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Julianne Moore Lightens Up! What Do You Think of Her New Look?

07/18/2007 at 01:00 PM ET

Evan Agostini/Getty; Thornton/Green/INF

Over the years, Julianne Moore has become an iconic redhead — even when she was blonde in Far From Heaven, she was still indelibly in our minds with that fiery hair. So, seeing her strolling in N.Y.C.’s West Village yesterday with a dramatically shorter and lighter ‘do took us totally off guard! Julianne’s lightened up to a pale strawberry blonde for her role in a new thriller, Blindness (due out in March ’08). We’re not sure what to think of it of the new look — it looks great, but we already miss the vibrant red locks. We want to know what you think! Tell us: Do you like Julianne’s new lighter do? Or do you like her natural color better?

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Krissy on

I like her natural color better, but this is a cute look for her too. :)

Lynda on

Julianne Moore look’s sexie as a blonde! Sorry dear, even though red is your natural color stick with blonde, this coming from a brunette!

Becky on

I like both colors, but I think she looks younger and more fun as a blonde.

Brooke on

I think I saw her in Wal-Mart. YUCK.

sarah on

red all the way, the blonde looks hideous

Kathryn on

Ick! That blonde is terrible! She is stunning and distinctive as a redhead. Her new color makes her hair look unhealthy and like she couldn’t select the right grocery store bottle.

jen on

she looks younger blound!

Anonymous on

She looks MUCH better as a readhead!!

Elda on

i kinda like her better with her natural hair color, natural red hair is hot!

ucokaty on

kathryn i AGREE! the blonde looks cheaply done, it doesn’t even come close to matching with her skin tone! YUCK!

dawn on

Personally it looks like a cheap dye job and horrible cut. She looks older in that color. She normally has beautiful hair.

O'Wryly on

The shorter cut is a definite improvement but her natural shade is far better.

Lauren R on

No, no, no, no! Why do all these beautiful redheads go blonde? It does not look better. Red like hers is rare…why be like everyone else? I do not think the blonde suits her at all!

Sunny on

I like her best more brown:,,1048115_2,00.html

yen on


mary on

Why do people do this? I LOVED her red hair, just as I loved Nichole Kidman’s red hair and Lindsay Lohan’s red hair. The red hair provides something unique to their identities – instead of being just another in a long line of bleached blondes (and I’m a blonde, so don’t shoot me).

Beverly-Ann on

I don’t like the new lokk, i think it looks a bit like she is sick and her face is so pale with this color… I like her natural hair much better ;)

Brooke Payne on

I just dont understand how she could give up that beautiful red…i guess we always want what we cant have. But I mean she still looks pretty, I dont think she looks bad at all. Maybe since she is now my color, I should go red. ;)

Megan on

Blonde doesn’t suit her at all. It makes her look washed out.

Mrs.Balbuena on

I really liked her before when she had red hair.

tracey on

HORRIBLE as a blonde!
SHe looks washed out.

Emily on

Hate It!! Hate It! Hate It! Same to the other famous red’s. Let the over done processed look go, get back to natural, next time, just wear a wig.

Shannon on

I prefer the red. The blonde washer her out.

S on

I love her as a redhead. The shade of blonde she had for “Far From Heaven” looked much better – but maybe she’s having the color changed gradually, which I understand makes the final color look better. This shade of blonde does not flatter her complexion, and I actually think it makes her look older, NOT younger. As a redhead, her daughter looks just like her.

Lindsay on

She looks like an old Lindsay Lohan! The darker color suits her much better.

A on

I think she looks much better as a redhead.

Jennifer on

She looks washed out as a blonde. The red is so much more fitting on her.

Veronica B. on


Laura on

I definitely prefer her as a red head. Her hair is beautiful as it is

Dorothy on

She looks so good with the red hair and I am so used to see her this way. The blonde is not bad but its just not her.Red is her signature!

MwatchinU on

she’s gorgeous with blonde hair.. Keep It Jules!

ALM on

I am so sad! I love her red hair!! I hope when the movie is over she goes back to her gorgeous locks.

jpoplin on

MUCH classier as a redhead. Deep brown/red is a very distinctive color – and natural beautys wear it well.

Elizabeth on

If u have gorgeous red hair, why would you want to change it? Why? Her hair was absolutely fantastic the way it originally was!

Merel on

coming from a redhead, she looks better natural. our skin is too pale to go a healthy blond and still have it look good. she does look younger, but her hair doesn’t look as healthy. The Red looks sophisticated!

Ida on

She looks awful with blonde hair… She had amazing red hair and now this blonde hairoclor looks like a cliché. If it’s for a film role – that’s okay.

rachel on

she’s way too pale to begin with no matter what she does with her skin and or HAIR for that matter. she should have kept it the way it was -at least she didn’t look like this!!!


She looks soo MUCH MUCH better with the red hair…the blonde makes her hair look dead and limp…ewwww

Babs on

She looks better with Red hair .. her peach coloring and eyes stand out with healthy ,shiny red hair. The blond makes her skin look dull and hair has lost its shine and looks damaged…Why mess with Mother Nature..

Heather on

There are some people that can pull off the blonde hair, Julianne Moore is not one of them. Her hair looked so healthy and shiny when it was her natural red color. With the new blonde it looks so gross, she definately needs to take a brush to it and get all those knots out. I am sorry but I hate when older people try to look like they are a teenager again. Embrace the age and work with it, no sense is trying to be a teenager again. (just for clarification, im not older i am only 23)

Jamie on

She’s not pretty with either color, but she should definitely go back to red! This looks cheap!

Autumn on

She went from a classic beauty to looking like everyone else. Hopefully this will be a very short-lived change.

Dorie on

I think she needs to whiten her teeth!

Red hair is best.

Cassie on

i love it!! but i dont think that i would do that for a movie role, id probably get a wig, well actully no, becuase i love dying my hair, so all in all i think that she looks great!!

yvonne franceschi on

She looks better in her natural hair color. She
looks lemon orange with this one. Yvonne

Ash on

Ew…the red is so much better.

Virginia on


"L" on

The blonde is horrible!! she looks completely washed out. Stick with the red!

shar on

Julianne Moore is more attractive as a redhead, for sure…but my suggestion to her is HAVE YOUR TEETH PROFESSIONALLY WHITENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marla on

Absolutely red – red is the hottest hair colour imaginable on a woman. It makes her distinctive in a world of bleach blondes. Men love red heads…I know!

pearl on

It’s horrible she looks like she got a really bad home job. who done that to her!!!!

Kay on

I like her with the Red hair better, her skin looks more “peachy” with the red hair, but the “blonde” doesnt really look like blonde to me, it looks like the color you would get if you naturally had dark hair and put some blonde color in it, and the outcome=Orange-ish

Theresa on

I think it’s a nice change for the summer, but I definatley think she should go back to red in the fall.

Jennifer on

This woman would be gorgeous with no hair at all. The natural red is by far more fabulas and sophisticated. Obviously the change is for her movie role, so that’s fine. But, just for sake of discussion, I think very few people look good with dyed blond hair, and I don’t think I have ever confused a blonde dye job for natural if you know what I mean. Younger chicks can get away with it for a while because it kind of looks like a fun, party girl. As a person gets older, (and probably has been dying their hair for a long time), it really looks gross. All yellowy, broken off, like some housewife from the suburbs.

Cass on

Julianne is so gorgeous with her red hair and pale skin! I don’t begrudge her for trying something new — is it for a movie role? — but I love her as a redhead and think it goes better with her beautiful skin.

em on

she looks better with the red hair because it just makes her look naturally beautiful

Chelsea on

The blonde makes her look washed out as it doesn’t match her sking tone at all.

Maria on

Even thought both looks are cute…I’d say blonde ’cause it lights up her face wayyy more.

Jessica D. on

Julianne was so distinctive and gorgeous as a redhead. Her hair was long, shiny and healthy looking. This color seems too brassy. Though I still think she’s pretty, she looked best with red.

Samantha on

She looks aweful! it ages her by like 10 years!

Please go back to your beautiful natural color the way god intended. The blonde completely washes her out.

amy on

LOoks better blond, but she has so many freckles. She should use laser spot removal which is just like laser hair removal. She looks silly with those long red locks.

erika on

i think she looks better in red. She looks younger and it give her sink the perfect glow. Nothing like going el Nautral! :)

Lekzi on

she looks totally better in her natural red hair. cute and totally sexy. i liked tha red hair much much better

Tink on

I think it’s nice for a change…and it does make her look younger :) I like it!

Maddie on

I like the Auburn…but the blonde is a nice change for the summer!

Sofia on

I like her red hair better. It looks more natural and has a unique quality to it that the blond hair just doesn’t have.

Elisama on

She looks older as a blonde!!

chantelle on

She’s really beautiful, but I find that she looks way better with her natural hair color.

CJ on

Sorry to say but I don’t really like the bonde. It looks kinda trashy on her. Red-heads have more fun!!!

Denise on

As a redhead myself, I loved her natural red hair. I think she made a big mistake going blonde.

Jenna on

omg is that the person from hallaween town…loser. ugly both ways.

Jenn on

Why do red-heads always change their color??? Her hair is what made her so different…MUST GO BACK!!

Evangeline on

I like her with red hair. It looks amazing especially with the fair skin and freckles. Blonde makes her look pale.

camila on

her natural color is SO much better

Anonymous on

I think I like the red better. She still looks amazing as a blonde though.

Kail on

Red hair looks much better on her. But who are we to tell stars what looks good on them? Remember, that is what they are for :]
She looks like she is trying too hard to be something/someone she’s not. Red hair much better.

caroline on

i love this look, its so summery and young

Jennifer on

As a redhead myself, i have to say i like it better, because red hair is hard to come by, especially natural….and the blonde just looks fake.

Jennifer on

As a redhead I totally say red is better! Everyone with red hair is turning blonde!!!!!!! It’s horrible!!! Now red hair is soooo rare…especially natural, and everyone is blonde!!!!!!!!

jackie on

She looks very plain in both colors. I don’t think she is attractive at all. Nothing sexy about a sqinty eyed, freckly out of shape cow.

dia on

i prefer the au naturel look on juliann, it suots her way better!!

Neke on

The new blonde is alright but the red looks dyed anyway.

Lindsey on

How can you tell if she looks any younger? Those big sunglasses preve prevent you from seeing her eyes! The rest of her face looks exactly the same – the blonde just washes out her skin color.

D on

I hate the blonde. she wrecked her gorgeous red hair

Julia on

Personally…I like the brown better!!!

Lauren on


Kelley on

No way, the blonde washes her out. I love the rish red. Go back to the normal girl ;)

Mena on

I think red hair, pale skin and freckles are gross. Either color on her doesn’t matter, you still have a pale, yellow toothed mess.

roxy on

I think julianna moore, looks younger blonde or maybe just because of her sunglasses covering her face. But her hair looks like it needs brushing and to be taken care of. Her freckles match her red hair and it just suits her better instead of changing her hair color she should’ve done something else with her hair cut it or styled it.

Sharon on

i think the red hair looks better as a blonde she looks much more older
goin to a bright color right aways i think doesnt really look good i think she should have made her way up to the blonde it think that would look better

CE on

Way better with Red! She looks more natural, with red. Blonde is a little intense looking on her.

JB on

She looks better as a redhead

lee lee on


PenelopeLin on

I’m a big fan of blonde hair, but this is not the color for her. It makes her look really washed out. The Red is totally her. Oh and she also looks older with the blonde hair.

Katie Wilhite on

She looks great with her natural color…the blonde is a fun, nice color (for summer), however it looks like she colored it herself out of a box! There is no depth to it. Also, it’s called a brush honey. Looks like she is trying to steal the Lohan look…Orangey red.

Dina on

I think that her natural colour is amazing, although I preffer blonde.


The blond makes her look older.

jen on

wow! she looks so much younger blonde! keep it up

christina on

she looks so much better with her beautiful red hair!!!!

Emilee ♥ on

I like Julianne’s natural red hair better. My mom is a redhead and her hair is so gorgeous. The color is so rich and vibrant. Sometimes I wonder why I didn’t get my mother’s hair color, but I guess I got stuck with my dad’s blonde hair {I love my hair color though}, but my sister is unique in the fact that her hair is strawberry blonde, so she got the best of both worlds.

Mona on

Blond much much beautiful….sorry guys

Marcella on

I love the red, always have. The blonde makes her skin look too yellow, the red hair tones down the yellow undertones in her skin. She just looks BLAH!

Andrea on

Looks too brassy as a blonde. Kinda “trailer-park-ish” to me

Anonymous on

I really loved her natural look.
That color Red was so beautiful on her.. esp. with her eyes.
Although, the blond gives her that more kind of a younger, party-ish look.

samantha on

what ya’ll thinking! she looks all dried up and old like lindsay lohan.she looks so much better redheaded like if you’re redheaded dont die your hair blonde you look so dry!

sandy on

She is a red-head and one of the most beautiful true reds at that – anyone can be that brassy burnt out blonde/orange (and eventually, it seems – everyone does) but her natural beauty just comes out more with that striking red – my vote is to change it back~

sandy on

This is a no-brainer – she is one of the most amazing redheads of our time! Anyone can go to that boring burnt out blonde (and eventually it seems, everyone does even when they shouldnt) my vote is to switch it back!

Kerstin on

How can someone with such beautiful red hair think that she looks better as a bleached blonde? I think it looks ridiculous.

annoymous on


chelle on

She looks sickly as a blond! She was so stunning before, I don’t know why she would color her hair that hideous of a color. Lord knows she has enough money to get it done professionally.

Alfie on

Wow!! u looks more young lady!!i love ur hair new Nocole Ritchie clon..

claudia on

I think she looks better as a blond, she looks younger, is just that’s not a good picture of her she has no make up and her hair is not style.

Misha on

Hi, i think that i saw you visited my site thus i came to “return the favor”.I’m attempting to find things to enhance my site!I suppose its ok to use a few of your ideas!!


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