in the “What was she thinking?” section. She always chooses daring fashion choices which shows she has a lot of confidence. Posh is too sexy and Jennifer is too laid back for me. Go Mischa!

Amanda on

Jennifer all the way! She can look fabulous in anything. She has a simple elegance about her style. She looks amazing on the red carpet or in jeans and a tee. Victoria is a little to over dressed for a normal mother. That look would require too much time and energy for me!

bilyana on

i would love to have jessica alba’s wardrobe as it is both classic and fashionable..i would like to get some of sienna miller’s key pieces and some of scarlett johansson’s clothes=)

Chloe on

I would choose jen’s style. I think that it’s very chic and causal yet can be dressy.

Jenna on

Victoria Beckham hands down!!! I love her style!!!

Clarissa F Age 27 on

MONIQUE. She ALWAYS looks fantastic! Her clothes are very trendy & they embrace her curves.

bb on

Angelie Jolie. She always wears clothes with simple, clean lines so that you notice her beauty…not the clothes she’s wearing.

Anonymous on

I would swap with Keira Knightly or Sarah Jessica Parker they have great style and wear clothes I covet!!!

chelsea on

Who ever it is Jennifer Aniston!!!!!
She iz da best!!!!!!

lauren on

I would want to have Vanessa Hudgens clothing. I LOVE her style!! She is so beatiful!!

lauren on

I would want to have Vanessa Hudgens clothing. I LOVE her style!! She is so beatiful!!!

Jo on

Most definitely would trade with Victoria. She has a very unique style known to just herself.

Victoria on

Well, I love my closet, well and I really enjoy people wanting my closet, but its not going ANYWHERE! You daunting folks. Hehe, just kidding.

Mandy on

jennifer aniston. timeless.

besides, who wants to wear heels all the time?

Ashley on

I love Victoria. And her style is great and “major” but Jen is BEAUTIFUL, and laid back and stunning in whatever she wears! I absolutly love Jen!!!! She always has GREAT jeans too!!

Pamela on

How many times can jen wear a tee shirt and a pair of jeans…she screams dull!

ccb on

I always like Jennifer Lopez, she at least has CURVES like most women. the bell bottoms and the gray sweater were one of my favorites.

brittnie on

i would not want victorias or jens but i would love to have cameron diaz. shes always so cute and casual but natural pretty. i love it.

olivia on

jennifer aniston

Lily on

I think that people do not realize the fabulous styles of jennifer garner. She is very sporty and when it’s time to get glammed up she always has a nice elegance.

baylee jones on

i want victoria beckhams closet!

Jenny M. 18 on

I’d prefer jennifer’s style but victoria’s style is cool too.

Kathryn on

I would rather wear Jen’s cause she is really awsome and always stylin. Victoria is to dressy all the time plus I dont like the color of her dress. I do like Victoria’s clothes but I like Jen’s better.

sue38 on

I’d like to swap with Reese Witherspoon.
She always looks very elegant and chic, even if she goes out shopping she looks very well dressed, comfortable and just elegant.
I like her hair too.

Halle Berry’s wardrobe would also do it for me.

*star* on

i’d swap wardrobes with some one with casual style, either cameron diaz or jennifer aniston would be cool.

susan on

i do love both their styles. but as much as i love victoria’s glamorous style, i’d go for jen. i also love jessica alba and reese witherspoon

hiba on

with out a quistion im gonna take jenn
she look always sexy and ellegent at the same time what ever she put on
she is a beuty icon..

anna on

definitely jenn..i loveeeee her style

viewersv on


San on

For classic styles: Angelina Jolie and Reese Witherspoon

For trendy styles: Eva Longoria, Kelly Ripa, and Kate Hudson

Adi on

absolutely Jennifer Aniston!!

holly on


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