Who Ruled the Red Carpet: Ashley or Vanessa?

08/15/2007 at 01:00 PM ET

Gregg DeGuire/WireImage; Jason Merritt/FilmMagic

Yesterday, the whole cast of High School Musical 2 hit the red carpet for the film’s L.A. premiere. As swoony as Zac Efron is, we were firmly focused on the two leading ladies and how great they looked! Ashley Tisdale stuck to her funky and casual style with a handkerchief hem white BCBG dress and sparkling heels, while Vanessa Hudgens continued to work the ultra-glam look with her Jay Godfrey gown and Kenneth Cole Reaction jewelry. We know that having Zac as arm candy might give Vanessa a slight edge in this one, but we want to know what you think of the ladies’s ensembles. Tell us: Who ruled the red carpet at the premiere? Ashley Tisdale or Vanessa Hudgens?

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Holly on

Vanessa has it, hands down!
I think Ashley is more of a veteran to these things. Vanessa is the new an coming star! Plus, my 6 year old thinks she is “so pretty!”

noneya on

Ashley Tisdale.

noneya on

ashley tisdale

sarah on

vanessa, hands down.

sarah on

Vanessa totally rocked the red carpet. She looks fantastic!!!

Micaela on

Definitely Vanessa. Hands Down. From the hair to the dress. Absolutely georgeous.

Alayna on

I think Vanaessa ruled the red carpet. She looks great in this red dress.

Micaela on

Vanessa killed it with this look. From the hair, make-up, dress and handbag. She looks fabulous!

Courtney Anne on

Love Vanessa’s style. Love her Jay Godfrey gown!

Angie on

Both ladies looked Great!! But why do the gowns always need hemming or tayloring.Can’t their stylist give them a proper fit before they walk on the red carpet.

Elle on

Both of them look great, but I think Ashley’s outfit works better for the event and season. I think Vannessa’s is a little too fancy.

GucciGoo on

Vanessa allllll the way! Ashley looks super-fried. Ewww. Just say no to spray tanning!



Kristen on

I think Ashley looks better!

LB on

They both look good. Ashley looks more age appropriate, Vanessa looks like she is going to the Emmy’s or something.

Emily on

I love both dresses but I would have to go with Vanessa’s.

alia on

**Vannessa is totally rocking that dress…she looks gorgeous!!…I would totally dress like her if I were famous~~love her style!~~

~ Vannessa wins this by a mile ~
–a young Angelina:)–

Morgan on

theres something about vanessa that just seems pretty fake…. ashley just seems so real. i love both looks, but ashleys is more appropriate for the occasion. people who have verizon fios cable can see HSM2 before it comes out, so ive seen it 4 times already. SO AWESOME!!!!

Rider on

they both look great because they have totally different styles

Lindsay on

Ashley – way more age appropriate and she looks awesome!

Clairane on

Vanessa!! She looks terrific!

SpicyG on

First of all, I don’t remember any high school girls that looked that sexy when I went to school (granted it’s been a few – okay a lot of years ago)…all I can say is WOW to both…however, Ashley looks like every other blonde hollywood girl. Vanessa on the other hand looks fantastic, she may be overdressed but she definitely rocks the red carpet.

mandy on

Vanessa looks awesome! Who cares if it’s not “Her age”. If you can look that nice, whynot rock it all the time

Irene on

Vanessa is cute, but I think Ashley looks much better here. Her blonde hair and brown eyes combo looks beautiful.


vanessa looks beautiful,simple yet sexy and elegant, amazing i think Some hollywood stars should take note.

Indira on


Indira on


Ana on

hands down Vanessa takes the crown

sese on

Vannessa Hudgens

-FASH|0N|STA- on



allie on

both cuz they look both so pretty and there best firends so i think both!

Lisa on

I think while Vanessa looked fantastic. It might have been a lil’ too fancy. They are both gorgeous!

Tanner on

Ashley looks very cute in her dress. It is stylish and edgy. Vanessa’s dress is totally boring and I have seen it on the carpet plenty of times before. Vanessa’s dress is too long and is made for a mature woman who can actually fill the top of the dress out better.

Bre on

Deffinetly ashley she just looks gorgoues in white dresses Vannesas is just ok personally it dosen’t really work on her that well.

h on

Ashley looks great. Where can I find those shoes?

Vanessa looks pretty too, but the top looks a little too big for her chest.

Jennifer on

Ashley, hands down.

Marisa on

Vanessa Hudgens. Her dress is so gorgeous

Jenna on


HSM4Life on

Vanessa looks like a goddess. Poor Ashley. Her dress doesn’t flatter her figure and the sandals look very Vegas.

Maria on

I think Vanessa did. They both look great, but Vanessa is more fitted to the event.

Nicole on


laura on

i think the red dress is a little old for her. for some reason i think that shorter girls look shorter in long dresses. i love both dresses and they both look fantastic but i think ashley looks better, she dressed more her age and it’s a cute summer dress. however i LOVE red gowns….i’m sticking w/ ashley. they are both beautiful girls though.

Mommaof4 on

Ashley Tisdale HANDS DOWN!! She looks great!!

Jennifer B on

I think Ashley’s outfit is age-appropriate and fun!

Daniela on


vanessa is trying way too hard – a floor length satin gown is way too formal for an afternoon movie premier! She isn’t even on a RED carpet – its blue!!

I think ashely looks great, summery, fresh, and subtly sexy!

Dee on


vanessa is trying way too hard!! A floor length satin gown is way too formal for an afternoon premier. She isn’t even on the RED carpet – it’s blue!!

Ashley on the other hand looks great, summery, fresh, and subtly sexy. Plus her outfit is very appropriate for the occasion.

chrisie on

ashley hands down.
her dress is way better and perfect for the occasion
vannesa’s is okay
but it looks a little… ekkk!

susan on

Venessa totally. Ashley looks great but Venessa looks better!

Grace on

Vanessa. No competition. She looks so stunning and stylish

molly on

the both look amazing. but i think vannesssa has it hands down.

toolip on

Vanessa, no question I was there and to see her person, she TRULY stood out.

penelope on

I dont like the way vanessa smiles in any of her pictures. I dont care if she is drop dead gorgeous, I dont like her smile so ashley tisdale all the way

A.J. on


Stella on

Vanessa its like no completion
her fashion sense is so glam I love her

Sara M. on

They both look so beautiful but if I had to chose I would pick Ashley Tisdale. I just like her look much better. They are both pretty girls tho!

Julia on

I think that they both looked awesome, but everyone can have their own opinion. I personally liked Ashley better because I think that she’s prettier.

Nicole on

Ashley Tisdale has the better dress on the red carpet. Vanessa Hudgens is way to young for that red dress and Ashleys fits the occasion better It was the premiere of High School Musical 2 not the Oscars

sprice on

vanessa!! simply gorgeous!where can i find a floor length dress like that?

Caro on

She’s stunning as usual
But Ashley is really pretty too!!!!
Well done girls

Jenna on

Ashley Hands down. Ashley’s dress OWNS! Its pretty and simple. Her hair looks great! And Vansesssa looks like a slob. Do you hair in the dark V?

tracy on

i think they both look fab but vanessa needs to be a little tighter at the top i love her look it is sephisticated and sexy it is way more dramatic than ashleys but they both have fab taste!!!!!!!!!

Jess on

Ashley tisdale

I Speek The Truth on

Vanessa looks like a moron. Shes like what 18 for crying out loud! That dress is the uglyest thing i have ever seen. Its a HSM2 party. Not the gramys! Venessa is fake person. Hollywood deffently went to her head. Ashley dress wins by far! Her dress is awesome. And she not suck up. Or a hollywood diva!

Jess on

I love her dress and her hair (its long AGAIN lol)

sarah on

yeah like vanessa can do anything about changing the color of the blue carpte cause ‘OMGAH R3D D03SNT G0 WIF BLU3’

Hazel Annette on

Ashley Tisdale :]

kj on

anyone who actually voted 4 ashley should get their eyes check cause ashley is dressing a lil’ 2 middle school when she’s @ least 21 n vanessa has it perfect with staying w/ her age but still looking glamorous.<3

Janet Morris on

Vanessa definitely rules the red carpet. She is gorgeous in the red gown. Ashley is pretty too, but does not hold a candle to Vanessa.

tamika reynolds on

i was at the actual premeire last night and saw them in person and ashley tisdale soooo had it going on. trust me.

Tilly on

Ashley tisdale

Stefane on


Valarie on

Ashley all the way!!!!

Nikki on

Ashley Tisdale!!! Its so cute and vintage. Vanessa Hudgens doesn’t look good in that dress!!!

Lindsay on

i thi nk ashley..it was a day-time premier not the oscars i think ash dressed according to the occasion, i really really do love vanessa’s dress…but not for a movie premier that was in the afternoon! so def. ashley

lynn on

Vanessa…..all they way. She is such a cutie.

amy on

I like Vanessa’s dress better, but Ashley looks better on her. The dress dosn’t work on Vanessa’ and what is with her hair.

Anonymous on

ashley looks better. vanessas dress looks way too fancy to be going to a disney movie premiere.

Lola on

Definitely Vanessa. I don’t really like Ashley at all; kinda too generic-tan-blonde-y, and the dress isn’t flattering. I have the feeling she’s going to show up on http://fashionpoirot.ebloggy.com .

Bella on

Vanessa definatly outshines Ashley. But i LOVE Ashley’s shoes, whose are they?

Heather on

I say Ashley, Vanessa looks like she is playing dress up.

lisa on


vanessa just looked like all the other people that wear red dresses. nothing special

danielle marie on

Vanessa Hudgens all the way!

stephanie on

I don’t know if it me or yall! but i hate vannessa wither way so i guess it’s the girl in the red and i don’t thinks shes pretty .but hey that is just my own opinion!


As much as i hate to admit, Vanessa does look a LOT better… that dress doesnt flatter ashley!

Jo on

Both of them look gorgeous, but I’d wear Ashley’s dress because I love white and knee-length dresses. I’m not that into long dresses.

amanda on

I think Vanessa looks so cute!

Jessica on

Totally Vanessa!!! i love ashley’s dress but her shoes for way 2 big for her feet. Vanessa looks flawless!

♥ rosie on

I love V! She is soo gorgeous and talented and I love that dress on her! Way to go, Vanessa!

Rebecca on

Ashley looks cute, but Vanessa looks GORGEOUS! Looks like she has the confidence to go with that killer gown.

Sarah on

V-girl! duh! i mean why white!? red is much better!

Sarah on

Vanessa hello she looked so amazing!!

lizzzi on

they both look great but def VANESSA!!

jackie on

she looks gorgeous!

Hannah Delemeester on

They both look gorgeous!

But i have to say Ashley has this one>

Vanessa’s is very nice but not for the premiere of a disney movie that is in the afternoon..even if it was a different occasion it’s just a red dress ( like we haven’t seen that before)

Ashley is simple and elegant and is perfect for the occasion. and not over doing it

Melissa on

Vanessa for sure

Julie on

I liked the way Vanessa looked way better

Hayley on

Vanessa all the way!

Janet on

vanessa. the red dress stands out more

Bianca on

Love them both.

But i’ve gotta give it to V, hands down.
She looked absolutely gorgeous last night.

chels on

I think Vansessa’s look was to glamorous for a premiere as such, maybe she should have worn it to the hairspray premiere instead and I think Ashley rocked it and I like her tan.

*****FashionCritic on






Unknown on

Definatley Ashley Tisdale. She is so glamorous. Vanessa is too fancy, she looks like she’s going to a prom.

tay on

vannessa look incredible!

Angela on

Vanessa looked the best. Ashley looks like she’s going to a beach party.

Chau on

I THINK VANESSA! because she is pretty, so is Ashley. but i think she stick things out to much. just not to try to show stuff to much. but they are both pretty! i like them both. BUT FOR THIS ONE! I choose VANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth on

TOTALLY VANESSA!!!!!! SHE ROCKS HARD CORE!!!! She’s also VERY, VERY, VERY BEAUTIFUL!!! Zac Efron is blessed to have her as a GF (girl friend) :D (btw they make a VERY cute couple!! LOL!!!)

Emilee ♥ on

Both girls look beautiful.

Vanessa seems to have her fashion right most of the time, her dress does look great floor length, however I would like the dress if it were more knee length, I think that type of style would have been great for a Disney premier occasion. I’m NOT saying she doesn’t look beautiful, because she DOES, that’s JMO. However, I do think she knocked it out of the ballpark when she went to the “Hairspray” premier. I did choose her dress over Ashley’s, because Ashley did dress like a highschool girl. Vanessa really looks great in red, the color is amazing against her skin tone. I like the subtle accessories, she let the dress speak for itself. Her hair is nice, and the clutch is nice as well.

Now, with Ashley I like that she picked more of a funky style, but still kept it simple, but with a funky classic twist to it. This reminds me of a dress Hilary Duff would wear, and I think Hilary dresses nice. Her shoes are nice, but they look too big for her feet. However her hair looks nice and make-up looks nice as well. Regardless, both girls look amazing.

Gloria on

I think that Ashley has it totally! Vanessa’s IS TOOOOOO formal for me.

Marissa on

That’s really hard! I love both of them!!!

Stephanie on

Vanessa looks perfect.

Ashley is also pretty and she’s really tan, but the sandals are kind of weird.

heather on

they both suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laurena on

ASHLEY! Love the outfit.

jen on


Ashley on

Vanessa wins. She is beautiful.
Ashley is dressed more fun and flirty but i love how Vanessa has this glamoour to her and she is newer to the whole red carpet compared to Ashley.

chealsea on

vanesa,she totally rocked the carpet!

Melissa on

Vanessa straight upp!

Daniela on

I think ashley ruled it hands down she is a gorgeous actress and very talented and she also has a role in a succesesfull show and vanessa only has high school musical.

Jenny on

Vanessa for sure! She’s soooo gorgeous & classy. And what’s up with Ashley’s hair? It looks like it hasn’t been washed in weeks!

Allie on

Definately Ashley, vanessa’s outfit just doesnt suit her as well as ashleys does hers. So Ashley, hands down!!

Fatema on

I hate vanessa hudgens but i have to admit she looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!! I still hate her though

McKenna on

I wouldn’t say Vanessa has it “hands down” both girls are beautiful but I have to say that I absolutely LOVE Ashley’s dress & shoes!!

Grace on

Vanessa, Hands Up Girl!!!!!!!!!

Ashley looked too bright and childish

Grace on

Vanessa totally nailed it!!!, Hands Up Girl
Ashley Tisdale, Hands Down was not looking ggood

Sofia on

Both look great. Although, the length of Ashley’s dress is probably better for summer. But, I like the color of Vanessa’s dress. Both the actresses are gorgeous and have once again proved it.

eibbed on

vanessa!!! her look doesn’t bore me…

rebecca on

ashley looks so cute in that dress, but vanessa looks…pretty. they look good in two different ways, but i like ashley’s look more.

Lindsey on

i have to say vanessa, red is a really nice colour on her. but i love ashley’s shoes

Me on

Hands down to Vanessa!
The dress isn’t too “over-the-top” because we’re tlaking about the biggest TV movie hit in the planet, a massive hit around the world movie red carpet! and everyone is watching, it’s not over-the-top. it’s just perfect for her!
The hair, the make-up, the dress, the shoes, the smile, and everything is just perfect. Even the eprsonallity shines!

Where on the other side, ashley’s shoes is WAYYYY too big for her. take a closer look.
It just ruins it. Her fake tan is so noticeable, her push-up-bra is so fake, her boobs doesn’t fill it in.

Sorry ash, good try tho.

Tag on

Ashley for sure…trying funky and new styles is great….!

michelle on

both of them are gorgeous..but i still would go for vanessa’s style..

Ingrid on

Both are gorgeous, but I think Ashley doesn’t need to work to hard to look beautiful all the time. I think she looks more her age….. and my son who is 8 loves her to death!

Jamie on

Vanessa is absolutely gorgeous and her look is so classy. I love her gown and hair in this photo.

San on

Vanessa – hands down.

Ana-Maria on

Vanessa Defenetly was so great in her red dress.:)

kiki on

Ashley because high school musical is a kid show so she was more appropriate for it. Vannesa looks like shes going to the Oscars

S on

Ashley looks cute, but I have to say Vanessa looks really pretty in the red dress!

So I’m going with Vanessa (:

Farah on

I think that Vanessa is the winner for the runway!from makeup to dress,hair and jewelry total GLAM!She is not only a superstar but also a stylish one as that!She was named one of hollywoods stylish teens!2 thumbs up to her!But ashley looked good to.

ysa on

they both look great! i think ashley’s dress is more appropriate for the occasion but that aside, i think vanessa ruled this one – she looks gorgeous!

Michelle on

Ashley Tisdale all the way, V’s look is just a bit over-the-top for a teenstar and the HSM event.

My on

I Think Vanessa looks like a real glam queen, but Ashley looks like a real sweetheart! So I think Ashley!

Grace on

ASHLEY!, coz the white goes with her hair, make-up and tan!!!

Vanessa’s dress is more evening gown…IT WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY! BUT ITS VERY ELIGANT!


nikki on

i love that dress

Joanna on

Ashley know how to pick clothes! She looks gorgeous and stylish.

Well, Vanessa’s look it’s a bit much for a daytime premiere!


by the way ashley was wearing giuseppe zanotti shoes ;).


Venessa. She looks very glam and mature. She looks like a true hollywood star!

hayleigh on

Ashley looks like the perfect summer girl- so pretty!

cadia on

well personally i cant really decide. i’m more of a crazy person than a sophistocated (sp?) one so i like ashleys dress but i feel like they should switch dresses bc ashleys more of the relaxed not very out there person and vanessa is more crazy and out there. but over all they both look very nice.

Laura on

I love ashley tisdale’s dress more then vanessa’s, but they are both very very pretty girls!

Rita on

Ashley Tisdale!!!!!!

Katelyn on

I like Vanessa’s style. Very glamed up. She looks amasing. Red is a good color for her. The only thing I don’t like about her dress, is I think the hem is a little to long.

Ashley looks fake to me. I think her tan kinda looks fake. I like her hair, very summery. Her dress is ok (reminded me of a hefty bag). But she can pull it off.

I would have to say Vanessa looks better. Her hair is perfect for summer (not to glamed-up, but not all down).

Theresa on

I think Ashley looks GREAT!
She has a Summery theme; which is what the movies about.
Vanessa is too Glam, & the dress is TOO dramatic.

Brittany on

I think that vanessa is better on the red carpet, hands down she is the new role model!!!!!!!

Janelle on

I go for Ashley Tisdale she looks fresh and pretty!

anna on

vanessa looks pretty, but i think her dress is a little to formal for the HSM2 premiere. after all, its not that BIG of an event. I like ashley’s dress except for the hem, but they both look pretty

Dave on

Easily Ashley – she has got it all – looks, body (those legs!)
No contest whatsoever

Eric on

Vanessa rocked the red carpet, but i like Ashley more.

April on

Definetly Vanessa. She went for a more classic look for the red carpet while Ashley looked more like she was going out to a club

Anonymous on

vanessa looks amazing but i thinik it is a bit to dressed up

alia on

Well, so far—Vanessa’s got this one 78 – 60 over Ash…. I think she wins…

noar on

Whoever says vanessa is just mad that dress is big on her chest,its for the Oscars’ or something 5,000 people said that Ashley looks better 2,000 4 vanessa!


Lily on

Ashley Tisdale wins this
Vanessa is way to dressed up for her age, she should have kept it less dramatic.

lauren on

I love them both & they both look stunning, but i have to say, this one goes to Vanessa! P.S. Zac did a great job picking Vanessa as a girlfriend!

R on

I don’t think its a good idea to compare young girls (and females in genearal) especially on how they look — it send a bad message to girls that they need to compete and get a “look” right in order to get validation/approval.
Both of these actresses looked great in their own right!

sccrhott on

Vanessa Hudgens

cat on

i think vanessa looks pretty, but looks way older than her actual age, she should have worn something shorter

la da de da on

VANESSA RULES IT! except i love zac so…

nameless on

vanessa looked absolutely STUNNING!
although admitantly jealous of her arm candy she did steal the show!

maddie on

Vanessa, duh! She looks hot in that red dress. and i bet zac loved it too.

Ashley on

i have to say ashley. the dress is prefect for the occasion wheras vanessa lukz lykz shez goin to the oscars. the fake tan workz for ashley reli wel and she is soooo pretty!!!

Shaquita on

Vanessa looks amazing- hair, makeup, nails, and her dress is beautiful. Ashley looks cheesey

vanessa on

most definately ashley tisdale!!!!!!!!!!!

vanessa on

i like ashley’s style better because it’s more casual and she looks really comfortable in it unlike vanessa who looks stiff and uncomfortable

Rachayle on

Vanessa no doubt. She looks faB!!!

Julia on

Vanessa all the way. This red dress just fits her perfectly! She looks gorgeous.

kelcie on

vanessa for sure..haha

Stephanie on

Ashley…shes a teen and shes actually dressing like a wanna have fun teen…Vanessa is too serious.Ashley all the way!

meg on

I think Ashleys dress is pretty no doubt but she looks fake where vanessa looks more herself and ultra glamorous(which is perfect for any event).

Booger on


Josie on

Vanessa looks better no doubt about that, but I think Ashley looks better for the occasion, Vanessa looks like she is going to the Oscars, Ashley looks like she is going semi-casual to the premire. Vanessa looks great though…………….

Laura on

i think even though vanessa looks nice… Ashley Tisdale looks alot nicer… i believe you have to dress for the occation… and this is a disney’s movie, and Ashley Tisdale is dress cute, pretty for such occation… in the other hand vanessa should had left this more glammed up get up for some other occation…

Ashley Tisdale has my vote

jenny on

i think ashley,its cute for summer and vanessa look too formal,but i like both dresses

Carmella on

They both looked great but vanessa ruled the carpet from head to toe!

jessica on

vanessa she looks elegant and classy!!! I love the way she always like to look feminine. I love the way she dresses!!!

Anonymous on

Ashley is not a teen, she is 22-23…fake tan and yes her hair is an issue. Vanessa looks great elegant and beautiful. Those whose opinion are so negative about the girls is just so completely immature. They r both cute! However Vanessa is the winner – No contest!

jassi on

vanessa’s dress is amazing and looks great. Both of the girl has their own style and so vanessa and ashley look great

Noe on


Linsey on

Ashley, hands down.
I’m not saying Vanessa looks bad–she looks absolutely gorgeous. But for this event, Ashley owned it. She has the flirty summer dress going on. Vanessa would have won if it were the Oscars or some major awards show. It’s a beautiful dress but it’s way too formal for Disney land. But Ashley definately takes the cake, she looks amazing.

Brittany on

Most Definetly Ashley Tisdale ! I Mean Look At Her..Shes Beautiful !

Tina on

Ashley definitely ruled. She was casual yet elegant. Love the dress!

Tanya on

Ashley ruled. I Love the shoes!

carolin on

vanessa is better, i like her smile and style

samantha on

ashley because im obsessed with her shoes!!!

jane on

both girls proved that they have an AMAZING fashion sense!! and they’re both gorgeous and talented teen stars! but i have to go with ASHLEY this time. she looked so fresh and flirty! white really flatters her and her killer legs! love her shoes too!! vanessa looked great but too formal and her hair’s really messy.. she looks too serious

Anonymous on

while both ladies look nice i think vanessa has it goin on her dress is fab and i love the color on
her. but i’m not say that ashley doesnt look nice too thay both look beautfull . but i like the style of vanessa dress better .
thank you
and have a nice day

Cynthia on

I think Ashley totally rocked the red carpet because her dress was more appropiate for the occasion. It’s fun and summery and Vanessa looks great and all but her dress is over the top for the High school musical 2 premeire (which is like a kids movie not some award show). But i think they both look gorgeous! :)

kek on


Superkitty on

Definitely ASHLEY!!! She looks age appropriate, young, pretty & fresh. Effortless beauty!
Venessa looks like wearing her mother’s dress, w the hair, she’s trying way too hard, too much like a bad prom or bridesmaid gown!

haily on

omg i totally loved vanessas dress and whos says blue doesnt go well with red its america duhhhh and ashley looks like shes fifteen i clearly dont like her style vanessas dress might be too formal but at least it doesnt look like a bunch of fabric that was put together blind AND on the side what to make her look fatter!!!!

Gracie on

Vanessa wins! She always looks great but she looks even better there.

Julianne on

ashley tisdale kuz its not really a formal thing and that dress of hers shows off her real nice legs.

daria on

Vanessa looks awersome!! lovely dress! but Ashley look good too…

Kim on


ana on

ashley tisdale

ana on

ashley tisdale all the way vanessa looks okay but ashley looks better

ana on

i hate vanessa i think she fake. I think ASHLEY TISDALE* LOOKS BETTER THEN VANESSA

eliza on

vanessa mos def…..ashley is much to in your face i think…..

maha on

ashley tisdale wins. vanessa’s look is just so overdone, her hair looks like a messy attempt to be sophisticated, and the red is way too strong. ashley’s dress is nice and flowing and soft.

Morgan on


it’s a no-brainer.

Marie on

I think Vanessa totally stole the show! I love the elegant look. Even though I usually agree that blondes do it better, I have to say Vanessa beats us this time!
It also might have to do with the fact that Ashley isn’t a natural blonde.

j-b on

no offense or anything but vanessa is always have her hair tied up like that. in a photo with corbin, ashely, and zac, in another one with zac when she was interviewed about zac’s roling stones cover, and now this. it’s like she has no other better hairstyles. i think ashely totally ruled this. vanessa always wears those long gowns. she needs to have way more variety in her clothing and her hairstyles, and be more interactive with comboc of clothes and hairstyles.

jessica on

ashley tisdale is way more pretty

mandy on

ashley rocked that red carpet

jenna on

ashley tidale way nicer vanessa is ugly

Anonymous on

Ashley Tisdale. She is geogeous!

Michelle on

i love vanessas’s dress, but ashley’s shoes are just awesome =]

Fabienne on

Ashley all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she looks soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty !! (=
i think vanessa looks relly bad!!!
ashley is the best!!!!!!!

heather on

ASHLEY ASHLEY ASHLEY her style is so funky and amazing ive seen vanessa dress a million times on the red carpet


THANKS ASHLEY U ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous on

ashley!! vanessa is wearing a dress thats way too grown up for her

Lisi on

Personaly,I truly think that these two girls are Beautiful in their own unique way.All these comments that ive read are so judgemental and it makes me mad because its shows that all of you are just competing against each girl about looks and clothes when you sould just be yourself and ignore what everybody says about you because then it will get to your head, and soon your looks, personality, clothes will all be fake and people will notice.

anonymous on

Vanessa definatly captured the red carpet look… obviously she beats out ashley’s cutesy summer dress

Victoria on

Vannessa looks very elegant and beautiful! Ashley’s dress doesn’t show off her figure at all. It’s frumpy

stacey on

ASHLEY!!!!!!!!!! duh !!!!

Sara on


helen on

they both look great but vanessa wins this one for me.

Nina on

Vanessa ruled the red carpet with her matching red gown. ITs simply gorgeous with her hair. Ashley looks fine, but she always looks the same with her little dresses and heavy tan.

Lyn on

Ashley looks way better. Vanessa is overdressed for the event unlike Ashley who hits a perfect note with this outfit in the summer.

james on

ashley tisdale

Dannielle O on

I`d have to say it`s really difficult to choose wich one rocked harder on the red carpet. From Vannessa`s dinner party chic to Ashley`s summerstlye wear, either way they both look good.

Julie on

Vanessa wins this one only because Ashley went crazy with fake tan. It makes the white look like the candlight that comes through when you light a Jack-o-Lantern

bernadette moreno on

vanessa duh

elona on

ashley tisdale

Raissa on

Ashley Tisdale

Adriana on

Ashley Tisdale

Constanza on


Shayna on

Vannesa. She is really pretty in that dress(and everything else!) and is not another bleach blonde with a fake tan like SOME of her costars. Plus her posture is incredible with her shoulders slung back.

tsu on

Ashley looked perfect for her age, beautiful and fun not over done!

andrea on

ashley totally rocked the red carpet

♥justine on

i think vanessa definatly ruled the red carpet! her dress is glamerous, whole ashleys is really im-mature and kidish looking.

Karlie Jo on

Ashley looks sooo much better! Venessa looks like she died and came back to life wearing her Kenneth Cole reaction jewels or whatever. Anyway, it’s Ashley hands down.

breland on

Ashley Tisdale for sure. Vanessa doesnt look that great. Ashley looks young and fresh. So I would definetly pick Ashley.

Gigi on

omg SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS, vanessa is getting scarely skinny with each passing moment, and shes pretty and everything and a great singer, but she really just didnt have the look on that particular showing of her beauty skills. SO im going to have to say that AHSLEY TISDALE ruled the red carpet YEAHHHH!

kate on

Ashley looks cute as always, but Vanessa looks WOW. She’s looks like a glamorous little mini J. Lo!!!

kara on

ashley tisdale. um hello….”high school musical 2″ vanessa’s dress is more “night at the oscars” style. ashley’s fun and fresh. vanessa looks like she tried too hard.

HSM Fan!!!!!! on

ashley tisdale 4 sure!!!! vanessa looks very pretty but i think ashley is more dressed for the occasion that they were at!!!! so, in other words, ashley looks better!!! i luv ya both

Pooppy on

I think that Ashley looks much better in her dress especially with her nice tan!

emma on

ashley is way more age appropriate

paige on

ashley tisdale all the way

Amy on

VANESSA, of course! i think ashley tisdale’s trying just a tad too hard.. GO VANESSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Ana on

Vanessa!! she looks a lilbit older, but it`s really beautiful!!

natasha on

Ashley was more outgoing and fit for a star with the perfect body venessa is just too skinny!

kate on

they both look stunning!!!

Eveline on

Both look great … I would say I like Vanessa’s usual style better, but here Ashley Tisdale looks better in the dress.

Randoosh on

I think it’s Vanessa Hudgens !! Because she always looks great and in this red dress she is amazing !! She is the best !!

nummy on

VANESSA are you kidding… so glamerous. ashley is wearing a sack.

Lori on

to me, it seems like ashley’s style is a bit to casual and low key. But Vanessa looks like she definetly knows her style.

Laura on

Ashley tisdale looks sooooo fake. I wouldnt buy anything she sells! ha!
Vanessa looks adorable, and she looks like she owns the scene. YA GO BABY V.

E on


Pop on

Vanessa looks so much prettier! Ashley Tisdale looks like she got ready in less than 10 minuetes. Also, whoever said that Vanessa’s hairstyle is always the same well guess what? So IS ASHLEY’S! That weirdo always has her hair down and straightened. She looks too Cali to me.

anonymous on

UGH!!! VANNESA Sucks!!!!! I love her dress, but she is SOO EWWWW Look at the look on her face! She looks SO stuck-up and wanna be! She thinks she’s the BOMB!!! And she can’t even sing!

I like Ashley better…thank you very much!

Rachayle on

Vanessa no doubt.

Bee on

Personally Ashley Tisdale isn’t that pretty just has nice hair so Vanessa automatically looks better.

♥ Summer on

You can’t really compare these styles because they are so different. Ashley’s is very cute-casual, pulled back, sweet, girly, etc. Vanessa’s is very mature, vixen-ish, sexy. My personal style leans toward Ashley (and her amazing shoes!!!) , but both girls are very attractive no matter what they wear.

Emma on

Vanessa looks so beautiful, and very pretty in that red drees ..

So, I like Vanessa’s dress the most !!!! :D

Adedeji Olayinka Adewale on

vennessa is fantastic and ruled the red carpet,due to her fitness and cremy realm,while Ashley too is fine with her stature and boldness,it only that her red gown is too bright and too flantboyant for such a outing.

Sara on

Vanessa hands down looks fabulous! However, given the event, High School Musical 2, Ashley Tisedale is the more appropriate looking star.

smiley on

vanessa tried too hard with the long dress. ashley doesnt have too so i think that ashley looks the best defo!

andrea on

I think that both women have it down…Vanessa has the classy going and Ashley has the fun and flirty thing going…..WAY-TO-GO girls!!!!

Erica on

ashley for sureeee!

vanessa is trying way too hard!

Emily on

I think ashley totally rocked it! her outfit was dressy,comfy,and girly, vanessa’s was just too dressy.

Chanelle on

i think ashley’s and vanessa rocked the red carpet!!!

ky on

ashley tisdale all the way


These girls don’t even compare. Clearly it’s Vanessa


but they both look GORGEOUS
cnt choooooose

Anonymous on

Ashley!! Vanessa’s hair looks horrible! :/

Kelly on

Ashley! Vanessa’s hair looks horrible and i hate the dress. :\

Tammy on

Ashley! Simple as that.

Courtney (: on

No contest here. Ashley’s is way more summery and fun and girly! Vanessa looks like she got lost on the way to the VMA’s.

erica on

Ashley…the movie is bubbluly and cute..(and one of the dumbest ever made…hate it)…so you should wear something that reflects it the short white dress is awsome and flirty perfect for the movie…vanessa does look good…but shes definatley trying too hard…just like this movie is…its the disney channel like come on!

Linda on

Vanessa looks waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than ashley i mean hasnt ash’ worn white dresses enough?

vanessa at least has variety thumbs up vanessa

and vanessa could look better then ash’ in cowgirl boots and a tux and still would be on best dressed list !!!!

Amelia L. on

Both girls looked beautiful! But, I do have to say that Vanessa’s dress looks too old for her. Ashley looks much more age appropriate. Her dress is light, fun and young.

Coco on

I vote for Vanessa! She’s gorgeous.

sara on

I dont like vannesa’s hair so I think ashley looks best

sara on

I don’t like vannesa’s hair like that so I think ashley looks better

titi on

vanessa ruled the red carpet

Nicole on

They are both so beautiful , how could you pick?

valerie on

vanessa all the way

vicky on

ashley rules the red carpet for sure althought vannesa is more beaytiful than her

Sabrina on

Vanessa – she looked amazing in red!

Amy on

What’s funny about this is that in HSM, their characters would be wearing each others outfits! Sharpay would just add glitter to the red dress Vanessa’s wearing and Gabriella would be wearing Ashley’s dress with plain flats! lol. I think Vanessa ruled the red carpet though.

Lauren on


who cares on

Vanessa has the better dress, but I think Ashley looks much cuter, just because of er face and her ascories. Vanessa looks much older than she is in this pic, while ashley looks young and fresh.

Beka on

uh ashley tisdale won… HANDS DOWN. she looks beautiful

Gigi on

they both look very pretty but vanessa hair is all over the place and her dress is a tad too long for her
Vanessa HOLDING Zac instead of that bag would’ve gotten my vote
Ashley looks great though, as is, so she gets my vote for rocking the red carpet

Alexis on

Ashley looks so much more comfortable. Her dress makes her look fun and friendly. Vanessa seems to think she’s a huge star now (even though she is) so she seems to be wearing extra fancy dresses as if she’s all that. As you can tell, i’m not a huge vanessa fan.

Milay on

Vanessa wins hands down! Her long dress is super elegant and is in a nice, fun, bright color where Ashely’s dress has a weird bottom and the color does nothing for her.

kiki on

VANESSA! she looks stunning. red is def. her color. ashley’s look is wayyyy to simple for her own premiere. if only vanessa had zac on her arm, she’d KILL the competition. How cute are they together? The perfect couple, for sure. And obviousally, the best dressed couple, too.

fashion1202 on

i totally think ashley has it, that girl is struttin’ her stuff, Vanessa looks ok, i personally wouldn’t wear something like that for her height, ashley and vanessa are almost equal in height, so i think ashley owned this “fashion-face-off” being that she showed her gourgeous legs off also. ashley wins, vanessa does not

Brooke on

oh i think Vanessa has to take the cake for this one i mean she’s a gorgeous girl and so is her ensamble and her amazingly hot botfriend Zac

Maddie on

Vanessa all the way i mean ashley looke orange and the dress looks like something for the beach not for a event plus Vanessa has the guy and looks absolutely fabulous

Lover on

Ashley Tisdale hands down hers is funky and hott while it showed off her very tan body and vannessa is growing up way to fast for my taste the dress is pretty but i could see it on J.Lo not Vannessa

hotness on


Lilly on

Vanessa i mean the dress is so beautiful and she looks amazing so does Ashley but Vanessa looks alot better

Nicole on

Definetly Vanessa.. She looks so pretty. She can rock any look!

Ashley Tisdale on

OMG How could you say that about the star.AKA Ashley Tisdale

chuck on


nancy on

VANESSA! Hands down its Vanessa. She looks BEAUTIFUL in the red dress and she’s just naturally beautiful =)

nan on

Vanessa!!! =) She looks great.

Ashley looks so fake. from her hair to her tan to her personality. Eww. She looks bad and needs to eat more. She’s a toothpick.

Chelseaa on

Vanessa for sure , she looked sooooo glamorous!

Chelseaa on

Vanessa for sure , she looked so glamorous! Ashley Tisdale looked great too , but you can’t compare her to V.H.

molly on

Ashley definitely rocked the red carpet with her dress!

modhi on

vanessa ofcorse shez most stylish

Candy on

I think Vanessa has it without a fight. I love the Glam look and it is classic.

hi on


Marly on

Ashley Tisdale .

I like Vanessa’s dress , but it seems to serious for the event . It’s summer and Ashley’s dress compliments her well .

zacsvotedontcount4v on


zacsvotedontcount4v on


i love kevin jonas on

it iz a tie i love vennesa’s hair and ashlee’s oufit!

Alexis on

I like Venessa’s dress and i think she looks pretty but i like ashley tisdale better so i’m gonna go with ashley

Ana Raquel on

This time I have to agree Vanessa looked better

Cecilia on

Ashlee’s looks like she’s goin to a barbaque, but Vanessa looks more demure. Definately Vanessa!!!

Janai on

Vanessa looks too overdone. She looks like she is going to the Oscars, not a premiere at Disneyland, Ashley looks much more event appropriate. Both look gorgeou, but I prefer Ashley.

maria on


gracie on

i think ashley wins. its disney, she has a fun dress where vennessa is more serious

kayla on

vanessa definatly ruled the red carpet. she looked amazing! ashley looked pretty too but between the two, its gotta be VANESSA!!!

Annabel on

I think that Vanessa looks fabulous in her Jay Godfrey gown. the only down side is that the dress looks too long for her. It looks like she will trip walking in it. Also Ashley is just trying way to hard. A SIMPLE white, strapless and short white dress would look just fine with some black pumps. She is also way too tan.

michaela on

vannesa hudgens

Jay on

Ashley because she’s actually smiling.. vanessa needs to smile

Erin on

Vanessa, definitely!!!

Ashley tries way too hard

vay. on


carly on

Ashley! she is so much more pretty than vanessa by alot!

Jenna on

Vanessa ruled the red carpet, hands down. Her dress is more suited for the red carpet, where as Ashley’s looks a bit more casual.

Candy on

Definately Vanessa

Kelsey on

I dont like either. I dont even think they should be on the red carpet they are only in a teeny pop disney movie that is not even in theaters.

erica on

i think ashley looked really cute!! but vanessa’s pretty too!

Claire on

I love Ashley Tisdale but, I would have to say Vanessa ruled the red (blue) carpet in that beautiful dress! They both look amazing! Ashley looks awesome showing off her new tan from the movie!

Marsha on

I think Vanessa definitely had the best hair. But, Ashley wins this one with the tan and beautiful dress.

Kira on

vanessa looks great in that dress

kp252 on

ashley is sooooooooooo much better. vanessa looks like a hag look at her hair compared to ashley’s. ashley is super pretty!!!!!!!

Lori on

I think Vanessa looked absolutly gorgeous and she definitly ruled the red carpet

kp252 on

defintley ashley she is soooooooo pretty. besides u shouldn’t like vanessa better she gets zac! besides ashley looks fabulous while vanessa looks like an old lady!!!!!!!!!1 i hate vanessa!!!

Anonymous on

Ashley totally, she looks BEAUTIFUL

shane on

Ashley, totally rocked. she looks beautiful in that white gown!!! Great legs too

Luísa on

Vanessa looked stunning! :)


Vanessa!!! Because she is dress in red to support the Wildcats color in the movie!!! Ashley is not doing that. Vanessa Rox at the Red Carpet! She is smart to wear RED!

Kaitlyn on

Ashley. It’s Disney Land, not the Oscars, V.

dani on

vanessa definatly

Sarah on

its gotta be ashley

ana on

there’s no competition vanessa looks so appropriate for the occasion everything’s looks fabulous…ashley looks like she’s going toa semi formal school dance…

Amber on

Ashley tisdale!!! i like vanessa’s dress but its meant for a more grown up event! ashley’s is clean cute and yet very elegant! vanessa’s is to long i mean they are in L.A!!! she needs to watch the weather channel!

Leeka Gomes on

They’re very beautiful, but the style are different.
I prefer Ashley!

Chris-Tina on

Vanessa dress to me doesn’t fit the occasion but ashleys does its fun summery and firty but they both look very nice.

L.C on


Miriam on

Vanessa looks way better. She is more sophisticated and Ashley looks to relaxed.

sousou on

I think Vanessa’s dress is a whole lot better than ashleys, but ashleys is nice!

georgoous! on

AHH totally vanessa! she looks georgous in this dressss i sooo wanna get it for prom!!!! ashley looks….. cute but vanessa looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

Kennedy on

Vanessa totally roked the red carpet I loved her in that dress she looked sooooooooooooo beautiful



toni on

ashley tisdale.

michelle on


Ermira on

I think the dress of vanessa is prettier but I personnaly like ashley more x

Ashley on

Ashley Tisdale rocked her look. Vanessa looks great too, but could’ve stepped-it-up a bit.

Julia on


alexis on

vanessa wins it deff. She just looks reall AMAZING!!!!!i love the color of the dress.that was a great choice!!!~

Molly on

Vanessa, hands down.
Ashley is so…not good looking.

Sara on

It looks like Ashley Tidsdale is kinda stuck with her “high-school-pretty-girl” image. Vanessa has grown, she’s flashing this amazign grown-up side of herself and she totally rocks it!

jenny on

vanessa hands down
she matched her swim suit in the movie
i guess no one caught that
pretty clever of her
elegant definately
she was glowing

becca on

of course…. VANESSA!! her red dress accents her beauty

ness on

vanessa is the best.

Tiffany on

First of all, I don’t think Ashley is that appealing. She needs to stop dying her hair, adding extensions and teasing it so much. It looks very odd like some kind of very bad wig. I remember when Vanessa was in the movie, Thirteen. She’s such a cute and sweet girl. No wonder Zac couldn’t keep his hands off of her! I absolutely adore her red carpet style!

: D on

Vanessa looks gorgeous.

Zaragozaalzr on

I think Vanessa Hudgens ruled the red carpet.

Zaragozaalzr on

Vanessa Hudgens

Alanna on

Vannessa! shes my idol and a beautiful one…

Zaragozaalzr on

Vannesa Hudgens

pamella on

Vanessa hudgens

Debbie on

vanessa for sure! her dress is so pretty.

Lucy on

Vanessa looks like she’s trying to be older. Ashley look fun and dresses more her age. Both dress are nice but Vanessa looks like a little girl playing dressup with her moms cloth.

Jamie on

both really. i cant decide.

Chloe on

I think that both girls are great, but I definately think that Vanessa totally dominated!

Nikki on

Vanessa Hudgens Definatly!

Taylor on

Vanessa rocks in that Jay Godfrey gown.. she looks so glam and elegant… Vanessa ruled the red carpet..

Xanthi on

I think Ashley looks good in the dress but Vannessa looks better.

Andrea on

Vanessa for sure !

wildcat on

I can’t decide!!

laura on

i think that vanessa ruled the red carpet she is likethe best singer and rules when it comes to fashion sense.she is the best of all singer. when i grow up i want to be just like her.

Anonymous on

Vanessa, she looks amazing.

Rory on

Definitely Vanessa. She looks polished and very poised. Ashley, on the other hand is looking a bit sloppy…and a bit too tan.

melissa on

I think that they both look GREAT because I mean they both are pretty!!!!!!!! So I think they BOTH win!!!!!!!!

Tizza on

I think vanessa looks so pretty….It’s a big night to them and I think Ashley is under dressed……

Jessie on

Vanessa! Deff.

Kelsey on

It was really hard! They bothed looked gorgeous but if i had to choose it would be Vannessa! She looks good in anything but this dress really made her shine! She looked amazing!

Emma on

Vanessa :)

nessa on


lovley on

ashley hand down all the way vanessa is too stuck up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicole on

Vanessa TOTTALY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maddy on

vanesa dress is beautiful mbut it makes her look to old this movie is supposed to be about high school

ashleys is fun flirty and age appropriate she looks beautiful in a totally different way
you can tell she looks comfortable unlike vanessa who looks too serious and a little silly

nicole on

Vanessa! duh! plus her and zac are so freakin cute!

Call Me! on

Well im sorry to say Vannessa lovers but it looks like Most everyone voted Ashley Tisdale!!! YAY

lalayeh on


allexi on

they both look great, but i think ashley has a lot more presence.

vballsarah on

definitely vanessa
she looks so gorgeous.

Rebekah on

Vanessa for sure! The dress is stunning on her, the color is brilliant and hugs her in all the right places. Ashley Tisdale does look really good, but why not wear something a little more figure flattering?

Ilene on

Ashley Tisdale.
The dress looks fabulous with her tan!

Carly on

Vanessa, love the hair

Skye on

i believe that both look fabulous. vanessa did very well, but you gotta admire ashley for always being daring. i do at least.

Allie on

Ashley hands down!!!!

michelle on

no contest, from her hair to her dress to the way she poses.. she took the stagee

Christie on

Both girls looks absolutely stunning in anything they wear but I’ll have to say Vanessa. Love the red dress she is wearing, the whole glam look suits her.

kendal on

vnessa looks amazing classy and beatifull asley went alittle overboard with the fack tan and padded bra cuz in hsm2 she is flat they both look good but v looks better

madison on

vanessa 2 thumbs up

KrysTaL on

I love Ashley Tisdale… she has a classic look, but Vanessa looks amazing in the red… its hard but Id have to say AShley. She knows how to rock it!

Andrea on

Vanessa looks beautiful! The red dress looks great with her skin tone and the accessories she chose and her hair are more subdued, but still elegant, which lets the dress speak for itself. However, I think she’s a little too dressed up for the occassion. Ashley’s dress is more appropriate and she looks amazing! The dress is really flattering and cute and her shoes are nice as well.

olivia on

both of them had good outfits. but i think ashley tisdale

hilary on

ok.. but its a blue carpet lol
I think vanessa looks stunnin but maybe a little OTT for a HSM premiere where as Ashley looks as dressed up as she usually does and so looks more suitable for the occasion

olivia on

ashley all the way

Josie on

Ashley Tisdale definitely won this one! Shes so unique and I always love her look!

Amanda on

Vanessa was way too dressy for the event. Ashley wins my vote.

Elizabeth on


elizabeth on

ashley trisdale!!!!!!

Sarah on


blah on

Vanessa definitly…i think ashley tisdale has an annoying voice and Vanessa is way prettier than ashley is.

Michaela on

I think that Vanessa ruled the carpet. First of all: her look is amazing, the dress, hair, make-up, everything! And she also looks much more sophisticated.

shani on

ashley tisdale look so mush beautiful i lovr her style

Mary on

i think they both look beautiful but vannessa looks more red carpet appropriate

Catherine on

I like Ashley’s! Vanessa is a very pretty person and i usually LOVE her style, but i have to go with Ashley instead this time. Vanessa looks like she just woke up! I son’t like it! Plus, i LOVE Ashley’s shoes!

eni on

vanessa looks absolutely georgeus.i love her style.

alice on

no doubt about it, ashley she lukz lyk a natural model

Cassidy on

Vanessa has it goin on i think. she looks best.

Rose on

Vanessa!!! Two thumbs up!

jada on

i think vanessa rocked the red caret in her very sleek red dress. it makes her look sophisticated and she looks amazing !! ashley look stunning azs well.

Rose on

Vanessa! she’s so beautiful and i like her clothes, but Ashley is pretty to but not pretty than Vanessa! :D

nancy on

come on people you all know vanessa is the winner!

toolip on

vanessa she looks effortless

Tandra on

I think that although Vanessa is drop dead gorgeous and so is her arm candy, Ashley looks better. Don’t get me wrong, Vanessa’s dress is gorgeous and she looks gorgeous in it but remember that Vanessa is 18. She’s dressed way too old. Ashley’s dress is more fitting for the event and her age. So I love you Vanessa but it’s all Ashley.

Rebecca on

VANESSA! She is so glamourous

Rebecca on

VANESSA!!! She looks flawless

LoLo on

Vanessa probably but i like Ashley better! (=

Silvia on

Ashley Tisdale,
Nessa’s dress is more for the Evening, Not for a Premiere,

Alie on

Vanessa! She looks like she fits in on the red carpet. Ashley looks more like she is going to a beach party. The red dress is a great color on Vanessa too!

kelly on

vanessa by far….its no comparrison vanessa ruled the carpet

stella on

Vanessa of course!!!

Ashluvr on

Ashley, definatley. Vanessa is way too dressed up for this event. its just a movie preimere, not the grammy’s. vanessa looks good. but ashley looks amazing. she looks so tan in the white. and vanessa is just kind of bland-looking in the red evening gown.

tony on

def vanessa

chrissy on

vanessa is way better hands down ash is still pretty but vanessa is better

Aly on

I love ashley’s dress!

alejandra on

that obvious,ashley is better than vanessa,much better.

Loraine on

Vanasse no dougt she looks beutyful I am loving the dress.

linsdsay on

they both look stunning and whoever thinks either one of them doesn’t have style, they are fashon blind!!

Val on

Vanessa looks absolutely amazing. Her style and look are much more unique than many of the other young starlets’ today. She doesn’t have to get the fake tan and bleached blonde hair to fool people into thinking she’s pretty. She’s naturally gorgeous. Vanessa is definitely rocking it! No wonder Zac likes her so much!

Claire on

i absolutley love Vanessa’s whole look except her black fingernails. everyone at my school is doing that but i do not think it is that pretty or ladylike!

mevans on

Venessa is drop dead gorgeous in that bright gown! Brava!

Kayla on

Ashley! she looks amazing! Vanessa looks beautiful as well but i think shes alittle to dressed up for this event. Ashley looks like shes having fun and it dosent look as serious.



Mary Claire on

They both look great but Vanessa looks AMAZING!!

Mary Claire on

They both look great but Vanessa looks AMAZING!!The color of the dress really complements her skin tone.

Mary Claire on

They both look AMAZING but vanessa looks better!! The red dress really complements her skin tone!!

Ariel on

I love both of their dresses but for the red carpet Vanessa’s was better.

sara on

vanessa hudgenssssssssssssss

sammantha on

Ashley Tisdale looks really cute!!
Vanessa is playing it to safe with a boring red dress (which btw looks too old for her). Atleast ashley is taking a risk and wearing something different.
Oh god I hate vanessa’s pout!!!! she just really looks “ohh i’m so famous, blah blaah”, she looks really fake whereas ash looks really preppy and cute.

katie on

Vanessa, no doubt about it!!

Annika on

Vanessa was stunning at the L.A. premeire! She definitely wins this one hands down. Although Ashley looks fantastic, Vanessa was a major fashion “do”!!!!

Anna on

I love Ashley’s casual dress and I adore her shoes. Vanessa is trying to grow up too fast in her glam gown. Ashley is looking young and fab in her new shorter hair. Ashley looks young and flirty,Vanessa looks mature and serious.Winner is Ashley Tisdale,hands down
PS Ashley could have Zac as man candy if she wanted to.

Kate on

Vanessa–while Vanessa looks glamorous and chic,Ashley looks more like she’s going on a beach-side stroll.

ann on

both of them looked beautiful!

jessica lopez on

I think Ashley Tisdale. that dress is killer on her and she has a great smile.!.!

tania on

ashley tisdale

tania on


Jackie on

Ashley sorry venessa. if the dress was shorter then you would of won

rosanna on

omg i woulds so love to have vanessa style… even though i COULD have it i jsut am so jealous!!! GO NESSA!



Addie on

Vanessa looks WAY more classy. She did for sure!

cindy on

ashley tisdale; hands down (:
she will always look the best to me.
& she is my idol & inspiration <3
you rockkk ashleyy ! :]

Megan on

Ashley is more of the occasion, she looks way prettier. Vanessa looks like she is going to a fancy awards show. i think she tried to hard.

Sarah on

I think the look Vanessa went with is a bit too old for her. I definitely believe Ashley, who dressed to more of her own style, looks better.


Vanessa hudgensss



blair on

i think vannessa wins this one!!!!!!!

kelly on

i think that ashley roked it with not having such a sufisticated look for her age still fresh and cute

grace on




Nina on

Vanessa rules the red carpet sooo much better than ashley!!!!!!

lola on

Def Vanessa. She is sooo pretty. I love her dress and her jewelry.

*star* on

vanessa! she looks so grown up and pretty, but ashley – too much fake tan!

jessica on

i think ashley looks better than vanessa because the dress shows her off more



celie on

Ashley wins by far, the dress is appropriate for the event Vanessa looks as though she put too much thought into and the fit is all wrong. As for the Hairspray premiere again Ashley because if you get rid of Vanessa’s side bow it looks like a plain black tube top dress where Ashley once again shine. Ashley just has a way with fashion and she nails it everytime. It has nothing to do with experience its knowing what works for one’s own body type and Ashley is definitely confident in knowing what she can pull off.

Ana on

I think Ashley Tisdale ruled + I think she knows how to dress herself better than Vanessa.

colett on

they are both beautiful girls but i would have to say nessa!:)

Lizzie on

Ashley cuz it just is too much for a Disney movie.Vanessa looks AMAZING,if she were going to OSCAR night.Hats off to both!

HAnnAH!!!!!!! on

vanessa always looks better!!!

Catherinee on


E on

Ashley Tisdale!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s awesome!!!! Vanessa looks pretty too- but i still like Ashley.

Essie on

Ashley!!!!!!!!!!! Vanessa looks cute, but i pick Ashley.

joshy on

vanessa is so sweet
and sexy
she is faboluos

KT on

Ashley Tisdale!!!!! Totally!!!!! Vanessa needs more something to it!!! I love ashley’s look!

KT on


nikki on

vanessa has it all…… ashley looks really great but i have to agree that zac as arm candy is the perfect touch to vanessa. i like them both but vanessa has it the best

gogirl.cnet on

Ashley definitely has this one. I think it flatters her figure and she has teamed her accessories well with her BCBG dress. I still love vanessa’s dress, but ashley’s got this one in the bag!!!

In would really like to know how much i can get this for?

manda on

vannessa, AlWAYZ! i luv her to death!

AJ on

ASHLEY!!! Vanessa looks like a zombie

Riley on

Ashley ruled the carpet! Her look was fresh and very pretty. While there is no doubt that Vanessa is a beautiful girl, it unfortunately looked like she was playing dress-up. The look was too mature and fancy….like the Academy Awards or something. Ashley kept things young and fun. She is the real deal!

Elizabeth on


Missi on

Vanessa Wins it because she has a more natural look and Ashley looks too tan and fake.

Missi on


Kelsey on

i think vanessa looks really good in this dress and so does ashley……… but vanessa looks better

Shannon on

I think Ash is the best dress, she’s more beautiful, hotter clothes!!!! She rocks. Vanessa is just asking for a close-up for popularity. ;)

hannah on

ashley ruled the red carpet with that simple handkerchief hem white BCBG dress.

Sam on


Gii on

Ashleyyyyy… The Vanessa’s dress is dispossessed for during the day…
And Ash always looks THE BEST!

Janice on

Ashley for sure, her dress is way more flirty and fun

Steph on

Definitley Ashley

madelene on

I thing ashley. Im not a vanessa fan

ashley on

I think Ashley looks really cute and way better then Vannesa

dang on

vanessa ofcoz!
shes fabulous!!!!!!!!

*Amazing Gracie* on

Vanessa….lovin the red dress…:]

Niki on

i have to say Ashley Tisdale this time..i have to agree that Vanessa used to look glamorous but this is it wasn’t that catchy as she used to be this time she looks too plain..so i would go for Ashley Tisdale..

Gwendolyn on

Ashley!!! She looks WONDERFUL in that white dress and i love her hair

Casey on

Vanessa, hands down. Ashley does look very chic and cute but Vanessa looks gorgeous.



Cassie on

Ashley’s dress looks like she jumped out of bed, and wrapped a towel/bedsheet/(dunno how to say it in english, im not english:P), and went to the premiere!
Vanessa looks sooooooooooooo pritti in red!

Luv Baby V!!

Asim on

i think ashley is the most beautiful…..cuz her face and hair rox!! and plus after vanessas’s scandal ashley will win anywayz

Asim on

i think ashley lokks more beautiful………cuz she’s so pretty and and her face and hair rox!!. And after the vanessa scandal ashley will win anywayz…….

Tiffany on


faith on

i cant chooose. i love both looks! and both are totally different. ashley went for the more fun vibe and vanessa went for the elegant kind. so u cant really decide bc they’re wearing two diff styles

anggia on

Definitely vanessa hudgens!! she has a great sense of style.. no matter what and when.. go vanessa

Ava Lee on

tough decision! Both look stunning in their frocks but I would say to say that Vanessa looks more polished and classic for the red carpet.

Anonymous on

Vanessa Is Absolutely The Next Fashionita =) Her Style is Just Cool Always!

jennifer on

i think vanessa

Jamie Renee on

Ashley looked amazing..that dress
compliments her skin tone so well!
But Vanessa looks like she was the
queen of the red carpet! She looked
absoutley stunning!! And I mean STUNNING!
Red looks perfect on her.

Vanessa Hands Down.

dale on

Vanessa!!! she looks fantabulous!

Shana on


Maribel on

ashley tisdale..no doubt..who cares about the tan..and the dress is beautiful, its different and thats awesome

rojda on


Emma on

hi vaness.i love you.

jec@ on

extr@ jeee!!!!!!!!!

Diana on

Ashley hands down!!!! She always looks gorgeous no matter what she wears… Ashley all the way!!!!

angela on


anna on

shes pretty,cool,gorgeus,good person…..
vanessa is ugliest person in the world,dumb,no cool……..

candace on


stacey on

Ashley Tisdale ROCKED the red carpet. Her personality showed it all. Just look at the picture, come on people, she smiles brightly and she is just trying to have fun. Vanessa is posing too much… she just needs to relax and have fun while on the red carpet like Ashley is. Have “FUN”!!!!

kristyn on

DEFF ashley tisdale

alma on

ashley tisdale

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